ODC Project Rubric
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ResearchGraded Seperately - Research Progress Report RubricNot Done
FormGraded seperately - G Sites Form RubricNot Done
PresentationGraded seperately - G Sites Presentation RubricNot Done
WritingGraded Seperately - Writing Subtopic RubricNot Done
PSAGraded Seperately - PSA Rubric ODCNot Done
LogoGrades Seperately - Logo Rubric ODCNot Done
ContentThe website is very informative and thorough. The objective of the site is clear, and it fulfills that objective while integrating multimedia web resources. Each subtopic is logical and connects clearly to the main topic. All written content connects to research, while quoting when necessary and giving credit through links. The homepage clearly states the objectives and purpose of the website.Much of the writing is original, but it may be scattered. The writing was also not link to external resources and research.The majority of content is copied and pasted and/or incomplete. Not Done
Grammar and PunctuationPerfect grammar and punctuation throughout the entirety of the website. It is clear the author proofread multiple times.There are a handful of negligent mistakes, representing that the author may have quickly proofread only once.Grammar and Punctuation are completely ignored. There are numerous spelling mistakes and an overall sense that no proofreading was done.Not Done
CreativityA great amount of consideration went into ensuring the website followed principles of web design. The site shows that the author clearly considered color scheme; text size, color and type, website formatting; as well as navigability. There are no contrasting colors that make the site hard to read.The author made little adjustments to a pre-set theme. Little design consideration is shown.No design changes from a basic theme are done.Not Done
Requirements5 pages, including 4 subtopics. 3 paragraphs for sections (when applicable, ie, no multimedia),.2 embeded videos. 4 graphics/images while respecting copyright. Not Done
Citations10 complete citations in proper MLA format, within it's own page, clearly marked on the site.5 citations or less in MLA format.Simple hyperlinks only.Not Done
LogoOriginal Logo that fits well with the overall design of the project, and creatively represents the author and the topic.Logo is basic with little design considerations and does not fit well with the site. The logo looks to be created very quickly by the author.Not Done
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