12Divine DivinityPC14-Feb-2024★★★☆☆
11Final Fantasy XIV: ShadowbringersPC31-Jan-2024★★★★☆
10Before the Green MoonPC23-Jan-2024★★★★★
9Assemble With CarePC10-Jan-2024★★☆☆☆
8Golden Idol Mysteries: The Lemurian VampirePC10-Jan-2024★★★★☆
7Golden Idol Mysteries: The Spider of LankaPC10-Jan-2024★★★★☆
6The Case of the Golden IdolPC10-Jan-2024★★★★☆
4An Arcade Full of CatsPC8-Jan-2024★★★☆☆
3Pokémon Violet: The Indigo DiskSwitch8-Jan-2024★★★★☆
2Pokémon Violet: The Teal MaskSwitch1-Jan-2024★★★☆☆
1Pokémon VioletSwitch1-Jan-2024★★★★☆
56Buddy and Friends on HalloweenPC22-Nov-2023★★★☆☆
55Monster Hunter WorldPCY4-Nov-2023★★★★★
54Quantum BreakPC30-Oct-2023★★★★☆
53Glass Masquerade 3: Honeylines - Wings & TunesPC27-Oct-2023★★★★★
52Lies of PPC22-Oct-2023★★★★★
51Cube Escape: The CavePC21-Oct-2023★★★★☆
50Cube Escape: TheatrePC21-Oct-2023★★★★☆
49Cube Escape: BirthdayPC21-Oct-2023★★★★☆
48Janitor BleedsPC13-Oct-2023★★★★☆
46Cube Escape: The MillPC5-Oct-2023★★★☆☆
45Cube Escape: Case 23PC4-Oct-2023★★★★☆
44Cube Escape: Harvey's BoxPC4-Oct-2023★★★☆☆
43The Inheritance of Crimson ManorPC2-Oct-2023★★★★☆
42Cube Escape: ArlesPC2-Oct-2023★★★☆☆
41Dragon's DogmaPCY30-Sep-2023★★★☆☆
40Ys OriginPC30-Sep-2023★★★☆☆
I didn't really click with this game, sadly. I am happy I played 1&2 before this, since those games introduced the world in a much less "heavy" way and it was easier to follow the kinda overtold story in this one thanks to that. I missed the humor of 1&2. Sadly this game also suffers from terrible boss battles.
39Ys II Chronicles+PC23-Sep-2023★★★☆☆Huge improvement overall, but the bosses were frustrating. I still used a guide and played on easy and would not have finished it otherwise.
38Ys I Chronicles+PC12-Sep-2023★★☆☆☆More like 2½ but rounding it down felt better than rounding it up. I had a pretty good time with this but I played it on easy and used a guide since I generally have no patience for older games. If I hadn't done that I would probably have dropped it, especially at that terrible bat boss...
37FRAMEDPCY5-Sep-2023★★★☆☆Picked this up to have something to play for a couple of minutes here and there. It's fine but very simple and took less than an hour to go through.
36Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure - Part 1PC27-Aug-2023★★★★★
35Guild Wars 2: End of DragonsPC22-Aug-2023★★★★☆
34Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood SagaPC20-Aug-2023★★★★☆
33Guild Wars 2: Season 4PCY16-Aug-2023★★★★★
32Guild Wars 2: Path of FirePCY14-Aug-2023★★★★★
31Guild Wars 2: Season 3PCY12-Aug-2023★★★★☆
30Guild Wars 2: Heart of ThornsPCY6-Aug-2023★★★★☆
Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood - A Requiem for Heroes
PC6-Aug-2023★★☆☆☆Most of the post SB-patches are the same boring stuff as most of SB was. It's somewhat saved by the slightly interesting buildup to Shadowbringers and some really nice raids and such.
28Fall GuysPC2-Aug-2023★★☆☆☆
Counting this as a beaten game based on the 3 crown wins criteria from Game Club. I can see how this is fun with friends when you can fill the wait times with chatter and whatnot but my own solo experience was filled with connection issues, crashes and extremely long load times. When I got to play the levels I enjoyed I had a really good time, but sadly those levels were few and far between.
27Guild Wars 2: Season 2PCY27-Jul-2023★★★★☆Not the most consistent part of the game but it has some very high peaks and builds up towards the Heart of Thorns expansion in a great way.
26Guild Wars 2: Season 1PCY22-Jul-2023★★★★☆
What is now called "Season 1 (2013)" cannot be replayed since it was a "be there or miss it" kind of deal that happened in the open world instead of instances. They salvaged what they could and made this revised version that is great for what it is, but I still miss all the content they couldn't restore.
25Guild Wars 2PCY11-Jul-2023★★★☆☆Feels weird to give this game a 3 since it's my fav game ever. Anything but the story is hard to score tho since everything else has been changed by countless updates since the release in 2012, and the story is quite weak after the inital two chapters.
PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo
PC5-Jul-2023★★★★★A great visual novel with some real spooky vibes and dark themes. Presentation is top notch, especially the visuals, and I really liked pretty much every character. The predictability and linearity doesn't really hurt the experience, it still managed to capture me completely.
23Dying Light: HellraidPC3-Jul-2023★★★★☆
22A Little to the LeftPC3-Jul-2023★★★★☆
21Glass Masquerade 3: HoneylinesPC2-Jul-2023★★★★★
18Planet of LanaPC2-Jun-2023★★★★☆The most Inside-like game since Inside, and while it felt a little too similar at times and was more of a story experience than a puzzle platformer, it had some really great and unique vibes with the superb visual style and sounds.
17Werewolf: The Apocalypse - EarthbloodPS530-May-2023★★★☆☆Did you know this game has pump action rifles with holographic sights? Because if you don't, they tell you. Multiple times. Decent action romp in any case.
16PowerWash Simulator: Tomb RaiderPC20-May-2023★★★★☆More PowerWash Sim is always good. Some fun references and whatnot from Tomb Raider which was fun.
15Beasts of Maravilla IslandPC15-May-2023★★★☆☆I'm not sure what I think of this. It was cute but kinda forgettable.
14Alice in Wonderland - A Jigsaw Puzzle TalePC14-May-2023★★★☆☆Mostly very similar to the other Jigsaw Puzzle Tale games but it had double the amount of puzzles! It definitely made it more fun at the start but also made it drag on for way too long. I'm very tired of the tale of Alice now.
I know the devs were going for a "cinematic narrative experience" rather than a puzzle game but I would still have liked it way more if it wasn't this easy. I had a good grasp of the answers from the first listen, and listening back repeatedly was mostly done to get the full story of each scenario, which were by themselves pretty interesting.
12Final Fantasy XIV: StormbloodPC27-Apr-2023★★☆☆☆Feels mean to give SB such a bad score but it's a terribly paced expansion with a very disjointed story. Like most parts of FFXIV they clearly want to base the game around two topics but they don't flow together that well. The dungeons and such were fine tho.
11Cube Escape: The LakePC6-Apr-2023★★☆☆☆Short as hell and didn't have too many puzzles. Better surprise spooks but repetitive in how you got the objects needed to solve it all. Feels mean to give it a 2 since it worked very well, but it is what it is.
10Cube Escape: SeasonsPC6-Apr-2023★★☆☆☆Coming almost directly from the top notch Paradox didn't do this game any favours for sure. It's ugly, the sound is bad and it has way too many bad jumpscares. It's super interesting to see how much they have improved since.
9Samsara RoomPC3-Apr-2023★★★☆☆This is a remake of the predecessor to the Rusty Lake and Cube Escape series, and it works pretty well. I enjoyed most of it but it didn't do anything special. One puzzle confused me and the controls were a little finicky.
8Cube Escape: ParadoxPC1-Apr-2023★★★★★
First playthrough was a somewhat mild 4, companion short film bumped it up to a clear 4 and the replay to find all the hidden stuff bumped it up to a 4½ which I will simply round up to 5 stars. Pairing a game and movie like this was such a good idea. Definitely my type of game with clever puzzles and fun secrets hunting.
7KoudelkaPS1Y31-Mar-2023★★★☆☆One of those games I adore for the weird and interesting ideas but where the technical aspects and some of the execution of these ideas hold it back a lot.
6Chained EchoesPC23-Mar-2023★★☆☆☆I really liked the combat but very little else.
5BloodbornePS45-Mar-2023★★★☆☆Wanted to replay this since so many others around me are playing it and praising it, felt I might not have given it a real chance the first time I played. But no, I feel the exact same way now. It's fine I guess.
4PentimentPC23-Jan-2023★★★☆☆Greatly enjoyed the last part of the game after being mostly frustrated with the first two thirds. Cool concept and it was clear it was a real passion project. A little sad I didn't click with it more.
3Nobody Saves the WorldPC14-Jan-2023★★★★☆Lots of small things could have been done better, and definitely the menu system in co-op. But it was overall a true joy to play this with my partner, doing funny voices and coming up with good combinations of skills.
2Eiyuden Chronicle: RisingPC5-Jan-2023★★★☆☆Fetch Quest: The Game, but it actually does it quite well. Very easy but a nice game to play on the side.
1The Quiet ManPC1-Jan-2023★★★☆☆This game is a 2h30m long movie where you don't get any sound or subtitles the first time you watch it, with some basic and sometimes janky button mash combat thrown in at infrequent times. It was fun!
104My Little Prince - A Jigsaw Puzzle TalePC31-Dec-2022★★★☆☆I thought the pics were pretty boring. They still had "clever" parts where something can trick you into thinking a piece fits elsewhere, but it felt like they had a lot more "dead space".
103Cyberpunk 2077PC31-Dec-2022★★★☆☆It feels like CDPR failed at a lot of the stuff they wanted to do, but managed to make a fine "Bethesda-like" mindless open world game. Story and UI sucks but the side missions and a whole bunch of gigs were really fun.
102Buddy and Lucky SolitairePC17-Dec-2022★★★☆☆Classic Klondike with both draw 1 and draw 3. No limit on passes (thankfully!). Cute pics of Buddy and Lucky from the Jigsaw Puzzle Tales, and you can look up from the game at different locations to click "collectables".
Magic Lessons in Wand Valley - A Jigsaw Puzzle Tale
PC15-Dec-2022★★★★☆Same as the other Jigsaw Puzzle Tales.
100A Castle Full of CatsPC8-Dec-2022★★★★☆This one is a big step up from the previous one! The cats are way more varied and the hidden ones are not as random. Had some extra objectives and felt much more meaty.
99A Building Full of CatsPC8-Dec-2022★★★☆☆Cute and to the point, find cats in the different pretty apartments. But I was a little surprised and disappointed by the lack of different cats. Most were simply the same tiny head peaking up behind something.
98SudocatsPC8-Dec-2022★★★☆☆Sudoku but with cats instead of numbers. You can switch to numbers but then it simply becomes a very easy sudoku without anything special at all, which felt pointless.
97ZodiacatsPC7-Dec-2022★★★☆☆It is a very simple puzzle game with nice pics of zodiac themed cats and some astrology nonsense. Cute enough but nothing I would really recommend.
96Disco ElysiumPC4-Dec-2022★★★★☆Had to fight a bit with the controls which took away from the experience. Still a great game and I look forward to more runs when I have time.
95NorcoPC3-Dec-2022★★★★★Had no idea what to expect and I think that was the best way to approach this game. It fascinated me from start to finish and I have been thinking about it a lot since I beat it.
94Pokémon Legends: ArceusSwitch28-Nov-2022★★★★★This is easily my GotY. Everything about this game is a joy.
93Mirror's EdgePCY2-Nov-2022★★★★☆Speedy replay since I've finished the game a bunch of times before. When it's good it's very good so I can forgive the couple of bad levels and sections. Combat is bad but thankfully avoidable.
92Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions - ScaryfolksPC31-Oct-2022★★★★★The best puzzle game for PC got some more DLC. More of the same and that's exactly what I want.
91The Darkside DetectiveSwitch21-Oct-2022★★★★☆A very basic point and click game that is held up solely on its references and humor, and it actually worked well. I constantly had to read things out loud to my partner because I found them so funny.
90Batman: Arkham AsylumPC20-Oct-2022★★★★☆Finally finished the challenges of this game and got the true 100%, something I never did when I played it on 360. Also beat the game on hard for the first time, which was fun!
89The Infectious Madness of Doctor DekkerPC18-Oct-2022★★★★☆Was in a real FMV mood after Telling Lies and Immortality and this really hit the spot. I was much more invested in this one than the aforementioned two. The acting was superb. The gameplay was sadly a little wonky.
88InmostPC10-Oct-2022★★★★★This game really took me by surprise. I went in not really knowing anything about the game, not even the genre. It looks stunning and plays extremely well. Not very spooky but has some dark themes.
87The Coma: RecutPCY6-Oct-2022★★★★★Still as good as the first time I played it. The spooky atmosphere is great and the story of is very interesting. It also looks phenomenal.
86Little Nightmares IIPC6-Oct-2022★★★★★A pure step-up from the first game which I also loved. Nails pretty much everything it goes for and was a pure 5/5 experience from start to finish.
85ImmortalityPC5-Oct-2022★★★☆☆It's a creepy story and delivers on some levels. The execution is sadly not great and both the gameplay and the clips often bored me.
84Telling LiesPC3-Oct-2022★★★☆☆Extremely bad story lifted up by the good acting and the gameplay feeling investigative enough.
83The Long ReachSwitch2-Oct-2022★★★☆☆A bit overly complicated at times and there is a lot of running back and forth through samey locations. Loved the storytelling tho and it did the spooky parts very well!
82Tanuki JusticePC25-Sep-2022★☆☆☆☆Single player was a 2/5. Started out fine but almost completely ruined it with the last couple of levels. Co-op was basically broken and lowers the score to a 1.
81Alba: A Wildlife AdventurePC23-Sep-2022★★★★☆The devs describe this game as a "chillectathon" and "a feel-good game about running around and doing good deeds" which is spot on.
80HexologicPC13-Sep-2022★★★☆☆It's fine, but I found it weird that it never combined the different gimmicks that were introduced in each "chapter".
79ClustertruckPC12-Sep-2022★★★★☆This is such a weird game. Hectic and silly, and you never know what the next level or world will throw at you. Sometimes literally
78Ghost of TsushimaPS511-Sep-2022★★★★★I'm a sucker for open world games and this is a great one. The story is great, the supporting cast is much better than usual (and thankfully gets some real screen time too) and the world is a joy to explore.
77Sly RaccoonPS331-Aug-2022★★★★☆The age is obvious but it has held up better than expected. Fun and charming, with creative worlds and interesting bosses.
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward - The Far Edge of Fate
PC27-Aug-2022★★★★☆Also known as the post-HW patches, 3.1-3.5. Definitely a huge step up. The Dragonsong War parts were great and the build-up to Stormblood was also good.
75Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenswardPC27-Jul-2022★★★☆☆Heavensward has much higher highs than ARR, but also some really boring lows. It feels like two expansions mashed together as one, and it doesn't nail either part.