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Date Requested:Submitter:Person(s) Prayed For:Comments:
1/11/2017 19:44:53Rowena GreenLeVersa Singleton
1/11/2017 19:45:21Rowena GreenCamille Bethel
1/29/2017 18:13:05Regina GreenBarbara SimpsonUndergoing surgery tomorrow (Monday 1/30/17). Prayers for "the Lord's will to be done".

Thank you
2/4/2017 14:46:32Rowena GreenLeVersa Singleton
2/20/2017 16:55:29Pat RobertsBob and Sue Johnston
2/20/2017 22:17:39Regina GReenBarbara Simpson and the Simpson FamilyBarbara, Mother of the Simpson Family, is in Hospice and not doing well at all

Please keep the family is prayer for strength, courage, and wisdom knowing the Lord is in control.

Thank you
2/28/2017 22:37:38Regina GreenThe Family of Barbara SimpsonMother of Randy Simpson and Ellen Jane Brady
2/28/2017 22:41:14Regina GreenCarol and husband Bill CaumCarol and Bill have been close friends of mine for several years. Bill has not been well. He specifically needs prayer for mental and physical healing. Carol needs prayers for courage and strength.
Thank you
3/6/2017 14:53:36Rowena GreenMisho Singleton
3/7/2017 15:16:13Regina GreenRandy SimpsonHealing, mental and physical as he goes through the mourning time after his Mother, Barbara Simpson passed away 2 weeks ago.
Thank you
3/17/2017 19:02:37David GibbsCurt ConnPassed away February 27 after years of struggling with multiple cancer diagnosis and treatments.
3/17/2017 19:04:35David Gibbs Ed & Ruth ChamberlainTheir family just had to move them to an Alzheimer's assisted living situation. They are both suffering from this difficult diagnosis.
3/20/2017 21:06:17Regina GreenThe Simpson FamilyWould it be possible to leave it on for a month? I'll let you know when it can be taken off. Randy and his sister are having a difficult time accepting it their Mother passed away even thought it was expected.

Thank you
3/20/2017 23:25:59Rowena GreenWilbur RickPassed on 3/20/17
3/28/2017 18:04:46Rowena GreenJanice MarshallRecovering from major surgery
3/29/2017 10:05:18Regina GreenRandy and the Simpson FamilyPrayers for strength as Randy and his family have the Memorial Service for their Mother Barbara Simpson on April 6th. Also safe travel for all who are coming from a distance to pay their respects.

Thank you
3/29/2017 13:11:36Lisa ArnoldElisa ArnoldHer and her children to get a place to live.
4/1/2017 22:11:58Rowena GreenLaurie-Ann Crespo & family desperate need of employment
4/2/2017 21:55:09Rebecca JayneRebecca JayneWould you please pray for me that God may protect and watch over the man in my life and that He May bring us closer together with every passing day and unite us once more.
4/4/2017 7:25:06Regina GreenRandy SimpsonCourage and strength for Randy and his family as the go through their Mother's Memorial Service Thursday April 6th. May the Lord bless them with his Holy Spirit and touch their lives with understanding and love.

Thank you
4/10/2017 9:51:20Rowena GreenD'Mtrie Cato-watsonRecovery from surgery
4/27/2017 19:37:51Rowena GreenSharon MasonJust had heart surgery. Prayers for recovery
5/5/2017 17:42:25Archie Polk Karen Regan James BeasleySondra BeasleyGrady ICU
5/29/2017 14:09:29Betsy DaniellThe Rev Troy BeechamI have received a private Facebook message and then I chatted with him. He has been diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's Disease. His father was also diagnosed 2 years ago and is doing great but Troy's seems to be worse. He is also asking for prayers for his mother, who is now the caregiver. He is still in Des Moines, Iowa.
6/8/2017 19:14:27Regina GreenMembers of Mt Zion Baptist Church from AlabamaPrayers for those in the bus that had the accident on Camp Creek Parkway and also family members. driving to GA to be them.

Give them strength and courage.
6/24/2017 21:37:20Rowena GreenCandice Rosier and newborn
7/2/2017 2:14:03HannahLiz, Alex, Hennessy and Hannah
7/5/2017 12:24:38ReginaGordon YoungMy uncle and father of my cousins. He is very serious condition and may not last a day. Please pray for my cousins for courage and strength. We are a tight knit family, including their wives. U, Gordy was a wonderful man and great father and uncle.

Thank you
7/5/2017 12:27:17ReginaRichard CooperPrayers for him that he is okay. Have not been able to get in touch with in for 2 weeks to tell him about our Uncle. His wife has never been close to the family and it is my prayer that she will let us know if he is indeed okay. My brother lives with one lung from a previous surgical procedure where the other one had to be removed.

Thank you for your prayers
7/6/2017 9:27:04Regina GreenGordon Young my uncleHe passed away early on Thursday morning. You can take him and the family off of the prayer list. I will put the family of Gordon Young on the Sunday morning prayer list. Thank you
7/8/2017 11:11:37Rowena GreenChanza RichardsonPraying for God's peace
7/12/2017 9:26:30Rowena GreenDanielle WhiteNeeds God's peace . Just admitted to hospital yesterday.
7/18/2017 15:03:17Ann AlstonMary Anne SmithMary Anne is preparing emotionally and spiritually for Bariatric Surgery on Mon. July 24,2017. Please offer prayers for her pre and after surgery.
7/18/2017 15:24:37Ann AlstonAngela Flint
Angela is 30 years old, married to Lancin Flint and has two children, a daughter 2 years old and a son 6 years old. A year ago, Angela was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After surgery, life returned to normalcy for she and her family. After a year of being cancer free, Angela began to experience pain again in her lower abdomen area where doctors found a mass and removed it. With chemotherapy treatment, she began to feel better but fell ill again. A middle school teacher, Angela wanted to return to work, but had to cease work at the beginning of this year. The doctors advised there is little that they can do to treat the cancer as it has spread to other areas (have given her little time) and suggested clinical trials at Emory Hospital. In the past two weeks Angela has returned to Piedmont Hospital twice where she remains at present.
Please offer prayers for Angela and for her family.
7/26/2017 23:48:33Rowena GreenKetor FamilyPraying for God's peace
7/29/2017 9:59:40Rowena GreenJean WrightHealing. From stage 4 cancer
8/2/2017 22:40:11Rowena GreenJohn & Denise MasonPray for healing in their marriage
8/8/2017 11:15:23Regina GreenMyselfPrayer for healing. Diagnosed with arthritis in a part of my body that causes pain
8/8/2017 11:17:04Regina GreenRandy SimpsonMay the Lord bless him with courage and strength has he goes through some legal issues due to his Mother's estate. Also that his children are not so difficult to deal with which is hard on him. Thank you
8/17/2017 10:43:20Tracy AndersonLyster & Brenda BassBrenda's mother, Betty Clark 94, of Winder, GA, has recently had some medical challenges and has been placed in a nursing home. Please lift the Bass family in prayer. Please contact them at 770-972-7178. Thank you.
8/22/2017 12:23:23Regina GreenRandy SimpsonPrayer for healing. Randy fell in Florida and hurt his nose. Thank you
9/19/2017 11:59:40Regina GreenMyselfHealing and guidance

Thank you
10/11/2017 23:32:31Rowena GreenRowena GreenHaving medical changles
10/15/2017 14:56:37Traci WrightTruly Living WellGreetings!

My name is Traci Wright and I am a member of Truly Living Well's Growing Families Program! This wonderful program is offered for free; designed for single mothers who are seeking to learn how to grow food, which also includes classes that teach financial literacy and interpersonal skills.

As part of the program, we are asked to reach out into our communities to seek opportunities to expand. I am reaching out to you in hopes that your church would be willing to allow TLW to create a community garden on your church grounds!

I believe this would be an amazing project that will benefit the community, and your church as well! If you are at all interested in this opportunity and would like to discuss, please feel free to email me back, or give me a call: 404-242-6784. For more information about TLW, please visit their site:

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Have a blessed day!!

10/24/2017 16:07:57Richard DurepoRandy PageThis is for All Saints Service
10/24/2017 16:09:15David HouserGeorgia and Parks HouserThis is for All Saints Service
10/28/2017 11:08:40karin garciazakaria el fatihiHello,

I'm contacting the church because I really need to intercede for the dreamers. I would really appreciate you praying for God to put his hand in congress to pass the dream act; there are thousands of dreamers right now that are working hard and contributing to the country. I would really appreciate you with the bottom of my heart to pray for the dream act to pass, this is about the lives of so many people who really deserve to be here. I also want to intercede for my friend, him and his family have been in a difficult financial situation. He really wants to help his parents but he has been struggling to find a solution, he has a soccer club he's trying to develop. His mom has diabetes and heart problems too, she also has to take pills and her medications are really expensive, his dad doesn't make much money with his job. I would really appreciate you praying for God to put his hand on him so he finds a solution as soon as possible for his financial situation to help his parents and give them the life they deserve; I would really appreciate you praying so everything he's trying to do goes well and he gets the financial stability and success he needs as soon as possible.
Thank you so much.
11/20/2017 19:27:56Regina GreenMyselfHealing. Having back problems. Undergoing tests for cause
Thank you
11/20/2017 19:29:31Regina GreenRandyGoing through a depression time regarding the holidays from his Mother an Aunt passing away this year.

Thank you
11/22/2017 15:37:00Rowena GreenCamille Stokes
11/22/2017 15:39:54Rowena GreenCynthia BraafDied suddenly.
Need prayers for her family
11/22/2017 15:40:23Rowena GreenCamille Stokes
11/29/2017 21:37:57Rowena GreenTommy StokesHaving surgery 11/30/17
12/5/2017 21:17:31Regina GreenSherran Sherran Davis is a member and an Usher. She had a car accident and has been stiff from it. Pray for healing

Thank yo u
12/5/2017 21:18:12ReginaBess LyleElderly friend of mine who fell and broke her hip. Had surgery today

Thank you
12/26/2017 12:17:46Rowena GreenAlisha SingletonPrays for a safe baby delivery
12/30/2017 11:55:59Regina The family of Frances Wiley
1/19/2018 11:10:43Lenora griffinmePlease for me pain in my legs and diabetic problems
2/2/2018 17:48:36Rowena GreenDenise Mason
2/3/2018 14:51:28Rowena GreenBen RichardsonMedical issues . Waiting for diagnosis
2/11/2018 14:52:24karin garciazakaria el fatihiHello,

I'm contacting the church because I need to intercede for the dreamers and my friend, I would really appreciate you praying a lot for the decision a judge made in favor of DACA recently to remain intact. Please ask God to put hand there so the judge's decision is never appealed so the ones that are already registered under Daca can at least live in piece because they really deserve to be here, they're contributing to the country and they don't deserve this injustice at all. I also want to intercede for my friend, him and his family have been in a difficult financial situation. He really wants to help his parents but he has been struggling, he has a soccer club he's trying to develop and he's also trying to buy a car and start a business to buy and resell products . His mom has health issues, she also has to take pills and her medications are really expensive. I would really appreciate you praying for God to put his hand on him so he finds a solution as soon as possible for his financial situation to help his parents and give them the life they deserve; I would really appreciate you praying so everything he's trying to do goes well and he gets the financial stability and success he needs as soon as possible.
Thank you so much.
2/11/2018 14:52:57karin garciamarcos ochoaHello,

I'm contacting the church because I need to intercede for my brother, he's in the process of renewing his permit and he needs to do that as soon as possible. I would really appreciate you praying for God to put his hand on that process for everything to go well and he gets his new permit with no delays. It's really important for him to be able to renew that, and I would greatly appreciate you praying for 3 months or so regarding this request.
Thank you so much.
2/15/2018 8:42:42Rowena GreenRowena GreenHaving problems with knees
2/15/2018 8:43:39Rowena GreenLeversa SingletonHaving problem with her heart
2/16/2018 8:43:56ReginaRandyPrayers for healing emotionally and physically. Thank you
2/16/2018 8:44:48Regina GreenRegina GreenHealing of my lower spine area
2/28/2018 10:30:40Tracy AndersonCecil W. EwingMr. Ewing of Gary, Indiana passed away on Feb 25, 2018. Prayers to the Ewing family.
3/6/2018 13:39:53Rowena GreenSamuel LynchDied 2/28/18
Prayers for family
4/2/2018 21:12:54Rowena GreenNathaniel CherefantNeeds spirital guidance
4/26/2018 18:14:15Ann L. AlstonBessie Simmons Hannah and Stella Johnson BarnesFirst cousins of Ann Alston’s father, Ephriam L. Alston, both having passed in the months of January and April, 2018, both in their 90s and both leaving loving families behind.
5/7/2018 18:53:34Jane FloydKevin GillespieMy nephew has been diagnosed with renal cancer.
5/25/2018 20:15:23Rowena GreenLeversa SingletonPraying for a positive diagnosis , Being worked up for Cancer
7/15/2018 13:18:13Rowena GreenYvonne Stokesasking for peace for Yvonne
7/15/2018 13:18:30Rowena GreenLeversa Singleton
7/15/2018 13:19:07Rowena GreenCamille BethelAsking for healing
7/25/2018 13:08:44Robert TopalRobert & OtessaDear Benevolence,

I really do not know where to turn to. I live out here in Sandy Springs, GA and all the churches give their money to one organization CAC, who has helped us out with utilities. We need urgently help with the rent, as my hours have been cut, and I am looking to increase employment. I am 58 and my other half is 65, and have experienced age discrimination in some areas of the work force.

I know that things are difficult, but not impossible, and I can increase my employment, as well as my other half wants more than anything to work and is looking yourself. We do need your help with rent.

We know that benevolence would not be made out to us, but to the landlord, you may call for any details or information that you need.

Thank You More Than Words Can Say,
Robert Topal
9/18/2018 20:44:06Rowena GreenAnne PetersAnne is on life support
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