Case no.Case captionGeneral explanation of the issueWhat did NDLS RLI do?Link?When filed?Which side did RLI support?Who won?Notes
121-1405Smith v. WardCan a Muslim inmate grow a beard as long as he wants to?Filed an amicus brief in support of cert.Link6/6/22Smith (the Muslim inmate)Ward (petition denied cert.)Ward brief: "Smith is a convicted murderer serving a life sentence in a maximum-security prison [who] has been found guilty of attacking guards and other prisoners [and] hiding dangerous contraband."
221-418Kennedy v. Bremerton School DistrictSchool prayer — coach praying before gamesAffiliated faculty filed amicus briefLink3/2/22Kennedy (the praying coach)Kennedy
320-1800Shurtleff v. City of BostonFlying a Christian flag on City HallFiled an amicus briefLink11/22/21Shurtleff (the Christan flag side)Shurtleff
421-145Gordon College v. DeWeese-BoydSectarian schools' exemption from certain lawsFiled an amicus brief on behalf of two Christian collegesLink9/2/21Gordon CollegeCert. denied, preserving victory for DeWeese-BoydFour justices, including Barrett, wrote dissent re: denying cert.; Barrett is godmother to daughter of counsel of record, Rick Garnett
519-1392Dobbs v. Jackson Women's HealthAbortion and overturning Roe v. WadeAffiliated faculty filed amicus brief(s)Links to briefs in this linkSummer 2021DobbsDobbs
620A90Agudath Israel of America v. CuomoState mandate on crowd size for religious gatherings during COVIDFiled an amicus brief on behalf of two Muslim organizationsLink11/17/20Agudath IsraelAgudath Israel, mostlyStephanie Barclay, counsel of record, introduced Justice Alito at July 21, 2022, RLI-sponsored speech in Rome
Notre Dame Law School's Religious Liberty Initiative launched6/17/20