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.NameRoom #Describe your problem. Please limit your responses to one or two sentences.@lausd.net email address:Coordinator ResponseNotes to Technician
8/14/2017 13:35:30M. GalindoF211Desktop not turning on. Phone not on either.mgalindo@lausd.netresolved kc .. need to check phone
8/14/2017 13:43:45Sandra MonzonS214I would like the desk top student computers removed from my classroom.
sandra.carriel@lausd.netemailed, but removal & desktop repair still needs addressing
8/14/2017 13:47:25Sandra MonzonS214Hello there,
The teacher desktop in my classroom is not working. It attempts to turn on but nothing comes on the screen. I will need it to connect to the printer in the classroom. I also wanted to request to host a chromebook cart for special ed.
Thank you
sandra.carriel@lausd.netemailed, but removal & desktop repair still needs addressing
8/14/2017 15:16:55Jaime RomanN330My desktop computer has no internet.
My AC does not work.
Need computer screens remove from classroom and two big desk remove from classroom.
8/14/2017 16:13:27Dania JamesN319 Internet is not working on desktop. dania.james@lausd.netResolved AR
8/14/2017 19:26:29John GouldS206Hi Mr. Chow,
I could also use a rolling cart for the projector and laptop, but perhaps one cannot be tracked down. If you see one, I could use it. There's a much larger one in the storage room next to me, but it has an LCD monitor locked on it. I think the lock is a Kensington type of lock. Perhaps the LCD monitor could be removed and I could use that cart for my equipment.
John Gould
john.gould@lausd.netresolved kc
8/15/2017 7:55:02PettusN229Please set up my printer with my desktop computer; also, desktop giving warning of battery issueskhp2479@lausd.netteacher will notify when ready to replace laptop; desktop still needs work & battery
8/15/2017 9:05:22Faisal SaddiqueN332Mr. Chow told me to complete a work order to remind him that he said back in June that he was going to put a printer in my new room, N332.
Thanks in advance!
fms4871resolved kc
8/15/2017 9:47:13Ray ClarkN234The printer doesn't work.rxc3291@lausd.netResolved AR
8/15/2017 9:49:31Michael Oviedos223Toner for Lexmarkmoviedo@lausd.netResolved AR
8/15/2017 10:15:17John GouldS206Mr. Chow
my laptop needs microsoft word, powerpoint, etc...to work ion material.
will be needing code for copiers,
could really use a key for copiers in a workroom..
I prefer using DUPLO prnters/copiers.
john.gould@lausd.netresolved kc
8/15/2017 10:18:18Shawna HudsonN320Chromebook #32 from my Cart (23) won't turn on.slj1964@lausd.netResolved AR
8/15/2017 11:42:08L. DuranS322Hello!
My printer is lower on toner. I will continue shaking it up but could use a new one. Also, are you able to reset my copy code? It indicates I have exceeded my limit. Thanks!
LXD4390Resolved AR
8/15/2017 16:07:19flor ChaidezN034 I moved to this office and my computer screen in black.flor.chaidez@lausd.netResolved AR
8/15/2017 16:22:53PettusN229Chromebook cart #5 is missing computer #32. This chrome book wasn't missing before summer when I turned in the cart, so it must have become displaced during summer school. Please advise.khp2479@lausd.netresolved kc
8/15/2017 20:02:11Grace ShihN235A printer cord is needed. And I need help with setting up the printer.grace.shih@lausd.netResolved AR
8/16/2017 7:23:37Faisal SaddiqueN332The scroll function on my laptop's mouse pad doesn't work. fms4871@lausd.netResolved AR
8/16/2017 8:55:02Jimenez, ChuckS329Request assistance with the following:
Mario Rodriguez-Marroquin Id 091300M053 : student has user name but needs a pin in order to reset his password.
Samuel Sanchez 061200M135 reports his my mail account ssanchez0558 at mymail.lausd.net could not be located. Also does not have a username, a password, or a pin.
Julio Mendez 121900M066 reports that he has no username, password or pin.
Evelyn Saravia 091300F075 reports that she knows her username but needs to know her pin in order to reset her password.
Where would the teacher have a listing of all the pins and passwords or accounts.
Mr. Jimenez
cjimen6@lausdResolved AR
8/16/2017 10:24:13Shawna HudsonN320My desktop computer won't connect to the internet even though I have the internet cord plugged in.slj1964@lausd.netResolved AR
8/16/2017 10:45:19MARC-VINCENT JACKSONN205Good Morning, Amador (et al.)
I need to have an access code for the copy machines. Could you please provide me one as soon as possible along with the current policy regarding making copies? I've been given a key to Workroom N207.
Thank you,
M-V Jackson
mvj8923@lausd.netResolved AR
8/16/2017 12:00:30StrickeS320I don't remember the code for my Chromebook Cart.kgs1100resolved KC
8/16/2017 13:49:05Dania Jamesn319My printer is still not printing. It only prints documents with a code on them . dania.james@lausd.netResolved AR
8/17/2017 8:14:21Stephen SimsS205Can I get a set of scientific calculators (at least 20)? The ones I had before disappeared from the workroom over the summer.stephen.sims@lausd.netresolved via email kc
8/17/2017 8:35:36Tyler Shermans309I need to get a remote for my projector.
My computer is slow and crashes every once in awhile. (manageable)
Need to connect my classroom printer to my laptop.
Finally, can't get my laptop to recognize my speakers.
tyler.sherman@lausd.netResolved AR
8/17/2017 9:15:36M PrimoN215Hello, my two desktops need to get hooked-up please. Also laptop connected to printer. Thank you.
Might you be able to provide me with my copier PIN number as well please? Thank you.
mprimo@lausd.netResolved AR
8/17/2017 11:01:19LaSondra BeckGirls PE officePhone jacks--- I think 4
printer needs to be hocked up and new ink cartridge Brother -- HL2270DW
thank you so much
lbeck@lausd.netResolved AR
8/17/2017 11:12:48Ms. CervantesS225Need drum for E352dn and ink cartilage for printer. Also, need an Ethernet multiple outlet adapter for two computers. MXC0142@lausd.netResolved AR
8/18/2017 7:58:35Sophia Parks-201My speakers work, but when they are connected to my computers, they don't produce sounds from them. I don't seem to find the button to turn on the speaker function? Please help.sophia.park@lausd.netResolved AR
8/18/2017 8:36:11Ms. CervantesS225Need to connect my laptop to my printer.MXC0142@lausd.networking on it kc
8/18/2017 8:45:02
Stephen Hilinski
N213I have an extra printer and a computer speaker problem, thanks. - Hilinskistephen.hilinski@lausd.netResolved AR
8/19/2017 11:41:21John GouldS206Hello Gentlemen,
sorry about the abrupt email sent on Friday. Two of my students are needing their email and pins. They are :
ID #082703F025
I looked for them on my list, but for some reason these two are not on the list.
Their art teacher needs their email and pin numbers.
I appreciate your help.
John Gould
ID #082703F025N007
john.gould@lausd.netresolved kc
8/21/2017 9:22:16Dania JamesN319Some chromebooks are not charging. dania.james@lausd.netemailed pending response kc
8/21/2017 9:40:37dianne timkon214Need Projector, Laptop, Hovercam, Speakers for desktop, laptop center for special needs class as well as printing accessdianne.timko@lausd.netprovided with all but printing & speakers; emailed kc
8/21/2017 14:31:56James HustaceS-321I have a Brother printer here in my new classroom. Tried searching for it on the network, but nothing came up. Could you please assist me with the installation..? Thanks!jvh9155
8/21/2017 14:53:57
Ericka Stockwell
s324my printer is out of ink; i need a new cartridge please!elb4725@lausd.netresolved kc
8/22/2017 10:30:00nguyenn236My class computer doesn't have internet. :(cnn8944@lausd.netResolved AR
8/22/2017 10:41:21Natalia JansenW-145Hi, I need help with Document Camera set up, thank younatalia.jansen@lausd.netResolved AR
8/22/2017 10:57:30SFC WOOTENS001Computers have been relocated to S001 from W207. Please come by and set up for use. thank youdwayne.wooten@lausd.net
8/22/2017 13:29:41vivian wickliffeN029Hi Amador,
I would like a cable to connect my laptop to my computer. Thanks!
vgw0461@lausd.netResolved AR
8/22/2017 13:34:19Ms. HackettN-035May I have a cord for my laptop? Also, I am not able to access my voicemail on my phone.sarah.hackett@lausd.netResolved AR
8/22/2017 13:39:48
Shawna Hudson
N320The charger for Chromebook #6 does not work. Also, my desktop computer can't access the internet.slj1964@lausd.netResolved AR
8/23/2017 8:15:36Emar MakarS204I am a new teacher. I need a quick tutorial on how to use projector. I also need a copier code. Thank you very much!eym3872@lausd.netemailed pending response kc
8/23/2017 9:11:26john goulds206need a desktop in my room. Thanx!~john.gould@lausd.netconfirmed, need to place
8/23/2017 10:26:19HackettN-035May we please switch the BU copier in my office with the SPED copier in the BU office? We have legal documents that have to be printed in bulk. Also, we need a computer (that is able to print from one of our printers) in N-026 (IEP Conference Room). sarah.hackett@lausd.net
awaiting move from toshiba KC
8/23/2017 13:17:58Flor Chaidezn034Can the extra laptops in my room be picked up and assistance with connecting double monitor and printer set up.
Thank you,
flor.chaidezResolved AR
8/23/2017 14:51:19dianne timkon214If there are speakers for the desktop computer please provide. The speakers do not work on my desktop. When available please bring a few laptops for the kids with IEPs to begin lessons. Thank you!dianne.timko@lausd.net
emailed KC; must buy own
8/23/2017 16:24:38Natalia JansenW-145Hi,
Please can you send a request to IDT to replace the phone in my room? I still have the old phone and it does not work.
Also, I would really appreciate help with setting up the document camera. thanks
Please can I have a white board in my classroom, and I only need 4 more big tables to replace the student desks.
Thank you,
Natalia Jansen
awaiting new dial plan; referred to plant manager kc
8/24/2017 11:11:21
Francisco Artiga
F120I need a projector and I need help setting up the printer that has been provide it to me.
Thank you
fba00732@lausd.netResolved AR
8/24/2017 15:44:32Mayra GuerrsN - 206I need speakers that can be used with my laptop, please.mjg0440@lausd.netResolved AR
8/24/2017 16:30:33Kim PattersonS-215Can I get help setting up wireless printing so I can print things from my laptop? k.patterson@lausd.net
8/25/2017 6:48:46Enas MakarS204Are there specific materials for the advisory class or just reading? eym3872@lausd.netreferred to nancy le
8/25/2017 10:10:08nguyenn236Chrome cart #29 has some books that are not turning on. :(cnn8944@lausd.net
Working on it AR cb in N303
8/25/2017 10:12:26John GouldS206Hi,
I need either a new bulb in my projector or a new projector......it keeps going out
john.gould@lausd.netResolved AR
8/25/2017 12:27:01Natalia JansenW-1451) My document camera or the cable is faulty. It's not working.
2) The following students still need their district email and pin to set up their password and activate schoology:
William Sosa 072500M128
Allan Sandoval 100599M032
Thank you
natalia.jansen@lausd.netResolved AR
8/25/2017 15:44:14Mayra GuerraN - 206Printer doesn't work either!!! Need a new one please.mjg0440@lausd.net
8/28/2017 10:48:53Dania JamesMPRMedia Cart, projector, and laptop needed for presentations in the MPR Wed. August 30, 2017. dania.james@lausd.netResolved AR
8/28/2017 10:49:43Dania Jamesn319Chromebook 22 does not charge. dania.james@lausd.net
Working on it AR cb in N303
8/28/2017 10:50:12John GouldS206The Epson Projector keeps turning off every 45 seconds or so. I really need a new projector.john.gould@lausd.netResolved AR
8/28/2017 13:32:57Minerva PrietoN318I have two empty toners in my room to recycle.
Thank you.
M. Prieto
mxp1763@lausd.netResolved AR
8/29/2017 10:10:08G. EsguerraN-207computer not connected to the copiergwendolyn.esguerra@lausd.netResolved AR
8/29/2017 13:13:32flor chaidezN-o34the computer for SOTA is stating that maintenance is required and the printer in the Special Ed office is not printing because it needs toner. Thank you.flor.chaidez@lausd.netResolved AR
8/30/2017 9:21:48K. AguilarN334AC might be downa@lausd.netPM notified AR
8/30/2017 10:09:54
Shawna Hudson
N320Chromebook #3 has numerous sticky keys.slj1964@lausd.netWorking on it AR
8/31/2017 8:35:14nguyenn236the photocopy machine in the SOTA office is not working and asking for the technician to be called.cnn8944@lausd.net
Ticket has been placed
8/31/2017 11:39:54Flor ChaidezN-034My computer is ready to be switched and if you can give my computer to intern in office N-032.
Thank you,
flor.chaidez@lausd.netResolved AR
9/5/2017 8:42:23
Stephen Hilinski
N-213Lexmark Printer: 935 Printhead Service Errorstephen.hilinski@lausd.netResolved AR
9/5/2017 10:00:46Jaime MedinaN327My projector had a loud pop, and now the light is red and it does not work, i think the bulb might've popped inside.jaime.x.medina@lausd.netResolved AR
9/5/2017 12:57:36Julia ReyesS203Phone does not dial to outside numbers. gives error message stating "your call cannot be completed as dialed."julia.a.reyes@lausd.netresolved kc
9/5/2017 12:59:38Julia Reyess203Need a classroom printer and projector. julia.a.reyes@lausd.netresolved kc
9/5/2017 15:35:41Sophia ParkS-201My phone doesn't work to call the main office. I dial 32510, but I don't hear the phone ring.
Can you help or who do i ask for help?
Ms. Park
sophia.park@lausd.netresolved kc
9/6/2017 9:11:59
Shawna Hudson
N320Chromebook #35 - mouse doesn't show up when using the touchpad.slj1964@lausd.net
9/6/2017 11:09:53Rosa Flores
College Center (S-041)
The Lexmark printer is jammed but I cannot find the paper that is apparently jammed. Assistance would be appreciated. rosa.flores1@lausd.netresolved kc
9/6/2017 11:24:11karla aguilarn334wifi linked printer isn't connect it. can you please come and connect me again asap. thanks!kpa1929@lausd.netresolved kc
9/6/2017 11:34:37dianne timkon214I need two ethernet cords for our new desktops. also, My main laptop has two black bars on the side. dianne.timkoresolved kc
9/6/2017 15:45:46k aguilarn334The printer is not linked/printing. All wires have been connected.
kpa1929@lausd.netresolved kc
9/7/2017 9:17:57Silvia FigueroaN238Good morning,

I would like to get a power cord for my lap top. I am in room N238. Thank you
sfiguero@lausd.netresolved kc
9/7/2017 12:12:49Erica CruzS014My computer needs to be set up to the printers in the college center.

I do not have an LAUSD email address so it looks like I won't be able to receive responses.

Thank you.
ericac@lapromisefund.orgresolved kc
9/8/2017 8:49:51Dianne timkon214main desktop which i use to print has no internet. Also the phone is not working either. Requested the printer to be moved so it could be accessed from other computers in the room. Lastly the two ethernet cables to be hooked up to the desktops in the back of the room for the ID class. dianne.timko@lausd.netresolved kc
9/8/2017 9:50:48Mr. ArtigaF120My classroom computer does not work.

Thank you,
Mr. Artiga
9/8/2017 9:55:37John GouldS206Hi Kevin,
laptop headphone jacks not operating properly. No Sound. Need it to show connected videos on Friday.
john.gould@lausd.netresolved kc
9/10/2017 18:38:28Rex SwihartN329My Brother printer (HL - L5200DW) is low in ink/toner and there doesn't seem to be in refills around.rswihart
9/11/2017 12:12:42Ms MakerS-204The only computer i have in the back of the room does not have internet access. Please stop by and check it out thank you.eym3872@lausd.net
9/12/2017 8:20:29
Vanessa Gonzalez
N-202My printer does not work. Its a new HP.vanessa.j.gonzalez@lausd.net
9/12/2017 8:37:43
Stephen Hilinski
N213I'm wondering if there is an Apple Micro-USB I can quickly borrow to install an Apple TV. I have an Android Micro-USB but apparently the software won't recognize it.. Thanks - Hilinskistephen.hilinski@lausd.netresolved kc
9/12/2017 14:26:41Enas MakarS204My printer is offlineeym3872@lausd.net
9/12/2017 16:03:23Flor.chaidezn034Can someone please connect my computer to the SOtA printer and the computer in N032. thankyouflor.chaidez@lausd.netresolved kc
9/13/2017 9:45:49
Elizabeth Molina-Mancio
S031 e.molinamancio@lausd.netresolved kc
9/13/2017 9:53:30griffins323Chromebook mouse pad is not working on #7.mag9349
9/13/2017 10:05:15LaSondra BeckGPEA driver update keeps poping up on my computer.. I do not know what to do with it. Can you help me please?lbeck@lausd.net
emailed in response JR
9/13/2017 15:29:24John GouldS206Hi Kevin,
lexmark printer not working right in s206. Help?
9/14/2017 8:18:16LaSondra BeckGpeI can not print from my printer. I'm sure its a simple fix, but I do not know what to do.

emailed in response JR
9/14/2017 9:43:45GuerraN - 206My desktop and printer don't work at all. mjg0440@lausd.net
emailed in response JR
9/14/2017 10:49:50M-V JACKSONN2051. The audio on my assigned computer doesn't work.
2. I can't the projector to read my computer and project
3. My personal computer can't connect to LAUSD network
I need these things taken care of promptly Thanks
mvj8923@lausd.netresolved kc
9/14/2017 15:17:53Perry Skaggs
Boys PE Office
The fixes that you said would be done have not been addressed yet. A router that the printer is going to be plugged into has not been fixed. The one printer that works wireless is not working. The desktop on my desk needs to be replaced as well as the printer on the desk that is near the front door. You said to let you know if these things did not get attended to yet.

All the best,

Perry Skaggs
pes8533resolved kc
9/15/2017 8:16:52Natalia JansenW-145Hi Mr. Chow,

I forgot to ask you this morning - what is the progress on getting the iPads or some sort of devices that can access internet, and can be used for typing documents - that I could have for my classroom?

Let me know,

Natalia Jansen
natalia.jansen@lausd.netemailed in response
9/15/2017 9:54:51Mr. ArtigaF120My printer is not workingfba00732@lausd.net
emailed in response JR
9/18/2017 22:23:54Julia ReyesS203The printer in my room does not work. Does not detect paper in the printer, and has a paper jam.julia.a.reyes@lausd.net
emailed in response JR
9/19/2017 9:34:40
S031Good Morning,

1. I have a problem with taking role on MiSis ( it pops out saying Time entered should be valid and within specified School hours.)

2. I have a printer in my office could i have a desktop computer plugged on to start printing

3. I sometimes use my own laptop or ipad and would like access to the wifi .

Thank You
e.molinamancioresolved KC
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