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HannahPoole410-624-8128mpoole@paloaltou.eduPsyDNew to PAU25FemaleNoYes- emotional supportNoFlexible/depends on type of studying. When completing homework or "lighter" work I enjoy a more social environment to study in, however, if I am studying for a big stats exam, I would need a quieter space to study. YesEitherAnyNegotiable depending on type Depends on type of pet because I currently have an 11-month-old kittenNot a good match for meI am moving from CT to the Bay Area in early to mid August. I am very extroverted and enjoy socializing with others both in and out of the home. I am organized and clean, however, do not impose this on others' private space. I do not eat red meat, but do not mind sharing a kitchen with someone who does. I have an 11-month-old kitten named Meeko who is a classifed emotional support cat, meaning under the Federal Housing Act even spaces listed as "no pets" are required to allow him, so this would not hinder our apartment options! He is very social, playful, and snuggly :) I do not, however, believe in keeping in shut in my room so would need a roommate who is okay with him roaming freely throughout our home. In my free time I enjoy hiking/outdoor activities, cycling, cooking, photography/art, and finding fun happy hours! Since I am new to California, I hope to explore and travel locally with my future roommate(s). I have a long-term boyfriend who will be moving out to California within a year, however, he is not moving immediately and therefore won't be included in housing plans. I am hoping to live either in Redwood City, Belmont, or Mountain View. Please reach out to me if you feel we could be a good match!
May 2, 2019Sylvia ( to PAU (1st year)21FemaleNoNoNoFlexible/depends on type of studying. When completing homework or "lighter" work I enjoy a more social environment to study in, however, if I am studying for a big stats exam, I would need a quieter space to study. YesEitherFemale/Non-binaryNegotiablenegotiableNot a good match for meI am originally from Brentwood CA (North) but currently attend San Jose State University in which i will be finishing my undergrad this May. I love to workout, cook, watch tv, listen to music talk on the phone, read, write, etc. I am a chill person; I can be shy at first but in no time, im super outgoing. I end to have frequent visitors such as my bestfriends or my boyfrined. I am very clean and organized and consider myself to be a really good roommate who is respectful of people's space, stuff, and even quiet time. I am lookign for a roommate that perhaps is interested in the same things and would be clean and respectful and kind as well. I am hoping to live either in Palo Alto, Mountain View, or Menlo Park. Please reach out to me if you feel we would be a good match and would like to look for somewhere together :)
May 2, 2019VennisiaMo(925)890-1996vmo@paloaltou.eduPhDNew to PAU23FemaleNoYes, a puppernoflexibleyeseitherfemalenegotiableprefer no other pets in the house since my pupper thinks he's human and hates other dogs :(okHi! I am moving from San Diego. I graduated from UCSD in 2018. I like cooking, listening to music, watching movies, yoga/pilates, and hanging out with my dog. I also love to play guitar and sing, and it'd be pretty awesome to have a roomie to jam with 😂 I'm not a big party person, and don't think I'll have a lot of visitors at the house. I am looking for room mates who love dogs but don't have one, since my dog isn't friendly with other dogs (very important!!). I am a pretty chill person and can get along easily with most people. looking to be friends with my housemates, but will respect your space if you prefer so. I have no dietary restrictions, but I don't mind if you do! feel free to text/email me if you are interested ☺️
May 2, 2019LaurenStornelli716-514-3639lstornelli@paloaltou.eduPhDNew to PAU21FemaleNoNoNoflexibleyeseitherfemaleno smokingsounds great, just allergic to cats :(Not a good match for meHi! I'm moving from Boston, Massachusetts sometime this summer. I am completing my undergrad right now and will be graduating very soon. I'm not a huge partier, but every once and a while is fine. I am hoping to either bring a car or have one with me. I love listening to music, dogs, and reading. I like cooking, but I am allergic to tree nuts (I just can't eat them). I'm really easy going and find that I get along with just about everyone. Please reach out to me if you think we'd be a good match! :)
May 2, 2019EmilyWojcik(240) 925-9014ewojcik@paloaltou.eduPhDNew to PAU22FemaleNoNot yetNoI prefer quiet but a little noise doesn't bother meYesEitherAnyno smokingI love petsOkHey! I'm from San Diego but I'm finishing up my undergrad at UCSC. I love cooking and baking, I make a lot of bread and cookies. I prefer my living space to be rather neat.
May 2, 2019ErinO'Connell(315)-240-9115eo'connell@paloaltou.eduPhDNew to PAU22FemaleNoNoNoA reasonable amount of noise wouln't bother me YesEitherNo specific preference Negotiable Depends on type of pet, but most likely no problemDepends on details (age, # of children, ect)Hi guys! I'm wrapping up my undergrad at Montclair State University now so I'll be moving from New Jersey sometime in August. I'm not allergic to anything/no dietary restrictions. I love yoga, hiking and being outside, reading, listening to music, and trying out new places. I'm laid back, easy to get along with, and I keep a pretty tidy space.
May 2nd, 2019HannahCooper(215) 806-6178 hcooper@paloaltou.eduPhDNew to PAU24FemaleNoNoNoQuiet but noise doesn't bother me too muchYesEitherFemalenegotiableI love animals!Not a good match for meHi everyone! I am from Philadelphia and am looking to move to the Bay Area in the beginning of August. I would love to live somewhere in between Palo Alto and San Francisco: San Mateo, Redwood City etc. I love live music and would like to have easy access to San Fran for what it offers in terms of music and activities. I love yoga and in the summers I like to go to music festivals. I am pretty laid back and swing in between being introverted and extroverted, but I lean more on the extroverted side. I would love to live with people who are social and like to go out when we can but are also serious about their work like I am. I am always up for movies, hiking, cooking family meals, and dancing. Please feel free to text me--I am really looking forward to moving to the bay area and meeting new people!
May 4th, 2019ChloeAdams(954) PhDNew to PAU23FemaleNoNot yet (but will be getting a cat)NoQuietYesEitherAnyNo smokingI love pets!Not a good match for meHey everyone! I am originally from Florida but currently living and working in Maine. I am planning to move out to the Bay Area late August/early September and am looking for a two bedroom that wouldn't be more than a 20 minute commute (or up to 40 with traffic). I'll also be getting a cat as soon as I move out there :). I am pretty introverted and really value my alone time, but you'd never guess that because I am very outgoing as well. I love to travel and explore so I am really looking forward to moving to the west coast! I am very active and was a competitive swimmer most my life so I love to exercise and a workout/study buddy would be awesome :). I am looking for someone who is focused on school but will also hopefully become a life long friend. Feel free to reach out to me if you think we'd be a good match :) I'm excited to start planning the move and to figure out where I'll be living next year.
May 4th, 2019EllieVincent(317)755-6513Evincent@paloaltou.eduPhDNew to PAU21FemaleNoEmotional support - Catnonot at homeyesEitherAnyokay if not insideGreat! but my cat will take time to warm up to another catnot preferableHi! I am currently an undergraduate living in Boston and plan to move to the bay area in early-mid august. My main form of transportation is a motorcycle so closer to campus is better. I have a fat grey cat named Koshka who loves people but gets jealous of other cats. I am very extroverted and will probably want to be friends (but I wont force it). I like to cook and have no major dietary restrictions. I am pretty relaxed when it comes to most things, although I am particular about how I clean bathrooms. I play a couple instruments (although probably wont have much time to play them while in school). I plan on maintaining my relationship with my current boyfriend which would mean him visiting me from time to time as well as there being times when I'm away. I am not much of a morning person but I can also sleep through anything so no worries if you are. I am really into true crime so if youre not good with death let me know and I can watch documentaries with headphones. I am fine with any number of roommates and I love having guests. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or think we would work well together (text is probably the best way to get ahold of me).

May 5, 2019TaylorShort720-382-9552tshort@paloalto.eduPhDNew to PAU23FemaleNoNot right nowNoI like it to be quiet but I will occasionally listen to music. I usually study alone in my room or on campus.YesEitherFemaleNo smokingGreat! I love animals!Ok but not preferredHi, I'm currently living in Washington, D.C. but am originally from Colorado. I am planning on moving out to the Bay Area in August but am open to signing a lease that would start before then. I would prefer to see the apartment in person before I sign. I am a very organized, clean person and I prefer a roommate who is the same way. I am quiet and respectful and usually keep to myself. I take school very seriously and I plan on having a job when I am not in class so I will be busy but I am open to having the occasional night in or night out! I collect various Disney merchandise and Funko Pops. I also love reading and writing. I frequently watch Law & Order SVU, Game of Thrones, Survivor, and various reality TV shows. I am consdering getting a pet but if pets are a no for you don't worry about it, I am flexible! If you think we would be a good match or you would like to chat further, please email or text me!
May 6, PhDNew to PAU26FemaleNoYesNoI usually study in my room and I prefer a quiet place, but music or TV won't really bother meYesEitherAnyNegotiableAlmost a must. Not really, but I do love animals!I don't mindHello! I'm currently living in Virginia, VA and I am planning on moving to the Bay Area around mid-August. I was born in Florida, but was raised in Caracas, Venezuela and lived there since 3 years ago when I moved to the United States. I have a small female dog named Athena (she is 5 lbs., yes tiny!). She is a mixed Yorkshire and (maybe) Maltese, spayed, has all of her vaccines, and once she gets to know you she will love you forever. I am currently working as a dog sitter, and I will like to continue doing this in California. However, I'm open to negotiate this. I am passionate about studying and about psychology and I would like for my roommate to have similar interests and goals as me. I like to share and I'm very clean and organize, but I won't mind a little mess. For my hobbies, I like to read (I read a lot, I'm moving with a ton of books, all of them you can read), I love going to the movies, trying new places to eat, and listening to music around the house. I am also some sort of a gamer and my Ps4 and Nintendo Switch will be coming with me and you are also welcome to use them. I like to hang out and enjoy company, but once in a time I do need my alone time, which I can have by being in my room with Athena. I will definitely will like to see the apartment before signing a lease, but I am open to check it over facetime/skype. If you will like to know more or think will click, please text me!
May 9, 2019HannahFox650-810-5987hfox@paloaltou.eduPsyDNew 22FemaleNoNoNoflexible- I will go to the library to study if it is too loud so not a biggyYesEitherAnyNo smokingTotally fineNot preferableMy name is Hannah Fox and I am the incoming first year in the PGSP PsyD Program. I am actually from the Bay Area, specifically Los Gatos and am currently finishing up my senior year at the University of Denver. I love Colorado and the 300 days of sunshine each year, but very excited to be moving back home. I am very done with the snow! I plan on focusing on child psychology, specifically pediatrics. In my free time, you can most likely catch me hanging with friends, at a coffee shop reading a book or binging Friends on Netflix. I also love traveling, spending time with my family, and going on spontaneous adventures with friends. I am a pretty chill, outgoing, social person. I work as nanny and hope to continue if my schedual permits.I am hoping to find a place close to campus and looking for at least one roomate(15min max)
5/15/19KimberlyBrownkbrown3@paloaltou.eduPhDNew23FemaleNoI may bring my cat if apt allows and no other pets; otherwise he will stay at my mom's houseNoQuiet and cozy, some background noise okayYes, occasionallyAnyPrefer not, but negotiableHuge plusNot preferredI am an incoming first-year PhD student, and I'll be moving from Boston at the end of August. I love animals and spending time outdoors and would describe myself as a sociable introvert. I'm pretty quiet, and I love a clean common space (especially the kitchen). My communication style is typically honest and direct, and bring up problems as they arise. I have a boyfriend who may visit a few times per year. My budget is $1500/person; I've primarily been looking at 2 bedroom apartments. I would love to share my saved zillow searches with you if you think we could be a good match! (I will be working at a summer camp this summer with limited access to internet, so I'm hoping to set up something soon!)
5/15/19AyushiJain952-303-2554ajain@paloaltou.eduPhDNew23FemaleNoNoNoQuiet and cozy, but sometimes I enjoy sitting out in common areas and conversing depending on what I'm working on.Yes, occasionally Will be a first-year this fallI am female and prefer other female roommatesPrefer notOkay as long as pet wonder takes all responsibility for pet careNot preferredI am an incoming first-year phD student, and will be moving from Minnesota to start school in the fall. I love to watch movies, read, and have lowkey hang outs. I am generally reserved and prefer to have some personal space, such as my bedroom, but love having people around and socializing in common living areas as well. I am very clean and organized, and would prefer this in shared living areas. I am also vegetarian and would love to room with other vegetarians, but this is not a requirement!
5/15/19AeriellArmas917-963-0392aarmas@paloaltou.eduPhDNew21FemaleNoNo - but love dogs!NoFlexible. I like a quiet space but can work around occasional noiseYesEntering 1st YearAnyNo smokingLove dogs! OK with other pets though as long as the place remains cleanNot preferredI am an incoming 1st year student moving from New York City, where I grew up. I've always wanted to live in California, so I'm psyched to be moving at the end of August with my fiance, Jonathan. He is a US Marine and will likely join the police academy once we arrive in CA. We're both pretty laid back and love to watch shows/movies, go to the gym, explore/go on adventures, and hang with friends. As for me, I hope to specialize in Latino mental health -- both my fiance and I are from Hispanic background (yes, we can cook for you). Hoping to find some chill roommates that we can be friends with. And I'm excited to potentially room with a student(s) who can either show me the ropes or jump into this new experience with me.
5/19/19NicoleKhauli9178343660nkhauli@paloaltou.eduPhDNew24Femalenononoflexible, I can study anywhereYesEntering 1st yearidentify as femalenegotiableno problemonot preferredHello:) I am currenlty living in NYC but originally from Beirut, Lebanon. I completed my master in public health from Columbia university and have been working as a research associate with a non-profit at columbia called the global mental health program. I am easy going, love doing things outdoor. I do love being at home but see a home mainly for sleeping/relaxing and cooking of course! I am looking to move in with someone for the first few months/year and getting acquainted with the area! Would love a friend to explore the bay area with. Feel free to message me if you'd like to meet (even if this doesn't relate to housing, let's be friends! I am sure we will likely meet during the porgram orientation anyway! :p Looking forward to the next 5 years :)
05/23/2019DesheaneNewman336-772-0893dnewman@paloalto.eduPhDNew27no preferenceNoNoNOprefer quiet spaces, natural lightingYesEntering 1st yearMaleokay outsideNot preferredStrong preference for noneHello, I am currently living in Greensboro, NC. I work as a paralegal advocate for a non-profit law firm. I am originally from SD, Ca; but this will be my first time living in Northern California. I am pretty quiet, and keep to myself mostly, to recharge and such. I try to keep common areas clean and for everyone's use. I enjoying getting out and doing things as much as I enjoy a great night in, which will now probably mean studying and trying not to be distracted by Netflix premieres. Very close with family, we currently hang out all the time. I cook, very adventurous eater. Wouldnt mind sharing meals with the roommates. Sometimes, I do get home and just need to quietly process my days, and I am not always chatty in the mornings. Also, my academic interests are exploring more links between positive psych and clinical pathology; still figuring and thinking about what exactly that means and looks like. Loooking forward to this next period of learning and experiences.
5/28/19KyaraMendez Serrano787-469-1857kmendezserrano@paloaltou.eduPhDNew23FemaleNoNoNoPrefer quiet spaces, can handle some background noiseYesEither EitherPrefer not but negotiableOkay as long as the place is mantained clean Not preferredHola! My name is Kyara and I am currently living in Indianapolis, IN. I am currently serving in AmeriCorps and work at a non-profit. I am originally from Puerto Rico and I am very much looking forward to being near the beach again. I love cooking, and so do my friends since they eat all my food. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading a book, and watching Neflix. I am a pretty outgoing person but sometimes I prefer staying in. I am not a big party girl but going out once in a while. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact me.
5/29/19Morgan Hester Howell919-222-6926mhowell@paloaltou.eduPhDNew24FemaleNoYes! I have a dog (50lbs)NoQuiet spaces and natural lighting (if alone), but prefer study buddies! YesEitherAnyPrefer not, but negotiable Fine, but allergic to cats. My dog would love another to play with! Not preferred Hello everyone! I am currently taking a year off and nannying in Greensboro, NC. I am very excited for the move across the country and will be interested in seeing as much of the area as possible! I’m pretty extroverted, so I would enjoy a roommate that likes to go places, cook or just hangout at home. However, I also enjoy quiet/personal time and am pretty independent. I do have a dog and he is my world! He loves to cuddle and play, so I would prefer a roommate who loves dogs! I study a lot and study best with other people, so I make an excellent study buddy! I’m pretty organized and clean and prefer a roommate who is the same. Please feel free to text me! I can’t wait to meet you all!
6/17/2019Arya soofiani213-246-6571avalizadehsoofiani@paloaltou.eduMA1st year28MaleNONONOI am rarely home, but when I am home, it's a sancturaryyes, not frequently thoughEithermaleAllergies herei love dogsI love them but not homeI'm from LA. I work for Palo Alto Unified School District and studying Counseling. I love to cook, travel, soulcycle and bootcamp are everything! Would love to live with people with global views, respectful, sense of humor. After a long day, I like to come home to a clean and happy home.
6/18/ MA1st year23FemaleNoYes- catNoQuiet at home with some distractions. use headphones if needed for videos and musicYes, occasionallyEitherFemaleNo smokingI love catsnot preferredI am from Washington state. I am looking for 1 or more roommates who are clean and friendly. I like reading, writing, and baking. I consider myself to be a quiet, clean, and easy going roommate. I have food allergies but they only happen when I consume the food. I have a shy and friendly cat named Olivia.
6/25/19KaterinaBaeza-Hernandez8315391034PhDincoming, 1st Year22femalenoyes, 1 cat (would like to bring him but unsure if I will be moving him)noQuiet, some distractions okayyesentering 1st yearfemalenot preferredfine :) not preferredI am from santa cruz and just recently graduated from cal poly in san luis obispo. I am super easy going and love meeting new people. I also love kids and spent some time during my gap year working with special needs children. I am hoping to pursue the child and family emphasis. In terms of hobbies and things I like to do, I love going to the gym, cooking, listening to music, finding good resturants to eat at, hanging with friends and watching tv when I can find the time. I have no allergies or food limitations and I love to grocery shop. I would love to find a home where I have my own bedroom and if possible bathroom. Also something not too far away from campus would be great! I would say its important to me to have a roommate or roommates who pick up after themselves and are respectful. Feel free to text me if you have any questions or feel like we might be a good match!
7/3/19MitchellRees408-612-2085mitchell.g.rees@gmail.comPhDIncoming, 1st Year24MaleNoNoNoRelatively quiet, some noise is fineYesAnyAnyPrefer not, but negotiableGreat!not preferredHello! I've lived in Norcal for most of my life, and have spent the past six years in Santa Cruz. Overall I like to think I'm pretty outgoing & social guy. My interests include health, fitness (weightlifting, cycling, yoga, boxing), music (I play violin and have recently been teaching myself piano), meditation/buddhist thought, and philosophy. I love engaging conversations about just about anything. I would love to live with at least one other guy, but have absolutely no problems living with women or other gender identities. As a roommate I try my best to be as conscientious as possible about my impact on others and respect their wishes. As much as I love to be friends with the people I live with, it's also not a problem if my roommates would prefer to be "just roommates". My ideal situation would be a 2 or bedroom apartment with one other person, but I'm also open to a 3 bedroom apartment or a house. I would prefer not to live with more than 2 other people. I would prefer having my own bedroom and bathroom, but this isn't a dealbreaker. Please reach out if you are in need of someone to fill a room, or would like to find an apartment with me!
May 2, 2019RogerMohr314-791-7666rmohr@paloaltou.eduPhDNew to PAU23MaleNoNoNoPrefer to study alone but don't mind noise muchYesEitherMaleNo SmokingPlease yesNot a good match for meMoving from LA sometime before school starts. Finished undergrad at UCSD at the start of 2017. Like to cook and play video games. Not a huge partier but I love hosting board game nights. I don't have a car and want to be close enough that I can use public transit if possible, or to have a roommate who has a car to carpool with. I'm vegetarian but can cook for myself, but if you're big into cooking lots of meat I would struggle with that; I don't like the smell. I'm bisexual and identify as queer but don't really have plans to bring anyone home at this point.
7/8/19JulianMatra617-407-1473jmatra@paloalto.eduPsyDIncoming, 1st Year24MaleNoNoNoI tend to study in my room and listen to musicYesAnyAnyNot preferredI'd be open to it but I'm allergic to catsNot preferredHey everyone! I’m currently living in Boston and I’m hoping to move in early September. I’m not entirely sure where I want to live but since I’ll have a car I’m pretty open to most places. I’m pretty into cooking/baking, I’m trying to get better at fitness, and I’m a big fan of D&D (I’d definitely like to try to get a group going). Additionally, I’ll definitely be watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette and RuPaul (great ways to de-stress). While I’m not opposed to parties, I much prefer drinking while paying Catan or Mario Party or something like that and then impulsively going out dancing or hanging out at the beach at night. I’m not sure what other information is helpful but if you’ve got questions or think we might make a good match then shoot me a text or email.
July 11, 2019NatachaZanzeluk321-333-7453nzanzeluk@paloalto.eduMA1st Year29femaleNoYesNoAnywhere YesAnyfemaleNot preferredI have a catWould be niceHello everyone! I am planning to move by December to the Bay area. I am looking for somebody to rent an apartment. I have a car, so I am very open for the location. I would like to rent something around San Mateo, but I am very open for suggestions.
July 17, 2019ValerieGiangrasso516-353-5835vgiangrasso@paloaltou.eduPhD1st year26femaleNoNoNomy roomYesfirst yearfemalefinegreat!not preferredHello! My name is Val and I am planning on moving from LA in early September. I am open to living wherever is cost effective, and I would love suggestions as I am not very familiar with the bay area! In my free time I like watching netflix, doing yoga and cooking, but I also love going out sometimes. I am pretty quiet, very clean and respectful. It would be cool to find an apartment with another incoming PhD student, but I would be open to rooming with someone at any point in their program if it's a good fit. Feel free to reach out if you are a female and would like to figure out a living situation together!
Aug 8; lw2428@nyu.eduPhD1st Year31femalenoyes; very cute and quiet dognoquiet, some light music okYes, as long as it's not excessivefirst yearanyhard nono cats, but other dogs ok!no Hi! If anyone is looking for a last minute roommate, I would be open to sharing a 2 bed (ideally 2 bath) with someone. No preference to gender/sexuality. I will have a car so I'm very open to location, I like San Jose a lot. I like to exercise both indoors and outdoors so promixity to a park and a building with a gym would be ideal but not necessary. I really like my home to be a place to get away from hectic life so I prefer it to be clean and quiet with minimal partying. I cook a lot in the house and have no major restrictions in that regard. I'm open to what ever living dynamic works best, whether you want to share in things or just keep to ourselves. I have a smallish dog, she's an 8 year old Aussiedoodle. She's really sweet and incredibily well behaved. I'm ok with another pet in the house but I'm allergic to cats. I'll be coming from NYC towards the end of Aug so I'm looking for a Sept 1st move in but there's a bit of flexibility. I have some furniture that I'll be bringing with me as well. Ideally l'd like shared rent to be around $1200-1500. Send me an email or text if you think it would be a good fit and we can talk!
August 15, 2019ArthurMensah(917); Arthur.F.Mensah.19@Dartmouth.eduMA1st Year23MaleNoNoNoVaries; generally I can study anywhereYesFirst yearAnyNot preferred, but manageagbleNot a fan of cats, but I can make it workI like kidsHi! My name is Arthur, and I am originally from Liberia but have lived in New York for the past 6/7 years. I defered my admissions till January because I will be finishing up at Dartmouth in the coming weeks, and do not feel like it would be wise to make a cross country move in less than a week. I will be moving from NYC and am very unfamiliar with the West Coast. I can be reserved at times but am always open to deep conversations. I generally enjoy listening to music, drawing, writing, playing video games, and listening to podcasts or audiobooks. As of yet I don't have care because I have not really needed 1 in NY, so I would prefer somewhere close to campus. The easiest way to reach me is via text, so feel free to do so if you're interested in rooming together.
4/13/2019 2:16:57SUSHMITAORUGANTI
NoNew to PAUFEMALENot OkOk to haveNot okSTUDY