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TimestampNameBest Narrative/FictionBiggest Wow FactorMost InnovativeBest Single Player CampaignBest Internet MultiplayerBest Local MultiplayerMost OverlookedBest Shooter CampaignBest Competitive Multiplayer ShooterBest Open World ActionBest RacingBest RPGBest Puzzle GameBest Surprise of the YearBest TrailerBiggest Disappointment of the YearBest New Gaming Trend of the YearOverall Best Game of Last Year (2010)Game of the Year, 2011Expected Best Game of Next Year (2012)How would you rate the PlayStation Move in 2011?How would you rate Stereoscopic 3D in 2011How Excited are you about the PlayStation Vita?Other Comments
1/2/2012 12:42:03DarrinLA NoireUncharted 3LittleBigPlanet 2Dark SoulsKillzone 3Portal 2Motorstorm ApocalypseUncharted 3Killzone 3Infamous 2Motorstorm ApocalypseDark SoulsCatherinePlayStation VitaGTA 5 TrailerMandatory C#/Mono for PlayStation SuiteGaming TabletsRed Dead RedemptionLittleBigPlanet 2LittleBigPlanet Vita345
1/3/2012 15:51:56The_NmacSkyrimSkyrimSkyrimSkyrimModern Warfare 3Modern warfare 3Green LanternModern Warfare 3Modern Warfare 3Arkham CityShift 2SkyrimGrand Theft Auto 5 announcementGrand Theft Auto 5BattlefieldMotion GamingGod of War 3SkyrimTony Hawk HD224
1/3/2012 17:39:54mowmowuncharted 3skyrimlittle big planet 2mass effect 2killzone 3portal 2Dues ExResistance 3call of dutyinfamous 2gran turismo 5Dark soulscritter crunchcatherinedead islanddragon age IIsales every wheregod of war 3Portal 2mass effect 3234
1/3/2012 17:48:53AjescentInFamous 2Uncharted 3InFamous 2Little Big Planet 2Elemental MonsterInFamous 2Bejeweled 3Child of EdenInFamous 2535
1/3/2012 19:13:39CheetoSkyrimSkyrimLimboUncharted 3Battlefield 3TrineResistance 3Battlefield 3SkyrimDeus Ex Human RevolutionNeed for Speed: The RunRed Dead RedemptionskyrimTomb Raider222
1/3/2012 23:34:46DeFcoN_2FasT4UBatman: Arkham CityUncharted 3Uncharted 3Uncharted 3BattleField 3BattleField 3Infamous 2 Uncharted 3 BattleField 3Batman: Arkham CityNeed For Speed: The RunSkyrim Grand Theft Auto VBatman: Arkham City Resistance 3Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Batman: Arkham CityMetal Gear Rising: Revengence433Killzone 3 was a great game with amazing graphics and physics. Multiplayer was really fun. Many people overlooked this baby.

Resistance 3 had really good graphics, probably 5th best this year, but the campaign was a huge disappointment in my eyes. And the online multiplayer was just garbage. Everything Resistance use to be is no more.

Uncharted 3 was a really well done game. I enjoyed the campaign. But it did lack some information that I would have loved to know. Especially on Talbot and Charlie. If they explained their characters more, then it would have been great. And if their were legit Djinns instead of just mind control.

Modern Warfare 3 was a waste of my money. I enjoyed the campaign, as it was one of my favorite this year. Only things i hated were the ending and the graphics. Oh and the gun designs.

BattleField 3 was a let down in the Campaign, but it made up in its amazing Multiplayer.

Dead Space 2 was another great game with awesome graphics, physics, story, and gameplay. Its story just pulled me in. Many people overlooked this baby.

Infamous 2 was by far one of the most fun story based games I have ever played. I could not put that game down for a second. Many people overlooked this baby.

Batman was by far one of the best games I have played to date. Having such a amazing cast and acting, with great graphics and a amazing combat system, it is the ideal comic book based superhero game to date. The games riddles and challenges are just crazy and fun. Along with the great DLC that keeps popping out.

Metal Gear Rising along with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 are some games to look forward to.
And D.M.C reboot is something to pray for to turn out to be some amazing game.
1/4/2012 1:01:06JcmdaddyDeus Ex: Human RevolutionMultiple moments in Uncharted 3--Uncharted 3Battlefield 3----Dead Space 2Battlefield 3Skyrim--Dark SoulsPortal 2The Last of UsDeus Ex Human RevolutionDead Island--Red Dead RedemptionDeus Ex Human RevolutionThe Last of Us* (if it comes out)334
1/4/2012 2:25:20Stephen OrrBatman Arkham CityUncharted 3Portal 2Batman Arkham CityBattlefield 3Uncharted 3Motorstorm ApocolypseBattlefield 3Battlefield 3Batman Arkham CityNFS The RunPortal 2Portal 2Battlefield 3NFS The RunNFS Hot PursuitUncharted 3Mass Effect 3323
1/4/2012 3:13:56DaneshiSkyrimSkyrimSkyrimSkyrimUncharted 3Modern Warfare 3TerrariaUncharted 3Uncharted 3SkyrimSkyrimFieldrunnersTerrariaDead IslandRageRed Dead RedemptionSkyrimStarhawk325
1/4/2012 5:30:15EddieSkyrimUncharted 3SkyrimUncharted 3Uncharted 3Dead NationResistance 3Resistance 3MW3Infamous 2N/ASkyrimN/APlaystation Plus Free GamesUncharted 3Modern Warfare3Skyrim setting RPG direction hopefullyRed Dead RedemptionSkyrimThe Last Guardian1252012 is looking pretty dismal right now honestly.
1/4/2012 9:40:26ToshUncharted 3Uncharted 3Uncharted 3Battlefield 3Kung-Fu LiveBattlefield 3Battlefield 3Battlefield 3Twisted Metal453I would like to see the PlayStation Move really pushed to it's limits. Most of the games that have come out are all basically Wii games.
1/4/2012 14:50:17PAI DO MERCADOUncharted 3Batman Arkham CityLittle big palnet 2Uncharted 3Battlefield 3Pro Evolution Soccer 2012Risk FactionsUncharted 3Battlefield 3Batman Arkham CityF-1 2011GTA V TRAILERGTA VPSN DOWNRED DEAD REDEMPTIONBATMAN ARKHAM CITYGTA V234
1/6/2012 14:26:49StevenLA NoireSaints Row the ThirdBattlefield 3Deus Ex: Human RevolutionBattlefield 3Battlefield 3Saints Row the ThirdThe Elder Scrolls 5: SkyrimAssassin's Creed RevelationsCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3The Elder Scrolls 5: SkyrimMass Effect 2The Elder Scrolls 5: SkyrimMass Effect 3
1/7/2012 10:32:48jake
1/7/2012 13:46:22LongPortal 2SkyrimPortal 2Infamous 2Modern Warfare 3mortal KombatDead Space 2Modern Warfare 3Battlefield 3Saints Row 3Gran Turismo 5Deus Ex Human RevolutionPortal 2L.A. NoireThe last of usRageHD remasterSkyrimPortal 2Mass Effect 3435A pretty good year overall
1/7/2012 14:47:50Ananz KMW3MW3MW3MW3MW3MW3MW3MW3MW3Arkham AsylumNeed for Speed: The RunArkham AsylumGod of War 3Fifa 12MW3GT5Call of DutyGod Of War 3MW3Call of Duty311
1/11/2012 15:19:17Pedro LabateDeus Ex: Human RevolutionSkyrimNoneSkyrimDark SoulsMortal KombatTwo Worlds 2Dead Space 2Battlefield 3SkyrimGrand Turismo 5SkyrimPortal 2Two Worlds 2Dead IslandLotR : War in the NorthActually making decent gamesFallout : New VegasSkyrimDiablo 3213Even though some games obviously deserved the prizes, 2011 was a great game overall and there were many close seconds, so even if they weren't mentioned they still deserve credit. I hope 2012 is filled with quality games like these.
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