End of term survey results 2017
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Student initialsWhat was one thing Miss Ashley was good at this term?What was one thing Miss Ashley could be better at next term?What was your favourite thing to learn about this term?What did you learn in maths?What helped you learn in maths?What did you learn in reading?What helped you learn in reading?What did you learn in writing?What helped you learn in writing?What is something you would like to learn about next term?
ATMaking it funGive us more freetimeSpaceArea and PerimenterMiss AshleySpaceMiss AshleyNarrativesMy friendsWrestling
HOtrying to put us in track in workthat she could join the fun with usit was cool when we learn all about space and animalsi learn all about factors and know how to use itit help get on track if it was boring something about maths get me on tracki learn how to get everything on google on my work and fastit help learn things that i didn't know as i read off the sitei learn lots of things like my narrative it was amazing because i was getting a bit betterto understand i can do better than do nowit was learning a lot and getting on track in school
RBHelped me with learning and all my workTrying her best and hardest to help us be better learnersSpacepractising my timetablesmy thinkingI haven't read that much booksNANANAI want to learn to sing
SVgood at teaching us greatplaying with us at p.e or having a good timespacetimes tablesfeedbacklots of spacereally big wordshow to write narratives settingsthe pool and p.e
AFGiving us feedback so we know what we can improve at.challenging us in mathsSpacearea and perimeter also time tables.feedbackI learned hobbies and space.google and sitesWe learned narrative writing persuasive writing.miss ashley giving us timenew different sports
CPReading,Math and Writing Play with us in P.E instead of standing thereSpacelong divisionfraction a little bit, and factorsSpaceby reading the texti learnt Narrative writingmy childhood, because some of my story has a piece of my childhoodplants
FTMaking Choices for usFilmingHip HopLong DivisionI kept on tryingSpaceBy not giving up all the time & by working with a buddyMake my story more interestingBy asking for help when I needed itHow to play different kinds of sport
HOgetting us on trackthat she can join the funwas my time tables i am getting really goodmy factors and i know how to use itget me on trackhow to get things off sitesto learn things bettermy narrative and i am getting a bit betterto get more information in my story sports it will be great
PPHelped me in reading a lotDon't knowSpacetimetablesworking in both classesDon't knowworking with Miss AshleyDon't knowDon't knowdon't know
MLShe was good at making choicesShe could do more narrative writtingMy favourite thing is about spaceI learned all about area and perimiterMy friends and Miss Ashley helped me on doing mathsI learned all about space and Did you know that the centre of the sun is 15,000,000 degrees celsiusMiss Ashley mostly helped me in reading and so did my groupI learned all about complex and narrative writingMiss Ashley helped me and so did my imagonationI would like to learn more about Sports please
HFMiss Ashley was really good at teaching I think that she did her best and that's good, she is also good at helping us(Room7 students) whenever we need it.What I think or what I would like is for Miss Ashley to try and put aside her things and try to have some time for her class Room 7Well it's between Hobbies and SpaceLCMTimes tablesSpaceThe experiments and videosNarritivesHow Miss Ashley gave us a charater, settting and a problemI am not really sure what I would like to learn next term
AWmake us happy and we make her happy learn us new things planets my timetablesmiss ashley nothing nothing that I can spell properly learn new words dont know
ESShe was good at teaching maths because I understood it moreShe could choose different people instead of the same people because she usually chosses year 5 for the answers when the year 6's haven't had a turn yet.I LOVED learning how to sew and meeting Miss Ashley's mum because she was very helpful and I learnt a new hobby.LCMI thought it was the Number and place value wallI learnt how to skim readI was selected to be in the book club which emerged me to try and read in my free timeI learnt how to create a story in my head while looking at something I thought was interestingI recapped on old stories.I wanna learn more about division
GUExplaing the instructions really well even we didn't know.She could include more P.E. next term.Spacei learnd long division(which was really hard to understand) Timings and division fractions and common factors.When we get to chose which lesson we wanted to do.SpaceMiss just gave us text to read about and some video and the experiences that we did with the earth globeNarritveBy Practising with miss.Maths that are in stage 7
JNmaking paper mache when we play sports you play with us pleasespace factors, adding on in fractions my braini dont knowi dont knowwhen we had that story the boy who cried wolf and we had to make it betterpowerful wordsscience experiments
LBMaking our learning fun and trying her best to make challenges for us.I think next term she could improve at listening kind of?Space & Entertainment and Leisure.Area and Perimeter.How Miss Ashley made the grid on the mat so it could show us what area and perimeter is.SpaceHow Miss Ashley made tasks for us and added videos, and texts in it so we could summarise the texts and videos. Also the little experiments we had under the table and outside.How to look at a picture and get a different prompt and write about it.Everyday we would write stories which made us get better and faster.I don't know
KBGood at painting and teaching us spaceDon't knowSpacetime tablesThe card thingwords some different words and reading lots of books sometimesReading books with just Miss Ashley and seeing Mrs Liddicoatdon't knowMiss AshleySewing and Lego
SPMiss Ashley was good at being helpful.she could be better at filming.HIP HOPTimes tablesusing my fingers sometimesi learnt not to read like a robot and read louderby not giving upnarrative and complex writingsetting,problem and solutioneditting