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Records held in 'National Archives of Scotland' (and comparison with references in National Pipe Organ Register)
YearDate (1st ref) in Kirk Session BookDateBook numberPageReferences to organ and social historyCopy of record(s) requiredNext visit suggestionsReferences in National Pipe Organ Register
24 January 1880
2490letter from Mr. Mackenzie, the leader of the choir- ordered to go abroad , Mr. Harkness carry on work of choir
1880CH2/544/2/4931 Mar 18802493choir fund £82.5.11
1880CH2/544/2/4994 July 18802499Mr. Mackenzie letter about leave of absence
1880CH2/544/2/499-50021 June 18802499-500Mr Laing communicated to the meeting a letter from Mr Mackenzie the leader of the choir requesting leave of further absence as his medical men advised him not to return to this country until after winter, and suggesting that if the present arrangements as to the choir were not satisfactory he might be able to make some other arrangements provided the session were good enough to extend his leave of absence. The meeting without coming to any decision on the subject requested Mr Laing to ascertain from Mr Mackenzie what arrangements he would suggest should be made, and to communicate them to the session.
10 July 1880
2501Mr. Hamilton to take leadership
1880CH2/544/2/501-50220 July 18802Mr Laing reported that Mr Mackenzie had suggested Mr Adam Hamilton to take the leadership of the choir for the next months and that Mr Hamilton was willing to undertake it. The meeting approved the arrangements and remitted to Messrs Laing, Roberts & Cheyne to arrange the matter with Mr Mackenzie and Mr Hamilton, and agreed Mr Hamilton's salary. Mr Laing to be convenor.
1880CH2/544/2/1/11/1880 and 6/12/18802503, 506, 507Choirmaster Mr Mackenzie requests further leave of absence due to ill health (he was in Italy). Suggests appointing Mr Hamilton as temporary choirmaster. Audit of Choir/ Choir FundNPOReg1879Harrison & HarrisonEst BkVol=01  Page=455/457    2 schemes: 4m £1200; 3m £900
1880CH2/544/2/5031 Nov 18802503fund to choir
1880CH2/544/2/5066 Dec 18802506audit of choir fund
1880CH2/544/2/5076 Dec 18802507choir fund
1881CH2/544/2/510-5119 May 18812510-511Mr Mackenzie resigns, Mr Hamilton appointed as choirmaster: The clerk also read a letter from Mr A C Mackenzie the leader of the choir that as it was his intention to leave Edinburgh and reside in future in Italy it was necessary that he should resign his situation. In accepting Mr Mackenzie's resignation the session desire to record their regret at losing his services as conductor of the choir of St George's, and to express their sense of the great proficiency which he had brought the choir, and the very efficient manner in which he had performed his duties as conductor, also the pleasure they had at all times in their communication with Mr Mackenzie. They sincerely wish him all success in the new sphere of life which he has adopted, and instructed the clerk to send him an excerpt from this minutes. The meeting then appointed Snr Reb Churston, Mr Laing, Mr Baxter and Mr Reid a committee to look for a successor for Mr Mackenzie. Mr Laing to be convenor.
1881CH2/544/2/512-51330 June 18812512-513A letter from Lord lee in regard to the appointment of a conductor of the choir was read and Mr Laing having reported that the committee appointed at the meeting of 9 May having made very full enquiry in regard to a successor to Mr Mackenzie were unanimously of opinion that Mr Carl Hamilton was the most suitable person they could find and he having agreed to accept the appointment if appointed they begged to recommend to the session Mr Carl Hamilton as conductor of the choir. The meeting after fully considering the matter resolved to appoint and hereby appointed Mr Carl Hamilton conductor of the choir during the pleasure of the session with three months notice on either side and remit to the committee to service the regulations drawn up when Mr Mackenzie was appointed and to communicate those revised regulations to Mr Carl Hamilton for his guidance.
1882CH2/544/3/5249 Jan 18822524account of choir- January 9
1882CH2/544/3/5266/3/18822526number of communicants = 971, a wealthy church?
1882CH2/544/3/5303530** mention of organ needing approval from Congregational Committee**NPOReg1882WillisLedgerVol=01  Page=152    new £823Yes we have a scan of this but not yet found match in Minute Book
1882CH2/544/3/5342 Oct 18823534The session after some conversation agreed to have an organist in addition to Mr Hamilton the conductor of the choir, and appointed Mr Graeme, Roberts, Reid & Baxter a committee, Mr Grieve to be convenor with full power to arrange as to the appointment of an organist at a salary not exceeding £50 in addition to the persons of the choir. The meeting authorized the clerk on the part of the session to sign the agreement with the water company for the supply of water for working the bellows of the organ.
1882CH2/544/3/3-426 October 18823p3-4The session at the request of Mr Grieve authorised Mr Laing the Treasurer to pay Mr Bradley who had been appointed organist by the committee in terms of the powers given them at last meeting £25 per annum salary in advance from 15 October, the date of his appointment.
1882CH2/544/3/5-66 Nov 18823p5-6The clerk reported that he had insured the organ with the Scottish Union Insurance company for £1000 plus xxx the policy on the table, he also intimated that the building of the church was insured by the Ecclissiastical company for the sum of £10,000 which the meeting thought was not sufficient and insturcted the clerk to inform the Clerk of Commissioners that the session was of the opinion an additional sum of £5,000 should be insured on the building and if the commissions would not do it the session would take means to do it themselves. The seal letting was fixed to take place on 2nd and it was remitted to Mr Cheyne & Mr Reid process. Mr Reid & Mr Laing were appointed a committee to arrange as to the use of the organ which the session thought should only be allowed to Mr Bradley for tuition and when he is present.
1882CH2/544/3/9-106/11/18823p9-10Mr Bradley appointed organist 6/11/1882YNPOReg1882WillisEst BkVol=05  Page=665    est 2m/21ss £823
1883CH2/544/3/125 Mar 1883312on the motion being made that Mr Bradley should be paid the sums agreed to be paid him for attending at the prayer meetings and other extra occasions Mr Laing proposed that instead of paying him 5 / per each occasion an additionl of £10 per annum should be made to his salary to cover all such extra occasions, which was agreed to.
1883CH2/544/3/13-14313-14Mr Grieve, Mr Laing & Mr Reid were appointed a committee to take a general charge of the organ and to give Mr Bradley from time to time such instructions as they may think necessary.
1883CH2/544/3/142 April 1883314A letter was read from Mr Grieve with an account of the proceeds of the concert recently given by the choir for school/behalf of Mr Bradley the organist and benefit the application thereof which was approved of by the session.
1883CH2/544/3/17-1820 Nov 1883317-18Mr Laing the treasurer was authorised to make a present payment of £12.10/ as an xxxx allowance to Mr Bradley for the evening services during the winter.
18833pages read but no reasons or info found regarding dismissal in 1884!
1884CH2/544/3/2812 May 1884328Mr Laing was authorised to spend a sum not exceeding £50 in salaries to the choir in addition to the revenue received from the choir fund.
1884CH2/544/3/29-3013 Oct 1884329-30The moderator read a letter he had received from the convenor of the Church of Scotland Young Mens Guild asking the use of St George's Church once a month duirng the winter of a service of sermons to young men, and as the Guild had a choir they would supply the music for the service. The meeting agreed to give the use of the church.
1884CH2/544/3/3227 Oct 1884332The meeting further agreed to dispense with the services of Mr Bradley the organist on the 1st Feb and instructed the clerk to give him three months notice to that effect.
1884CH2/544/3/332-36Current organist and choirmasters Bradley and Hamilton 'services no longer required' 27/10/1884. Advertise for organist and choirmaster at £120 pa. Y
1884CH2/544/3/321 Dec 1884332The moderator gave in to the meeting a report which Mr Grieve had been kind enough to prepare in regard to Mr Bradley's case and which had been communicated to most of the members of session. Mr Grieve then at the request of the moderator stated to the meeitng the principle points in his report and after some discussion the following newsletter was unanimously agreed to: Accord the notice of that meeting to Mr Bradley that his services would be dispensed with after 1st February and in respect the music is not satisfactory appoint a Committee consisting of Messrs Wendly, Pearson, Baxter, Christian, Reid, Grieve & Mitchell thereafter to consider the whole question, espeically if the offices of organist and conductor should be combined in the same person with power to take professional advice if they consider it necessary and to report to a future meeting, meantime the clerk to give notice to Mr Hamilton and Mr Bradley that after three months from this date their services may not be required. The meeting thanked Mr Grieve for the trouble he had taken in preparing the report.
1884CH2/544/3/35-3615 Dec 1884335-36Mr Mitchell Thomson reported from the committee appointed at last meeting, that they were unanimously of opinion that the office of organist and conductor of the choir should be combined on the same person who should have a salary of £120 per annum and asked authority to advertise for some suitable person. The meeting approved of the committee report and authorised them to advertise for an organist and conductor of the choir with a salary of £120 per annum as they proposed but suggested that they should previously draw up some rules as to the duties he was expected to perform. The meeting returned their best thanks to the committee and especially to Mr Thomson the convenor for all the trouble they had taken in the matter, and added Mr Laing to the committee.
1885CH2/544/3/35-365 Jan 1885335-36Mr Laing resigned as treasurer at the meeting.
1885CH2/544/3/3833886 applications received. Appoint H Hartley of Newington Church, Edinburgh. Both Mr Bradley and Mr Hamilton were given notice. Letter received from Mr Bradley, clerk was instructed to reply.
1885CH2/544/3/3823 Jan 1885338Mr Mitchell Thomson reported verbally on behalf of the committee on the music that the committee had before them some 86 applications and that they had unanimously agreed to recommend Mr Henry Hartley organist of Newington church as organist and choir master for St George's. There was laid before the meeting a letter from Mr Bradley enclosing a memorial for presentations to the session and the same was read to the meeting. Mr Thomson then stated that although the committee had not seen this memorial before, they had heard that it was being got up and their decision to recommend Mr Hartley was made after firstly considering the merits of all applicants including Mr Bradley. The report of the committee was unanimously adopted and Mr Hartley elected accordingly. The committee was cordially thanked for their labours and requested to continue in the office with the view of looking after all the arrangements connected with the choir. The clerk was directed to acknowledge Mr Bradley's letter and the memorial and to state that the same was submitted to the session at the meeting today, and that Mr Bradley's merits had been fully considered in making the appointment of organist and choir master.
1885CH2/544/3/39-402 March 188539-40The clerk reported that he had written Mr Hartley of his appointment as organist and choir master of St George's and laid on the the table his letter of acceptance. Mr Thomson reported that Mr Hartley could not in consequence of his present engagement commence his duties until the start day but that the committee had arranged with Mr Carl Hamilton and Mr Bradley to conduct the psalmody in the meantime.
1886CH2/544/3/50January350psalms and hymns to be sung at each service should be first up on walls
1886CH2/544/3/53March353pay for the music books of the choir out of the session funds
1886Ch2/544/3/588 Nov 1886358Musical committee
1886CH2/544/3/6016 December 1886360committee on the music report was read and approved- psalms, copies of the books of anthems
1887CH2/544/3/7225 June 1887372funds appropriated to the choir to defray the cost of salaries- salaries to choir for year 1886… the session authorized to do so, but the choir committee to report upon the financial position of the choir and… also services to the choir with which dissatisfaction was expressed
1887CH2/544/3/7418 July 1887374Mr. Mitchell Thomson on behalf of the CC made a verbal repost upon to the financial position of the choir and upon the services of the choir
1887CH2/544/3/18/07/1887, 07/11/1887374,79Financial situation of choir. Mr. Wesley submitted on behalf of Mr. Reid on estimates for the organ papers (£22) . New bass voice (November)
1887CH2/544/3/7418 July 1887374Mr. Wesley submitted on behalf of Mr. Reid on estimates for the organ papers (£22)
1887CH2/544/3/797 Nov 1887379New bass voice
1887CH2/544/3/805 Dec 1887380Situated income for the year
1888CH2/544/3/8630 Mar 1888386Choir anthems
1888CH2/544/3/8822 June 1888388Report on choir finances
1888CH2/544/3/8915 Oct 1888389Present state of choir fund
1888CH2/544/3/8915 Oct 1888389Thank mr. Thomson and the rest of the choir committee
1889CH2/544/3/93-9607/01/1889, 26/02/1889393, 95, 96Long anthems, limited to 5 minutes
1890CH2/544/3/106, 11003/02/1890, 21/10/18903106, 110Feb: Treasurer states insufficent funds to make payments to choir. October: Lord's Prayer by choir
1891CH2/544/3/11222/01/18913112requested the session to give the committee £30 to engage additional voices- granted
1892CH2/544/3/126, 13408, 02/1892, 19/10/18923126, 134February: Choir fund. October: Finlay, Hope and Stevenson are on the suggest of Mr. Reid to be added to the choir committee
18933** no mention of choir, organ, music**
18943** no mention of choir, organ, music**
1895CH2/544/3/3Choir committee recommends adopting new psalter. Extra payments for choir for Christmas and New Year services. Absence of some choir members during Summer caused drop in music quality.
1895CH2/544/3/15718953157Choir. The treasurer called attention to the payments to the choir for extra services and he was requested to ask the convenor of the choir committee to have a meeting of his committee to consider the matter and also the state of the choir services during the summer in regard to which the moderator expressed the opinion that there was much room for improvement. Mr Laculy on behalf of the choir committee reported that the committee recommended the adoption of the new psalter and this was agreed to the moderator being requested to give xxx on an early Sunday that the change would be made in the beginning of the year.
1895Ch2/544/3/15814 Jan 18953158Choir on Christmas and new year's day. Mr Mitchell Thomson made a statement as to the services of the choir on Christmas and new year's day and it was resolved that the choir committee should arrange that the choir be in attendance on both days and that the usual extra payments should be made for Christmas day but only one half thereof for New years day.
1895CH2/544/3/159-16014 Jan 18953159-160Mr Thomson informed the session that the state of the choir during summer to which the moderator had referred at a previous meeting would have the attention of the committee.
1895CH2/544/3/159-1607 Feb 18953159-160Choir statement GW Thomson as to the summer music. Mr Thomson made a statement with regard to the choir during summer to the affect that he feared the music had not been such as it should have been and that arrangements would be made so to divide the holidays of the choir that the absence of some of them during summer woudl not be so much felt.
1896CH2/544/3/17213 January 18963172choir Committee. W Thomson suggested that some new members should be appointed on th echoir committee in lieu of those who had resigned or died and the session appointed Col CoGrah and Mr Low. Mr Thomson then requested to be relieved of the Convenorship of this committee on the grounds that he was so much out of Edinburgh durign the year, and at the request of the session Mr Stevenson agreed to act as Convenor.
1896CH2/544/3/1743174670 increase of 51 persons
1896CH2/544/3/17613 October 18963176harmonium in Synod Hall was mentioned. Choir practice take place in Synod hall on Sunday mornings (no mention of the Willis being worked on but maybe this was a reason why practice wasn't happening with the organ). October: State of repairs and painting in the church at this time (maybe they had the organ enlarged at the same time as all the disruption). ?October/December (forgot to check session date - CH2/544/3/180) terms of use of 'new' organ by Mr Hartley referred to choir committee for report. Mr Hartley asks for use of organ and church for an organ recital by the Bach Society in April or May 1897.Next visit: look for reference to work in Willis LedgerNPOReg1896WillisLedgerVol=01  Page=491    reconstruction £850
1896CH2/544/3/17613 October 18963176Childrens service in St George's Hall. Harmonium in Synod Hall. W Stevenson also reported that Mr Jackson had given the use of his harmonium in the Synod Hall for the last two Sundays and the sessions authorised him to arrange for the continued use of the harmonium on such terms as he thought fair keeping in view that Mr Jackson was not to be asked for any rent for the use of the hall on the afternoon of the first Sunday/Tuesday in ? It was also agreed on the motion of Mr Stevenson to approve of Mr Hartley's suggestion that the Choir practice should take place on Sunday mornings in the Synod. July 1896 cleaning beams / alteration flooring of church. October Sacrament 752 decrease of 138. Mr Stevenson made a verbal statement onto the state of repairs and painting of the church, and the session expressed a strong wish that every effort should be made to have the church ready for services on Christmas day.
CH2/544/3/1803180new organ use thereof by Mr Hartley. The moderator read letter from Mr Stevenson as to the terms on which the use of the new organ should be allowed to Mr Hartley and the matter was referred to the Choir Committee to report. The Clerk read letter from Mr Hartley asking the use of the Church for an organ recital by the Bach Society in April or May. The Clerk was directed to make some xxxx [enquiries?] as to the terms of admission to the Recital and to report.check date for this entry
1897CH2/544/3/3Feb: no charge for admission and recital confined to Bach society members, permission given. 14 June 1897 1,000 copies of Jubilee Hymn to be purchased for 20 June service in honour of Queen Victoria. Some discussions about whether to hold separate Jubilee service on 22 June but resolved not to as Moderator was attending Jubilee in London. Oct: complaint from Mr Penney about behaviour of choir during services.
1897CH2/544/3/1828 Feb 18973182The Clerk reported that having ascertained that there was no charge for admission and that the recital was confined to membership of the Bach Society he had, after consultation with several members of session, written Mr Hartley that the Society might have their recital in the Church on some afternoon in April or May. Sacrament Jan 1896/7 700 decrease 89 (weather).
1897CH2/544/3/186-18714 June 18973186-187Jubilee Hymn. The Moderator submitted the Jubilee Hymn written by the Bishop of Wakefield and appointed to be sung in all the Churches of England on Sunday 20 June and the Treasurer was authorised to purchase 1000 copies of the words without the music and to distribute these through the pews for use on Sunday 20th. Jubilee service not to be held on 22 June. The Moderator brought before the session a proposal that there should be a service in the church on 22nd in connection with the Queen's Jubilee but after some discussion it was resolved not to have such service the more especially as the moderator was to be absent at the Jubilee in London.
1897CH2/544/3/193-19430 October 18973193-194choir Committee. Mr Stevenson in a letter to the Moderator suggested an addition to the choir committee and the session expressed the wish that Mr Stevenson should bring up a report on the subject and support xxxx names to be added to the Committee not necessarily confirming the selection to the session. Choir. Mr Penney drew the attention of the session to what he thought unseemly behaviour on the part of members of the choir during the service in looking up their tunes and it was suggested that he should speak to the convenor of the choir committee on the subject.
1898CH2/544/3/3March: agreed to give use of church and organ to Church of Scotland Guild on 27 March for service, Guild organist to play organ. Dec: Mr Hartley requested use of church and organ for Bach Society recital in April/May 1899.
1898CH2/544/3/199-20014 March 18983199-200The session agreed to give the use of the church to the Church of Scotland Guild on the evening of 27 March and xxxx to Mr Stevenson to arrange with Mr Hartley about the Guild organist having the use of the organ. Choir committee new members. On the motion of Mr Stevenson, Mr (WS Hope) and Mr Grant Cottinge Terrace were added to the Choir committee.
1898CH2/544/3/2022 May 18983202letter from Mr Hartley. The Clerk read letter from Mr Hartley date 4 April with reference to the use of the organ given by the session to the Church of Scotland Guild and same was allowed to be on the table.
1898CH2/544/3/2065 Dec 18983206Bach Society. The Clerk submitted letter from Mr Hartley requesting the use of the organ for the Bach Society on some day in March or April and this also was committed to the Choir Committee ... Powers.
18993Several sessions report on the state of the church dome.
19003proposed new anthem book was a recurring theme during the year
1900CH2/544/3/219-2207-Jan-003219-220New anthem book. The subject of a new anthem book containing all the anthems sung in the church brought before the meeting. Xxx-Boyd was committeed to the Choir Committee. Hymnary. The subject of the adoption of the Hymnary in place of the Hymnal was brought before the meeting by Mr Finlay and it was resolved to delay any resolution thereabout in the meantime.
1900CH2/544/3/22411-Jun-003224Anthems for use in the church. Mr Stevenson reported on collection of anthems in use in St George's Church and the choir committe was impowered to print for the use of the congregation the words of such anthems as the committee thought should be printed.
1900CH2/544/3/22615-Oct-003226new book of anthems. Mr Stevenson reported that the new anthem book was in course of being revised and in reply to some remarks by members on the singing of the choir he stated that Mr Hartley had been spoken to and that he xxxx there would be an improvement.
1900CH2/544/3/229-23011-Dec-003229-230choir Committee new anthem book. The clerk read report of the Choir Committee recommending delay in printing an anthem book for St Georges and the session approved.
1901CH2/544/3/324 Jan 1901: Death of Queen Victoria - church pulpit to be draped in black (was removed in March). 5 Nov 1901: organ referred to as water was cut off for long periods, enquiries to be made into cost of electric power.
1901CH2/544/3/231-23224-Jan-013231-232Death of Queen Victoria - church to be draped. The session resolved that in consequence of the death of her most gracious Majesty Queen Victoria on 1st the pulpit would be draped in black on Sunday being Communion Sunday and that after Sunday the easting the church would be suitably draped.
1901CH2/544/3/2334-Mar-013233Draping to be removed. The session resolved that the draping of the church should remain in meantime but should be removed before the next communion. Reporting Choir committee on Anthem books. Mr Stevenson made a verbal report on behalf of the Choir committee recommending that instead of printing an anthem book for the church those of the congregation who desired to have the words of the anthems should purchase Novello's book of anthems and the Church of Scotland anthem books. After some discussion the session delayed coming to any resolution on the subject. Choir: Mr xxxx read a long letter from Mr F Wxxx on the subject of the choir and after Mr Stevenson and others had referred their views the session committed the matter to the choir committee and added Mr Deas to that committee. Mr Stevenson was authorised to provide new boards showing the tunes for the information of the congregation.
1901CH2/544/3/239-2405-Nov-013239-240Organ. The moderator referred to the portion of matters as regards the organ owing to th ewater being cut off during the day and suggested for consideration whether there wXXX of the possibility that water power would not be available for a long time, electric power should not be considered. The clerk was instructed to make enquiries as to the cost of this and to report.
19023not read
19033not read
19043not read
19052/7/19053Mr Laing to substitute for Mr HartleyY
1906?3338Request by ? for Mr Kyd to play the organ for his brother in law, Mr Gilchrist who is organist at Brechin CathedralY
1908?3342Plan for organ to be cleaned - 'not been cleaned for 14 years'. Did not find further reference on this, in the time available/pages searched.Y
190912/26/19093344For Christmas, Bach Cantata 28Y
19103/27/19103For Lent,Bach Cantata 'Christ lay in Death's dark prisonYDiscussion of length of anthems, submission of a statement of length over last 6 months!
19113Coronation Service, Mr Hartley is organist; Mr Hartley ill, Mr Hazlehurst plays; Mr Hartley dies - organist for over 26 yearsY
19123Received 75 applications; appoint Mr Whalley (ex Peebles Parish Church); a pupil of Mr Whalley plays organ; Christmas Oratorio part 2 performed Dec 13Y
19133100th anniversary of St George's Church; discussion of plans to make improvements, heating, lantern and organ. (Found no detail on organ)
19146/1/19143Quote from Messrs Willis: repalleting and re-springing £46, removing paint from front pipes £10. Kirk Session says 'proceed'. Willis: 'pedals worn, extra £5 please, OK. Agree to take on a pupil, George Clark Hutchison; Agree that Mr Whalley can present a lecture to Organists Society. The Minister Gavin Pagan joins up for WW1 as a 'combatant'. Request for a service at which 700 soldiers to attend Mass. Request denied but ok as own service!YWWINPOReg1914WillisLedgerVol=02  Page=269    renovation £51Perhaps pipe paint removal did not get done!
19156/7/19153Complaint of noisy bellows when organ not being played. Suggestion that 'hydraulic starter whereby the engine can be stopped and started by the organist ... Will save about half of the water bill. Bill for Sundays estimated at £10.Y
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