Theme Camp List for Transformus 2016
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Theme Camp NameNeighborhoodTheme Camp Organizer Burn NameCo-Organizer's Burn Name If your camp is open to new members who learn about your Theme Camp via the Transformus web site, please provide an email address you would like posted as a contact point.Describe your Theme Camp and its offerings for Burn This Booklet: If you would like your Region of Origin included in Burn This Booklet, please included it belowIf you would like to include "Other Burns Attended" by your Theme Camp in Burn This Booklet, please check the appropriate Burns below:Does your Theme Camp have a public website (or Facebook page)?
Earth's ElementsArgonathNimue Robearthselementsllc@gmail.comCelebration of the ElementsSouth East
Shady Acres Old Folks HomeArgonathHyacintheNishnabedjchanning@aol.comShady Acres Old Folks home is a place for folks to sit down and rest while they explore the area of Arganoth. This area is a bit of a walk from the rest of the burn and old folks like us might need some rest and some hydration before the journey back. We will also provide air conditioning for anyone who might become overheated as we plan to bring a 28 foot camper with actual air conditioning as part of our camp. We know it has to be placed in Arganoth and are OK with that placement (actually prefer it).K-Vegas Yall!No
Tea and Absurdity (TNA Camp!)ArgonathPeter RainesOliviapeter.raines@getyoufound.comTea and Absurdity (TNA Camp) offers an exotic Persian style tea lounge where visitors can relax, enjoy a cup of tea, and engage in conversation before hopping back into the absurdity and other shenanigans. Our members enjoy sharing gifts of healing arts, active listening, storytelling and generally discussing life, the universe and everything. Stop by the lounge even if it looks like no one’s home - we’ll leave the tea on for you!
Camp ShameArgonathSauceCamp Shame is a quiet respite for leaders visiting Transformus from other Burns. We reside out in the quiet hinterlands, where we sleep late and cook bacon each afternoon. CackalackyBurning Man - NV, PEX Summer Fest - MD
Justice League BarracksArgonathPapa PyroBatMomNoWhat do you need? We're here to help. A Virginia based group of superheroes who love to give back to the community through food, compassion, security and being generally decent human beings. Playa Del Fuego - DE
Sleepy Sloth VillageArgonathColletteSkyoteThis is the sleepy time camp for our little silly family plus a few friends. Billy's mother will be joining us again (and taking on TITS co-lead position) so we want a nice quiet spot in the shade to get our sleep on.South EastAlchemy - GA, Burning Man - NV, Ignite! Town Hall - NC, Love Burn - FL, Serendipity - TN
Definitely Not Camping With MAN CAMP!AvalonDJ Rabid CockroachDJ Baby Fruit Batn/aPLF is an overrated cult and Man Camp! is full of hooligans, so we probably aren't camping with PLF and we are definitely not camping with MAN CAMP!OuterSouth UnderworldAlchemy - GA, Burning Man - NV, Ignite! Town Hall - NC, PEX Summer Fest - MD, Synthesis - SC
The Puffy Lake House VIP Beach ClubAvalonStarseedWintersunIf you're tired of not getting the full VIP treatment at Transforms then come visit the most Xceptional™ VIPs on the mountain and we will set you right up with a one of a kind burn Xperience™. Our Lake House and VIP Beach Club has everything you need to have a truly Xemplary™ burn and you can purchase your customized package right up until exodus from one of our dedicated sales team members. Don't wallow in the mud like some kind of lowly pleb, come live the Xtraordinary™ life you were meant to!Eastern SeaboardAlchemy - GA, Burning Man - NV, Euphoria - GA, Ignite! Town Hall - NC, Love Burn - FL, PEX Summer Fest - MD, Serendipity - TN, Synthesis - SC
Camp Flower CockerAvalonPaulPantsCamp Flowercocker honors and celebrates all phallic flowers and their counterparts in spreading the seeds of love. Come marvel at the 6-foot flowercock punching bag. Join us in a botanical celebration of floral artwork, decorations, and of course flowercocks!Cackalacky
ZamaAvalonJoeJoeBeanjoejoe@transformus.comZama is an alternate name for Tulum Mexico, the "City of Dawn". In Mysteria Zama is the perfect place to relax and view the lower lake, watching the fiery sky orb rise and set. Join us and take in the sites before or after your swim under our large shade structure.Cackalackyno
Man Camp!AvalonLogickWe are Man Camp! You are not. You shall be crushed like the small mammals you are, or fed drinks and music lakeside, and then be crushed. Grunt grunt grunt, chest bump, crotch scratch. Eastern Seaboard
Circular ExpressionsAvalonNatalieK? We're not sure at the moment.PaxN/AA spiraling, glowing, sparkling, fractal nebula of all things cyclic. We're flow artists and weirdos from Richmond, Virginia. We'll be hosting a few workshops, but you're welcome to spin things around your body any time then center your dizzy brains with some tea. Express yoself, dexterous monkeys of Mysteria. With circles.Eastern SeaboardIgnite! Town Hall - NCNo, we don't.
Mists of AvalonAvalonLoganLisglassbreather@hotmail.comMists of Avalon--- Join us beyond the Lower Lake for Scintillating Flames, Squishy Seats, Scrumptious Sushi and Sensational Water Sculptures!Cackalacky
Mermaid OasisAvalonPicklesMoonshineNot at this timeNestled along the lower lake you will find an Oasis with joyful frolicking merpeople, welcoming vibes, healing body work, delightful conversation, yoga, love, nourishment, elixirs, dance, interactive art, elemental ritual and awareness, connection, seaGrass, hydration, epic lounging and a menagerie of fun and fulfilling workshops. Together we will co-create an oasis of sacred space that hydrates the mind, body, and spirit. Visit our hydration stations to ensure that you will be feeling wet for dancing all night and swimming all day. Beware of the irresistible sirens tempting you with delicious infused hydration and fresh treats throughout the week. Many mortals have been transformed into mystical beings by our radically inclusive mermaids!Cackalacky
YOU ARE BEAUTIFULAvalonMother Superior (Holly)Jody (Mythago)Mysteria By Jody Scheisser

The glow is like fire but soft
A pure light to rend the universe open
A divine hungering
Teeth sharp
Yet holding itself still

I feel peace upon seeing this
And a beauty so fierce
It shivers along my skin
As a billion tiny tongues of flame.

You Are Beautiful Camp recognizes the divine beauty in all Mysterians, shared through a smile, a conversation, music, dance, laughter, and play. Come enjoy a beautiful moment with us, and help us perceive even clearer how amazing you are.  Remember: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!
We serve to dissolve egos, perpetuate unity, build tribe, community. This camp holds safe space for you to unfold your true beauty and to be loved and accepted. We feature whimsical art, relaxation, connection, and playful jubilance!
VA, GA, FLLakes of Fire - MI, Love Burn - FL
Yacht ClubAvalonFu-Koff (My friends call me Fu)Genecan they please contact us via our Facebook PageWater water everywhere... ok let's play! We love the water and we love to help people enjoy that water. Come by the Yacht Club and pick up a water toy to help you enjoy the Lake at Transforms. Feel free to bring your own water toys and park them in our Water Toy Parking Lot. It's hard to bring water toys to Transforms so let's make good use of them by SHARING!CackalackyAfter Burn - FL, Burning Man - NV, Love Burn - FL
Furry Animal PatrolAvalonMalo WolfCosiekoFurry Creatures and Where to Find Them. South EastAlchemy - GA, Burning Man - NV, Euphoria - GA, Playa Del Fuego - DE
STEAMAvalonstorytimeaustinart@gmail.comCamp STEAM combines worldwide traditions of steam saunas to bring you a cleansing steam sauna. Whether you prefer to call it a banya, sentō, hamam, temazcal, jjimjilbang, or shvitz, come on over! Sit in the Steam Dome for a classic sauna experience of hot steam, aromatherapy, and cool flavored water - and then take a cold plunge in the nearby lake. We also offer other spa services, general merrymaking, and princess sparkle-pants time for fairies of all genders. This is a cleansing environment of inclusivity, creativity, and relaxation. Check our signs for daily hours.Cackalackyno
Dogs on Papasans AvalonTall GregChefHave you ever heard of the dogs on papasan, but never seen one? Well this is the year to meet us. Cackalackyno
Gentlemen's Hunt ClubAvalonJosephRobbiejbw@hilltopgroup.comGentlemen who hunt. Or is it that we hunt gentlemen? It gets confusing. (And we're not all gentlemen.) Either way, come join us out of the sun in our nice shady and windy lodge! - LGBTQ/poly friendly.South EastAlchemy - GA, Euphoria - GAno
Camp Mammy Jammy EdenWillthe500thCamp Mammy Jammy returns! Come chill and play some cornhole. Also serving up fresh mimosas and screwdrivers. Virgins beware!CackalackyAlchemy - GA
Sparkle Pony CampEdenGizmoRavenzaxistv@yahoo.comStop by our camp for a fashion make over. And take a ride on the pony.CackalackyIgnite! Town Hall - NC, Synthesis - SCSparkle Pony Camp
Martian PlaygroundEdenMartianCome walk our Martian landscape, pet the native flora and fauna, breathe our air, drink from our ancient canals and let Love reign over the planet named for a God of War. Also, Thurs Eve and Fri Eve Punk Rock Karaoke.South East
Shitty CultEdenRobert DeVriesCome hang out with our crazies! Relax in the shade, drink the Kool-Aid, or don't, whatever. We might also invite you back for nighttime cuddles and snuggles in our amazing CuddleDome©. Oh yeah, there will be bacon too.South EastAlchemy - GA, Euphoria - GA
We Have BreadEdenFOGOYes! We are open. My email is tim.g.wallis2gmail.comWe Have BreadCackalacky
Camp Justice LeagueEdenBatnipsAthenajon.delano@gmail.comWhat do you need? We're here to help. A Virginia based group of superheroes who love to give back to the community through food, compassion, security and being generally decent human beings. Eastern SeaboardPlaya Del Fuego - DE
Dreary LaneEdenBeerBaronA low key spot with a pristine view of Asshole Alley. Dedicated to the comforts of home.Cackalacky
D.A.M.M. NationEdenThom DunnArtinateeners444@gmail.comThis is the quiet sleep and rest camp for D.A.M.M. Camp, who will be providing alcohol at D.A.M.M. Camp in Xanadu.
PoptopiaEdenRobert SquidmanKatrobert.masson34@gmail.comPopcorn treats for your tummyMiddle West Corn-villeNo
Happy CreatureEdenNectarAyaWe are Happy Creature Camp, specialized in keeping people smiling. You may find hugs, mermaids, birds, GIFs, photons of many colors... come see us for your dose of happy!South East
Carolina Moon Cabbage CrewEdenThaddeusJezebelCarolina Moon Cabbage Crew is the place to come if you like soup! We specialize in serving hot, scratch-made, vegan soups all weekend long. Bring your own cup! We also hold a number of other events, including cocktail parties, miracle berry sessions, open figure drawing classes, and the occasional sauerkraut opening. We love to talk about food and the vital connection between what you eat and how you feel. We encourage you to stop by and see what's cooking! Cackalacky
Tea Time TravelersEdenFirebirdazita.saed@gmail.comIt was the year 2098. We were taking our afternoon tea when we heard the unmistakable sound of an alien spacecraft crashing into the patio furniture. We rushed out to investigate, still clutching teacups. The scene was absolutely disgusting -- think blood, guts, and pulsating alien brains. Amongst the destruction lay a small, blood-slicked box, what we later discovered was in fact a time travel device. For 450 years now, we’ve roamed the landscape of spacetime, collecting treasures, stories, and freaky people. Here we are, Mysteria, 2016, still sipping tea and studying the anthropology of this strange era. Come over or spot us traveling throughout Mysteria to have some tea and contribute stories, photos, and artifacts to the time capsule!South Eastno
Camp UpdogEdenColonel UpdogCampUpdog@gmail.comWhat’s up dog? Not much, how about you? Come by and hang out with friends, old and new to escape all the noise of the burn. Sip some tea, try our homemade body mists to refresh the heat away, and be on the lookout for our mobile grilled cheese & s'mores events.NYCPEX Summer Fest - MD
Asgard HeightsEdenShawmanSkyote This is the sleep camp for our village-- Asgard in Valhalla. Primarily it will be sleeping, a little cooking (main kitchen at Asgard), and partying... as we will be everywhere. The vast majority of interaction will be at the village, but I am sure some will spill over to this camp.South EastAlchemy - GA, Burning Man - NV, Euphoria - GA, Ignite! Town Hall - NC, Love Burn - FL, PEX Summer Fest - MD, Playa Del Fuego - DE, Serendipity - TN
Gypsy BarEdenFireballHobbitkubanfire1@yahoo.comHere come those effin' Gypsies again, pouring their dang gypsy juice down your throat...Look for us everywhere, because you are never going to know where for sure they will be! Look for the mobile bar with the cool lit up art on top being pushed and pulled by some shennangin gypsies. Just be sure to bring with you everywhere (which you already are doing becuase you are a good burner) your own cup for a sample of our own WNC fresh organic fresh squeeezzzed fresh "no pants" gpysies!!!!!!Lake LahontanAlchemy - GA, Burning Man - NVNo
SparkleSpaz HoboTron!!!EdenDuder9000Magic A hobo's paradise in the SILLIEST PSYCHOBILLY, SPAZATRONIC, HOBO-RIFFIC, HONKADELIC WONKYTONK EVERRR!!!!! DIY Bodypaint, Elf-chanted MagicMail Manifestation Station, Archetype Discovery Zone ‘n’ Photo Booth, Moonshine ‘n’ HoboPunch, SpazTron Dance Jamzzzz!!
***Paint yerself clown-style at the DIY hobo bodypaint station!
***Tron a sparkly missive at zee Elf-chanted MagicMail Manifestation Station! Gift it to a Friend-You-Haven’t-Met-Yet, or stick in in our Purdy Box!!!
***Swig on some Minty Moonshine & sparkly HoboPunch!
***Archetype Discovery Zone ‘n’ Photo Nook! Find out if yer a hobo, clown, gnome, elf, cowboy, robot, etc, then take a piccy in our nook!
***BoxcarSilly WhateverBooth feat. WhateverWheel - carny clownin, straight spazzin!!
***GnomeDome with board games for hobo chillin!
***SpazTron Dance Partyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
5 states, 2 countries, via wormhole!Alchemy - GA, Burning Flipside - TX, Burning Man - NV
Camp ContactEdenSpaciousLesliedance@campcontact.orgCamp Contact offers Acro Yoga, Contact Improv, Ecstatic Dance and Authentic Relating workshops, among other experiential/interactive opportunities.Eastern SeaboardBurning Man - NV, Frost Burn - PA, Love Burn - FL, PEX Summer Fest - MD, Playa Del Fuego - DE, Freeform
Camp OTGEdenKaoStephanie: AND Janglezmysteriankao@gmail.comCamp OTG is back again helping out new Mysterians experience all there is to do plus teach a bit more! Every year we are a little different, a little bigger, and always a lot of fun! If this is your first burn, your first time at Transformus, or you just want some instant friends, come see us! We provide a safe haven amid the chaos, and veterans who will help show you the ropes (even the naughty ones!).Eastern SeaboardIgnite! Town Hall - NCCamp OTG on Facebook
Bubble CampEdenBendy MacGyverSteveBubble Camp offers the Love Lounge as a sacred space for all to enjoy a moment of comfort--come for a beer tasting, circus show, impromptu banana dance party, goddess spa treatment, tasty meal...all are welcome to hang out between the hours of 11am-11pm! We live in a bubble where everything is beautiful and delicious and want others to experience this magic (sans cigarette smoke). We enjoy all things bubbly and especially love champagne!Cackalacky
Providing a chill, relaxed atmosphere, shade with soft things to recline on and cool home-brewed libations to fill one’s cup all with a distinctly mustachioed twist. Find yourself in a quiet repose surrounded by artistic distractions and conversation as flavorful as the beer. Mustacheville: “We don’t know how to not.”™
CackalackyIgnite! Town Hall - NC
Home Sweet HomeEdenClassieDavidn/aMom and Dad are out of town this year, so we’re going to throw a rockin’ house party in their absence. Come by for cheap booze, cheeky shenanigans, and more Grateful Dead than your earholes can handle. Don’t break shit, and clean up after yourself so we don’t get busted when they come home next year. Cackalacky
Third AidEdenStratosGarrisonnamccullar@gmail.comWelcome to 3rd Aid.
We offer a space for relaxation and run several massage tables for any action hippies in need of some repair. Swing by and get some love or feel free to make use of our oil and tables yourself.
South EastAlchemy - GA, Euphoria - GA, Ignite! Town Hall - NC
Camp Gold StarEdenMommaTodaymakethemsquirm@gmail.comWhat is Camp Gold Star? That's a fantastic question! Not one of those 'There's no such thing as a stupid question' questions. You picked a real winner. Gold Star!

Camp Gold Star exists to recognize you for your accomplishments. At Camp Gold Star, we know that inside that sparkle pony facade is a very special snowflake. And we've got everything you need to feed your body and your ego.

Stop by for your daily dose of overenthusiastic personal adulation, participation certificates, trophies, hugs, and snark. After dark, enjoy tasty beverages, broth, TLC, and more awards, you entitled little shit!

This year we plan to:

Serve our signature magical vegan mushroom broth (no drugs, just soup), each night after the burns (and other nights if we feel like it).

We hope to host an Olympics themed event. We haven't figured out all the details yet, but there will be trophies.

We will also be supporting the construction, maintenance, and burn of the Temple with our campmate Michael Verdon. An art grant request has been approved.
Eastern SeaboardBurning Man - NV, Frost Burn - PA, Love Burn - FL, PEX Summer Fest - MD, Playa Del Fuego - DE, Scorched Nutz - OH, Wickerman, Mosaic, Freeform,
Dirty Southern BurnersEllysium FieldsPhyreboltphyrebolt@dirtysouthernburners.comDSB is chill space camp with campmates that volunteer a lot, we have a nice relaxed atmosphere to chill by the fire and have a good time. We welcome Vrigins with open arms and help them any way possible.we are everywhereAfter Burn - FL, Alchemy - GA, Burning Flipside - TX, Burning Man - NV, Ignite! Town Hall - NC, Playa Del Fuego - DE, PreHeat - FL, Synthesis -
Boff CampEllysium FieldsLupusThewanderingswordsmenllc@gmail.comFeeling buff? Need to get your boff on? Come to boff camp and fight with foam swords, shields, spears and arrows that are professionally designed to let you beat the everliving shit out of your friends without hurting them at all! Every day from 4-6pm in and around our castle we will host team games including capture the flag, storm the castle, and zombie apocalypse. We follow the Belegarth ruleset, but if you play Dagorhir, Amptgard, or any Larp, then bring by your gear and battle with us anyway. After 6pm we are glad to try out other rulesets, and will also leave out a self-boffing station for people to come in and fight whenever they feel the need to throw down! Buffing is also encouraged. Boofing takes place
Hotel HaddenEllysium FieldsPuckLocated deep within the recesses of the darkness no one wishes to explore, you'll find this secret theme camp. Hotel Hadden will present itself when you need that sweet SWEET relief. Let all your inner struggle tear free at Hotel Hadden. Just clean yourself up after you leave. Come for the seat, stay until you feel light and free. Its a secret. Shhhhh
Percussion JunctionEllysium FieldsPapa BubblesAmber de Pixiearammu27@yahoo.comPercussion Junction provides space for interactive drumming, dancing, and stuff. We work to support the Drummers Conclave for the Burns at Mysteria, and provide an oasis of acoustic grooves in a sea of canned music. We welcome everyone to come and participate, and strive to provide extra drums for those that haven't brought their own.South EastAlchemy - GA, Ignite! Town Hall - NC, Serendipity - TN, Scarendipity - TN
It's the End of the World as We Know ItEllysium FieldsBreatheChadLimited space, no new membersWelcome to the End of the World as We Know It. Take a load off and sit a spell. Confer with with the keepers of the gate. Enter our portal to different planes and times. Get a reading to reflect on the worlds where you've been and the worlds where you are going. Deep philosophical discussions, cosmic considerations, and multi-dimensional music jams are welcome here. Catch your breath, cleanse your palate, and muster your oomph before returning to the dazzle that is Mysteria.Cackalackyn/a
D.A.D. and Hot Witches'' BrewsEllysium FieldsNicnevenShineGaladrielnc@yahoo.comTransformus veterans Hot Witches' Brews have joined forces with D.A.D., the small sound camp who's huge in Japan. By day, enjoy our comedic creations and the eclectic stylings of "A.D.DJ." After dark, get down with DJ Brisket and friends. Chase whiskey with a pickle. Take a vapor shot. Meanwhile, The Hot Witches will ply goodies such as herbal potions, Turkish Delights and whatever else they please...they're witches yo. South EastHillBilly Reclaimation - KY, Playa Del Fuego - DE
The D Presents SmellsburgEllysium FieldsMom DaughterGrandmasmelly@thedskreet.comThe D presents: Smellsburg
Follow your nose to the olfactory offerings of Smellsburg, a little village of transcentent scents. Drift by for a gentle waft, sniff or spritz, or linger for aromatic indulgence. Follow the sweet smell of incense up to our smell bar, where you can freshen up your funk with one of our custom-made essential oil body sprays, sniff a variety of nasal novelties, sample our collection of essential oils and create your very own fragrance to keep that burn body smelling fantastic during and after the burn. **Self serve only. no unwanted spritzing - Puck**
You Soul Is My Soul CampEllysium FieldsMathiasMillerMas52987@gmail.comYour Soul Is My Soul Camp, primarily based out of Charleston S.C. with roots planted deep within the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, is a mix of artists, musicians, lovers, peddlers and enthusiasts of the human experience. Our goal at Transformus 2016 is to spread the joy of life through food, drink, music, laughter, and extending our family to all. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by the camp and get freshly-baked pepperoni rolls (a West Virginian delicacy) and hot dogs with all the fixins.' Our food-cart will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 12-3pm. To quench your unrelenting thirst, stop by our fully stocked bar, which will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from noon-Midnight, and enjoy a tasty libation, including ICED mix drinks, poorly mixed drinks, heavily mixed drinks, and reluctantly mixed drinks, but more importantly drinks crafted by a true master wizard drink mixologist and long time butt pirate. Our jokes are lame and our stories too long but no one here cares what you think. Just come drink, eat and hang out a bit.The
Hometown HangoutEllysium FieldsSmooth-EOpalNot openCrew of primarily Ashevillians who love to bring their kind of party to the woods of Mysteria. We will be making daily outings with our mobile Bloody Mary cart to doctor up those in need to keep them groovin' all weekend long. At camp we will be playing cornhole and drinking craft beverages with contagious smiles and laughter. Cackalacky
Camp InvisibleEllysium FieldsTuesdayfireflynopeBack with all the invisible amenities from the past (invisible hot tub, invisible bar, etc..), we're stepping up our invisible game yet again. Join us for all the invisible sheanigans -- if you can find us! North CarolinaAlchemy - GA, Burning Man - NV, Euphoria - GA, Ignite! Town Hall - NC, Love Burn - FLI't invisible
Arrr! CampEllysium FieldsKass JamesBunRabkass@flamingfaeries.comArrr! Camp is back with new cartoons for people to watch in our relaxation tent. We're a DRUG FREE SPACE where people can chill and get back in touch with their inner child. At night we've got our Pirate Bar and less child friendly cartoons. We're a host space for many of the first-responders of Mysteria. CackalackyIgnite! Town Hall - NC
TFormus Camp: Loud Erudite Drowning Goblins On FireEllysium FieldsPrincex DAdamGoblins: Sometimes they are on fire. Sometimes they are drowning. They are always problems. Goblins love books, fire, drinking (pausing to argue about if the ing can be used but it can because booking isn't a word) shiny things, each other, rampaging, long-term borrowing (but if I avoid the ing I have to go with theft and goblins don't steal), food, loud noises, the oxford comma, and being right.Pittsburgh Frost Burn - PA, Playa Del Fuego - DE
Mellow Yellow VIP LoungeEllysium FieldsKatrina CaubleHemiburnn/aCome and Escape to the Mellow Yellow VIP Lounge(formerly known as Big Puffy Yellow) and Rub Elbows with Fellow VIP Members. Relax as theSounds of Nature are accented with the Most Pleasant Shades of Yellow. Beats and Cocktails will be served, Specializing in Strawberry-Basil Lemonade, Sparkle Ponies & Unicorn Tears. CackalackyAlchemy - GA, Burning Man - NV, Ignite! Town Hall - NCno
Queer Ass Folk Presents: The MenagerieEllysium FieldsDonster CalamariSmurfNoQueer Ass Folk is excited to travel from near and far to bring, for your participating pleasure, The Menagerie. All manner of strange and bizarre is gathered to delight and wonder. When the menagerie is open, prepare to crawl inside our music lounge and heavy petting zoo (we maintain an enthusiastic consent zone, no petting/cuddling without someones consent). Relax where the music's a little more down tempo as your evening trips on. Catch us out one afternoon for a big surprise during the Teddy Bear Picnic.
* If you go down to the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go down to the woods today
You'd better go in disguise! *
Radical Self LoathingEllysium Fields(somehow managed not to get one yet)You know that sinking feeling when you're kicking yourself in the ass because you waited too long to finish that project or prepare your costumes? That's Radical Self Loathing.

Born from the unholy union of Y'all Camp and Cult of Whatnot, we at Radical Self Loathing hope to offer a respite from the guilt and existential angst we all experience from time to time.

With glowing lights, eclectic music, fun activities, tasty food and libations, Radical Self Loathing will inspire you to forget your stress and enjoy the moment.
Maryland, DC, and North Carolina
Schrödinger's ButthurtEllysium FieldsBeth WalkerSnakeCharmerwalkerbethl@gmail.comSchrodinger's Butthurt: it's only there if you look for it. Our camp is a microcosm of Mysteria, a virtual box where the butthurt of Mysteria is collected and does or does not disappear. We’re a chill ass cooperative camp, don’t let our snarky signs scare you off, we may or may not mean it. Come hang out with us, use our Play Space or submit your personalized Butthurt Report Form to our special Butthurt Collection Box.

Disclaimer: Butthurt available upon request. Schrodinger's Butthurt is not responsible for your butthurt. Butthurt Report Forms may or may not be burned in the Temple. Butthurt Report Forms may or may not be publicly read in a dramatic reading. Not affiliated with Tasty Pasty
CackalackyIgnite! Town Hall - NC, Ignite! - VA
Bonobo LodgeEllysium FieldsSarah DobroEl Satosarah.dobro@gmail.comCome hang with your fellow primates while setting unnecessary cultural hang-ups aside. Talk, share, laugh, touch, eat and enjoy! We offer sensual grooming sessions, flow and yoga workshops, and host an evening salon around our fire pit. Always a safe space, all are welcome. Eastern SeaboardBurning Man - NV, Love Burn - FL, PEX Summer Fest - MD
Sensation OverloadEllysium FieldsJustMarkKricketjustmark@sharpdull.comWe are designing nefarious machines and tools to entice and magnify sensationSouth EastAlchemy - GA, Euphoria - GA, Ignite! Town Hall - NC
Philosopherz StoneEllysium FieldsMidnighttPyroCeltphilosophize@philosopherzstone.comFor the Philosopherz’s 11th year in Elysium Fields and our 10th anniversary year celebration, we will be providing our traditional gatherings plus a few small surprises... . Party with the Philosopherz at our annual Friday night gRave (goth/fetish/steampunk/dark fairy themed) and maybe even partake in a bit of our Absinthe Asylum - fire dancers welcome. Our Free Library will be available for your perusal all burn long as well as thought provoking audio and lectures. Come rant or sing or read or just listen at our Saturday afternoon Open Mic and tea party. Well mannered and confusing (il)logicial discussions are frequently available in our lounge. Find inspiration in our thought stones! But as always, be prepared to Philosophize! CackalackyAlchemy - GA, HillBilly Reclaimation - KY, Ignite! Town Hall -
Flesh of Beauty Fern Gullyzer0gonzomeat, meat, and then MORE meat!!! plus music and entertainment with something to wash down all that glorious meat with!South East
Darkstar Coffee BarFern GullyHazeRayNo thank youDarkstar Coffee Bar- We have coffee, bring your cup. Drink it and shut up.
Concentration CampNarniaSparkle PandaMacGyvetteAngieskeel@gmail.comConcentration camp is here to DELIVER puzzles and concentration to as many camps as possible in Mysteria. =)CackalackyAlchemy - GA, Euphoria - GA, Ignite! Town Hall - NC, Lakes of Fire - MI, Scorched Nutz - OH, YaaaaahNo
Local FaunaNarniaTugBoatLorikinsnot presentlyLocal Fauna is a "Primitive Campsite" with no generator or flashy camp set up. We see ourselves as a calm spot in the amazing swirling feast of energy and experiences that is our beloved Transformus. We offer a place to come find a peaceful and quiet spot to sit and collect ones self when needed. We will offer Tai Chi classes, Meditation classes, Qi Gong Classes, and a Naked Sunday Brunch to the host of beauty that will be on site for Transformus. We are a quiet camp site, we are a secluded camp site, we are a friendly campsite as long as you are not a dick to us or the land. CackalackyNope
Ra!NarniaJen MitchellBrianWe are a solar powered camp that offers charging of small personal devices or toys. We're super nice former GA team leads and welcome visitors to stop by and stay awhile. Look for the bright white chandelier in the trees.
Also, we control the weather.
South EastAlchemy - GA, Euphoria - GA
Introvert IslandNarniaOttoJimjamIntrovert Island: A space to be alone together. Offering calm, solitary space for those Mysterians who sometimes feel overwhelmed by the magical madness of the city. Come enjoy our herbal iced tea, read a book from our library, or spend an hour coloring in our quiet little paradise.Somewhere Yankee, and Southeasy
Camp Lay-Z-FuxNarniaJairB-Hosjair.whitlock@gmail.comBlisters? Sweat? Slivers? Phaaaawwwwwwk that! Beer, chairs, and a firepit at the bottom of the hill in Narnia.Cackalackyn/a
IHOP - The Intergalactic House of PancakesNarniaNummy and SpaceboySpaceboyNot open to new membersIHOP - The one, the only, INTERGALACTIC HOUSE OF PANCAKES! Where both the cooks and the plates are stacked! Every year we provide our dearest Mysteria with the world famous Pants Optional Pancake Breakfast! Our cooks show our best assets while showing you what you've been missing in the world of breakfast foods! We also feature several amazing DJs to keep that booty shaking while you work up that appetite! Bring a plate, bring a cup, and most importantly bring your butt on down and get some food on SUNDAY Morning!South East
Taint TownNarniaLisaleeWE paint taints and serve BBQ
Spritz! Hot Fish!NarniaLittle MonsterDaddioSpritz! Hot Fish! We are fun loving Asheville locals with a taste for a good Spritz! We are loud, and we want you to be loud with us! So join us Sunday afternoon on the Lake, where we will have a champagne cocktail bar set up, with delicious bubbly hydrating concoctions! Bring your cup and greet us with a "Hot Fish!" when you get to the bar!CackalackyNope
The Library: a mustache theatre productionNarniaDorothyn/an/aReading is FUNdamental. Who says no one goes to the library these days except for the internet? Oh wait, we have a strict policy on only stealing internet from IHOP. Come by The Library for a little Dewey Decimal banter and take part in writing the longest piece of literature ever to come out of Mysteria for the Western canon. Stop by to marvel at our odds and curiosities. We have books to browse and animal crackers to masticate.
Don't forget to take a picture with Dewey the taxidermy squirrel and our antiquated dildo collection.

Don't forget the MAPS! MAPS galore. More maps than we could fit on a globe! What will we do with all these MAPS!?
Knoxville TNn/a
PalmetticaNutopiaBisonlosingtexture@gmail.comIn the past we were representing South Carolina's lack of a burn but it looks like we have one now so we are evolving. We've done grilled cheese at midnight before and may do so again. We've already expanded our Palmettica family to include burners from all over the south east. South EastAlchemy - GA, Burning Man - NV, Euphoria - GA, Ignite! Town Hall - NC, Love Burn - FL, Serendipity - TN, Synthesis - SC and a private Facebook page that Wyatt Bryson administers
No Camping HereNutopiaTailfeatherSomebodyNo Camping Here... no seriously... we've been here since like the Saturday BEFORE the burn... You know doing work and stuff.... It's kinda like we live here now I guess... anyways, No Camping Here. Love you, mean it!Cackalacky
Camp No Friends HereNutopiaAmy the LesbianCamp No Friends Here is a lounge space for a snarky crowd, a part of Asshole Alley
The Tasty PastieNutopiaDavidMegandrtychps@gmail.comWe are the Tasty Pastie. We put food on tits. That is...wait...apparently we do butt stuff now too...that is all...I thinkCackalacky
Bizarre BazzarNutopiaJamblesBananthonyHey! UH-OH! Tired of keeping it dryyyy? Come, keep it moist, with the Banana Bar at the Bizarre Bazzar. Your water hole for all the things you didn't know you needed. Offering shanty town booth services including, butt not limited to, spicy good times, wordsmithing, and The Boof Booth. This theme camp isn't tied down by cooperation/coercion. So come, watch the hodgepodge hold itself together as we solicit you, with screams!CackalackyNah
HerhisensuaNutopiaDoc TBella Ficavaggio@aol.comSkilled and caring hands offer sensual relaxation through four-handed massage. Cool beverages on hot days, warm ones on cool soggy days.South EastAfter Burn - FL, Alchemy - GA, Burning Flipside - TX, Burning Man - NV, Euphoria - GA, HillBilly Reclaimation - KY, Lakes of Fire - MI, Love Burn - FL, Serendipity - TNno
Shane CampNutopiaShaneAaronshanesentelle@gmail.comDearest Shanes,
My InShane brethren,
Purveyors of Shaneanigans,
Forever and always Ashaned:

My friends, it is an election year, and we of Shane Camp have a campaign to run. The Campaign Shanepagne shall flow mightily through the busy streets of Mysteria, and we will drink with pleasure as we proudly and incessantly shout our slurry name.

We shall impose on all our unbidden agenda and tickle your sense of entitlement with magnificent whiskers. We will make promises never kept and mercilessly belittle each reeking hippie who dares oppose. And then we will drink more Shanepagne.

Great change is probably not coming in the summer of 2016.
VooDoo GypsiesNutopiaSkyborgNot yetThe Voodoo Gypsies present the VooDoo Lounge. Come by, relax, and have a front row seat to Asshole Alley. Don't worry if you don't see any of us, we are prone to wandering. So keep an eye out for us out in our various art cars. No
Refresh RejectsNutopiaHoppyLindyrustyatv@gmail.comWandering refugees from war-torn wastelands known as ‘404-Error’ and ‘Please-refresh-page-istan’ have traversed the Brown Paper Tickets straits and braved the nefarious Board-er of Directors Guards in order to reach what has become, to many seekers of asylum, a near-mythical promised land known as Mysteria. Banding together in wandering packs for mutual survival, they have sought comfort and safety in the post-apocalyptic wilds of the ticketless, stateless, lawless lands outside the walls. Anti-ticketless protests have sprung up, bigoted citizens have called for harsher controls and candidate for the Transformus board of directors even proposed the following: “We’re gonna build a wall around Mysteria...and Alchemy’s gonna pay for it!”

Despite the dangers, the terror, the setbacks, this group of ragged refugees, known simply as the Refresh Rejects, have endured the error messages, the “sold out” notices, the cries of “we don’t want your kind here!” that erode their dignity and leave their souls crushed on the side of the Road to Mysteria. They have triumphantly infiltrated the promised land, seeking only to build a new life, free of drone strikes and terrorist attacks and despair.

In celebration of the end of their journey, the Refresh Rejects invite the citizens of Mysteria to partake in a contest representing the trials they endured in their jounies. Participants will don traditional garb, compete for libations, and join in song and dance!
Brown Paper Tickets Error PageAlchemy - GA, Burning Man - NV, Euphoria - GANo
Mediocre CampNutopiaJamieeeeeLmediocrecamp@gmail.comMediocre camp is the "meh" place to hang out. Most of the people are OK. We can't really complain about mediocre camp...but we can't really recommend it either. You can just chill and do whatever, it's up to you. We're mediocre, so "Have an average day" is our motto. Show up if you want to have an ordinary time with some pretty Mediocre Mimosas and satisfactory compliments under our LED clouds. Or don't. Whatevs.

But if you are interested in the ordinary, come to our Morning Mediocre Mimosa Almost Satisfactory Breakfast Friday morning at 10 am. Think Holiday Inn Express: It's substance that's something. It's not the best breakfast but it's alright. Meh.
Eastern SeaboardNo
Barely There Hammock HideawayNutopiaComettreece@gmail.comOur Zen Lilly pad will provide the ultimate in liberation, libation and forced relaxation to the masses. Our tribe includes actual certified massage therapists as well as some extras that are eager to get their hands on you!

When you aren’t getting the rub down you can literally hang with us in our custom Hammock Hideaway. Our boy Comet will be swinging and explaining the secrets of the universe (hint hint… it’s eleven herbs and spices)

Nudity is fun! And since we are already all naked and relaxed and smelling great from the aromatherapy why not participate in one of our Adam and Eve parades? We will be roaming about the valley meeting new people encouraging them to join us and maybe dancing till dawn all in the buff!
South EastAlchemy - GA
Not My ChairNutopiaPuddlesBoNot My ProblemCesspool of SinIgnite! Town Hall - NC
hotmonsters.orgNutopiacomputeralmostnick@hotmonsters.orgwhere the hottest monsters come to party! \|°▽▽▽▽▽°|/

come get your hotness on with some monstrr necturz. not as hot or not as monster? we’ve got spare monster parts, scraps of monster hides, and monster sutures to help inspire any drab exoskeletons.

ArcanaParadise PlateauLisaMister E Arcana is a group of adventurous foodies predominantly from the Triangle area of North Carolina. We believe that sharing a meal is a simple, yet sacred occasion, a universal act that is important to building both relationships and community. Intentionally eating together creates both time and space to engage in spiritual and intellectual pursuits that are unique to the human experience. Additionally, the simple act of sharing food has implications beyond the meal itself, cultivating lasting community. With that in mind, we seek to transform preconceived notions of fine dining. Gone are the images of quiet decorum and pretension. Arcana ushers in the era of quality exotic foods with an atmosphere dedicated to community growth. À votre santé!CackalackyIgnite! Town Hall - NC, Synthesis - SC
Tir Na nOgShangri-LaGoatKattnoTir Na nOg
Nap or relax, day or night and immerse yourself in the mystery of the forest. Rock gently amid the silent Sentinels of this land and let the babbling brooks and whispering leaves lull you away into Neverland full of woodland sprites and fairy lights.
South EastAlchemy - GA, Burning Man - NV, Euphoria - GAno
Lobster SunriseShangri-LaK-8 (Van Rees)HeystacksK8vanrees@gmail.comComfy hanging swings and things, hammocks, etc. Drum and bass for your face and techno for…we don't know. Come visit to learn the legend of the Lobster Sunrise. Boston, MA (somewhat yankee)
The Landing PadShangri-LaTigress Morphonic The Landing Pad is a lush woodland haven in Mysteria's Shangri-La, guaranteed to refresh your mind, delight your senses and soothe your soul. The Landing Pad is at your service, serving up a seamless flow between sacred and sexy. Touch down here to enjoy a tantalizing, multi-sensory feast that raises vibrations while dropping phat funky beats.
Enter the magic of Shangri-La and luxuriate in a sparkling forest… A world of soaring canopies, and plush comfortable couches where you can rest and regenerate after raging in Valhalla, or gently prepare yourself for the brightness of day after a night spent under the trees. Dance with divine beings, epic altars, and the tropical rhythms only forest spirits in mysteria can embody. For rest, sensuality, movement arts and prayerful exchange the Landing Pad offers well-tended, generous and visionary amenities…
In our forest home in the center of Shangri-La we light the path and keep the hearth fires burning so that you can always return to your center and find your way home. Join us for a synergy of badass booty shaking and conscious chill, elevate your spirit and ground down in the warm embrace of your friends and family...and we’re all family here!
CackalackyThe Landing Pad Camp on Facebook
FUCK YOU I'M A LURCHER!Shangri-La56KPikachuCareening out of the woods and directly into your hearts, this isn't your usual gathering of selectors and shenanigators from the horde but a small group of diehard Lurchers taking over for the year! We may not be as big or loud as you remember us, but we'll still be stumbling around and fucking shit up. Our purpose is to cause mayhem. There might be some dope music, but don't count on it. Keep your expectations to a minimum, we're hardcore underacheivers. It's a miracle we're even showing up.South EastLURCH
Jedi Training CampShangri-LaAmos (like one remaining burner might call me Roadkill)Adam Absurdistpsytransformus@gmail.comJedi Training Camp is no ordinary theme camp. It's actually (when we do it right) a portal to another realm. It is a collective experience, a group art project, a party, a trance dance ritual. Deep within the forest of Shangri-La we build our dance floor and art gallery, set up our speakers and altar, and over the course of a few days and nights we teleport the whole glade into a timeless place of epic wonder. Join us for high-energy neuro-activating psychedelic trance music at night, and mind-expanding mid-tempo vibes during the daytime... Come dance, get in touch with the earth, lose your mind, find yourself. It's what we're here for.AshevilleFacebook: Psytransformus (msg to join)
BurnGang presentsValhallakoedeenprestonstrangegang1@gmail.comwe are the music makers. we are the dreamers of dreams.the Queen CityAlchemy - GA, Ignite! Town Hall - NC, Synthesis -
M.G.F. Mobile Ghetto FortressValhallaXena BoobtasticRanger Budduhh_ball128@yahoo.comM.G.F. likes to sit back and relax and watch the chaos ensue. You will find us in the midst of the action. A good in between place, a place to sit between the jumping sound camps. There will be hookah, our own Phat Monkey Shine, music and good times We will have an addition to our camp this year that will add a twist to our "norm". We will be hosting an awesome fire performance which includes a fetish fire play show!!! CackalackyAlchemy - GA, HillBilly Reclaimation - KY, Ignite! Town Hall - NC
Skrambles**!*ValhallaSargeBorn from confusion and tempered by mild incompetence. Come by and see how far we've come! We're a chill spot with a fire, lounge seating, some art trees, and music. Home of the world famous "Now we dance! Now we fight!" Dance/[pillow] Fight Party. Also a flash sale boutique and a land-only viking raiding ship. Absolutely no eggs. MidwestBurning Man - NV, Mosaic, InterfuseNo
Ministry of the ButterflyValhallaButterfly ManJroberts@campbellsville.eduWe are a very simple Theme Camp.with very low expectations.....Ministry of the Butterfly..let's start with.....We build 4 domes.. Fill the largest shade covered with 100 plus butterflies and multiple interactive water...air..and oil features.Come let the Monarchs land on you and tell you their stories..they whisper in your ear.. Crazy black lights and a comfortable lounge area to chill in. Multiple artist will be exhibiting their paintings, murals, copper art, ..clay art..and silk art. And at night the butterflies sleep..we crank it up with some ass kicking sounds....... Dome 2..for our artist that do some wild face and body painting..Crazy lighting here also .with Blown Glass art displayed and overflow additional art installed some electrifying art also..... Dome 3.. The Chrysilis dome...16 ft dome with wild silk music with even stranger light shows ...a cushioned trampoline floor and lots of pillows..for burnt burners to recharge , talk ,share and chill. Dome 4..built open with no cover....we have been asked to install our large heavy metal dome..built like a tank for a performance dome..mostly for aerialist and others to use on request. In the center of all this is the mind blower..called Fire n Water...a .22 port fountain that water flows from...and an additional 7 ports that at night shoot fire out above the water feature. Oh yeh...and lots of places to sit and go wtf..hell there's more..just got to come see us. Last year we were Great...this year we're blowing the doors off. We love to dance too.Bluegrass StateAlchemy - GA, Getting requests. Where ya want this traveling show. Ministry of the Butterfly Team
Tilted HangerValhallaAliDusty Lashes
Tilted Hanger is a Nashille, TN based costuming camp dedicated to helping all Mysterians embrace our favorite principle...radical self-expression!!!

Come to our “Dress to EXPRESS!!!” costuming parties for amazing new-to-you items to accessorize and maximize YOUR burn!

From birthday suit to business suit, and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered. Clothes, jewelry, parasols, hats, wigs, bags, fans, wings, and things…ALL the things!

All we ask is that you
a) don’t leave your old clothes behind
2) take all that you want, put it ALL on at once, and allow us to cheer your radically self-expressive amazingness down our runway!!!

We love you Mysteria!
Nashville BurnersSerendipity - TNClosed group
Get Lit!ValhallaBubbles DeVineMarcus Zerobubblesdevine@gmail.comIt is time to Get Lit! For all those Mysterians, especially virgins, we can help illuminate your way into the Transformus night life. No reason not to be seen, glow, reflect or shine. Come by as the sun sets to help you en"lighten" your outlook and your outfit. We will be providing an array of flashing, sparkling, glowing eye candy to help light your way and light up the night. No reason for your nights in Mysteria to be dim. So come by and Light up your getup! CackalackyN/A
The Fire TriangleValhallaJesterTreebradyalton@gmail.comThe Fire Triangle is a group of burners and fire spinners from the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. We are collaborating with Funaholics, Tilted Hangar, and Head Room to create the Asgard Village. Our mega-camp was a smashing success last year and we are stoked to do it again!! Are you excited? I am excited. We will be hosting a choreographed fire show on Friday night and organizing a fire-spinning roulette (imagine fire spinning meets karaoke, except you don't get to choose your song) game as some point during the event as come by to participate in some shenanigans! Along with our fire set up we are going to be sporting poofers, party buses with roof top dance floors, aerial rigs, full bar, full DJ set up, and whatever else we can cook up. See you on the mountain;)CackalackyThe Fire Triangle 2.0 on facebook
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