2017 Term 1 end of term survey (Responses)
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Are you proud of yourself and what you have learnt this term? Why or why not?Did you have fun this term? How? When? What was one thing Miss Ashley was good at this term?What was one thing Miss Ashley could be better at next term?What was your favourite thing to learn about this term?What did you learn in maths?What helped you learn in maths?What did you learn in reading?What helped you learn in reading?What did you learn in writing?What helped you learn in writing?
joshuayes because your the best teacher in the worldyes on skatebordingteaching of corcenothingskatebordingi dont knowmy headi dont knowi dont knowpargraphsmy brain
WillfredNo because I was not trying my bestYes when we made sushi we were all helping each otherEverythingGiving us freetimeCoke a colaAlgarthmMiss AshleyReadingMiss AshleyNarrativesMy friends
lopiyes becausa miss ashely is the best teacher in the worldyes doing readingmathsskatbordingi don't knowsmart things i don't knowi don't knowhow to ues thoes thing'sido not know
MerielleI am proud because i learned new thingsi had fun because of shared lunch yesterdayMiss Ashley was good when it was my first day of schoolMiss Ashley has nothing to be better at next termMy favourite thing that i learned was how to say the alphabet in samoanI learned fractions and I learned squares wideMiss AshleyI learned how to do a predictionMiss AshleyI learned how to do pharagraphsMiss Ashley
suaveYes i amIt was cool cause we made stuff Helping us when we are angry or something alsTeaching us lots of stuffHaving shared lunchMost stuffI dont noreadingi dont noNarrativesheaps of stuff
Viliaminot proud because I dont nomaybe I dont nomore free timesushmathsno thingreadingno thingI dont noI dont no
HevaniYes because I'm am really learning more and I tell my parents what I have been learning and they were supriseYes because during learning we also get to have fun together as a class and mostly somtimes outside and insideTeaching us...I think Miss Ashley is doing fine and there is nothing wrongwell I really enjoyed Samoan language because im samoan but I don't anything about samoan language or anything about SamoanMostly MeasurementMy times tablesTo make inferences while readingHonestly I don't knowPersuasive writing???
hiriayes because it the right learning for me yes the first day in term 1 we all got alongGetting us prepared with work and challenging usGetting us more prepared for everything we learnLearning how to cook and learning other culturesi learn how to add number with big number also i learn how to use a sales all my number in order and getting it right i learn to understand my task and go and go on sites and know how to doI don't knowhow to use better things to get more macksto know how to write in my own time sometime
LydiaYes I am proud of what I have learnt this term because sometimes I learn something and forget it but this term I learnt something and still remember it.Yes I did. I had fun when we went to the tip top factory in week 7. I was able to spend time with my classmates and other students in other classes.Miss Ashley is good at including other people's ideas and their cultures.She could be better at listening sometimes.My favourite thing to learn about this term was Persuasive writing and mulitplying decimals.How to multiply decimals.Me practicing at home for homework.Practicing summarising a text I read.Practicing at home.Persuasive writingMe writing lots at home and on my free time.
GraceSometimes because sometimes I achieve the things that I learned like Ratios persuasive writing(sometimes) and so on.I had fun when we were cooking food because everyone was showing the school values and everything turned out great so thats when it was the funnest days.The most thing that miss ashley was so good was teaching us new strategies like algorithm and when coach us in our sport tournements and how she encouraged us to never give us up.I am not sure but I think that her learning is alright.My favourite thing I really loved to learn was about healthiness and others things that includes stuff about health and sugar.I learned algoryithim and adding,subtract,times Decimals and learned about changin fractions into percents and the other way.I try not to talk so that I don't get distrated and try not to give up and get upset when I don't get something and maybe asked some help for now.Summarising and interfering what is the story about and even though there are no clues to figure about were is the Quietios that Miss Ashley give us.Miss AShley helps me and eve my best freinds and Group.Persuasive writing and so on.asking for some help and focus.
saiai liked it because people were helpingit was cool.she helped writingmathstimes tablehelpingnew wordshelpingverbshelping
EdithI am because I now know how to read labels and understand what they mean.Yes, because we got to learn different projects and make food which is really healthy.She was good at making everything fun because if we were stuck she would give us cool examples and she would always let us use a cool for writing like a debate.Next time she does not have to do anything because I a happy of what she has been teaching us since term 1My favourite thing was writing because we got to learn how to persuade peopleI learn how to understand percentages and how to turn fractions into percentages.It was the cool worksheets and it was kinda like real life which is what I am aiming forI learnt how to recap, summarise, and understand the meaning.It was probably the describing words and titleI learnt how to persuade peopleWe had debates
Aucklandyesyes because we play sportsShe listens to usnothingP.EFractionsMy teacherWALT to summarise a TextMy friendsPersuasive writingMy Netbook
FalakikaYes because I've learnt alot of things this term and I can also teach and help other people with their learning.I have had fun every time I come to school.Miss Ashley was good at this term was maths.What Miss Ashley can do better next term is to like make our work so challenging for us.My favourite thing to learn this term was learning new things about maths.I learnt how to multiply decimals.How to multiply decimals.I learnt how to summarise a story.How to summarise a story.I learnt how to make my story more interesting.How to make my story more interesting.
syraiahleeyes because Miss Ashley has learnt so much and she has taught what she has learnt and when Miss Ashley learns something new we learn something new as well. i had fun when we were making sushi and it was fun because we were all doing something new because most of us have not made sushi before.she was good at being a great person and being a good teacher to us.i dont know.my favourite thing was making sushi.i learnt how to do fractions.i dont knowi learnt how to read not like a robot and not to read slow.Miss Ashley helped me and the rest of the kids.i learnt how to write persuasive Miss Ashley gave us a box for us to get a paper from and we had to write about what was on the paper and if we didnt like it we had to see if people would like to swap papers.
yes because when i learn i get to tell my mum and dad what i learnt and that make's them proud.
yes and i had fun when we were doing reading. it was fun because when you read you can be a person who makes books.
Miss Ashley is good at teaching us and she is good at being a good person
i dont knowwritingi learnt fractionsMiss Ashley
i learnt how to read probably and not like a robot
Miss Ashley
i learnt how to read persuasively
Miss Ashley
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