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Editor Volunteer NameHow many photos can you edit?Signup person #1 (Name and Contact info)Signup person #2 (if relevant)Signup person #3 (if relevant)Signup person #4 (if relevant)NotesSpots Available
Cherie Weldon5 4
Randy Gresham4LR PS NIK TOPAZ and more message me or email to yodamaster@comcast.net4
Hanno Stamm3Prefer Raw but any format is good. Please send to hannostamm@hotmail.com. Before Sunday please.....3
Daniel Abraham3Lightroom and Photoshop. Preferably Raw Images3
yair abelson6orly reichmanTomi PitkonenEran NevoBritta DietzeMostly LR, please send me RAW images by Saturday morning GMT so i can give you a preview of what i did. PM me to discuss details.2
savitri balram3joni shapiraraw images only. Lightroom edit. email file to msvitriphotos@gmail.com2
Gella Steif2FB message me but also let me know you did so I know to check. By Thurs night if possible. I use LR for editing but can use Photoshop too. If you share raw file (preferred) use dropbox (or I can send you a shared link to upload)2
Chana Hercenberg2Please send to me by end of your day Thursday.2
orly reichman4Linda Banksyair abelsonKeep in mind im a b/w kind of photographer. feel free to send my a msg by FB or just send ur pic to orlyreichmanadv@gmail.com. since sunday is a work day for us, i will only b able to edit on thursday-friday-saturday. have a great time everyone ♡2
Batya Medad2 shilohmuse@gmail.com Wed midnigt NY time 2
Andrew Powell3Sondra Grewe - I have Photoshop CS and can handle RAW, JPG, whatever. The earlier I get your file, the more back-and-forth dialogue we can have over the edits. Shoot me a message using Facebook Messenger if that sounds like a plan!2
Tomi Pitkonen2I use Affinity Photo, so all RAW files welcome. Send message on FB or send mail to julmux[at]gmail.com .. I'll give you Google Drive link you can use to upload your picture. GMT+2 so no last minute edits.. 2
Karen Seiger2I use Photos, and I always like to see how things look in black and white. Sometimes I leave them that way, and sometimes I don't, but it's always good to see the drama of different effects.2
Adam Hardtke3Darci Hicks (darcihicks@gmail.com)I use LR and PS, and prefer to work with RAW images. Find me on FB Messenger or email to adamhardtke@gmail.com2
Sarah Marizan 2I use mostly lightroom and Photoshop email at sgmdesigns1@gmail.com or FB message me Raw file 2
Rufaro Haruperi2Photoshop, lightroom, portrait pro, name it, i can do my best , get in touch via facebook or via email haruperi@ruffharis.com and ill edit your photo, if you ca send raw file the better2
Avraham Nacher2RAW ideal. I use PS and LR. Please send by Friday. nacher613@gmail.com2
Ben Kanter2I use LR and PS. Raw is preferable. You can email me the picture at ben@bkanterphoto.com.2
Jordana Fried3Ahilya Elbers ahilyaelbers123@gmail.com or FB messenger :)I love editing almost as much as shooting! I'm shoot mostly people so that is what I am best at editing. Please send me a fb message if you sign up here so that I get the notification. Email me photos rosegoldimages@gmail.com and feel free to check out some of my work on my facebook page Rose Gold Images or my website www.rosegoldimages.com 2
Tamar Herzberg 2I Like editing Raw files, I use mostly photoshop, I'm still learning the software, but I sure have come a long way since we had the same challenge a year and a half ago. If you are interested, please send me the photo by friday morning. 2
dawn ellen miller3car2ner@yahoo.comif you are running out of time or options you have until Friday to send me the file2
Johan Kok2can edit in Photoshop. raw. please Email me at: Johan.kok67@gmail.com2
Sara Coffey2PS and Topaz Labs software. Email sbcoffey@rockbridge.net2
Marko Landrath2LR, PS, Apophysis ... Usually I prefer "Less is more" - but this week I maybe will overdo some things :D
Just message me on FB.
Tom Flynn 1Katharine Harper katharineharper23@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/KatharineHarperArt/

I have shared with you via your distortion fb page
I edit with LightRoom and PicMonkey. To get a sense of my editing style, please visit: http://www.thedailydistortion.com Please send photo by Friday. (Raw or Jpeg) flynn2020@gmail.com0
Kerstin Mitchell2Sunny Izreal Text or messenger get to me before saturday evening:) 1
Kedar Nandanwankar 4Ephraim BeharIan Friedman. Sent you a PM again with further detailsCorey O'HaraIf I don't see your request, please tag me in a post and tell me to check my messages! Upload your RAW files to Dropbox or drive please! You owe me ice cream. 1
Julie Donaldson1FB Messenger.  1
Alexandra Lumerman2David YehoshuaLR and Photoshop! Please email by Thurs. NightEmail me @ alexandraphotog@gmail.com1
Candice Schempp3Tom FlynnJulie DentonBy thursday 9 pm eastern- facebook message.1
Flora Levin2Dana WayneLightroom and Photoshop. Third Party filters: Topaz and Nik Software.if you can shoot raw is best to edit. Jpeg welcome as well.1
ie2Phil FosterI Use LR and PS, please use RAW format and would love to edit a nice portrait/people shot. GMT+1 available via mail or FB messenger1
Angela Lau1Lets chat! Fb message me before Thursday. 1
Colette Pipkin1Use Facebook messenger to get in touch, please. I can do jpg or RAW. I have and use Photoshop, although my usual editor is the late lamented PhotoImpact. The sooner the better on getting it to me; I probably really need it by Friday.1
Suzanne Hull2Alison Jones alisonjones44@yahoo.comI like to be outside the box.1
Lori Schoenbrun11
Ian Chesner3Sindi (seb) *sent you photo 5/18/17Avraham Nacher - nacher613@gmail.comI primarily use Snapseed. Please email photo to yehudian@gmail.com (with a photo title if you want me to consider that during editing). If it's last minute, just check in with me that I'm able to do it...1
Gordon Oliver1I use Zoner Photo Studio Pro - can handle RAW or JPG. Would need by Saturday @ 6pm GMT. Feel free to message me on Facebook.1
Dana Wayne1Use primarily LR, though also have some skill in PS. Need files by Thursday night, California time.1
Sunny Izreal1LR&PS; I prefer to have the photo sooner than later. Thursday night is probably a good "deadline". You can get in touch with me through FB.1
Ruth Palatnik2Melissa Test: testmelissa@gmail.com Thanks so muchhave a busy weekend, would need by Wed. PM. Use lightroom and PS. email: palatnikruth@gmail.com. Best if files are RAW. 1
Tony Claremont1Email me at tony.claremont@gmail.com :), send RAW or whatever, if you're used to shooting JPG only, maybe do RAW+JPG so you can see the difference.1
Amy Weiss2Rufaro Haruperi email address: haruperi@gmail.comI use photoshop, so send whatever sort of file you like. FB message me and I will send my email address.1
Patrick Dursi1not great at photo editing but I'll do my best mostly use lightroom. preferably send raw file via Google drive link if possible by Friday pm. thanks. Drsptrck@gmail.com1
Jason Rabotnick2Barbara Hapke (I saw your email in a post so will email it over. thanks!ideal format is RAW but any is good. Please send it to me by Friday afternoon1
Ahilya Elbers 1PS / LR surprise me with anything! PM on facebook or ahilyaelbers123@gmail.com 1
Lienny Gilman 1I use LR. Please email me at liennypie@gmail.com1
Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin1I use Darktable for editing; I tend to go on the "lighter" side of editing (but I like vibrant colors ;) ). I vastly prefer RAW; I also vastly prefer e-mail to any other kind of communication (isabelle@palatin.fr). My own stuff is visible here: https://plus.google.com/collection/8dBbX ; note that there may be a fair amount of older picz in there. (Oh, and I'm on European timezone, so last moment on Sunday won't do it ;) )1
Tonda Phalen2Ernst MullerFB Messenger, PS1
Kerensa McConnell2Eliya Rubinstein, sent you a request on fbPS, NIK, sometimes LR. Message me before Thurs if possible by fb messenger, and we can coordinate sharing files.1
Lucy Alvarez1I don't know anyone, but for what I have seen anyone would do a great job. IM me on FB1
Louise Verschuren2shivta wenkartPreferably RAW pics - I use LR with some cool presets. Have time on Friday or Sunday, so would need them before. louiseverschuren@gmail.com1
Kate Miller-Wilson2barbara bamberger - sent you an emailI'm confident at portrait editing (mostly LR with a little PS for retouching if needed), but I make no claims about any other genre. :) Raw preferred. Probably best to get it by Friday night. kmillerwilson@gmail.com1
Kori Fisher1jpeg only please. I use PSE and consider myself advanced/expert1
Dan Bluhm2Carolyn SolomonLR and Photoshop. RAW and JPEG editing. Please email by Saturday Night Email me @ dbluhm@gmail.com. Can also chat by FB Messenger.1
Rona Atlas1can edit raw. basic ps. ronaat@gmail.com1
Sofie Goldmeier4Sheryl MaurerErin Cross David Blakeneyjim bonewaldUsually busy with it till Sunday so not to worried if u send it to me by Sunday midday Israel time. emailsbbc@gmail.com0
Tyrell Doig1Lienny Gilman I have LR & Affinity, though my affinity skills are limited. RAW. MST. tyrelldoig[at]gmail.com0
isabelle matras2Tamar Shugert tamar@shugpro.com tamar-photo.com tamar shugert photography on FBSherry Robinson srobs@me.com How do I send the photo to you?I use LR. I love B&W. I love softness. I love High Key....If you want , send me an MP by the end of Saturday and I'll be more than happy to edit your photo ! :-) 0
Joy Cohen2Ilana Gimpelevich noscreennames@yahoo.comShaden KanazeaLR PS Please email to joy4859@aol.com0
Sandra Showalter2Barbara Conte (contebar@gmail.com)Lynette See
I use PS, NIK, Topaz, and am able to composite. Editing is my zen. You can email me at sandra.showalter@itsyourturnphotography.com. I prefer RAWs please. 0
Corey O'Hara2Elise Gorchels (egorchels@gmail.com)Ashley Concannon (concannona@hotmail.com)LR, NIK. Preferably RAW format, but I can work with what you've got! I can work on the weekend if you're a late submitter, but preferably by Saturday night EDT. Send me a PM on Facebook or email me at corey.ohara@gmail.com0
Sandra Cashes1Eitan Shapiro Adam.Shapiro831@gmail.com (Your editing can't be worse than mine)chat on FB messenger. Not a super pro but can do very well. I use PIXLR.0
Tom Boyle2Adrie VreekeTom BeckermannI use all different software depending on what I'm after. Can edit RAW or Jpeg. I particularly like doing urban stuff and landscapes. email tom85boyle@gmail.com , the sooner the better! :)0
I'll do my best to deliver you a photo by Thursday
Nitay Yekutiel1Gili DynOnly Jpeg... PS Express and Pixlar0
Liz Brower1Gordon Oliver glholiver@yahoo.co.ukI use LR and PS, and sometimes NIK. I prefer to work with RAW images. Email to lizartty@verizon.net. If the file is too big, let me know and I will share a Google doc folder with you. :)0
Andrea Williams1John Cheng
I use PS5 and like to work with Raw files. Email me at andreabagdywilliams@gmail.com I will most likely work on it this weekend (Saturday)0
Rachael Robinson1Anna Paola Rosaspina email address: annapaola.rosaspina@yahoo.itI use PS and LR. Please PM me on Facebook when you email your photo, so I know to go look for it. My email is rj.lampi@gmail.com0
Peter Murphy1Jolanda Goossens
prachtsites@hotmail. com
I use LR and PS Elements, I am capable of a little better then basic editing with good results email me at petermurphy48@telus. we can also chat on FB0
Zahava Pollock 3Corey O'Hara (I'll send you a PM)Estee LavittBen Kanter. Sent you a pm.Please send me RAW files if possible! ( anything else is fine too!) I generally work in PS, I would need your photo by Wednesday night. 0
Phil Foster1Louise: louiseverschuren@gmail.raw, PS LR,phildfoster@gmail.com not keen on abstract0
Mikko Kurvi3Detlef Rimkus Kori fisher kqfisher@gmail.comI use pro editing software, so RAW but also JPG will do just fine. Sharing the pics via google drive/drop box/one drive - Find my portfolio mikkokurvi.com or https://www.instagram.com/mikko.kurvi/ ... So just pick your style and contact before Sun via fb messenter: m.me/mikko.kurvi1
Darci Hicks1Tyrell Doig (Tyrelldoig@gmail.com)I use LR and would love to edit any type of photo. 0
Leiba Bernstein2Therese Monaghan- kitchener.calling @gmail.comJennifer Thackray I prefer RAW files, I edit in LR and PS. You can send your image to Leiba@joleephotography.com0
Ken Noll1Danielabraham128@gmail.comI use LR primarily and have for years. I also have Adobe Photoshop Elements and use it on occasion.  Submit your image to ken.noll@comcast.net. You might want to let me know what treatment you prefer - high key, darker, etc. Submit RAW please. There's more that can be done.0
Yosef Adest2Gella SteifSusan SteenLet's chat on Facebook messenger. Best if your photo is not sent to me last minute! :)
RAW files preferred, I use ACR, PS, and NIK
Tzvi Simcha Cohen3Tyrell Doig (Tyrelldoig@gmail.com)rikki savvy Donotfwd@gmail.comirene smith ill find you on the facebook- i like jam too! Photoshop is my jam.0
Bridget Mayfield3Nitay Yekutiel (kuty017@gmail.com)Liz Brower lizartty@verizon.netIan ChesnerLightroom or Photoshop with or without NIK. Please don't send last minute as I have weekend plans :-) I can process (and prefer) RAW files. Please email me your photo to bridget@pescadolago.com0
Amber Kresge4Yosef Adestlanie klein lkw666@gmail.comShana Wiseman wisemanshana@gmail.comRachael Robinson rj.lampi@gmail.comChat on FB messenger. I use ACR, PS, & sometimes NIK. 0
Michael Waas 4Gitel HesselbergJennifer GrossnickleFran RosenwasserJayne Bersok (I can send you RAW or JPEG, whichever you want) (will Email you)FB Messenger. Photoshop, Lightroom and NIK. Need by Saturday0
Sindi (seb)3Barb Stutson *done by sebMichael WaasSarah Marizan chat via FB messanger. I use LR & PS0
Abby Leykin1Aron Gidalowitzmac photo editor, contact via FB messanger0
Ernst Muller4Batya MedadLori SchoenbrunSara WeinbergerJoanne CoweLet's chat on Facebook messenger. Best if your photo is not sent to me last minute! You will receive a PSD file back :)0
Susan Steen3Marsha MeesDevo KessinWendy WilsonChat on FB Messenger; LR and NIK0
Zev Steinhardt3Tzvi Simcha CohenJulie DonaldsonChana HercenbergI'm going to be busy Sunday night, so if you can get the photo to me by Sunday morning (or early afternoon) that would be better.0
Camille Hill2Anne Murenkaryn blassPlease send to me by end of your day on Thusday. I use light rooom and NIK collection software, Available to chat if you wish althoguh i may be ina weird timezone for yoou (resident in West Africa)0
Barb Stutson0FB message. I only have PS Elements 12 and Nik. I will need the image by Tuesday since I will be gone after Wednesday and not able to edit.0
Jennifer Grossnickle3Colette Pipkin. I have sent you a message on FB.JoAnne VaughnJoy CohenLet's chat on FB messenger. Best if your photo is not sent to me last minute :) 0
Maria Mac3Rivka WaxJordana FriedMarla ThompsonLR, PS, Tonality, Nik. DropBox for upload and return. Please send by Friday. Reside in U.S. EDT Communicate via mdmcalor@gmail.com0
Jake Knight3Ashli MccuneTom Boyle tom85boyle@gmail.com LR and Photoshop! Please email by Saturday Night Email me @ jake@wkdesignstudio.com. Can also chat by FB Messenger on Sunday. 0
Rivka Wax4Zev Steinhardt -- you did such a wonderful job on my last year. :)Sangeeta MenonRuthPalatnik -thank you!Tony Claremont :)I can handle RAW files and edit in photoshop. I will not be able to edit Friday night or Saturday - not sure how much time I"ll have saturday night. I may have a bit of time on sunday. You can dropbox me tikva18@ameritech.net0
Ashli McCune 2Hanno StammYuki OkumaPlease send photo to ashlimccune@gmail.com by Saturday at noon Eastern time. RAW or JPEG is fine.0
Lanie Klein2Leszek Lata - blakteam@gmail.comAdam Hardtke - adamhardtke@gmail.comI use LR and PS. lkw666@gmail.com. Best via RAW files.0
Britta Dietze1Amy WeissI use LR, PS and NIK. Can do everthing besides composites. Need to have the picture until Saturday Evening. Pls. get in touch with me via the Facebook messenger. Possible to edit RAW and JPG0
Susan Nelson3Suzanne Hull AKA Liberty Rogers saturnsinferno@aol.comJoy Krauthammer, sent you a PM. Les GoldschmidtI love playing in LR and PS. I also have NIK and Topaz filters. I can do composites, layering, and can do most editing. Let me know sooner, so I can get started. I will be out of commission on Fri, getting some medical stuff done. If possible, I would like photo by Friday or Saturday noon so I have time to work. Send me a PM and we can talk, or my email is: agilitygordons@gmail.com0
Sandi Kroll1Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin (e-mail sent)I use PS and prefer to edit a RAW photo. I am certainly no professional, but will do my best!! You can send your photo through FB Messenger or to my email at krollsandi@gmail.com. I would love to get the photo by Thursday night, but definitely by Saturday morning NY time as I tend to edit on Fridays and/or Saturdays. 0
Bree Vante2Anne Dubitzky, email: dubitzky.anne@gmail.com; I need your email address to send you a RAW file via Dropbox. You can email or PM me your email address.sofie goldmeier emailsbbc@gmail.comI use lightroom and NIK collection. I have free time anytime in the week to process photos but I'll also carve out time Sunday to edit, so feel free to send me a late(r) submission :) FB messenger works best for communication, but you can also email me at breeav@gmail.com0
Anne Dubitzky1Bridget MayfieldPlease send me RAW files if possible! ( anything else is fine too!) I generally work in PS, I would need your photo by Thursday afternoon (EDT). You can send me your photo by Dropbox to dubitzky.anne@gmail.com 0
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