Blueprint/LCAP Digital Feedback Form 18-19 ENGLISH (Responses)
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Please indicate your role in the district.
What is your general impression of the Blueprint for Educational Excellence and Innovation?
What should we keep that is working well in our Blueprint/LCAP?What should we change or improve that can work better in our Blueprint/LCAP?What should we remove or modify that is not working in our Blueprint/LCAP?What questions do you have about the Blueprint/LCAP?
Feedback on Strategy 1 - Family and Community as Partners in Education: "We will develop a system that promotes two-way communication, engagement, and partnerships."
Feedback on Strategy 2 - 21st Century Facilities and Resources: "We will create and implement on-going technology and facilities systems that provide all students and staff with optimal learning environments."
Feedback on Strategy 3 - Social/Emotional System of Support: "We will create positive school climates where students feel safe, connected and enthusiastic about learning."
Feedback on Strategy 4 - High Quality, Flexible and Adaptable Core Curriculum: "We will create and implement teaching and learning systems that ensure academic progression in which all students demonstrate high-level conceptual understanding and competencies in all content areas."
Feedback on Strategy 5 - High Quality, Flexible and Adaptable Staff: "We will recruit, hire, develop,and retain team members who exemplify our values and ensure our ability to achieve our mission."
Feedback on Strategy 6 - Achievement Monitoring and Feedback: "We will develop and implement an achievement monitoring and feedback system driven by student input, goal setting and reflection."
Feedback on Strategy 7 - Personalized Learning Environment: "In order to provide a challenging, relevant curriculum, we will create and use blended learning environments which will provide flexibility and individualize learning."
1/9/2019 9:41:02ParentGoodunknownThe high achieving, gifted learner, is not mentioned in the discussion of equitable learning. So much emphasis is put on the high needs, special education learner, and I completely understand why, but one of the highest drop out rates is for the gifted learner who has for decades been ignored as funding has been diverted to special education programs, and this is not true equitable learning. Both of my children who have attended VUSD are high achievers who have been been swept under the proverbial carpet as more of our student population requires supplemental special education services. I strongly support taking very good care of all of our student needs, but equity for all is not to teach to the masses and ignore those who are independent learners and are not a disruption to the classroom. I have tried to teach both of my children to be self disciplined and to strive to do their best in spite of the unfortunate circumstances. Please understand, I am not angry, I expected this; my husband and I are products of LAUSD and survived, and my children have learned to grin and bear it and unfortunately have never found their experience in the educational beltway to be at all equitable. I have told them both, over the many years, to "play the game" until they graduate. I applaud the many incredible teachers who devote themselves to teaching our children; there are many good ones, but not all teachers are good and actually many should not teach and do harm and the tenure system has no mechanism for removing those bad teachers, sadly. This is old news and has been going on for decades, yet it is worth repeating. That said, I am thankful to have met and worked with some wonderful and devoted teachers who do their very best for our children in spite of the system working against them. I believe strongly that the good teachers and staff are angels who walk among us, but the fundamental system of public education in the US is broken, and children who are not fortunate to have a very strong support system will continue to slide further downward. I do not take any pleasure in writing this, my heart breaks, actually. I will remain hopeful that VUSD will continue to push the boundaries of the status quo in spite of Devos, in spite of Trump, in spite of the forces that seek to further undermine our public education system that has been contributing to CA now being the worst public education in the country. I am heartbroken that the once shining star state of CA now ranks the worst in the entire US for successful and quality education. I know VUSD has some great leadership and is operating against very strong negative forces, for this I am sad. Please continue to always strive to be better and please don't forget the high achiever students who desperately need to be nurtured and stimulated as well. Don't continue to forget them as if all will turn out right for them. The stats actually show that the gifted learner is at increased risk of drop out, more so than any other classification of student.The gifted learners are the forgotten learners, and this is most detrimental at this critical time when we need an army of independent and critical thinkers to solve the urgent issues facing the planet. Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy dissertation here...for those who know me, my words are not to incite, rather to assist. US public education was once revered, not any more. Our family will have a combined 22 years with VUSD and I have seen it evolve for the better, yet there is a very long way to go. Can we rebuild the system? I hope so. Best to all of you who care, you are a beacon of hope. Never give up on our kids. Please no longer accept out of district magnet students until ALL VUSD students fill the seats. No VUSD child should be denied a space at a magnet school to an out of district student. Nikki Leeds:
VUSD must continue to push back to the Devos/Trump machine that seeks to punish DACA students and other marginalized student populations. The school acts as a social safety net and often literally as a human shield to persecution and danger from the outside. Please continue to be inclusive and to safeguard and protect our LGBTQ and ethnic and religious minority students who are under full force attack by our Federal Government. The school district oftentimes is a fortress to the outside world of hate and discrimination. Thanks for protecting our students from this hate so that they can learn.
1/28/2019 18:36:57AdministratorExcellentThe dedication and resource allocation toward personalized learning, funding to keep our libraries open after school for students to study, allocations toward student tutoring/preparation (i.e., AP review sessions), and support for math curriculum (Math coaches/TOSAs). Continue to hold forums at the site level that include student voice. N/A
I think it is crucial to continue funding social workers for our schools, support for programs such as PLUS, Breaking Down the Walls, as well as resources such as drug detection dogs.
1/30/2019 19:56:10ParentGoodTransportation to school with no side walks and available for kids, who need to ride the city bus or have to walk long didatancein order to get to schoolif, you have decided to close Alta Vista High School please provide transportation for Students, who live far from General Murray/lack transportation, or are low incomestop wasting color ink and paper people do not need to have a copy of the Blue Print, people can go to their kids school and request to have one /stop printing the school lunches most people have internet in their phones where they can view their kids lunch or request a copy at their kids school. we supposed to be a green districtNone at this time
How come parents were not asked to come with their own strategies why do we have to settle on what the District is providing to us.
they need to have techonoly help programs for functional/mild Sped Students
tWe need to ask student how the school can make them feel safe and brain storms their ideas
would there be a system to evaluate students that will let us know that they have understand and demostrate their academic progress
Some time employees are higer from the outside, when there is, so much, talent withing the schools. I have heard of employees who go back to school to get their B.A. of masters in business and can not get a job or a training job internship because they do not have the experienced to stay at VUSD
how would this happened?
I wish you will implement leadership skills and speech skills at all levels k-12th including special education
2/5/2019 10:55:55ParentGoodEnsuring charter and magnet schools don't bleed funds from home schools to the point of collapse and failure. All kids should have FAPE.Charter and magnet schools are great to innovate and share their lessons learned, but I don't always see the sharing, just the taking of funds from home schoolsMake sure all funding is transparentWhy are there magnet schools?
To achieve this , you will need more qualified, certified pschologists for every school available every day
2/5/2019 16:14:20TeacherGoodPersonalized Learning LabsMore equity between schools n/an/a
2/5/2019 17:42:58ParentExcellentInspire students to be critical thinkersNothingNothing
2/5/2019 18:31:42ParentExcellentIt all looks wonderful in print! Converting plan to action is the difficult point, and I hope VUSD continues to make strides in achieving planned goals. I personally feel the attention/strategy aimed toward economically disadvantaged, English language learners, and homeless and foster youth is tuned into our community and is a very positive approach. I still feel Special Needs students are overlooked. While I read proposed strategy in response to the metrics about this group of students (and so feel the group is addressed), I didn't understand what the effort/goals were aiming for...I don't think I really understood. Addressing Special Needs students is a very important part of the Blueprint, and it's my hope that VUSD and other stakeholders continue to address the need for intervention and improvement, support and success for these students. Far more experienced stakeholders would be best to answer this question! I feel like the Blueprint has been very refined (and improved) since its introduction, and I am satisfied with the results and annual approach to review.
I don't think I have questions. I'd like to extend my thanks for the effort that is put into creating, communicating, reviewing and refining this set of documents.
This is forever a sticking point in our District, but communication is two-way. Hopefully the better the District can communicate to us as family and community, we will make our own best efforts to communicate back in an effective way!
Hopefully the Prop. LL helps this along. There is a lot of disparity among our campuses in VUSD; my hope is this goal can be realistically addressed.
The addition of support staff, including Counselors, over the years has been a boon for students AND families! It is really so very appreciated, particularly when other resources outside of school are difficult to obtain or non-existent.
Students in VUSD have A LOT of opportunity, learning from really qualified and creative instructors! It's a very exciting time to receive a "basic education!"
The instructional staff are really exceptional, and there are real shining stars at each campus that I believe bring the best out of a diverse student body.
2/5/2019 18:43:11Support StaffFairPersonalized Learning Teachers in labs need to stay. Our lab has become the heartbeat of our school. It has become part of our school culture and is beginning to transform student learning through real world authentic problem solving, voice and choice, student interest and explorations of strengths. We are moving beyond the 4 walls of the classroom with modern day technology, processes and skills that apply to life and school. And, teachers are jumping on board because they can see it in the lab and the teacher works with them.

The lab is a place that shows no academic descrepency and makes learning equitable for all students. Children come in on a level playing field. 504, IEP, SST, ESL and behavioral kids become leaders and excel in the lab as do all students but these kids find an area of strength or interest in electronics, robotics, creativity, and innovation and amaze everyone. The lab speaks their language.

Not only is the lab a central hub for innovation, the integration into classrooms and working with teachers to support student learning is growing. This would not be possible without the support of the lab teacher. Our transformation at our school has begun and with the removal of the lab teacher you will be removing the innovation and 21st technology support that has been ongoing with teachers to move toward a more flexible learning environment that promotes voice and choice and moves learning past the 4 walls of the classroom and our school.

Innovation and Makerspaces are a mindset. Every kid should experience it everyday in their own class but that is not possible without the support of the lab to help with the integration and transformation in the regular ed classroom. Transformations take time and with the removal of the PL lab teacher you are not only removing the heartbeat of our school but erasing 2 years of forward innovative progress that we have made. Students, parents, teachers, staff, and admin. are excited about the lab and coming to it. With the removal of the PL lab teacher, you are removing a strong point for our appeal to parents. Re-imagine our school in several years when every class resembles the energy, innovation, and creativity that takes place in our lab and all students are excited to come to school everyday because of it.

In a nutshell, PL teachers stay and help support the staff in innovation and integration of the technologies and processes used in the lab to move forward in their own teaching and make learning more equitable for all students everyday.
Prep teachers at the elementary level need to be treated as valuable members of our students education. They are not valued neither is their position when you have a 2 year max turnover rate. This does not attract teachers who will stay nor does it help with an actual art/coding program or progression of any program when the turnover rate is high. Reword it: Art coding teacher that you can take your prep time with. Not prep teacher who happens to be doing art/coding. Modify the fact that some schools will have special programs while other will have zero. That's not equitable especially for the lower scio-economic and ESL students whose parents can't get them to the "better" school that has these "better" programs even if they wanted to. This does not represent the LCAP.
What is the reason for removing the PL teachers in the Innovation lab when we are suppose to be working toward innovation?
I thought we were suppose to be moving forward. Why does it feel we like the carpet is being ripped from under us and we are moving backwords with regard to innovation.
The district just obliterated this one with the removal of PL teachers from the labs.
2/5/2019 19:55:43ParentFairFunding for special teachers and classes like innovation/ STEM curriculum, Music, art, PENot having to beg each and every year for the fundingI believe you should give a set amount to each school site based on enrollment numbers and let the leaders at that school make the deterof what programs should be funded at their school site
You give plenty of opportunities for parent involvement, it’s too bad more parents won’t take the time to participate.
I hope with the bond passing more resources will go to the physical plan of many school sites, many of the Gramer school sites are in disrepair and need lots of new physical-plant
Please continue to provide school counseling and VP so the staff/ teacher are not over burdened with handling issues not related to learning
I have been over all impressed with the dedication and quality of the teaching staff at my sons school
This is so important to individual student success
2/5/2019 22:43:58ParentNot GoodThat you keep talking about it and adjusting it.Remember that not every child in the district is disadvantaged, and that not every parent lacks involvement. Often the best way to improve the district is to see what is working and then replicate your ideal student, family or community member, which is the direct opposite from the blueprint which instead seeks to push from underneath rather than pull from the top.The consistent use of the phrase “ principally purposed to the needs of English Learners, Foster Youth/Homeless, Low Income, and Students with Disabilities “ indicates that the primary goal of the district is to serve minority groups. This is not equitable for all students. Also, “Strategy I: Family and Community as Partners in education” references steps that family and community will take to communicate, but does not hold accountable the district for outbound communication, other than for prenatal- age 3.
Horrible. The way this entire section is written makes me want to remove my children from the school district. Why on earth would I want to send my children to a school district that clearly and specifically focuses on disadvantaged minority groups over and above other groups? This is the exact opposite of equity.
2/6/2019 8:02:32Support StaffFairAll of itFollowing through and include Libraries as part of the learning resources. Which means continuing with purchase of new materials to support student
achievement that are principally purposed to the needs of English Learners,
Foster Youth/Homeless, Low Income, Students with Disabilities and parents.
Better communication and more input from Classified staff.We need to promote our schools
More professional development for classified staff for help in the classroom.
We need a curriculum
I think this works for some but not all students. Some need more structure.
2/6/2019 9:55:41Support StaffExcellentPersonalized Learning, Social Emotional Support, Community Support-C Liaisonscontinue to have community forums throughout the community-in large churces or gathering placesN/A
Students, parents and the community visitors are very impressed with the innovative ways that children are learning such as the Innovation Lab and having a teacher run that lab- children are happy learning hands on and creating things with the learning that they are applying.
Its working great!
continue to give Satff and Students better facilities and improve/update our buildings
Very much neededN?A
Continue to hire highly qualified, caring staff!
Continue to provide environments where students are thriving!
2/6/2019 10:29:26Support StaffExcellentSupporting social-emotional support and Personalized learning (including makers lab/innovation labs)INCREASE staff. Specifically, assistant principals at the elementary level and school counselors/mental health support K-12.Modify strength based approach & college/career pathways k-12
2/6/2019 14:44:04ParentGoodFlexible staffWorking with parents more in regards to students education and emotional needs. Not taking away parental control regarding scab oil absences. Abuse of power with the SARB program. SARB program. Good Good
More school nurses/ psychologists needed
More art, more music, more extracurricular enrichment, more field trips.
Flexibility is extremely important
Always good to include the students. Empowers them.
Love it.
2/6/2019 22:59:04ParentExcellentMonte Vista Elementary has GREAT programs, my daughter absolutely loves the Innovation Lab, Music and Art...she comes home feeling engaged and able to learn and express herself in different ways. The school counselor being available to the students gives me such peace of mind knowing my daughter can utilize her when she’s faced with school isssues. I wish our school had a Vice Principal.Please don’t remove anything!
How can we make sure our programs stay in our school?
2/9/2019 17:19:50ParentExcellentI agree with the focus of improving literacy. I support the adoption of the American Reading Company and the impact teacher support you have provided schools to work with those students who have a deficit in literacy. I also appreciate the bi-weekly release of teachers to work and collaborate on topics that support student achievement. Planning time for teachers should be protected every year and granted. I'd like to specifically address one school, Monte Vista Elementary , and show support for their innovation lab. As a PTA parent at MVES, I have had the sad news that this lab may be in jeopardy with the districts budget freeze and budget cuts. This innovation lab should be protected and staffed as it does support student achievement and supports behavioral issues and offers students to be creative and problem solve and meeting many STEAM requirements that were a goal in the blueprint. current and relevant curriculum needs to be supplied to our students for all subjects, not just math. Although, math is a good start and the ARC is also a great addition. I am not sure about this questions because there are so many important goals already in place. I would like to see the district ask each school site what program or extra curricular is non negotiable and help them protect that. Again, Monte Vista Elementary Innovation Lab would be the non negotiable.
2/10/2019 12:12:48TeacherGoodStrategies for retaining/attracting students in the VUSD.Interventions for achieving academic proficiency in all studentsNA
We would love to see our innovation lab and teacher continue to receive support.
2/25/2019 9:56:18ParentGoodparents liaisons are essential for building community and allows child to flourishimprove capacity building in regards to letting admin know about title 3 money, increase elac students by having individual help for students and letting admin know about the various stipulations, develop summer school, mentor programs for children who are reclassified and those who are not,building community no more police officers on campus, perfect example of VUSD perpetuating school to prison pipline
3/2/2019 11:57:55ParentGoodSocial/emotional support. Personalized learning. Focus on STEAM.Commitment to the arts and physical education. Ensuring counselors, assistant principals, noon duties, custodians, and arts teachers are maintained as vital staff positions.Focus on English literacy seems to be prioritized at the expense of other areas.
I believe that parent-teacher conferences should not be student-lead. I want the opportunity to meet with the teacher with my student absent rather than spend this time having me student show me their work. That is what Open House is for.
Some schools allow students to bring home their iPads or Chrome books to ensure access to important learning apps, however, my school does not. That program should be district-wide.
Safety is at risk without adequate staff like noon duties and assistant principals at the elementary level. Full-time counselors should also be a top priority.
3/5/2019 14:47:17TeacherGoodThe ideas are good, the execution is less effective. I love the parts about servant leadership, engaging families, etc. I think there needs to be better support for extreme repeated behaviors of students with severe SE needs and defiance issues. Maybe more of a note on behavior systems and structures of school to ensure managed classrooms and effective environments and curb disrespect. I think we have too high an emphasis on technology and personalized learning.
Good, we love our community liaison. I think there needs to be more support to help families manage technology time of their kids and put safe blocks on their kids technology. Kids at home watch so much youtube and their whole afternoons are often online it is seriously damaging. I recently had a first grader look up pornographic videos on his iPad here at school and it was deeply distressing.
Sometimes technology becomes a crutch not another tool for learning.
I think this needs to be more specific. There needs to be clear systems in place of behavior expectations when entering school, additionally, clear supports for teachers, families, and students for children with extreme behavior issues that effect the safety, enthusiasm, and contentedness of other students at school.
I love our flexible adaptable curriculum! I also love that we are starting to introduce dual language immersion programs!
I feel very honored to be a member of the VUSD faculty.
Good teachers constantly use feedback. I don't know how great iReady is for actual feedback and monitoring as it often places kids far below what we as teachers have observed their levels to be.
This is a little ambiguous but a nice idea. I think a lot of teachers and school just add in flexible seating to their class and call it personalized learning.
3/5/2019 14:50:44TeacherGoodGoal 1 & 2: Literacy and math should be a priority!Goal 8: We don't have the materials (curriculum) or facilities to promote excellence.Goal 7: Too much of an emphasis on Personalized Learning in K-5. Let's teach the basics in K-5, and emphasize personal learning 6-12.
Will we loose counselors in K-5? They are mandatory for goal 3: social/emotional support!!
I think we're making great strides in this area.
We have some technology, but not enough access to our IT dept. It takes too long to get problems fixed!!
Kids are coming from difficult home lives. Teachers can't provide all the emotional support kids need. We need more counselors at schools!!
We are gifted professionals!
Too much goal setting in K-5. Poor kids.
Too much emphasis on personalized learning K-5. Kids are out of control.
3/5/2019 15:49:59TeacherExcellentElementary musicOne musicbteacher atveach Elementary Na
3/6/2019 9:22:16ParentExcellentAll of it is working for usHappy with itNothingNone
3/6/2019 10:31:34TeacherGoodliasons, specifically for our high impact sitesWe are not doing a good enough job of allocating resources to our struggling populations (strategy IV, service 1). We NEED:
1. social emotional learning and services for high trauma sites (Maryland, Bobier, etc), additional training for teachers in these areas, personnel to support trauma related behaviors in the classroom, a full time psych and counselor, maybe some behavior specialists or aides that live at the campus, professional development in classroom management practices (restorative justice, calming stations, PBIS, capturing kids hearts, trauma informed, etc) (strategy III, service I)
2. academic coach that can work with teachers on providing high quality learning experiences that are relevant and meaningful to their lives.
3. assistant principals should be at high impact sites, regardless of ADA
4. release days for MTSS teams, so sites with minimal systems in place can really DO the work and get our systems running
5. Go back to the original Demonstration Coach model at the highest impact sites to provide for the extra professional development (not the wheeling model with collaboration time for everyone, as that is more of a one size fits all schools in terms of receiving similar time out of the classroom), more centered on practice
6. Interventionist not just for Literacy, but also for Math

The bottom line is that we need to be clear and direct when it comes to equity and provide WAY more to our high impact sites. We can't even get to strategy VII without the above resources!
The focus on strategy VII has been carrying more weight than making sure we have first best practice in place - emphasis MUST be on MTSS, Tier 1 instruction and the equity issues I mentioned above
have to focus on social emotional learning and provide systematic professional development across the district in one thing (capturing kids hearts, restorative practices, etc) and hold teachers accountable for using it in the classroom
MTSS is not in place or developed at my site, this must be prioritized with money being allocated to sites with release time so we can had solid systems in place
can't do this without first, best practice in place - must prioritize MTSS, Tier 1 first!
4/16/2019 9:01:02Support StaffGoodTransparency/ adding support staffListening to all stakeholders- seems to only listen to VTAAdmin costsGood- working to make all parents welcomeBond is helping
But how do the kids really feel/ how are those surveys coordinated with these values?
What they are teaching and what the kids retain aren't always the same
That's why there are lay offs and job openings?
Doesn't reach to individual students in all classrooms- not enough support staff