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CL Only
Dread Necro
Urb. Druid
ChickenPH1120.02 gp0-CreatureMinions, cheap essentialsA rooster and a hen who love each other very muchThese birds are dirt-cheap at 2 cp each. Aside from being a source of food for your party, they make great distractions: throw a chicken at a hungry monster and you just might get it to take a turn off to grab it. Also, they're an excellent comedic resource, as chickens are inherently silly.nnnnnnnnnnn
Chicken, MagebredECS2950.04 gp0-CreatureMinionsA rooster and a hen who love each other very much, and a team of highly skilled bioengineers with the Mark of HandlingIs it odd that the renowned animal breeders of House Vadalis charge only an extra 2 cp for specially-bred chickens whose very essence is infused with magic? Maybe. But look, they can learn eight tricks, okay? Eight!nnnnnnnnnnn
Arrow, BluntRW1630.05 gp0WeaponWeapon (martial)Ranged-Blunt arrows are nonlethal, but their range increment is halved. These are a great pickup for any archer.nnnnnnnnnnn
Ladder, 10 ft.PH1260.05 gp0-NonmagicalSituational, cheap essentials-Heavy and bulky, but boy, is it convenient when you need to climb 10 feet. Keep one of these in your enveloping pit.nnnnnnnnnnn
CanaryD334660.1 gp0-CreatureMinions-Uses the stats of a thrush (DMG 203), but Constitution score is 1. Great if you want a cheap bird that, unlike chickens, can actually fly. A small birdcage for it is 2 gp extra.nnnnnnnnnnn
Flour PouchDu320.1 gp0- (held)NonmagicalConsumable (single-use), perception (anti-invisibility), familiar, cheap essentials-Can be tossed at invisible creatures as a splash weapon (automatically hitting the target square and all adjacent squares) to cover them in flour, revealing their location and reducing the miss chance against them to 20% and their bonus on Hide checks to +10. This is the cheapest solution around for invisible enemies. Interestingly, a single pouch of flour is five times more expensive than a 1-pound bag of the stuff, despite having negligible weight. Maybe it's a specially-designed pouch.nnnnnnnnnnn
Oil (1-pint flask)PH1270.1 gp0-NonmagicalPerception (light), consumable (single-use), cheap essentials-Fuels lanterns and is very useful for starting fires. Per D331 p43, it can be poured on the ground to increase the DC of Tumble checks in the area, after which it can be ignited to deal 1d3 fire damage for 2 rounds. Also works like discount alchemist's fire in a pinch.nnnnnnnnnnn
PitonPH1270.1 gp0-NonmagicalLogistics, cheap essentials-Important for holding ropes in place and the like. Weigh 1/2 lb. each.nnnnnnnnnnn
SackPH1270.1 gp0-NonmagicalLogistics, cheap essentials-You have to carry those loot piles somehow. Weighs half a pound while empty.nnnnnnnnnnn
Spike, IronDu330.1 gp0-NonmagicalSituational, cheap essentials-With a full-round action, you can use a hammer or mallet to jam it into the door in order to stick it shut.nnnnnnnnnnn
Arrow, SerpentstongueRW1640.15 gp0WeaponWeapon (martial)Ranged, bypassing DR (slashing)-These arrows deal both slashing and piercing damage, making them handy against zombies in particular. They also deal full damage to objects rather than half, but only if the object's hardness is 5 or less.nnnnnnnnnnn
Canary, MagebredECS1120.2 gp0-CreatureMinions-A better version of a canary (assuming you want it to do tricks and not just as a miner's early warning system).nnnnnnnnnnn
HammerPH1280.5 gp0-NonmagicalSituational, cheap essentials-Suitable for hammering any time of day, including but not limited to in the morning, in the evening, and/or hammer time. May cause everything to look like a nail. Weighs 2 lbs.nnnnnnnnnnn
Rawhide (10)D357370.5 gp0-NonmagicalSkills (Handle Animal), consumable (single-use)-+2 untyped bonus to Handle Animal checks made to teach a dog a trick; however, any attempt to command a dog to perform a trick learned this way takes a -2 penalty unless another piece of rawhide is offered as a reward. This is specifically only for dogs.nnnnnnnnnnn
Signal WhistlePH1280.8 gp0-NonmagicalSituational, cheap essentials-A cheap and effective signaling device, for when you need a signaling device. If you establish a simple code, you can potentially use it to communicate rudimentary information, similar to the horn codes used by ships and locomotives.nnnnnnnnnnn
Arrow, SwiftwingRW1641 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (martial)Ranged-Swiftwing arrows take only half the normal penalty for firing at long range. However, their damage die is reduced by one size.nnnnnnnnnnn
CaltropsPH1261 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalSituational, disruption-Spreading out caltrops ahead of a fight is a fairly basic way to turn prep time into a tactical advantage if you're a low-level character who can spare the carrying capacity. At higher levels, the lack of scaling renders this tactic obsolete.nnnnnnnnnnn
Clearwater TabletCS1101 gp 1/2 -AlchemicalSituational, consumable (single-use), cheap essentialsCraft (alchemy) DC 30Cleans 1 gallon of water of disease, poison, and other befouling toxins. Consumed after use. Probably not useful very often, but it's only 1 gp with negligible weight and volume, so it's not like there's a huge opportunity cost.nssssssssss
Filter MaskSa1001 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalDefense (saves), cheap essentials-+2 untyped bonus on saves against harmful gases. Negates the effects of suffocation from sand or dust, as well as any effects of inhaling magical or supernatural sand or dust, such as slumber sand or dust of sneezing. After 4 hours of use, the mask becomes clogged and must be thoroughly laundered before it can be used again. (Prestidigitation should do the trick.) Compare breathing mask, sewer mask, breathing hood, and auran mask; this stacks with any or all of them. The weight of a filter mask is negligible, which makes it easy to purchase them in bulk.nnnnnnnnnnn
GlotFr751 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (exotic)Combat maneuvers (trip), ranged (thrown)-This exotic thrown weapon has a ranged increment of 10 ft., deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage on a hit (18–20/x2 crit), and weighs 1 lb. It can be used to make ranged trip attacks, which is neat. Also, it can skip across the ground if the terrain between you and your target is solid, flat, and relatively free of obstructions. Under such conditions, its range increment is doubled against targets who are not airborne. If the ground is icy, it can skip farther, and the range increment is tripled instead. This is like a strictly better version of bolas right here. Very classy exotic weapon option.nnnnnnnnnnn
GoatPH1121 gp 1/2 -CreatureMinions-It's a goat. Stats can be found in Dragon Annual 2001, page 43.nnnnnnnnnnn
Grappling HookPH1261 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalSituational, cheap essentials-Someone in the party should have one of these, especially if it's at lower levels and you can't fly yet. Weighs 4 lbs.nnnnnnnnnnn
LassoBE341 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (exotic)Disruption, ranged (thrown), cheap essentials-Can be thrown as an exotic weapon to entangle an enemy on a successful ranged touch attack. Cheaper, lighter-weight version of a net (only 3 lbs for medium lasso, where a net would be 6 lbs). It has less HP and a maximum range of 30 feet, and it doesn't impose a penalty to the target's speed; however, it can be used to make ranged trip attempts, and it's not limited by the target's size.nnnnnnnnnnn
Miner's HatD334681 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalSituational, perception (light), cheap essentials-+1 AC against falling rocks, and can be used as a hands-free lantern that provides bright illumination out to 10 feet, shadowy illumination out to 20 feet, and burns for 8 hours per pint of oil. Originally printed in Arms & Equipment Guide; the 3.5 update here is slightly buffed compared to the 3.0 version.nnnnnnnnnnn
Rope, Hempen (50 ft.)PH1 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalSituational, skills (Climb, Use Rope), cheap essentials-Good ol' rope! Gotta have rope! A 50-foot coil of hempen rope weighs 10 lbs, so if carrying capacity is an issue, consider silk rope instead.nnnnnnnnnnn
SledgePH1 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalSituational, cheap essentials-Good for smashing things. Weighs 10 lbs.nnnnnnnnnnn
CrowbarPH1262 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalSkills (Strength), cheap essentials-+2 circumstance to Strength checks using it. Weighs 5 lbs.nnnnnnnnnnn
Flotation BladderDu302 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalUnderwater, skills (Swim), cheap essentials-It's basically a lifevest. When inflated, it looks extremely dorky, but provides a +4 bonus on Swim checks to rise to the surface or remain on the surface. At this price, don't go out to sea without one!nnnnnnnnnnn
Glass CutterAE232 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalSituational-Cuts through glass in a circle, 3 to 16 inches in diameter. You need a DC 15 Deterity check to avoid shattering the glass accidentally and making a loud noise.nnnnnnnnnnn
Goat, MagebredECS2952 gp 1/2 -CreatureMinions-It's a magic goat. ✨🧙🐐✨ See Dragon Annual 2001 (p43) and Eberron Campaign Setting (p295) for stats.nnnnnnnnnnn
ShovelPH1282 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalSituational, cheap essentials-Digs holes. Weighs 8 lbs.nnnnnnnnnnn
Silver AmmunitionPH+2 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (Special Material)Bypassing DR (silver), ranged-Used for bypassing certain types of damage reduction. Damage is reduced by 1, though.nnnnnnnnnnn
SunrodPH2 gp 1/2 - (held)AlchemicalPerception (light), consumable (single-use), cheap essentialsCraft (alchemy) DC 25This alchemical glowstick, when cracked as a standard action, shines bright light out to 30 feet and shadowy illumination for another 30 feet beyond that. Lasts for 6 hours, then burns out. Unlike a torch or lantern, it isn't snuffed out by things that douse fires, nor can it set things on fire itself. It's also lightweight. This isn't the most cost-effective light source out there, but it has its advantages, and it's still pretty cheap. Compare hooded lantern, fast torch.nssssssssss
Dragonsbreath ArrowRW1642.5 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (martial)Ranged, weapon damage, consumable (single-use)-The damage die is reduced by one size, but the arrow deals an additional +1 fire damage, and the target must succeed on a Reflex save (DC 15) or catch fire, immediately taking an additional 1d6 fire damage, plus another 1d6 fire damage each round on your turn until the fire is extinguished. Unlike other arrows, if you miss with a dragonsbreath arrow, you cannot retrieve and reuse it.nnnnnnnnnnn
Miner's PickPH3 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalSituational, cheap essentials-Good for breaking rocks. Weighs 10 lbs. ⛏nnnnnnnnnnn
ParasolSa1003 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalSituational, cheap essentials-The shade provided by a simple parasol grants immunity to sun glare and sunburn and a +1 circumstance bonus to Fortitude saves against dehydration, as well as providing enough protection to safely endure environmental heat of up to 110° F. ⛱️nnnnnnnnnnn
Shield, Light WoodenPH3 gp 1/2 ShieldShieldDefense (armor)-A simple +1 AC. Lighter and cheaper than a steel shield, but easier to sunder.nnnnnnnnnnn
SkiprockRW1653 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (exotic)Ranged (thrown), action economy-This exotic thrown weapon deals 1d6 damage on a hit with a x2 crit and a range increment of 15 ft. It weighs 0.25 lbs. The cool thing about it is that it can actually hit two targets with one throw: one normally, and another at a -2 penalty against a new target adjacent to the first. That there, that's efficiency! Like shurikens, skiprocks are treated as ammunition for the purpose of drawing them, enhancing them, and what happens to them after they're thrown. They can also be used as ammunition for a sling, in which case they do 1d8 damage with a x4 crit and a 50-ft. range increment, but you need proficiency with both skiprocks and war slings in order to do a double hit. (Presumably you also need to use a war sling to fire them rather than a regular sling.) An interesting option for exoticist fighters, reminiscent of some of the boomerang stuff from Eberron.nnnnnnnnnnn
Targath Sling BulletECS1273.01 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalDefense (saves), cheap essentials-Grants a +2 resistance bonus on saving throws against disease when carried on your person. The price is right. Becomes obsolete once you have a +2 cloak of resistance or equivalent, of course.nnnnnnnnnnn
Balance PoleCAd1225 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalSkills (Balance), cheap essentials-This 10-foot pole gives a +2 circumstance bonus when employed in a Balance check. It's only an extra 4.8 gp compared to a standard 10-foot pole, but it weighs 5 lbs. instead of 8 lbs., and it can occasionally help you on a skill check.nnnnnnnnnnn
Block and TacklePH1285 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalLogistics, cheap essentials-Useful for lifting heavy things. Weighs 5 lbs.nnnnnnnnnnn
BolasPH5 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (exotic)Combat maneuvers (trip). ranged (thrown)-This thrown weapon has a 10-ft. ranged increment and can be used either to deal 1d4 nonlethal bludgeoning damage or to make a ranged trip attempt. Compare the glot, which is almost strictly superior, having the same capabilities but at one-fifth the price and a longer range increment in certain terrain.nnnnnnnnnnn
CramponsFr785 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalSkills (Climb), cheap essentials-When lashed to your feet, these spikes provide a +2 circumstance bonus to Climb checks and to Balance checks made to avoid slipping on an icy surface, but a -10 foot penalty to speed when not walking on snow or ice. Why spend 80 gp on a 5 lb. climber's kit when you can buy some 1 lb. foot spikes for 5 gp and get the same bonus?nnnnnnnnnnn
Drill, WoodDu305 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalSituational, consumable (charges)-Can drill a 1-inch deep, 1-inch diameter hole in a material with hardness 5 or less. Lasts for 10 uses; extra bits cost 5 sp.nnnnnnnnnnn
Fast TorchCM1345 gp 1/2 - (held)AlchemicalSituational, perception (light)Craft (alchemy) DC 20Similar to a torch, except it can be lit as a swift action, and it's harder to extinguish. Burns for 10 minutes and provides 50% more light than a normal torch. Having one of these is nice for those times when you need fire (or light) right now, e.g. when you're fighting a troll.nssssssssss
LongspearPH5 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (simple)Melee, action economy-If you're proficient with simple weapons, you can carry one of these to make opportunity attacks with, even if you don't normally use weapons. Even with a low Strength, you can use the opportunity to make a disarm attempt and have decent odds of success if their weapon is smaller than yours, and if you fail, no big deal, it didn't cost you an action. If you have the whirling blade spell, consider a fauchard instead.nnnnnnnnnnn
RitiikFr775 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (exotic)Melee, combat maneuvers (trip)-This two-handed exotic weapon deals 1d8 piercing damage on a hit, with a x3 crit. It weighs 6 lbs. If you're proficient with a ritiik, you can choose to impale an enemy you strike with it. If the target fails a Reflex save (DC 10 + damage dealt), you hook the weapon into their flesh and can immediately make a free trip attempt against them without provoking an attack of opportunity. Afterwards, the ritiik remains lodged in the wound, and can be removed with a full-round action using two hands, but doing so deals damage to the creature equal to the ritiik's initial damage roll unless the creature removing it succeeds on a DC 15 Heal check. I like the ritiik because getting a free trip attempt on a hit is neat.nnnnnnnnnnn
Rubbing KitDu335 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalSituational, consumable (charges), cheap essentials-Allows you to create a rubbing of ancient carvings or runes or whatever to study them later.nnnnnnnnnnn
Training ArmD357385 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalSkills (Handle Animal)-+4 untyped bonus to Handle Animal when teaching new tricks to canines. You can also wear it in combat to get a +1 bonus to AC when taking the total defense action, but the arm wearing it can't be used for anything else, and you take a -6 penalty on any checks that would require the use of your fingers.nnnnnnnnnnn
Breathing MaskD334666 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalDefense (saves), cheap essentials-This simple facemask weighs half a pound and provides a +1 circumstance bonus on saves against inhaled poisons. Insert COVID-19 meme here. 😷 At a price point like this, there's not much reason not to wear one of these, unless you splurged on a breathing hood or sewer mask. Compare filter mask, which stacks with this if you layer them.nnnnnnnnnnn
Hireling, Mercenary (30 days)DMG1066 gp 1/2 -CreatureMinions-1st level warrior. These hirelings are great at low levels if you just need some extra bodies. For double the price, you can hire a mercenary leader (2nd level warrior) instead. May require hazard pay for dangerous situations (double the rate).nnnnnnnnnnn
Climbing HarnessD334707 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalLogistics-Two sets of harnesses allow a character to carry a non-climbing animal while climbing. The "stay" trick is required in order for the animal to accept the harness.nnnnnnnnnnn
FauchardDC1117 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (simple)Action economy, melee, gish-As the longspear, but it costs 2 gp more, weighs 10 lbs., and deals slashing damage instead of piercing, making it usable with whirling blade and better for fighting zombies.nnnnnnnnnnn
Hearthfire LanternRS1607 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalPerception (light), cheap essentials-Identical to a normal hooded lantern in price, weight, and light output, except that instead of burning oil, it holds hearthfire. Hearthfire is more expensive than oil, but much lighter—6 hours' worth of oil (1 sp, 1 lb) weighs as much as 144 hours' worth of hearthfire (5 gp, 1 lb), and the hearthfire's duration can be paused and resumed without losing any time.nnnnnnnnnnn
Hooded LanternPH1267 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalPerception (light), cheap essentials-A cheap upgrade to a torch, with a better light radius. A single flask of oil (1 sp) fuels it for 6 hours. Compare sunrod.nnnnnnnnnnn
AcidPH10 gp 1/2 - (held)AlchemicalConsumable (single-use), situational, precision damage ranged (thrown), bypassing DR (any), cheap essentialsCraft (alchemy) DC 15Splash weapon that deals 1d6 acid damage on a hit with 1 splash damage. Your basic cheap alchemical splash weapon, great for fighting swarms or delivering sneak attacks vs. touch AC. Compare acidic fire, alchemist's fire, alchemist's frost, alchemist's spark.nssssssssss
Animal Training PoleAE3510 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalSkills (Handle Animal)-+2 circumstance to Handle Animal checks made to teach an animal a trick.nnnnnnnnnnn
Blessed BandageMIC15210 gp 1/2 - (held)WondrousHealing, consumable (single-use)Craft Wondrous Item, cure minor woundsInstantly stabilizes someone. One use only.nnnnyymnyyn
Couatl FeatherBE3710 gp 1/2 -Power componentCaster level, consumable (single-use), spells-When used as an additional material component for a [Good] spell, the spell has a 35% chance of gaining a +2 bonus to its caster level. Only works if the feather was given freely, and cannot be used in conjunction with other exalted spell components.nnnnnnnnnnn
CowPH11210 gp 1/2 -CreatureMinions, cheese-The Monster Manual suggests that the stats of a bison can be used for any large herd animal. This is further corroborated by the Mulhorandi divine minion template: Hathor's divine minions can wild shape into cows, explicitly using bison stats for them. Anyway, assuming you're able to successfully train your bison cow for combat, then you actually have yourself a surprisingly effective beatstick with 37 HP and a +8 to hit for 1d8+9 damage—truly a force to be reckoned with at low levels! Plus, if it's a dairy cow, then hey, free milk. 🐄nnnnnnnnnnn
Drill, IronDu3010 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalSituational, consumable (charges)-Can drill a 1-inch deep, 1-inch diameter hole in a material with hardness 10 or less. Lasts for 10 uses; extra bits cost 1 gp.nnnnnnnnnnn
Eggshell Grenade, DustOA7810 gp 1/2 - (held)AlchemicalDisruption, consumable (single-use), cheese, familiar, ranged (thrown), cheap essentialsCraft (alchemy) DC 20Can be thrown as a splash weapon with a range increment of 5 feet, blinding the target for 1d4 rounds on a hit (no save). Creatures in the splash are blinded for 1 round (Fort negates, DC 10). If you take falling damage while carrying an eggshell grenade, there is a chance that it breaks. This is a highly efficient debuff. Actually, it's kind of ridiculous for the price.nssssssssss
Lead LiningCS108+10 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalSituational-Protects a hidden compartment from divination, but increases weight by about 10%.nnnnnnnnnnn
Mirror, Small SteelPH12810 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalSituational-Can be used to flash visual signals, or to help you shave.nnnnnnnnnnn
Ram, PortablePH12710 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalSituational, cheap essentials-Useful for breaking down doors. Main drawback is that it weighs 20 lbs, so you need some way of carrying it around. Compare crowbar.nnnnnnnnnnn
Ray of ResurgenceLE3310 gp 1/2 -Spellcasting serviceAbility scores, cheese-Instantaneously removes a Strength penalty. A must-buy if you have a racial Strength penalty!nnnnnnnnnnn
Silent ShoesAE2410 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalSkills (Move Silently), stealth, cheap essentials-+1 circumstance to Move Silently.nnnnnnnnnnn
Sun LensesSa10110 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalDefense (immunities), cheap essentials-You cannot be dazzled by bright light. This helps with both light blindness and light sensitivity, as well as just protecting you against ordinary glare and other dazzling effects, and it's very cheap. It doesn't take up your face slot, so magic goggles or whatnot can be worn over it.nnnnnnnnnnn
Sundark GogglesRDr12210 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalDefense (saves), cheap essentials-Prevent you from being dazzled in bright light if you have light sensitivity. +2 circumstance bonus on saves against gaze attacks. If you don't have darkvision or low-light vision, you take -2 to Search and Spot checks. Sundark goggles are obviously good for negating the penalties from light sensitivity, but they're also a cheap way to get a bonus to saves against gaze attacks, making them useful even if you're not a kobold or whatever. It doesn't take up your face slot, so magic goggles or whatnot can be worn over it.nnnnnnnnnnn
TentPH12710 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalLogistics-A more comfortable sleeping area when camping in the wilderness. Weighs 20 lbs, so give it to your mule buddy to carry.nnnnnnnnnnn
Thieving HelmetAE2610 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalSkills (Listen), perception, cheap essentials-+1 circumstance to Listen.nnnnnnnnnnn
Heavy sicklePlH6912 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (simple)Gish, class-specific-For whirling blade users, this is the best one-handed simple weapon to use with it. It's essentially a slashing morningstar. See also the fauchard.nnnnnnnnnnn
Hireling, Mercenary Leader (level 2) (30 days)DMG10612 gp 1/2 -CreatureMinions-2nd level warrior. A cost-efficient source of action economy if your party is short hands. Use them to help out in combat, keep watch during the night, carry loot, and otherwise help out. Higher-level mercenary leaders cost an extra 3 sp/level/day. May require hazard pay for dangerous situations (double the rate).nnnnnnnnnnn
Scroll, 0-Level SpellDMG23812.5 gp 1/2 - (held)ScrollConsumable (single-use)Scribe Scroll plus whatever spell the scroll containsCasts a spell once (spell completion activation).nyyyyyyyyyy
Scroll, Amanuensis (CL 1)SC912.5 gp 1/2 - (held)ScrollConsumable (single-use), situationalScribe Scroll plus whatever spell the scroll containsAllows you to rapidly copy nonmagical text. Spell completion activation (Cleric 0, Sor/Wiz 0).nnnnynnncnn
Scroll, Create Water (CL 1)PH12.5 gp 1/2 - (held)ScrollConsumable (single-use), situationalScribe Scroll plus whatever spell the scroll containsCasts create water once. Spell completion activation (Cleric 0, Druid 0, Adept 0, Healer 0, Jester 0, Urban Druid 0, Paladin 1).nnnnyymyyyn
Scroll, Fire Eyes (CL 1)MW8812.5 gp 1/2 - (held)ScrollConsumable (single-use), perceptionScribe Scroll plus whatever spell the scroll containsAllows a touched creature to see through nonmagical smoke, fire, and fog unimpeded for 10 minutes. Spell completion activation (Druid 0). Not to be confused with the unrelated wu jen spell fiery eyes.nnnnnynnnnn
Scroll, Mending (CL 1)PH12.5 gp 1/2 - (held)ScrollConsumable (single-use), situationalScribe Scroll plus whatever spell the scroll containsFixes a broken object weighing up to 1 lb. Spell completion activation (Bard 0, Cleric 0, Druid 0, Sor/Wiz 0, Adept 0, Healer 0, Jester 0, Death Master 0, Wu Jen 0, Urban Druid 0).nnnnyymnyyn
Scroll, Minor Disguise (CL 1)SC14212.5 gp 1/2 - (held)ScrollConsumable (single-use), skills (Disguise)Scribe Scroll plus whatever spell the scroll containsThe next Disguise check you make within an hour of casting this spell gains a +2 competence bonus. Spell completion activation (Bard 0).nnnnnnnnnnn
Scroll, Purify Food and Drink (CL 1)PH12.5 gp 1/2 - (held)ScrollConsumable (single-use), situationalScribe Scroll plus whatever spell the scroll containsPurifies up to 1 cubic foot of spoiled, rotten, poisonous, or otherwise contaminated food or drink, making it safe to consume. Spell completion activation (Cleric 0, Druid 0, Adept 0, Healer 0, Urban Druid 0). See also clearwater tablet.nnnnyymnyyn
Scroll, Read Magic (CL 1)PH12.5 gp 1/2 - (held)ScrollConsumable (single-use), perceptionScribe Scroll plus whatever spell the scroll containsDeciphers magical writings, allowing you to read scrolls or spellbooks without a check. Can also be used to identify glyphs of warding and symbol spells. Spell completion activation (Bard 0, Cleric 0, Druid 0, Sor/Wiz 0, Adept 0, Beguiler 0, Death Master 0, Healer 0, Urban Druid 0, Wu Jen 0, Paladin 1, Ranger 1).nynnyyyyyyn
Adventurer's KitPH221515 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalLogistics, cheap essentials-Consists of a backpack, belt pouch, bedroll, flint and steel, hempen rope (50 feet), sunrods (2), trail rations (10 days), and a waterskin. Your standard adventuring gear package that pretty much every character is assumed to have. Weighs 33.5 lbs, or 17.375 lbs if you're Small.nnnnnnnnnnn
Boomerang, TalentaECS11915 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (exotic)Ranged (thrown), class-specific (fighter)-On its own, this is a fairly meager thrown weapon that deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage with a 30 ft. range increment, and if your attack misses, you can catch the boomerang as it comes back to you. However, the Boomerang Daze and Boomerang Ricochet feats can make this a really formidable weapon for a build that can use it. See also Xen'drik boomerang, which does 1d6 damage, but has a range increment of only 20 ft.nnnnnnnnnnn
Boomerang, Xen'drikECS11915 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (exotic)Ranged (thrown), class-specific (fighter)-On its own, this is a fairly meager thrown weapon that deals 1d6 bludgeoning or piercing damage with a 20 ft. range increment, and if your attack misses, you can catch the boomerang as it comes back to you. However, the Boomerang Daze and Boomerang Ricochet feats can make this a really formidable weapon for a build that can use it. See also Talenta boomerang, which does only 1d4 damage, but has a range increment of 30 ft.nnnnnnnnnnn
BucklerPH15 gp 1/2 ShieldShieldDefense (armor)-More expensive than a light shield, but gives you more freedom with your shield hand.nnnnnnnnnnn
CartPH13215 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalLogistics-Traditionally paired with a mule to allow it to carry more stuff.nnnnnnnnnnn
Collar, SpikedD3573615 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalCombat maneuvers (grapple)-Deals 1 point of piercing damage to anyone who successfully grapples or pins the wearer—but only if the wearer is a dog.nnnnnnnnnnn
HarpoonFr7615 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (exotic)Ranged (thrown), disruption-This exotic thrown weapon has a range increment of 30 ft. and deals 1d10 piercing damage on a hit, with a x2 crit. It weighs 10 lbs. A target struck by a harpoon must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + damage dealt). If they fail, the harpoon impales them: their speed is reduced by half, they cannot run or charge, and they must succeed on a DC 15 Concentration check in order to cast a spell. Pulling the harpoon free requires two hands and a full-round action, and deals damage to the target equal to the damage the harpoon initially dealt unless the one pulling it free passes a DC 15 Heal check.nnnnnnnnnnn
Lillend ScaleBE3715 gp 1/2 -Power componentSave DC, consumable (single-use), spells-When used as an additional material component for a [Good] spell that requires a Will save, the save DC has a 40% chance of increasing by +1. The chance increases to 60% if the caster is a bard. Must be given freely; cannot be used in conjunction with other exalted spell components.nnnnnnnnnnn
LureD3573715 gp 1/2 - (held)NonmagicalSkills (Handle Animal)-+2 untyped bonus to Handle Animal checks made to teach new tricks to raptors.nnnnnnnnnnn
ManaclesPH12615 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalSituational, cheap essentials-Important for when you need to take prisoners. Weighs 2 lbs. See also the masterwork version for 35 extra gp.nnnnnnnnnnn
Tigerskull ClubFr7715 gp 1/2 WeaponWeapon (exotic)Melee, combat maneuvers (trip, disarm)-This one-handed exotic melee weapon deals 1d8 bludgeoning and piercing damage on a hit with a x4 crit. It weighs 8 lbs. When used by a proficient wielder to make a trip or disarm attack, it grants a +2 bonus on the opposed roll. So, it's like a flail, except with a x4 crit, and instead of just allowing you to trip with the weapon, it actually gives a +2 bonus on the trip attempt, which is pretty nice for tripping builds.nnnnnnnnnnn
Couatl scaleBE3716 gp 1/2 -Power componentSave DC, consumable (single-use), spells-When used as an additional material component for a [Good] spell, there is a 30% chance that the spell's save DC increases by +1. Only works if the scale was given freely, and cannot be used in conjunction with other exalted components.nnnnnnnnnnn
Mule (including bit and bridle, saddlebags, and pack saddle)PH13119 gp 1/2 -CreatureMinions, logistics-Your standard-issue pack animal. Well-trained and surefooted, with lots of carrying capacity, and priced to be accessible even at low levels. Great for carrying supplies or hauling treasure back to town. An essential part of any low-level equipment package, often paired with a cart (additional 15 gp). It's not unusual for the whole party to pitch in for something like this. (The mule by itself is 8 gp, but you probably want it to be able to carry stuff.)nnnnnnnnnnn
Aboleth MucusSS4620 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalDisruption, cheese, consumable (single-use)-If you hit a creature with a ranged touch attack, it loses the ability to breathe for 3 hours. In other words, it's a dead creature walking. There's no way to remove the mucus AFAICT, so anything that breathes will suffocate and die. No save. Very broken. DMs, I recommend vetoing this one.nnnnnnnnnnn
Alchemist's FirePH20 gp 1/2 - (held)AlchemicalConsumable (single-use), precision damage, situational, ranged (thrown), bypassing DR (any)Craft (alchemy) DC 20Splash weapon that deals 1d6 fire damage on a hit with splash damage of 1 fire. The turn after being hit, the target takes an additional 1d6 fire damage. More expensive than acid, but it deals damage twice, and it has the additional advantage of lighting things on fire. Good against swarms and things that are vulnerable to fire. Also handy for delivering sneak attacks against touch AC. See also acid, acidic fire, alchemist's frost, alchemist's spark.nssssssssss
Angel RadianceBE3720 gp 1/2 - (held)Power componentPerception (light), cheap essentials, consumable (single-use), situational, spells, save DC-Sheds light as a torch. Can also be used as an additional material component for a banishment or dismissal spell cast against a fiend to grant +1 to the DC and +1 to spel penetration (consuming the item), but you probably just want it as a weightless light source that never runs out. Compare liquid sunlight.nnnnnnnnnnn
Celestial BloodBE3720 gp 1/2 -Power componentBlasting, consumable (single-use), spells-When used as an additional material component for a [Good] spell that deals damage, the spell has a 30% chance of dealing 2d6 extra damage to evil creatures. Only works if the celestial is still alive and its blood was given freely; cannot be used in conjunction with other exalted components. Fun fact, a blood magus with the saint template will get this effect for spells they cast using their own blood!nnnnnnnnnnn
Claw ExtendersD3348720 gp 1/2 -NonmagicalClass-specific (druid), melee (natural attacks), weapon damage-When attached to an animal's claws, the animal's claw attacks deal +1 damage. Claw extenders can also be made of special materials or be of masterwork quality just as if they were a weapon, with the normal additional costs.nnnnnnnnnnn