SchoolCan you please share fresh, new ways in which you recognize individual athletes in your school?Can you please share fresh, new ways in which you recognize sports teams in your school?What are some long-standing, successful initiatives you use to celebrate athletes, coaches, and teams in your school?Do you have any other comments, ideas, or suggestions on ways to celebrate athletes, teams, and coaches in your school? If you have any documents, images or anything else that would expand on your comments, please email them to
Centennial High SchoolWe have a wall of fame for graduated athletes who are competing in post secondary sports. Post highlights and athletes of the week to social media. Our character pillars are citizenship, sportsmanship and excellence. Buy lunch, or get a sponsor to, for the athlete of character of the week. We have a homecoming game for football which promotes it. A fan bus with assorted fun activities including a tailgate at school. Wall of fame. Social media. I am a newer athletic director and some of these we are doing and some we are planning on doing.
St. Augustine SchoolWe recognize individual athletes at our school awards ceremony when we recognize all the award winners of academics and volunteering. We also have pep rallies that point them out in front of the student body. We also give athletes citizenship points and track the points which can be used for scholarships and job applications as they apply for school/jobs/awards.Making milestones like Provincials, our teams tour through our pre-k to 12 school as our student body lines the hall ways to give them high fives and pats on the back as as sendoff before they leave to provincials. Coaches get honorariums for coaching and at time school gear.
Edmonton Islamic AcademyAthlete of the Month . give Subway cards Awards & Recognition social media . Instagram account ( eialegends) Recondition during our morning assably in front of the whole school Team Pictures around the school. Have School teams play a friendly game VS the Staff for a fundraiser for an important case.
Bishop CarrollFaces in the Crowd Board main entrance in school U of C athletics game tickets Athletes of the month - Wall of HonourTeam pictures on Events Board - main entrance of school Pep rally (not very successful at Carroll) Posting of highlights, pictures stories on Athletic Society Facebook pageAthletic Awards Luncheon at the end of the year.
EastglenTryouts - we are recognizing the fittest athletes for their preparation in the off season. ex. the fittest athlete during Basketball Tryouts got to take home a new basketball. Unified Sports - we award all of our same awards to our Unified Sports Athletes.We have revamped our Athletic Banquet to encourage both attendance and participation. MVP's, Most-Improved, Character Awards, Athlete of the Month, Coaches breakfast, Awards banquet
FP WalsheFacebook, School athletics Bulletin board, Athlete of the MonthAwards night
Sir Winston Churchill High Schoolathlete interviewspep rallysports award breakfast at the end of each season, Night of the Bulldog at the end of the year, activity awards for points gained from participation, MVP's for each team, awards of merit for each team
BownessWe do the more standard, announcements, recognition through teams, in class shout outs, Bowness Student of Month. Pretty typicalSame as above, more standard recognizing through classes, announcements, and bulletin board.New to the school, but we do not have long standing traditions of recognizing athletes or coaches other than our Bowness Sport Awards.Appreciate the work of everyone.
BentleyWe recognize individual athletes with heart of the game award. It doesn't only mean top scorer, it includes teamwork, hustle, never quit, sportsmanship. The player has the honor to wear a firefighters helmet.We recognize our teams by not only results based, but we have Pizza team of the month, which includes every team that plays sports here.Panther Pride Awards.
Alix MACOur school does academic and athletic awards on the same day. We recognize MVP, Heart and Hustle and Most Improved from each team. We also do a proficiency award where one female and one male win based on athletic, academic and community leadership. Our school does morning announcements to congratulate our teams and we do a hallway walk where all of our Jr. and Sr. students come out of their classroom and cheer on our teams before games at the end of the day. Our athletic awards have been our successful initiatives.
FG Miller A person could do a video montage featuring a different athlete each week.Feature them on our school website with a feature of each player and introduce them and their accomplishments at school wide functions We usual do a coaches supper at the end of the year to appreciate all the efforts of the coaches
St. Joseph's Collegiate SchoolAthlete of the Week - t-shirt and posted picture Year End Awards per team - MVP & Crusader In our newsletter, facebook, twitter, instagram, morning announcements We have banners made for zone champions in individual sports - Badminton/Cross Country/Track&Field We recognize accomplishments for those who play on teams outside of our schools Athletic Assemblies - each player called by name to stand and be recognizedIn our newsletter, facebook, twitter, instagram, morning announcements Posted pictures and news articles on our Athletics bulletin board Athletic Assembliesall of the above Culminating Athletics Awards night in June Coaches gifts
George McDougall High School We present an athlete of the month displayed on our school TV's with their picture. Coaches put forth a nomination and justification to the AD and we discuss as a group. We like to do send offs at our school prior to a major game or competition. All students go into the hall from their regular class at a designated time and the team will do a parade around the school while sharing applause, cheers and high fives. Our night of the mustang/ athletic awards night will recognizes a coach, athlete, or parent who goes above and beyond for our school, teams and community. We call it FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME award.
Westwood CHSWestwood player of the week for basketball (new initiative)District office recognition, Awards night in the theatre, with meal, joint school/league awards night in the worksWestwood Wednesdays (kids wear team gear/colors on Wed), staff recognition
Academy at King Edward High School - McNally SiteWe continue to host an athletic awards banquet at the end of the year, with individual awards for each sport. We do the typical top athlete awards and most improved, but are also looking into honoring athletes who are academic and athletes who perform community service (highlighting students in sport who give to their school and community).
Dene Tha ‘ Community SchoolSports banquet: plaque of recognition and appreciation , sports suit, gift certificate, banner in the school, medal etcEvery end of the season and one huge one at the end of the school year Wall of fame
William Aberhart High SchoolAthletes of the Month, Hall of Champions, Athletics marketing hallway, instagram, twitter and snapchat feeds, current photos on screen in trophy case, advertising on our Brightspace TVs around the schoolInstagram, snap chat and twitter, advertising on Brightspace TVs, using athletic leadership students to update the feedsHall of Champions recognizes the champions of our history, trophy case is updated every year and the MVP of each team hangs around the trophy with their name, all athletes are invited to the year end celebration and our successes and awards winners are highlighted at the year end awardslong standing coaches receive a recognition award (great leather briefcase) with a story and a part in the awards program,
Kitscoty High SchoolMale/Female "athlete of the year" at our annual awards ceremony. Medals given Male/Female Track & Field "athlete of the year" for our annual school track meet. Plaque given Player of the game awards in basketball. Announcements of players at pep rallys for those attending provincials. Announcements on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Pep rallys before teams attend provincials. Announcements on our Twitter and Facebook pages.Thanks and gifts given to volunteer coaches at our annual school awards ceremony.Create a coach wall of fame in the gym. (we are currently looking into this).
St. FrancisWe give each athlete a pin for their sport. Gold for 12, Silver 11 and Bronze 10. The pin is in SF and the name of sport on the side. We also calculate points (25, 35 and 50) for each sport they play. Get a Brown F for 200 points, Ornage for 400 over their 3 years.Pepe rallies and photos on the wall. We also have vball teams play the teachers over lunch prior to their tournaments at home.Coachs wear to say thanks. We also calculate points (25, 35 and 50) for each sport they play. Get a Brown F for 200 points, Ornage for 400 over their 3 years.Athletic banquet at the end of the year.Wall of Fame for the week, choosing an athlete from a team. Recognize achievements on twitter, announcements Monday morning.
Christ the King -Annual student awards -pep Rally's -facebook page -morning announcements#ERROR!#ERROR!
Lester B. Pearson High SchoolTickets to UofC Dinos Games, Senior Night at Sr teams last home league gameGames of the Week with concession, DJ, draw prizesYear End Athletic Banquet, I look forward to reading other responses.
Canmore Collegiate High SchoolWe do an Athlete of the Month. They are recognized in a display at the entrance of our school and in our social media posts. We work closely with our local media to ensure that our teams get coverage in our local newspapers and radio stations. We have an award ceremony at the end of each school year called the "Knight of Honour" (our teams are called the Crusaders). Each sport and team gives out individual awards and coaches share stories of their teams and athletes. We also regognize Athletes of the Year and Coach of the year. Not at this time
Kihew Asiniy (Saddle Lake)Well, we have a Maskwa (bear) Award that we give away to deserving female and Male athletes. Lord knows we could do more.We have had the odd pep rally, and never fail to acknowledge the teams during our morning announcements.I am new as the athletic director. But this year we made a facebook mention to one of our coaches and our principle made her a card. Often our coaches and athletes are not thanked enough for their efforts. Often they are even criticized for not doing enough, and they don't get payed for the extra effort they put forth.Yes I do!! Facebook mentions. University scouting, lets talk about extrinsic motivators, stuff, money, movie passes, water bottles, school swag the list goes on and on!!
Father LacombeWall of Fame Athete head shot photos in the cafeteria Instagram Twitter Team photo wall at the front of the school Instagram Twitter Pep rallies
McNallyWe are actually quite lacking this area overall, we really only have a display board. Through Metro's athlete of the week. I would love to know what other schools are doing. Once again, we are totally lacking in this area. We have actually taken a step back where we no longer are even running pep rallies.n/a
Bashaw SchoolAwards ceremony and assemblies where individuals stand up and are recognized - these are not really fresh.We have a "high 5" hallway. All our classes stand in the halls cheering our team on. The team runs passed the students taking high 5's and cheers along the way.As above, the awards ceremony.
BCHSOur school seems to be going to a way of less recognition much to our dismay. We have athlete of the week with T shirts We have team pictures posted We have awards at end of year for each team We have a case for provincial winner We have a signing picture for students that go beyond
Ecole Mallaig SchoolJust implemented an athlete of the year system for the high school. Individual awards are given out at the end of the school year at a banquette. At the beginning of games that certain coaches coach the athletes also do a thing called "got your back" and in this the student says a goal for the game and one of their teammates "has their back" and will remind the other throughout the game to keep working on their goal or that they have met it. At the end of the game anyone who met their goal gets a star of the game and we have a dance party to their song of choice. Everyone will have a goal and everyone will have someones back.Got your backs. Team awards. Round robin games at the end of the season for all the teams to play each other and have a fun wrap up.
Strathcona-Tweedsmuir SchoolWe are not very good at this as we like to share team accomplishemets over individual accompolishments. When we do have an individula prefomr well, we recognize it at our weekly assemblies, newsletter and blog.Our weekly assemblies, blog, social media.Banquets, dinners, breakfastsAthlete of the week/month. Blog, social media. Newspaper
Holy TrinityAthlete of the Month, Athletic BanquetAthletic Banquet, Highlights on tv's
St.Joseph Catholic Schoolwe put pictures up on our walls recognizing athlete's what help out in the community and around the schoolour teachers and administration provide media blasts to which they cover twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with promotions of our school events or athlete's in action.our school provide appreciation dinner for our volunteer coaches, for years of service we also provide them with school and teams clothing each year.
Master's CollegeAward MVP and EAGLE Awards for members of each teamSchedules are announced and placed on monitors around the school. Results are announced the next dayAnnual Awards Ceremony School Year Kick Off Gala Pep Rallies
Tyndale Christian SchoolAnnual membership meetings and weekly newsletters they are identified.Annual membership meetings and weekly newsletters.Sports banquet.
Erle Rivers High SchoolWe are currently looking for fresh, new ways because we still do that athletic awards night with trophies and plaques.We currently host an athletic awards night where we invite teams to attend. We have pep rallies at the beginning of seasons and then if we host a tournament we'll have a small pep rally. We have asked students if there was anything besides a plaque they would like the receive but they always vote plaque. We do have student athlete of the year awards that motivate student athletes.I look forward to you guys sharing what other schools are doing in hopes that we can spice up our ways.
Rundle Academy- Athlete of the month (picture up in the award cabinet, write-up in the announcements) - All athletes for the given sports seasons have their headshots displayed in the lower hallway by the change rooms - We have Rookie of the Year awards for top Grade 10 or top new athlete to our school, in addition to Athlete of the Year awards at the year end awards ceremony - Athletes are awarded Water bottles, lanyards, and/or backpacks throughout the year if they have demonstrated exceptional leadership or sportsmanship. - Any athletes going on to compete at a post-secondary level in any athletics are celebrated with a permanent plaque in our gym on the Wall of Fame - Any athlete who win provincial championships are celebrated on the Wall of Fame#ERROR!#ERROR!I would love to know more about how other schools celebrate athletes. However, I have recently been struggling with how to appropriately celebrate coaches more so. Any suggestions would be welcomed!
Penhold Crossing SchoolWe have athlete of the year presentations at our annual award banquet. They are presented with a trophy for the award and a gift for earning the honors of Jr. High and Sr. High, Male and Female athlete of the year. We will be posting ASAA photos of all the teams and individuals that reach the provincial competitions. We also hand any banners in the gym for any team that wins a banner, Jr. or Sr. high.We have a fall and winter sports team celebration in the gym with the whole school population present. At the end of the introductions of student athletes, the coaches summarize their season to the student body. We then have volleyball and basketball games to show the student body the skill development of the athletes as well as promote the sports to students who are interested in participating. The Sr. teams play the staff/alumni for the final game in each sport celebration We celebrate our coaches at the end of the year with a Coaches jackets that no other staff members have access to. It is a small gift that I have been doing for the past 15 years. The coaches enjoy and appreciate the jacket.
Hay LakesAwards night, player of the game t-shirts, on the televisions in the hallways. Pep Rally, introducing them at assemblies, school announcements, school televisions, awards night.Annual Awards Night, Player of the game t-shirts, School Announcements and assemblies
dewberryAwards every month. Sometimes sports relatedDo pep rally, have games against the teacherHave athlete awards in our school
Ivor DentAt the end of each game we have the team mates pick the MVP of the game and the grinder of the game. Their name is then on the announcements the next day.Every month we have full school assemblies in which we recognize the sports teams and their achievements. On the announcements we celebrate success that happen in the game (whether they win or lose)At the end of the year we have a celebration of the athletes by having a luncheon with them at which time we recognize coaches and athletes.
Archbishop O'Leary High SchoolWe have installed High Definition video boards where we rotate our student athlete pictures, videos, etc. We also run our Instagram account @olearyathletics. We are also starting to work with a social media company to make videos. We are also working on a way to recognize our athletes of the month.We have our morning broadcast where we share videos and recaps of previous games being played. These videos reach our entire school body.We honor our coach of the year at our year end coaches party. We also highlighted coaches this year on our school Instagram account. We also honor our male and female athletes of the year.
Notre DameAthletes of the Week are acknowledged every week. I created a google form that gets sent out each week for coaches to nominate an athlete and then myself and a student rep from student council who helps me with athletic events select a male and female athlete of the week. This is advertised with their photo and a writeup provided by their coach through a posted posted in the school, on our school tvs, in the school online and verbal announcements, and on social media. The male and female athlete of the week also receive a hard copy of their poster as well as 2 Dinos Tickets (each).All teams are recognized at a year end banquet. Highlighted teams that win cities or advance to provincials come onto stage and receive a photo and a speech by their coaches.Coaches and athletes are recognized at our year end athletic banquet. EVERY athlete is recognized. Athletes who play on or two sports receive a certificate with a pin or key chain on their way in, and they all are asked to stand up during our dinner to be recognized. Everyone who plays 3 or more sports is asked to come onto stage and their name is announced and they receive an award. We also award male and female athletes of the years. We advertise lists of all our athletes and coaches, as well as their accomplishments in our program.Our school would like to do a better job acknowledge and honour coaches specifically which we are looking for ways to do that...
Worsley Central SchoolWeekly CelebrationsWeekly CelebrationsRespect in School course
Archbishop Jordan High SchoolI started a Facebook ABJ Athletics Page where we recognize both individuals & teams. We also have a blog & school Facebook page. Same as above. I started a Facebook ABJ Athletics Page where we recognize both individuals & teams. We also have a blog & school Facebook page. At the end of the year we have our annual Colour Awards where we recognize teams, outstanding athletes &academic athletes. I would like to eventually have an athlete if the month.
Millwoods ChristianWe encourage the coaches to highlight the different players through games and tournaments so that all can be recognized at some point. We have a team wrap up for each one to give them a time to highlight the players for each season. A new idea for Sr High is we are giving a certificate to those Gr 12 students who played in their respective sport for all 3 years. We have pep rallies which include our elementary and Jr High to come and celebrate our sports teams. Our athletic banquets that we host for Jr High at the school involving the student body to celebrate then with a dinner for all athletes and coaches. For Sr High we go to a special place to celebrate with athletes, parents and coaches. We have a special speaker and nice meal together. I am seeking a way to have an athlete of the month for Jr and Sr High.
St. Joseph SchoolAthlete of the week: Based on athletes action off the court (sponsored by Sajj Shawarma) School pep rally (our old school was too small to host pep rallies. Pictures posted in the school.Athletic awards at the end of the year.Please share the results of this survey!
BoyleWe give out a male and female athlete of the year for grades 1-12 in our school. Grades 1-9 are based strictly on perfomance in PE class. Grade 10-12 strictly on permorfance on school teams only.We do a pep rally with music and introductions at least once per season for each our teams at which the whole school and parents attend.
Living Truth Christian SchoolEnd of Year awards are given the same level of recognition, if not more, in presentation as academic awards at our small school. They are recognized individually, vs in a group for their accomplishments and growth, with an emphasis on their growth. Teams are given jerseys to keep and use in Phys Ed Athletes are given awards at the end of the school year. Recognition in local newspapers
Notre Dame High School - Bonnyville Year-end Athletic Awards Pep-rallies before Zones competition.Pep-rallies before Zones competition. Results in our school's monthly newsletter that goes home to parents and is shared with the community. Athlete of the Week or Month Award (both girls and boys)
Vauxhall High SchoolAnnouncements, Pep Rally, Newspaper, TVs around the school, Newsletter, WebsiteAnnouncements, Pep Rally, Newspaper, TVs around the school, Newsletter, WebsiteBlain Burbank Service Award- for coaches School Wall of Fame- successful athletes that graduated
JR RobsonParade athletes through the school One big picture frame of all the teams of a school year. Like a grad class. Live streaming all home gamesParade athletes through the school One big picture frame of all the teams of a school year. Like a grad class. Live streaming all home games Using social media platforms to promote and celebrateSend off's for zone and provincial competition representatives
Immanuel Christian Secondary SchoolUnfortunately, we don't execute anything fresh or new..we would love to hear of what others are doing thoughUnfortunately, we don't execute anything fresh or new..we would love to hear of what others are doing thoughWe hold athletics banquets for our volleyball and basketball teams and host student council led pep ralliesNone at this time
Paddle prairie schoolWe do rallys and student vs teacher games to showcase the athletes within our schoolSee number 6
Savanna School
Sturgeon Composite High SchoolEach of our teams have a senior night on the last home game of the regular season (almost like a homecoming). Where parents and coaches get to stand up and say something about each graduating player. Players also get a very cool poster as a parting gift. We also acknowledge outstanding athletic performances and accomplishments in our monthly newsletter and pep rallys.Athletic Awards banquet in june for all athletes. I would like to see more scholarships and more outside recognition. Such as all star games ...
Beaverlodge RegionalI am not sure if they are fresh or new but we have an Athlete of the Month, both make and female. These athletes are recognized in a whole school assembley where all members of sports teams are acknowledged. We post the results in the local paper. As above. We introduce athletes to the student body at an assembley. Teams are featured in our local paper. Individual pictures of athletes are posted on school bulletin board. We use the above activities. I think we need to have a celebration of athletes through some sort of banquet with awards for each team such as most improved, most dedicated, team MVP.
Chinook High SchoolAt Chinook High School we have a next level wall where we celebrate athletes that have graduated and are playing their sport at the next level. We have pictures of them in the post secondary or next level uniform. We also have a wall where we post pictures of our Athletes of the year and Coyote Character award winners. Pictures have been sent to the email provided.All in season teams pictures are posted during their season of play in display cases outside the gym. Provincial medal winners are also posted with framed pictures outside the gym. Pictures are provided. Our athlete of the year nominations and selections have been a successful initiative. We have a thank you BBQ at the end of the year to thank coaches for their time and effort with athletes. We recognize coaches in staff meetings. Thanks for your work.
O'Chiese First NationI do monthly awards for high school and for elementary, I started a caught you being good program. When athletes are caught being sportsmanlike or helping with equipment, they receive a prize.I send pictures to our local newsletter to have our teams recognized by their community We have athlete dinners before or after games We have dinners at our school with their families
Bishop GrandinWe have started a bulletin board featuring our "Athletes of the Month." Students pictures are posted with a short bio of the highlights of the sport that they currently participate in.We have all of our team pictures blown up to poster size and posted in our PE hallway with sport memorabilia from that particular sport.We host an athletics awards dinner and banquet that recognizes all athletes, highlights MVP in each sport and awards our athletes of the year.
Lacombe Composite We recognize athletes of the week. One male and one female. They have their pictures posted in the local newspaper, highlighted on the school monitors, in the announcements, and posted on our athletics board. Along with their picture is a description as to why they are a deserving recipient of the award. We also pass out team and athletic awards at the end of our sport seasons. We host a athletic awards ceremony. All of of our teams recognize outstanding performers after each game. We also have an athletic board with picture rosters for our teams outside the gym. We are running a fall sport pep rally to recognize our teams, athletes, and coaches. Our athletic awards night. This is where all team awards, coach recognition, player recognition, and athletes of the year are presented. We have created an Athletic Leadership Team in our school who’s sole purpose it to boost the athletics program. Within their responsibilities exists athlete, team, and program recognition. This is their way to give back to a program that has given to them and put their stamp on it.
AKCSWebsite recognition. Announcements. Team photo wall of fame Official signing of the bannersSeason end celebrations. Year end semi-formal athletic banquet Head, heart, Hands awards I purchase a lot of 5$ Timmy's cards and hand them out to every parent volunteer at each game. It's an easy and immediate way to say a quick thank you when they help out
Olds High SchoolIn the past we had a local business sponsor a male and female athlete of the week. The athletes were then put in the local paper. Our school teams are recognized on monitors throughout the school. The local radio station goes out of their way to cover teams and interview both athletes and coaches. We also push out Facebook posts covering our teams and their successes. We have an annual awards assembly where every student is recognized for the sports and activities they contribute to. Scholarships to camps are awarded and the Athletes of the Year are named. The Athetes of the Week was a big hit. Unfortunately the business was sold and the new owners would not pick up the sponsorship. The paper would then only put in the pictures if they felt they had room because the notices were no longer being paid for.
Rundle CollegeWe invite them to be a part of our Leadership group.Assembly pep rallies, Video display of students on a TV screen.Athletic Awards nights - celebrating all of the above.Assemblies, newsletters, awards, leadership initiatives.
Leduc Composite High SchoolWe have an Athlete of the Month Program. 6 student athletes are awarded each month 3 boy and 3 girls. One at each grade level. They receive a Booster Juice gift card and their picture is posted in the hallway for 2 years.Team and Individual pictures for each team are posted in trophy hallway at school. Stay up for a year.End of year have Colour Night. Each team awards their team MVP, Most Improved Etc. Students earn points playing for teams. Students who achieve certain number of points win school Letter, proficiency Bar and Excellence Bar. Athletes of the year are chosen from Grade 12's with the most number of points.
École Alexandre-TachéWe are new to high school sports and so far, we've included a yearly award for athlete of the year. In morning anouncements, there are mentions of player of the game. We are looking to establish more.Morining announcements mention team accomplishments. We organise a friendly game between teams and staff at the end of the season and we have the entire school attend. At that game, special recognition is given to the team. We are looking to establish more.We have no long-standing successful initiatives as High school sports are new at our school. We are in the process of trying to discover said ways.In one of many ASAA publications, it would be nice if they had a quick repertoire of ideas to implement for athlete recognition, it would greatly help new schools/new sports programs.
St. Francis Xavier#ERROR!#ERROR!#ERROR!Would love to see my administration and district provide some days in lieu for our major sport coaches. They volunteer a ton of time into their teams and players and would love to see them get a little perk such as a couple days in lieu.
Bert Church This past year, we wanted to recognize those athletes that participated in unified sports. We decided that we would hold a presentation ceremony during the school day. We asked various classes if they would bring their students down to support these kids. The athletes were called up on stage, individually, and presented with a certificate of recognition. It was awesome to see the excitement on their faces as they peers applauded their success. I hope that we continue to do this as a Bert church tradition. We have recognition/pep rallies throughout the school year. During these assemblies, we introduce the teams and recognize their past, current accomplishments. This way our whole school body is aware of what is going on and who is participating. Each year, in June, we have an extra-curricular night, where we recognize players, coaches, and parents alike. It is a great way to highlight our success and allows for our athletes to be acknowledged for their hard work throughout the year.
École HéritageWe print banners of the teams that win at the zone and provincial level with the names of the students who were part of the team. We also have a billboard as you come in to our gym with the team pictures but also, various pictures of action shots and newspaper clippings. I often see students, teachers and guests stop to look at them.At the beginning of the week, our principal always mentions the teams that participated at tournaments or events. I don't think they're fresh or new but we framed a picture with the medal and sportsmanship pin of our 4 provincial winning teams and placed them at the entrance of our gym. As a school, the sportsmanship aspect of sports is above all else. In sportsmanship, we teach and reinforce the respect towards yourself, your team, your coach, the opposition and the officials. In doing so, we've been awarded the sportsmanship banner 4 times at the provincial level and mention that to our younger student-athletes. To be honest, I don't think we're doing anything cutting edge but we are strongly promoting our athletic programs to give our students an opportunity to learn other life skills while they're at school. I'm really interested in the results of this study so we can implement some of the ideas. Thanks for your time!
École Francophone d'AirdrieAdd pictures and recognition article in parent newsletter.Award team awards at the end of year instead of individual awards: ex: Most improved team, most successful teamWe have year end awards, have team banquets, and walls to underline our athletes.
Georges P. VanierWe hold a 'Color Night' with a community BBQ. Parents and students attend. We also announce within our school individual achievements. and on FacebookFacebookColor NightOur new school newspaper
Two Hills school It is expected in our school that athletes should maintain and act like leaders on and off the court/field/track. Our athletes are not given any special perk or treated any different because they compete. It is more about creating a family environment and cherishing the moments we have together throughout the season! We do offer our top athletes sports awards at the end of the year, however, the main focus is on team!School wife assemblies, PEP rallies, celebrity games (against paramedics, rcmp, fire, etc.)Praise, appreciation, and acknowledgment! Coaches are a valauable asset to any school or community. I believe communicating with your coaches and showing them you are there for them and willing to help is the biggest thing we as athletic directors can do!
Western Canada High SchoolAthletes of the Month, team MVP awards, awards at our "Night of the Redhawks" for team awards, athletic program awards (athlete of the year etc.), athletic program contribution awards for 2+ sports. Announcements in school for small celebrations, pep rallies, tournaments, social media postings. Picture displays for Hall of Fames, Social Media (instagram and twitter) Pep rallies. Announcements at school Scarves for each student to wear at games. Incentives to come to games (wear red for free entry etc.)Night of the Redhawks is a gala style event that celebrates teams and coaches and players for such a successful season. Coaches appreciation nights.
St. André Bessette Catholic SchoolWe have been doing an athlete of the week at our school. We have a parent/student athlete website in which we post pictures from our games and tournaments. We post pictures and highlight athletes on twitter, facebook and instagram. We invite our newspaper and local radio station to our events that publish pictures and interview athletes after games. We host an athletic awards night every year in which we give away over 30 awards for different criteria.Team pictures are posted all over the school. Our games are broadcasted through the tv's in the hallways. Social media is a huge presence throughout our school. Pep rallies are held for our teams.This is the first year our school has been in existence, however in the former school we have hosted athletic awards, had team and coach bonding evenings.
Delburne Centralized SchoolWe have a monthly DCS Celebrates to recognize Culture, Academics and Athletics students from K-12. In the gym we raise banners for achievements. Also Daily announcements, monthly newsletter, and webpage. Finally, I put on an Indigenous/Athletics Celebration day in June for all School Teams/Coaches. Here community sponsors support the purchase of "DCS Athletic Allstars" T-shirts that every athlete gets! They all wear them with PRIDE and the little ones can't wait to be on a team to get one :) Same as above in Question 6Same as aboveLots just call or email.
Eagle Butte High SchoolIn addition to our annual Athletic Awards Banquet we have an initiative we call "Top Talons" where athletes as well as any school student is recognized at assemblies for anything that goes above and beyond. Staff can nominate any deserving student and they receive a tshirt that is only given to those recipients.In addition to the awards banquet and pep rallies, at our Wednesday assemblies teams are recognized for their contributions. We also have an extracurricular wall where team pics are posted as well as individual pictures of athletes.Our annual awards banquet held in June every year celebrates teams/athletes.We also have scholarships we give out in the name of Dave Rozdeba, our Athletic Director that recently passed.
Grand TrunkIncorporating student-athlete of the monthPep rally's for major sports events. Mascot's, games are scheduled online, etc...Providing school-wear to coaches. And having a celebration lunch for all volunteers.
Andrew SchoolWe are a small school with very few teams, so our daily announcements (that go out to the whole K-12 school) are a way where we recognize our athletes. We do not only recognize the students that score the most points or anything, we recognize individual efforts that had an impact on team performance. Eg. a student stepping in to take a hard charge in a game to swing momentum for their team. Again, with such a small school we focus heavily on our student athletes, and make sure they are visible and lean on them for their leadership in the school. We have an awards night, and in our home tournament we make sure to acknowledge our teams, athletes, coaches and volunteers.
Maurice-LavalléeWe have a connection to our community news paper and we feature individual students there (Le Franco) We have a hallway of fame in our school where we have a number of frames showcasing our athletes in action. Our Awards ceremony: We honor athletic excellence in both interscholastic and club athletics or our students We also honor athletic improvement which allows athletes who are beginning their athletic journeys to be showcased as well. Intra murals are a great way to get kids involved. We also participated in the unified athletics program last year which was absolutely fantastic - this went far beyond athlete recognition... this was just good citizenship!
SCHSAthlete of the Month gets a Subway card.We celebrate them on social media and on the in school TV system. We have MVP, Most Improved, Rookie and Sportsmanship awards in all sports. Pizza party to end the season.We have a baseball academy at our school. They give graduating players team photos at a ceremony in May? (SOrt of like colleges do?)
Mayerthorpe High School We often use the local newspaper. We have some non-traditional sports in our school in which we have our local paper come and do stories on. ( Hockey, Rodeo, Team Handball ) All newspaper articles then get posted on a Tiger Nation bulletin board at the front of the school.We have the teams run through the school with classes clapping to celebrate their victories. We run pep rallies each season to celebrate teams within the school - in conjunction with our home tournaments. Kids come dressed in tigerwear and wear mascot logos to cheer on teams. Last year we did a music video with pictures of our teams throughout the entire year.Awards - celebrating individual success. Team photos displayed Assemblies to celebrate when our coaches win awards of excellence.
Crosenest Consolidated High SchoolFacebook, Twitter.Facebook, TwitterAwards night. Pep rally, newsletters, newspaper.NA
Archbishop O’Leary High SchoolDuring our Morning Broadcasts On our message board outside our main gym Same as aboveOfficial acceptance in Varsity schools by having the signing of documents at our school. Not at the present time.
Oilfields High SchoolWith our grade 12's we have created their own playing(similar to a hockey card) card to give them on our athletic night We also have two to three students who come up and speak about what it means to Be A Driller and what athletics means to them. We give all of our Grade 12 athletes a picture for themselves with a started quote in which they finish the rest of the sentence. For example "Being a Driller means....." Hold an athletic night in which each coach calls up their team, speaks about them and then gives out MVP, Most Sportsmanlike, & Most Improved
Saint Thomas AquinasWe use our school tv’s, assembly’s and announcements to acknowledge our athletes.We use our school tv’s, assembly’s and announcements to acknowledge our athletes.We use our school tv’s, assembly’s and announcements to acknowledge our athletes.We would like to start offering an athlete of the month initiative.
Ecole du SommetWe use morning announcements to recognize individuals and teams. We also have a television screen in the school constantly running through photos of our athletes in action and sharing photos of their success with the entire school and any visitors passing by. We use morning announcements to recognize individuals and teams. We also have a television screen in the school constantly running through photos of our athletes in action and sharing photos of their success with the entire school and any visitors passing by. Year end awards are given out to individuals that demonstrate team spirit, sportsmanship and leadership in sports. This comes with certificates and small cash donations from local businesses. I would like to start recognizing our athletes on the schools new instagram account.
High Level PublicWeekly athlete corner posts on social media, student-athletes listed on the gym wallSocial Media, pictures, tournament results etcYear-end sports banquet
St Mary’s Catholic SchoolWe have always recognized an athlete of the month. However this year we started highlighting a athlete of the month with a twist. That athlete would attend the jr high practices in an attempt to start a new “culture” in the school. We had our sr high athletes go down with our jr teams. But we also had our jr high athletes go up to our st practices. Trying to show both groups what hard work and dedication looks like.We have a huge social media presence in our school. All our teams have Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. We really encourage all of our teams to show what their teams are up to. Not just games and playing, but activities as well. For example our Sr boys have a weekly “dinner” where the boys just meet to hang out. We try and highlight these activities to show what our student athletes lives are like We have an athletic awards night, where coaches can take a few minutes to “brag” about their teams. Trying to highlight the “team” rather than individuals. Also we have an annual alumni vball game, where athletes from the last come back to play the current team. It’s alwyas well attended and it’s great to see how the athletes that have left always make time to come back
Morrin SchoolAthlete of the Year awards, Intramural MVP awards, School-wide "celebrations" of achievementsPep rallies, updates on the announcements, "celebrations" of achievementsN/ANo
Glendon School#ERROR!#ERROR!#ERROR!- love Metro Athletics job of player and team profiles and their Social Media is top notch, should be an example for all of us to follow!!
Morinville Community High SchoolWe make and post individual & team pictures and put them in our display case outside of the gym. We also put team pictures and action shots in other display cases.Pep rally's, full size images of athletes performing their sports. We have our Athletic Awards evening where we supply snacks and the team captains prepare short speeches to summarize their seasons.
Louis St. LaurentWe have an athlete of the month board outside of our gymnasium in which a female and male is profiled. We also highlight key athletes in our website/athletic newsletter. These students receive a Gatorade and Pizza. We have feature games of the week. We profile our teams on posters and birds throughout the season. We host 6 tournaments to recognize these teams in competition.Athlete of the month. Pep rally for teams. Running high profile tournaments. Keep alumni involved in school functions. Keep alumni involved in
Matthew Halton High School not doing anything new at the moment,list the team lists in the school, near end of the season with our Sr high teams always have a game vs the school staff, we have our annual sports awards that seem to be working still I have ideas it is just sometimes finding the time to implement them.
Vegreville Composite High SchoolAthletic awardsPosters, shirts, specific player wearAwards night.
Mannville SchoolWe are a small school, so acknowledge students during our monthly school-wide assemblies.We are a small school, so acknowledge teams during our monthly school-wide assemblies.Social media, newsletters, website, assemblies, school-based awards.
Vimy Ridge AcademyMale and Female Athlete of the Month for students exhibiting CORE values in PE/Athletics and the classroom. (citizenship, opportunity, respect, enthusiasm). Award winner receives a certificate, has their picture and write up shared on social media and school TV, pictures up in the school, AND receives a highly sought-after "Vimy Athlete of the Month" interview towel (like on Hockey Night In Canada).Simple pep rally Team banners in the hallway Social media posts of game actionN/A (trying to build some of these into the culture...)
Ponoka Secondary CampusPlayer of the game t-shirts “Athlete of the Month” certificate and gift. Athlete and Bronc Of the Year award in June
Westmount Charter SchoolFor our seniors we hold a senior night where we acknowledge them. At that point we provide them with a school Nalgene water bottle that only grade 12 athletes get. It's usually filled with candy alsoWe have a sport showcase at the end of each year. There we provide every athlete a certificate for participation that is individualised,with stickers for their sport, this is done infront of all other student athletes and other classes that would like to attend. We also hand out our MIP and MVP for each team and Athletes of the year and sportsmanship of the year.For coaches I have their favourite starbucks order. During coach appreciation week I bought them coffee's. This also allows me to also get them coffee during the season once or twice. We use our vending machine money for this.
Foothills AcademyPersonal pats on the back for making a team. Congratulatory letter. Recognize teams in assemblies. Regular updates of team progress - e-newsPhoto's on the school TV screens E-news weekly update on teams and PE Tweets and FBEnd of year Awards: MVP's, Heart awards, Coaches award, Most Improved, Sportsmanship, Athlete of the year. Wind up after league play - fun awards and certificates + pizza party.
Olds Koinonia Christian SchoolDuring daily intercom announcements we often share athlete's successes from the weekend or past week, sometimes athletes that are in outside of school sports or competitions as well. We also have weekly/monthly Jr. high and Sr. high athletes of the week spot on our bulletin boardDuring daily intercom announcements we often share team's successes from the weekend or past week. We also do whole K-12 school pep rally send offs for all our teams and individual athlete's when they qualify for ProvincialsWe dedicate a section of our trophy case for current school year successes, we send in photos and info as often as we can to our local paper to recognize successes throughout each year and we are also currently working on creating some displays beside our trophy case to include framed team photo and medal celebrations of our Provincial bronze to gold winning teams/athletes as well as a school history highlighting our past Provincial and Zone winners as well as past long serving coaches and athletes that have gone on to play at the post secondary level. We currently have this history section on our school's athletics website but would like to see it get more exposure in out school foyer now as well
Webber AcademyStudent assemblies, weekly newsletters and student bulletinsStudent assemblies, weekly newsletters and student bulletins. Also bulletin boards.Coach of the year awards and team of the year awards.