2017 Term 1 end of term survey (Responses)
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Write your first name hereAre you proud of yourself and what you have learnt this term? Why or why not?Did you have fun this term? How? When? What was one thing Miss Ashley was good at this term?What was one thing Miss Ashley could be better at next term?What was your favourite thing to learn about this term?What did you learn in maths?What helped you learn in maths?What did you learn in reading?What helped you learn in reading?What did you learn in writing?What helped you learn in writing?
joshuai dont knowsocceri dont knownot surenothingi dontknowmy headreadig harry pottermiss ashleyparagrafme
WillfredYes because it really helpedyes when we were playing games how we were playing iteverythingnothing i think she was outstanding this termMathsDifferent types of strategies.AlgerRhythm.AMETI.AMETINarratives.Narratives.
EdithI am, I have learnt more about writing and different strategies in maths.Yes, We had heaps of activities, I learnt new things, and I joined every sports teams so farTeaching maths, and coaching the sports teamsAdding year 6's to the class blog, and try coaching yr 6s a bit morewritingAlgo rhythmThe explaing miss sharedSeekingThe little paragraphsDifferent punctuation, and how the sequence worksThe stories Miss gave us
Aucklandyes because it was fun and challengingyes because it was cool to learn about skateboarding.ReadingmathsSkateboardingstrategies my friends AMETISitesPunctuations and anilogMy teacher
HevaniI am proud of myself because I have done the best I could this term and I learnt a lot of things like pollution.Yes I did I really loved maths and sports this termCoaching us in sports.I have nothingabout pollution.Algo rhythm I do not knowSearchingi don't knowRecount's and different punctuation and sequences Recount's
hiriayes because it gave me lots of proud in mebecause it just fun as it isteaching us new thingscan be better at sportsnew mathsalgorithimlearning lots about algorithimAbout AMETIWhat is AMETI and lots of information about ametiadding more deaitgiving more imfromation in my writing
FalakikaYes because all these days I have been trying my bestYes I did when we played cricket and how we tried best well we were playing the gamesMiss Ashley was good at ArtMiss Ashley can be better at sportsAbout new maths strategiesI learnt about algorithimThe maths strategies Miss Ashley taught us I learnt how to summariseTo summarise parts of our storyI learnt how to make my story betterMaking my stories more interesting
syraiahleeyes i am because my teacher does hard work to teach usi had fun because i got to learn lots and when i first started schoolshe was good at teaching us place value i dont knowplace valuei learnt how to use algo rhythmuseing materialsflood in edgecombwatching videos and reading articelsi learned how to use more punctuations,similes and medafores using detail,dialogue,paragraph,punctuation and capital letters
🆂🆃🅰🅽🅻🅴🆈yes because i think i done lots of workyes at the fun dayteaching us hard maths do more harder mathsmathsbetter strategies sharing and splitto always look at the pictureto read fasterto always have paragraphs similes
Saiayes because it was fun and cool learning.I had fun because we were working together. at teaching us math.she can be better at writing. I liked mathI learned new things. we worked together as a team. I learn new words and good at reading.i'm good at reading.I learn new wordsI know how to spell
🅒🅞🅡🅐🅛🅔🅔yes because if i try to do maths our teacher miss Ashley told us how to use different way to do ityes and t is everyday i have funthat she alway have a smile on her face and she make us get better and betternothing Reading Better StrategiesDivideHow to get information from videohow to not reading like a robothow to write fasterit made me better of thinking faster to write my storys
Suavenoyes and cause we learnt heaps and we played games that she teached us heaps of stuffbe better from last termmathslearnt to add numbers to be better at itthat i can read betterto do hard wordsto write more fasterthat i'm good at tipping faster
lopiyestoday and because of our learningteaching us good staffbeing good at teaching other people staffto be goodi do not knowthe stradgsthat reading books is goodthat i have to readthat writing is goodthat you have to writ fast
kordellyesyesat teaching peopleteaching other peoplereading good stradgstragdreading is goodread alotthat writing is good writi faster
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