Site NameSite AddressDescriptionType
1001 Flat Tales project (middle & elementary) Informational
ActivInspireAdventureshttp://ActivInspireAdventuresPromethean Board teachers share their resources and flipchartswiki, collaborative
Asia Society Education Learning
Ben Hazzardhttp://teachersconnecting.comPodcast is one of the best out there with Ben and co-host Joan Badger.Blog
Blog about My Research, Curation,Top 10 tools in XXI Century Education
Book Creator for iPad app that allows people to share pages with each other to create a book with multiple authorsCollaborative
Bringing Us Together http://studentfriends.edublogs.orgBlog
CAPSpace: Collaborations Around the Planet; A collaborative videoconference project gives you and your students an opportunity to learn with another school or classroom.; CAPspace is a social networking tool for educational videoconferencing built into the new Read Around the Planet registration system. Login to find colleagues and schools interested in collaborative videoconference (H.323 and H.320) projects, and participate in TWICE sponsored matching projects; and There are currently 2706 educators from 17 countries registered with CAPspace.Collaborative
Catholic School Connect wiki that facilitates online connections between Catholic schools. Complete with school directory and helpful tips.Platform, Collaborative, Informative
Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration
Classroom 2.0 Collaboration Forum
David Spencer's Education Paragon: resources for educators from a Canadian perspectivehttp://education.davidspencer.caFind education resources, lessons, units and curriculum from a Canadian perspective at David Spencer's Education Paragon. Online since 2006, the wiki features educational resources for Aboriginal education and native studies, field trips for educators, the Educators' Music Jam, Canadian geography, history, law and justice education, music education and outdoor, environmental and experiential education. Managed by Twitter user @DavidSpencerEdu database. To contribute and add your resource and suggestion send an e-mail to David Spencer:
Digital Wish Virtual Volunteers a classroom project and ask for a virtual volunteer OR Sign up to be a volunteerCollaborative
Eagle Eye To The World year global project studying a bald eagle camera. Already 30 classes signed up for next year and currently working to tweak, ehannce, and modify project to make it even better. A great collaboration and learning opportunity for teachers and studentswiki, collaborative, web2.0 tools
Edu 2.0http://www.edu20.orgThe 100% free online education site is a learning management system with social networking features, and does automatic translation on its forums and message system to allow students and teachers of different languages to communicate easily. It has over 38,000 members and includes integrated support for wikis, forums, debates, blogging, etc.Platform
EFL Classroom
http://eflclassroom.coman award winning, young, vibrant community of thousands of English language learners and teachers. We are pioneers in Web 2.0 resource sharing. The community is entirely free but requires a quick registration. Built by members, we need your voice and contribution! Please introduce yourself and make friends from all over the world. Enjoy your teaching, learning and discovery here!Informative, Resource
http://www.epals.comGlobal community of connected classrooms where classrooms can safely connect and collaborate with students around the world.
Target audience: Grades K-12.Collaborative, Resource, Informative
EPals, Pen Pals and E-Friends Page
lots of ways of contacting other people who speak and wish to learn English or want to share their love of English.
What they offer:
The Learn English Forum – Check out the friendly, fun forum hosted by yours truly. But remember, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.
E-Pals – An online community of collaborative classrooms.
BBC’s Message Boards – An easy to use service from my old favourite the BBC here you can share your experiences learning English with people from all over the world. . To add or reply to a message, you must register first.
My Language Exchange – find people who want to learn your language in exchange for them helping you with theirs. Unfortunately some parts of this service are no longer free.Collaborative
etwinning for schools in EuropeCollaborative
Flat Classroom Project 
http://www.flatclassroomproject.orgGlobal collaboration project that uses web 2.0 tools to facilitate communication and interaction between students around the world.
Target audience: Grades 6-12.Collaborative
GeometryGemshttp://GeometryGems.wikispaces.comA site where geometry teachers can share ideas and resourceswiki, collaborative
Global Challenge Awardhttp://www.globalchallengeaward.orgHighschoolers across the world work on solving global challenges.Collaborative
Global Classroom Project provide teachers with the opportunity to make global connections through their participation in our online community spaces, and through the wiki, blog, and Teacher Contact Directories (shared privately on this wiki).Collaborative
Global Educationhttp://globaleducation.ning.comCollaborative, Resource, Informative, Forums
Global Education Motivatorshttp://www.gem-ngo.orgInformative, Resource
Global Genius Hour Project for teachers doing Genius Hour or20% timeCollaborative, resources
Global Read Aloudwww.globalreadaloud.comThe premise is simple; we pick a book to read aloud to our students during a set 6-week period and during that time we try to make as many global connections as possible. Each teacher decides how much time they would like to dedicate and how involved they would like to be. Some people choose to connect with just one class, while others go for as many as possible. The scope and depth of the project is up to you. In the past we have used Twitter, Skype, Edmodo, our wiki, email, regular mail, Kidblog, and any other tools we can think of to make these connections. Teachers get a community of other educators to do a global project with, hopefully inspiring them to continue these connections through the year. Collaborative, free,
Global School House Provides meaningful project learning exchanges which foster teamwork, collaboration, and create multi-cultural understanding.
Target audience: K-12.Collaborative, Resource
Global School Networkhttp://www.gsn.orgThis organization has been connecting students across the globe for over 2 decades. The organizers, Yvonne Andres and Al Rogers, were the originators of some of the initial telecollaborative classroom projects back in the 1980s.Collaborative, Resource
GreenAppleshttp://GreenApples.wikispaces.comCreated as a resource for NEW math teachers with hands-on lessons, classroom managament, resources, literature reviews, and much more. Moderated by verteran, award-winning math, collaborative
IB or pre-IB schools, check out the International Baccalaureate Virtual Communityhttps://ibo.epals.comThey are connecting IB middle years and diploma programmes starting fall 2010 across more than 100 countries.Collaborative, Resource
iEARN classrooms to connect through projects posted on their site. It is recommended you join a project and participate before you start your own project. They have a network spanning approximately 125 countries.Informative, Resource
iEARN-USA. site will be updated in time for International Education week in November. This has been the better part of my work for the last 4 months, so I greatly appreciate the other ones listed in the comments here! If anyone needs any help or finds more, please get in touch with me!Informative, Resource
Innovative Teachers
http://www.innovativeteachers.comInformative, Resource
International Dot Day
http://www.thedotclub.orgAn International celebration of creativity inspired by Peter Reynolds' book, "The Dot." Schools spend 30 minutes to a week being creative (all starting with a dot). Last year many Skype conversations happened with classes around the world. Twitter #dotday
Jenuine Tech Projects 
http://www.jenuinetech.comResource for creative projects that encourage teachers to collaborate and include the use of web 2.0 tools.
Target audience: K-6.Resource
Kindergarten Around the Worldhttp://kindergartenaroundtheworld.blogspot.comBrokers international connections and collaborations for classrooms of students ages 5-6Collaborative
Langwitches “Around the World with 80 Schools” (Skype)http://aroundtheworldwith80schools.netCollaborative, Informative, Forums
Partners in Learning Network global community of educators dedicated to improving student learning worldwide. Find and connect with other educators globally as well as view learning activites created by teachers around the world. Colloabrative, Informative, Forums
Peace Corps Correspondence Match program
PikiFriends Collaborative
Project Me PBL: Connecting Students around the World through Writing your students through an exciting journey to explore their uniqueness, communities, and their world. Students will produce a collaborative ebook as a culminating activity. Full project resources and materials; free
Project Peace from around the world come together and make/share a music video they created from materials on the site.Collaborative, Informative, Forums
Quadblogging week one school/class blog is the focus blog with the other three schools/classes visiting and commenting during that week. In week two, another school/class blog is the focus with the other three visiting and commenting. This is repeated until each of the classes/schools has had their week in the spotlight. The cycle is then repeated.Collaborative
Rafi.ki, Resource
Scoot & Doodle Scoot & Doodle’s real-time, collaboration studios, friends and classmates get together for creative jam sessions, face-to-face, anytime, anywhere.
Skype in Schools
Skype in the Classroom
SlideSpeechhttp://slidespeech.comCollaboratively update linked, talking presentations.Collaborative
SMART Board Smartyhttp://smartboardsmarty.wikispaces.comSpecifically designed for SMART Board users to share ideas, find tutorials, resources, free downloads, and training fileswiki, collaborative
Sue Waters from The Edublogger has links for classes wanting to skype and another link for classes with blogs &
Sue Wyatt’s Blogging Challengehttp://studentchallenge.edublogs.orgBlog, Collaborative
The Best Ways to Find Other Classes for Joint Online Projects (Larry Ferlazzo)
The Mixxer (for foreign language teachers)http://www.language-exchanges.orgI found various classroom teachers looking for virtual language exchanges for their students. The teachers on this site communicate principally through Skype.Collaborative
The Schools United can join the Microsoft Innovative Teachers Network for their home country and get access to and share content with Teachers from across their country and in many cases from across the world.Collaborative, Informative, Resources, Blogs
United Classrooms platform that connects classrooms to teachers, classmates, parents OR other classrooms across the globe.Collaborative
Yescian-Science**no longer active**Blog
The Student Creativewww.studentcreative.orgAnnual global digital arts challenge focusing photography, art, and media students around a common theme. Submissions are compiled in both e and 'tree' books with proceeds benefiting the Jacaranda Foundation in Malawi. Teacher dialogue begins in Fall via Art Education 2.0 and the Adobe Education Exchange. Books of student work are available in print and for the iPad in late Spring. Annual Collaboration
Connected Classroom plus community to connect other educators and expertscollaborative community
#blogpals up to find blog pals for your students