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NameTwitter HandleLocationField/School SettingWhy Twitter is PowerfulPersonal Web site
Tammy Jones@southernbelle85Alabama, USA6th Grade History TeacherI get fantastic ideas and websites that I would never have time to find on my own. I've come to rely on my PLN to help keep me current in my endeavors to seamlessly integrate technology into my curriculum.
C.Gallant@molytailAlberta, CanadaSpecific to education: Twitter allows for - encourages! - connections with educators of many different backgrounds and current teaching environments.
Giselda Aparecida dos Santos @GiseldaSantos Andradina-SP, BrazilESL teacher, Portuguese and Literature teacherTeachers are the number one students so twitter can help us in being students of learning. Twitter is the best place to have a global PLN, where you share your knowledge and learn from others. I do believe in what Charles Leadbeater once said "In the past you were what you owned, now you are what you share." These video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jByfWOLmjo&feature=player_embedded is the best metaphor to explain how I feel and think about twitter and the global PLN. In twitter as in a global PLN we sometimes are/act like “big squirrels” and sometimes the “little ones”.
Suzanne Rogers@suzieswimzAREnglish teacher/dept. chair I utilize the power of the PLN on Twitter each time I connect with another teacher. Our school is multi-culture, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, as well as multi-racial. It is important for me to seek out other teachers so that I can teach to all of these students. If I only rely on my local PLN, I would be missing out on so very much!http://bit.ly/5TB8VL
Constantinides Marisa@Marisa_CAthens, GreeceTEFL/ESL Teacher Educator at CELT AthensA great source of learning esp. on edtech (for me) and sharing knowledge with educators from around the world. A great source of inspiration as well through the interactions with like-minded colleagueshttp://marisaconstantinides.edublogs.org/
Nancy Blair@blairteachAtlantaSchool Improvement ConsultantTwitter is all about collaboration, the sharing of information, resources, successes, and challenges. Through Twitter, I find more resources than I could ever discover on my own. I'm challenged every day to think about my professional practice.www.ongoingquest.wordpress.com
Stacey TaylorStaceytAUSSecondaryFor shadowing other similare professionals and for sharing little tit bits I pick up, but most of all the professional network development
Glenys Lowden@glenyslowdenAustraliaK to 12 Head of Library, teach HumanitiesEsential daily routine is to check tweetdeck and see what happening and what I can get involved in. Have found so many cool ideas to share with staff. I love it and am addicted.
Phil Callil @questdigAustralia Vice President VITTA, English teacher and Faculty Head ITincredibly powerful to tap into lists and educators from around Australia, New Zealand and globally to see what others are thinking
Rodney Turner@techyturnerAZElem TeacherIt is powerful because I can share and glean ideas/tips/strategies with other folks around the world. I can also share what is happening with me and find others who are going through a similar situation.
Dominic Tester@dtesterBasingstoke, UKAssistant HeadteacherTwitter gives me a flexible and dynamic way to shape my PLN according to specific needs. Becasue I regulate my own network I get fantastic information that I need and find it and invaluable source of gathering information, knowledge and expertise as well as getting to know others more personally too! College has it's own twitter account too - @costellotech
Peter VogelpetervogelBCNetwork admin, ICT, physicsGenerally useful place for PD, although many questions go unanswered. Nonetheless, best resource around. Could not do without it at this time, especially in a relatively small-school environment.
Brian Slope@bslopeBerlin,PAHigh School Computer and science teacherWorking in a small rural school, twitter is my link to the "experts". It enables me to interact with others who are having similar questions and or who may have the answers to my questions. My PLN helps me to be a better teacher through collaboration with others who are committed to integrating technology in order to improve student success.
Donna Hay@dwsmBristol, UKICT TeacherTwitter gives me ideas and inspiration and a network of fellow enthusiastic educators who share ideas and practice and offer encouragement to carry on trying new ideas. I would be lost without now.
Bonita DeAmicisbonitadeeCAAdminLike to have access to like-minded folks worldwide.
Julie Niles Petersen@TWRCtankcomCAReading SpecialistI honestly have to say Twitter has been the best form of professional development I have ever experienced and I've only been on Twitter for about two months. It is absolutely amazing! Not only am I learning more about teaching reading, but I'm also learning a whole lot about technology too.www.TWRCtank.com
Jim Vanides@jgvanidesCA, USAEdu Tech Philanthropy (@HP)Meeting and sharing among educators with common interests. Twitter, much to my surprise, is NOT just a "headline news feed", but rather a fascinating tapestry of conversations and collaboration
C.G@molytailCanadaHome Educator Gr7&4Twitter is a fantastic tool that allows connections with educators of many different backgrounds and current teaching environments.
Lesley Edwards@bookminderCanadaHigh School Teacher LibrarianBest ProD on earth. Great way to quickly get answers to questions I can't answer.
Fran DiDavide@franniedidChicago, ILTechnology Support SpecialistI get a lot of ideas and resources, it is a quick and easy way to see what others are doing with technology in educationhttp://didavide.blogspot.com/
Tracy Lee@tracyrenee70chicago, ILtech coach/literacy coordinator, middle schoolIt's global, immediate professional development that allows you unprecedented access to like minded individuals across the world.http://techteacher70.blogspot.com/
Pam Smith@heymrssmithCO5-8 Technology TeacherGreat way to get current info to share with other staff. Helps me learn how others are using and integrating technology.
Scott Witkowskysevenfooter1COHigh School Math TeacherTwitter is a great way for me to learn about new resources and educational tools that will help me succeed as a teacher, and also help my students become more proficient in math. I love the fact that I can collaborate with teachers around the world.
Tami Thompson@teacherspiritCO4th gr teacherTwitter connects me to like-minded educators around the world. I find new resources daily from my PLN. It's a positive way to get help and feedback when you're trying something new. It keeps me from feeling like a square peg in a round hole.
Bev DeVore-WeddingbdevoreCO in USAScience /Math TeacherQuick access for GREAT resources; quick review of headline news; collaboration with other teachers
Leslie Raffelson@raffelsolColoradoTech Director/TeacehrI just introduced my students to twitter feeds and surveys available within powerpoint. Pretty cool.
Chuck Bellchuck_bell_Commerce, GAMiddle School Principal 24/7 Professional collaboration and learning; take what you like and share it with followers online and in your network; seek input to the professional challenges you are facing; parent communication tool; quick bits of information to enhance your life.http://presentfocus.posterous.com/
Paula White@paulawhiteCrozet, VA USAGifted Resource TeacherTwitter has opened my eyes and my classroom to the various opinions and experiences of people from around the world. The sharing and the questioning that goes on daily is not only a model for education, but an example of how the real world works. I now have personal PD whenever I want it--or NEED it!
Lauren BottlbottDELibrary Media SpecialistGreat place to discuss educ. issues and share resources
Shelley Krause@butwaitDelaware River ValleyStoryteller, academic matchmaker (aka college counselor)Twitter is a terrific way for me to tap into the expertise and perspective of folks from a wide variety of fields and interests. This is helpful to me; it is also helpful to the students and families I work with.http://bit.ly/shelleyk
Carrie WardcarrieoverseasDhaka, Bangladesh4th Grade EAL/Learning Support Teacher I have used Twitter to stay in contact with friends all over the world. Recently, I started using it more as an educational tool to get great ideas and links to resources. Thanks!
Ann Lusch@amluschFarmington Hills, MICatholic HS religion teacherIt's a place to be exposed to new ideas and resources and to connect with other teachers. So much to learn!http://luschblog2.blogpot.com
Sani Leino@SaniLeinoFinlandEntrepreneurship EvangelistThe up to date news that interest ppl almost in real-time. I think that the word of mouth (or keyboard) effect is particularly strong in Twitter's case, you do not need to know personally interesting people to follow them and spread links etc. from them and to them.
Jerry Blumengarten - Cybrary Man@cybraryman1FLEducator/WriterI enjoy sharing the multitude of resources that I have collected on my website and finding great new sites from my PLN. Twitter is helping us create a web of interconnected minds.http://cybraryman.com
Tim YocumTim_yocumFLTV/MM/photo teacherKnowledge and links I might not find otherwise land in my lap - I hope that I am as helpful to others. The development of a PLN has been very beneficial not only in education but also for finding others with similar interests.
Jerry Swiatek@jswiatekFloridaGeography/Business/Tech Specialist at public high school
Jocelyne Waddle@frenchfhsFrankfort, KYFrench teacherTwitter enables me to communicate and share with other teachers around the world. I have also learned a lot about technology. This is a fantastic PD because it happens everyday and keeps me current with what is relevant to me, not the whole staff. The impact for my students is immediate. It also keeps me excited about teaching.
Paige Graiser@pgraiserGAMath ConsultantGain and share ideas with schools and workshop attendees.
David Millerdavidmiller_ukGlasgow,ScotlandEnglish teacher - secondaryTwitter is an Alladin's Cave of CPD resources and (mostly) interesting minds ...
Dianne MxKenzie@dimac4HKPYP, MYP Teacher LibrarianSo many good ideas and links I could not find on my own. It has increased my network so much and I get to look good with my own staff as I come up with new things to share
Andrea Walker@awalker007Hong KongTeacher Librarian/IB World schoolGreat PD tool if you choose carefully who you follow.
Becky GoerendmrsbmgIA6th grade teacherI learn so much by just asking, get resources, and also get #comments4kids for my students=)
Burks Oakley@burkso2ILuniversity professorcontinuous professional development through my personal learning network - invaluable to me
Susan Diehlsuros8ILSped TeacherI have had so access to great minds, and great information since I joined a week ago! What an excellent professional development method.
Sara RogersbburgtrainerINTechnology Trainer
Radhika Nanda@radhikanandaIndiaEducationistTwitter is a good source of latest information on technology and events happening all over the world
JaneBalvanz@janebalvanzIowa City, IAK-6 school counselorI love Twitter for my PLN and simply as a connecting tool in general.
Joe Molloy@oideIRLICT CoordinatorExcellent platform for Peer-2-Peer continuous professional development and networking
Patrick Jackson@patjack67IRLELT writerThe intensity of input/networking is utterly fascinating, heady, exciting and addictive.
For someone who works from home this is such a gift.
Jim Cox@thejimcoxJacksonville, FLConstructionNews for the future; I became active during the Iran voting crisis. The only information getting out was Twitter updates!www.freeleslievanhouten.yolasite.com/
Casey Mayfield@mayfieldcKansasHS Language Arts (11 and 12) and also adjunct for community college Eng Comp 101 and Gen LitTwitter is powerful because it allows me to connect with educators from around the world that have the same interests and goals as me (make sure our kids are prepared for the world). We share, we learn, we laugh ... it is the collaboration with colleauges that we have all dreamed of occuring in our own buildings.http://edutechiegal.wordpress.com
Katrina Stewartkstewart01Kodiak, AKHS EnglishThe sheer volume of information shared each day is testament to its power - I learn, grow, and am challenged each day, personally and professionally. Connecting with educators around the world gives me a better scope and perspective on my own teaching and classroom, while making it more relevant.
Dean Mantz@dmantz7KSNetwork & Technology IntegrationWhen you need to reach out and call someone use Twitter or your PLN of choice. There will ALWAYS be someone that can hear you and help you out.
Angela Cunningham@kyteacherKYHS Social Studies TeacherTwitter connects me to some of the best minds on the planet. Even better, I can carry them & their recommendations/advice with me wherever I go.
Paula Naugle@plnaugleLA4th Grade TeacherTwitter has enabled me to take charge of my own professional development. I learn something new everyday from the shared resources that people in my PLN share via Twitter. I can get help and find answers with a simple tweet. I get to connect with educators on the cutting edge of our profession.http://pnaugle.blogspot.com
Kevin Skarritt@eduguideLansing, MichiganEducation Non-ProfitWe're connecting and reaching out to the world of Education through twitter. Our ability to distribute information, support our educator and parent audiences and to stay in touch with leading-edge ideas is unsurpassed with micro-blogging. Additionally, we're creating new social media tools of our own that will tap directly into the power of these new social media tools.http://www.eduguide.org
Russell OrmesormesrLima, PeruEnglish and ICT teacher in Peruvian secondary school with pretentions of billingualismbecause it is a dynamic forum. I think the immediacy of Twitter is what makes it so powerful as a tool. With ideas being able to be exchanged across great distances in short amounts of time you can test you ideas against creative, professional thinkers in your field in almost realtime. This keeps you motivated and keeps you challenging yourself and those around you.
Ashley Allain@aaallainLouisiana, USAFormer HS math teacher, homeschooling mom of fourTwitter has provided me the opportunity to connect to educators and other homeschoolers all over the world. It serves as a source of inspiration, collaboration and professional development. http://www.hyperhomeschool.com
Laura Beals DElia@ldeliaMALibrarian/Tech Teacher grades 1-5Quick and immediate way to learn new things in my field, stay connected with colleagues, keep my finger on the pulse :)
Jack Reece@tabascojackMarietta, GA USAHigh School, Architecture & Engineering DraftingI'm close to finishing my M.Ed. in Instructional Technology and Twitter helps be discover lots of useful sites and apps. Have started to share them with the rest of the faculty, slowly
Jon Morgan32bpwr3MIweb services coordinator, EduGuideIt allows us to connect with our audience, and is a great source of information about the types of services and technologies which are being developed.
Melinda WaffleicmcwaffleMIDistrict Technology CoordinatorGreat place to share resources, get ideas and do my own professional growth.
Ron Houtman@ronhoutmanMIEducational Technology ConsultantInstant access to multiple brains
Steven Diaz@CafeRicoMiami, Fl. USADevelopmental Math Intructor & Online Math Facilitator (College)A professional developmental tool to acquire and practice 21st century skills that all educators should become proficient and model to their students.http://www.theEdDjourney.com
Shawn@FrideswidelMichigan8th grade video, 6-7th writingIt's a lot like passing notes in class but on a much larger scale and professional content. www.middleschoolmatters.com
Dianne Aldridge@DianneAldridgeMineral Wells, TX4-6 Technology EducationI am very pro the 3 Cs: communication, cooperation, and collaboration - and Twitter allows for all three. I have learned so much from the information and resources that I have collected from Twitter that I can honestly say it has served as the catalyst for a whole new type of teaching that I do based primarily on using Web 2.0 and open source tools.
Andrea McKichan@andreamckichanMNElem/MS Math TeacherI am at a small private school and Twitter allows me to gain access to technological ideas and practices that are used worldwide.
Mary Moran@MRMoranMNGrade 6 STEM teacherInstant collaboration and information from experienced professionals around the planet!
Kevin Creutz@kevcreutzMOAP/JH Math TeacherI mainly use twitter to receive great ideas, resources, and web links. We have also used it in classroom instruction to do complete polls and surveys. It is mainly a PD resource right now, but I hope to incorporate it more into the classroom.
Tom Swoboda@swobomoDistrict Technology CoordinatorTwitter helps me share ideas with other tech integrators.
Angus McIntosh@Angus_McIntoshMoose Jaw, SaskatchewanGrade 8! All Subjects I have learned more in a month of Twittering than I have at the last three Division Sponsored PD days! There are so many resources (already nicely previewed by people in my PLN) I can hardly keep up sometimes. Twitter is also very validating as I see some of the ideas I have in practice somewhere else. It is an extremely powerful learning tool.www.mrmac.edublogs.org
Debra Gottsleben@gottsledMorristown, NJhigh school library media specialistI also agree that it is a phenomenal PD tool. I get so many great ideas from so many different people. I especially like web20classroom!
Karen T. Hodges@kthatgmsMount Airy, NCMiddle School Tech. Ed. TeacherVast number of resources I share with my peers as well as the opportunity to collaborate with others
Dan McGuiresabierMpls, Mn3rd and 4th grade teachersmart committed people share what they think is important.http://developingprofessionalstaff-mpls.blogspot.com/
Brenda Nix@bcnix2Murray, KYTechnology DirectorNew ideas shared by my network not only saves me time, but also improves the quality of my work. It keeps me energized with new ideas every day.http://www.murraystate.edu/kate
Ronnie Gonzalez@ronniegonzalezNavasota, TXDirector of Technology & CommunicationsAllows me to connect and learn with and from people from all over the world. People I wouldn't otherwise come in contact with and now I actually have a learning relationship with.
Barbara Lewisbarb007NCTech FacilitatorAs a "newbie" today, I think this is all great! Just need to find the time to explore and jump in. Thanks for your training help to get me started
Brian EwbanktriginkpenNCHS MathAmazing potential to increase the number of professional contacts and resources for the classroom. The stress relief aspect is kinda nice too!
Crystal TurneyturneycNCTechnology FacilitatorGreat resources (PLN)
Denise Yateskyates or JMRHSNCTechnology FacilitatorGreat educational resources. I have used it to keep students and parents updated about school events.
Ellen Minterellenj1971NCNCVPS Division Director for World Languages, Arts and MusicIt is only as powerful as the people who use it to share resources, collect group information for conferences, or even as a formative assessment tool in classrooms.
Joyce Campjalikazam or coxmillhsNCTechnology FacilitatorThis has been a powerful way to communicate school events to parents. This is a great way to find information about things that interest you. Great way to share bits of information.
Julie LaChanceejulezNCTechnology FacilitatorHelps build my personal Learning network and connect with people that have common interests
Mike Trumpmtrump or ncmstitansNCTechnology FacilitatorThe resources that are shared and the discussions held within my PLN are priceless...
Rob Schladenskyrjs_jrNCTechnology FacilitatorGreat way to collaborate and share resources.
Sherry HarrisSSEharrisNCTechnology FacilitatorHoping to build my PLN. Looking for great resources.
Steve JohnsonedtechsteveNCTechnology FacilitatorI'm probably late. Not sure if this is even still up but I'm gonna RT it anyway. Rock on. Guess I forgot to answer the question...Twitter is powerful because it brings likeminded people together to collaborate on things that are bigger than their individual situations.http://edtechsteve.blogspot.com
Steven Andersonweb20classroomNCInstructional TechnologistI can not think of another platform that gives you access to amazing educators any time of day or night. I learn so much more here than anywhere. So many things go by during the day that I can share with my teachers...why would not want to be a part of it!http://web20classroom.blogspot.com
Susann SpinellsusaspinNCTechnology FacilitatorIt is a great way to share and receive information.
Tim GwynntgwynnNCTechnology FacilitatorNon stop access to tons of resources and some of the best minds in education.
Brenda Smith@bksmithNEAlt. Ed/Online High School EnglishI have learned more from "strangers" in the last year than I learned in my first fifteen years of teaching. Right now I get more from my PLN than I have to offer. There is so much to learn and I love hearing what other educators think!
Kasia Andrychowska@primefrostNJMiddle School MathI am new to Twitter. I just signed up few days ago and I am already gathering lost of new ideas for my classes. I can't wait to set up my PLN and get more involved.
Robin McLean@rcmcleanNJMiddle School Agriculture TeacherIt keeps me up to date on trends in both agriculture and education so I can stay "fresh" in the classroom
Andor Kish@andorkishNJ, USATechnology Coordinator
Ruth Cohenson@tearoofNJ, USAK-5 librarianMost powerful tool in my PLN!
On Elpeleg@morsmalNOWebmaster for morsmal.orgIt helps us finding resources and news for our bilingual site morsmål at www.morsmal.org
Brian Barry@Nunavut_TeacherNunavut, CanadaMath/Science Junior HighSimply put, Twitter has made me a better teacher because I learn from other teachers from around the world www.class-info.wikispaces.com
Jarrett Dooley@mrdooleyLas Vegas, NVComputer Science TeacherTwitter is powerful because it provides a live-time and real-world level of connectivity for the purposes of learning and collaborating, world-wide! http://mrdooley.blogspot.com
Brandon Johnsoncoachjohnson44NYSocial Studies Teacher/ Tech CoordinatorGreat place to ask questions and get great ideas from teachers around the world.