Name (click to read comment)Version numberURLDevelopment PlatformTarget PlatformsLicenseGenres/types of gamesSuggested Grade LevelsInstallationTutorialsGroup Work?One Day ExpectationsOutside Resources and Community SupportSkills LearnedIssues and Notes
Kodu1.4.64.0, XBoxfree for PC, paid for XBox2D and 3D adventure, side scroller, racing, storytelling6+download from MS Download Centerlinks to printable text pdf, video downloads on About pageSingle session lesson plan availableemail, twitter, facebook, youtube, site forum, share completed projects "creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming", uses a "visual" programming language, math module lesson plan availableDesigned for ages 8 and up and classroom use, classroom kit with lesson plans available. review:

Kodu and Gamestar Mechanic are more like game makers that come with lessons to teach kids how to make games... Not sure they should be on this list, as the others are more like actual commercial game makers.
RPG Maker toolsRPG Maker VX Ace day free trial, paid unlimited2D RPGs with sprites and character overlays similar to a visual novel9+available on Steamno built-in tutorials, but readily available on their website; possibly living tutorials (latest version April 20, 2013 as of April 22)standard JRPGs with character classes, advancement schemes, and monster events are almost drag-n-drop. Adding dialog, etc. is a little trickier, or at least doesn't seem to have it's own heading in the tutorials that I skimmed.
Adventure Game Studio3.3.3, Mac, Linux, iOS, Androidfree, adventure games like old school Sierra or LucasArts games9+extensive series of tutorials available, including a youtube channel:
The whole series is about 400 minutes long.
There's also a 13-part text tutorial:
For fans of old-school point-n-click adventure games (King's Quest, Monkey Island, etc.). Kind of a pain to actually use, though, compared to newer apps such as Stencyl, GameMaker Studio, or Construct 2.
Quest5.6.1, open sourcetext adventures?download from siteWiki has text tutorialforum, wiki, social networks, Education section in the forum for teachersstory structure developmentpost completed games to the site for players to play online or download
Construct 2r206, Personal $130, Business $430top-down, side-scrollers, platformers, flexible for almost anything7+through Steam, very easy.Less than 1 hour to make first game using beginner's guide. Crashed for me 45 min in, so save often!Doesn't appear to have ability to export individual objects (and their behaviors), so more than one person editing a project is iffy.Easy to create scenes (layout) with actors and behaviors and link scenes to each other. Could get far if designer has a game design document already in hand.vibrant community forums. sharing of projects, ideas, help, resources, etc.conditional behaviors, object instancing, intance variables, layersSteps in this are 60/second. review at
GameMaker Studio, desktops, and consolesfree version has fewer features, multi-tiered pay versions that add individual features as desired; Mac version $19.99top-down, side-scrollers, platformers, flexible for almost anything8+through SteamVery text heavy tutorials built into the app. Not as well written or comprehensive as Construct 2. Able to complete first tutorial in 40 min but still some confusion.Built-in source control through the use of usernames/passwords checking in and out process.huge support due to it being on Steamobjects, instances, scripting behavior and simple AISteps in this are 30/second. review at