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Elaboration if there's an interesting story or detail behind ityears are encoded (0=2004, 8 = 2012, 9 = 2013, 10=2014, 11=2015, 12=latest)(use 3m, 4m, 5m or 10m to approximate unknown figures)(use 3m, 4m, 5m or 10m to approximate unknown figures)1. Just email address/Online information 20 SSN/Personal details 300 Credit card information 4000 Email password/Health records 50000 Full bank account detailsShow this item in the viz?
AOLAmerican Online A former America Online software engineer stole 92 million screen names and e-mail addresses and sold them to spammers who sent out up to 7 billion unsolicited e-mails.092,000,000webinside job, hacked920000001
AOLAmerican OnlineDurp. AOL VOLUNTARILY released search data for roughly 20 million web queries from 658,000 anonymized users of the service. No one is quite sure why.220,000,000webaccidentally publishedy200000001 Crunch
KDDIJapanese telecommunications operatorPress report: "Tokyo police have arrested two men for trying to extort nearly US$90,000 from KDDI Corp. The pair allegedly threatened to disclose the existence of storage media containing personal data belonging to four million KDDI customers prior to a shareholder meeting; however, KDDI alerted the police as soon as they were contacted by the blackmailers; the police monitored communications between KDDI and the pair for several weeks. "24,000,000telecomshackedy40000001 World
T-Mobile, Deutsche TelecomThieves got their hands on a storage device with the data, which included the names, addresses, cell phone numbers, and some birth dates and e-mail addresses for high-profile German citizens. The company said the records did not contain bank details, credit card numbers, or call data.217,000,000telecomslost / stolen media 170000001http://www.datalossdb.org Loss Database
Dai Nippon PrintingJapanese printing companyA former contractor of Dai Nippon Printing Company in Tokyo, Japan stole 8.6 million records containing the personal data of customers of 43 of the company's clients. 38,637,405retailinside job86000001 Today
TD AmeritradeUS online brokerTD Ameritrade settled a class action lawsuit to compensate as many as 6.3 million TD Ameritrade customers whose data was stolen by hackers costing the Nebraska online brokerage firm less than $2 per victim.36,300,000financialhacked63000001
UK Revenue & CustomsHMRCA set of discs containing confidential details of 25 million child benefit recipients was lost.325,000,000governmentlost / stolen media 250000001 News
AT&TA laptop was stolen from a car containing unencrypted Social
Security numbers and bonus/salary info of AT&T employees.
4113,000telecomslost / stolen computery1000001
BNY Mellon Shareowner ServicesWealth managementA back-up tape, containing over 12 million customers records were lost.412,500,000financiallost / stolen media 125000001
Chile Ministry Of EducationA computer hacker in Chile published confidential records belonging to six million people to illustrate the weakness of their security. 46,000,000governmentaccidentally published60000001 News
Data Processors InternationalProvides merchant account establishment and Internet based credit card payment processing services45,000,000financialhacked50000001
CheckFree CorporationProvider of online banking, online bill payment and electronic bill payment services for the financial services industryCustomers who went to CheckFree's Web sites between 12:35 a.m. and 10:10 a.m. on the day of the attack were redirected to a Ukrainian Web server that used malicious software to try and install a password-stealing program on the victim's computer.55,000,000financialhackedy50000001 World
AT&TUS Telecoms companyDetails of iPad 3G users hacked from AT&T website, thought to include those of White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.6114,000telecomshackedy1000001
178.comgaming website710,000,000webhacked100000001
Bethesda Game StudiosUS video game company (Elder Scrolls, Fallout 3)Hacking collective Lulzsec stole account information of 200,000 user.7200,000gaminghacked2000001 World
China Software Developer Network76,000,000webhacked60000001
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission 7180,000governmenthacked1800001
Sony PicturesLulzSec hacking collective stated all of the information it took was unencrypted, “Sony stored over 1,000,000 passwords of its customers in plaintext." More than 1 million user accounts were compromised. An additional 75,000 music codes and 3.5 million coupons were also uncovered.71,000,000webhackedy10000001
Sony PSNRounding off a thoroughly unhappy year for Sony, their third breach saw the loss of 76,000,000 Sony PSN and Qriocity user accounts to hacking collective Lulzsec.777,000,000gaminghackedy770000001
TianyaUsernames, clear tect passwords and email addresses hacked. blogging site728,000,000webhacked280000001,28-million-clear-text-passwords-found-after-tianya65279-hack.aspx
US Army750,000militaryaccidentally published500001
Writerspace.comWebsite design and hosting for writersHacker group LulzSec released the e-mails and passwords, 12,000 of which were confirmed to originate from 762,000webhacked620001,2817,2387186,00.aspPC Mag
DropboxWebsites stolen from other websites used to sign into a small number of Dropbox accounts. The hack was mainly used to send spam to users. 830,000webhacked300001
DropboxUser credentials were stolen in a 2012 hack, but the number affected has only just come to light. 868,700,000webhacked687000001
GamigoGerman gaming website88,000,000webhacked80000001
Last.fmOwned by CBSHistorical 2012 hack, details have only just been disclosed.843,500,000webhacked435000001
LinkedInInformation about a 2012 data breach has just come to light. 8117,000,000webhacked1170000001
Yahoo VoicesYahoo Voices service was hacked, exposing more than 450,000 usernames and passwords.8450,000tech, webhacked5000001
AppleDeveloper portal hacked. "Some" information about 275,000 3rd-party developers potentially stolen.9275,000techhacked3000001
Drupalopen-source content management platformMalicious files placed on servers via a 3rd-party application. Exposed usernames, e-mail addresses, country information, and cryptographically hashed passwords.91,000,000webhacked10000001 Technica
Evernoteonline note-taking siteEvernote asked its 50 million users to reset their passwords following an attempt to hack the note-taking network. The company said it’d found no evidence that any payment information for Evernote Premium or Evernote Business customers had been accessed, nor was there any indication that content stored by users had been accessed, changed or lost.950,000,000webhacked500000001; Digital Trends
FacebookUsing the network's "Download Your Information" tool, some Facebook members were inadvertently sent the phone numbers or email address of Facebook friends that were otherwise private. Facebook assured users that the bug was fixed within a day, and that there is no evidence that the information was used maliciously.96,000,000webaccidentally published60000001
Scribd"world's largest online library" Hack resulted in a few hundred thousand stolen passwords.9500,000webhacked5000001 Security; NBC News
TumblrTumblr apparently only just found out about a 2013 data breach, affecting 65m users. 965,000,000webhacked650000001
TwitterHackers had access to limited user information -- usernames, email addresses, session tokens and encrypted/salted versions of passwords -- for approximately 250,000 users.9250,000webhacked 2500001
Yahoo Japan22 million Yahoo user IDs may have been leaked after Yahoo detected an unauthorized attempt to access the administrative system of its web portal Yahoo Japan. The leaked information did not include passwords and data necessary for identity verification to reset passwords.922,000,000tech, webhacked220000001
"Gmail"5 million Gmail account passwords leaked to a forum, alongside passwords from other email providers. Close inspection revealed the user details to be old (3+ years). Multiple individual targeted hacks of third party websites where people used their Gmail IDs, rather than one big dataleak, suspected to be the method. Gmail itself was not hacked. 105,000,000webhackedy50000001X
Dominios Pizzas (France)10600,000webhacked6000001
EbayThe company has said hackers attacked between late February and early March with login credentials obtained from “a small number” of employees. They then accessed a database containing all user records and copied “a large part” of those credentials.10145,000,000webhackedy1450000001
European Central Bank104,000,000financialhacked40000001
NASDAQNasdaq OMX GroupNasdaq forum website hacked by hacking ring, email addresses and passwords compromised10500,000financialhackedy5000001
New York TaxisA freedom of information request resulted in the release of data on all 173 million journeys undertaken by New York taxis in one year. Unfortunately, the data was incorrectly anonymised and relatively easy to decode, revealing the driver IDs, pickup & dropoff times, and GPS routes taken for every single cab journey.1052,000transportpoor securityy520001
Twitch.tvGaming siteMarch 23rd. Details unknown at this point. All Twitch's 10 million users have been requested to change their passwords.1010,000,000healthcarehacked100000001
Adult Friend FinderInternet dating & hookup siteSexual preferences, names, email addresses, usernames, dates of birth, postal codes113,900,000webhacked39000001
British AirwaysFrequent flyer accounts11500,000retailhacked5000001
CarefirstBlue Cross, Blue Shield US medical insurerAttacked happened in June 2014. Was announced in June 2015.111,100,000healthcarehacked11000001
IRSUS Tax service"An unnamed cybermafia used an IRS app to download forms full of personal information. They posed as legitimate taxpayers, and tried to download forms on 200,000 people between February and May. They got away with half of them, the IRS said. The crooks used about 15,000 of them to claim tax refunds in other people's names."11100,000governmentpoor security1000001
KromtechMacKeeper softwareA security researcher stumbled on a leak, which exposed usernames, email addresses and passwords of users. He notified Kromtech, who patched it quickly. 1113,000,000webhacked130000001
Slacksoftware for remote working11500,000techpoor security5000001
UberOccured Sep 2014. Revealed Feb 2015. Names & license plates of 50,000 driver partners.1150,000techpoor security500001
Code.orgNon-profit organisationVolunteer email addresses were left accessible via web browser. 1210webpoor security101
Linux Ubuntu forums122,000,000webhacked20000001
MinecraftLifeboat' communityPlayers using the Lifeboat servers have had their email addresses and passwords leaked.127,000,000webhacked70000001
MySpaceThe same hacker who was selling LinkedIn user data now claims to have MySpace user data too, and lots of it. 12164,000,000webhacked1640000001
National Childbirth TrustCharityLondon-based charity hacked for user information. 1215,000webhacked150001
Syrian governmentHacking outfit calling itself 'Cyber Justice Team' leaked 10GB of data from the government and private websites. Seems to be just data from old leaks, though.12274,477governmenthacked2744771
uTorrent It's unclear what data has been breached, exactly, but uTorrent has advised passwords are probably compromised. 1235,000webhacked350001
VerizonSecurity servicesCustomer database and information about company's security flaws stolen and put up for sale. 12100,000webhacked100001
Telegram Instant messaging serviceDespite Telegram's claims of super security, they've been hacked by a group called Rocket Kitten. 1315,000,000private firmhacked150000001
South Carolina State Dept. of RevenueA server was breached by an international hacker.83,600,000governmenthacked36000003
Ameritrade Inc.Computer backup tape containing personal information was lost. online broker1200,000financiallost / stolen media20000020
Automatic Data ProcessingBusiness outsourcing, payrolls, benefits1125,000financialpoor security13000020
Hewlett PackardLaptop lost/stolen containing employee data: names, addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth and other employment-related information.2200,000tech, retaillost / stolen mediay20000020
US Dept of Vet AffairsThe Veterans Affairs Department agreed to pay $20 million to settle a class action lawsuit over the loss of a laptop. The department originally took three weeks to report the theft. The laptop was recovered with the data apparently intact a month after it was reported stolen. But it is impossible to say with absolute certainty that the data was not accessed and copied. 226,500,000government, militarylost / stolen computer2650000020
City and Hackney Teaching Primary Care TrustHeavily encrypted disks containing details of children are lost by couriers.3160,000governmentlost / stolen media16000020
Driving Standards AgencyHard disk with details of candidates for the driving theory test was lost in a premises in Iowa by subcontractors. Only names, addresses and phone numbers. 33,000,000governmentlost / stolen media300000020
Driving Standards Agency,Details of candidates for the driving theory test were on a hard drive that went missing in the US. 33,000,000governmentlost / stolen media300000020
Gap IncStolen laptop which contained social security numbers, data on people who applied for positions at Gap stores, including Banana Republic and Old Navy, between July 2006 and June 2007.3800,000retaillost / stolen computer80000020 World
Monster.comJobs websiteA trojan virus stole log-ins that were used to harvest user names, e-mail addresses, home addresses and phone numbers. Soon after phishing e-mails encouraged users to download a Monster Job Seeker Tool, which was in fact a program that encrypted files in their computer and left a ransom note demanding money for their decryption.

Texas LotteryData on more than 89,000 lottery winners (including names, Social Security numbers, addresses and prize amounts )were taken from the agency without permission by a former computer analyst who copied the password-free data. The employee added he wanted the information "for possible future reference as a programmer at other state agencies."389,000governmentinside job9000020
GS CaltexPrivate oil companyTwo multimedia discs containing the names, social security numbers, addresses, cell phone numbers, email addresses and workplaces of Korean customers sorted by age were stolen. They were found by an office worker in a backstreet’s trash pile in Seoul. Experts say a GS Caltex employee likely stole the information for personal purposes given there were no signs of hacking.411,100,000energyinside job1110000020http://www.datalossdb.org Loss Database
Jefferson CountyWest Virginia, US"Jefferson County Clerk Jennifer Maghan said she unveiled a new online search tool that enabled residents and business professionals to access nearly 1.6 million documents that are stored in her office via their home computers"41,600,000governmentaccidentally publishedy160000020
Norwegian Tax Authorities"Tax authorities said they had accidentally sent CD-ROMs filled with the 2006 tax returns of nearly four million people living in Norway, a country of
just 4.6 million inhabitants, to the editorial staff at national
newspapers, radios and television stations."
43,950,000governmentaccidentally publishedy400000020 Watch
Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (UK)Stolen USBs containing personal information about private lives of staff. 450,500governmentlost / stolen media5000020
Stanford UniversityTens of thousands of past and current Stanford University employees had personal information - including their dates of birth, Social Security numbers and home addresses - stored on the hard drive of a stolen university laptop.472,000academiclost / stolen computer7200020
StarbucksA laptop was stolen that contained private information on 97,000 employees, including names, addresses and Social Security numbers. Employees tried to sue Starbucks in California winning their case in the appeals court before losing in the higher federal court as they were unable to prove any cognizable harm or injury.497,000retaillost / stolen computery10000020
UK Home OfficePA Consulting lost an unencrypted memory stick containing details of high risk, prolific and other offenders.484,000governmentlost / stolen media8400020
Blue Cross Blue Shield of TennesseeUS health insurance organizationA thief stole 57 hard drives from the closet of a BlueCross call center in Chattanooga, Tenn. Data on the stolen hard drives was encoded but not encrypted. Bluecross stated there was no evidence the information was accessed due to the specialized nature of the hardware stolen. 51,023,209healthcarelost / stolen media y100000020
US Dept of Defense"According to a report to Congress, assessment forms of 72,000 service members who returned from deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan between Jan 1, 2007 to May 31, 2008 were breached. The forms ask for the service member's SSN,. Name, date of birth."572,000militarylost / stolen media y7200020
US MilitaryWithout first destroying the data the agency sent back a defective unencrypted hard drive for repair and recycling which held detailed records on 76 million veterans, including millions of Social Security numbers dating to 1972.576,000,000militarylost / stolen media y7600000020
US National GuardAbout 131,000 former and current Army Guard members potentially affected when a personal laptop owned by an Army Guard contractor was stolen. Database incuded names, Social Security Numbers, incentive payment amounts and payment dates.5131,000militarylost / stolen computery13000020
Virginia Prescription Monitoring ProgramA hacker, who was never arrested, demanded a $10 million ransom for a breach effecting 530,000 Virginians. Social security numbers may have been taken. The data was found in a database containing 35 million prescription records.5531,400healthcarehackedy50000020
Classified Iraq War documentsWikileaks6392,000governmentinside job40000020
Colorado governmentDepartment of Health Care Policy & Financing6105,470healthcarelost / stolen computer10000020
Educational Credit Management CorpUS student loan guarantorA contractor for the US Department of Education stole the records of 3.3 million people. Data included names, addresses, Social Security numbers and dates of birth of borrowers, but no financial or bank account information.63,300,000financiallost / stolen mediay330000020
Gawker.comUS news and gossip blog network including Lifehacker.comHacked. 1.5 Million usernames, emails, passwords taken.61,500,000webhacked150000020
Ohio State University6760,000academichacked80000020
Seacoast Radiology, PAComputer gamers hacked a server at Seacoast Radiology in Rochester in search of more bandwidth in November to play Call of Duty: Black Ops. In the process they also gained access to personal records of the more than 230,000 patients of the health center.6231,400healthcarehackedy20000020
Yale University643,000academicaccidentally published4000020
Countrywide Financial CorpEmployee convicted of downloading millions of borrower files and selling the information to other loan lender72,500,000financialinside job250000020
Honda CanadaNames, addresses and vehicle identification numbers were taken from the company’s eCommerce websites myHonda and myAcura7283,000retailpoor securityy30000020
Memorial Healthcare SystemFloridaAn employee of an affiliated physician’s office may have improperly accessed patient information through a web portal used by physicians who provide care and treatment at MHS. Specifically, patients’ names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers.7102,153healthcarelost / stolen media10000020
Nexon Korea CorpPersonal data of subscribers to online game Maple Story was developer713,200,000webhacked1320000020
Oregon Department of Motor VehiclesSheriff's detectives arrested Tim Nuss for accessing an old Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles database. The DMV database was once sold to marketing companies, but the department stopped selling the information in the late 1990s. The sold data include the names, addresses, birth dates, gender and ages of people who registered with the DMV, but no financial information. 71,000,000governmentpoor security100000020
Southern California Medical-Legal ConsultantsElectronic files containing names and social security numbers of approximately 300,000 individuals who have applied for California workers’ compensation benefits had been exposed to unauthorized access.7300,000healthcarehacked30000020
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