Molyjam 2013 *TEMPORARY* sheet for expression of interest and location
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NameCan host/organize location?Where?Twitter handle
What kind of game devving can you do?
Jam from home, or from a molyjam physical location?Notes:
Aalborg, DenmarkEmil KjaehrYes!Platform4 hacker/maker-space in Aalborg, Denmark@electronicmilkDesign, scripting, artHosting a physical molyjam location!Organized 8+ gamejams before, totally ready to host and organize a local version of Molyjam!
We're making it a free-to-jam location.
Now with free access to 3D printers!
Adelaide, AustraliaJaime von SchwarzburgYesProbably University of Adelaide@tmthesaurusDesign, some programming, writing, audioPhysical LocationHosted by
Are the 2012 games gone? no -- we're in the process of archiving them.That's good. I tried to reupload mine in April but got a server error. Is there somewhere I could email my game to?Hold on to it. Once we get this year's system taken care of, we are going to do our best restore last years
Austin, TXJacqui ZarkaMaybe?TBD@JacquiZarkaDesign, Programming, Writing, ProductionEitherCome on, Silicon Valley of the South! Let's get our Jam on!
Austin, TXShay PierceMAYBE A LITTLEFlash/AS3, C#/Unity, game design, iOS/Objective C, C++, Photoshop, much moreI'm an experienced professional game developer who would love to participate, and would be happy to help out in various ways, though I don't have time to take point organizing this. I may also have a lead on a location downtown; we'll see.
Bochum, GermanyThomas EngelbertNoNRW, Germany
Boston, MAGreg KinnemanYes! We have a classroom at MITBoston/CambridgeProgramming and DesignPhysical locationHave participated in 8 game jams, ran the Boston Festival of Indie Games jam, would love to have another on-site MolyjamHey Greg. I'm in the Boston area and would love to get together for one of these. Email me and let's get a group together. (Andrew Mackie)You guys should also talk to Mike Carriere at Intrepid who's been talking with me about organizing this year. (Owen Macindoe)Hey Owen, could you email me and give me a contact at Intrepid? I'd love to set up shop at their HQ if possible, or at least get some more people on board and see if we can get something going. (Andrew Mackie)Hi Andrew! We'll post some info on the venue page for the molyjam site soon. :)
Boston, MAMichael CarriereYes. ^Cambridge@mcarriereProgramming, DesignPhysical location, as my home only exists on an ethereal plane.Working on carrying the torch from the great Owen and Dean of yesteryear. Information developing.
Canterbury, United KingdomChristian MurphyNoSouth UK , London, anywhere I can get to@grimpunchprogrammingIf there's a physical location nearby I'll be there, otherwise online
Chicago, ILBrian YehlNot Likely (I could try though, I know some people)Would need research@brian_yehlPixel Art, UI, whatever!Either?I've never done a gamejam but I've got a lot of applicable skillz. Artist/Deisgner as a hobby, network tech as a career.
Chicago, ILFederico Gonzalez IVProbably..Not sure.@DJClicheDarknesPlaytesting, brainstorming, .... Hugging?Both?Never done a gamejam. Though they are a dime a dozen, I'm full of ideas. I'm generally good with PR things, and getting teams together as well.
Christchurch, NZJames TanYesEPIC Center, ChristchurchEverything?Physical meet up
Coruña, SpainJorge Diz PicoOnly if we were a lot we could ask the university for the CS buildingAt uni, but it's unlikely we'll be enough people@jrgdizAny kind of code, some rough PhotoshoppingWe'll probably just crash somebody's placeSo far we are two.
Levin, NZWilliam MckeeMaybe, talk to meHome@art_controlDesign, Art, ScriptingWilling to travel to Wellington/Palmerston NorthUnity3d. Talk to me about collab - Google Hangout
Concord, NH (NHTI)Gregory WalekYES - Email for registration infoNHTI Campus, Concord NH@StudioGrashYES (Flash, C#, C++, XNA, Unity, Unreal, 3ds Max, Photoshop, & more)physical locationHighly Experienced Jam Organizers and Location.
Denton, TXIanmaybeMy garage@yngardesign, code, artAnythingIf people in my area are interested I can make some space in my garage, If enough people are interested we could possibly find a real place!
Düsseldorf, GermanyOliver EberleiYes!I know some will be hanging out at ITU@olivererbeleidesign, programming
Ft. Lauderdale, Floridano@alasersharkprogramming, i have a friend who can do artprobably from home, unless someone hostsfirst jam, would like to try it out
Glasgow, ScotlandBrian McDonaldPossiblyGlasgow Caledonian University@BigBearScotProgramming, Design, Programmer Art FTWBothHelped to organise the Glasgow site for the Global Game Jam. I am a bit of a Game Jam vet. This will be my first Molyjam
Greenville, SCDizz MollYesGreenville, SC@dorkasarusrexwriting, design, 2d art, soundtrackPrefer Physical but home is always fine. Should prolly indicate that while I love tabletop and board games, I also am falling more and more in love with vidya development. I think this is extremely exciting and am looking forward to this. If hosting, I can comfortably host max seven people.
Guadalajara, MéxicoJosé AriasNoZapopan, México@nikanorusDesign, artHome (Willing to open it up to any other possible teams tho)
Herne Bay, United KingdomRobert YatesNoKent, UKProgrammingHome unless a location pops up
Jacksonville, FLKasra RahimiNoN/A@KasraRahimiDesign, ProgrammingBothGame developers in Jacksonville are a small number, so I don't know if we're enough for it.
Kansas City, MONate VossPossibly, not confirmedVML, Downtown Airport@vossome2D Art, GameSalad (all), Unity (terrain editing)SiteSpace would be great but is dependent on my employer, and everyone agreeing to be cool :) Have not Game Jammed before personally but run an after-hours Game Development Club where I work and would love to bring in the KC community if we can make it happen!
Kingston, JamaicaGlen HenryMaybe, if i can generate enough local interestKingston, Jamaica@spritewrenchProgramming, DesignHome (Willing to open it up to any other possible teams tho)Looking for an excuse to forge game design interest in Jamaica. This seems perfect.Seems like I'm The only Jamaican here.... :(
Las Vegas, NVChris AinsworthYes!In the works, but uh, in Las Vegas!@driphdesign, words, UIMolyjam site!Hosted Las Vegas last year, and we're doing it again this year. Hit me up if you'd like to be involved!
Leicester, UKAdam SummertonNo@SecondDimensiondesign, some programming, various IDEs, electronic music, audioHomeDefinitely can't host, probably can't attend an event, but would love to try this from home and get involved in the community online
Limassol, CyprusTal RonPossiblyLimassol, Cyprus@crucial288Design, Unity3d, Javascript/HTML5, Photoshop, Basic 3d design, some programmingEither way.If there is interest here (small country) we may be able to arrange something or another.
Lisbon, PortugalFrancisco CarvalhoI can't host but will be happy to help organizeSomewhere in Lisbon, preferably.@ExGenesisGame Design, Pixel Art, Unity, GM and programmingPhysical!If you're from Portugal and you're interested, send me a tweet, I'll be glad to discuss details.
Liverpool, UKDavid WeaverMaybe!Not sure yet @davidtweaverSome coding, some screaming in frustration.Either
London UKWilliam RobinsonTrying, seems like last year's location should be fineLondon, UK@metzopainomusic and some programmingPhysical, physical
London UKJack HarrisonNo@jhrrsnProgramming, DesignPhysical
Plymouth UKGareth WilliamsNoProgrammingEitherI'm happy to travel up to London or whatever, if there is a physical jam going on!
Los Angeles, CAHolden LinkYES@HoldenLinkMolyjam SiteI was the LA host last year and am currently planning this year's jam. Hit me up on twitter if you want to help out!
Madrid, SpainLuis Díaz PeraltaNo, maybe next timeCafe or Home@LudipeDesign, code and some crappy pixel artIf there's a physical location I'll be there
Manila, PhilippinesJoniel IbascoNo@holycuttleDesign, ProgrammingEitherI need my next hackathon/game jam fix!
Manila, PhilippinesOsay MagturoNope@shaidelacroix3D Art, Low Poly, Unity, 2D Design, Not a coderHome pleease!Molydeux/Game Jam newbie. Can possibly google hangout to collab?
Melbourne,AUSLiam BealeDont know yetTBA ( But somwhere in Melbourne)@deathboy101Design, a little Programming,AudioBothIn with the scene of melbourne, ran a few underground jams, pretty boss at life :P
Monterrey, NL MexicoMiguel OlveraYesOur studios office or local university@mike_alebrije @alebrijeestDesign, ProgrammingSiteHosted Monterrey Molyjam 2012
Montreal, CanadaSagar PatelMaybe!Montreal (possibly at the Notman House)@sagzorzdesign, programmingMolyjam site! ( if we can get the space!)We had the Molyjam last year at a local web/hacker building. Not sure if we can get the space this year though (just sent them an e-mail, the spot should be free, waiting for confirmation)
Munich, GermanyAlexander ZacherlYesWerk 1@dbltnkDesignphysicalSignups:
New York City (NY)Ben JohnsonYupParsons (Union Square)@GameDesignerBendesign, programmingLet's get PHYSICAL at this SITEBabycastles + New School Game Club = JAMZ
Oakland, CA, USAJethroYES.Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment, in all sorts of languagesJust too physicalLooking for sponsors for pizza and soda!
Okinawa, JapanMatthew JefferyPerhaps.TBD@redsoundingDesign, ProgrammingHome/LocationReady to try it out!
Orlando FloridaPatrick RasmussenTrying..FullSail University@da.noob.devDesign, Theroy Logic Programming,Physical Location FullSail
Orlando, FloridaAndrew LietzenmayerProgramming, some designA physical locationA physical location seems to give me personally more motivation when other people are in the same room. Easier to communicate too. Especially when you have internet hicups and you lose contact for a few hours.
Perth, AusJonathan DoddYesWorkin' on it!@_jdoddWriting, ProductionMolyjam site!New to the scene, but super keen to get involved!
Petach Tikva, IsraelGal PasternakWorking on itTBA@galman33ProgrammingPhysical?May organize a "#KSindies hosting Molyjam Duex" event :D
Raleigh, NCZachary McAnallyMaybe? Was in KT last yearRaleigh, NC@LoiathalProgramming, DesignEither, would love to have a locationLoved the experience last year, can't wait to do it again. Know some animation people.
San Francisco, CACarlo DelallanaCan't host but will help organizeSan Francisco, Oakland@carlodelallanaGame Design w/Unity (using Playmaker Scripting), Audio, Simple 3D Modelling & Animation, Producer/Project ManagerPhysical!Would love to get together in the East Bay again!
San Francisco, CACecily MadanesnoSan Francisco, Oakland@cecilyismyrucaprogramming, design, audiophysicalYay!
San Francisco, CAGeorge KatsarosCan't host, but will help organize!@FedRiveUnity, Flash, Real Life Paper StuffEither
San Francisco, CAJuan RubioWilling to pitch in and help at SF local where ever that is@yankijpUnity DevSF local againI did Molyjam last year in SF (Bowl or Die) and it was an amazing experience for me. I would be willing to help out at the SF local in any way possible. Also if there are any smaller tiers of sponsorship I would be totally willing to help out as well. Thanks!
San Francisco, CAMatthew R.F. BalousekNope.@mrfbbard 5 / wizard 2 / fighter 1Let's get physical.
San Francisco, CASteven AnMaybeMaybe, SOMA SF (25 ppl)@steverockanprogramming, designphysical
Santa CruzErick Leedbergprobably not@erick_ochoMusic, sound effects, physical
Santa Cruz, CAAimless J. LacklusterNo. Totally disorganized. I'll order pizza, though.Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Space?@DoritosFlash, game design and ideas, Illustrator, Photoshop, pixel art, tunes, animation, fairly shitty at codePhysical preferred.Never been to a jam, but am down to get down
Santa Cruz, CA (or South Bay Area, or even SF)Ben Mearsprobably notyou tell me. maybe at UCSC, a coworking space, or someones house@The_BenMears3d art and animation, game design, some 2d, some sound effectsI wanna get physicalDid MolyJam last year with a team in Santa Cruz (Gutters of Blood: 28 Frames Later) and drove up to SF for the presentation/party. Good times.
Seattle, WADavid O'Boyle, Aka D. W. O'Boyle, aka Disembodied Dave. But you can call me Dave. Everyone calls me that.NopeSomewhere in the greater Seattle area that's easy to get to by bus would be great!@disembodiedDaveSound, Music, design, writing, maybe some programming if it's GamemakerPhysical Meet up is preferred, but all my equipment is at home.I was at Molyjam2012 in NYC and had an amzing time. The team I was on made a game about launching various things in the the sun. I can't wait to see the awesomeness that comes from this year!
Stockholm, SwedenMikael BauerProbably notStockholm, central@bauairstudiosCode, music and simple sfxPreferably at a Molyjam site, otherwise from within my secret closetPeanut butter jelly jam!
Sydney, AustraliaAdrian VergaraYesTBD@LevelUpAdrianDesign, Theory, Programming, Creative DirectionPhysical location, as per last year.Hosted last year's successful Sydney Molyjam, excited to see where it goes this year.
Szeged, HungaryRanko TrifkovicNopeif there is nothing nearby i'd like to join remotelyl@RankoTrifkovicwriting, game design, music, voice over/fxPrefer physical, but would lik to participate even remotelyIf I manage to get into a team it would be my second jam (participated in Global Game Jam this year)
Tel Aviv, IsraelItamar CurielNo@itamarcuDesign, Programming, 2D ArtJam from home!
Toronto, ONAdam ProctorAbsolutely. Uken Games
King & University, Downtown Toronto.
@aproctorProgramming, DesignMolyjam siteWe hosted last year, and have moved into a new office so we have an even better setup to host.
Toronto, ONAndrew G. CrowellNopeYou name it!@Bananattackdesign, programming, pixel artMolyjam site!I was in Molyjam 2012 in SF! I'd love to do another now that I'm in Ontario instead.hey andrew you should talk to @RandyOrensteinOkay! I've done that. Anyone else in TO area who wants to chime in, totally should :DMy info's down on line 32. We hosted last year and plan to host again this year.Nice!
Toronto, ONDale WickNoabove@hardhatpspProgramming, Design, WritingMolyjam siteJamming at Uken was awesome last year, but I also have an international team so they helped remotely.
Turku, FinlandVeli-Pekka KokkonenYes!Gamelab @ ICT@VKokkonendesign, code, graphic, animations, things and stuffPhysicalLet's jam ;)
Utrecht, NetherlandsZuraida ButerYes!Dutch Game Garden@zoewiPhysical
Zamora, MéxicoPablo AriasNo@FcdoPabloAriasProgrammingHome
Dino Ignacio
Grant ChenNoFremont, CA@grantychenDesignEither way.
Jonathan GhazariannoSan Francisco, CA@someguyjgprogrammingWould love to do a physical location like last yearI love the return of the google doc
K GaddnoMountain View, CA@antumbralprogramming / designphysical locationspreadsheets!!!!
Molyjam site!The purpose of this document is to let people know where they might be able to sign up. This sheet will go away once we get our location settings on the site, but for now, this should tell us where people are interested in attending, and let others get an idea of whether they can host. For the time being, "sign up" under the location where someone is hoping to host, and keep a row between locations.
Molyjam site!
Molyjam site (if there is one)Gonna talk with some people to hopefully get a jam site going, but if anyone else has a site let me know.
I could do both, but it's very energizing to be at a physical location
Physical if someone in LA is hosting!(I'm a teenager with limited programming skills)being a teenager is allowedyou were a teenager at last year's jam too, and kicked ass!
Never done a game jam before! But I'd be interested in attending one in Chicago.Welcome!!
Physical location