Critical Listening Template - The Wall (Part 2)
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This spreadsheet has been designed to help you analyse songs and focus your critical listening efforts to specific aspects of the recording / mixing process. The framework it uses is dervied from the information laid out in William Moylan's book "Understanding and Crafting the Mix: The Art of Recording".
Moylan, W. D. (2015). Understanding and crafting the mix: The art of recording (3rd ed.). Burlington: Focal Press.

I recommend using Randy George's free Transciption Assistant software (Mac only) to help with song playback and transport functions.

This template has been pre-filled with some basic information from Pink Floyd's "The Wall (Part 2)". Delete this data before starting.

Instruction for use:

You will need to make a copy of this spreadsheet to use it (File>Make a copy...).

The "Data" tab is where you will need to fill out details about each section and instrument of the song (structure, loudness, bandwidth, spacial position, and effects).
Once you have filled out as much detail as you can, move to the "Overview" tab where all of the data you have entered will be available for comparing instruments and sections. There are a few spaces on this tab for you to fill out extra information regarding the song.

If you want to ensure that the functions built into this spreadsheet work, there are only two rules to follow:
• Only write text into cells with a white background.
• Do not add or remove rows or columns on any sheet.

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