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IDTitleAuthor(s)YearVenueAuthor KeywordsPrimary Method(s)Authors' Notes
001The User-Led Disruption: Self-(Re)broadcasting at and Elsewhere Bruns, Axel2009EuroITV’09
Television, streaming media, broadcasting, re-broadcasting, videosharing, filesharing, sports, peer-to-peer,
002Watch me playing, i am a professional: a first study on video game live streamingKaytoue, M., Silva, A., Cerf, L., Meira Jr, W., & Raïssi, C.2012ACM WWW ConferenceE-sport,, Video game, StarCraft II, Social community, Popularity prediction, Ranking..
003Live-Streaming Changes the (Video) GameThomas P. B. Smith, Marianna Obrist, and Peter Wright2013
European Conference on Interactive TV and Video
Live-streaming, live streaming, video games, spectatorship, spectator, interactive television, broadcaster, TwitchTV, Let’s Play community, passive usage, active usage.
004A Hybrid Preference-Aware Recommendation Algorithm for Live Streaming ChannelsTzu-Wei Yang, Wen-Yuah Shih, Jiun-Long Huang, Wei-Chih Ting, and Pin-Chuan Liu2013
2013 Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence
005Streaming on twitch: fostering participatory communities of play within live mixed mediaHamilton, W., Garretson, O., and Kerne, A.2014ACM SIGCHI Conferencelive streaming; Twitch; video games; online communities; third places; ethnography..
006Modeling and analyzing the video game live-streaming communityNascimento, G., Ribeiro, M., Cerf, L., Cesário, N., Kaytoue, M., Raïssi, C., Vasconcelos, T., & Meira, W.2014Latin American Web Congressvideo game; starcraft; streaming;
007DASH in Twitch: Adaptive Bitrate Streaming in Live Game Streaming PlatformsKarine Pires, Gwendal Simon2014VideoNext’14Live streaming; user-generated content; video encoding..
008YouTube live and Twitch: a tour of user-generated live streaming systemsPires, K., & Simon, G.2015ACM Multimedia Systems ConferenceLive streaming; popularity analysis; user-generated content..
009The eSports Trojan Horse: Twitch and Streaming FuturesBenjamin Burroughs and Paul Rama2015Journal of Virtual Worlds Research...
010Event Detection and Highlight Detection of Broadcasted Game VideosWei-Ta Chu and Yung-Chieh Chou2015
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Computational Models of Social Interactions: Human-Computer-Media Communication
Event detection, highlight detection, game video analysis..
011On Crowdsourced Interactive Live Streaming: A Twitch.TV-Based Measurement StudyZhang, Cong and Liu, Jiangchuan2015
Proceedings of the 25th ACM Workshop on Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video
Crowdsourced Live Streaming, View Statistics, Interactive Latency,
012A LINGUISTIC STUDY OF LANGUAGE VARIETY USED ON TWITCH.TV: DESRIPTIVE AND CORPUS-BASED APPROACHESJędrzej OLEJNICZAK2015Redefining Community in Intercultural Contextinternet community, language variety, neologisms, emoticons, chat, eSport, computer games..
013Behind the Game: Exploring the Twitch Streaming
Jie Deng, Felix Cuadrado, Gareth Tyson, Steve Uhlig2015
Proceedings of the 2015 International Workshop on Network and Systems Support for Games
014Measurement-based Analysis of the Video Characteristics of Twitch.tvMark Claypool, Daniel Farrington, and Nicholas Muesch2015
Games Entertainment Media Conference (GEM), 2015
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2015 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics - Taiwan
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017Prank, Troll, Gross and Gore: Performance
Issues in Esport Live-Streaming
Veli-Matti Karhulahti2016
1st International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG
esports, streaming, live-streaming, performance, pranks, trolls, aesthetics, frame, interpretation, League of Legends
018Will I always be not social?: Re-Conceptualizing Sociality in the Context of a Minecraft Community for Autism.Ringland, K. E., Wolf, C. T., Faucett, H., Dombrowski, L., & Hayes, G. R.2016ACM SIGCHI ConferenceAutism; Communication; Social Interaction; Virtual Worlds; Minecraft; Social Media...
Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems
Social Live Streaming Platforms, Social Computing, Online Communities, User-Generated Content
020“They’re just too urban”: Black gamers streaming on Twitch.”Gray, K.L.2016
In Daniels, J., Gregory, K., & Cotton, T.M. (Eds). Digital Sociologies.
021TwitchViz: A Visualization Tool for Twitch ChatroomsRui Pan, Lyn Bartram, and Carman Neustaedter2016EA of ACM SIGCHI; live streaming; chat room; video game; visualization tool ..
022When game becomes life: The creators and spectators of online game replays and live streamingJia, A. L., Shen, S., Epema, D. H., & Iosup, A.2016
ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications
Online game communities, gamecast sharing sites, repository characteristics, popularity dynamics, user behaviors
023Utilizing Massive Viewers for Video Transcoding in Crowdsourced Live StreamingHe, Q., Zhang, C., & Liu, J.2016IEEE Conference on Cloud ComputingCrowdsourced Live Streaming, CrowdTranscoding..
024To watch or to play, it is in the game: The game culture on among performers, plays and audiencesGandolfini, Enrico2016Journal of Gaming & Virtual WorldsCircuit of Culture;; e-sport; gaming show; media audience; video streaming..
025Changing Roles in Gaming: Twitch and new gaming audiencesMirjam Vosmeer, Gabriele Ferri, Ben Schouten, Stefan Rank2016
Proceedings of 1st International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG
Social gaming, online community, streaming, audience studies,
026The Modem Nation: A First Study on Twitch.TV Social Structure and Player/Game RelationshipsBenjamin C.B. Churchill, Wen Xu2016
2016 IEEE International Conferences on Big Data and Cloud Computing (BDCloud), Social Computing and Networking (SocialCom), Sustainable Computing and Communications (SustainCom) (BDCloud-SocialCom-SustainCom)
social network, gaming community, data analysis..
027Towards Hybrid Cloud-assisted Crowdsourced Live Streaming: Measurement and AnalysisCong Zhang, Jiangchuan Liu, Haiyang Wang2016NOSSDAV’16Crowdsourced Live Streaming, Hybrid Cloud, Workload Migration,
028Social Support in eSports: Building Emotional and Esteem Support from Instrumental Support Interactions in A Highly Competitive EnvironmentFreeman, G., and Wohn, D. Y.2017ACM CHI PLAY ConferenceeSports; social support; competitive gaming; social capital..
029Content structure is king: An empirical study on gratifications, game genres and content type on TwitchSjöblom, M., Törhönen, M., Hamari, J., and Macey, J.2017Computers in Human Behavior
Streaming; New media; Genres; Uses and gratifications; Video games; Social media; User-generated content
030Shaping Pro and Anti - Social Behavior on Twitch Through Moderation and Example - SettingSeering, J., Kraut, R. E., and Dabbish, L.2017ACM CSCW ConferenceModeration strategies; chatroom behavior; authority and imitation; governanceQuantitative analysis of Twitch chatUsers imitate other users' behaviors, whether positive or negative, at a substantial rate. This effect is greater when the imitated user is a moderator. Bans are effective at deterring multiple different types of behaviors, whether positive or negative. Moderators have the ability to shape chat behaviors by removing offensive content and setting positive examples
031Audience Participation Games: Blurring the Line Between Player and SpectatorSeering, J., Savage, S., Eagle, M., Churchin, J., Moeller, R., Bigham, J. P., and Hammer, J.2017ACM DIS ConferenceGames and play; social media and online communities; entertainmentGames designed for Twitch as design probesExplores the possibility for expanded development in the space of games that allow stream chats to play along with streames on Twitch. Created two games with two variants each to identify factors affecting engagement
032‘It’s like the gold rush’: the lives and careers of professional video game streamers on Twitch.tvJohnson, M. R. and Woodcock, J. 2017Information, Communication and SocietyLive streaming, careers, labour, professionalisation, working livesQualitative interview analysis and ethnographyLooks at the lives and careers of professional Twitch streamers, drawing on fifty interviews with Twitch pros. Examines how people get into streaming, what it is like to be a pro streamer, and their hopes and concerns about the future.
033A campus-level view of Netflix and Twitch: Characterization and performance implicationsLaterman, Michel, Martin Arlitt, and Carey Williamson.2017
Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS)
034Moving People from Science Adjacent to Science Doers with Twitch.tvGay, Pamela L.2017
American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #49
..[note - unable to access full text]
035Talking about Twitch: Dropped Frames and a normative theory of new media production.Bingham, C. M.2017Convergence
Critical discourse analysis, live streaming, normative theory, professionalism, production, Twitch, user-generated content, videogames
036Toward a transcription and analysis of live streaming on TwitchRecktenwald, D.2017Journal of Pragmatics
Transcription; Online live streaming; Pivoting; Twitch; Computer-mediated communication; Video-mediated communication; Games
037World of Streaming. Motivation and Gratification on TwitchDaniel Gros, Brigitta Wanner,Anna Hackenholt, Piotr Zawadzki, Kathrin Knautz2017
International Conference on Social Computing and Social Media
Streaming; Social live streaming services; Twitch; Use Gratification; Motivation; Money; Media usage
038Let's Play My Way: Investigating Audience Influence in User-Generated Gaming Live-StreamsPascal Lessel, Michael Mauderer, Christian Wolff, Antonio Kruger2017
2017 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video
Interactive streams; co-presence; audience experience; Twitch Plays Pokemon; Rocket Beans TV; viewer participation
039Expanding Video Game Live-Streams with Enhanced Communication Channels: A Case StudyPascal Lessel, Alexander Vielhauer, Antonio Kruger2017ACM SIGCHI ConferenceTwitch; Hearthstone; audience influence; streaming..
040Player one, playing with others virtually: what’s next in game and player studiesConsalvo, Mia2017Critical Studies in Media Communication...
041Chat Speed OP PogChamp: Practices of Coherence in Massive Twitch ChatFord, C., Gardner, D., Horgan, L. E., Liu, C., Nardi, B., & Rickman, J.2017ACM alt.chiTwitch; chat; computer-mediated communication; CMC..
042The Game of Performing Play: Understanding Streaming as Cultural ProductionPellicone, Anthony J. and Ahn, J.2017ACM SIGCHI Conferencedigital games; streaming media; games and learning; games studies ..
043Why do audiences choose to keep watching on live video streaming platforms? An explanation of dual identification frameworkMu Hu, Mingli Zhang, and Yu Wang2017Computers in Human Behavior...
044Playing along and playing for on Twitch: Livestreaming from tandem play to performanceRainforest Scully-Blaker, Jason Begy, Mia Consalvo & Sarah Christina Ganzon2017
Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
045Programming as a Performance – Live-streaming and Its Implications for Computer Science EducationLassi Haaranen2017
ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education
046Determinants of Live Streamers' Continuance Broadcasting Intentions on Twitch: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective.Zhao, Q., Chen, C. D., Cheng, H. W., & Wang, J. L.2017Telematics and Informatics....
047All the Feels: Designing a Tool that Reveals Streamers’ Biometrics to SpectatorsRaquel Robinson, Zachary Rubin, Elena Márquez Segura, Katherine Isbister2017
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games
Biometrics; Online gameplay streaming; Wearable technology; Twitch..
048Cloud-assisted Crowdsourced LivecastCONG ZHANG, JIANGCHUAN LIU, HAIYANG WANG2017
ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications
Crowdsourced livecast, public clouds, workload migration, resource allocation..
049Examining the learning effects of live streaming video game instruction over TwitchKatherine Payne, Mark J.Keith, Ryan M.Schuetzler, Justin Scott Giboney2017Computers in Human Behavior
Online learning,, Learner-learner interaction, Cognitive load theory, Worked-example effect
050Seeker: Topic-Aware Viewing Pattern Prediction in Crowdsourced Interactive Live StreamingCong Zhang, Jiangchuan Liu, Ming Ma, Lifeng Sun, Bo Li2017NOSSDAV’17Crowdsourced interactive live streaming, viewing patterns, interactive messages,
051Watching People Is Not a Game: Interactive Online Corporeality, and Videogame StreamsSky LaRell Anderson2017Game, corporeal turn, interactive online corporeality, bodies, website design..
052What Lurks in the Dark: An Audience Participation Horror GameJustin Fanzo, Rachel Gu, Jinchao Han, Ketul Majmudar, Tony Deng, Flora Cheng, Chaoya Li, Jessica Hammer2017
In Extended Abstracts Publication of the Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play
Twitch-based horror; asymmetric game; streamer-audience tension; audience power; player psychology
053Internet scale user-generated live video streaming: The Twitch case.Deng, J., Tyson, G., Cuadrado, F., & Uhlig, S.2017
International Conference on Passive and Active Network Measurement; live video streaming; video streaming infrastructure..
054CrowdChess: A System to Investigate Shared Game Control in Live-StreamsPascal Lessel, Alexander Vielhauer, Antonio Kruger2017CHI Play 2017
Wisdom of crowds; input aggregation; co-presence;self-administration; audience control; audience-driven games
055Tabletop Game Meets Live-Streaming:Empowering the AudiencePascal Lessel, Maximilian Altmeyer2017CHI Play 2017 WorkshopCo-presence; audience influence; audience integration..
056Towards the Understanding of Gaming Audiences by Modeling Twitch EmotesFrancesco Barbieri, Luis Espinosa-Anke, Miguel Ballesteros, Juan Soler-Company, Horacio Saggion2017
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text
.a bidirectional long short-term memory recurrent neural network (LSTM)
057Stream Clustering of Chat Messages with Applications to Twitch StreamsMatthias Carnein, Dennis Assenmacher, Heike Trautmann2017
International Conference on Conceptual Modeling
Data stream; Stream clustering; Text analysis; Text clustering; Twitch.tvclustering.
126Night Mode, Dark Thoughts: Background Color Influences the Perceived Sentiment of Chat MessagesDiana Löffler, Lennart Giron, Jörn Hurtienne2017
IFIP Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Color, Affective bias, Sentiment analysis, User interface design, Online chat, Embodiment, Conceptual metaphor theory, Persuasive computing
058Explaining Viewers’ Emotional, Instrumental, and Financial Support Provision for Live StreamersWohn, D. Y., Freeman, G., and McLaughlin, C.2018ACM SIGCHI Conference
Live streaming; social support; parasocial; tangible support; emotional support; financial support; presence; social TV
059Inclusion and exclusion in the digital economy: disability and mental health as a live streamer on Twitch.tvJohnson, M. R.2018Information, Communication and SocietyLive streaming, careers, labour, professionalisation, working lives, disability, health, stressQualitative interview analysis and ethnographyLooks at the experiences of Twitch streamers, professional and semi-professional, who have mental or physical health issues, or disabilities. Specifically explores this in the context of opportunities for entrepreneurship and inclusion on the platform.
060When All You Have is a Banhammer: The Social and Communicative Work of Volunteer ModeratorsLo, C2018MSc Thesis, MITModerationqualitative interview analysis and ethnography plus entirely too much time spent being a mod
061Watch Me PlayTaylor, T.L.2018Princeton University Press...
Dux, James2018Computer Science & Information Technology
Social Network Analysis, Uses and Gratification,, Social Live Streaming, Social
063Gender and live-streaming: source credibility and motivationTodd, Patricia2018

YouTube, Gender, Source credibility, Online consumer behaviour, Virtual communities, Video marketing, Live-stream
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065Twickle: Growing Twitch Streamer’s Communities Through Gamification of Word-of-Mouth ReferralsBrown, Jacob T., and Batra, Bharat2018
Proceedings of the 2018 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video; live streaming; leaderboard; viewer participation; online communities; referrals..
066Personalized channel recommendation on live streaming platformsLin, Chen-Yi and Chen, Han-Shen2018Multimedia Tools and ApplicationsRecommendation system; Live streaming; Clustering; Personal preference ..
067Utilitarian and Hedonic Motivations for Live Streaming ShoppingCai, Jie and Wohn, Donghee Yvette, and Mittal, Ankit and Sureshbabu, Dhanush2018
Proceedings of the 2018 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video
Live streams; live streaming shopping; e-commerce; Technology Acceptance Model (TAM); hedonic and utilitarian motivations; behavioral intentions
068Improving Quality of Experience for Mobile Broadcasters in Personalized Live Video StreamingQingmei Ren, Yong Cui, Wenfei Wu, Changfeng Chen, Yuchi Chen, Jiangchuan Liu, and Hongyi Huang2018
IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Quality of Service
069Interactions of Twitch Users and Their Usage BehaviorDaniel Gros, Anna Hackenholt, Piotr Zawadzki, Brigitta Wanner2018
International Conference on Social Computing and Social Media
Streaming; Social live streaming services; Twitch Media usage; Usage behavior; User interaction
070Fair use, Fair play: Video Game Performances and “let’s plays” as Transformative UseDan Hagen2018
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Space; Face-to-face interaction; 3D virtual worlds; Affordances; Interactive multimodal platforms (IMP); Second Life; Twitch
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073The Fall of the Fourth Wall: Designing and Evaluating Interactive Spectator ExperiencesStahlke, S., Robb, J., Mirza-Babei, P.2018Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations
Digital Games, eSports, Game Design, Game User Research, Player Experience, Spectator Experience, Spectator-Player
.Open access:
074QoE-aware distributed cloud-based live streaming of multisourced multiview videosK.Bilal, A.Erbad, M.Hefeeda2018Journal of Network and Computer Applications...
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076Watching Players: An Exploration of Media Enjoyment on TwitchTim Wulf, Frank M. Schneider, Stefan Beckert,2018Games and CultureTwitch, video game streaming, media enjoyment, parasocial relationships, suspense..
077Design Challenges for Livestreamed Audience Participation GamesSeth Glickman, Nathan McKenzie, Joseph Seering, Rachel Moeller, Jessica Hammer2018ACM CHI PLAY ConferenceGame design; livestreaming; online communitiesDesign probes, interface developmentProvided three game development teams with an audience participation interface development toolkit. Teams iteratively developed and tested Audience Participation Games over the course of ten months, and then reflected on common design challenges across the three games. Six challenges were identified: latency, screen sharing, attention management, player agency, audience-streamer relationships, and shifting schedules.
078The Social Roles of Bots: Situating Bots in Discussions in Online CommunitiesJoseph Seering, Juan Pablo Flores, Saiph Savage, Jessica Hammer2018ACM CSCW ConferenceChatbots, bots, Twitch, social roles, moderationQuantitative analysis of Twitch chat, qualitative analysis of bot actionsPerformed a large-scale analysis of bot activity levels on Twitch, finding that they communicate at a much greater rate than other types of user. Looked at the different types of messages bots send across different types and sizes of streams, and also how much they take moderation actions compared to human moderators.
079Collegiate eSports as Learning Ecologies: Investigating Collaborative Learning and Cognition During CompetitionsGabriela T. Richard, Zachary A. McKinley, Robert William Ashley2018Proceedings of DiGRA 2018
esports, games and learning, collegiate athletics, computing competitions, learning ecologies, live streaming, collaborative learning, cognitive apprenticeship, perceptual learning
080With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Video Game Live Streaming and Its Potential Risks and Benefits for Female GamersUszkoreit, Lena2018
In: Gray K., Voorhees G., Vossen E. (eds) Feminism in Play
Gender, Video games, Live streaming, Twitch, Representation, Performances ..
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Thirty Ninth International Conference on Information Systems
Live streaming, Twitch, content switching, spillover effect..
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The 22nd Biennial Conference of the International Telecommunications Society
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2018 IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM)
Gaming Video Streaming, QoE, Quality Assessment, Machine Learning, No Reference..
090Fuzzy Logic Based Decision Support System for Broadcaster on TwitchErcan ATAGÜN, Murat KORKMAZ2, Tunahan TİMUÇİN, İbrahim YÜCEDAĞ2018
Fuzzy Logic, Decision Support System, Twitch..
091From Arcades to Online: Updating Copyright to Accommodate Video Game StreamingNicholas Robinson2018North Carolina Journal of Law & Technology...
092Collecting Observational Data about Online Video Use in the Home Using Open-Source Broadcasting SoftwareSteven Schirra, Danae Holmes, Alice Rhee2018
Proceedings of the 2018 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video
Remote contextual inquiry; multitasking; multiscreening; multiple monitors; research methods; Open Broadcaster Software (OBS); online video; livestreams; Twitch; multiple monitors; in-home observation.
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Proceedings of the 2nd GamiFIN conference (pp. 160-167). Pori, Finland.
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Twitch, governance, moderation, online communities, platforms, Reddit, social networks, Facebook
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Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
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Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
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Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
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Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences