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ALLaccessibility (from a student POV)"Making Online Instruction Accessible: A Student-Generated List" Male via Assay JournalMale asked her Disability Memoir students to answer the question, "How might we develop an online version of our course that meets our individual needs and the needs of our classroom community?" The resource contains their responses, which are helpful ones to consider in a time of rapid response.(CETL)
ALLanother list of disciplinary resources that should be added to your if possible : )Discipline-Specific Examples and Resources for Distance Learning (Responses) Skallerup Bessette, PhD Learning Design Specialist Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship Georgetown University lee.bessette@gmail.comlist of disciplinary resources--small but good
ALLassessment10 Assessments You Can Perform In 90 Seconds for assessments you can do online/via web meeting
ALLAssessment/EvaluationRemote Exam Kit State UniversityPortland State University’s Remote Exam Kit: While some of this page references PSU’s course management system, the principles here will help you think through exam options
ALLDiscussion alternativesCreating Online Learning Experiences Education Resource
ALLDiscussion alternativesSeminars & DiscussionsYale
ALLDiscussion alternatives, General articles of interestSo You Want to Temporarily Teach Online Higher Edpractical advice-This guide is aimed not at the permanent movement from face-to-face to online education but at the desire to implement an interim solution for emergency remote teaching and is specifically focused on lecture-based classes with some considerations for more active learning environments.
ALLDiscussion alternatives, General articles of interest, Lecture delivery tipsResources for Online Meetings, Classes, and Events Facilitators for Pandemic Response group and other collaboratorslarge collection of resources for moving instruction online
ALLDiscussion alternatives, Lecture delivery tipsThread on some practical online teaching tips tips
ALLGeneral articles of interestHow to Be a Better Online Teacher tips about moving courses online
ALLGeneral articles of interestThoughts & Resources for Those About to Start Teaching Online Due to COVID-19 started tips
ALLGeneral articles of interestAn Emergency Guide (of sorts) to Getting This Week’s Class Online in About an Hour (or so) Journalthoughtful article that focuses on accessibility issues around an immediate/emergency switch to online delivery
ALLGeneral articles of interestAre Colleges Prepared to Move All of Their Classes Online Williams June via The Chronicle"While colleges have been training professors to use videoconferencing and to record lectures in advance, students might have a learning curve of their own."(CETL)
ALLGeneral articles of interestOnline course for how to teach online recently created a new online course to help faculty create their own online courses. Led by Dr. Brian Udermann from University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, Developing and Teaching an Online Course provides the core principles and best practices for online teaching. This would be extremely useful for educators get up to speed for online teaching. It is available as part of a Spring Enrichment Program that begins March 15 and can be accessed through May 2nd.
ALLGeneral articles of interestRule of 2’s: Keeping it Simple as You Go Remote for COVID19 StateA really nice guide to the essential things to think about for faculty as they pivot to online
ALLGeneral articles of interestTeaching Online with Email and a Phone look at how to think about connecting with students
ALLGeneral articles of interestTeaching Online with Email and a Phone look at how to think about connecting with students
ALLGeneral articles of interest11 Teaching-Focused Things to Consider When Moving Your Course Online College Center for Teaching & Learning/ITBeyond the use of technology, what do we need to think about as we move from face-to-face to online instruction? For example, #1: We don’t know what we’re doing! And that’s OK! or #2 Reassure students that we will figure it out together. etc...
ALLGeneral articles of interest, compilations Remote Teaching Resources for Business Continuity Stanford, Director of Faculty Development & Technology Innovation, Center for Teaching and Learning, DePaul Universitylinks to different institutions' plans
ALLGeneral articles of interest, Inclusive design/accessibility, Mental healthHope Matters: 10 teaching strategies to support students and help them continue to learn during this time of uncertainty. Mays Imad is the coordinator of the Teaching & Learning Center at Pima Community College. She also teaches pathophysiology and biomedical ethics.Article about reconnecting with students--the importance of the affective as we move online
ALLGeneral articles of interest, K12 (but some parts of interest to higher ed also)EduBlogger compilation
ALLGeneral articles of interest, Lecture delivery tipsGoing Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start tips for moving courses online
ALLInclusive design/accessibilityAccessibility Teaching in the Time of COVID-19 Access blog
ALLInclusive design/accessibilityInclusive approaches to supporting students during times of disruption University
ALLInclusive design/accessibilityTeaching in the Context of COVID-19 Wernimont, Cathy N. DavidsonCOVID-19-focused assignments
ALLInclusive design/accessibilityFree internet access internet for 60 days
ALLInclusive design/accessibilityComcast free internet internet for 60 days
ALLInclusive design/accessibility Peralta Community College District's Equity Initiative Peralta Community Collegelinks to the equity rubric and explanations about it, along with links to online equity training (Canvas Commons) that explains each criterion, shows examples of what the equity criteria looks like in an online course, and give guidance on how to do it yourself.
ALLInclusive design/accessibilityFCC agreement College compiled listFCC agreement stating that providers will waive late fees, not cutoff service for lack of payment, and open hot-spots.
ALLInclusive design/accessibilityHumanizing Online Education Raygoza, Raina León, and Aaminah Norris, St. Mary’s College “pedagogical practices that promote care for the whole student and class collective.”
ALLInclusive design/accessibilityAT&T response open hot-spots, unlimited data to existing customers, and $10/month plans to low income families
ALLInclusive design/accessibilitySprint FCC agreement, provides unlimited data to existing customers, and, starting Tuesday, 3/17/2020, will allow all handsets to enable hot-spots for 60 days at no extra charge
ALLInclusive design/accessibilityT-Mobile FCC agreement, plus unlimited data to existing customers, and, coming soon, will allow all handsets to enable hot-spots for 60 days at no extra charge
ALLInclusive design/accessibilityHumanizing Online Education Raygoza, Raina León, and Aaminah Norris, St. Mary’s College “pedagogical practices that promote care for the whole student and class collective.”
ALLLecture delivery tipsLessons Learned From Moving Online from having to move courses online after a mid-semester emergency
ALLLecture delivery tipsManaging Student-to-Student Engagement in Large Courses Online StateAdvice from Arizona State about teaching large classes online
ALLLecture delivery tipsA spreadsheet of various disciplinary resources through POD (the Professional and Organizational Development Network)
ALLMental healthCoronavirus Anxiety? Here’s How to Keep It from Spiraling Out of Control
ALLMental healthAnxiety, OCD, Depression, and Coronavirus Fears person account with suggestions
ALLResources for students (online tutoring, etc)Supporting Students During Covid19 Center/#RealCollegeColleges and universities across the United States and around the world are scrambling to keep their students, faculty, and staff healthy, safe, and educated during the COVID19 pandemic. As an expert on the daily crises that derail #RealCollege students and prevent them from completing their degrees, here are some tips to support your work.
ALLResources for students (online tutoring, etc) tips for graduate students for graduate students: how to manage online courses (written for online learning in typical times)
ALLscience labsAcademic Continuity: LabsYale
ALLTechnology (examples of free/open software)Screencastomatic (up to 15 min) screencast & video capture software; upload to YouTube. Great async. option & free!
ALLTechnology (examples of free/open software)Hypothesis (Collaborative annotation software) access to Hypothesis (Collaborative annotation software)
ALLTechnology (examples of free/open software)Google Hangouts use this for online office hours - more accessible by mobile phone than services which require students to login via the LMS. Also, it's Google, so it *always* works.
ALLTechnology (examples of free/open software)Embed Qs into a YouTube video your own video or use publicly available video, add narration/questions to make interactive video lessons
ALLTechnology (examples of free/open software) annotation/create interactive videos - integrates with many LMSs
ALLTechnology (examples of free/open software)Kahoot premium access to Kahoot - an online quiz platform
ALLTechnology (examples of free/open software), Lecture delivery tipstwitter thread on a "low-tech" online course example of a course completely outside of an LMS
ALLTechnology (examples of free/open software), webinarMaking the Shift to Online Learning: Emergency Preparedness & Instructional Continuity Learning Consortiumlearn from a group of experts from the Online Learning Consortium community as they discuss how their institutions are implementing course delivery at a distance to ensure that students stay on track and experience minimal disruption
AllTransparent Assignment DesignTransparency in Teaching and Learning Winklemas via UNLV, BrandeisTransparency in learning and teaching (using the 3-part template) can be a way to help students understand the unwritten rules of an assignment or college culture. These unwritten expectations will be amplified at times of rapid response like the pivot to online courses for COVID-19. That is, under-served students will be particularly disadvantaged. To counter, consider making 2 remaining assignments transparent.(CETL)
Artcollection of resourcesTeaching studio art in an era of social distancingFacebook group
Art; ceramicscollection of resourcesResources for Moving Dance-Based Pedagogy OnlineDance Studies Association
Art; videocollection of resourcesTeaching media & video productioncrowdsourced from faculty affiliated with the University Film and Video Association
ArtsGeneral articles of interestMOVING PRODUCTION COURSES ONLINE Film and Video Associationcrowdsourced list of resources for remote teaching of practical media production courses
ArtsHow Do You Teach Art, Music, and PE OnlineHow Do You Teach Art, Music, and PE Online? In China They're Figuring it Out SurgeTips on how to teach art and music -- this information has been hard to find
Arts, DanceGeneral articles of interestOnline Dance Pedagogy Studies Association
Arts, theatreGeneral articles of interesttheatre online Daphnie Sicre, Loyola University,general tips/resources about teaching online; the second half of it is specific to teaching theatre courses.
Arts, theatreGeneral articles of interestTeaching Theatre Online for Theatre in Higher Education
Arts, theatreTechnology (examples of free/open software)Digital Theatre + free access to paid site
Electrical EngineeringAssessment/EvaluationWorksheet for Electrical Engineering Courses About Circuit - Open source worksheetsproblem worksheets for intro and advanced circuits courses
Humanities, World Languages, WritingGeneral articles of interestMLA online teaching resources of articlescollection of articles
lab sciencescience labsLabs & StudiosBowdoin
lab science; studio artcollection of resourcesTeaching Ceramics online
mathcollection of resourcesFacebook pageAMTEAMTE is collecting resources for teaching math online on their Facebook page
MathematicsFree online mathematics instruction/LMSMy Open Mathhttps://www.myopenmath.comDavid Lippman: Open Math is free online mathematics instruction in the form of questions and video support as well as open source texts. Question topics range from precalculus to differential equations.
MathematicsLecture delivery tipsMAA Math Online Teaching 78-82 speak specifically to Assessment in non-traditional courses,
Mathematics, EngineeringAssessment/Evaluation, Discussion alternatives, Lecture delivery tipsA Survey of Online Mathematics Course Basics Donald Allen, Texas A&M Universityresources on interaction, collaboration and assessment for math and math-based courses
SciencesGeneral articles of interestMaking new educational connections on line Institute of Canadaonline learning in chemistry classes
SciencesLecture delivery tipsHarvard’s LabXchange of lab simulations with assessments that focus on basic molecular biology techniques
SciencesLecture delivery tipsMERLOT collection of virtual labs in a variety of science disciplines
SciencesLecture delivery tips, science labsonline STEM simulations from PHET STEM simulations from PHET
SciencesTechnology (examples of free/open software)Geology: 2-D and 3-D fossils’s Museum of Paleontology
SciencesTechnology (examples of free/open software)Biology to some open-source data sets as well as more general tips on teaching biology online suddenly
SciencesTechnology (examples of free/open software)Chemistry Labs State
SciencesTechnology (examples of free/open software)Virtual Dissections and Labs
SciencesTechnology (examples of free/open software), Lecture delivery tipsJournal of Visualized Experiments of experiments, including many designed for students.
SciencesTechnology (examples of free/open software), Lecture delivery tipsCompiled list of science resources online science simulations and lab resources divided by discipline and course type:
Sciences, GeologyTechnology (examples of free/open software)Massanutten Synclinorium Virtual Field Trip via GigaPan Geology Field Trips
Sciences, PsychologyTechnology (examples of free/open software), online labsOnline Psychology Laboratory Psychological Associationmaintains an Online Psychology Laboratory, in which you can have your students engage in experiments, or have them use available data for anaylsis
Sciences, Social SciencesCollection of Teaching Resources for STEM/Environmental Science/BioStanford U of Teaching Resources for STEM/Environmental Science/Bio
World LanguagesLecture delivery tipsTeaching World Languages Zoom Forum IALLT's FLTMAGZoom panel on teaching langauges
World LanguagesLecture delivery tipsSuggested Best Practices and Resources for the Implementation of Hybrid and Online Language Courses
World LanguagesLecture delivery tipsOnline Language Pedagogy
World LanguagesTechnology (examples of free/open software)ACTFL Distance Learning Distance Learning SIGACTFL Distance Learning SIG Mentoring Program Resources (video lessons)
WritingLecture delivery tipsTips from Sara Webb-Sunderhaus Webb-Sunderhaus, Miami of Ohio specific tips for teaching online (e.g. boundaries around email responses, using audio responses) to manage a sudden transition.
WritingTechnology (examples of free/open software)Global Society of Online Literacy Educators Society of Online Literacy Educatorsupcoming webinars specifically on teaching reading/writing online
Writing, Creative Writing (Workshop, in Particular)LMS specific adviceHow to Structure an Online Week in a Creative Writing Workshop Einstein via Assay JournalEinstein offers five modifications and one screenshot detailing considerations when moving a creative writing workshop online.(CETL)