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NameLastLegislative DistrictDo you support allowing parents to choose the public education option that works best for their children?Discussion:Should Washington State continue to allow school districts to use the same Basic Education Allocation funds for all their students both in their state-approved online options and in their traditional school settings?Discussion: Do you support this high level of accountability that has been created by the legislature for all online public schools and their students? Discussion
PaulAddisHouse District 36SupportI think the more options families have, the better the outcomes will be for their children and the brighter the future for Washington.SupportIn general I think funds should follow the student. I would imagine the costs for teachers, staff, and materials would differ between in-class versus online models. For example, if the digital model includes self-paced pre-recorded online courses, it would seem that the instructor's services would be virtually free. Similarly, newer editions of textbooks could be loaded electronically, so the material costs would be significantly lower.OpposeI think the standards should be the same for all school models. The outcomes for students should be evaluated similarly across all models. There should not be any higher bar to reach, nor higher standard to meet, nor quicker trigger on punitive action for digital education models.
JamesApkerHouse District 7SupportSupportSupport
JoshArritolaHouse District 4SupportSupportSupport
JasonBergstromHouse District 29SupportSupportSupport
Dannette (Dani)BolyardHouse District 13SupportAs a homeschool mom from a family of public school educators and staff, I know the issues of education well, including those areas where our students can fall through the cracks. Alternatives such as homeschooling, private schools, charter schools and online public school options reach each of these students at their place of need, and give them more opportunities to succeed in education. Parents know their children best, and should be allowed to choose the option best meeting that child's need.SupportIn concept, I am fully supportive of continuing BEA funds for online school settings. My only caveat is that I'd love to see the differences in funding needs for these programs. An online assessment, for example, should theoretically cost less than a printed version, and should require less processing because it is already in digital format, able to be calculated and evaluated with less human intervention. I could potentially support minor reductions in cost for these differences, depending on the wording of the actual bill, of course. SupportAs your own website claims, parents of students in online public school courses want this high level of accountability. Because of this, I would support it. Our state Constitution, though, does not require this, thus leaving it to the choice of the parents and voters; if at some time, the parents feel the level of accountability has risen to an unsustainable level, I would be happy to support your effort to minimize these regulations.
DanielBretzkeHouse District 37SupportI very much support allowing parents and their children being able to select the appropriate school and type of education for the student. SupportYes. This is appropriate as although there are savings in capital programs and transportation, the cost to develop and improve digital education still requires expense. SupportYes, I do support a high level of accountability.
MikeBriggsHouse District 18SupportI do as long as this choice is carefully considered on all levels and is within existing Washington State law. SupportYes, I believe they should. If these online classes are fully accredited, provide the same education and study as in-class students receive, why shouldn't they also receive the same funding? SupportYes. The same standards must be met for students with an in-school education as in a digital, not in school education. If we do not- we will be establishing a sub standard education curriculum.
JeanetteBurrageHouse District 33SupportSupportWe will eventually have some data on expenses which can be reviewed. Not SureI am not sure how much of the curriculum the state must review.
StevenCookHouse District 27SupportSupportSupport
TomDentHouse District 13SupportSupportSupport
DonaldDoverHouse District 6SupportParents should always be involved in decisions affecting the education of their children. SupportBasic Education Allocations should be used to fund any state approved educational program as determined by the pupil's parents and instructors. SupportAll methods of public instruction (face-to-face or on-line, synchronous or asynchronous, blended or hybrid, classroom or home based) should continue to be monitored and refined, or risk the loss of funding and support from the state government.
JackDoveyHouse District 30SupportSupportSupport
Franklin EdwardsHouse District 22SupportI am grateful our state allows many types of alternative education choices, so all of our students can succeed in an education program that suits their needs.SupportI an a firm supporter of our BEA funds staying with our students.Support
Mary RuthEdwardsHouse District 16SupportSupportSupport
JoeFitzgibbonHouse District 34SupportSupportSupport
HughFleetHouse District 19SupportParents should have the right to say who has influence on their kidsNot SureNot Sure
MiaGregersonHouse District 33SupportSupportSupport
DanielGriffeyHouse District 35SupportMy wife and I have utilized online education for our children. We found that it helped build connections with our kids, while at the same time keeping us more in the loop and able to enhance their education by adding field trips and pointing out relevant information. We only have so much time to make lasting impressions in our children's lives. It is what we do today that we hope will get them through tomorrow. I am a strong advocate for parental rights and ensuring that they have every tool needed at their disposal to educate their children. and be active participants in their lives.SupportI am open to hearing your thoughts on this. There are savings when utilizing on-line education, however using a formula that includes on-line educated students utilizing buses and other school building resources can be beneficial. I don't want to limit what our on-line students can participate in or with. The overall cost savings can give us room to enhance on-line education with additional opportunities and resources.SupportI don't want out of touch government oversight to limit what students can participate in or utilize. We need to keep oversight at the local level as much as possible. I am concerned that some of this "Government Oversight" will take away from the good we can accomplish in each students education by trying to have a one size fits all approach customized to try and fit the masses. I am skeptical and concerned that too many decisions made at the state level should in-fact be handed back and made at the local level instead.
KathyHaighHouse District 35SupportSupportSupport
LarryHalerHouse District 8SupportSupportSupport
ScottHendenHouse District 23SupportWe know that all kids do not learn the same. The use of on line classes is great as long as we know students are learning .I am a school board member and we do a fine job in North Kitsap but if there are options that serve a student better how can I not support it. My support would be based on student testing and compression.SupportIf you are talking about State funds only yes . I would look at local levy funds differentlySupportWe need to be sure that the system is not gamed . Mom or sister doing the work or that ever. Accountability is key.
EssieHicksHouse District 5SupportSupportSupportI had a child use online learning, and I graduated from WSU-Distance Degree Program.
ZackHudginsHouse District 11SupportSupportSupport
GrahamHuntHouse District 2SupportI absolutely support this. SupportSupport
RossHunterHouse District 48SupportI support allowing parents to chose the QUALITY education option that best works for their children. We have to manage a budget, and ensuring that cost-efficient ways of providing education are funded is how we get the most bang for our buck as a state.SupportThe BEA rate is based on the cost of providing the educational service. The cost of providing online options is different than the cost in a physical space, and the rate should reflect that. We are interested in ensuring that children receive the best educational option they can in a cost-efficient way. I totally support using the same money, but the formula will not be the same.SupportJust as with physical schools and charter schools we should be able to intervene in cases where the percentage of children graduating from a school is lower than acceptable.
erickaliaHouse District 8SupportI support the public school system, however, I also welcome any new ideas.SupportIf it is the decided option, I would support it.SupportI support this level, however if a lesser level is available it should be evaluated.
BrendanKoldingHouse District 34SupportI am 100% in favor of school choice for Washington families!SupportSupport
ChadMagendanzHouse District 5SupportI served two terms on the Online Learning Advisory Committee, and I'm a huge advocate of digital learning options.SupportESHB 2065 that was passed in 2011 set a disturbing precedent...that some children should receive a lower appropriation in BEA than others.SupportAs a member of OLAC, I helped establish these accountability measures.
MattManwellerHouse District 13SupportSupportSupport
DanMatthewsSenate District 21SupportTotally supportive. As a former School Board member, I know the value of education - at every point, and the savings to school districts that additional avenues of education provides. Every student/child is different, having unique abilities, needs, interests, learning styles and challenges and it is the parents who have the best knowledge and the first responsibility with regard to that student. I recently heard a state Representative (of the other party) say - in a public forum - that "when it comes to children, parents probably know best, except in education - then WE know best. WOW! You could have knocked me over! The biggest danger to "outside the box" education (Online, Home schooling, Charter Schools and even Private Schools is large education Unions who are absolutely opposed to anything outside of their control. Please take special note of who is contributing to and backing each candidate to understand who is calling the shots and pulling the strings. The money in politics is huge, and unions (especially in our state) know exactly who they have "in the bag". Your issues are critical to a good education for every student - please, don't give up the fight.SupportYes. I would be encouraged to see this effort expand in the coming years to allow a broader range of experience for all students. For some background - My son-in-law is an online university professor at the University of Advancing Technologies in Phoenix. All of his university classes are currently held online and I know how effective his school is. Also, I am currently serving on a Technical Skills Career Task Force - whose aim is to increase the exposure of all students to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields. I hope to be able to push the legislature (as a Senator) to lengthen the school year to 200 days from the current 180, and perhaps even lengthen the school day. Our students - the youth of today - need to be prepared for the technological world they will inherit. Online education will certainly be a big part of these goals. SupportI think it may need some modifying in the future - especially if it makes it hard (or impossible) to comply with. Not incidentally, I am not in favor of the new Common Core curriculum which may affect online users.
BobMcCaslinHouse District 4SupportSupportSupport
RichardMcCluskeyHouse District 17SupportIn addition it is important for parents to have sufficient information upon which to make such a momentous decision. Consultation with knowledgable and skilled education professionals must be a part of that decision making process. Socialization, peer interaction, and acclimation to teamwork is an essential part of a child's education. I favor a digital public school education for students in need of such an alternative but only when necessary due to physical or emotional limitations which render a traditional public school education impossible.SupportI support the use of Basic Education Allocation funds for all students equitably according to their needs.Support
AllenMcPheetersHouse District 21SupportI believe in giving parents as much control over their children's education as possible -- whether they choose public schools, private schools, charter schools, homeschooling, or any other option.Not SureI do not believe that students in an online setting should be treated less generously than students in a traditional setting. However, if online students can get an equally effective (or better) education with less burden on the taxpayers, we must take that into account.SupportAs long as the state is constitutionally required to "make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders," the state should require high levels of accountability to determine whether the taxpayers' money is spent wisely.
JohnMorganHouse District 20SupportNot SureSupport
MaryMossHouse District 28SupportSupportSupport
DickMuriHouse District 28SupportI was very involved with the starting of the Steilacoom Virtual Academy which eventually became Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA). My oldest grand daughter is in 1st grade with WAVA. SupportSupport
StevenNielsonHouse District 2SupportAs a libertarian, I firmly support school choice, parental choice, and general education freedom.SupportAs it stands, and if the districts are responsible for the infrastructure required for digital schooling within the district, then the district should be able to (under current administration organization) take credit for the heads under their guidance. However, It is my official opinion that the entire infrastructure of the education system needs in-depth analysis and reform.SupportAs an advocate for competitive curriculum and school choice, I generally oppose statewide standardization and excessive regulation. Parents have an obligation to educate their children, and likewise, children have a basic natural right to be educated. However, based on individual ability, need, and special circumstance, it should not be criminal due to over regulation to educate in a way most suited for the child, as deemed by the parent. As such, specific critique should be given to such regulation, in general.
JamesOlsenHouse District 23SupportParents are the key component of the public-education option. Parents must be empowered and they must be proactive.SupportWe are in the 21st Century and we must embrace and empower tools and initiatives to use this new technology with full funding given to other forms.SupportI am a Reform Conservative and accountability in all forms is my mantra. Digital public schools must be accountable as should the rest of the education program.
JamesOlsenHouse District 23SupportParental involvement is the key ingredient to school success. I believe in parents making informed decisions should be given this critical choice. I also believe we are squarely in the 21st Century and most encourage and employ digital options giving same funding treatment to all.SupportMy credo is: level playing field in access and funding.SupportI am a Reform Conservative and a key focus of that philosophy is accountability and metrics. I am pleases to see tight accountability for on-line curriculum.
EdOrcuttHouse District 20SupportI am a very strong believer in school choice. Parents know their children the best so should be the ones to determine which education option is best for their children.SupportI believe the taxes that parents pay into the state should follow their student -- whatever education method they choose.Support
SteveOwensHouse District 22SupportOne of the most important things we can to to deliver quality education to the students in our state is to provide a diversity of options for parents and students.Not SureI feel that this is a more complex topic than can be adequately opined upon without digging much deeper into the pros and cons of the current BEA funding mechanisms. I believe that I would benefit greatly from detailed discussions with multiple policy analysts on this issue. It would be irresponsible of me to answer off of the cuff on this topic or develop a reactionary position.Not SureWhat is not clear from the question and what is unknown to me is whether or not the state sets a double standard. I believe that we need to assure accountability for educational performance regardless of the vehicle of delivery but such evaluations should execute apples to apples results oriented comparisons.
NickPetrishHouse District 10SupportSupportSupport
RobertReedyHouse District 32SupportI am in support of 100% graduation levels and would welcome any thoughts and ideas toward that goal. Regular school is not for everyone, just because it was good for me. Some people would like to get their high school diploma but for them it is late in life. I would support legislation that encourages those people to use this service as well. This is an excellent idea.SupportI think things can be worked out in a positive result.SupportI suppose some people might suggest that there could be some less than ideal learning and test taking but I don't see that too much. The standards are good and would be okay if a little flexibility was put into place. One idea, will the student be able to take the exams with the help of a tutor? I say yes that should be allowed.
Eric RenzHouse District 25SupportIn general, I believe all children should attend public schools together and the whole community should take responsibility for the quality of the education and the success of all students. I do accept the idea that certain students may not be able to learn well in the public school setting and the student may need extraordinary methods to learn general knowledge. SupportIf a child is receiving education by alternative means, it is fair for his BEA allocation to be applied to that education.SupportThe guidelines seem to provide the same level of accountability that local districts provide for classroom instruction. The rules are to protect the student from an inadequate education from unproven practices in a digital curriculum.
ChrisReykdalHouse District 22SupportNot SureSupport
MarcusRiccelliHouse District 3SupportSupportSupport
LisaRossHouse District 49SupportParents should have as many choices as possible because every child is different. This includes online and charter schools.I I received a traditional degree from the University of Alabama, but my subsequent degrees were both online.Not SureAS you yourself note, there are many capital costs that are not associated with online education. Budgets are made of choices, and I support a bottom-up budget based on the actual costs of education, instead of this formula.SupportI think that some of these could be relaxed, especially the "time in seat" requirements. These types of measures are not in the vision I have of education in the future.
MohammadSaidSenate District 13SupportHowever, I am concerned about private schools taking away the improvements or satisfactory funding for the public schools.SupportSupport, with some reservations. I need to know if the online education is as comparable as what is taught in public schools. This will need more deep analysis, which I am not in a position to answer at the present time.SupportAgain, I would like to read more about this issue. I am always for education as it is the basic foundation in our society. For those students for one reason or another, such as economics, age, disability, etc., who cannot or have difficulty in attending public schools, the digital public schools is the answer for them.
Nathan SchlicherHouse District 26SupportI believe that children learn differently, and a one size fits all system does not work for everyone. As we work to come up with innovative education models for the jobs of tomorrow, like STEM academies and STEAM programs, we should think about the many different ways that children learn in order to give students the greatest chance of success. SupportI support the current program of funding, but as with all new an innovative programs, the state should monitor that resource allocation and ensure that it continues to be fair and sustainable into the future. We must ensure that we use tax dollars wisely and be accountable with the dollars moving forward.Support
Anson ServiceHouse District 49SupportI am an educator and a doctor of Clinical Psychology that focuses in part on helping students find out what learning style works best for them. Having additional learning options is paramount to the success of many children. SupportIf I understand this correctly, you are saying that the students will continue to get the benefit from the allocated funds even if they are online students. Is that correct? If this helps the students, then I support it. If it only a way for schools to keep more for other projects that would have otherwise gone to the student, then I do not. Support
SatpalSidhuHouse District 42Not SureI need to study more about the digital public school option. How much of the time is digital ed out of the year? is it an either or Option? How does the quality of education and extra curricular activities are handled? Is it same as home schooling? and many more questions Sorry I do not feel qualified without proper study to answer your questions. However I do support this novel idea of incorporating digital education as additional resource / option for schools and higher ed. Not SureSupport
LarrySpringerHouse District 45SupportAssuring parents take an active role in their child's education is the single most imprtant element in a child's education.SupportSupport
DerekStanfordHouse District 1SupportSupportSupport
DavidSteensonHouse District 19SupportParents should always have the control to decide what and where their children go school and what they will be learning. Then also the teachers should be allowed to teach subjects to inspire our children instead of lets say some "Common Core Standard" that was never voted on by any congressman, state, legislative branch, the parents, teachers, or voters. So Yes Parents have the first say always.OpposeTraditional School Settings I view as students being home schooled or in a church. State nor the Federal government should be setting any type of standards. Communities once controlled how the schools where to be run and those school systems where controlled by the voters and parents in that community. Put school back in the homes or churches, get all government out of our schools. OpposeWhat your trying to say is, should we have "Common Core Standards", the awnswer is 'NO". Government has no place in our schools. Teacher know what to teach, how to teach, and what is best for the student with the guidence from the parents. What this is also is, intrusion into the family unit, acting as an arm of the Federal Government, taken control over what our children should be learning and not really teaching them to stand on their own two feet. If you like and want a socialist, communist, tyrannical way of teaching, move to Cuba, China or where ever this type of education system is at. Leave our children alone, leave our community schools alone, and best option just leave it alone. Every election cycle groups of socialist thinking people try to change the our children, our history, and the way our citizens should act, think, eat, or any other tyrannical thought comes to mind, in order to control it's citizens. Stop it, Enough is Enough!
RobToyerHouse District 44SupportSupportSupport
TimTurnerHouse District 49SupportI believe in the freedom to make your own decisions in education. I'm a former home-school student, and, for a short time, a public Skills Center teacher (Pierce County Skills Center, Puyallup Wa). I recognize the value and power of choice in education. Not every student learns the same way, and students and their parents have the right to choose diverse and better educational methods.Not SureThis is a complex issue, and I don't believe that I have understood the nuances from this short description of it. I would like to hear more from you about this, and would need to see the pro and con side before making a final decision.Not SureI believe that accountability for state education spending needs to be kept both with the state and with the parents. This seems like a reasonable accountability system. I would need to hear an opposing argument before making a final decision. I support local-level control of curriculum, and the principle that the state should not be heavy-handed so long as students are showing demonstrable progress.
TimTurnerHouse District 48SupportI believe in the freedom to make your own decisions in education. I'm a former home-school student, and, for a short time, a public Skills Center teacher (Pierce County Skills Center, Puyallup Wa). I recognize the value and power of choice in education. Not every student learns the same way, and students and their parents have the right to choose diverse and better educational methods.Not SureThis is a complex issue, and I don't believe that I have understood the nuances from this short description of it. I would like to hear more from you about this, and would need to see the pro and con side before making a final decision.Not SureI believe that accountability for state education spending needs to be kept both with the state and with the parents. This seems like a reasonable accountability system. I would need to hear an opposing argument before making a final decision. I support local-level control of curriculum, and the principle that the state should not be heavy-handed so long as students are showing demonstrable progress.
LuanneVan WervenHouse District 42SupportSupportSupport
PaulWagemannHouse District 28SupportI will support plans and programs that help our students reach their highest potential and get the tax payers the best value for every dollar spent.Not SureYes if it helps our students reach their highest potential and gets the tax payers the best value for every dollar spent. The traditional education cost are higher so how does the tax payer benefit from the savings of an online program?OpposeI support a plan that holds the learning program accountable for the results achieved. The standards above do assure we are attaining subject mastery, therefore I would oppose the accountability standards of the legislature.
DianaWilhiteHouse District 4SupportAs I have not be aware of this program for students, I would like to know how well this digital learning program is working across the State.SupportAs long as this allocation of funds is working for the school districts, I see no reason to make changes.Support
Mike WilsonHouse District 44SupportI support the right if families being able to choose the best public educational option for their children.Not SureI do not see the allocation of transportation monies to a student using their in-home computer as an appropriate use of public money for its intended purpose. SupportIf public money is used to support the in-home school then that program needs to use the state standards to measure the effects to student learning.
MaureenWinninghamHouse District 18SupportSupportSupportAs Global Director of Learning for Intel, I am an International Speaker on the topic of MOOCs and e-learning. I support learning digital in all aspects of learning. This is also a great way to save millions of dollars for college and pre-college.
BrendanWoodwardHouse District 45SupportI was home-schooled and benefited from my parents freedom of school choice.SupportI participated in Northshore home-school networks through the Northshore School district. At the time, the homeschool community had a similar arrangement for funding through the public school system. As long as the same high standards are met or exceeded, I think this is a win-win for families and schools.SupportYes, I think it seems like a robust and innovative list of standards. If results do not affirm this, then of course it should be re-evaluated. However, I suspect these online students will exceed many expectations.
JesseYoungHouse District 26SupportSupportSupport
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