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11/2/2016 7:59:36It shows you how to make a creative phone case.
Hannah Kane and Ren Davidson
I think it's a good video because she explains and shows what she is doing and she goes slow enough to understand what she's doing. She uses a voice over to explain what she does after she filmed it which causes the video to have clear sound.
11/2/2016 8:06:17
This video describes the greatness of the University of Michigan. The add gives the great qualities of the University, well keeping the watcher engaged. The add get all the schools points across, and shows what the schools all about.
Sean Murray Ryan Hebda
It was great, I loved how the fight song was in the background. It showed all the tradition of the school and what Michigan is all about.
11/2/2016 8:11:44How to read sheet music
Haley Knapp1st10/10 helpful
11/2/2016 8:12:46
This video not only shows you how to make an efficient paper airplane but it also shows how well the design works in the beginning of the video.
Cameron Day1st
If you like paper airplanes enough to watch a 6 minute long video for some reason then this video is for you.
11/2/2016 8:14:16
This video is how to make a salad that doesn't suck. I love salads. Quednau1st
I love salads, so this informed me of other ways to make an awesome salad.
11/2/2016 8:15:44This video is hacks on how to sneak food into class.
I think this is a bad example because its kind of pointless. The guy goes through so much trouble when most teachers don't even care if you eat in class, or you can just wait till lunch.
11/2/2016 8:19:56
Carlson High Schools news channel. They have an intro logo and a song. They report on Wynn 1st
They have a cool set up and announce up coming events like we would in the lunch cafeteria
11/2/2016 8:19:58
Carlson High Schools news channel. They have an intro logo and a song. They report on Wynn 1st
They have a cool set up and announce up coming events like we would in the lunch cafeteria
11/2/2016 8:22:32This video is a sum up of gibralter carlesons === Goodman1st
Video was decent. It didnt do the best job of loading. I think it couldve been better if they interviewed people before and after the game.
11/2/2016 8:22:56
This is a funy spanish video my brother made in high school and it promotes the Spanish class. there are also many wrong things in this I'm sure.
Ryan Hebda and Sean Murray
I was the filmer of this video and we should promote a class in our school.
11/2/2016 8:23:45
I feel that this video effectively laid out the steps to complete the task and he kept it short and sweet.
Olivia Kruslemsky1stI love potted cacti.
11/2/2016 8:26:13make fire wit limon
Young Dee (Nicky D)1st
if u stuck in da woods with a lemon you good
11/2/2016 8:27:14
A new band was formed at their highschool and the video was expplaining to the students what the band was like.
Christina Wynn1st
Its a good interview video
11/2/2016 8:29:31
promotion video of the university of michigan dearborn and my brother patrick.
Ryan Hebda and Sean Murray
1stpatty is a gump
11/2/2016 8:30:41How to Make a Paper Airplane McKee1st
This is a quick, easy, and helpful tutorial about how to make a paper airplane. Although it's content is not amazingly important, it is an example of a convenient How To Video.
11/2/2016 8:33:34This video shows you how to easily fold a paper heart.
Charlotte Raft1st
I think this video is good because it's pretty quick and simple but it still shows you all you need to know about folding the heart.
11/2/2016 8:34:18How to
comes in handy for dinners with important people
11/2/2016 8:36:11
this vidoe will show you how to make a great dinner for you're fam
steve1stits good
11/2/2016 8:36:25
Lake Orion Highschool does a news twice a week and report on events going on in the city Wynn1st
it is good and they make it seem like its a real news show. They go to the events and take footage there and interview people involved in the event.
11/2/2016 8:36:53CRC College Visit Promo
Josh Kuhowski & Griffin Shimanek
It has a good audio quality and it's informative.
11/2/2016 8:37:44This would be cool to do in the studio to showcase local talent.
Zachary Szalay, PhD1stSICK.
11/2/2016 8:37:59Wyandotte
Jenna Gignac & Brooke Mayoros
I think there videos are very good and we like how they do a video with announcments everyday.
11/2/2016 8:38:41How to make a grilled cheese sandwich
Sean Stanley1st
This video was very helpful and can come in handy when you want to make a grilled cheese sandwich
11/2/2016 8:39:14Promotional Video for Wyandotte's Political Science Club McKee1st
This is a good informational promotion for the club. The interviewers did a good job presenting their questions and keeping their commentary to a minimum. It was also very well edited.
11/2/2016 9:04:13How To Green Screen
Alexander Porreca2nd
Its good but is somewhat boring due to no one talking to you.
11/2/2016 9:04:39
Promotional video for Political Science Club at Roosevelt High School (Wyandotte)
Joseph T.2nd
The video appears to be a good promotional video as it highlights interviews with faculty and students in the club, as well as a glimpse of their actual meetings and some of the events they offer.
11/2/2016 9:07:01
A guy teaches the internet how to tie a tie properly and quickly
Brendan Jorgensen2nd
I think it is a good video because he slowly walks through how to do it and you can get it done quickly.
11/2/2016 9:07:02
This video is like a commerical about a girl going to doritio island and she dies from the doritos.
Brody Wilson2nd
This video was very awkward and it was very obvious that there was a green screen, but it did get the point across that Dorito's are so good that it can kill you, as well as being stranded on an island can kill you.
11/2/2016 9:08:48
A video of how to remove a tire from the rim and then reinstall it.
Audrey Miles2nd
I was actually looking for Mr. Monaco's video, sadly I couldn't find it. Sorry.
11/2/2016 9:09:54
How-To/Promotional Video on Enrolling in Fraser Public Schools
Joseph T.2nd
This video offers both a how-to as well as a promotional video rolled into one, as it details how to enroll and why people should enroll.
11/2/2016 9:10:29
Its nice to know how to use my iphone to make youtube videos.
David Rushlow2nd
It was informational, and helped a lot. I learned a lot
11/2/2016 9:12:10Promotional Video on how to make a promotional video
Michael Warnick2nd
It is a great example on how to make a promotional video
11/2/2016 9:12:41This video was about tennis in Wyandotte this year.
Alec Walker2nd
This video was pretty well put together and had some nice qualities to it such as good editing and nice music.
11/2/2016 9:12:55
This is about how to balance a car tire with the balancing machine.
Audrey Miles2nd
It's probably not as good as Mr. Monaco's videos.
11/2/2016 9:13:03
The video is showing the atmosphere of the state championship for wrestling
Ean Purcell2nd
its promoting the tournament to the public
11/2/2016 9:13:55This guy teaches you how to solve a Rubik's Cube.
McKenna Mahoney & Amber Cheplick
This guy does a good job explaining how to solve a Rubik's cube. He also gives the steps to solve it.
11/2/2016 9:14:52How to Tie-dye: an informative video on how to tie-dye tshirts Litchard2nd
This video was very good, except I would shorten it and fast forward through the adding dye onto the t-shirts. Also, do not wear tie-dye to school because that means you do drugs and drugs are bad!
11/2/2016 9:15:01Mr. Monaco sweeping floor
Thad Plaza2nd
I like it because Mr. Monaco is a smart person and he is good at teaching things.
11/2/2016 9:15:12Teaches you how to tie a tie.
Juliana Grocki2nd
It was simple and easy to understand.
11/2/2016 9:15:14Powerade commercial
Alexander Porreca1st
Good video, funny and liked to watch. Good editing.
11/2/2016 9:16:06how to make a promo video
Greg Raymond2nd
the dude was weird but it was good
11/2/2016 9:16:41This video shows us how to study smarter.
Lauren Pifer2nd
This video gives good study tips.
11/2/2016 9:17:30
The Laingsburg media crew highlights their achievements in sports, broadcasting and, academics,.
Jackson Rickman2nd9/10
11/2/2016 9:18:03How to use a torque wrench with Bryan Monaco
Ryan Parratta2nd
Very helpful but needs an intro.
11/2/2016 9:18:53
How to stack chairs. He showing people how to stack chairs the right way.
robert hendertilo2nd
I like this video because it shows you how to stack chairs in every class room
11/2/2016 9:19:16How to make brownies
Jared Smellie2nd
Video shows instructions on how to make brownies with clever editing to make it quick.
11/2/2016 9:19:53
This was created by Garrett Kowaleski at Laingsburg High School for Wolf News. He teaches how to make Tsubame Sanjo Ramen.
Ryan Lynch2nd
I think this video is helpful because a lot of college kids eat Ramen Noodles and it shows how to make them.
11/2/2016 9:20:33
this video talks about why you should go to college visits in December.
Aryelle Faiman2nd
I think its a useful video especially for people who are looking into college.
11/2/2016 9:20:55This person shows you a faster way on how to tie your shoes.
Amber Cheplick & McKenna Mahoney
This is a good video because the person goes over the steps a few times so that the viewer can understand how to do it.
11/2/2016 9:21:29this video is about learning how to belly dance.
Instanbulls (joey)2nd
i like the fact that it shows her whole body and demonstrates before she actually begins. also she does it in slow motion
11/2/2016 9:21:58How to tap dance tutorial
Dharti Hammons2nd
I've done tap dancing for 11 years and still don't know how to do some hard tap dances. But I'm still learning.
11/2/2016 9:22:44Informative video on how to stack chairs
Jackson Rickman2nd10/10
11/2/2016 9:27:00how to make youor own hoverboard
instanbulls (joe)2nd
i like how it shows it involves music and its hows a step by step directions
11/2/2016 9:27:00
in this video it shows you how to create 8 diy edible school supplies pranks. it would very fun for student to try this and would overall make school more fun.
Caroline Gorno2nd
I like this video because it allows people to be creative and have fun while at school.
11/2/2016 9:28:07Gatorade promo By Cam Newton #1
Connor Charping2nd
Cam Newton is the best QB of all time.
11/2/2016 9:28:24Michigan State Promotional Video
Michael Warnick2nd
It is a good example of a promotional video
11/2/2016 9:28:25This video is about the wyandotte girls swim team.
Brody Wilson2nd
I thought this video was really well made because the interviews were not awkward and it made the video less cringey
11/2/2016 9:29:07This is building a shed
David Rushlow2nd
I like building things so this could be helpful to me and informational
11/2/2016 9:30:00Cam Newton promotional video on wireless beats
Connor Charping2ndVery good commercial.
11/2/2016 9:30:26
This video was made to help people learn how to french braid your hair by yourself.
Madison Howard2nd
The video helped me out alot but her editing wasn't that great. She had some cool effects but the lighting was bad along with the random icons on the video popping up while watching. Other than that 10 out of 10 would recommend
11/2/2016 9:31:16
How to video on how to use the green screen and how to put different backgrounds in an editing software.
Jackson Rickman2nd
Helpful but it has no words
11/2/2016 9:32:24its a track promo Faiman2nd
i thought it was a good video, it was short, and it kinda showed you what type of things you would be doing if you were in track.
11/2/2016 9:33:47More people need to learn how to be safe on the road
robert hendertilo2nd
More than 1.3 million die from car crashes so this could help people from that
11/2/2016 9:34:16how to open your car with a potato
Greg Raymond2nd
he opened the door wit a potato yeet
11/2/2016 9:34:36promo video of jeeps
Ean Purcell2nd
it shows what a jeep is capable of
11/2/2016 9:35:30How to make bendy pencil
Jared Smellie2nd
video makes making pencils look easy with good pacing
11/2/2016 9:35:58This video promotes Extra Gum.
Amber Cheplick & McKenna Mahoney
This is a cute video so many people will remember it. It also is a good way to promote Extra Gum.
11/2/2016 9:36:14how to survive being buried alive
instanbulls (joey)2nd
there is good details and recommendations to the video he had good examples also and demonstrated with a cartoon
11/2/2016 9:36:49Clayton Kershaw ad
Thad Plaza2ndTeaches life lessons
11/2/2016 9:37:01
Created by Derek Kazor, Kam Louth, Braden Ellis, and Hunter Kushion at Laingsburg High School for Wolf News. It is a Cherry Coke Zero Commercial.
Ryan Lynch2nd
This commercial is good because it made me want a Cherry Coke Zero.
11/2/2016 9:39:53Antonio Brown add
Thad Plaza2nd
It is funny and promotes pepsi well
11/2/2016 9:39:58how not to open a car window
11/2/2016 9:41:12This video is a 5 min. instructional video on how to tie a tie.
Josh Ohneck2nd
I think this is a good video because he goes slow and talks you through step by step. And he talks nice and clear so it is easy to understand him.
11/2/2016 9:43:37A how to draw video.
Audrey Miles2nd
It's less than 10 minuets.
11/2/2016 9:47:14This is a video how to tie a tie
David Rushlow2nd
This helps knowing this cause it is hard to tie a tie
11/2/2016 9:48:12How to make the best flying paper airplane
Max Ellis2ndGood video
11/2/2016 9:51:33
An interview about cars with different kids from different schools Stackpoole2nd
Intro was really cool. Got a lot of info from kids from different schools
11/2/2016 9:53:23
An interview with girls on the wyandotte swim team and how they are doing
Madison Stackpoole2nd
it was col how they got video of the girls swimming
11/2/2016 9:54:03This is a simple bathbom that anyone can make!
Caroline Gorno2nd
This is a bath bomb that you can make in your spare time, it would be very fun to try and make one and then you can use it to when you take as bath.