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The eleven grey coins are the worst within the top100. The 8 coins in bold are the best.
IndexNameMarketCurrent TPSSpeculated TPSSecondary marketDescriptionRisk profileRisk factorPotentialMarket CApLaunched
1BitcoinCurrency750000 to several million1st generation blockchain with currently bad scalability, though the implementation of the Lightning Network looks promising and could alleviate most scalability concerns.Scalability problems and high energy use are the biggest problem for Bitcoin right now. A possible solution is the upcoming Lightning Network. Furthermore, 3 entities possess more than 51% of the hashing power in Bitcoin and could launch a 51% attack. This is not good decentralization.
2RippleCurrency100055000Centralized currency that might become very successful due to tight involvement with banks and cross-border payments for financial institutions; banks and companies like Western Union and Moneygram (who they are currently working with) as customers. Has high TPS due to Proof of Correctness algorithm.It seems Ripple is aiming for more decentralization now.
3Bitcoin CashCurrency200Bitcoin fork with the difference of having an 8 times bigger block size, making it 8 times more scalable than Bitcoin currently. It looks like Bitcoin Cash is working on becoming a platform by introducing Smart Contracts and dapps. Further block size increases are also planned, though big block sizes aren't unproblematic.
The significant difference to Bitcoin is a bigger block size, however, big blocks can lead to further problems. Proponents of big blocks say that with more adoption through a high TPS, the network will become more decentralized. Opponents to a block size argue that increasing the block size limit is unimaginative, offers only temporary relief, and damages decentralization by increasing costs of participation. In order to preserve decentralization, system requirements to participate should be kept low. To understand this, consider an extreme example: big blocks (1GB+), which would reach a scalability of 7,000 TPS would require data center level resources to validate the blockchain. This would preclude all but the wealthiest individuals from participating. There is also currently research on 1 Terabyte blocks, which would allow 7 million TPS. A calculation has been made, where running a full node would amount to a cost of $400,000, which would make most of the control of the blockchain in the hands of wealthy individuals or small businesses. At this point, it is hard to say if this will lead to too much centralization in the hands of a few or not. Currently, 5 mining pools possess more than 51% of BCH's hash rate.
4LitecoinCurrency56Little brother of Bitcoin. Bitcoin fork with different mining algorithm but not much else.Copies everything that Bitcoin does pretty much. Lack of innovation.2510000101
Scales linear with usage --> possibly billions
IOT3rd generation blockchain --> Tangle with high scalability, no fees and instant transactions. IOTA aims to be the connective layer between all 80 billion IOT devices that are expected to be connected to the Internet in 2025 and possibly creating 80 billion transactions per second or 800 billion TPS, who knows.Probably coin with the biggest potential, though it needs to be seen if the Tangle can keep up with this scalability and iron out its security issues that have not yet been resolved.310650021
7Bitcoin GoldCurrencyA bit better security and decentralization than Bitcoin through ASIC resistant algorithm, but that's it. Not interesting.Copycat, no valuable differentiator12117051
8NanoCurrency70003rd generation blockchain --> Block lattice with high scalability, no fees and instant transactions. Unlike IOTA, Nano only wants to be a payment processor and nothing else, for now at least. With Nano, every user has their own blockchain and has to perform a small amount of computing for each transaction, which makes Nano perform at 300 TPS with no problems with a successful speed test at 7,000 TPS.Very promising 3rd gen technology and strong focus on only being the fastest currency without trying to be everything.2911307
9Bitcoin DiamondCurrency7Asic resistant Bitcoin with some privacy addedCopycat, no valuable differentiator6380051
10DogecoinCurrency7Litecoin fork, fantastic community, though lagging behind a bit in technology.Unfortunately, Dogecoin doesn't bring any technological innovation to the market, just like Litecoin. It does have a fantastic community, which might be a small differentiator.3560031
11DigibyteCurrency2802000 by 2020Digibyte's PoS blockchain is spread over a 100,000+ servers, phones, computers, and nodes across the globe, aiming for the ultimate level of decentralization. DigiByte rebalances the load between the five mining algorithms by adjusting the difficulty of each so one algorithm doesn’t become dominant. The algorithm's asymmetric difficulty has gained notoriety and been deployed in many other blockchains.DigiByte’s adoption over the past four years has been slow. It’s still a relatively obscure currency compared its competitors. The DigiByte website offers a lot of great marketing copy and buzzwords. However, there’s not much technical information about what they have planned for the future. You could say Digibyte is like Bitcoin, but with shorter blocktimes and a multi-algorithm. However, that's not really a difference big enough to truly set themselves apart from Bitcoin, since these technologies could be implemented by any blockchain without much difficulty. Their decentralization is probably their strongest asset, however, this also change quickly if the currency takes off and big miners decide to go into Digibyte.4638221
12DecredCurrency3.250000As mining operations have grown, Bitcoin’s decision-making process has become more centralized, with the largest mining companies holding large amounts of power over the Bitcoin improvement process. Decred focuses heavily on decentralization with their PoW Pos hybrid governance system. They will soon implement the Lightning Network to scale up. While there do not seem to be more differences to Bitcoin besides the novel hybrid consensus algorithm, which Ethereum, Aeternity and Bitcoin Atom are also implementing, the welcoming and positive Decred community and professoinal team add another level of potential to the coin.3661225
13Bitcoin AtomCurrencySmart ContractsBitcoin Atom offers Atomic Swaps and hybrid consenus. This looks like the only Bitcoin clone that actually is looking to innovate next to Bitcoin Cash.2732851
14EthereumPlatform151500Smart Contracts, Dapps2nd generation blockchain that allows the use of smart contracts. Bad scalability currently, though this concern could be alleviated by the soon to be implemented Sharding concept and its new PoS/PoW consensus algorithm Casper.Scalability problems and high energy use. Planned solutions are the Lightning Network aka the Raiden Network, Plasma and its Sharding concept. and moving to PoA or PoA/PoS hybrid.097800051
15EOSPlatform4000Smart Contracts, DappsPromising technology that wants to be able do everything, from smart contracts like Ethereum, scalability similar to Nano with 1000 tx/second + near instant transactions and zero fees, to also wanting to be a platform for dapps. However, EOS doesn't have a product yet and everything is just promises still. Highly overvalued right now.Several red flags, have dumped $500 million Ether over the last 2 months and possibly bought back EOS to increase the size of their ICO, which has been going on for over a year and has raised several billion dollars. All in all, their market cap is way too high for that and not even having a product. Update 6th April: They just made their first release of Dawn 3.0. However, the worst thing about EOS is that it is permissioned and non-trustless, which is very bad decentralization and security.6617000-2
16StellarPlatform8000Smart Contracts, Banking, dappsStellar has similar goals as Ripple, but is more of a platform than only a currency. It uses Byzantine Fault Tolerance in the consensus protocol, which ensures secure consensus can be reached (moving the blockchain forward) even if a large percentage of nodes are disabled or acting dishonestly. It also helps keep nodes distributed.80% of 108 billion Stellar are still owned by the Stellar Foundation. So far, 18 billion Lumens have been distributed and the remaining 85 billion are held by the Foundation for release over the next 10 years for more decentralization. However, the worst thing about Stellar is that it is permissioned and non-trustless, which is very bad decentralization and security.37840041
17CardanoPlatformSmart Contracts, DappsSimilar to Ethereum/EOS, however, only promises made with no delivery yet, highly overrated right now. Interesting concept though.Market cap way too high for not even having a product. Somewhat promising technology.689500
18NeoPlatform20100000 by 2020Smart Contracts, DappsNeo is a platform, similar to Eth, but more extensive, allowing dapps and smart contracts, but with a different smart contract gas system, consensus mechanism (PoS vs. dBfT), governance model, fixed vs unfixed supply, expensive contracts vs nearly free contracts, different ideologies for real world adoption.
There are currently only 9 nodes, each of which are being run by a company/entity hand selected by the NEO council (most of which are located in china) and are under contract. This means that although the locations of the nodes may differ, ultimately the neo council can bring them down due to their legal contracts. In fact this has been done in the past when the neo council was moving 50 million neo that had been locked up. Also dbft (or neo's implmentation of it) has failed underload causing network outages during major icos. The first step in decentralization is that the NEO Counsel will select trusted nodes (Universities, business partners, etc.) and slowly become less centralized that way. The final step in decentralization will be allowing NEO holders to vote for new nodes, similar to a DPoS system (ARK/EOS/LISK). NEO has a regulation/government friendly ideology. Finally they are trying to work under/with the Chinese government in regards to regulations. If for some reason they wanted it shut down, they could just shut it down.
19NEMPlatform4000Smart Contracts, dappsThe NEM blockchain powers what they call the Smart Asset System. This system is intended to be an open, customizable blockchain solution for any number of use cases built on top of simple, powerful API calls. NEM started as a NXT fork and introduced a new consensus mechanism called Proof of Importance (PoI), designed to reward users’ contribution to the XEM community. It is roughly based on proof-of-stake, but it also reflects how active a user is in transacting with other users. POW rewards powerful computers and also requires excessive amounts of energy. POS gives an unfair advantage to coin hoarders. The more coins they keep in their accounts, the more they earn, meaning that the rich get richer and everyone has an incentive to save coins instead of spending them.No marketing/communications team, very high market cap compared to similar solutions^57270021
20VeChainPlatform700010000BaaSSingapore-based project that’s building a business enterprise platform and inventory tracking system. Examples are verifying genuine luxury goods and food supply chains. Has one of the strongest communities in the crypto world.Most hyped coin of all, with merit though.183800-2
21Ethereum classicPlatform15Original Ethereum that decided not to fork after a hack for philosophical reasons. The Ethereum that we know is its fork. Uninteresing, because it has a lot of less resources than Ethereum now and a lot less community support12300041
22QTUMPlatform70Smart ContractsEnables Smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain. Useful.2720007
23OMGPlatform?1000000Smart Contract, FinanceOmise the company has already had a product before OmiseGO, namely a payment processor for merchants including such giants as Alipay. This means all the current financial services offered by Omise will be bundled along with the decentralized open-source application and codebase allowing for a blending of the best of both worlds (centralized financial services supporting decentralized technology) for OmiseGo. OmiseGo, is a decentralized exchange with the focus to give people without bank accounts a bank account by putting all transactions on the Blockchain, similar to Bitcoin. However, they focus specifically on 3rd world countries and additionally enable financial services to their blockchain accounts. It works worldwide and with both traditional money and cryptocurrencies. OmiseGo banks the unbanked. 1720004
24LISKPlatform1000100000Smart Contracts, DappsLisk's difference to other BaaS is that side chains are independent to the main chain and have to have their own nodes. Similar to neo whole allows dapps to deploy their blockchain too . Still in developmentHowever, Lisk is currently somewhat centralized with a small group of members owning more than 50% of the delegate positions. Lisk plans to change the consensus algorithm for that reason in the near future.However, the worst thing about Lisk is that it is permissioned and non-trustless, which is very bad decentralization and security.37180021
25IconPlatform30009000Smart ContractsKorean Ethereum. Decentralized application platform that's building communities in partnership with banks, insurance providers, hospitals, and universities. Focused on ID verification and payments.No big differentiators to the other 20 Ethereums, except that is has a product. That is a plus. Maybe a cheap alternative to Ethereum.However, the worst thing about ICON is that it is extremely centralized.17170021
26OntologyPlatform3000BaaSOntology is revolutionary in the sense that it allows businesses without previous knowledge of distributed networks to use blockchain technology. Right now, there’s no way for businesses to integrate blockchain into their infrastructure without extensive knowledge of blockchain.As well, current trust networks face a variety of issues. Poor privacy protection, untapped data value, data management monopolization, and ineffective identity authentication are all opportunities for blockchain. Ontology seems to resolve these issues with its solid trust ecosystem.271028-2
27ARDRPlatformSmart Contracts, DappsArdor is a public blockchain platform that will allow people to utilize the blockchain technology of Nxt through the use of child chains. A child chain, which is a ‘light’ blockchain that can be customized to a certain extent, is designed to allow easy self-deploy for your own blockchain. Nxt claims that users will "not need to worry" about security, as that part is now handled by the main chain (Ardor). This is the chief innovation of Ardor. Ardor was evolved from NXT by the same company. NEM started as a NXT clone.274574
28BytomPlatformBaaSBytom is an interactive protocol of multiple financial assets ( digital currency, digital assets warrants, securities, dividends, bonds, intelligence information, forecasting information and other information that exist in the physical world) can be registered, exchanged, gambled and engaged in other more complicated and contract-based interoperations via Bytom.Bytom doesn't have many partnerships, which is probably the most important factor in the Blockchain-as-a-Service market.278620
29RchainPlatform40000100000Smart Contracts, DappsSimilar to Ethereum with smart contract, though much more scalable at an expected 40,000 TPS and possible 100,000 TPS. Not launched yet.No product launched yet, though promising technology. Not overvalued, probably at the right price right now.67779
30StatusPlatformDappsStatus provides access to all of Ethereum’s decentralized applications (dapps) through an app on your smartphone. It opens the door to mass adoption of Ethereum dapps by targeting the fastest growing computer segment in the world – smartphone users.3764113
31AeternityPlatformSmart Contracts
We’ve seen recently, that it’s difficult to scale the execution of smart contracts on the blockchain. Crypto Kitties is a great example. Something as simple as creating and trading unique assets on Ethereum bogged the network down when transaction volume soared. Ethereum and Zilliqa address this problem with Sharding. Aeternity focuses on increasing the scalability of smart contracts and dapps by moving smart contracts off-chain. Instead of running on the blockchain, smart contracts on Aeternity run in private state channels between the parties involved in the contracts. State channels are lines of communication between parties in a smart contract. They don’t touch the blockchain unless they need to for adjudication or transfer of value. Because they’re off-chain, state channel contracts can operate much more efficiently. They don’t need to pay the network for every time they compute and can also operate with greater privacy. An important aspect of smart contract and dapp development is access to outside data sources. This could mean checking the weather in London, score of a football game, or price of gold. Oracles provide access to data hosted outside the blockchain. In many blockchain projects, oracles represent a security risk and potential point of failure, since they tend to be singular, centralized data streams. Aeternity proposes decentralizing oracles with their oracle machine. Doing so would make outside data immutable and unchangeable once it reaches Aeternity’s blockchain. Of course, the data source could still be hacked, so Aeternity implements a prediction market where users can bet on the accuracy and honesty of incoming data from various oracles.It also uses prediction markets for various voting and verification purposes within the platform. Aeternity’s network runs on on a hybrid of proof of work and proof of stake. Founded by a long-time crypto-enthusiast and early colleague of Vitalik Buterin, Yanislav Malahov.
Promising concept though not product yet68686-2
32ZiliqaPlatform2400Scales linear with usage --> possibly billionsSmart Contracts, DappsZilliqa is building a new way of sharding. 2400 tpx, 10,000 tps soon possible by being linearly scalable with the number of nodes. That means, the more nodes, the faster the network gets. They are looking at implementing privacy as well.Not launched yet37535-5
33IOSTPlatform10000Smart Contracts, IOTTo improve speed and scalability, IOStoken uses a Proof of Believability consensus mechanism eliminating the need for an energy-hungry proof-of-work protocol, which stands as a barrier to blockchain scaling up for widespread adoption. With this system, a node is validated based on its past contributions and behaviors. Moreover, to increase fairness and to most fully embrace the decentralized nature of the blockchain, IOS uses a “fairness” algorithm that randomly distributes data to various nodes. It’s intended to support service-oriented goods and services with large customer bases. Decentralized applications and smart contracts, the hallmarks of blockchain platforms, are a priority for IOS as well.IOST doesn't have many partnerships, which is probably the most important factor in the Blockchain-as-a-Service market.275421
34KomodoPlatformBaaSThe Komodo blockchain platform uses Komodo’s open-source cryptocurrency for doing transparent, anonymous, private, and fungible transactions. They are then made ultra-secure using Bitcoin’s blockchain via a Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) protocol and decentralized crowdfunding (ICO) platform to remove middlemen from project funding. Offers services for startups to create and manage their own Blockchains.Komodo doesn't have many partnerships, which is probably the most important factor in the Blockchain-as-a-Service market.275221
35StratisPlatformBaaSDifferent to LISK, Stratis will allow businesses and organizations to create their own blockchain according to their own needs, but secured on the parent Stratis chain. Stratis’s simple interface will allow organizations to quickly and easily deploy and/or test blockchain functionality of the Ethereum, BitShares, BitCoin, Lisk and Stratis environements.Stratis doesn't have many partnerships, which is probably the most important factor in the Blockchain-as-a-Service market.276352
36ArkPlatformBaaSFork of Lisk, which is doubling down on a smaller feature set than LiskAs an advantage, Ark wallets can only vote for one delegate at a time which forces delegates to compete against each other and makes cartel formations incredibly hard, if not impossible. However, the worst thing about Ark is that it is permissioned and non-trustless, which is very bad decentralization and security.274253
37NeblioPlatformSimilar to Neo, but very young platform and thus also very small market cap.371892
38ElastosPlatformUnlimitedSmart Contracts, DappsElastos started out as a mobile operating system 18 years ago and has now moved towards a smart contracts platform, operating system and a runtime environment for Dapps. Here are 2 very strong reasons why Elastos will most probably experience a big price hike within the next 30 days. Thanks to side-chains they are near infinitely scalable and is thus also very decentralized. They are probably the most decentralized cryptocurrency that currently exist next to Skycoin. Correct me if I'm wrong.2103002
38DragonchainPlatform7Smart ContractsThe Purpose of DragonChain is to help companies quickly and easily incorporate blockchain into their business applications. Many companies might be interested in making this transition because of the benefits associated with serving clients over a blockchain – increased efficiency and security for transactions, a reduction of costs from eliminating potential fraud and scams, etc.Dragonchain doesn't have many partnerships, which is probably the most important factor in the Blockchain-as-a-Service market.27396
39NxtPlatformNxt uses the blockchain to create an entire ecosystem of decentralized features, all of which require the Nxt currency, namely asset exchange, market place, messaging, voting, decentralized storage and coin shuffling2723946
40ReqPlatformSmart Contracts, Payments, Invoices, Online transactinosReq payments can be used for online purchases, business to business invoices, escrow, advanced payments and eventually IoT payments between machines. Other than payments, the Request Network is also tackling auditing and budget transparency. Businesses have the ability to track invoices to audit payments as well as record transactions for accounting purposes. Governments, nonprofits, and other organizations can also use Request to bring transparency to their budget and expenditures.Solid risk mitigation by being backed by Ycombinator and seems more feature rich than its competitor OMG.17194-1
41SkycoinPlatform300UnlimitedSmart Contracts, Dapps, BaaSTransactions with zero fees that take two seconds, unlimited transaction rate, no need for miners and block rewards, low power usage, all of the usual cryptocurrency technical vulnerabilities fixed, a consensus mechanism superior to anything that exists, resistant to all conceivable threats (government censorship, community infighting, cyber/nuclear/conventional warfare, etc). Skycoin has their own consensus algorithm known as Obelisk written and published academically by an early developer of Ethereum. Obelisk is a non-energy intensive consensus algorithm based on a concept called ‘web of trust dynamics’ which is completely different to PoW, PoS, and their derivatives. Skywire, the flagship application of Skycoin, has the ambitious goal of decentralizing the internet at the hardware level and is about to begin the testnet in April. However, this is just one of the many facets of the Skycoin ecosystem. Skywire will not only provide decentralized bandwidth but also storage and computation, completing the holy trinity of commodities essential for the new internet.^Had a smear campaign launched, though they seem legit and reliable. Thus, probably very undervalued.51018412
42WavesEcosystem1001000ExchangeDecentralized exchange and crowdfunding platform. Let’s companies and projects to issue and manage their own digital coin tokens to raise money.287202
43WTCEcosystemBaaSCombines blockchain with IoT to create a management system for supply chainsInteresting374522
44AionEcosystem-Blockchain Interoperatability, Smart ContractsToday, there are hundreds of blockchains. In the coming years, those hundreds will become thousands and—with ,widespread adoption by mainstream business and government—millions. Blockchains don’t talk to each other at all right now, they are like the PCs of the 1980s. The Aion network is able to support custom blockchain architectures while still allowing for cross-chain interoperability by enabling users to exchange data between any Aion-compliant blockchains by making use of an interchain framework that allows for messages to be relayed between blockchains in a completely trust-free manner. 27441-2
45QASHEcosystemQash is used to fuel its liquid platform which will be an exchange that will distribute their liquidity pool. Its product, the Worldbook is a multi-exchange order book that matches crypto to crypto, and crypto to fiat and the reverse across all currencies. E.g., someone is selling Bitcoin is USD on exchange 1 not owned by QASH and someone is buying Bitcoin in EURO on exchange 2 not owned by QASH. If the forex conversions and crypto conversions match then the trade will go through and the Worldbook will match it, it'll make the sale and the purchase on either exchange and each user will get what they wanted, which means exchanges with lower liquidity if they join the Worldbook will be able to fill orders and take trade fees they otherwise would miss out on.They turned it on to test it a few months ago for an hour or so and their exchange was the top exchange in the world by 4x volume for the day because all Worldbook trades ran through it. Binance wants BNB to be used on their one exchange. Qash wants their QASH token embedded in all of their partners. 283831
46EthosEcosystemUnifying all cryptos. Ethos is building a multi-cryptocurrency phone wallet. The team is also building an investment diversification tool and a social network272931
47NebulasEcosystemSimilar to how google indexes webpages Nebulas will index blockchain projects, smart contracts & data using the Nebulas rank algorithm that sifts & sorts the data. Developers rewarded NAS to develop & deploy on NAS chain. Nebulas calls this developer incentive protocol – basically rewards are issued based on how often dapp/contract etc. is used, the more the better the rewards and Proof of devotion. Works like DPoS except the best, most economically incentivised developers (Bookkeepers) get the forging spots. Ensuring brains stay with the project (Cross between PoI & PoS). 2,400 TPS+, DAG used to solve the inter-transaction dependencies in the PEE (Parallel Execution Environment) feature, first crypto Wallet that supports the Lightening Network.Very interesting and small market cap293192
Centrality is a decentralized market place for dapps that are all connected together on a blockchain-powered system. Centrality aims to allow businesses to work together using blockchain technology. With Centrality, startups can collaborate through shared acquisition of customers, data, merchants, and content. That shared acquisition occurs across the Centrality blockchain, which hosts a number of decentralized apps called Scenes. Companies can use CENTRA tokens to purchase Scenes for their app, then leverage the power of the Centrality ecosystem to quickly scale. Some of Centrality's top dapps are, Skoot, a travel experience marketplace that consists of a virtual companion designed for free independent travelers and inbound visitors, Belong, a marketplace and an employee engagement platform that seems at helping business provide rewards for employees, Merge, a smart travel app that acts as a time management system, Ushare, a transports application that works across rental cars, public transport, taxi services, electric bikes and more. All of these dapps are able to communicate with each other and exchange data through Centrality.
49SaltEcosystemLendingLeveraging blockchain assets to secure cash loans. Plans to offer cash loans in traditional currencies, backed by your cryptocurrency assets. Allows lenders worldwide to skip credit checks for easier access to affordable loans.162201
50TenxEcosystemRaised 80 million, offers cryptocurrency-linked credit cards that let you spend virtual money in real life. Developing a series of payment platforms to make spending cryptocurrency easier.Salt is a good lending platform. However, there is also Elixir, a better investment with a 30x smaller market cap, but also strong technology. Elixir has such a low market cap, because they didn't have an ICO and they only focused on development and no marketing. As of this month (May), they started marketing.271844
51ChainLinkEcosystemChainLink is a decentralized oracle service, the first of its kind. Oracles are defined as an ‘agent’ that finds and verifies real-world occurrences and submits this information to a blockchain to be used in smart contracts.With ChainLink, smart contract users can use the network’s oracles to retrieve data from off-chain application program interfaces (APIs), data pools, and other resources and integrate them into the blockchain and smart contracts. Basically, ChainLink takes information that is external to blockchain applications and puts it on-chain. The difference to Aeternity is that Chainlink deploys the smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Chainlink's main differentiator is Oracles, which IOTA is also offering now. Thus, there is no really good argument anymore to use Chainlink as opposed to the IOTA ecosystem.251843
52MoneroPrivacy1700Currently most popular privacy coin, though with a very high market cap. Since their privacy is all on chain, all prior transactions would be deanonymized if their protocol is ever cracked. However, this is only possibly with a quantum computing attack though, so this is not that important. PIVX is better in that regard, because their privacy isn't on-chain.18400021
52DashPrivacy28Billions using MasternodesDash (Digital Cash) is a fork of Bitcoin and focuses on user ease and an additional privacy feature. It has very fast transactions within seconds, low fees and uses Proof of Service from Masternodes for consensus. They are currently building a system called Evolution which will allow users to send money using usernames and merchants will find it easy to integrate Dash using the API. You could say Dash is trying to be a PayPal of cryptocurrencies.Currently, cryptocurrencies must choose between decentralization, speed, scalability and can pick only 2. With Masternodes, Dash picked speed and scalability at some cost of decentralization, since with Masternodes the voting power is shifted towards Masternodes, which are run by Dash users who own the most Dash.27399921
53ZcashPrivacy7Fork of Zcoin. A decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that hide the sender, recipient, and value of transactions. Offers users the option to make transactions public later for auditing.Good privacy coin, though no default privacy37131921
54VergePrivacy73000Calls itself privacy coin without providing private transactions, have a toxic community, numerous scam accusations and way too much hype for what they haveWith their partnership with MindGeek yesterday, Verge has made a significant towards mass adoption. However, there are several red flags with the currency, just to name a few, only 1 developer who works on the blockchain, a 51% attack recently, Verge touts itself as a privacy coin even though their privacy protocol Wraith offers little to no privacy. Finally, they paid Mindgeek to use them as a currency. While this is a good accomplishment, it's not an outstanding one. However, it still deserves to have their risk factor reduced from 7 to 6.64110021
55BytecoinPrivacy500First privacy-focused cryptocurrency with anonymous transactions. Bytecoin’s code was later adapted to create Monero, the more well-known anonymous cryptocurrency.Has several scam accusations, 80% pre-mine, bad devs, bad tech6474021
56Bitcoin PrivatePrivacyBitcoin Private is a merge fork of Bitcoin and Zclassic with Zclassic being a fork of Zcash with the difference of a lack of a founders fee required to mine a valid block. This promotes a fair distribution, preventing centralized coin ownership and control. Bitcoin private offers the optional ability to keep the sender, receiver, and amount private in a given transaction. However, this is already offered by several good privacy coins (Monero, PIVX) and Bitcoin private doesn't offer much more beyond this.166921
57PIVXPrivacy140PIVX uses an advanced implementation of the Zerocoin protocol to provide it’s privacy. This is a form of zeroknowledge proofs, which allow users to spend ‘Zerocoins’ that have no link back to them. Unlike Zcash u have denominations in PIVX, so they can’t track users by their payment amount being equal to the amount of ‘minted’ coins, because everyone uses the same denominations. PIVX is also implementing Bulletproofs, just like Monero, and this will take care of arguably the biggest weakness of zeroknowledge protocols: the trusted setup.Optional Privacy similar to Dash, which is more user-friendly, but less secure1840321
58ZcoinPrivacyPoW cryptocurrency. Private financial transactions, enabled by the Zerocoin Protocol. Zcoin is the first full implementation of the Zerocoin Protocol, which allows users to have complete privacy via Zero-Knowledge cryptographic proofs.262431
59EnigmaPrivacyMonero is to Bitcoin what enigma is to Ethereum. Enigma is for making the data used in smart contracts private. More of a platform for dapps than a currency like Monero.Very promising082004
60NavcoinPrivacy1170Like Bitcoin but with added privacy and pos and 1,170 tps, but only because of very short 30 second block times. Privacy is optional and it aims to be more user friendly than Monero. However, it doesn't really decide if it wants to be a privacy coin or not similar to Zcash.Strong technology, non-shady team461801
61TRONMisc300010000EntertainmentTronix is looking to capitalize on ownership of internet data to content creators. However, they plagiarized their white paper, which is a no go. They apologized, so it needs to be seen how they will conduct themselves in the future.Plagiarized white paper. Extremely high market cap for not having a product nor proof of concept6636002
62PopulousMiscInvoice tradingPopulous is a platform that connects business owners and invoice buyers without middlemen. Furthermore, it is a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform that uses blockchain to provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a more efficient way to participate in invoice financing. Businesses can sell their outstanding invoices at a discount to quickly free up some cash. Invoice sellers get cash flow to fund their business and invoice buyers earn interest.268353
63AugurMiscFinancePlatform to forecast and make wagers on the outcome of real-world events (AKA decentralized predictions). Uses predictions for a “wisdom of the crowd” search engine. Not launched yet.285401
64VeritaseumMiscFinanceIs supposed to be a peer to peer gateway, though it looks like very much like a scamMost likely scam81466
65HshareMiscMost likely scam because of no code changes, most likely pump and dump scheme, dead communityMost likely scam81443
66BATMiscAdsAn Ethereum-based token that can be exchanged between content creators, users, and advertisers. Decentralized ad-network that pays based on engagement and attention.With their partnership with DOW recently, BAT is one of the first cryptocurrencies ever to pave the way for mass adoption21038911
67MonacoinMisc7MangasThe first Japanese cryptocurrency. Focused on microtransactions and based on a popular internet meme of a type-written cat. This makes it similar to Dogecoin.Very niche, tiny market4636721
68SyscoinMiscExchange of goodsA cryptocurrency with a decentralized marketplace that lets people buy and sell products directly without third parties. Trying to remove middlemen like eBay and Amazon.272832
68FactomMiscRecord keeping systemSecure recordkeeping system that allows companies to store their data directly on the Blockchain. The goal is to make records more transparent and trustworthy363311
69RevainMiscReviewsLegitimizing reviews via the blockchainInteresting concept, though market not as big262724
70SubstratumMiscHostingRevolutionzing the hosting industry via per request billing as a decentralized internet hosting system. Uses a global network of private computers to create the free and open internet of the future. Participants earn cryptocurrency.Interesting concept272324
71Power ledgerMiscEnergyAustralian blockchain-based cryptocurrency and energy trading platform that allows for decentralized selling and buying of renewable energy.Unique market and rather untapped market in the crypto scpace28214
72DentMiscData ExchangeDecentralizeed exchange of mobile data, enabling mobile data to be marketed, purchased or distributed, so that users can quickly buy or sell data from any user to another one.262005
73NcashMiscSecure Identificaiton SystemEnd to end encrypted Identification system for retailers to better serve their customers271982
74BitsharesCurrency exchange toolA decentralized exchange between cryptocurrencies. Noteworthy are the 1.5 second average block times and throughput potential of 100,000 transactions per second with currently 2,400 TPS having been proven.For unknown reasons not specified by Bittrex, BitShares was scheduled to be delisted from their exchange on October 13th, 2017. (But it still hasn’t) Some say it’s because the BitShares DEX competes as a decentralized exchange. Others calling it FUD to drive the price down. Then it was that their nodes were “too big” to run. The above is unverified conjecture. All we know is, Bittrex said they were delisting Bitshares but did not with zero explanation to exchange users or the BitShares team. 567201
75ZRXCurrency exchange toolOpen standard for dapps. Open, permissionless protocol allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain. In ZRX's protocol, orders are transported off-chain, massively reducing gas costs and eliminating blockchain bloat. Relayers help broadcast orders and collect a fee each time they facilitate a trade. Anyone can build a relayer.Like all currency exchange platforms, they now have to face IOTA, which is offering currency exchange too and is thus lowering the need for currency exchange platforms.365457
75CryptonexCurrency exchange toolFiat and currency exchange between various blockchain services, similar to REQLike all currency exchange platforms, they now have to face IOTA, which is offering currency exchange too and is thus lowering the need for currency exchange platforms.36421
76LoopringCurrency exchange tool5A protocol that will enable higher liquidity between exchanges and personal wallets by pooling all orders sent to its network and fill these orders through the order books of multiple exchanges. When using Loopring, traders never have to deposit funds into an exchange to begin trading. Even with decentralized exchanges like Ether Delta, IDex, or Bitshares, you’d have to deposit your funds onto the platform, usually via an Ethereum smart contract. But with Loopring, funds always remain in user wallets and are never locked by orders. This gives you complete autonomy over your funds while trading, allowing you to cancel, trim, or increase an order before it is executed.Like all currency exchange platforms, they now have to face IOTA, which is offering currency exchange too and is thus lowering the need for currency exchange platforms.373944
77Kyber networkCurrency exchange toolExchange between cryptocurrencies, similar to REQ. Features automatic coin conversions for payments. Also offers payment tools for developers and a cryptocurrency wallet.Like all currency exchange platforms, they now have to face IOTA, which is offering currency exchange too and is thus lowering the need for currency exchange platforms.362453
78BancorCurrency exchange toolBancor is a Decentralized Liquidity Network that allows you to hold any Ethereum token and convert it to any other token in the network, with no counter party, at an automatically calculated price, using a simple web wallet.Like all currency exchange platforms, they now have to face IOTA, which is offering currency exchange too and is thus lowering the need for currency exchange platforms.361841
79AchainCurrency exchange toolBuilding a boundless blockchain world like ReqLike all currency exchange platforms, they now have to face IOTA, which is offering currency exchange too and is thus lowering the need for currency exchange platforms.361731
80FunGaming & GamblingA platform for casino operators to host trustless, provably-fair gambling through the use of smart contracts, as well as creating their own implementation of state channels for scalability.28263-2
83StormGaming & GamblingMobileMobile game currency on a platform with 9 million users.172341
84ElectroneumGaming & GamblingMobileMobile game currencyThey have lots of technical problems, such as several 51% attacks.562411
85WaxGaming & GamblingMarketplace to trade in-game items171781
86SteemSocial network coin1000Reddit, but voting with moneyAlready launched product and Alexa rank 1,000. Thumbs up.0893111
87RddSocial network coinReddcoin makes the process of sending and receiving money fun and rewarding for everyone. Reddcoin is dedicated to one thing – tipping on social networks as a way to bring cryptocurrency awareness and experience to the general public.082301
88KinSocial network coinToken for the platform kikKik has 400 million registered users. However, only 15 million are active users. Still a decent size, but also not that big.382297
89MithrilSocial network coinAs users create content via social media, they will be rewarded for their contribution, the better the contribution, the more they will earnVery interesting concept272071
90BNBFee tokenFee token for Binance08160051
91Kucoin SharesFee tokenFee token for KuCoin183915
92GasFee tokenGas is not a Fee token for an exchange, but it is a dividend paid out on Neo and a currency that can be used to purchase services for dapps.It is estimated that GAS can surpass NEO'S market cap.1630111
93SiacoinDecentralized data storageSiacoin is decentralized storage platform. Distributes encrypted files to thousands of private users who get paid for renting out their disk space. Anybody with siacoins can rent storage from hosts on Sia. This is accomplish via "smart" storage contracts stored on the Sia blockchain. The smart contract provides a payment to the host only after the host has kept the file for a given amount of time. If the host loses the file, the host does not get paid.Like all decentralized storage platforms, they now have to face IOTA and Skycoin, which are offering decentralized storage and a lot more477201
94MaidsafecoinDecentralized data storageMaidSafe stands for Massive Array of Internet Disks, Secure Access for Everyone.Instead of working with data centers and servers that are common today and are vulnerable to data theft and monitoring, SAFE’s network uses advanced P2P technology to bring together the spare computing capacity of all SAFE users and create a global network. You can think of SAFE as a crowd-sourced internet. All data and applications reside in this network. It’s an autonomous network that automatically sets prices and distributes data and rents out hard drive disk space with a Blockchain-based storage solutions.When you upload a file to the network, such as a photo, it will be broken into pieces, hashed, and encrypted. The data is then randomly distributed across the network. Redundant copies of the data are created as well so that if someone storing your file turns off their computer, you will still have access to your data. And don’t worry, even with pieces of your data on other people’s computers, they won’t be able to read them. You can earn MadeSafeCoins by participating in storing data pieces from the network on your computer and thus earning a Proof of Resource. Like all decentralized storage platforms, they now have to face IOTA and Skycoin, which are offering decentralized storage and a lot more472181
95GbyteDecentralized data storageByteball data is stored and ordered using directed acyclic graph (DAG) rather than blockchain. This allows all users to secure each other's data by referencing earlier data units created by other users, and also removes scalability limits common for blockchains, such as blocksize issue.Like all decentralized storage platforms, they now have to face IOTA and Skycoin, which are offering decentralized storage and a lot more472121
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