2013-2014 Regional Competition Results (NY-PMC-Houston)
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Entry CategoryAwardEntry NameSubmitter NameContributorsPurpose of the Entry & Target AudienceCompany
PromotionalDistinctionPressureWave Formation Pressure TesterJean DoolingTim Freeman
Chip Bridgeman
Jeff Hemsing
Paul Radzinski
The animation explains the overall functionality of the logging-while-drilling (LWD) PressureWave™, formation pressure tester that was designed, manufactured, and operated by Weatherford Drilling Services. The major target audiences are formation evaluation, geomechanics, and drilling optimization groups within the oil and gas industry.Weatherford
User SupportExcellenceCreating Financial ReportsFrances GambinoGregory Pfister, Frances Gambino, Mary Casull, Dawn Barilla, Melinda Gjenasaj, David GlickTo provide end users with a detailed guide on using the Financial Report Painter tool, which is accessed through the Developer Studio software. Financial Report Painter allows you to create a budget from financial data, consolidate duplicate or extraneous financial data, and predict future financial expenditure based on your current financial data. It assumes the user has basic knowledge of how to use Report Painter.Information Builders
User SupportExcellenceADVIA Automation Solutions Quick Reference GuideRichard JaklitschCarolyn Reynolds,
Michael Hortens,
Mike Furfey, Donna Gray
The purpose of this document is to enhance customer satisfaction based upon survey input received by the company. ADVIA Automation operators have expressed a strong interest in having a small format quick reference guide in paper form.Siemens Heathcare Diagnostics, Inc.
InformationalExcellenceIEEE Industrial ElectronicsJanet DudarDr. Juan J. Rodriguez-Andina, Editor-in-Chief
Prof. Mariusz Malinowski, Editor-in-Chief (Past)
IEEE Magazines Department
IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine presents emerging trends and
practices in industrial electronics product research and development, key
insights, and tutorial surveys in the field of interest to the membership of
the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society. It is limited to theory and
applications of electronics, controls, communications, instrumentation,
and computational intelligence to industrial and manufacturing systems
and processes.
InformationalExcellenceIEEE PulseJanet DudarMichael R. Newman, EditorinChief
Cynthia Weber, Associate Editor
IEEE Magazines Department
IEEE Pulse keeps you informed on current technologies and methods
used in biomedical and clinical engineering, societal implications of
medical technologies, news/book reviews, patent descriptions, and
correspondence. Features include general and technical articles covering
students, law, clinical engineering, ethics, new products, society news,
historical features, and government. Its target audience is the membership
of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society.
InformationalExcellenceIEEE Robotics & AutomationJanet DudarEugenio Guglielmelli, EditorinChief
Peter Corke, EditorinChief
IEEE Magazines Department
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine is a unique technology
publication. The magazine is a forum for articles that fall between the
academic and theoretical orientation of scholarly journals and vendor
sponsored trade publications. The Magazine complements more technical
publications of the IEEE Robotics & Automation Society and seeks to
present new scientific results to the practicing engineer through a focus on
working systems and emphasizing creative solutions to realworld
User SupportMeritStorage Maximizer for SharePoint Quick Start GuideJackie ConnorsJackie ConnorsThis Quick Start Guide allows you to install and configure Storage Maximizer for basic operation. It is intended for network administrators, consultants, analysts, and any other IT professionals who use the product.Dell Software
User SupportMeritHP Chromebook 14 Setup InstructionsMary GwynneLiz Weiman
Deborah Davitt
Mauri Williams
The Setup Instructions poster is intended to introduce the owner of an
HP notebook to their new computer's hardware and software, and to convince
the user that they have made the right purchasing choice.

In this case, the Chromebook poster also represents a new partnership between
Google and HP, and the document needed to introduce the user to many
Google-specific applications and keyboard tips and tricks.
User SupportMeritUser Guide: ISO 20022 Messaging for InstructionsBarbara Edwards Barbara EdwardsPurpose: Corporate actions instruction messages have changed; this Guide is intended to inform these experienced users of the new layouts and methodologies. It addresses part of a larger change called "Corporate Actions Transformation" at DTCC; this larger change has industry-wide effects. This User Guide is part of a larger online Learning Center that addresses the Corporate Actions changes holistically
Target Audience: This User Guide is intended for members of financial institutions who make decisions regarding the dividends that result from corporate actions. They are responsible for sending instructions for the disbursement of these dividends to DTCC
DTCC Learning
InformationalMeritTAC+ VideoDavid SlovakJenn Dodd, Irene Grimaldi, Sean McAuliffe, Jay Alejandro, Jimmy Park, David SlovakPurpose:
1) Introduce existing end-users to a redesigned interface, added features, and new product branding.
2) Renew interest in the product.

Primarily existing users of the software, but is also meant to appeal to new users.
Kestrel -- Boeing Defense, Space & Security
UserMeritIntroduction to WebFOCUS Release 8Frances GambinoJosephine Moscato, Melinda Gjenasaj, Dawn Barilla, Frances Gambino, Michele Brady, Gerry Cohen, Stefan KostialWe created this manual to introduce our customers to Information Builders offerings. It is an overview of the comprehensive, integrated tools that support developers, administrators, and users of web reporting applications. The target audience is both new and existing customers.Information Builders
PromotionalMeritWebFOCUS RStat Fact SheetFrances GambinoAli Rahim, Rado Kotorov, Kathy Kendall, Frances Gambino, Josephine Moscato, Carey Bates, James Rana, Terri White, Gregory McGrath, Peter Ogrady, and Michele Brady.The purpose of this Fact Sheet is to highlight the use of RStat as a predictive analytics tool. It emphasizes the use of modeling and illustrates how data is displayed and used. The target audience for this piece includes customers and business partners.Information Builders
User SupportMeritDeveloper Studio Application Development Getting StartedFrances GambinoGregory Pfister, Frances Gambino, Mary Casull, Melinda Gjenasaj, David Glick, Dawn BarillaTo provide end users with an overview of the Developer Studio desktop development product, an introduction to the interface, and a brief guide on the different tools available within the product.Information Builders
User SupportMeritWebFOCUS Security and AdministrationFrances GambinoMicole Sudberg, Ben Naphtali, Jim Thorstad, Frances GambinoThis manual describes WebFOCUS security and administration options so that administrators can deploy WebFOCUS. WebFOCUS administrators are expected to already have an understanding of basic networking and network security concepts. Once WebFOCUS has been deployed, some administrative tasks may be performed by nontechnical personnel.Information Builders
User SupportMeritCreating Compound Reports With Document ComposerFrances GambinoGregory Pfister, Frances Gambino, Mary Casull, Melinda Gjenasaj, Dawn Barilla, David GlickTo provide end users with a detailed guide on using the Document Composer tool, which is accessed through the Developer Studio software. Document Composer enables you to design reports, coordinate layouts, and distribute layouts, made up of multiple reports and graphs. You can position reports and graphs anywhere on a single page or combine a series of layouts within a single document. This manual assumes the user has a basic knowledge of reports and graphs.Information Builders
InformationalMeritIEEE Industry ApplicationJanet DudarH. Landis "Lanny" Floyd, EditorinChief
Geri KrolinTaylor,
Sr. Managing Editor
IEEE Magazines Department
IEEE Industry Applications Magazine is for a diverse group of industry
power professionals with articles on topics such as industrial power
systems, renewable energy, and workplace safety. Written for academics
and industry professionals, the magazine presents material in a clear and
concise manner, with figures and photographs to help illustrate the
concepts. The target audience is the membership of the IEEE Industry
Applications Society as well as other power professionals.
InformationalMeritIEEE Power & Energy MagazineJanet DudarMelvin I. Olken, EditorinChief
Geri KrolinTaylor,
Sr. Managing Editor
IEEE Magazines Department
IEEE Power & Energy Magazine is for the power professional with articles
on hot topics such as microgrids, solar power, and a look at environmental
and society challenges due to power expansion. Written for an audience of
academics and industry professionals, the magazine presents material in
a clear and concise manner, with figures and photographs to help illustrate
the concepts. The target audience is the membership of the IEEE Power
& Energy Society as well as other power professionals.