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06/05/124th Street BrewingUS -- Oregon -- GreshamAmerican Pale AlePale Ale -- American4.70draftimperial pintOn tap at the 4th Street Brewpub

OI- a swing and a miss; one-dimensional grainy malt and moderately bitter hop flavor throughout; light-bodied, with medium carbonation- watery, and not satisfying; needs work; C grade
01/24/114th Street BrewingUS -- Oregon -- GreshamBelgian TripelTripel10.20draftsmall bucket glassOn tap at the 4th Street Brewpub; ~3oz sample; ABV as stated; 18 IBU; a big thanks to Cherry Balls for this courtesy pour…

P- hazy gold, with a small head
N- medium-bold; sweet bubblegum and spices; might just be the most [pleasantly] unique aroma I've taken in from any beer
T- reminiscent of Duvel in this department; however, the "bubblegum" element gives it a mildly sweet edge; laced with spices; mildly yeasty finish; not bad, but definitely an unexpected flavor profile; mild alcohol presence
MF- light-medium bodied, with medium-high carbonation; dry throughout
D- high
O- pleasant and unique; not sure if I'd call this a Tripel, though; elements are more akin to a Belgian Strong Pale Ale, or perhaps a Saison; B+
03/20/114th Street BrewingUS -- Oregon -- GreshamCascadian Dark AleCascadian Dark Ale6.30draftimperial pintOn tap at the 4th Street Brewpub; 90 IBU

P- cola-colored with a half-finger's-worth off light tan head; moderate amount of lacing left behind on one side of the glass
N- soft-strength; mild floral and roasted malt notes
T- follows the nose; mild-moderately bold flavors of floral hops underlyed by roasted malt throughout the profile; the finish pairs roastiness with a moderately bitter hops; nicely balanced; pleasant profile, although fairly average for the style
MF- medium-bodied, with medium carbonation
OI- good, but not an offering I would want more than one of (alright, maybe two max); I'd give it a B+; nicely-crafted, but not quite as "all-around" good as others I've had within the style
10/24/094th Street BrewingUS -- Oregon -- GreshamDoppelbockDoppelbock10.80draftsmall kitchen glassP- deep dark brown, almost no head
N- faint sweetness
T- malty, slightly sweet; high ABV is very well-hidden; flavor is fairly 1-dimensional, but good nonetheless
D- highly drinkable (had 2 glasses back-to-back, & could've partaken in a 3rd)
O- B-
05/22/124th Street BrewingUS -- Oregon -- GreshamDouble RedAmber/Red Ale -- American9.30draftimperial pintOn tap at the 4th Street Brewpub

OI- semi-sweet and sticky malts throughout; moderately bitter hop finish; medium-full bodied, with soft-medium carbonation; sticky; not bad, but could stand to be a little sweeter and more interesting; B grade
05/08/094th Street BrewingUS -- Oregon -- GreshamEager Beaver IPAIPA -- Americandraftpint P- copper color; almost no head/lacing
T- bitter; not real well-balanced - hop bomb (one of the hoppiest beers I’ve ever had)
D- not too drinkable
O- C+
4th Street BrewingUS -- Oregon -- GreshamGresham LightBlonde Ale -- American5.10draftpintno notes taken; B- grade; ABV provided by RB
01/24/114th Street BrewingUS -- Oregon -- GreshamPoor Richard'sBrown Ale -- American4.60draftsmall bucket glassOn tap at the 4th Street Brewpub; ~4oz sample; "Based on a recipe from Benjamin Franklin, this brown ale was brewed using as many era specific ingredients as possible"; ABV as stated; a big thanks to Cherry Balls for this courtesy pour...

P- hazy tan in color, with a small head
N- medium; yeast, spice, and biscuitty malt
T- follows the nose- yeast and spices, overlapping biscuitty malt throughout; a hint of fruit esters in there as well; nice [layered] flavor profile, and surprisingly, quite a bit of flavor for such a low-ABV brew; had "Weizen" qualities to it
MF- light-bodied, with medium carbonation; smooth
D- high
O- well-crafted and unique; one of the most interesting offerings I've had from 4th Street; B+
4th Street BrewingUS -- Oregon -- GreshamPowell PorterPorter -- Americandraftpintno notes taken; B- grade
01/24/114th Street BrewingUS -- Oregon -- GreshamRobert's RedAmber/Red Ale -- American6.20draftimperial pintREVISITATION:
On tap at the 4th Street brewpub; according to website, ABV is stated as 6.2%; 70 IBU...

P- poured a murky dark red, with just a touch of translucence; tiny off-white head, which receded within a couple minutes; faint lacing left behind in a few spots
N- soft; semi-sweet bready malt, with a hint of hops
T- follows the nose- predominantly semi-sweet bready malt over earthy hops; mild hop bitterness in the finish; definitely on the malty side, however, the profile has a nice element of balance; moderately rich
MF- medium-full bodied, with low-medium carbonation; chewy in the forward, mildly creamy in the finish
D- medium; the fuller body hinders the drinkability a bit
O- not bad; nice flavor profile, complimented by a unique moutfeel (for the style, at least); reminds me of a better version of Lompoc's Proletariat Red; B+

05-08-09; 5.8% ABV; draft into pint glass; on tap at 4th Street brewpub

P- rich, red color; almost no head/lacing
T- good; well-balanced
D- very drinkable
08/01/1110 Barrel Brewing Co.US -- Oregon -- BendApocalypse IPAIPA -- American6.5022oz bottlesmall Unibroue tulipP- clear gold/orange, with a tiny white head; quick recession; average in this department; miniscule amount of lacing left behind toward the top of the glass
N- medium strength; a balanced aroma of sweet caramel malt and fruity hops; not bad
T- wow- after the "average" aroma, the flavor profile packs a punch!; crisp carbonation pairs with bold fruit flavors on the tongue in the forward; sweet caramel malt plays a nice supporting role throughout; the beer finishes with dry floral hops and residual fruity sweetness, paired with a moderate-to-intense "ripe grapefruit" bitterness; just a touch of alcohol warmth, yeastiness, and chemical-like flavor in the finish as well; bitterness hangs around on the palate for a bit; dramatic changes in flavor between the forward and the finish; in a mild way, lacks cohesion
MF- light-bodied, with medium-high carbonation; crisp and refreshing; dry finish
D- high
OI- a solid, hoppy IPA; bitterness is a bit off-putting at first, but then fades; pretty close to a *like* for me; on a different note, I like the new label for this brew (big barrel with the name above it, over a white background); deserves a B+, IMO
01/15/1010 Barrel Brewing Co.US -- Oregon -- BendS1nist0r Black AleCascadian Dark Ale5.40draftclear plastic pintOn tap @ BeerMongers

P- jet black, w/ a tiny head; quick recession into just a little ring
N- fairly malty, bready
T- much like the nose in the forward; little bit of hop bitterness in the finish; not real complex, but nicely balanced
MF- mod-full (surprising for the style)
D- high
O- very pleasent; porter-esque, with regard to most of its qualities; I didn't think I'd enjoy this offering as much as I did; would definitely partake in again; A-
02/07/1221st Amendment/ Ninkasi CollaborationUS -- California -- San FranciscoAllies Win the War!English Strong Ale8.5012oz cansmall Great Lakes snifter52 IBU; canned on 10-26-11

P- dark ruby with a small white head; quick recession; mild-medium amount of active carbonation; 8.5/10; no lacing
N- medium-bold; sweet fruity hops, dates, oranges, and hints of caramel malt; very nice; 9/10
T- follows the nose; fairly sweet throughout with lots of fruity hop flavor and dates over a solid malt backbone; finishes sweet and sticky; no alcohol presence; simple and flavorful- I like it; 9/10
MF- medium-full bodied with medium carbonation; creamy, yet coating; 9.5/10
D/OI- massive drinkability- went down quick; very nice offering, overall- happy I picked it up; 9.5/10; 45.5/50 x 2 = 91/100
09/21/0921st AmendmentUS -- California -- San FranciscoHell or High WatermelonFruit/Vegetable Beer4.9012oz canpintP- slightly hazy gold, 1f head that recedes quickly, no lacing
N- faint sour watermelon
T- tangy watermelon forward, light watermelon finish, no malt picked up (hence the watery MF)
MF- light & watery
O- decent taste, but not real well-balanced and substantial lack of body; they could've done a better job with this offering; B- grade
03/02/1221st AmendmentUS -- California -- San FranciscoLower Da Boom 2011 vintageBarleywine -- American10.50draft4oz Lucky Lab taster glassOn tap at Lucky Lab's Barleywine and Big Beer Tastival 2012; pour #14 of the day (final pour…that I can recall)

P- clear red
N- medium; sweet malts
T- follows nose; sweet and malty throughout, with candy-like dark sugars
MF- medium-full bodied, with medium carbonation
D/OI- very good; happy I got to try this!
10/24/10Alameda BrewhouseUS -- Oregon -- PortlandBlack Bear XX StoutStout -- Foreign/Export7.00draftclear plastic pintREVISITATION:
On tap @ Gresham Lanes

O- I've had Black Bear XX a few times since I originally tried and reviewed it (above), and can say that w/ each instance, I've enjoyed it more and more; a fantastic flavor profile, consisting of sweet milk chocolate and roasted malt, paired w/ a full body (much fuller than I remember it being out of the bottle) make for a great [and highly drinkable] stout; I can say that Black Bear XX has become my favorite [single] stout; A grade

05-19-09; 22oz bottle into a tall 500ml glass

P- color was that of a traditional stout (almost black)
N- smell had hues of chocolate & coffee
T- decent flavor; followed the nose
MF- thin mouthfeel; slightly over-carbonated (reminded me of a cola)
O- all-in-all, not fantastic, but not too bad
06/24/11Alameda BrewhouseUS -- Oregon -- PortlandEl Torero IPAIPA -- American7.10draft12oz clear plastic cupSampled @ North American Organic Brewers Festival '11; 11th pour (full glass); 110 IBU

P- orange
N- medium-strength; sweet hops and toasted malt; nicely-balanced aroma
T- mildly sweet malt throughout, with a fairly intense and lingering earthy hop bitterness in the finish
MF- medium-bodied, with medium carbonation
D- medium-high
OI- bland in the forward, then overly bitter in the finish; dislike; C+
06/10/12Alameda BrewhouseUS -- Oregon -- PortlandHuckleberry HoundIPA -- American6.50draftpintOn tap at Burnside Brewing during Portland Fruit Beer Fest 2012; 10th 4oz sample of the day; huckleberry IPA; 55 IBU

P- hazy orange
N- sweet huckleberries and hops
T- follows the nose; great balance of huckleberries and hops over a solid malt body
MF- medium-full bodied with soft carbonation
D/OI- impressive; really wasn't expecting a beer of this caliber from Alameda; very nicely done
03/02/12Alameda BrewhouseUS -- Oregon -- PortlandOld Alger 1500 2010 vintageBarleywine -- American11.00draft4oz Lucky Lab taster glassOn tap at Lucky Lab's Barleywine and Big Beer Tastival 2012; pour #3 of the day

P- clear deep red color
N- medium; sugary sweetness; fruity
T- hops mixed with caramel; pleasant sweetness segues into mild-moderate bitterness in the finish; bitterness lingers; nicely-balanced/contrasted
MF- light-medium bodied; medium-high carbonation; crisp
D/OI- surprisingly good; beautifully balanced; not too sweet (which makes it very drinkable); crisp and refreshing for the style
12/04/10Alameda BrewhouseUS -- Oregon -- PortlandPapa Noel's Moonlight ReserveOld Ale8.50draftsmall plastic mugSampled @ Holiday Ale Festival '10; 40 IBU; 7th 4oz taster of the evening; no mug rinse, nor palate cleanse

P- dark brown
N- medium strength; dark malts and spices
T- nice and malty throughout, with light spicing overlying
MF- light with medium-high carbonation; a bit on the watery side
D- high
O- enjoyable; B+
11/17/11Alameda BrewhouseUS -- Oregon -- PortlandPapa Noel's Olde AleOld Ale7.20draftpintOn tap at Old Chicago 205

P- poured at a very cold temp (expected for OC, though); brown/cola color, with a small light tan head; mild amount of lacing left behind
N- soft (due to temp and improper glassware); faintly sweet malt grains and roastiness; meh
T- follows the nose; fairly bland malt (with just mild sweetness) throughout, which leads to a mildly roasty finish; qualities are more akin to a porter rather than an old ale; didn't get much more flavorful as it warmed, disappointingly; not horrible, but I really thought this was going to be better
MF- medium-full bodied, with medium carbonation
D- high
OI- Papa Noel's was a letdown (I knew I should've gone with that Porter I had a sample of); lacking flavor and complexity; B-
01/04/10Alameda BrewhouseUS -- Oregon -- PortlandSiberian Bear Imperial StoutStout -- Imperial7.80draftsmall snifterOn tap @ Belmont Station

P- standard RIS black, 1f head
N- not real aromatic
T- hints of chocolate here & there; little bitterness/tanginess in finish, that became more prevalent as I drank it; ABV well-hidden; overall, pretty 1-dimensional & uninteresting flavor profile
MF- thin
D- fairly high for the style
O- reminiscent of their Black Bear XX Stout in just about every facet; not bad, but not great; B grade
03/30/10Alaskan Brewing Co.US -- Alaska -- JuneauBarley Wine 2009 vintage [?]Barleywine -- American10.40draftsmall tulipOn tap @ Belmont Station

P- dark brown; 1f head
N- sweet, somewhat hoppy (surprisingly)
T- flavors of caramel, toffee & roasted malt are predominantly present, w/ a light bitterness in the finish; a bit of smoke & molasses in there as well; dark fruits not really present on my palate, contradictory to reviews I've read for this beer; a tiny bit of heat in the finish; smooth, sweet flavor profile; definitely well-balanced
MF- mod-full; carbonation is spot-on; slightly chewy
D- high for the style, IMO
O- this offering actually exceeded my expectations (I had a feeling it was going to be good, but not this fantastic!); well-done, Alaskan; @ $2.75 per glass, a great value; could very well be my new favorite barley wine; curious to know how flavor profiles of past vintages will compare- looking forward to a vertical...; A grade
11/06/11Alaskan Brewing Co.US -- Alaska -- JuneauPerseverance AleStout -- Russian Imperial9.0022oz bottlesmall Unibroue tulipLooking forward to this!; one good-looking bottle, IMO

P- taken out of cellar and put into beer fridge for a couple of hours- poured at an estimated 45 degrees F; came out of the bottle jet black in color, with only a tiny tan head that formed after I poured; quick recession; no lacing
N- medium-bold strength; fairly sweet malt and dark fruit aroma overlaps that of roasted barley; pleasant and inviting
T- follows the nose; flavors of sweet malt grains, chocolate, dark fruit (black cherries), smoke, coffee, and malt roastiness come together to create a nicely-balanced profile; mild-moderate roasty bitterness/smoke mixes with warming alcohol heat in the finish; mild lingering fruit sweetness, as well as that of honey and birch, pairs with roastiness from the finish in the aftertaste; complex and very tasty; nicely-done
MF- light-medium-bodied (kind of light for the style), with soft-medium carbonation; carbonation drops off after the forward, creating smoothness for the remainder of the profile
D- high
OI- like; worthy of a higher grade than BA indicates; B+ (almost a hi-lite)
12/02/09Alaskan Brewing Co.US -- Alaska -- JuneauSmoked Porter 2008 vintagePorter -- American 6.50draftsmall plastic mugSampled @ Holiday Ale Festival '09

N- smoky, faintly sweet
T- smoky flavor, from forward to finish
MF- thin-mod
D- high
O- B+
11/10/11AleSmith Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- San DiegoIPAIPA -- American7.2522oz bottlesmall Unibroue tulipP- slightly hazy orange, with a massive (3f), soapy, off-white head; good head retention- 25 minutes after pouring, some of the head is still around!; moderate amount of lacing left behind toward the top third of the glass
N- bold strength (even through the big head); aromatic fruits (orange and passion fruit) and biscuitty malt; very inviting
T- long, sweet fruit forward over dry biscuitty malt; soapy yeast in finish, with light spicing, mild alcohol heat (and rubbing alcohol flavor), and moderate earthy bitterness; pleasant and nicely-balanced
MF- light-medium bodied with medium carbonation; on the dry side (especially in the finish)
D- high
OI- pretty good; B+ quality, just not quite the profile I like my IPAs to have
03/04/11AleSmith Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- San DiegoSpeedway StoutStout -- Imperial12.00750ml bottlelarge tulip?Poured at beer fridge temp, but left out to warm up for 20+ minutes; been passing on this one for too long now

P- cap opened with barely a sound; poured as black as heavily used motor oil, with no head (just a few tan bubbles); no lacing
N- medium-bold; big notes of sweet, rich espresso; underlying alcohol aroma as well; smells inviting
T- rich; sweet forward, dark sugars and biscuitty malt meet with roasted coffee in the finish; 12% ABV is practically undetectable; coffee definitely dominates the profile here; not quite as complex as I'd like it to be, but very good nonetheless
MF- thin-bodied with soft carbonation; on the creamy side; chewy; a bit dry in the finish; body could stand to be fuller
D- high; drinks way too easy
O- one fantastic coffee-infused imperial stout; A grade
02/11/10AleSmith Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- San DiegoYuleSmith (Winter)IPA -- Double8.8022oz bottlelarge tulip & large ale glasses First encounter w/ AleSmith; split w/ Josh; winter release (red & green ink on bottle); ABV as stated

P- deep, slightly hazy ruby; 2f head; mod-heavy lacing
N- sweet malt; light hops
T- much like the nose; predominantly malty, w/ light hopping; nice & mellow
MF- mod-full
D- mod-high; pretty easy-drinking
O- pleasant, but didn't wow me; definitely not worth the $8.55 price tag; DFH 90 Min is a better take on this style of DIPA, IMO; B+
06/03/11Allagash Brewing CompanyUS -- Maine -- PortlandCurieux (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Tripel) 2010 vintageTripel11.00corked & caged 750ml bottlelarge tulip A selection from the cellar tonight; first offering I've had from Allagash- I'm pumped! Bottled April of 2010

P- cork came out with a nice "pop"; poured at 46 degrees F; slightly hazy straw color with a 1f white head; good head retention; light-moderate white lacing left behind
N- medium-bold strength; bananas, lemon zest, honey, grassy hops, yeast, and vanilla; pleasant and inviting; bourbon notes become prevalent as it warms
T- follows the nose in the forward- bananas, yeast, grassy hops, and smooth oak comprise the long forward, while intense bourbon and a bit of spicing comes into play in the finish; biscuitty malt supports the profile throughout; wow- the warming bourbon notes in the aftertaste make me feel as though I've just had a sip of bourbon (I can't say that about any other bourbon barrel-aged beers I've had in recent memory); so smooth and oaky throughout; ridiculously tasty
MF- light-bodied, with soft-medium carbonation; velvety smooth
D- medium-high; the bourbon heat in the finish diminishes drinkability a touch
OI- truly a great and unique beer; as stated in my BA post "a solid, smooth, and delicious Tripel chalked with bourbony goodness"; a bit spendy (I think Curieux was $19 when I bought it), but worth every penny; happy I broke it free from the cellar this evening! I give it a solid A grade
12/17/10Alpine Beer CompanyUS -- California -- AlpineDuetIPA -- American7.0022oz bottle2 pint glassesReceived in trade from Dankbeers619; split w/ Rian; sampled after Kern River's Just Outstanding IPA; curoius about the nuances between 2 IPAs with similar hop profiles (Amarillo and Simcoe)

P- hazy gold, w/ a 1-2f white head; lots of yeast floaties hanging around; heavy lacing left behind
N- medium-bold; predominantly floral hops and grains; a touch of citrus in there as well; a bit more resinous in the aroma than Just Outstanding
T- fairly dry, semi-sweet floral notes over a medium-bold malt body; some citrus in there, but mainly a floral hop profile; clean finish; similar flavor profile to Just Outstanding (finish aside), however slightly sweeter and more resinous
MF- medium, with medium carbonation; on the dry side, yet sticky in the finish
D- high
O- another solid IPA from Alpine; met expectations; Rian and I both enjoyed the Just Outstanding a bit more, though; B+
11/21/10Alpine Beer CompanyUS -- California -- AlpineNelsonIPA -- American7.0022oz bottlepintReceived in trade from Dankbeers619; first encounter w/ Alpine; poured appropriately into my Alpine pint glass (also courtesy of Dankbeers619); let's check it out!

P- slightly hazy copper, w/ no head (just a small white cap that almost covers the top); very heavy white lacing left behind (might be the heaviest of any beer I've poured)
N- soft; faint grapefruit hop sweetness; becomes bolder and more inviting as it warms, of course
T- semi-sweet grapefruit over a solid, bready malt backbone; grapefruit becomes a touch sweet before a moderate hop bitterness overtakes the finish; a mild "zing" from the rye malt is present, especially in the forward
MF- full-bodied, w/ low-medium carbonation; creamy, with a drying finish; leaves the mouth moderately sticky (weird, after a dry finish)
D- high
O- pretty good; well-made, but I prefer a slightly different profile for my IPAs; B+
12/02/10Alpine Beer CompanyUS -- California -- AlpinePure HoppinessIPA -- Double8.0022oz bottlelarge tulipReceived in trade from Dankbeers619

P- slightly hazy gold, with a 1.5f white head; head recedes within a few minutes; some moderate lacing left behind in spots
N- medium-bold; sweet, pungent hops; smells delicious
T- begins sweet and ends bitter (as expected); citrusy fruit (grapefruit) paired with a caramel-like sugary sweetness, over a solid malt body; dry, earthy hop finish, with moderately intense bitterness; great balance of flavors; light alcohol detected in the finish
MF- medium-bodied, with light-medium carbonation
D- high
O- one great Double IPA; my favorite of the three Alpine offerings I've had (the others being Nelson and Duet); A
03/20/12Amager BryghusDenmark -- KastrupRugporterPorter -- American8.50draft10oz gobletOn tap @ Roscoe's; First from Amager

P- cola with a small tan head; quick recession; heavy tan lacing left behind; 9/10
N- bold; big dark chocolate and coffee; hints of juniper; 9.5/10
T- bittersweet coffee and dark chocolate in the long forward, supported by a moderate roasted malt body; moderate roasty bitterness in the finish, with an element of smokiness; big flavors, yet very balanced; moderate alcohol heat became present as I drank; 10/10
MF- light-medium bodied, with soft-medium carbonation; smooth; compliments the profile nicely; 10/10
D/OI- high; very good, overall- happy I got to try it; 10/10; 48.5/50 x 2 = 97/100
06/25/10Ambacht BrewingUS -- Oregon -- HillsboroBlack Gold PorterBiere de Garde6.70draft12oz clear plastic cupSampled @ North American Organic Brewers Festival '10; full pour; 25 IBU; one of the most interesting & highly anticipated brews at the festival for me

P- dark brown (no translucence), w/ .5f of off-white head
N- medium; was expecting the roastiness of a porter, but instead was greeted w/ funk
T- wow! the flavor combo is like nothing I've experienced before; the profile consists of floral hops mixed w/ roasted malts; the honey plays a nice sweet background role, and blackberry comes out in the finish (to round out the roasted malts & compliment the honey); drying finish; like a cross between a porter & a mild sour/wild ale (no puckering); well-balanced
MF- moderate; medium carbonation; dry finish
D- mod-high
O- a solidly-crafted brew; one of the best I tried @ NAOBF; look forward to having again at some point; A grade
06/24/11Ambacht BrewingUS -- Oregon -- HillsboroGolden Rye Farmhouse AleSaison/Farmhouse Ale6.80draft12oz clear plastic cupSampled @ North American Organic Brewers Festival '11; 1st 4oz sample; 22 IBU

P- slightly hazy gold; no head
N- medium-strength; sweet malt and zesty rye notes
T- smooth, neutral (bland) malt in the forward, with a moderately intense zesty rye finish; mild bitterness
MF- light-bodied, with medium carbonation; smooth
D- high
OI- not bad; meh; B grade
06/24/11American Brewing Co.US -- Washington -- EdmundsHop, Skip & Go NaturalPale Ale -- American5.00draft12oz clear plastic cupSampled @ North American Organic Brewers Festival '11; 10th 4oz sample; 50 IBU

P- amber; no head
N- soft; no stand out aromas
T- malty, with light hopping; mildly bitter finish; on the bland side; meh
MF- medium-bodied, with medium carbonation
D- high
OI- nothing that stood out about this brew; B grade
06/15/10AmnesiaUS -- Oregon -- PortlandDesolation IPAIPA -- American6.20draftpintOn tap @ Imbibe

P- amber, w/ a .5-1f white head; quick recession; mod-heavy lacing
N- soft; sweet hops
T- juicy hops throughout, w/ a nice caramel malt backbone popping out hear & there; fairly sweet, w/ just slight bitterness in the finish
MF- thin, & carbonation seems a little lacking
D- high; an easy drinker
O- on its way to being a solid IPA; just a needs a tune-up in the MF department; B grade
07/05/10Anchor Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- San FranciscoAnchor Steam BeerCalifornia Common/ Steam Beer4.9012oz bottlepintP- clear amber, w/ a creamy 1.5f head (after a careful pour); head sticks around for awhile; lots of active carbonation noticed; mod-heavy lacing left behind
N- grassy hops, & sweet & buttery, biscuitty malt
T- tangy carbonation barrages the tongue, which fades into a smooth, mildly sweet biscuitty malt w/ grassy hop undertones; finish is drying, & has a slight earthy bitterness about it (bitterness continues into the aftertaste)
MF- light-bodied; high level of tingly carbonation, especially in the forward; effervescent & crisp, yet coating & buttery at times
D- mod-high; fairly simple flavor profile & light mouthfeel make it an easy drinker
O- first CC/Steam beer-style brew I've had; well-crafted, but probably not something I would seek out again (due to preference of other styles); B+
12/01/11Anchor Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- San FranciscoOld Foghorn 2006 vintageBarleywine -- English8.20draftsmall plastic mugSampled @ Holiday Ale Festival '11; 5th 4oz taster of the day; no mug rinse nor palate cleanse; ABV as per BA website- "ABV has varied slightly over the last three years"

P- reddish, small head
N- medium strength; sweet malt
T- sweet, malty and syrupy; dark fruits and dark sugars; simple and nice
MF- medium-bodied with soft carbonation
D- high
OI- A-
08/28/09Anchor Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- San FranciscoOld FoghornBarleywine -- English8.8012oz bottlepintP- hazy brown, tiny head that receded immediately
N- sweet; carmel & tobacco
T- slightly sweet forward (dark fruit), sour middle, & a dry, bitter finish; slight alcohol burn in the finish; interesting mix of flavors
MF- moderate
O- B+
12/26/10Anchor Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- San FranciscoOur Special Ale 2010 (Christmas Ale)Winter Warmer5.5012oz bottlesmall Unibroue tulipPoured at 44 degrees F; planned to open this on Christmas, but didn't have the opportunity (opted for Crown Royal Black at the in-laws, as a consolation)

P- cola-colored, w/ a 2f fluffy tan head; lots of active carbonation noticed; beautiful appearance; mild lacing left behind
N- soft; bready malt with just a touch of dark sugars and mild spice
T- interesting flavor profile- mildly sweet, bready malt forward, followed by a moderately bitter smoky finish with light spices; an element of yeastiness in the finish as well; smokiness lingers into the aftertaste; quite a bit of flavor for a low-ABV beer
MF- light-bodied, with high carbonation; tingly, with an element of chewiness in there as well
D- high
O- pretty good; definitely unique; B+
05/04/11Anchor Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- San FranciscoPorterPorter -- American5.6022oz bottlepintP- cola-colored (no translucence), with a 1.5f tan head; nice-looking pour; quick head recession; moderate-heavy lacing left behind in spots
N- very soft; faint whiffs of sweet malt; a bit disappointing in this area, although I'm sure it will have more of a bouquet as it warms; roasted coffee notes came out as I drank
T- sweet malts pair with floral hops in the forward (with an underlying roastiness), and mild-moderately roasted malts pair with herbal hops for a dry finish; interesting (hoppy) flavor profile for the style, IMO
MF- light-medium bodied, with soft-medium carbonation; smooth, semi-creamy forward, dry finish (feels like sandpaper went across the tongue); pairs well with the flavor profile
D- high
OI- a unique, flavorful, and highly drinkable Porter; nice value as well (less than $3.50 per, I believe); A-
10/04/09Anderson Valley Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- BoonvilleBarney Flatts Oatmeal StoutStout -- Oatmeal5.70draftmedium mugOn tap @ Old Chicago; no notes taken; B+ grade
06/09/09Anderson Valley Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- BoonvilleBoont Amber AleAmber/Red Ale -- American5.80draftpintP- amber color, w/ little head & lacing
N- not too appealing
T- kind of bland
MF- decent
O- I was a bit disappointed w/ this brew; thought there were going to be more stand-out flavors; originally tried 10-12-06, in draft format [into a pint glass] @ Muu Muu's; C+
07/22/11Anderson Valley Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- BoonvilleHop Ottin' IPAIPA -- American7.0012oz cansmall Unibroue tulipREVISITATION:

P- clear amber, with a 1-2f off-white head; quick head recession; light-medium lacing left behind toward the top of the glass
N- very soft; just a bit of funky fruit (passion fruit) and malt aroma detected; not that great..
T- much better than the aroma; sweet caramel malt forward, laced with [floral?] hops; residual malt sweetness from the forward (as well as passion fruit flavor) pairs with a mild earthy hop bitterness to cap off the profile in the finish; mild passion fruit funk in the aftertaste; a pleasant, mild-medium hopped profile
MF- light-medium bodied, with medium carbonation
D- high
OI- not bad at all; B+

08-30-09; 12oz bottle into tall 500ml glass

P- copper, 1f white head
N- floral & citrus (grapefruit); smells like it's gonna be good
T- semi-sweet hops in the forward, w/ a dry, bitter floral finish
O- pretty good; would have again
03/02/12Anderson Valley Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- BoonvilleHorn of the Beer 2011 vintageBarleywine -- English8.60draft4oz Lucky Lab taster glassOn tap at Lucky Lab's Barleywine and Big Beer Tastival 2012; pour #8 of the day

P- clear red
N- sweet malt
T- follows nose; smooth, sweet toasted malts in the forward; hops pull through in the finish, along with residual sweetness from the forward; solid profile with a good balance
MF- medium-bodied with soft carbonation
D/OI- a nice example of the style, IMO; legit profile with high drinkability
01/05/11Anderson Valley Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- BoonvilleWinter Solstice Seasonal AleWinter Warner6.9012oz bottlesmall Unibroue tulipReceived in a mixed 9-pack for Christmas (thanks Aaron and Melissa)

P- slightly hazy ruby, with .5f of off-white head
N- soft-medium; sweet hops and a touch of bready malt
T- the tongue is greeted by a combination of faded/subdued hops, dark sugars, and a hint of spices throughout, all over a toasted malt backbone; a mild "sweat" taste in the finish- not real prominent, but off-putting nonetheless; residual dark sugars drift into the aftertaste; more complex than expected; nice profile, aside from the bit of weird sweaty taste
MF- medium-full, with medium carbonation; kind of chewy
D- high
O- decent; really the only downfall here is the mildly off-putting taste in the finish; maybe I got an old bottle...; B+
04/29/09Anheuser-Busch, Inc.US -- Missouri -- Saint LouisBudweiser American AleAmber/Red Ale -- American5.1012oz bottlenoneT- no stand-out flavor
MF- barely enough body to be classified as an ale
D- drinkability of a standard “macro"
O- not great, but decent for a BMC product; B-
AsahiJapan -- Tokyo-to Tokyo-shiSuper Dry Rice LagerLager -- Japanese Rice5.0012oz bottlenoneno notes taken; B- grade
05/06/12Astoria Brewing Company/ Wet Dog CaféUS -- Oregon -- AstoriaKiller Whale [Citra] Pale AlePale Ale -- American5.50draftpintOn tap at the brewpub; 45 IBU; enjoyed during our babymoon…

P- amber with a small white head; quick recession
N- medium; lots of caramel malt
T- citrus hop forward, smooth sweet caramel malt mid-palate, and a coating hop finish; very good- great balance
MF- medium-bodied with medium carbonation; very nice- compliments the flavor profile well
D/OI- extremely high drinkability; fantastic, overall; would definitely have again! *Cristen said that she liked the smell of this one and would've taken a drink if not pregnant*
07/27/10AveryUS -- Colorado -- BoulderCollaboration Not Litigation Ale 2007 vintage (Batch 1)Belgian Strong Dark Ale8.9922oz bottlelarge tulipBatch 1 - bottled January 2007; poured at fridge temperature; ABV as stated on bottle

P- dark and hazy ruby/brown color, w/ 1f of off-white head; quick recession; no lacing
N- bold; aroma of sugars, alcohol, and a bit of wood and dark fruits; mysterious and extremely inviting; awesome
T- follows the nose, except much less intense; candi sugars, molasses, dark fruits, and alcohol, over a carmelized malt backbone; warming, but clean finish; a wood flavor smooths out the profile; well-balanced combination of flavors; overall, the flavor profile has held up fairly well over time, but it does seem a bit muted at times, especially in the finish, where the flavors just kind of drop off; mutedness becomes more prevalent as it warms
MF- medium bodied, w/ medium carbonation; a little watery at times
D- high
O- I wasn't sure how well this ale was holding up (given its age) and had low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised; definitely more flavorful when cold, though; would like to try this one fresh; B+
08/10/11AveryUS -- Colorado -- BoulderDuganA IPAIPA -- Double8.5022oz bottlesmall Unibroue tulip93 IBU

P- slightly hazy gold, with a 1f white head; quick head recession; thick white lacing left behind at the top of the glass (thins out a bit as the beer makes its way down)
N- medium-strength; sweet floral hops, spices, and a hint of booze; not bad
T- interesting; predominant caramel malt in the forward, laced with sweet floral hops; finish is a touch on the spicy side, with mild alcohol presence; an underlying earthy bitterness throughout the profile, which lingers a bit into the aftertaste; nicely-balanced
MF- medium-full bodied, with medium-high carbonation; very sticky/coating- not sure if I like this aspect of the beer
D- medium-high
OI- pretty good- would have again; almost worthy of its BA grade (A-); B+
06/29/10AveryUS -- Colorado -- BoulderHog HeavenBarleywine -- American9.2022oz bottlesmall Unibroue & large tulip glassesSplit w/ Josh; poured @ cellar temp

P- hazy caramel w/ 3f+ of light tan head; globs of foamy lacing left around the glass
N- inviting aroma of sweet malts & alcohol
T- sweet, rich malts throughout, w/ a roasted & woody, slightly bitter finish; alcohol comes out subtly in the finish as well; simple flavor profile; delicious
MF- moderate-full bodied; low carbonation; a bit sticky in the forward & dry in the finish
D- high (for the style); goes down smoothly & quickly
O- a no-frills barleywine that is well-executed & very tasty; A-
08/18/09AveryUS -- Colorado -- BoulderMaharajaIPA -- Double10.24draftsmall tulipOn tap @ Belmont Station

P- hazy copper
N- faintly spicy, sweet
T- hop forward, then malty & smooth
D- high
O- a tasty DIPA; A-
02/07/10AveryUS -- Colorado -- BoulderOld JubilationWinter Warmer8.0012oz bottlelarge tulipP- dark brown at first glance, but actually a deep red; 1f light tan head; mild lacing
N- sweet malt; inviting…
T- malty, smoky, & tangy (bitter, leafy hop astringency) throughout; intermittent light sweetness (hints of chocolate); bitter, slightly warming finish; bitter aftertaste
MF- mod-full; well-carbonated; a bit sticky
D- moderate
O- glad I got to finally try this offering; alright, but the rest of the flavor profile doesn't really balance out the tanginess in the body & bitterness in the finish; kind of strange for a winter warmer; B grade
09/26/10Ballast Point Brewing CompanyUS -- California -- San DiegoBlack Marlin PorterPorter -- American6.0022oz bottlelarge chalicePurchased @ BevMo in Santa Rosa; first encounter w/ Ballast Point

P- dark mahogany w/ a slight red translucence at the bottom of the glass; upon pouring, an off-white head began to form but ceased at 1/4f; instantly receeded to just a ring and little foam cap; no lacing left behind
N- medium; coffee and semi-sweet dark roasted malts; whiffs of sweet hops as well (hard to determine at first); simple
T- loved this upon the first sip; sweet, sticky [floral] hops and bready malts in the forward, followed by roastiness and a moderately bitter finish; nicely-balanced and unique flavor profile; almost like a Cascadian Dark Ale, but with more sweet malt and coffee (especially in the aftertaste); bitterness in the finish doesn't really linger, surprisingly
MF- medium bodied, w/ medium-high carbonation; creamy
D- high
O- impressive; nice take on the style; A-
01/03/11Bar Harbor Brewing CompanyUS -- Maine -- Bar HarborCadillac Mountain StoutStout -- American6.7012oz bottlesmall Great Lakes snifterReceived as a trade extra from Beandip; long-awaited; poured at 44 degrees F

P- cola-colored, with a tiny tan head; quick head recession
N- medium-bold; sweet toasted barley, roasted coffee, a hint of chocolate, cream, and molasses; amazing aroma
T- the first sip immediately brings back memories of Deschutes Abyss; molasses and smooth roasted coffee over toasted malt sweetness throughout; mild roastiness in the finish; smooth, and on the rich side (especially for a "single" stout); nice balance between sweet and roasty
MF- medium-full bodied, with medium carbonation; incredibly smooth and creamy
D- high
O- aspects of this are definitely reminiscent of Abyss; most likely the best [non-imperial] stout I've tried to date; perfect; A grade
01/29/12Barley Brown's BrewpubUS -- Oregon -- Baker City13American Black Ale10.00draft5oz taster glassOn tap at Belmont Station during "Bigger Badder Blacker" Week 2012; 5th pour of the evening; believed to be the last of the kegs brewed by Sean Kelso; ABV listed as 9% on the BA site

OI- smooth, simple, and very flavorful; excellent
01/31/11Barley Brown's BrewpubUS -- Oregon -- Baker CityDisorder StoutStout -- American7.80draftsmall La Chouffe snifterOn tap at Belmont Station; an [unintended] courtesy pour, as the keg blew while my glass was being filled; although irrelevant, notes taken anyway...

P- black, with a .5f creamy tan head
N- soft; heavily roasted malt
T- predominantly roasted malt, with a charred coffee/bitter yeasty finish; not flavorful by any means
MF- medium-bodied with very low carbonation (almost flat)
D- low
O- will definitely need to revisit this, as it being from the bottom of the keg undoubtedly made for a bad pour here; judgement pending...; B grade
10/23/10Barley Brown's BrewpubUS -- Oregon -- Baker CityTrappist Belgian Dark AleBelgian Strong Dark Ale8.00draft5oz taster glassOn tap @ Bailey's Taproom during Brewpublic's KillerBeerFest! Taster #5; 50 IBU

P- hazy dark amber, w/ a tiny head; quick head recession; moderate amount of lacing left behind; 4.5
N- soft; dark sugars and spice; 3.5
T- nice; follows the nose with predominant dark sugars and spices, which are underlyed in the finish by mild dark fruits and lightly toasted malts; moderate astringency in the finish; 4.5
MF- medium-bodied, with medium carbonation; slick; 4
D- medium; 4
O- not bad at all; 20.5/25 = B; 20.5 x 4 = 82/100
10/15/10Barley Brown's BrewpubUS -- Oregon -- Baker CityTurmoil Black IPABlack IPA/Cascadian Dark Ale7.60draftsmall nonic glassOn tap @ Bailey's Taproom; ABV as stated

P- dark brown, w/ a 1f off-white head; heavy lacing left behind; 4.5
N- bold; piney hops, roasted malt, and chocolate; very nice; 5
T- piney hoppiness throughout, overlyed by smooth roasted malt and chocolate; a moderate level of lingering bitterness in the aftertaste (from the roastiness in the finish); solid flavor profile; 4
MF- medium-full bodied with medium carbonation; creamy and smooth; 5
D- medium-high; 4
O- happy that I finally got to try something from Barley Brown's; reminiscent of Victory's Yakima Twilight (especially w/ regard to mouthfeel); 22.5/25 x 4 = 90/100 (A-)
07/03/10Barley's Brewing Co.US -- Ohio -- ColumbusCentennial IPAIPA -- American7.6012oz bottlepintReceived in trade from beerbeerbeerbeer (trade #2); hand-filled from a growler into a 12oz bottle

P- clear orange, w/ a tiny white head; instant recession to a thin white ring; little bit of active carbonation noticed
N- soft; sweet, juicy hops backed by sweet bready malt; dank mango & cantaloupe
T- delicious!; I don't think I've had an IPA quite like this; bold sweet, juicy hops coat the tongue w/ flavors of mango & melon, all the way through until the ever-so-slightly bitter floral finish; very impressive flavor profile; solid, yet never overpowering malt character in the background; well-balanced
MF- medium-bodied; low-medium carbonation (I'm sure some was lost in the hand-fill); mouthfeel compliments the flavor profile nicely; resinous, w/ a dry finish
D- high
O- a delicious & highly drinkable IPA; slightly reminiscent of Diamond Knot IPA & GUBNA; outstanding!; A grade
Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan Germany -- FreisingWeihenstephaner FestbierMarzen/Oktoberfest5.8012oz bottlenoneno notes taken; B grade
07/10/09Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan Germany -- FreisingWeihenstephaner HefeweissbierHefeweizen5.4012oz bottlepintP- faintly cloudy gold color, w/ tiny head and no lacing
N- banana, clove, spice
T- kind of bland banana front, w/ a faint clove finish
MF- watery
O- B+
09/21/09Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan Germany -- FreisingWeihenstephaner Original PremiumLager -- Munich Helles5.1012oz bottlepintP- pale gold, 1-2f white head
N- faintly sour; grains
T- grainy w/ no stand-out flavors
MF- moderate & smooth (more body than expected)
O- B grade
09/29/10Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan Germany -- FreisingWeihenstephaner VitusWeizenbock7.70500ml bottlelarge tulipBeen putting off trying this one for a long time; poured @ fridge temperature; stood for ~15 minutes at room temp before sampling

P- hazy straw/orange w/ a 1.5f white head; head recedes just a bit initially, but not fully until about halfway through; light-moderate amount of web-like lacing left behind
N- medium; sweet fruity (banana esters), clove, and yeast
T- very nice; carbonation and fruity sweetness in the forward, followed by light malting and a mildly spicy finish; sweetness comes back a bit in the aftertaste; just a touch of warming alcohol in the finish
MF- light-medium bodied; fluffy/creamy
D- high
O- quite a bit lighter on the palate than I expected it to be (not saying that my expectations weren't met, though); an awesome brew; A-
02/12/11BayernUS -- Montana -- MissoulaOktoberfest LagerMarzen/Oktoberfest6.0012oz bottlepintLast of the mixed 9-pack I received for Christmas (I guess I've been slacking on the beer-drinking lately); "Best Before Feb 2011"

P- deep red with a tiny off-white head; almost instant head recession; no lacing left behind
N- soft-medium strength; sweet bready malt supplemented by light spicing
T- follows the nose; a pleasant sweet, bready maltiness dominates the profile, underlyed by mild spices; just a touch of bitterness comes into play in the finish; very simple and fairly tasty
MF- full-bodied, with low carbonation; chewy and moderately sticky
D- high
O- better than expected; one of the more enjoyable Marzens I've had; a solid B
05/25/09BayernUS -- Montana -- MissoulaPilsner LagerPilsener -- German5.0012oz bottlenonePurchased a 6-pack as a sessionable, warm day/bbq beer

T- slightly bitter
MF- decent mouthfeel
D- quite sessionable and refreshing
O- not my favorite style, but served its purpose; B-
02/14/10BayernUS -- Montana -- MissoulaFace Plant Doppel WeizenDoppelbock7.5012oz bottlesmall Unibroue tulipP- deep mahogany, w/ just a bit of translucence at the bottom; .5-1f off-white head; "maintains a nice foam cap" through the duration of the drink
N- sweet/sour (bready), wheat
T- prominently sweet/sour breadiness & caramel malt, w/ a bit of spice & alcohol in the (dry) finish
MF- moderate, w/ a watery finish; well-carbonated
D- moderate
O- reminds me of a toned-down, thinner version of a doppelbock; not that great, IMO; C+
12/04/10Bear RepublicUS -- California -- HealdsburgEbeweesner ScroogeAmerican Wild Ale6.50draftsmall plastic mugSampled @ Holiday Ale Festival '10; 35 IBU; 10th 4oz taster of the evening; no mug rinse, nor palate cleanse

P- dark brown
N- soft; spices and malt
T- tangy dark fruit over a solid malt body
MF- light-bodied, with high carbonation; dry finish
D- medium
O- unexpected flavor profile (didn't read about it before trying); pleasant, however; B+
09/24/09Bear RepublicUS -- California -- HealdsburgHeritageScottish Ale8.10draftmedium mugOn tap @ Old Chicago

P- deep mahogany
N- not present
T- reminiscent of Sam Smith's Nut Brown; well-balanced
MF- light to moderate (a bit on the watery side); smooth
D- high
O- A- grade
11/20/11Bear RepublicUS -- California -- HealdsburgHop Rod RyeIPA -- American8.0012oz bottlesmall Unibroue tulipREVISITATION:

P- very dark amber with a 1f off-white head; quick recession; lots of suspended sediment noticed; just a touch of lacing left behind near the top of the tulip
N- medium-strength; an aroma of sweet syrup, caramel malt, floral hop notes, and a hint of zesty rye; fairly inviting
T- moderately sweet malt forward with underlying rye notes and earthiness; dry floral finish, with mild-moderate bitterness; a bit of toffee and honey sweetness in there as well; bitterness lingers for awhile; the profile isn't quite as bold as I remember it being, but pleasant nonetheless; the 8% ABV isn't present at all; very nice
MF- medium-full bodied, with soft carbonation; chewy, and on the sticky side
D- high; exceptional drinkability for a higher caliber IPA; went down quick
OI- solid; grade changed from an A to an A-

05-10-09; 22oz bottle into tall 500ml glass

P- dark amber color; 3-finger head that fades quickly; moderate lacing left behind
N- sweet, floral smell
T- faintly sweet, w/ a bitter finish (gets sweeter as it warms up); reminds me of a doppelbock toward the end; smooth
MF- good mouthfeel (right where it needs to be)
O- A grade
12/01/11Bear RepublicUS -- California -- HealdsburgOld Saint ChongoWinter Warmer7.60draftsmall plastic mugSampled @ Holiday Ale Festival '11; 35 IBU; 16th 4oz taster of the day; no mug rinse nor palate cleanse

P- dark brown; small head
N- soft strength; sweet malts
T- wow- malty sweetness and light chocolate notes; beautiful!
MF- medium-full bodied, with soft carbonation
D- high
OI- another pleasant surprise at the festival; A-
07/09/11Bear RepublicUS -- California -- HealdsburgRacer 5IPA -- American7.0012oz bottlepintREVISITATION:
Been awhile since I've had this one...

P- gold/orange, with a 1f white head; very light lacing left behind
N- medium-bold; sweet floral and citrus hop aroma, laced with biscuitty malt; a bit of honey in there as well; love the nose on this IPA- very inviting
T- ripe [mildly bitter] grapefruit notes balanced by mildly sweet orange flavors throughout, supported by a sturdy malt backbone; mild floral/grapefruit bitterness in the finish
MF- medium-full bodied, with medium carbonation
D- high
OI- very nice; one solid, hoppy IPA; A grade
[REVISITED 9-18-11 as well; 12oz bottle into small Unibroue tulip; notes in available in small notebook]

10-20-09; draft into medium mug; on tap @ Old Chicago; hadn't had this brew in awhile, so I thought I'd give it a sampling

T- an awesome citrus bomb (quite a bit of grapefruit present in the flavor); not real well-balanced (thus the prominent citrus), but a great blend nonetheless; well-hopped, but not overly done; smooth finish (not bitter)
D- highly drinkable
O- it might just be my new favorite IPA
01/09/12Bear RepublicUS -- California -- HealdsburgRacer XIPA -- Double9.00draft5oz taster glassREVISITATION:
On tap at Belmont Station

P- clear amber with a tiny white head; heavy white lacing; 9/10
N- none (probably due to glassware); second try- faint hops, caramel, booze; 7/10
T- sweet, smooth rich caramel malt; citrusy hops and vanilla in the long forward; mild, moderately bitter hop finish; mild alcohol presence; nicely-balanced; simple and good; 8.5/10
MF- medium-full bodied, soft-medium carbonation; verging on creamy; a bit sticky in the finish; 9/10
D/OI- med-high; pretty good, overall; 8.5/10; 42/50 x 2 = 84/100

10-28-09; draft into small kitchen glass; On tap @ Concordia Ale House; been waiting a long time to try this brew!

P- light brown/amber, no head
N- not real aromatic (might have been due to the glassware)
T- well worth the wait; delicious, smooth & moderately sweet, w/ a slightly bitter finish; quite warming on the way down; flavor isn't real complex; well-balanced
MF- moderate
O- not the best DIPA I've tried, but solid nonetheless
06/04/09Bear RepublicUS -- California -- HealdsburgRed Rocket AleAmber/Red Ale -- American6.8012oz bottlepintP- dark red w/ a small head & mild lacing
N- sweet
T- bitter throughout, w/ an odd sweet flavor in the middle
MF- kind of thin
O- alright, but I was expecting better; C+
04/26/10Beer Valley Brewing Co.US -- Oregon -- OntarioBlack Flag Imperial StoutStout -- Imperial11.00draftsmall nonic glassOn tap @ Horse Brass; 100 IBU

P- black, 1f head
N- alcohol & hops
T- sweet malt & hops throughout, dotted w/ roastiness; bitter, earthy hop finish; alcohol is very well-hidden; interesting flavor profile for sure (I believe it's the hoppiest imperial stout I've tried to date)
MF- thin
D- mod-high (pretty high for the style, as well as the ABV)
O- an interesting take on the style; would enjoy again; B+
10/23/10Beer Valley Brewing Co.US -- Oregon -- OntarioJackalopePumpkin Ale7.50draft5oz taster glassOn tap @ Bailey's Taproom during Brewpublic's KillerBeerFest! Taster #6; no palate cleanse

P- cola-colored w/ a tiny tan head; quick head recession; 4.5
N- soft; sweet pumpkin notes; 3.5
T- like a "sweet" porter; semi-sweet profile, w/ roasted malts and just a touch of pumpkin overlying; a bit of chocolate comes out as well, but not until the aftertaste; simple; not bad; 4
MF- medium-full, w/ medium-high carbonation; creamy; seems a bit overcarbonated for the style; 4
D- high; 5
O- decent; 21/25 x 4 = 84/100 (B)
01/10/12Beer Valley Brewing Co.US -- Oregon -- OntarioLeafer MadnessIPA -- Double9.00draftsmall nonic glassOn tap at Horse Brass

P- hazy orange; 1f white head; heavy white lacing; 8.5/10
N- very soft; faint bright sweet hop aroma; 7.5/10
T- mild-moderate hop profile; orange flavors, biscuitty malt, soapy yeast finish; mild bitterness; smooth, but a bit bland; 7.5/10
MF- light-medium bodied, with soft-medium carbonation; 8.5/10
D/OI- high drinkability; just alright, overall; basic and not real impressive; 7.5/10; 39.5/50 x 2 = 79/100
09/22/11Beer Valley Brewing Co.US -- Oregon -- OntarioRosebud IPAIPA -- American6.5022oz bottlelarge tulipP- hazy copper/brown, with a huge 3f soapy white head; moderate recession time; heavy lacing left behind
N- very soft; tough to get ahold of the aroma through the thick head; whiffs of sharp grapefruit and sweet caramel
T- follows the nose; mild-moderately bold profile consisting of pine and grapefruit, overlapping a mild caramel sweetness in the forward; flavors of soapy yeast cap the profile off; moderate bitterness in the finish as well, which overlaps residual sweetness from the forward; missing something here
MF- light-bodied, with high carbonation; kind of weird for the style
D- high; refreshing
OI- not bad, but lacking body and flavor elements; carbonation seems a bit too high as well; B grade
05/29/12Beetje Brewery/The CommonsUS -- Oregon -- PortlandMadroneSaison/Farmhouse Ale6.00draftsmall tulipOn tap at Belmont Station

P- hazy gold with a 2f foamy head; beautiful; 10/10; moderate-heavy lacing left behind
N- medium; biscuitty malt, light lemon notes, and soapy yeast; right on par with the [saison] style; 9/10
T- very nice; crackery malt forward with subtle fruit sweetness; moderately bitter hop finish; great balance; fruit sweetness sticks around in the aftertaste; 9.5/10
MF- light-bodied, with high carbonation; dry and refreshing; 10/10
D/OI- big drinkability; honestly, I chose this beer off the taplist due to its value ($2.75 per) and was blown away; such a great brew; 10/10; 48.5/50 x 2 = 97/100
06/10/12Beetje Brewery/The CommonsUS -- Oregon -- PortlandSaigon SaisonSaison/Farmhouse Ale5.75draftpintOn tap at Burnside Brewing during Portland Fruit Beer Fest 2012; 6th 4oz sample of the day; 16 IBU

P- gold
N- soft-medium strength; banana and lemon notes
T- nice malt bill, balanced with fruits; mild yeasty finish
MF- light-medium bodied; medium carbonation; mellow and smooth
D/OI- I thought it was average at first, but as I drank, I concluded that this saison is actually quite enjoyable; very good
06/24/11Beetje Brewery/The CommonsUS -- Oregon -- PortlandTonic 42Saison/Farmhouse Ale4.20draft12oz clear plastic cupSampled @ North American Organic Brewers Festival '11; 8th 4oz sample; 42 IBU

P- hazy straw-colored; no head
N- medium-strength; spices and yeast
T- follows the nose; banana sweetness intermingles with yeast and spices throughout; residual sweetness from the bananas in the finish
MF- light bodied, with medium-high carbonation
D- high
OI- meh; B grade
02/18/11Bell's Brewery, Inc.US -- Michigan -- KalamazooBatch 10000American Strong Ale9.2012oz bottlesmall Great Lakes snifterReceived in trade from beerbeerbeerbeer (trade #3)

P- poured at 48 degrees F; dark brown color with no translucence; about half of a finger's-worth of off-white head appears, then recedes fairly quickly
N- medium-strength; a pleasant fruitiness dominates the aroma, supported by hints of alcohol
T- a well-balanced combination of dark sugars, sweet/tart dark fruits, and toasted malt comprise the profile; there's also a mild barrel flavor present throughout (although I don't think this beer was barrel-aged); the flavor profile is concluded by a mild hop bitterness; not wowing, but certainly pleasant in this area; there is an element of alcohol that is noticeable within the first few minutes of drinking, yet fades as the brew warms
MF- full-bodied with medium carbonation; very creamy; chewy at times; great mouthfeel, overall
D- medium; an easy drinker, but a bit on the filling side
O- to be honest, I was expecting more from this offering at first (I was thinking that I'd be wowed for some reason); upon thinking about it more, and comparing it to the [different, yet exceptional] Jubel 2010 I had revisited recently, I concluded that Batch 10000 is a tasty, solidly-crafted, and highly drinkable American Strong Ale; worthy of between a B+ and an A-
12/25/09Bell's Brewery, Inc.US -- Michigan -- KalamazooExpedition Stout 2008 vintage (Batch #8728)Stout -- Russian Imperial10.5012oz bottlesmall Unibroue tulipTo finish off a Merry Christmas...; sampled @ 56 degrees; Bottled 9-16-08

P- almost black, tiny .5f tan head that recedes quickly; minimal lacing
N- an inviting combo of semi-sweet chocolate malt, wood, & alcohol
T- malty bittersweet chocolate forward (w/ a bit of nuttiness/toffee); bitter coffee finish, that lingers into the aftertaste; aside from warming finish, alcohol well-hidden; fairly well-balanced flavors (though definitely on the bitter side); taste doesn't quite fit the nose
MF- smooth & full; slightly chewy
D- low-moderate
O- pretty good, but not quite what I was expecting; reminiscent of '09 Stone RIS (though I thought this was better); curious as to how this offering will age (will bitterness subside a bit?); B+
01/25/11Bell's Brewery, Inc.US -- Michigan -- KalamazooExpedition Stout 2010 vintage (Batch #10068)Stout -- Russian Imperial10.5012oz bottlesmall Unibroue tulipCourtesy of Kevin (beerbeerbeerbeer); trade #3; Bottled 11-11-2010; taken from the cellar and put into the fridge for 1 hour; had this awhile back- time to revisit...

P- black, with no head (just a few bubbles); no lacing left behind
N- soft-medium; fairly sweet; lightly roasted malts; coffee and vanilla; alcohol
T- predominant semi-sweet smooth coffee and roasted malt in the forward; mid-palate is laced with chocolate and vanilla notes (which round out the profile, IMO); burnt coffee and alcohol heat come out in the finish, which lingers into the aftertaste (and is also met with just a bit of residual sweetness); finish could use less burnt bitterness; unique and complex, but not quite as cohesive as I think it should be
MF- very full-bodied, with medium carbonation; creamy and silky smooth; amazing mouthfeel! Best aspect of the beer
D- medium-high; very smooth for an Imperial Stout of such high caliber
O- enjoyed Expedition more this time around (as I've had more Imperial Stouts to compare it to); definitely heavy on the coffee in the profile; can't call it a favorite, but quite unique nonetheless; B+
03/26/12Bell's Brewery, Inc.US -- Michigan -- KalamazooHopslam AleIPA -- Double10.0012oz bottleBoulevard tulipREVISITATION:
Batch #10926; bottled 2-2-12; Received in trade #5 from Kevin (beerbeerbeerbeer); no notes

03-10-10; 12oz bottle into pint glass; Received in trade from beerbeerbeerbeer; let's see if it lives up to the hype..

P- orange, tiny head that recedes quickly; no lacing
N- (surprisingly) not real aromatic; faint hops
T- sweet & hoppy throughout, w/ just enough malt to balance out the body; hops aren't as aggressive as expected; very smooth, due to the honey
MF- moderate-full
D- high; goes down incredibly/dangerously smooth; high ABV well-hidden (couldn't believe that it was 10%)
O- reminiscent of the Plinys (minus the heat in the Younger); a well-balanced, easy-drinking DIPA; wish I had more of this delicious offering; A
06/05/11Bell's Brewery, Inc.US -- Michigan -- KalamazooOberonPale Wheat Ale -- American5.8012oz bottlepintReceived in trade #3 (or #4; can't remember which) from Kevin; Batch #10219

P- slightly hazy straw/gold-colored, with a small white head; lots of active carbonation and suspended sediment; no lacing
N- medium-bold; mildly spicy/zesty wheat malt pairs with sweet citrusy hops (predominantly orange), with a bit of floral and yeast presence in there as well
T- a bit different than the nose indicates; moderate carbonation meets a mild hop presence, fairly sweet and smooth wheat malt, and orange flavors throughout; sweetness lingers into the aftertaste; simple, balanced flavors
MF- light-medium bodied, with medium carbonation; sticky finish; could stand to be crisper, especially in the finish
D- high; easy-drinking
OI- decent, but seems a bit stale to me; reminiscent of Widmer's Drifter; B+
11/21/10Bell's Brewery, Inc.US -- Michigan -- KalamazooThe OracleIPA -- Double10.0012oz bottlesmall Unibroue tulipReceived in trade from beandip (thanks Adam); batch 9901

P- hazy caramel color, w/ a small white head; lots of active carbonation noticed; head sticks around for quite awhile, leaving a ton of white lacing behind; 5
N- soft; semi-sweet; caramel malt and faint hops; a hint of alcohol as well; 4
T- one beautiful flavor profile; a perfect combination of sweet bready malt and semi-sweet hops; mildly bitter finish; alcohol is undetectable; 5
MF- medium-full bodied; on the sticky side; 5
D- high; goes down extremely easy; dangerous; 5
O- love it; 24/25 x 4 = 96/100 = A
05/05/12Bell's Brewery, Inc.US -- Michigan -- KalamazooThird Coast Old Ale 2008 vintage (Batch 8723)Barleywine -- American10.2012oz bottleUnibroue tulipBottled 9-5-08; enjoyed on our babymoon…

P- deep caramel color, with a small white head; retains a small foam cap; lots of active carbonation; heavy white lacing; 9.5/10
N- bold; pungent dark fruits, toasted grainy malts, and dark sugars; very nice- I could smell this all day long... 10/10
T- wow- very good and barleywine-esque (was expecting an old ale profile); semi-sweet malt grains intermingle with dark fruits and sweet dark sugars/molasses; [surprising] moderate hop bitterness and tart dark fruit combine with alcohol heat to comprise the finish; very nicely balanced throughout; not as sweet as the nose lets on, but a solid, cohesive profile nonetheless; 9.5/10
MF- medium-full bodied with soft carbonation; creamy and smooth; dry finish; excellent; 10/10
D/OI- high drinkability- this is an offering I kept reaching for; at almost 4 years old, this has aged beautifully; I thought the hoppiness in the finish was interesting, as the hops should have all faded after aging for this long; great brew, all in all- a real treat; 9.5/10; 48.5/50 x 2 = 97/100
10/31/09Bell's Brewery, Inc.US -- Michigan -- KalamazooTwo Hearted AleIPA -- American7.1012oz bottlepint"Smutty vs. Two Hearted Taste-Off" Part 2

P- hazy dark orange, w/ a huge, fluffy off-white 2.5f head, mod-heavy lacing
N- sweet, floral hops
T- sweet, mild floral hop & caramel malt forward, fairly sweet finish & aftertaste; reminiscent of Lagunitas IPA (slightly better, though); well-balanced; near-perfect flavor profile
D- could drink Two Hearted all day long
MF- medium-bodied
O- entirely different than the Smuttynose offering - an awesome IPA!; hats off to Bell's on this one; hopefully I'll have an opportunity to pick this up again!; A grade
09/09/11Bend Brewing CompanyUS -- Oregon -- BendHophead Imperial IPAIPA -- Double9.20draftsmall Bellegems Bruin chaliceOn tap at Belmont Station; listed as 9% on the beer menu

P- clear orange with a 1.5f head
N- medium-strength; sweet hops, pine, and caramel
T- pine flavors comprise the forward, and semi-sweet caramel finishes off the profile; simple, but inexplicably unique; pleasant
MF- light-medium bodied, with medium-high carbonation; a bit sticky in the finish
D- high
OI- a solid Double IPA; very nice; B+
08/06/09Bierbrouwerij Sint Christoffel B.V.Netherlands -- LeidenChristoffel BokbierBock7.80330ml bottletwo small kitchen glassesSampled w/ Josh

P- deep brown
N- chocolate
T- delicious; like a chocolate lager
D- high
O- very good; A-
06/21/09Bieres de Chimay (Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont)Belgium -- Baileux (Chimay)Grande Reserve (Blue)Belgian Strong Dark Ale9.00330ml bottlepintP- deep brown color, cloudy, w/ a 1-2f head
N- sweet, ripe fruit (banana, plum, & clove)
T- not quite as sweet as expected; spicy, then sour; malty, yeasty, and boozy; dry finish
MF- thinner than expected; a bit over-carbonated
D- low
O- kind of reminds me of HotD Adam, but Adam was better; happy I finally got to try a Trappist beer, but wasn’t thrilled w/ this offering; just okay; missing something in the body/flavor; B+
08/22/11Bieres de Chimay (Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont)Belgium -- Baileux (Chimay)Tripel (White)Tripel8.00750ml bottleoversized wine glassTasted with Jered, Luke, and Lenny; no notes taken; however, very tasty; B+ grade
10/01/10Big Sky Brewing CompanyUS -- Montana -- MissoulaHeavy Horse Scotch AleScotch Ale/Wee Heavy6.7012oz bottlepintP- dark red, w/ a tiny off-white head that receded within a minute; no lacing
N- soft; sweet, toasted malt and a faint fruitiness (dark fruits); dark sugars come out as it warms
T- semi-sweet toasted malts and chocolate intertwined w/ dark fruits (plums?) and light spicing, from forward to mid-palate; flavor change comes quickly through moderately-bold, astringent/bitter vinous-like notes in the finish (bittering hops); bitterness lingers into the aftertaste; slightly warming finish; the flavors in the forward are ones that I would expect (and do enjoy), however the hop finish throws my taste buds a bit
MF- medium-full bodied w/ medium-high carbonation; mildly syrupy (mid-palate)
D- low-medium; drinkability would definitely be better without the astringent finish
O- I thought that I would've enjoyed this offering more than I did (and at first, I was diggin it); the unbalanced finish ruined it for me, though; not a bad beer- just not for me...; C+
02/21/11Big Sky Brewing CompanyUS -- Montana -- MissoulaOlde Bluehair 2010 vintageBarleywine -- American (Barrel-Aged)10.50corked and caged 750ml bottlelarge tulip#1178/ 3000

P- opened with a big pop; poured at 48 degrees F; ruby with slight translucence; massive 4f fluffy off-white head; lots of active carbonation; slow head recession
N- medium-bold; uh-oh…I'm picking up a semi-tart fruit and woody aroma, which is unexpected- hope it's not infected; aroma reminds me a bit of Bourbonic Plague
T- nothing like the nose; sweet dark sugars dotted with semi-tart dark fruit; underlyed by barrel flavor; solid malt backbone; touch of bitterness in the warming finish; smooth, balanced flavor profile; very pleasant
MF- medium-full bodied, with medium carbonation; coating
D- medium
O- was quite pleased with this offering (and happy it wasn't infected); one solid, Barrel-Aged Barleywine- worth the $13 I purchased it for...; A grade
05/07/12Bill's Tavern & BrewhouseUS -- Oregon -- Cannon BeachEvil Twin IPAIPA -- English7.00draftpintEnjoyed on our babymoon; on tap at the brewpub; nice place- a lot nicer than I thought it was going to be... ABV provided by RB

P- hazy amber with a 1f off-white head; unfiltered; beautiful; 9.5/10
N- medium-bold; sweet caramel malt complimented by piney hops; 9/10
T- follows the nose; sweet caramel malts and piney hops intermingle with great balance throughout the profile; mild-moderate hop bitterness in the finish; simple, flavorful profile; 9.5/10
MF- med-full bodied with medium carbonation; sticky, coating finish; very nice; 9/10
D/OI- big drinkability; very good, overall- surprised by the flavor and quality of this brew! 9.5/10; 46.5/50 x 2 = 93/100
11/13/10Bison Brewing Co.US -- California -- BerkeleyOrganic Chocolate StoutStout -- American5.0022oz bottlelarge tulipPoured at 43 degrees F; not sure what to expect from this stout- let's check it out…

P- standard [black] stout color, w/ a 1f tan head; quick recession; no lacing; a touch of sediment in the last sip
N- medium; predominantly roasted barley, w/ semi-sweet chocolate and yeast supporting; a bit more chocolate sweetness comes out as it warms
T- much like the nose; big on the roastiness, but unfortunately not a lot of chocolate to balance it out- just a bit of semi-sweet baker's chocolate; soapy finish (which is actually what I noticed before anything else); flavor profile is definitely on the weak side, IMO (although, it gets a little better as it warms)
MF- light, with medium-high carbonation
D- high; an easy drinker, despite the weak flavor profile
O- meh; C+
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