V4S Kiosk - Portland Sprint Issues and Suggestions
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#Screen / ModuleIssue DescriptionTypeReported byCommentsV4S Mobile Team CommentsV4SM Type
1Mobile App (iOS)The UI/UX is a challengeFeedbackMichael BeatyThe Shift information on the first page looks clean and concise, but clicking into the "details" or the "search" button the Shift page is cluttered, and the area that scrolls isn't clear, only a portion of it scrolls. If you switch to landscape, it because even more difficult to navigate.We'll look at cleaning that up in some manner.Feedback
2Mobile App (iOS)When clicking "Don't see your name below Sign Up!" It does not let you create a new contact and only lets you search. I am unable to sign up since I don't exist in SalesforceBugClair LamWhat if the user is able to also add/or see the new volunteer on this page as well? You need to add yourself as a New Volunteer in the app - that will create the Contact. You can then add yourself to job/shift.
Great idea - we'll add a button to bring up the Add Volunteer page on the Volunteers Today page.
5Mobile App (iOS)Would be nice to be able to "star" or "pin" a shiftSuggestionJessica KwokI may have a lot of shifts showing in the app and I want to go to exactly the one that I may be working on at this moment. True. We'll support pinning, like on Android Contacts.Suggestion
6Mobile App (iOS)When looking at shift record in the app, the UI could use some reworking. The list of volunteers should be more compact so I can scroll through and fine them more quickly. The search bar SuggestionJessica KwokWe'll review this page - I know it's messy!Suggestion
7Mobile App (Andriod)app crashed on meBugTJ WarfieldOuch! We'll look at the app logs that we have.Bug
8Mobile App (iOS)On the "Add a New Volunteer" page, some text is Red (Required), blue and light blue. The text boxes are very longSuggestionClair LamNot sure I understand: are you saying the text boxes shold be shorter?Suggestion
9Mobile App (Andriod)hitting back while in the app closes the appBugTJ Warfieldn/aMaybe we should show a warning? Will do.Bug
10Mobile App (iOS)Signed up as a volunteer, then I Signed Up for a shift and it got stuckBugClair LamSorry about that - we'll look at the logs and figure out why.Bug
11Mobile App (iOS)When I click into the details of a shift and then click "Go back", I get redirected to the top of the page. I think it would be better to go back to the shift that I started on.SuggestionJessica Kwok May not be easyt o do - we'll show a "pinned" shift instead. And make the most-recent shift a pinned shift automatically.Suggestion
12Related List on Hours Page Layout"Check in" field "in" not capitalizedBugMichael BeatyConsistency is key!Completely agree. Will fix.Bug
13Mobile APP(iOS)/ MacSigned up as a volunteer in the org, then I Signed Up for a shift and when I go back and check in the org, the shift doesn't show up under volunteer data BugSravani Kristemworks with betaWill check.Other
14Mobile APP(iOS)/MacRegistered a new volunteer through the mobile app but the volunteer shows up under contacts instead of V4S membersSuggestionSravani KristemA "member" is a Student. So adding a new Volunteer will show up on the Volunteers list and not on the Members list. We don't have a way to add a Member, although you could configure one via the Forms mechanism.Suggestion
15PricingThere should be a pricing level between Standard and Mega - that is a giant jump in users and price pointSuggestionTJ WarfieldWe'll discuss that internally - right now, we don't even have pricing for the Events and other new functions!Suggestion
16Mobile App (Andriod)just logged in, and am getting "Please login again" message at bottom of page - and hitting OK does nothingBugTJ WarfieldI logged out and logged in several times, it went away on its ownCan you log out and log in again? Will that work?Other
17Mobile App (Andriod)the stacking of Confirmed, Unconfirmed, Checked In on top of the images for Attendees, QR, and images is a little confusing - it makes it look like the image below the text is linked - maybe put the text in their own boxes or put a line between the two?FeedbackTJ WarfieldGood point - will look at that.Feedback
18Mobile App (Android)If I go to shifts and jobs and try to look at checkedin for a shift I get No media available error messageBugSravani Kristemthe text and image below doesnt seem to be related. Better to make this more clear for end userThe rightmost button is for Media - is that what you're talking of? You can add photos, etc. from there for the Shift/Event.Bug
19Mobile App (Android)when trying to go back to previous page, response is very slow and sometimes getting "V4S Kiosk isn't responding" message BugSravani Kristemvery flaky and very slowWill check the logs, sorry!Bug
20Mobile App (Android)If I go to events and click on either of options for checkedin, confirmed etc the page that opens has tabs on the top but the tabs are not working and there is no option to go back a pageBugSravani KristemThe numbers on top are not tabs - they're just counts. Maybe we need to style them differently - will discuss that internally. Navigation is mostly via the menu, unless there's a back-arrow on top-left.Feedback
Salesforce Contact the contact page layout doesn't have any of the attendee related objects on the page and confuredFeedbackTJ Warfieldwith some default fields to show up in the related listsI guess you mean within Salesforce - we'll add that in the next package.Feedback
Mobile App (Andriod)on Attendee page - not only are the Confirmed, Unconfirmed, etc tabs not buttons like they look like, but the text of each doesn't fit - for instance Unconfirmed: # of # shows just as Uncon-
FeedbackTJ WarfieldThe ellipsis means that there are no Unconfirmed attendees. That's probably confusing - will change it.Feedback
Mobile App (Andriod)syncing the Event page evidently doesn't also sync all Jobs and Shifts and vice versaBugTJ WarfieldTrue, it does not. You can set up auto-sync on the Settings page - that'll make sure that ll your data is synced periodically, but will use more Salesforce APIs.Feedback
Mobile App (Andriod)when looking at Attendee list - can't tell who a person is a guest of or if they have paidFeedbackTJ Warfieldthought so, could have sworn I saw this in the demo, but couldn't rememberCan add relevant fields via Config.Feedback
Mobile App (Andriod)how do you view the Walk-ins?FeedbackTJ Warfieldon the attendee list page, it would be nice to be able to touch Walk -is and have it filter just those - see #21 with the tabs not being usable buttonsCan you not just search for "walk"? Or do you think there should be a filter of some kind?Suggestion
Mobile App (Andriod)when you check folks out, it is weird that it wipes the time they checked in - would like to see in/out times - not sure once they check out for an attendee that you would want to check them back in again - and if you do, you lose the original check in/out dataFor Volunteers and Students, every checkin and checkout is tracked separately in Salesforce, so no data is lost. For Attendees, you can configure field-tracking (for now).Feedback
Salesforce Shiftit is a little weird that there is nothing on the Shift record itself to differentiate between volunteer shift or event attendee shift - would like to record type the shift so you only show the appropriate related lists (vols or attendees), Jobs maybe a type fields so you can differentiate?FeedbackTJ Warfieldit isn't good that on the same shift we can have both volunteers and attendees. We chatted around the table, and could not come up with a use case where we would use both on the same shift - having both there as options makes it confusing and off puttingJobs and Events have different colouring. On the Jobs & Shifts list, a Shift serves only as a way to get to Volunteer info; Events are best looked at on the Events Today page. And the two lists can be configured separately, so you can show data on one that's not relevant on another. But I see your point - maybe we should show an indicator on the J&S that a particular Shift also has Attendees.Feedback
Mobile App (Andriod)can you set it up to not always be in offline mode so you don't constantly have to synch if you have an active wifi signalFeedbackTJ Warfieldfound where to set thisFeedback
Mobile App (iOS)When I am navigating from page to page on intiial load below the "header" I see information/volunteers from the last page I was on and then the screen "refreshes" and shows the correct related volunteers pageBugAnne JacksonYes - maybe we should clear the page first. Will check on that.Bug
Mobile App (iOS)Visually it feels odd that when someone is checked in, it shows the time they're checked in. I expect that the language would change to "Checked In" or something like that. (it's still definitely to track check-in time though)Jessica KwokDid that to save space on screen! We'll add a flag somewhere to show times separately.Feedback
Mobile App (Andriod)i set up auto - refresh, but when it did refresh, I got a message at the bottom of the screeen that I had to log in again, and then it went away, so I am not sure if it actually refreshedBugTJ Warfieldsuppress it - it will just make people think there is a problemmIt will have - that login message is informational. Maybe we need to suppress it?Feedback
Salesforcepayment details being a text field makes no sense - is there a way to link it to an opportnity? FeedbackTJ WarfieldYes, in Salesforce - Custom Field + Config.Feedback
Mobile App(iOS)/Macwhen a volunteer is checked in it would be nice to see the volunteer name too in the V4S checkin details tabFeedbacksravani kristemYou can add details via Config.Feedback
Mobile App (Andriod)not seeing how many tickets purchased or how many guests folks haveFeedbackTJ Warfieldis this a config thing, too? to show the # tickets and # guests on the attendee's contact card?Search by Host name, you will see host and all guests.
Yes, you can configure to show those fields. Note, though, that the # of guests is not a COUNT of the guests but a field that has a count keyed in. Unless you write Salesforce-side logic to update a field that you show via Config.
Mobile App (Andriod)on Event screen -- no matter what I click on Confirmed, unconfirmed, checked in, it takes me to list of everyone - so I can't look at just those that are confired, unconfirmed, checked inFeedbackTJ WarfieldYes, that's just a count - we'll make those numbers Filters.Feedback
Mobile App (Andriod)in mobile app - how would I see a list of who was at each table?Feedbacktj WarfieldIf Table is on the list, search by Table #, maybe? All fields shown are searchable.Feedback
Mobile App (Andriod)the Shift # being the title of each event/shift isn't helpful - use Job nameFeedbackTJ WarfieldOKFeedback
Mobile App (Andriod)icons for Job/Shift not helpful FeedbackTJ WarfieldBad stylistic choices - what can we show instead?Feedback
Mobile App (iOS)App not honoring the Volunteer Website Time Zone field on the job for shifts?OtherAnne JacksonIf this field is blank for the job, how should it display to the user who is on Pacific Daylight time? What is this filled if this field is filled will a value at the job level, how should the shift display to that same user?the app only respects the user's phone time-zone. The Website Timezone is meant for onlline users, the way we saw it.Other
Mobile App (iOS)If a volunteer came to check in at a kiosk, the search bar should be able to pull up the contact and their shifts would be listed for that daySuggestionAngela HewitsonYes, you should be able to do that on the Volunteers list. No?Suggestion
Mobile App (iOS)It would be good to have a volunteer checkin time and checkout button similar to checkin rather than just timeSuggestionSravani Kristem*Make sure the check-in/check out data is not lost in case they have to checkout and go to lunch and want to check back in again or somethingWill set up a switch for this change.Suggestion
Mobile App (iOS)For the search volunteers for Shift page, it has the text "Name, email ID or phone, as in Salesforce"- just saying "email" instead of "Email ID" is clearer and matchines the Salesforce field namesSuggestionAnne JacksonWill do.Suggestion
Mobile App (iOS)Where are the images next to the volunteer names coming from (planets, etc.)? OtherAnne JacksonFor people who have no image set up, we show a default, random image. You can change the image for Volunteers and Attendees by clicking on the image and changing it. We don't support Student (Roster) image changes yet.Other
Mobile App (iOS)If I enter a volunteer for the shift in Salesforce (dev org) with the status of prospect, once that volunteer checks in for the shift via V4S Kiosk, should their status get set to Confirmed? *If I add a volunteer to a shift and check in all from Kiosk they get set to status of confirmedFeedbackAnne JacksonWe don't do that ourselves - you can set up a Rule in Salesforce for that to happen.Feedback
Mobile App (iOS)From the Volunteers Today option from the hamburger menu, when showing the list of volunteers today it's also showing "Display on website checkbox" field and also it's showing <p> and </p> tags for the description of the shiftBugAnne JacksonThe "Display..." is part of the config - can be removed from within Salesforce. The <p> tags must be shown as HTML - will fix.Bug
Mobile App (iOS)From the Roster Today option from the hamburger menu, the dropped off by radio buttons don't save if you go away and come back to the screenBugAnne JacksonShould the checkmark be changed into a "Check in" and "Check out" button like in other areas for consistency?Yes, you need to check in/check out the person to save the selection. It's meant to record who dropped off/picked up the student at the time of checkin/checkout.Feedback
what's the difference between the 3 rellated lists on the contact?I guess you mean Volunteers. Roster and Attendees. Volunteers are people who've signed up for various jobs/shifts. The Roster shows students who will attend classes that Volunteers may tutor. Attendees are guests at Events. All different objects within Salesforce, related to Contacts.Other
Mobile App (iOS)It would be good to have the information of whether an attendee is paid or unpaidSuggestionSravani KristemYou can can add a custom field on the Attendee object and then add it in Config - will show up on the handset immediately.Suggestion
SalesforceCould we get an ERD of the different objects this app is touching and what the object represents? This is good documentation to have in general, and would help me understand how the app works.SuggestionJessica KwokWill add that to the Admin manual in the next day or so.Suggestion
Mobile App (iOS)When adding an image (to something like a shift), make it more clear to the user that the image is in process of being uploadedSuggestionAnne JacksonYes, we missed that one. Will do.Suggestion
Mobile App (iOS)When looking at a shift, a back button would be nice to bring me back to the previous list of shifts. Right now I have to open the hamburger menu and click on the right option.SuggestionJessica Kwok Will do.Suggestion