Sandpoint NPCs
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namehighest spell lvlstatslocale #locale namepg #'srelationshooks/ RP noteswantsfearsappearancepersonalityskillstopics
Ameiko Kaijitsu1CG f human aristocrat 1/ bard 3/ rogue (rake) 137The Rusty Dragon382, 22Daughter of Lonjiku, half sister of TsutoHelp wanted board near the bar, knew former tavern owner Adula who was killed by Chopper, knew Nualia- her half brother Tsuto always had a crush on herBeen thinking of abandoning her “safe life of retirement” and heading out on another wild adventure.That she’ll never live up to her father’s wildly outrageous expectations of of snake on left arminformal, swears a lot, jokes aroundbluff/ diplomacy/siong +12, know arcana/ nobility/ religion +6, know local +8 , perform string +14, spellcraft +9Glassworks, family (DC 25), adventuring Shalelu
Chask Haladan1CG m human bard 3/ expert 322The Curious Goblin379Friends with Brodert Quink, Sabyl Sorn, and IlsoariAdventured for a time to build up a nest eggMore, rarer books.A fire destroying what he’d worked for so hard.70 yrs old, huge white beard, bald head, and bushy eyebrowsformer adventurer, frugal, dismisive of the slow wittedbluff +11, appraise +6, know arcana +7, sense motive/ know history/ local +9, spellcraft +10Varisian history, Quink's weird theories
Daviren Hosk1N m human ranger 438Giblin Squash Stables383Ex lover of ShaleluDESPISES goblins and hangs their ears from the raftersTo permanently maim the goblin tribes of VarisiaGoblins- he hides it well (Bluff +6) but he’s terrified of the little beasts, ever since they killed his fellow adventurer and cousin Farleyformer hunter, much older than he lookslegendary hatred of gobs, cynical, dark sense of humorsense motive/ appraise +2, handle animal +8, heal/ spellcraft +9goblins, goblin tribes, Chief Whartus, Shalelu
Hayliss Korvaski1LN f human cleric of Abadar 2/ expert 241Sandpoint Boutique383Sister of Jasper KorvaskiWithout her brother’s desire to keep everyone happy, she wears her disdain for the Scarnettis openly sometimes even charging more when they shopTo build a home in Sandpoint where she can be herself rather than who her parents want her to beSomething happening to Jasper- he’s the only family she has and being a paladin, he doesn’t always think before he steps in to protect someone- back in Magnimar she once had to talk him down from fighting a shadow demonstern, disapproving look, critical yet loves gossip, loves to be flatterddevout (Abadar), forthright, temper, hates Scarnettisbluff +1, sense motive/ craft cloth +10, craft clothing +13, appraise/ know history/ local/ religion +5, Channel energy (1 d6, 4/day)Scarnettis, her brother Jasper, Cyrdak
Kaye Tesarani1CG f human rogue 3/ sorcerer 143The Pixie’s Kitten384Semi secret lover of Sheriff HemlockThe Scarnettis have been trying to close the place while Jubrayl Vhiski has been trying to get in the brothel business himself, knew working girls killed by ChopperHemlock to stop lying about their relationshipJubrayl muscling her out of the Kittendistinguished grace, red hair, tasteful dressgenerous, protective, soft-spokenbluff +12, sense motive +7, appraise +2, know arcana/ spellcraft +6, know local +9Scarnetti prudes, Sczarni pressure (DC 25)
Naffer Vosk1NG m human rogue 1/ cleric of Sarenrae 22/1/2016Boneyard, Cathedral376Was taken in by Father Tobyn and respects Zantus lotsDeformed former smuggler, knew Nualia and how much she hated the townAlways had a thing for elves and is really shy around them. Being accused of going back to smuggling.deforemed, twisted spin, lurching gaitdevout, meticulous, punctual, forgivingsense motive/ heal +7, channel pos. energy (1 d6, 3/day)sarenrae, Nualia and Ezakien, Tobyn vault
Nisk Tander1NG m half elf alchemist 1/ expert 217Bottled Solutions379-5% chance his potions are subdued (1-60)/ inert (61-90)/ or wildly unpredictable (91-100), Sold condoms to Iouz for 1s/eachTo try every potion he canBeing revealed as a poor potion makercopper hair, scar running from nose to chingood intentions but prideful, sloppy, disdainful of magicbluff +7, sense motive +1, appraise +8, craft alchemy +6, know arcana +9, spellcraft +10alchemy
Shalelu Andosana1CG f elf fighter 2/ ranger 437, 10Rusty Dragon, Garrison26BFF of Ameiko, former lover of Daviren HoskRather well known in Crying Leaf for the scandal it caused when her mother married a human. After her mother's death he bailed on her. to never again hear her stepfather's namebecoming close to someone only to loose them againa graceful and pretty, if tight lipped elf with long blonde hairclosed off, guarded, protectiveknow nature +8, percept +12, stealth +15, survival +10goblin tribes, Ameiko
Veznutt Parooh1NG m gnome wizard 2/ expert 44/27/2016The Way North (maps), Turandarok Academy376BFFs with IlsoariTo become the greatest map maker ever by mapping places never seen by man or gnomeGiants- he was almost killed by a hill giant in his youth aged but spry, lizard familiar (Whisp)argumentative, demands high price for mapsbluff +2, sense motive/ craft book +9, appraise +7, craft maps +13, know geo/ spellcraft +10, know arcana/ history/ local +6maps, local history, Quink's crazy theories, Ilosari, will pay fot good map info
Vorashali Voon1LN m human wizard 2/ rogue 2/ expert 244The Feathered Serpent384-Best place to buy magic items, daughter killed by ChopperTo obtain strange and unique artifactsHis trouble-maker brother, muscle for the Sczarni making a scenebright blue eyes, red hair, older than he looks, rat familiar (Greta)gregarious, excitedbluff +4, sense motive +5, appraise/ know local/ nature/ planes/ spellcraft +12, scribe scrollmagic, his daughter (DC 25)
Aliver “Pillbug” Podiker2LE m human alchemist 516The Pillbug’s Pantry378Close with the Sczarni“Have any happy pillbugs turned up today”, lost brother to ChopperTo be accepted- either by the town or by the Sczarni doesn’t matterSomeone he respects (like the mayor or sheriff) being hurt by one of his poisonsa short, rotund man with a grimace and a nasty scar on his lipcagey, suspicious, over-complicates thingsDiplomacy +9, heal +10, know arcana +4, know religion +7, spellcraft +7herbalism, gardening, black market goods from Magnimar (DC 25)
Cyrdak Drokkus2CN m human bard 623Theater379Love of Jasper KorvaskiLeft Magnimar for mysterious reasons, knew diva killed by ChopperTo put Sandpoint Theater on the mapHe fears something happening to Jasper or the Theaterlarger than life, flamboyant, gestures a lotflirtatious with women, narcissisticbluff/ sense motive +13, appraise +4, know arcana/ history local +10Magnimar theater, notable people
Father Abstalar Zantus2CG m human cleric of Desna 41Cathedral375Acolyte of Father Ezakien Tobyn but did not prepare his body for burialSecretly owns Nualia's condeming childhood diary, knew another acolyte killed by ChopperTo live up to and preserve the memory of Tobyn without tarnishing itThe people of Sandpoint resenting him for having hid Nualia’s journal from them or what happened to her after the fire.wiry build, bright blue eyes, touches a lotearnest, good hearted, open mindeddiplomacy +9, heal +10, know arcana +4, know religion +7, spellcraft +7Desna, Sandpoint Fire, the Cathedral
Hannah Velerin2NG f elf cleric of Gozreh 3/ expert 145Hannah’s384more open around other elvesLocal herbalist/ midwife that is frequently at odds with Gorvi, was one of the midwives that saw Nualia’s dead fiendish childTo bring Gozreh’s blessings to the worldDamaging Father Tobyn or Nualia’s memory by telling unfavorable tales about themwaif-like, ageless, silver hair, soft voice, bright green eyesserene, professional, compassionate, hard to get close tobluff +1, sense motive/ heal +10, know religion +7, profession herbalist +12, spellcraft +9Gozreh, herbalism, birth control (DC 15)
Ilsoari Gandethus2LN m human wizard 4/ rogue 227Turandarok Academy (school/ orphanage/ museum)380Friend of Chask HaladanKeeps bottom 2 floors filled with exotic weapons, strange maps, and monster trophies, knew Yana killed by ChopperHis collection to grow even moreAny of the children he cares for being hurtraven familiar (Pete), tall, thin, short grey beard and haircollector of trophies, patient, speaks slowly and clearlybluff/ sense motive +7, appraise +8, heal +1, know arcana/ hisotry/ local/ nature/ planes +11, spellcraft +10, scribe scrolladventuring, teaching, Tsuto, the museum, Sandpoint Devil, Veznutt Paroohil
Koya Mvashti2CG f human cleric of Desna 428Madame Mvashti’s house380Daughter of Madame MvashtiTravels frequently with adopted son Sandru VhiskiTo travel but also care for her motherDying without having seen the worldspinster, dowdydisagrees with her mother on EVERYTHINGknow arcana/ history/ planes +5, know geo +2, know religion +8, perform storytelling +3, sense motive +9, spellcraft +6, survival +10Desna, new Cathedral, Father Zantus, Madame Mvashti, Scarnetti
Niska Mvashti2N f venerable human druid 3/sorcerer 4/ mystic theurge 128Madame Mvashti’s House380Varisian elder, druids from the hinterlandsHates the Sczarni, Varisian historian and seer, knew visiting druid killed by ChoopperTo stay alive as long as possible out of spite.The current age’s lack of prophecies.ancient, weatheredwooried, broodingbluff +4, sense motive +14, appraise +5, know arcana/ religion +14harrow readings
Risa Magravi2NG f human sorcerer 413Risa’s Place3783 kids- Besk, Lanalee, and Vodger Likes to tell ancient legendsGrandkidsBeing forgottenold, mostly blind, covered in tattoos mostly obscured by wrinklestells stories of ancient myths and legendsbluff +8, sense motive/ heal +5, appraise/ spellcraft +6, know arcana/ dungeon/ geo/ history/ local/ nature/ planes/ religion +10folktales, sorcery, tattoo magic
Aesrick BattlehornLG m dwarf expert 524Carpenter’s Guild380-Frequently feuds with the Shipyard over who gets the best lumberTo accept more projects in the farmlandsLosing employees to the goblins in the farmlands. balding dwarf wearing an apron, with scarred hands and sawdust in his beardunhurried, thinks before speaking, insightfulsense motive +1, appraise +8, craft carpentry +15, craft stonemason +12Scarnetti family (who he thinks are cheats), Banny Harker and Iborn Thorn, Tickwood
Alma AvertinLG f human expert 721Sandpoint Savories379Cousin of Shanna, who was saved during gob attack, twin daughters Arika and AnekaMother of Casp Alvertin, one of the Choppers first victimsTo pay off the shop so her daughters can use the money they make however they wishLosing another child to a murderer. an old woman with too many worry lies on her facesad, slowly warming upbluff +12, diplomacy/ appraise/ local +15, sense motive +13, heal +11her son and former sheriff Casp Avertin, Belor Hemlock
Banny Harker NG m human expert 325Lumber Mill380, 74Partner of Ibor Thorn, secret lover of Katrine VinderBeen running the logsplitter well into the night to keep up with demand.To marry Katrine Vinder The Scarnettis learning he’s been embezzling from them.youthful, seriouspenny pincher, secret romanticbluff +6, sense motive +9, know local +5Aesrick Battlehorn, Tickwood, Katrine
Belor HemlockCG m human fighter 410Garrison377Brother of Garridan, semi secret lover of Kaye TesaraniHaving not-so-secret affair with Kaye Tesarani, brought the Chopper in after former Sheriff killedTo make Sandpoint safe and maybe marry Kaye someday.Another murderer cropping up in town.dark skin, shaved head, chainmail coifhonest, blunt, serious, slow to trustknow local +2, perception +6, sense motive +2, survival +5attempting to gain enough eveidence to arrest some Sczarni, feud with brother
Belven ValdemarNG m human aristocrat 1/ expert 546Sandpoint Shipyard384youngest son of Ethram Handsome, wealthy, and single he’s very popular with Sandpoint’s ladies- when he gets time for themTo make Sandpoints ships rival even those of MagnimarThat his father will die and his brother Kaleb won’t even leave Magnimar to attend the funeralhandsome, charismatic, alerteligible bachelor, dedicated to business, intensebluff +11, sense motive +1, appraise/ know local +12, craft carpentry +17, know eng/ geo +15Mercantile League, shipbuilding, the Lost Coast, concern for father (DC 25)
Bethana CorwinNG f Halfling commoner 137Rusty Dragon26Works for Ameikoworked for Ameiko for years, been learning Minkai script from Ameikoto make enough money to buy her dungeon delving grandson, Barric a new set of armormore of her grandkids following in Barric's (and their grandfather's) footstepselderly, kind face, soft spokentimid, strong principles, loyalbluff +2, sense motive +1, appraise +3, craft cooking +7, know local +5Ameiko, Kaijitsu family
Bilivar WheenN m human expert 333, 31The Hagfish, Wheen’s Wagons381Wife Vorah, children Ryton and CelesteDaughter Tanethia drowned recently, wife is paranoid, sister in law killed by ChopperHis family to heal after the death of TanethiaHis children dying or leaving out of frustration over their motherlanky, long haired, missing teethdown on his luck, henpecked, taken to drinkingbluff/appraise/know eng +6, sense motive +2, craft blacksmith/ siege engine +4Late Unplesantness, drowned daughter Tanethia
Brodert Quink NG m human expert 78/22/2016Sage’s, the Curious Goblin377Friend of Chask Haladan, uncle of Lucendi QuinkSpent time at the Founder’s Archive in Magnimar and recently become obsessed with the Old Light. Frequently speaks of his niece, Lucendi in the Great Library of Magnimar who is studying Thassilon like him, wants spyglass back that was stolen by gobsTo prove his theories are true. Being proved wrong and losing his cat or hearing that Lucendi's been hurt or killed in those dangerous Thessilonian ruins.balding, wizend, eyeglassestalkative, eccentric, baffled, disgruntled at lack of prestiegbluff/ sense motive +1, appraise +3, craft calligraphy/stonemasonry +15, know arcana/ eng/ Thassilon/ history/ local +16, know dungeon +13, know geo +10The Old Light, Thassilonian history, Thassilionian ruins, niece Lucendi
Chod BevukNG m human expert 336Meat Market382-Claims he fought the Chopper and lost his fingers to him but most people think he accidently cut them off and is just looking for attention. (in reality, he did cut it off but also saw the Chopper once)Earn enough money to pay back his loan from his now estranged brother.To be unwanted and unloved. missing two fingers on left hand, bald, bushy eyebrowslies/ exaggerates for attentionbluff/ appraise +6, sense motive/ know local +4, The Chopper, says he doesn't believe it was Jervas Stoot and that the real one will rise again.
Courrin WhesterwillNG m human expert 232Scarnetti Mill381-Worries and sneezes constantly. Rumors have been flying that mysterious fires have claimed all the other mills in the area and Courrin lowered the prices to alieve outcry.To run the mill on his own, out from under the Scarnetti’s vigilent watch and heavy bootTaking the fall for the greedy Scarnetti’s crimes.constantly sneezing, nervous twitch, middle agedconstantly worriedbluff/ sense motive +5, appraise +6Scarnetti family, mysterious mill fires (DC 25)
Das KorvutLN m human fighter 1/ expert 315Red Dog Smithy378-Foul-mouthed and drunkard and rude to customers, frequently heard by neighbors yelling drunkenly during the day, and screaming and crying in his sleep during the night, lost only son and wife to ChopperTo spend all his time forging rather than behind a counterOne of his dogs dying.bald, wiry muscles, scowlbad tempered, impatient, foul mouthed, midnight drunken rantsbluff -1, sense motive +4, appraise +8, craft armor/ blacksmith/ weapons +13, know eng/ local +5smithing, family, dogs
Ethram ValdemarNG m human aristocrat 5/ expert 247Valdemar Manor384Father of belvenHis persistent lung infection keeps coming back no matter how often the family pays to have it curedTo hide his addiction to Midnight Milk Dying. aged, watery eyes, bad coughold, slow and sick but well learnedbluff +6, sense motive +5, appraise +12, know geo/ history/ local/ nobles/ relgion +7town founding, politics, history of houses
Gaia AcariCG f human rogue 142, 13Fatman's Feedbag, Risa's Place-messenger and lookout for Sczarnisecretly working with Hemlock to get dirt on Sczarnito make a home for herself here, far away from Magnimarbeing sent back to Magnimar, being found as a traitor by the sczarnismall, very young (13), freckles, dark blue hooded cloakcheeky, cocky, curses, doesn’t trust men, admires other roguesbluff +2, sense motive +3, stealth +11good climbing spots in and around town, Sczarni (DC 25), rumours
Garridan ViskalaiLN m human expert 43The White Deer (inn)376Brother of Sheriff HemlockDislikes his brother for abandoning Shoanti tradition, knew barmaid killed by ChopperTo teach his sons (Vutac 12 and Farley 10) the Shoanti traditions his parents taught himLosing his brother before they make amendssomber, wuietgruff, regrets abandoning Shoanti waysbluff/ appraise +5, sense motive +11, heal +1, know history/ local +8Shoanti traditions (Shriikirri Quah), Belor, kids
Gaven DeverinLG m human paladin 2/ expert 339Two Knight’s Brewery383Cousin of Kendra DeverinBrother (Wade) was killed by Chopper, former paladin, Return his brewery to its former glory and stop living in the past, spending more and more time cariousing at the Pixie's Kitten than ever beforeIs tormented by guilt over his brother’s murder- it had been Gaven’s turn to close up shop for the night but he’d run off to galavant with friends leaving Wade to do it and to fall prey to Chopperstrong, tall, steady calm gazequiet, shaken faithbluff +2, sense motive +10, appraise. Know religion +6, Lay on Hands (1 d6, 5/day)Wade, brewing, religion, childhood
GorviCN m half orc warrior 37/6/2016Gorvi’s shack, Junker’s Edge376Argued with Mayor Deverin recentlyBeen harassing women on the Boardwalk and causing fights and doesn’t think anyone will do anything about it, one of his boys killed by ChopperWishes he had someone to relate to as most of his “friends” are more like “very patient employees”Being run out of Sandpoint- he’d have nowhere to go.leavily tattooed lummoxdrunk, harrasses women, crude sexual humor-Sczarni (DC 20)
Gressel TenniwarCN m human rogue 2/ expert 142Fatman’s Feedbag383-Most notorious bar in Sandpoint with bar fights happening a few times a weekJubrayl to pay him moreThe Sczarni coming down on him hard for harassing Jubrayl about a raisevery overweight, gaudy clothes and jewelry, bad breathloud, overly familiar, subtly threateningbluff +8, sense motive/ appraise +6, know local +7anything and everything but says a little while listening a lot
Ibor ThornNG m human expert 325Lumber Mill380, 74Partner of Banny Harkerknew Nualia and had a huge crush but never told herTo make enough money to buy a decent house.The Scarnettis coming after him for Banny’s stupid mistakes.handsome, if narrow-facedarrogant and cockybluff/ sense motive +5, appraise/ know local +6, craft carpentry +11Scarnetti influence (DC 25), Banny's dalliance with Katrine
Jargie QuinnCG m human rogue 2/ expert 233The Hagfish381-One-legged man that loves to tell jokes. It’s almost as well known for its gambling as it is by the hagfish Norah and the prize money a mug of her tank water could fetch.Another hagfish- Norah’s getting’ lonely.Losing the bar- it’s come to mean a lot to him. wooden leg, big gestures, booming voicegregarious, cracks jokes, strange affection for Norahbluff/ appraise +7, sense motive +10, know local/ dungeon +5the snapper Old Murdermaw, Norah, Varisian gulf, fishing, "yarning"
Jasper KorvaskiLG m human paladin 3/ expert 140Mercantile League383Lover of Cyrdak Drokkus, brother of Hayliss KorvaskiThe conservative Scarnettis have been trying to make him miserable enough to move back to MagnimarTo be open and honest about his relationship with Cyrdak.Being forced to move back to Magnimar- and his aging parents and brothers he abandoned to be with the man he loves.well dressed, observant, well manneredloyal, devoutbluff +3, sense motive +9, appraise +1, know local/ religion +5Mercantile League, Cyrdak
Jesk “Cracktooth” BerinniNG m human expert 318Cracktooth’s Tavern379-Popular with Playhouse employees and fans, has a stage that’s never emptyEnjoy himself and make people happyHe despises corruption and the Sczarnithugish looking, suprisingly witty and well spokenwell-read, scathing wit, urbanebluff +10, sense motive +7, appraise +3, heal +1, know history/ local +6, perform comedy +8Magnimar politics, theater, Cyrdak
Jurayl VhisiNE m human rogue 742Fatman’s Feedbag384Despised by Sheriff HemlockLeader of the SczarniTo further his hold and power in SandpointHis daughter, Juline’s hatred of his work with the Sczarni and the possibility she might spill her guts to Hemlock or –more likely- handsome adventererslanky, stylish, nervous energy, quick to take offenceperpetually amused, sarcastic but charming, witty, cynicalbluff +11, sense motive +14, appraise/ know local +13Sczarni operations (DC 30)
Katrine VinderNG f human commoner 126, 25General Store, Lumber Mill380, 74Daughter of Ven, sister of Shayliss, secret lover of Banny HarkerSecretly meeting with Harker at night, knew Nualia and how she was head over heels for Delek Viskanta To marry Banny Harker.Her father finding out and hurting Harkerattractive, confident serious, likes to get Shayliss in troublebluff +3, sense motive +1, know local +4domineering parents, bratty sisters, elegible men in town
Kendra DeverinNG f human aristocrat 4/ expert 311, 50Town Hall, Deverin Manor373, 385Sister in law to Vana, aunt to Vana’s kidsCousin Wade and her BFF Sheriff Casp Avertin killed by ChopperProtect her townLosing a loved one again (father died 17 yrs ago, brother 6, cousin and BFF 5 yrs ago to the chopper)short hair, fine but sensible clothespolitical, direct and likes clarity, honestbluff +12, sense motive +14, appraise/ know geo/ history +6, heal +1, know local +15, know nobles +10, know religion +8Titus Scarnetti rivalry, Deverin family accidents, Casp Avertin and Chopper
Larz RovankyLG m human expert 314Rovanky Tannery378-Workaholic, hard on employees, formerly employed by Jeffey who was killed by the ChopperTo extend his goods to Magnimar or KorvosaThat he doomed his business setting up in Sandpoint instead of a bigger cityperpetual frown, short hair, stockyworkaholic, ruthlessly efficient, exactingbluff +7, sense motive/ know nature +5, appraise +10, craft armor/ clothing +9, craft leather +12leatherworking, lazy workers,
Lonjiku KaijitsuLN m human aristocrat 3/ expert 249Kaijitsu Manor385Father of Ameiko and TsutoTerrible dad and frequently tells everyone that what Ameiko is doing is “hardly women’s work”His daughter to abandon her foolish tavern and run to Magnimar with him before whatever Tsuto's finishes whatever he's planningLosing Ameiko just as he lost her mother (and Ameiko realizing he'd pushed Attsui the night she died- he hadn't meant to kill her but it was raining and she slipped...)middle aged Tianbitter, traditionalbluff +4, sense motive +6, appraise +14, craft glass +16, know geo/ history/ local +8Mercantile League, Minkai, Atsuii's infidelity (DC 25), Atsuii's death (DC 30), Tsuto, Ameiko
Maver KeskLG m human expert 35Jeweler376Husband of Pennae Kesk, emplys 6 guards (Flip, Tarik, Oli, Kylee, Cass, and Illya) Frequently forgets to lock the doors and vaultsHis jewelry shop to become better known.Being robbed or blackmailed by the Sczarnigrey hair, pale skin, furrowed brow, wears velvet and fursabsent minded, rambling, repeats himselfbluff/ sense motive +6, appraise +10, craft gemcutting/ jewelry =12, craft glass +9, know history/ local +7Sandpoint fire, Kaijitsu glass, left the doors open again
Olmur DanvakusLG m Halfling expert 429Grocer’s Hall381-GuildmasterTo win big at a card game so he can repair the roofVery superstitious, he dislikes magic chubby, dirt under nailsrespectful but still an outsiderbluff +2, appraise, know geo/ local/ nature +9local farms and weather
Rynshinn PovalliNG f half elf expert 530Verah’s Fine Clothing381-Mysterious elf bard killed her dad, mother was killed by ChopperOpen a shop in MagnimarThat he father is truly dead. most beautiful girl in townlonely, cautiousbluff +1, sense motive +12, appraise +9, craft clothing/ cloth +14, know local/ nobles +6fashion, gossip, Magnimar comerce
Sabyl SornLN F human monk 419, 22House of Blue Stones (monastery/ library), The Curious Goblin379Friend of Chask HaladanWorshipper of Irori, won’t let just anyone into the libraryTo achieve self-perfectionsullying the temple her father devoted his life toshort but solid build, fluid movements, athleticself disciplines, meditative, collector of wisdom, can get angry quickly, especially when the monastary's at stakesense motive +8, library grants +4 on know planes/ history checksIrori, meditation, her father Enderaki
Savah BevanikyNG f human fighter 2/ rogue 112Savah’s Armory378-Will offer 20% off to heroes, lover was killed by ChopperTo sell enough to stock to expand her storeBeing unable to protect herself. ponytail, scar across right cheekfriendly, confident, asks direct questionssense motive +4, appraise +7, craft armor/ weapons +12weapons and armor, her dead lover,
Shayliss VinderCN f human commoner 126General Store380, 20Daughter of Ven, sister of KatrineBeen very “popular” lately, knew Nualia and how she hated the attenion she got for her beautyTo seduce an adventurer.Her father finding out what she’d been up to.curvy redheaded womanflirtatious, lustful, troubleseeker, gossip, insecurebluff +6, appraise/ know local +1katrine and Banny, Iouz
Titus ScarnettiLN m human aristocrat 648Scarnetti Manor385-Only son of Alamon Scarnetti, the butcher of Sandpoints indigenous Varisians, lost BFF to Chopper, knew Nualia and that she'd been pregnant before she fell into a comaTo control more of Sandpoint’s industryThat someday, some angry Varisian thief will steal into his home and kill him in his sleepblonde, mustached, perpetual scowlblustering, used to getting his waybluff/ know eng/ history/ local +8, sense motive/ know nobles +9, appraise +7, craft carpentry +14Mercantil League, Chelish values (re: Pixie's Kitten or Jasper/Cyrdak)
Turch SterglusLG m human rogue 1/ expert 534Valdemar fishmarket382His 5 sons, each smarter than the last: Landry (25), Samar (23), Cam (22), Thane (18), and Bill (16).Constantly complains about the weather or the day’s catch or the local youth but always packages purchases with a smile and winkTo earn enough money to pass on an inheritance to all of his sonsAny of his sons drowning lazy eye, white beardloveably crochety, constantly complainingbluff +9, sense motive +13, appraise/ know local +4, craft baskets +8, know nature +7Old Murdermaw, stupid kids, terrible weather, terrible catch
VachediCG m human barbarian 310Garrison378-His 2 sons were taken by Kaer Magan slaversEarn enough money to buy his sons back. That he’ll take too long and they’ll die before he gets there. heavily scared brute, nose broken many timesunflappable, aura of barely restrained violenceintimidate +7local drunks, Shoanti, his sons (DC 15)
Vana DeverinN f human aristocrat 150Deverin Manor385sister in law to Kendra, mother to kidsMore space and luxuriesThe death of one of her kidslong graying brown hair she keeps tied back and posture so straight it looks like it's uncomfortableWhile spoiled and jealous, she really just wants what's best for her kids and fears that Sandpoint is too small a town to truly support all of, Kendra Deverin, late husband Fenchus (killed by snakebite while hunting 6 yrs ago)
Ven VinderLN m human commoner 726General Store380, 20 Father of Katrine and Shayliss, husband of Solsta“could I see the wine cellar?”To spoil and protect his daughters.His daughter getting wrapped up in a no-good, no-future lumber worker.strong, tall, thick beardprotective of daughters, quick to anger but to laughter alsobluff +2, sense motive -1, appraise +12Katrine and Banny, Shayliss, "the wine celler"
Volioker BriskalberdLG m dwarf rogue 2/ expert 39Locksmith377-Grew up a street orphan in Magnimar and loves the TheaterTo get rid of the SczarniSomeone learning of his time as a thief in Magnimar before he turned his life around.flamboyant dresserguarded about past, hates Sczarnibluff -1, sense motive +9, appraise/ know dungeon/ eng/ local +11, craft lock +15Sczarni, locksmithing, Magnimar, the theater