Chapter Calendar Management
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Chapter Calendar Management
Steps LayerExamples
Review Regional Goals and Calendar Checklist
Your calendar should reflect your goals and priorities, it's your road map. ChapterRitual and Governance MomentsSpecial AZA and BBG moments that anchor the chapter calendar.Elections, Life Ceremonies, Inductions, Installations, Business Meetings, Good and Welfare, etc.
2Review Holidays and World Events, Community Events, and School EventsWe got you started, but add any additional that may be relevant to your area.In-Person EventsChapter events that happen in-person. Kickoff, fundraisers, Shabbat/holiday celebrations, parent-info night, alumni experiences, AZAA/BBGG programs, Stand UP (service), dinners, sleepovers, etc.
3Review key BBYO International Moments and Regional DatesBuild your calendar with these dates in mind.BBYO On Demand EventsChapter events that happen virtually. Hangouts, meetings, global exchanges, exclusive speakers, gaming, etc.
4Plan Chapter Dates on week-by-week plannerRemember, you don't need to know what you're doing yet but it's important to know the dates.New Member ExperiencesMoments designed for new members of a chapter.Big-Little reveal, new member overnight, MIT/AIT class training and hangouts, etc.
5Create Chapter CalendarMove events from week-by-week planner to the month tabs (select AZA, BBG, or BBYO style) or this Google Slides template to show specific dates.Board MeetingsMeetings for members of the elected Chapter Board.Chapter Board meetings and trainings (sometimes with appointed chairs and committee members)
6Calendar ConnectThis is a date set by your regional/council board where you'll bring your calendar together with other chapters to compare and coordinate. Goals and DeadlinesChapter benchmarks around registration, applications, membership, and fundraising.Mid-year membership goal, Big-Little matching request, chapter convention registration deadline, events in myBBYO deadline, etc.
7Upload EventsAll events (in-person or virtual) must be uploaded to myBBYO or BBYO On Demand.
8Distribute Chapter CalendarThis is the most important step! Make sure your members save the dates for the semester. This should be shared in multiple ways (social, email, print, etc.)
Strategic calendaring is a process where you layer events to see opportunities and challenges during a semester. Remember that knowledge is power. This phase is about confirming specific dates (using any that already exist) to ensure your semesters are successful and set the rhythm for the year. You only need dates confirmed for the calendar, it's ok if you don't know what you're doing at a program yet.

Use this tool to map out all the important dates for your chapter—if there's anything missing, reach out to your regional/council board members and ask them to help you fill in the dates.

This should be used as an active document. If you want to move your calendar to a different sheet, click the down arrow on the tab you want to copy and hit "copy to existing spreadsheet."

Best of luck, and if you need any help, email us at Have fun!