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April 19th, 2020
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to make any alterations or corrections, drop a line to @Foalpapers on Twitter. DMs are open to all.

The form to get on the list, if you're an affected artist/vendor:

(Note: not all cons listed are cancelled. Some are postponed or rescheduled, and others are unchanged, but due to knock-on effects, artists and vendors are still affected in any of these cases.)
Ways To Support Them!
*** COVID-19 Vendor Assistance Form (Link To Fill Out Here) ***
Name / HandleWebsiteDeviantArtFimfictionTypeWhere You've Seen MeAccepting Commissions?Fandom Area?NSFW Accepted?Impacted ConsWays Impacted / Potentially ImpactedVital Notes (Public)PayPalPatreonKo-FiEtsyVenmoAmazonGoogle PayZelle
Abby, prints, keychains, pins, lanyards, stationery, and giant Toblerone pillowcases ;3 IDW comic covers and too many conventions and charity auctions to list without a wall of text hahaNoMLP, Sonic, general anime, Pokemon, cute/casual gaming (Animal Crossing etc), anime idols (Love Live etc). I love cute girlsNoECCCLoss of sales / business., non-refundable supplies/table materialsabigailstarling@outlook.comabigailstarlingabigailstarlingAbigailStarlingArt@AbigailStarling
TechycutieTechycutie.comKeychains, pins, and soon to be Enamel pins!YesGalactic Con, WCPC, Tekko, BABSCon, Kogaracon Loss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)techycute
BefishProductionsbefishproductions.combefishproductionsCartoony Art, Charms, Stickers. Especially stickers. YesBABSConLoss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)
Zorilita / Mary Bellamymarybellamy.commarybellamyCommissions, art, stickers, comics, enamel pinsIDW official My Little Pony Covers, Goh Pacific Pony Con, Equestria La,
Crystal Mountain Pony Con, 12 years at SDCC....Womanthology, Licensed
art for Marvel, Dc Comics, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Star
Wars,etc. animation assistant
YesMLP, Sonic, Anime, Cartoons, Chibi, Cute, Anthro, Humans, Girls stuffNOWondercon/San Diego Comic ConLoss of sales / business., Loss of table fees.Need to make back the costs of merchandise that I prepurchased and table feeszorilita@gmail.comZorilitazorilita
ChristaDoodleschristaddesigns.comChristadoodlesPrints, stickers and enamel pinsAll around the convention circuit and creating licensed work for MLP, Star Wars, Steven Universe, Adventure Time and Dungeons and DragonsYesMLP, Steven Universe, Critical Role, Star Wars, DnD, general anime and RPG/Casual GamingNoEmerald City Comic Con, Wondercon and TrotconLoss of sales /
Fiaura The Tank, Art, Bottlecops, HousewaresEverywhere! Harmonycon, Trotcon, Babscon, Everfree Northwest, Bronycon,
over a dozen anime cons, WCPC, Ciderfest, Nightmare Nights, Crystal
Mountain Ponycon, and St. Louis Crystal Fair
Yes, WritingFallout EquestriaNoBABSCon, WCPCLoss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)Convention funding and sales are suppose to fund the audio book! Here: Without that extra I do not know how much we can actually do for the book.

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Yes you may use them both.
Silver Games LLCbooks.ponyfinder.netADVENTURE! I mean books. Adventurous books.YesBABSCon, Maybe EFNW? We'll see.Loss of sales / business.dms.silver@gmail.componyfinderdavidsilverSilverGamesLLC
Traveling Pony Museumtravelingponymuseum.orgMLP-FIM-TPMPoster prints, mousepads, keychains, blankets, and more. BronyCon, TrotCon, BABSCon, WhinnyCity, Ponyville Ciderfest, EverfreeNW, Crystal Mountain Pony Con, PonyCon NYC, MLP Fair, Fiesta Equestria, Bronies NYCYesMLP, Pokemon, Furry, GamingNoWhinny City, BABSCon, Seaquestria FestLoss of sales / business., Loss of table fees., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)The TPM has operated since 2012 thanks to convention sales. Without those sales we may not be able to continue supporting artists. Please consider checking out our shop and use code SUPPORT for 10% off anything!
My Little Tiesmylittleties.comkaitou-aceLaser etched stuff of all sorts, formalwear, pins, coinsYesBABSConLoss of sales / business., Loss of table
Twisted Sketchtwisted-sketchcommissions, prints, stickers, decals, buttons, pins, jewelry, ect YesBABSCon and Whinny City Pony ConLoss of sales / business., Loss of table fees., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)
AssasinMonkeyassasinmonkeyPrints, mousepad, playmats, sketch art booksNoBABSConLoss of sales /
Violet RoseOne-violet-rosePlushiesThe plushie with the removable head at GalaCon 2019 and now HWC 2020YesYESBABSConLoss of sales / (£, €) (US$)
Moonbeam make digital and traditional art pieces: prints, stickers, customized notebooks, bookmarks, custom badges, and commissionsYesI'm not sure if it's canceled yet, but i'm supposed to vend at SeaquestriaFest Loss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)
Sophie ScruggsEnamel pins, shirts, pillowsYesECCC, BABSConLoss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)
Dawnfiredawnf1reprints, charms, commissions, etc.YesBABSCon (so far)Loss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)rubydragon_kh@yahoo.comDawnfiredawnfire@Jellopudding04
20 artwork/Commissions,3D printed resin figures, charms,prints,mugs,tsssfYesunsure of Whinny City but I have immune system issues Loss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)shibaroll@gmail.comShibarollshibaroll
ChaoticChimeraChaoticChimeraArtArtwork Prints, Badges, Live CommissionsYesBABSConLoss of sales / business., Loss of table fees., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)
Aaron / Wafflesdakidreams.comSoft things.NoFurnal Equinox, Whinny City Pony Con, Golden State Fur Con, BABSCon, and Biggest Little Fur Con.Loss of sales / business., Loss of table fees., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)
23, Board GamesSpitfire's Day OffNoMLP, Tabletop gaming, Fallout EquestriaN/ABABSConLoss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.), I have stock stranded in the US that will be expensive to ship homeFinancial support is fine, but my main problem could be (at least partly) solved by favours, and I'm sure some other people might also be served well by needing things done for them rather than just straight
LiL Moon Craftslilmooncustom plushYesBABSConLoss of sales / business., Loss of table fees., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)AiKawaiiShop
RatofDrawnRatofDrawnSFW and NSFW artNoBabscon, maybe Trotcon and EFNW if it keeps going, too?Loss of sales / business.ratofdrawn@gmail.comRatofDrawnRatofDrawn
Hibiscus Stitchhibiscus-stitch.myshopify.comPlushiesI’ve gone to too many cons to count, but MLP related I’ve been to Bronycon, PVCF, and Harmonycon with appearances planned for the future dates of WhinnyCity and BABsYesI started with Pokémon and am now more heavily involved with MLP. I’m in the art community!YesWhinny City, Triad Anime Con, MTAC, FWA, BABSConLoss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.), Rent, prescriptionsI’ve lost my income for three months. I was planning to use that
to bolster my stock since I have wrist issues and to lessen the load on
me making a ton of plush myself. This unfortunately isn’t happening
anymore. I appreciate any and all help. I would love to make more pony
OC plush
Fleece FriendshipfleecefriendshipPlushiesYesWhinny City PonyconLoss of sales /
ArdailardailPrints, blankets, mousepads, drinkware, charms, smiles :-)YesWhinnyCity PonyCon, BABSconLoss of sales / business., Loss of table fees.
LunarShinelunarshinestore.comlunarshinestorePillowcases, wall scrolls, plush toys, card games, licensed merchNoWCPC but mostly our supply chainLoss of sales / business.Mostly what we need is sales of existing stuff, instead of backorders, because we've had our supply chain destroyed. So we're looking to offer discounts to draw down inventory.asknightstitch
CadetRedShirt[ artist page]cadetredshirtCommissions, Art Prints, Stickers, Card designsprobably seen my promotional art and badge designs for HarmonyCon, Vanhoover, BABSConYesBABSCon, WhinnyCityLoss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)
Samoht Lionsamohtlion.comsamoht-lion3d paper craft, shadowboxes, framed paper craft, vector designs YesBABSCon, Comic PaloozaLoss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.), Bringing a new fun products
Chocolate Pony/SouthParkTaoistinanimorphs.wixsite.comsouthparktaoistArt, Pins, Tarot, Flags, BadgesYesECCC, GSFC, BABSCon, Whinny City PonyCon, BLFC, FWA, SuperCon, TrotCon (?)Loss of sales / business., Loss of table fees., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)
Ivy Rose/dativybirbSFW and NSFW artYesBABSConLoss of sales / business.Commissions are opening once a week, and I make announcements when they do on Twitter!
34 of sales / business.Rainbowdash997@yahoo.comKLPlushies
spacekitschspacekitsch.portfoliobox.netspacekitschCommissions, prints, keychains, enamel pins, buttons, stickersBronycon 2019YesBABSConLoss of sales / business., Loss of table fees., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)spacekitschspacekitschspacekitsch
Lightning Blisslightning-blissPrints, posters, plushies, coloring books, commissions, badges, buttons, hatsBabscon, HarmonyCon, Ciderfest, WhinnyCity, BronyCon, Pacific Pony Con, Nightmare Nights, EverfreeYesBABSConLoss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)Not only was I effected, but my plushie maker Kiashone is also going to be effected without assistance.emilyreddragon@yahoo.comLightningBliss
AmandylilliesinthegardenDigital, traditional, and watercolor commissions, mlp and bnha charms and posters, mlp stickersYou've probably seen me wearing a bright red bowtie at Ciderfest, Bronycon, Trotcon, and MLP-MSP (final) within the last two yearsYesWhinny CityLoss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)
SonicGril13 (Mary-Bella), lineart, Fullbody, shaded, half body and chibiYesCommissions and food Not to let go of their passions in their arts and protect children and the elderlySonicGril13@Gmail.comsonicgril13mb
39 art, Traditional artHarmonycon, Ciderfest, Twitter, TumblrNoWCPCLoss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.), Doordash income impactedCommissions Fullsharpyheavenstorm@gmail.comDeusExKittycoondeusexkittycoon
That One Pink Dog Studiosthatonepinkdog.studioDigital & Traditional Art, Premade & Custom Fursuits, Merch & AccessoriesItty Bitty Fur Con, Arizona Fur Con, Further Confusion, AnthroExpo, Painted Desert Fur Con, Golden State Fur Con, DenFurYesFurry & MLPMaybeFurnal Equinox, Golden State Fur Con, BABSConLoss of sales / business., Loss of table fees., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)Big sales happening on March 20-22, April 3-5, and April[Online Store]
Fluff Dragon art, character redesignsBronyCon Lip Sync Battles "This Is Me" performanceYesMLP, Furry, D&D, Aggretsuko, gaming, etc.NoBABSConLoss of sales / business., Loss of table fees.Character Redesigns come with a video feature on my new YouTube Series!
BumbleBun / InkKey StudiosbumblebunCommissions, Prints, Acrylic Charms and Mares; Card Game. YesMLP, Anthro/Furry, Video Games, and animeYesBABSCon, maybe TrotCon?Loss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)inkkeystudios@gmail.comBumblebunbumblebun
Sky Railroadskyrailroad.bigcartel.comsky-railroadCard Games, Flags, Daki'sI'm the guy with a train on my table. We may never have spoken, but you know me. NoBABSConLoss of sales / business.Home of the Cardgame Prance, and all its expansions. Sorry I can't be there to play a game in person with you.
44 BABSCon 2019, BronyCon 2015-2019, EFNW 2014-2017, 2019, EQLA 2017NoBABSConLoss of sales / business.Commissions are taken on a case by case basis but any plush I have in progress is up for
Cute Parade/, jewelry, accessoriesBABSCon, EQLA, Anime Expo, Fanime, SacAnime, PMXYesMLP, sometimes anime and game related, I mostly focus on original works which cater to the J-fashion community (I specialize in cute things)NoBABSCon, MomoConLoss of sales / business.Convention sales make up the majority of my income. I am open for plush commissions and will have my BabsCon plush stock available for sale soon. I will also be stocking my online shops with my non pony related items as well.cuteparadecuteparade
Battle Gem Ponieswww.yotesgames.comyotesgamesVideo Games & MerchBronyCon, YouTube Let's Plays, Steam GreenlightNoBABSCon, SeaquestriaFest, Indy PopCon, & Everfree NWLoss of sales / business, Loss of table fees, Loss of Travel expenses,
Missed opportunity for a live game introduction & showcase.
Battle Gem Ponies is touring cons to show that this fandom still has ambitious video game projects in the
47 Printed MerchAlmost all European cons and Bronycon, and BabsconYesMLP, FurryNoBabscon 2020, BLFC 2020, Furnexion,Stammtisch Colone,Loss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.), Shipping Costs for Merch, and cost of sending merch
Koamumbleetc.comyourkoaMusic, Digital Art, BadgesWCPC 2019, TrotCon 2019, HarmonyCon 2020YesMostly MLP, but capable of just about whatever!MaybeWCPC 2020Loss of sales /
Lavender 2019NoBABSConLoss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.), Loss of self promotionAlso check my bandcamp to check out some of my for sale music, releases coming soon too!lavenderharmonybrony@gmail.comlockedin
Anto J Larenegantoplz.netthenotalentloserCustom mini beaniesEFNW, BABScon, BronyCon, CiderfestYesMLP, FurryNoWhinny City Loss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)I also have two cats that need food.
Variety Custom GuitarsCustom Painted Guitars. And other whozits whatzitsSold at several cons last year (Babs, BC, Trot, Everfree, and more). I made the guitar the superband played at BronyCon.YesMLP, Pokemon, CartoonsNoBabscon Loss of sales /
CosmicKeyframe art, papercraft Everfree Northwest, BABScon, WCPC, Ciderfest, Bronycon, Momocon Yesmlp, furry, general, animeYesBABSCon, ComicPaloozaLoss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)
Prince Mai ; Prince Mai's (FurAffinity)Pre-made stickers, custom badges, custom button pins, custom stickers, general digital commissionsDelaware Furbowl ; South Jersey FurbowlYesMLP, Furry, PokemonYesMonthly Local events in and near my stateLoss of sales /[storenvy shop]
Trot L' figurines, digital drawingsBronyCon, TrotCon, PonyCon, CTGamerCon are the biggest onesNoCTGamerCon, IncrediCon (so far)Loss of sales / business.I also make money as a teacher, but one of my principals related the reality that if we loose students due to the recession, our school may be in jeopardy, since we are a tuition-based school. I am also trying to provide help for my boyfriend, who just became
55 commissions, hard enamel pins gold decorated bookmarks, prints, postcards, buttons Czechquestria, KucykonYesMainly MLP, but cute furry and anime is alright too c:NoX Wrocławski Ponymeet, Galacon, KucykonLoss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.)czeresniam@gmail.comsegraecesegraeceSegraece
Varonya´s, *NEW-Coming soon* Fabric Sale (MinkyGalaCon, Hearth´s Warming, H.I.V.E, Brony FairYesEverythingNoGalaCon/Ludwigsburg and many moreLoss of sales / business.It's not easy for small sole proprietors. In this difficult Time, Artists are happy for every Order, for every Donation! Thanks for all your Support!

If you have Questions about Commissions .. always out with it! Just write me an Email (, preferably with a Picture of the Figure you want to have sewn, how big, with accessories... Prices are individual, depending on the weight, size and so on :) Stay healthy!
STRAY, Vienna Comic Con, MEX Berlin, Pyrkon, DeDeCo, DokomiYesEverything that is cute is fine. MLP, pokemon, gaming, anime...NoPyrkon, GalaCon, Manga Comic Con LeipzigLoss of sales /
Gleamy DreamsgleamydreamsDigital art, custom printed tee-shirt designs (original artwork), traditional artwork (coloring pencils), plushies (beginner), buttons, and stickers.Volunteer artist for Harmony Con, BronyScot (former), and Seaquestria Fest (former). Harmony Con 2019 and 2020 are the only brony conventions I've officially vended at, but I've attended many conventions as an artist in the open area. I've donated sculpted ponies to NMN Dallas and EFNW as well as a Fanta pony painting shipped overseas to GalaCon. For anyone who attended Harmony Con 2020, I hosted both the Arting on a Budget and the Waifu Toss Championship.YesMLP, Pokemon, pet specific art, couples artNoSeaquestria Fest, potentially EFNW (if accepted), and Harmony Con 2021. Due to an at risk family member who was recently intubated, all types of travel are too risky.Loss of sales / business., Loss of travel expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, etc.), Sole source of family income through commissions and sales; My sister has essentially lost her job (6 hour work week) and our states "right to work" laws considers $44/week income enough to be ineligible for unemployment benefits.I am a small time vendor and make things as NEEDED, I do not have a lot of leftover stock. However, if you'd like something specific, can contact me and let me know and I will try my best to work something out for
Brittney Ackerman art in the form of prints, stickers, keychains, and various other forms!Twitter, YouTube, dA. TrotCon was gonna be my first time vending!NoTrotConLoss of sales / business.Just wanted to say thank you to everyone checking out this list, and thank you to Foaly for putting it together! I hope to see you guys at a convention sometime in the future!