94Pokémon Legends: ArceusSwitch75h28-Nov-2022★★★★★
93Mirror's EdgePC3hY2-Nov-2022★★★★☆
92Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions - ScaryfolksPC2h31-Oct-2022★★★★★The best puzzle game for PC got some more DLC. More of the same and that's exactly what I want.
91The Darkside DetectiveSwitch4h21-Oct-2022★★★★☆A very basic point and click game that is held up solely on its references and humor, and it actually worked well. I constantly had to read things out loud to my partner because I found them so funny.
90Batman: Arkham Asylum - ChallengesPC10h20-Oct-2022★★★☆☆Finally finished the challenges of this game and got the true 100%, something I never did when I played it on 360. The challenges are not that fun tho and I have to say I was a little disappointed in the Joker DLC.
89The Infectious Madness of Doctor DekkerPC8h18-Oct-2022★★★★☆Was in a real FMV mood after Telling Lies and Immortality and this really hit the spot. I was much more invested in this one than the aforementioned two. The acting was superb. The gameplay was sadly a little wonky.
88InmostPC5h10-Oct-2022★★★★★This game really took me by surprise. I went in not really knowing anything about the game, not even the genre. It looks stunning and plays extremely well. Not very spooky but has some dark themes.
87The Coma: RecutPC4hY6-Oct-2022★★★★★Still as good as the first time I played it. The spooky atmosphere is great and the story of is very interesting. It also looks phenomenal.
86Little Nightmares IIPC6h6-Oct-2022★★★★★A pure step-up from the first game which I also loved. Nails pretty much everything it goes for and was a pure 5/5 experience from start to finish.
85ImmortalityPC13h5-Oct-2022★★★☆☆It's a creepy story and delivers on some levels. The execution is sadly not great and both the gameplay and the clips often bored me.
84Telling LiesPC7h3-Oct-2022★★★★☆Extremely bad story lifted up by the good acting and the gameplay feeling investigative enough.
83The Long ReachSwitch3h2-Oct-2022★★★☆☆A bit overly complicated at times and there is a lot of running back and forth through samey locations. Loved the storytelling tho and it did the spooky parts very well!
82Tanuki JusticePC3h25-Sep-2022★☆☆☆☆Single player was a 2/5. Started out fine but almost completely ruined it with the last couple of levels. Co-op was basically broken and lowers the score to a 1.
81Alba: A Wildlife AdventurePC3h23-Sep-2022★★★★☆The devs describe this game as a "chillectathon" and "a feel-good game about running around and doing good deeds" which is spot on.
80HexologicPC3h 30m13-Sep-2022★★★☆☆It's fine, but I found it weird that it never combined the different gimmicks that were introduced in each "chapter".
79ClustertruckPC3h12-Sep-2022★★★★☆This is such a weird game. Hectic and silly, and you never know what the next level or world will throw at you. Sometimes literally
78Ghost of TsushimaPS560h11-Sep-2022★★★★★I'm a sucker for open world games and this is a great one. The story is great, the supporting cast is much better than usual (and thankfully gets some real screen time too) and the world is a joy to explore.
77Sly RaccoonPS35h31-Aug-2022★★★★☆The age is obvious but it has held up better than expected. Fun and charming, with creative worlds and interesting bosses.
76Final Fantasy XIV: The Far Edge of FatePC10h27-Aug-2022★★★★☆Also known as the post-HW patches, 3.1-3.5. Definitely a huge step up. The Dragonsong War parts were great and the build-up to Stormblood was also good.
75Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenswardPC80h27-Jul-2022★★★☆☆Heavensward has much higher highs than ARR, but also some really boring lows. It feels like two expansions mashed together as one, and it doesn't nail either part.
74OmnoPC4h26-Jul-2022★★★☆☆This cute game is pretty janky and it felt very "stiff", but it's fine and some of the puzzles were really good.
73PowerWash SimulatorPC40h19-Jul-2022★★★★☆I thought this would be some short silly thing but it ended up being extremely long and very fun. I can't believe a game like this also managed to have an interesting story!
72Elden Ring - Seamless Co-op RandomizerPC65hY14-Jul-2022★★★★☆The playthrough was pure chaos and very fun, but the game still has some issues these mods cannot fix (yet?). Best way to play the game tho, by far, and I look forward to the next run.
71Say No! MorePC2h3-Jul-2022★★★☆☆It's pretty ugly, it's extremely simple and somewhat funny. Doesn't really hold up all the way through despite the short length but I don't regret playing it.
70Last StopPC6h29-Jun-2022★★★☆☆Better than Virginia but not by much. It starts out really strong and it's interesting to hop into the lives of the characters. Sadly it can't keep it up and fizzles out, with the last chapter being really boring.
69VirginiaPC2h28-Jun-2022★★★☆☆The idea is good but it doesn't really work for me with the quick cuts everywhere. They feel too random. The story is all over the place too.
68PupperazziPC5h27-Jun-2022★★★★☆Silly fun. Scratched that collectible itch to try to find dogs that fit the "Puppypedia" descriptions and get that whole thing filled. Varied little missions too.
67UnpackingPC3h26-Jun-2022★★★★☆Cozy and relaxing little game. Interesting way to tell a story.
66Bioshock InfinitePC11hY26-Jun-2022★★★★☆Extremely fun gameplay brought down by a terrible story. Too bad because some of the weapons and vigors in this game are superb and it's a blast whenever I get to use them
65Mafia: Definitive EditionPC25h16-Jun-2022★★★★☆After beating the campaign I gave this game a 3/5, but after goofing around in Free ride, collecting things all over the very well crafted map, doing wacky side quest and finding fun easter eggs, it is easily elevated to a 4.
64BioshockPC10hY14-Jun-2022★★★★☆This is the first time I don't give Bioshock my highest score. It is also the first time I don't play it on the highest difficulty. It's too easy and the gameplay is too simple. I basically never felt the need to use plasmids.
Lucky and a Life Worth Living - A Jigsaw Puzzle Tale
PC25h9-Jun-2022★★★★☆This is the exact same as How Buddy's Parents Met but with different pics. It's really nice.
62Subnautica: Below ZeroPC17h3-Jun-2022★★★☆☆This is basically "Subnautica but at another location" and everything I think about that game applies to this one too. I only like them with several mods, but with those they are enjoyable enough.
61Death StrandingPC158h21-May-2022★★★★★Great story with interesting characters and gameplay that really suits me. What an experience.
60Hollow KnightPC13hY20-May-2022★★★★★Permadeath sounds scary but Steel Soul mode ended up being easier than expected. Great game in every way.
59Return of the Obra DinnPC3h 30mY10-May-2022★★★★★It's not the same when you already know what happens and remember some names and such, but it works well enough even on a replay!
58Titanfall 2PC6h2-May-2022★★★★☆Great characters, fantastic audio, superb pacing. Would have loved a few more platforming sections and a little less shooty bang bang. Great game but it's sort of a "one and done" kind of deal for me.
How Buddy’s Parents Met - A Jigsaw Puzzle Tale
PC25h13-Apr-2022★★★★☆I got this in a super cheap bundle of jigsaw games from the same developer and I didn't expect much from it. Suprisingly, aside from the fact it only has six different pictures it does everything right.
56Dogs Organized NeatlyPC2h7-Apr-2022★★★★★Just like the sister game Cats Organized Neatly, this does everything right. It's the perfect length, cute and simple in a good way. It is tricky the exact the way I enjoy. Not too easy, not frustratingly hard.
55The Friends of Ringo IshikawaPC10h31-Mar-2022★★★★☆Quirky game for sure. Many games a called "unique" but this one really stands out as very different. Definitely one of a kind, and very unapproachable. I'm happy I managed to vibe with it!
54Elden RingPC101h14-Mar-2022★★★☆☆A bunch of good stuff, a bunch of bad stuff. It's kind of Dark Souls 4 but too long and too unbalanced. Played it before patches. They've changed a few thijngs that should make it better, but unsure if I wanna play more.
53The MediumPC7h10-Feb-2022★★★★☆What a positive surprise! It has a very thrilling atmosphere that it manages to carry all the way through. I was engaged in the story and characters, especially the parts that were not completely spelled out for you.
52Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash RemasteredPC42h30-Jan-2022★★★★☆Daughters of Ash is an overhaul mod for Dark Souls 1. It completely shuffles the progression which made the game feel very different since I know the "optimal paths" of the original by heart. Hard but fun.
51Parasite EvePS19h29-Jan-2022★★★☆☆Had this not been played on an emulator I would have said it was unplayable and dropped it so fast. Good ideas but it just has so many issues!
50Animal Crossing: Happy Home ParadiseSwitch40h28-Jan-2022★★★★★This game is both a great sequel to HHD and a wonderful companion game for New Horizons.
49Modern Tales: Age of InventionPC2h 30m28-Jan-2022★★★★☆This story is so bad it's good. The game looks nice and the theme is fun but it sadly doesn't have enough puzzles/minigames.
48Path of Sin: GreedPC2h 30m27-Jan-2022★★★★★This game is one of extremely few in the genre that has "logical" HO scenes. This makes them quite a bit easier but it's also very nice to see it once in a while. Good length, mostly good puzzles, tropey but fun story.
47Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed ChildPC2h 30m27-Jan-2022★★★★★Cool theme, doesn't overstay its welcome, great pace and lots of puzzles.
46Mind Snares: Alice's JourneyPC3h27-Jan-2022★★★★★Older = better? Sometimes it seems like that. No dumb morphing objects or collectibles, great pace, good story (!) and a huge amount of puzzles/HO scenes. It's great!
45Eventide 3: Legacy of LegendsPC3h26-Jan-2022★★★☆☆I don't remember the earlier games from the Eventide series at all but this had good reviews and looked promising. But no, it has a lot of small issues and overall does nothing special. And an awful map!
44Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of KarkhalaPC3h25-Jan-2022★★★★☆This is the only one in my list developed by Artifex and I have to say I am a little disappointed. It's super solid and above most in this list, but it didn't hit the highs of Enigmatis 2. I expected a bit more.
439 Clues 2: The WardPC3h25-Jan-2022★★★☆☆Dumb old stereotypes about mental illness but an okay HOG when it comes to the gameplay. A little janky.
The Secret Order 8: Return to the Buried Kingdom
PC3h24-Jan-2022★★★★☆This tries to go back to the story of the earlier games (especially 5, as the name implies) but it still feels disconnected and weird. Still a good HOG tho.
41The Secret Order 7: Shadow BreachPC3h24-Jan-2022★★★★☆Snappy and with good variety. Has nothing to do with the story in the previous parts of the series...
40The Secret Order 6: BloodlinePC3h23-Jan-2022★★★★☆Only slightly below the previous one. Solid puzzles, good looking and nicely paced.
39The Secret Order 5: The Buried KingdomPC3h23-Jan-2022★★★★★I'm getting whiplash here! Suddenly it's back to good, and even better than the previous ones. Great puzzles and many HO scenes.
38The Secret Order 4: Beyond TimePC3h23-Jan-2022★☆☆☆☆Seeing this game in the middle of a series of "very positive" games on Steam being "mixed" made me curious. "Can't be that bad, right?". It was worse. By far the worst HOG I have played.
37The Secret Order 3: Ancient TimesPC3h22-Jan-2022★★★★☆Even tho this adds some dumb collectibles it's a fun sequel and keeps the overall simple features and good HO scenes. Improved the map, which I appreciate!
36The Secret Order 2: Masked IntentPC3h21-Jan-2022★★★★☆Sometimes less is more. This is an older game and while it looks quite bad I really appreciate the lack of all the later "features" like collectibles and morphing objects.
35Uncharted Tides: Port RoyalPC2h 30m20-Jan-2022★★☆☆☆Hrm, what a mixed bag. It's pretty short, has far too few HO scenes, but a fun theme and some good minigames. Very annoying and stressful achievements puts it at a 2 instead of 3.
34Persian Nights 2: The Moonlight VeilPC2h 30m20-Jan-2022★★★★☆Not as good as the first game but still solid.
33Persian Nights: Sands of WondersPC2h 30m19-Jan-2022★★★★★A little on the easy side but great voice acting (!), great variety in puzzles and a good pacing.
32Dreamwalker: Never Fall AsleepPC3h19-Jan-2022★★★★☆Loved the theme.
31Skyland: Heart of the MountainPC2h18-Jan-2022★★★☆☆Cool theme, looks good, but ultimately does nothing special with it. Solid average thing.
30The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken CityPC3h18-Jan-2022★★★☆☆Samey same.
29The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of VulcanPC3h17-Jan-2022★★★☆☆It's fiiiine.
28Tiny Tales: Heart of the ForestPC2h 30m16-Jan-2022★★★☆☆Another okay one.
27Endless Fables 4: Shadow WithinPC3h16-Jan-2022★★★☆☆Back to average we go.
26Endless Fables 3: Dark MoorPC3h15-Jan-2022★★★★★Great theme, looks good and has superb pacing.
25Endless Fables 2: Frozen PathPC3h15-Jan-2022★★★☆☆"It's fine". But it really annoyed me that the VAs pronounced Baldur as "Ball-duuur".
24Endless Fables: The Minotaur's CursePC3h14-Jan-2022★★★★☆Way too many collectibles but otherwise a super solid HOG!
23PCPC2h14-Jan-2022★★★☆☆This is by the same devs as Red Riding Hood, and it plays basically the same. Sadly it doesn't have the weird charm of RRH so it doesn't reach as high. Still a nice break from the "AM formula" of all these other games.
22Ghost Files 2: Memory of a CrimePC3h13-Jan-2022★★☆☆☆Borders on being a one star. It's saved by at least being pretty. This one... doesn't have anything to do with ghosts. The reason it is named Ghost Files is almost bad enough to put it at 1/5...
21Ghost Files: The Face of GuiltPC3h13-Jan-2022★★☆☆☆Oh Ghost Files... what a bad couple of games. I thought the forensic stuff would actually matter but it's a set of annoying minigames that are drawn out for no reason.
20King's Heir: Rise to the ThronePC2h 30m11-Jan-2022★★★☆☆This one is pretty short and very simple. Does nothing special or anything. Very much a typical HOG.
19Family Mysteries 3: Criminal MindsetPC3h11-Jan-2022★★★☆☆These Family Mysteries games are all completely different and I don't even get why it's a series... but it's fine. Same as the others basically.
18Family Mysteries 2: Echoes of TomorrowPC3h11-Jan-2022★★★☆☆One of those average ones where there is not much to say. Terrible voice acting and a bonkers plot, everything a fine HOG should have.
17Family Mysteries: Poisonous PromisesPC3h10-Jan-2022★★★☆☆This one was way too easy and the plot went all over the place, but it was saved by the main character basically making fun of other HOG protagonists who tend to drop items after one use.
16Chronicles of Magic: Divided KingdomsPC3h9-Jan-2022★★★☆☆It's fine.
15Red Riding Hood - Star Crossed LoversPC2h9-Jan-2022★★★★☆One of few HOGs in my list not published by Artifex Mundi, and it shows. Technical issues, no options, quite ugly. But! It has a fun story, the HO scenes are good and it has great pacing.
14Queen's Quest 5: Symphony of DeathPC3h8-Jan-2022★★★★☆Back to good after that misstep that was the fourth game. Was this actually better than average or was I just happy to play something good enough after 4? Not sure.
13Queen's Quest 4: Sacred TrucePC3h8-Jan-2022★☆☆☆☆What the hell happened here!? This was worse than the others in so many ways. It's not as bad as Noir but close.
12Queen's Quest 3: The End of DawnPC3h7-Jan-2022★★★☆☆Pretty much the same as the previous one.
11Queen's Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten PastPC3h7-Jan-2022★★★☆☆Very typical HOG. Pretty but nothing special.
10Queen's Quest: Tower of DarknessPC3h7-Jan-2022★★☆☆☆This isn't terrible, mostly laughable. Pretty ugly and has some issues with recognizing clicks. Mostly feels old and a little janky.
9Lost Grimoires 3: The Forgotten WellPC3h6-Jan-2022★★★★☆Basically the same as the second game in the series. Thumbs up.
8Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of MysteryPC3h6-Jan-2022★★★★☆Here we go. A beautiful HOG with a fine story. Changes the alchemy minigame to something better.
7Lost Grimoires: Stolen KingdomPC3h5-Jan-2022★★★☆☆This was fine. Nothing special. I liked the minigame with the alchemy thing you repeatedly use but there was nothing special otherwise.
6Noir Chronicles: City of CrimePC3h5-Jan-2022★☆☆☆☆I have no words. Probably the worst HOG I have played.
5Demon Hunter 5: AscendancePC3h4-Jan-2022★★★☆☆Back to average! This one is actually really beautiful at times and the story is a bit funny.
4Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of LightPC3h3-Jan-2022★★☆☆☆Oh no! What happened? It went back to dull again. Bah.
3Demon Hunter 3: RevelationPC3h2-Jan-2022★★★☆☆A big step-up, reaching the average "this is fine" level. Nothing special, lots of genre tropes, looks good.
2Demon Hunter 2: New ChapterPC3h2-Jan-2022★★☆☆☆Slightly better than the first game but still below average.
1Demon Hunter: Chronicles from BeyondPC3h1-Jan-2022★★☆☆☆Below average. Dull in many ways.
51Child of LightPC30-Nov-2021★★★☆☆
50Final Fantasy XIV: Before the FallPC28-Nov-2021★★☆☆☆
49The HexPC29-Oct-2021★★★☆☆
48Resident Evil 2: The Ghost SurvivorsPC28-Oct-2021★★★☆☆