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Submitted OnNameHouse Needing MaintenancePhone number to be contactedEmail AddressSubjectWhats the problem?StatusNotes ->
12/12/2018 16:18:24Adam SchaedingBower (989) 860-1141schaed10@msu.eduGarbage disposalGarbage disposal won't run. I cleared it out and made sure the blades were not stuck and able to spin. Unplugged and replugged the disposal as well as reset it. When turned on it gives a buzzing noise but motor won't turn over.Mike Follow up2018-12-13: mike will follow up
12/11/2018 12:45:00Steven StapletonRaft Hill (734) 751-3523staple58@msu.eduBats at raft continue to be a problemBats have been a problem at Raft for more than a year. A bat was spotted again last night (Dec 12, 2018).

Obviously, bats in a house needs to be one of the SHC's top maintenance priorities considering it is a huge health risk, and the SHC has a legal obligation to take care of it.

We need a new pest control company to take care of it. Creature Control has falsely claimed that we do not have bats living inside of our house multiple times. A bat wouldn't show up inside our house in December if it hadn't already been living here.

I keep hearing nonsense about how much bat control costs. I'm not sure if that's just our house maintenance officer's personal opinion or if he's heard it from others as well, but obviously that isn't a remotely relevant thing to bring up considering the SHC is legally required to deal with it regardless of the cost. Choose a different company/don't pay them if they aren't providing the service they're charging for.
In Progress2018-12-13: NIkki will follow up. The tone of request seems to indicate misunderstanding of the problem. Education is perhaps important. MSU Bat Club?
12/10/2018 13:18:23liam armstrongorion (269) 469-2096armst331@msu.eduBroken Kitchen SinkOrion's kitchen sink has been rusting through the basin where the support post meets the basin. It has rusted so much that the support posts snapped off, and is just hanging from the wall with the help of unconnected support posts. Since the rust went all the way through the sink basin, water leaks onto the floor below. I do not think that this can be welded back together since the rusting is so severe.Mike Follow up2018-12-13: Mike needs to order a new sink.
12/9/2018 15:27:31Samantha DemerlyBowie Co-op (989) 721-0836Samdem520@gmail.comFirst floor, first stall sinkThere is a crack above the sink due to someone or something sitting or leaning on it. The sink is very loose and feels as if it could potentially fall offMike Follow up2018-12-13: Mike will assess if temporary quick fix needed. Not the first time this request made. Wall mounted sinks are not made well, generally, but made for accessiblity. Could make a custom counter, like in Vesta, so sink could be sat on.
12/3/2018 21:24:46Isabel CarleyFerency (248) 229-0740carleyis@msu.eduFront porch banisterThe banister on our front porch is unstable and when members try to use it it bends and is becoming a safety concern with the weather.Yes2018-12-13: Mike and dan fixed by removing banister/handrail and replacing
12/3/2018 21:22:33Isabel CarleyFerency (248) 229-0740carleyis@msu.eduMain floor shower drainThe drain in the main floor shower in not draining well. We have a hair catcher in place and have been cleaning it, as well as tried snaking the pipe, but it is still backing up.Yes2018-12-13: Mike and Dan cleared this week
12/2/2018 18:45:51Benjamin AnklinApollo (269) 405-8001anklinbe@msu.eduDoors in Rec Room do not shutThe doors in our rec room downstairs do not close properly, do to the doors no longer fitting squarely into their frames. Hoping to have fixed before rental license inspection on 12/17Yes2018-12-13: Dan and Mike fixed this week. Did not need to replace
12/1/2018 14:02:45Benjamin AnklinApollo (269) 405-8001anklinbe@msu.eduTub/shower not workingIn one of our bathrooms the tub/shower does nothing when you try to turn it on.Mike Follow up
12/1/2018 13:57:25Benjamin AnklinApollo (269) 405-8001anklinbe@msu.eduPantry doors no longer fitPantry doors no longer shut, house may have settled and unsquared themYes2018-12-13: Mike confirmed with Jimmy that they work
11/26/2018 23:33:52Erin UhelskiBeal (248) 996-7388uhelskie@msu.eduGarbage disposal brokenOur garbage disposal is not working at all.YesThere was a lime jammed in it
11/26/2018 14:19:24Stephanie McCormickThe Shire (517) 203-6935digipyon@gmail.comRequest of replacing ovenHello Mike, The Shire's electric stove/oven is broken, and would like to request a new gas stove/oven. Thank you!In Progress2018-12-5: new stove ordered for deliveTue. New electric is already run to site and gasline is being installed Mon. morning -Mike
2018-12-6: Stove delayed until 12/11 -Mike
11/19/2018 20:24:52Jacob MorrisonHowland (517) 231-5949morri692@msu.eduRadiatorsThere are multiple radiators in the house that dont work properly. This is a common problem throughout the house and is increasing the cost of electricity since rooms need space heaters.Need Member Follow-up2018-12-5: advised to contacts Miles Plumbing and give them as much information as possible about the locatin of problematic radiators Mike Contacted by email again on 12-3 to get an update.-Mike
2018-12-6: -Mike
11/15/2018 13:08:02Jinhee KwakFerency (734) 679-0222kwakjinh@msu.edudoor lockHi, My room (the one on the second floor right in front of the bathroom) kind of has a lock, but it doesn't properly lock most of the times and I really have to slam the door and press it while I lock it in order to attempt to lock it. The lock also doesn't seem like they really fit together most of the times since the door will continue opening if not locked.
It would make me feel way safer if this lock could work, especially with people touring the house and my room being right in front of the bathroom.
Thank you!
Yesadjusted latch mechanism to allow door to close properly. Dood quite old and slightly warped. If it becomes a problem again we may have to replace.
11/14/2018 15:51:09cole stiebBower (248) 766-2472Colestieb@gmail.comFurnace and HeatingSo I think that our furnace is having issues. Only one side of the house is getting properly heated while the other is getting almost no heat at all. When looking at our furnace is seems like only half of it is sending heat. So please as soon as you are available could you please come look at it. It is very cold. Thanks!
Archived2018-11-15: Mike went in yesterday. thermostats working correctly. furnace functioning correctly. Heat distibution issue: explained to members that registers need to be closed to help distribute the heat. Also explained that turning up the heat will help. Close the windows first, said Mike. Cole had done that already (and it's a real issue). May continue to be an issue for the future houses.
11/13/2018 14:30:17caitlin commissarisNew Community (224) 678-4686commiss2@msu.edu3rd floor toiletEarlier in the semester out toilet was leaking from the base when it was flushed, it was repaired and Mike said something had just come unhooked. It is now doing the same thing so it must have come undone again and we need someone to come fix it! until then we wont be using the third floor toilet.In Progress2018-12-6: Nikki evaluated. hose keeps popping off. Mike will fix with new flushing mechanism and see if that stops the leaking. -MC
11/13/2018 10:17:56Gaby AbaloFerency (989) 878-0614abalogab@msu.eduUpstairs Bathroom Door KnobUsually we fix the door knob by tightening the screw every few months. That fix has failed this time around and the door knob keeps falling out. Most house members would really like a new door knob because of this.Yesthe entire door needed replacement
11/7/2018 21:28:10Gabriella AbaloFerency (989) 878-0614abalogab@msu.eduChange Upstairs Bathroom Door KnobThe door knob gets loose every few months to the point people have to twist multiple times before getting out. We would like a new door knob that stays in place for years to come instead of loosening to the point we need to screw it back on.YesHad to replace whole door
10/31/2018 21:32:16Benjamin AnklinApollo (269) 405-8001anklinbe@msu.eduWasher not drainingThe washing machine in our house appears to not be draining correctly, the clothes that come out of it are very wet.Yes2018-11-12: Ace appliance repaired.
10/30/2018 15:57:36Katarina RenaldiNew Comm (269) 929-3480renaldiK@msu.eduBikes locked to railings outside new comm have been left there foreverBikes are locked to the railing outside our house and have been there for at least 3 years. I have spoken to VPF in the past about getting them cut off but apparently forgot to file a request. I can purchase a blade from Home Depot to use with Howland's saw, but since I know this is a problem at many houses, I was curious if the SHC could reimburse/pay for the blade.Yesused an angle grinder to cut through u locks. left bikes for members to decide what to do with
10/29/2018 18:29:38Thor MallgrenBowie (517) 249-5050mallgre1@msu.edu3rd floor bathroom fan/wiringOne of the fans (the right light switch) in the third floor bathroom does not turn on. This is a cause for concern as poor ventilation can lead to dangerous mold. Additionally, the wiring was redone this summer which raises a few safety concerns, the wiring may be functioning improperly/dangerously.In Progress2018-12-13: Fan ordered.
10/29/2018 18:26:47Thor MallgrenBowie (517) 249-5050mallgre1@msu.eduDrier brokenThe drier on the right side of the laundry room is malfunctioning. It makes loud noises and creates burning smells when used.Archived2018-12-6: Duplicate request
10/29/2018 14:39:48Samantha DemerlyClogged kitchen sinks (989) 721-0836samdem520@gmail.comDrainage issueOur kitchen "slop bucket' is clogged and while plunging it, the water is draining into the three other sinks bins. I already called a plumber to fix this issue bc it has been clogged for a number of days nowNeed Member Follow-up2018-12-6: MC will follow up and confirm it has been done.
10/29/2018 11:03:30Colin CallahanVesta (517) 203-6577ctcxcal@gmail.comLiving Room FanOur fan in our living room is on its last legs. A couple of the fixtures are broken and it makes a ruckus while it is on. It shakes violently at times. I have had to replace many fans in my day so if this is something I could do and could get reimbursed by the SHC later, it is always an option.In Progress2018-12-5: I replaced the fan switch and a bulb receptacle, i tightened the screws on the blades but still have not gotten it to balance out. (it has wobble) It works fine on lower settings but wobbles at high speed. I will return and make another effort at balancing it.- Mike
10/26/2018 11:50:17William LawrenceRivendell (517) 648-4558lawrence.will@gmail.comMissing window screen in upstairs bedroomWhen the windows were replaced in the front bedroom upstairs (Will + Dinah's room), one of the windows was installed without a screen. We need a screen in order to be able to air out the room w/o buggies flying in. Thank you Mike!Spring Screen Job
10/26/2018 11:48:50William LawrenceRivendell (517) 648-4558lawrence.will@gmail.comFix blower on our woodstoveThe blower is broken and we need a new one! This will help us save money on gas because the fireplace is the primary way we heat the house in winter.In Progress2018-12-13: Mike or Nikki will order new blower.
10/24/2018 10:41:29Katarina RenaldiNew Comm (269) 929-3480renaldik@msu.eduBasement plug on blue wall with large window is smashed inThe lower of the 2 plugs on the basement wall closer to the airlock is smashed in. It needs to be replaced.Archived2018-10-23: Nikki observed the broken plug and determined repair was necessary

2018-10-25: completed by Elite Electric
10/22/2018 22:09:23Julia HaidlerHedrick (734) 645-1895Haidlerj@msu.eduRoom 5 - screen problemMy screen is in the wrong way so I can’t close my window all the way. There is also a hole in my screen that has let bees and bugs in.Need Member Follow-up2018-12-6: screens being replaced in the spring, have you been able to close your window? MC will send email to member
10/21/2018 17:49:39cole stiebBower (248) 766-2472colestieb@gmail.comwindow screenRoom 9 has a window screen that is falling off. We tied it up for the inspection that is on the 25th but when possible could you replace it. Thanks!
Spring Screen Job
10/20/2018 18:20:30COLIN CALLAHANVesta (517) 203-6577ctcxcal@gmail.com17The only room in the basement has a clogged sink. I have taken apart the u part of the bend to try and unclog it. I couldn't get past a certain point with the snake. It drains super slow and is difficult to even use given the cloggYes2018-10-24: Spoke with Colin and determined repair was necessary
2018-11-14: Mike and Devonte fixed sink
10/15/2018 22:27:53Zachary WojcikMiles Davis (517) 582-6208wojcikza@msu.eduLock BoxWe need a lock box so we can get in if we get locked out.Archived2018-10-16: Jimmy will reach out to discuss. Does not seem like valid maintenance request.
2018-10-25: Nikki determined was invalid maintenance request.
10/15/2018 12:22:30Thor MallgrenBowie (517) 249-5050mallgre1@msu.eduBroken drierThe drier in the right side of our laundry room is malfunctioning, causing a burning scent and bizarre noises. It may be on its last legs in need of repair/replacement.Need Member Follow-up2018-10-16: Mike will send Ace Appliance to diagnose, if needs replacement VP will order new dryer.
2018-11-20 Nikki told Thor to schedule Ace Appliance
10/12/2018 21:06:41COLIN CALLAHANVesta (517) 203-6577ctcxcal@gmail.comNorth bathThe first sink. When you turn on the hot water knob water leaks from the base and gets everywhereMike Follow up
2018-10-23: Met with Mark Hunnicut. Determined that the faucet in the first and second sink needed replaced. Authorized replacement.
2018-12-6: Mike is following up with Mark
10/10/2018 23:24:41Zachary WojcikMiles Davis (517) 582-6208wojcikza@msu.eduShower moldWe got mold growing in the shower upstairsIn Progress2018-10-16: Advise opening shower curtain after use, cleaning vent fan, running vent fan during and after showers (20 mins), bathroom cleaner / tilex.
10/3/2018 9:51:16Corrine JohnstonBeal (989) 350-9659john4837@msu.eduHeating vent not workingMy room in Beal was an addition and has a reputation for being extremely cold in the winter. We turned on the heat in Beal. I could feel hot air blowing out of all the vents on the floor but there was nothing coming out of mine, the metal just felt a little warm. Also, the vent is not covered by anything.Mike Follow up2018-10-16: Mike explains sometimes vents have shut-offs that should be checked. Register level should be checked as well. Mike will go over to take a look.

2018-11-8: Mike still needs to follow up
10/2/2018 15:56:59Ross KlimoskiRaft Hill (443) 433-8611klimoski@msu.eduFront Door Motion LightOur motion light for our front door is faulty. The bulb is in my room because it would go on streaks where it would annoyingly flicker and click so something is wrong with the actual fixture. Now that the lighting overhaul has been replaced with new washers/dryers overhaul, I'd like to get this issue addressed for added security.Yes2018-10-09: Duplicate request, marking resolved.
10/2/2018 13:50:35Thor MallgrenBowie (517) 249-5050mallgre1@msu.eduBasement FloodedOur basement is experiencing flooding. Much of the floor is covered in water, and our closet has around a half inch of standing water. The entrance to our basement from outside is also flooded. The flooding was discovered after a period of minor rainfall, I suspect it will happen again soon. With a rainy fall and snowy winter coming up, steps need to be taken to ensure Bowie will not succumb to water damage. Please come by as soon as possible to remove the current water and help us find the cause of the flooding.Yes2018-10-09: Switch on sump was stuck, Mike has repaired and is now resolved.
10/1/2018 20:20:51Zachary WojcikMiles Davis (517) 582-6208wojcikza@msu.eduElectricityWe are having problems with power going out randomly in part of the kitchen, bathroom, and one of our bedroomsNeed Member Follow-up2018-09-10: Mike has looked into, found power in all areas of the House. Hs reached out to House to let them know to reach out if continuing to experience trouble.

2018-10-16: No further updates received.

2018-11-15: MC tasked with follow up. Emailed 11-19
10/1/2018 8:14:09Mackenzie FordHarambee (517) 258-7010bvf3g4zw@gmail.comLeaks present on 3rd foor - roof repair neededWe have rain coming in through the heat and return vents on the third floor, and the skylight, and one leak dripping all over the new furnace.In Progress2018-10-02: Painters Plus scheduled to go over and address after work is finished at The Shire. ~3 Days.

2018-10-16: Went over last Friday, believe it is flat roof leaking. Found no water damage on walls. Matt (painters plus) may have gone over the weekend with a lift to repair. Need follow-up from Matt to confirm.

2018-12-6: Springtime job
9/30/2018 14:22:36Bryan MoodyPhoenix (616) 795-2709moodybr4@msu.eduGarbage DisposalThe garbage disposal doesn't work. Turning on the garbage disposal produces no noises as if the switch wasnt connectedYes2018-10-02: Issue has been resolved. Members had let a water bottle top fall into the unit. Unit was reset, and blockage removed.
9/30/2018 14:21:21Bryan MoodyPhoenix (616) 795-2709moodybr4@msu.eduBoilerThe house is cold, vents aren't releasing any heat, boiler is on but not workingYes2018-10-02: Jimmy will call Miles Plumbing during cold hours to address.

2018-10-05: At 48 degrees, had Miles Plumbing come over to diagnose. Found both gas lines were shut off, and faulty anticipator in one of the thermostats. Boiler was firing and radiators producing heat when appointment ended. Advised Facilities Officer Bryan Moody to update signage on boiler room door to avoid members messing with Boiler in the future. Marking resolved.
9/30/2018 13:34:19cole stiebBower (248) 766-2472colestieb@gmail.comsilverware drawer is brokenOur silverware drawer is broken and falls down when we try and slide it in.Yes2018-10-09: Installed new glides, drawer is now repaired.
9/29/2018 9:58:24Julia HaidlerHedrick (734) 645-1895Haidlerj@msu.eduCouples fixes before inspectionOur light is not working properly in the pantry
We also have a hole in the first floor hallway of bedrooms
Yes2018-11-25 light replaced
9/28/2018 12:20:12Riley GeorgeHarambee (215) 796-8291RileyGeorge175@gmail.comFirst Floor Tub DrainHey! I put in a request for this 2 weeks ago and didn't hear back. I was hoping we could just get a timeline on when it might be fixed? The gist is that the tub drain is clogged and neither snaking nor drain-clearing chemicals have worked, and it has been out of use for over a month and a half. Thanks so much!Need Member Follow-up2018-10-02: Gave permission to Harambee to call Christensen Drain Cleaner

2018-11-15: MC tasked with follow up. emailed 11-19.
9/27/2018 12:09:06Benjamin CadyToad Lane (517) 763-7250cadybenj@msu.eduMaintenanceACTION: 2ND FLOOR BATHROOM- INSTALL A LOCK ON THE BATHROOM FOR PRIVACY.Archived2018-10-02: These items are part of rental license inspections, and will be resolved through those channels. Marking resolved.
9/27/2018 12:07:33Benjamin CadyToad Lane (517) 763-7250Cadybenj@msu.eduMaintenanceACTION: 1ST FLOOR BATHROOM-REPAIR AND PAINT THE WATER DAMAGED CEILING ING THE BATHROOM AND IN THE HALLWAY OUTSIDE OF THE BATHROOMArchived2018-10-02: These items are part of rental license inspections, and will be resolved through those channels. Marking resolved.
9/27/2018 12:04:28Benjamin CadyToad Lane (517) 763-7250Cadybenj@msu.eduMaintenance(Second Floor Bathroom)
Archived2018-09-27: House is capable of re-caulking, should not be responsibility of VP or MC. Marking resolved. -Jimmy
9/25/2018 10:20:56anbareen shefabower (858) 717-3780anbareen@msu.cooppilot lights on stovemultiple pilot lights do not create a fire and folks have been haphazardly using skewers to carry flames over from one burner to another and lighting them which seems sketchy (i am hecka guilty of this). this issue could be solved by purchasing a bbq lighter, however that is only a band-aid and lighters quickly disappear from homes.Mike Follow up2018-10-16: Took a look, Mike believes are "problematic". Look into replacing commercial stoves with 2 residential units. Short-term Mike Kelly ) should be able to repair 12-14
9/23/2018 21:04:43Katherine ClaudeFerency (662) 418-8954Katherinebclaude@gmail.comDripping pipesThe first floor bathroom is experiencing a slow drip in the pipes beneath the sink. It's nothing that warrants an emergency, however I have had to put a container beneath the pipes in order to collect the water, which would otherwise drip onto the wood on the floor of the cupboard, or the miscellaneous cleaners beneath the pipes. The water is slow enough to evaporate before accumulating, it seems, unless someone is dumping the water out that I am unaware of. But it is a significant amount.Yes2018-10-02: Mike says resolved, pipes needed to be tightened up.
9/23/2018 20:56:15Katherine ClaudeFerency (662) 418-8954Katherinebclaude@gmail.comBroken garbage disposal leading to possible clog?Our garbage disposal hasn't worked for about a week now. I checked the troubleshooting document sent to me by jimmy; however, it seems to be an electrical issue, which is beyond my experience. Tried unplugging/checking to see if the switch was tripped, and pushed the reset button. There is no sound coming from the motor when you turn it on. also, we think that because of this, the same sink is clogged, there is standing water, and it is gross. We cannot use the sink due to the water not draining properly. Have tried everything in my arsenal, to no avail.Yes2018-10-02: Found broken shot glass in garbage disposal. Removed and resolved.
9/23/2018 20:51:39Jacob MorrisonHowland (517) 231-5949morri692@msu.eduBathroom sinkThe bathroom sink has a crack/hole in it and allows water to drain onto the floor. The sink would need to be replaced.Need Member Follow-up2018-10-09: No action taken yet, should send Mark Hunnicut out.

2018-10-16: Mark should have replaced sink, should follow up with Jacob.

2018-11-15: MC tasked with follow up. emailed 11-19
9/23/2018 14:16:04Alek WeiermillerHedrick (248) 890-5473weiermi3@msu.edunoisy kitchen fanin kitchen fan is much louder than usualNeed Member Follow-up2018-10-09: Motor is going bad. Need to figure out which stoves go in, what requirements there are for hood, before repair.

2018-10-16: Awaiting measurement of oven hood from facilities officer.
2018-12-4 CLS Mechanical is replacing motor on fan. It has been decided to replace commercial oven with non commercial units to bring the hood in compliane with code.

2018-12-6: mc confirm done
9/23/2018 14:13:34Alek WeiermillerHedrick (248) 890-5473aweiermiller@gmail.comScreen in kitchen needs replacementaboveSpring Screen Job
9/23/2018 14:13:16Alek WeiermillerHedrick (248) 890-5473weiermi3@msu.edu2nd floor bathroom window won't openabove.Yes2018-10-16: Mike found window does open. Added grease and should be easier now.
9/22/2018 11:34:39Ross KlimoskiRaft Hill (443) 433-8611klimoski@msu.eduGarage FloodingGarage floods under medium/heavy rain and/or when water main breaks. The most recent rain storm, water started coming in by the door going into the house (the wall by the basement stairs). Sump pump stops water from raising to a point that threatens coming inside the house but is not enough to prevent furniture and other items being stored in the garage from getting ruined.Capital Improvement
9/20/2018 20:58:53Zachary WojcikMiles Davis (517) 582-6208wojcikza@msu.eduBedroom Door won’t LockOne of our upstairs bedrooms (2C) won’t lock. It is our double bedroom and neither members keys can lock it, we have tried every key we can find and none of them have been successful at it.Yes2018-10-02: Plan to move member room doors to master key system to resolve issue for the future.

2018-10-09: Installed temporary non-master deadbolt.

2018-11-14: Will schedule Matt and Dan to repair
9/20/2018 20:06:17Katherine ClaudeFerency (662) 418-8954Katherinebclaude@gmail.comPipe leakThere is a leaky pipe under the sink in the first floor bathroom. It was discovered today, that water is dripping into the cupboard. It looks like the joint where the pvc pipe screws into another one is corroding. I don't feel confident in my abilities to fix a pipe, but maybe someone can guide me through it? I think it just needs a new pipe or epoxy.Yes2018-10-02: Duplicate request, marking resolved.
9/19/2018 19:03:40Katarina RenaldiNew community (269) 929-3480Renaldik@msu.eduDryer smells....badStarting the night of 9/19 our dryer began smelling bad after just a few minutes with only a test towel in. I'm not sure what could be causing it, but the heating element seems to work okay it just smells like burning chemicals when you turn it on, which is not normal for us.Need Member Follow-up2018-10-02: Mike has approved Katy to contact Ace Appliance. Awaiting follow-up from Katy or Brian.

2018-11-15: MC tasked with follow up. Emailed 11-19
9/18/2018 20:43:23Katherine ClaudeFerency (662) 418-8954katherinebclaude@gmail.comBroken Garbage DisposalOur garbage disposal isn't working. :( Today around 3 pm, members noticed that when they switched the garbage disposal on, nothing happened, no sound issued from it, and it simply does not respond. Further inquiry underneath the sink furnished no results, and even unplugging the disposal from the outlet and plugging it back it does not seem to cause any reaction. Unsure what to do about the problem.Yes2018-10-02: Duplicate reuqest, marking resolved.
9/17/2018 20:38:15Zachary WojcikMiles Davis (517) 582-6208wojcikza@msu.eduLights Don't WorkOur living room lights don't work.Yes2018-10-02: Member installed light fixture in basement (poorly). Nicked wire ended up causing a short.
9/17/2018 10:47:28Thor MallgrenBowie (517) 249-5050mallgre1@msu.eduTripped breakers (still)Breakers continue to be tripped by normal electrical use in the living room and basement:

1. Turning on the overhead lights in the living room causes the breakers to trip and the emergency lights to come on.
2. Turning on the overhead lights in the basement causes the breakers to trip.

Please come by as soon as you can and complete this, housemates are growing understandably frustrated with malfunctioning electric in common areas.
Yes2018-10-02: Electrical inspector required Arcfault Breakers which are sensitive and trip with common appliances. Have replaced breakers in common areas, but arcfault will remain in bedrooms.
9/16/2018 15:18:07Alek WHedrick (248) 808-9452weiermi3@msu.eduScreen in kitchen needs replacementscreen left of oven is rippedSpring Screen Job
9/16/2018 15:17:27Alek WHedrick (248) 808-9452aweiermiller@gmail.com2nd floor bathroom window won't openabove!Yes2018-10-02: Duplicate request, marking resolved.
9/15/2018 15:28:19Riley GeorgeHarambee (215) 796-8291RileyGeorge175@gmail.comFirst Floor Tub DrainThe first-floor bathroom tub drain is clogged. We tried drain cleaner and plunging, and it is still clogged. It's been clogged and unusable for a month now.Yes2018-09-28: Duplicate request filed on 9-15-2018. Marking this one resolved, leaving other open.
9/12/2018 13:22:00Stephanie Skinner-McCormickThe Shire (517) 203-6935digipyon@gmail.comFurnace leaking gas?This is an older-ish issue from when SHC sent an inspector to the house. Said inspector said he smelled gas from the furnace, picked up some traces of it, and mentioned he would tell someone on the other end. That's all I was told though, and nothing has happened after that, so I'm sending something out to be safe since it's starting to get cooler again.Yes2018-10-02: Jimmy will advise Stephanie to call Consumer's for testing.
9/12/2018 13:17:18Stephanie Skinner-McCormickThe Shire (517) 203-6935digipyon@gmail.comHouse locks need replacedLocks on the house still haven't been replaced from when The Shire was integrated into The SHC. I've sent emails out before, and maintenance requests. Hopefully these all get to you guys.Need Member Follow-up2018-10-09: Need Shire to follow-up with whether they want auto-locking doors.

2018-10-16: Awaiting decision from House.

2018-11-15: MC tasked with follow up. emailed 11-19
9/12/2018 13:10:54Stephanie Skinner-McCormickThe Shire (517) 203-6935digipyon@gmail.comUpstairs Bathroom exhaust fan brokenThe upstairs bathrooms' exhaust fan won't turn on. It's connected to the lights above the mirror, only the lights work now.Yes
9/12/2018 13:05:56Stephanie Skinner-McCormickThe Shire (517) 203-6935digipyon@gmail.comUpstairs Bathroom new tub surroundThe upstairs bathrooms' tub surround is falling off, Would need to be replaced due to mold.In Progress2018-10-02: Mike considering ceramic tile surround as a replacement.
9/12/2018 13:00:06Stephanie Skinner-McCormickThe Shire (517) 203-6935digipyon@gmail.comLight fixture in Kitchen needs replacedThe light above the kitchen sink, (switch near the dish drying rack) is going out. Ballast is bad? It takes awhile for the light itself to turn on after flipping the switch on, and the light itself is dim.

The house is requesting an LED light I believe?
Mike Follow up2018-12-13: MIke will follow up
9/12/2018 11:21:05Colin CallahanVesta (517) 203-6577calla107@msu.eduWashing MachineA tech from Ace appliance came out and took a look at our front load washer. He said it needs to be replaced and is in no condition to be replacing parts because it would not be worth it. The tech said he contacted Jimmy/Mike about us needing a new washer.Yes2018-10-02: Washer has been replaced. Marking resolved.
9/10/2018 22:11:00Riley GeorgeHarambee (215) 796-8291RileyGeorge175@gmail.comElectrical wire/outlet damageWe accidentally damaged an outlet and now it shorts. There is a potentially live wire exposed. In general a fire hazard. I'm sorry if this isn't enough info I'm not an expert :/Yes2018-09-11: Mike will be heading over to check today.

2018-10-02: Mike says has been repaired.
9/10/2018 19:48:40Thor MallgrenBowie (517) 249-5050mallgre1@msu.eduBreakers trippedThe breakers for the first floor and living room (and possibly the rest of the house) are tripped by a very low amount of electricity use. For example, using an internet router and the tv at the same time was enough to trip the breaker in the living room. In another instance, a housemate used their hair drier in their room and a breaker was tripped. As such, Bowie's electricity functions worse than before the re-wire. Please come by soon so our house can be functioning properly again.Yes2018-09-11: Elite Electric reports as strange due to dedicated circuits. Looking into with Elite Electric later today.

2018-09-11: Mike reports "The issue is ARC fault breakers. They are fairly newly required by code and can be over sensitive. We are removing the one from the LR and this should solve that issue. We can not remove from bedrooms."
9/9/2018 20:13:29Katherine ClaudeFarency (662) 418-8954Katherinebclaude@gmail.comFurnace troubles as the weather gets chillierOur furnace does not seem to be working, and the screen on the thermostat is completely blank. Mike asked us to check whether the circuit breaker was on or if the switch next to it was turned on. Upon further inquiry, switching the switch next to the furnace did nothing. Please send someone out to check on it!Yes2018-09-11: Jimmy recommended replace batteries in thermostat.
9/9/2018 19:06:47Melanie EbelingBowie (248) 821-3822ebelingm@msu.eduScreenMissing a window screen, many other housemates in Bowie are missing screens too.Spring Screen Job
9/9/2018 13:50:12Katarina RenaldiNew Community (269) 929-3480renaldik@msu.edu3rd floor toilet leaks a LOTthe 3rd floor toilet has been consistently leaking onto the floor from what appears to be the base of the toilet. Members have been going in roughly every hour to mop/wipe up the water coming out, so it's a pretty excessive problem.Yes2018-09-11: Possibility that seal is inadequate. Looking into sending plumber asap.

2018-10-02: Mike has re-connected tube, no longer leaks.
9/8/2018 19:26:40Nicole HumphreyVesta (616) 644-7785humph165@msu.edustoveThe stove in the house has raised some safety concern. The pilot lights remaining on makes me nervous as it would be easy for someone to accidentally drop something flammable, get a sleeve caught on fire, or some other similar scenario. This wouldn't be AS concerning if we didn't have someone living downstairs right by the kitchen.Yes2018-10-16: Sending plumber /electrician to prepare for new stove installation.

2018-10-28: New stoves have been installed
9/8/2018 10:00:20Hanna JohnsonBeal (734) 621-2307john4021@msu.eduBedroom ScreenHello,
The screen for a window in room 5 is unable to fit back into the frame. The screen is beat up as it looks as though it has fallen off the balcony a few times. Let me know if you have any questions. It doesn't necessarily bother me but I know that inspection for Beal is coming up soon.
Spring Screen Job
9/6/2018 23:33:14Colin CallahanVesta (517) 203-6577calla107@msu.eduAttic windowOur upstairs attic window that faces the parking lot has broken and fallen out of place. A new window is neededNeed Member Follow-up2018-08-10: Intend to do a walkthrough with Sieloff Glass to replace window and potentially replace screens.

2018-09-04: No action taken so far.

2018-10-02: No action taken so far.

2018-10-24: Colin reported Davis glass was working on it. He will text Nikki and confirm when complete

2018-12-6: Nikki will follow up with Davis to see if they have performed. No invoice rec'd yet
9/6/2018 9:10:22Rory WomackApollo (231) 632-7679Womackro@msu.eduLight FixturesThe flood light at the very front of the house is out. It would be great to fix, and would serve our local community.Yes
9/5/2018 23:33:14Colin CallahanVesta (517) 203-6577calla107@msu.eduShutterVesta is missing an outside shutter. When you are looking at Vesta from the street, it is the farthest left window on the first floorYes2018-08-10: Will speak with Mike to determine how best to replace shutter.

2018-08-24: Mike explains that shutter has been missing for a long time, and has had difficult replacing. Should discuss with Vesta how important this missing shutter is to them.

2018-24-18: Spoke with Colin and recomended that Vesta find a replacement and the SHC could comp for it
9/4/2018 23:33:14Colin CallahanVesta (517) 203-6577calla107@msu.eduFirst floor closet bathOur closet bath toilet was leaking water. It looks like the seal between the floor and the toilet itself has come undone and is allowing water to seep out. I have the water turned off to the toilet.Yes2018-10-02: Need to follow-up with member to confirm repair.

2018-10-24: Nikki followed up with Colin. Repair confirmed complete
9/4/2018 18:59:02Emily TylerVesta (231) 620-4343tyleremi@msu.eduStove concernHello! Our stovetop has been having issues lately. We had new pilot lights installed a handful of days ago but the pilot flames have gone out a couple times since then. We are all concerned about this because it is a gas stove and we don't want a fire/explosion or gas leak to occur in our house.Yes2018-09-11: Marking resolved due to duplicate request.
9/4/2018 10:14:41Julia HaidlerHedrick (734) 645-1895haidlerj@msu.eduDoor Knob and WindowIn my bedroom, the 2nd floor, all the way to the end with the purple door and flower. I tried to fix the door knob myself and I haven't completely got it. I am leaving my door open every day since I do not have a functioning door. I know you've come a couple times while I was not there. Also my window will not close all the way since the screen is in its way.Yes2018-09-11: Duplicate request, marking resolved.
9/4/2018 9:36:07Maia DonahueVesta (989) 698-6169donahu87@msu.eduStoveThe pilots on the current stove in Vesta are always lit. This is concerning because anything left too close to the stove could easily catch fire, which is a safety issue. Vesta residents were hoping that a new stove system could be installed instead of the old one.Yes2018-09-11: Marking resolved due to duplicate request.
9/4/2018 9:01:15Kirsten WelbornVesta (269) 580-3518welbornk@msu.eduStoveThe pilot lights keep going off and on and it doesn't feel safe always having a fire going in the house at all times even if it is small. The other day people mentioned how they went out and that means gas is running and could be big hazard if more gas is released and then it were to be lit. It also is constantly burning gas which is not good for the environment and sustainability in more ways than one and is very costly to always having gas running for those little flames. I don't feel safe using it since it has been unpredictable and I don't feel safe since it is closer to my room in the house.Yes2018-09-04: Duplicate request, marking resolved.
9/4/2018 8:59:05Sara LehmanVesta (248) 974-1035saralehman015@yahoo.comGas StoveThe gas stove in our house has been repaired once since I moved in a few weeks ago and it is already experiencing issues. The solution was to give the stove permanent pilot lights which means an open flame is present on the stove at all times of the day. I find this to be a concern of safety, given that even when the stove is turned off, there are still open flames. If someone mistakenly set a towel down on the stove without thinking, it would surely cause a fire. In addition, the stove presents a source of environmental and financial waste, given that the pilot lights are on 24/7. A new stove would prevent these issues and is necessary for the safety of the residents of Vesta.Yes2018-09-04: Duplicate request, marking resolved.
9/4/2018 8:14:27Graham SmithVesta (708) 527-0133smithg57@msu.eduStove ReplacementThe pilot burners on our stove are broken. They are constantly burning and releasing gas at all times. They also are constantly on fire throughout the day. This presents the house with a very valid safety threat. There has already been close calls with various items within the house. I don't want there to be any problems with our kitchen, nor any with the safety of the house.Yes2018-09-04: Duplicate request, marking resolved.
9/4/2018 0:36:53Spencer CassettaVesta (616) 644-1466cassett8@msu.eduStoveOur stove is very old and requires pilot lights to continuously be lit so it can light automatically. This creates leeway for multiple problems. First, the pilot light is an open flame. This causes potential for a fire hazard. If someone left a paper towel or a rag too close to the stove it could easily fall on the pilot light and cause a fire. Seeing as I live in the basement this is very concerning to me because if this were to happen at night a fire could potentially trap me in my room and cause me to die. Along with the fire hazard, the pilot light also constantly emits and burns greenhouse gasses. Keeping the pilot light constantly lit consumes a unnecessary large amount of greenhouse gasses which is costly to both the environment as well as to other members of the house. For the sake of the safety and well being of our house members as well as out environment I kindly ask you to consider replacing the stove in Vesta, which is notably very outdated and already requires an unnecessary amount of maintenance to maintain.Yes2018-09-04: Duplicate request, marking resolved.
9/3/2018 23:33:14Colin CallahanVesta (517) 203-6577calla107@msu.eduBack Lot LightOur back parking lot flood light is not staying on longer than about 5 minutes. Even when it was working properly, it would turn off late at night when we need the light on the most. It is motion detecting so the light goes off late at night when there is no movement. It would be much safer to have a light that stays on at all times of the night.Yes2018-09-11: Jimmy should follow up with Colin to discuss further.

2018-10-24: Nikki met with Colin and determined repair or replacement was necessary for safety reasons. Repair will be scheduled Light has now been replaced
9/3/2018 22:03:25Emma MushakaBeal (734) 239-5200mushakae@msu.eduwindow screen doesn't fit in windowThere's one window in my room where the screen isn't locking properly. It will sit in the window fine, but will fall out if anything pushes on it lightly.Spring Screen Job
9/3/2018 20:26:14Thor MallgrenBowie (517) 249-5050mallgre1@msu.eduPots & Pans rackBefore the renovation, Bowie had a rack hanging above the island in the kitchen for pots, pans, and other kitchen essentials. It is currently sitting in our pantry. Without this rack, kitchenware is being kept in unsanitary conditions in the cabinets. Over time this will cause the cabinets to erode and contribute to ants and other infestations (not to mention the health risk). Additionally, the rack itself is taking up considerable room in the pantry. Please finish this portion of Bowie's renovation.Yes2018-09-11: Will be around on Thursday or Friday to install.

2018-10-02: Bike and pots and pans rack have gone up.
9/3/2018 20:21:29Thor MallgrenBowie (517) 249-5050mallgre1@msu.eduBike RacksBefore the renovation, Bowie had a bike room where housemates could store their bikes on racks. These racks were taken down for renovation and not put back up. This is affecting the quality of life of housemates whose expensive bikes are being left outside to the elements. Additionally, the racks are taking up considerable space on the floor and are impeding safe movement.Yes2018-08-29: This was looked at, it seems to be just typical condensation that occurs with copper coldwater supply lines. -Mike

2018-10-02: Marking resolved.
9/3/2018 13:12:52Colin CallahanVesta/Orion (517) 203-6577calla107@msu.eduTree TrimmingThe giant tree between Vesta and Orion coops is much overgrown. There are parts of the tree that are in contact with Vestas house. There is also a very large branch above room 10 which could pose as a safety concern. A professional will most likely have to be hired.Yes2018-09-11: Duplicate request, marking resolved.
9/2/2018 16:54:11Benjamin AnklinApollo (269) 405-8001anklinbe@msu.eduAttic LightsThe lights in the unfinished part of our attic do not work.Yes2018-10-16: Jimmy has sent elite electric to repair. Should follow-up to ensure complete.

2018-11-15: MC tasked with follow up. emailed 11-19. Back in October electricians were around looking at a separate issue and they fixed the lights in the attic.
9/2/2018 12:09:23Kirsten WestBowie (248) 520-3671westkir1@msu.eduWindowNeed screen put in window of room P (third floor)Spring Screen Job
9/1/2018 12:45:39Kelsea SeifertApollo (269) 953-7285Seifert6@msu.eduBat colony living inside Apollo house (10+)On Wednesday night 10 bats were flying around the living room in the house. They need to be relocated and any entrances to the house for the bats should be sealed. Any bat dropping and waste should be cleaned to reduce health hazardYes2018-09-11: Seems there are as many bats in the House. Have spoken with member, and will be working on exclusionary services and the installation of a bat house.
9/1/2018Colin CallahanVesta (517) 203-6577ctcxcal@gmail.comTreeThe tree between Orion and Vesta is now banging into Vestas house during windy days. This will soon cause damage to the house. Also the giant branch that hangs over room 10 causes some uneasiness to the member who resides in the room.Yes2018-10-02: Mike is aiming to be out Thursday the 11th.

2018-10-16: Changed plan, waiting for leaves to have fallen for safer removal.

2018-12-13: Mike has cleared tree branches op to 35 feet. All problems addressed. May return to take out tree completely.
8/30/2018 19:32:59Colin CallahanVesta (517) 203-6577calla107@msu.eduDoor opener/closerThe door of room 7 piston thing is broken. The thing that closes and shuts the door is broken and does not shut or close.Yes2018-09-04: Has been repaired by Mike. Door closer had been intentionally disabled.
8/30/2018 13:50:01Colin CallahanVesta (517) 203-6577calla107@msu.eduSouth Bath ShowerIn south bath shower, the corner to the left of the shower head is separating from each other allowing water to seep between the cracks. It needs to be calked or pulled back together.Yes2018-09-04: Has been repaired by Mike.
8/30/2018 13:48:02Colin CallahanVesta (517) 203-6577calla107@msu.eduWasherOur washing machine is giving us an E3 F5 error code which translates to a lid locking mechanism failure. This is prohibiting us from using our washer.Yes2018-08-30: Called Ace Appliance to schedule appointment.

2018-09-04: Ace came, could not find issue. Asked Colin to call Ace is issue occurred again, sohuld follow up with Colin.

2018-09-11: Brian Martin called and confirmed resolved, but recommended the replacement of additional washer. Wil work on sustainability grant to have this replaced with others.

2018-10-02: Washer replaced, marking resolved.
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