Election transparency best practices
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Thank you for your participation!

We are Transparency4Iran, one of the few groups working on transparency in our country.
We have had some good experiences during our last election and now facing with the big one; the most important political event in Iran.

Our presidential election will be held on April and we have chosen the topics below to promote transparency and accountability during this golden time:

1. Tracking Promises
2. Proposed Cabinet members
3. Assets and income disclosure
4. Presidential official Action Plans
5. Candidate viewpoints on different issues
6. Election Funding amounts and sources
7. Election Spending amounts and sources
8. Candidate Career

We are looking for any experience on such topics in differnt countries. We look forward to here from you about any resources, empirical experiences and skilled related people to the mentioned topics. If so, please let us know.

In Iran we are taking our first steps in our approach to transparency, therefore, knowing best practices will help us choose the best steps according to our circumstances.

We would be thankful if you enter your notes, comments or links in the next sheet

Thank you
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