NETS 213: Be the crowd for your classmates - Spring 2016
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Give a one sentence description of your project.Currently accepting submissions?Who shoud people contact if they find an error or have questions?
Provide a link to your training video for new members of your crowd
If your video requires a password, what is it?
Write a step-by-step guide for how your classmates should make contributions to your project.
Where Are They Now?Where Are They Now? is a project that uses crowdsourcing to gather data about the career paths of UPenn SEAS alumni, which will then be aggregated and analyzed for trends.Yes - HITS 1 AND
instructions123HIT 1 (Finding LinkedIn Profiles and Information):
HIT 2 (Validating Results for Finding LinkedIn Profiles and Information):
HIT 3 (Finding Company and Personal Websites): currently unavailable
HIT 4 (Validating Results For Finding Company and Personal Websites): currently unavailable

One can make contributions to our project by completing the HITs on CrowdFlower. If these
HITs are not working and/or you have any questions, you may contact any member of our group
(Danielle Frost, Lauren Silberberg, Greg Dikopf, Nick Wein). Note that the HITs may not all
be available at once, as each HIT is dependent on the results received from the HITs
listed before it (i.e. HIT 2 will not be available until all of the results for HIT 1 have
been collected, and so on).

The first HIT asks workers to extract information about a SEAS alumnus from their LinkedIn
profile. The questions are conditional on the fact that the person's LinkedIn page can be
found. If the information requested is available on their profile, fill it in appropriately.
If not, write N/A.

The second HIT asks workers to confirm whether the information provided from the first HIT
is correct. The information will be provided as part of the data for this HIT. The worker
is expected to cross reference the information with the LinkedIn profile provided. There is
a simple Y/N question that the worker must answer. If all the information is correct, the
answer should be "Yes." If the information fields about a person say "No data available" (i.e.
the worker from HIT 1 could not find this person's LinkedIn profile),
workers should check to see if they can find a LinkedIn for that person. If they cannot,
then they should answer "Yes" (the information is correct); if they can, they should answer
"No" (the information is not correct). If the URL for the LinkedIn profile is incorrect (e.g. it is the
profile of someone with the same name but not the SEAS alumnus we are looking for), or if
the LinkedIn profile URL is correct but any of the information extracted from it is
incorrect, the answer to this question is "No." It is crucial that the information is
checked carefully, as it will be used in other HITs for this project conditional on the fact
that it is judged to be correct.

The third HIT will provide workers with the name of an alumnus, a URL to their LinkedIn
profile, and the name of the current company at which they work, according to respones
from the first HIT. This HIT asks workers to find more specific and personal information
about the person that may not necessarily be on their LinkedIn profile, such as their
current company's website, their personal website, and their email address. The worker is
expected to use Google or any other resources they may consider to be helpful in order to
find thisinformation. If the information requested is unavailable, write N/A.

The fourth HIT will ask workers to confirm whether the information provided from the third HIT
is correct. It will be formatted the same way as the second HIT. It will provide workers
with the information extracted in the first HIT, which at this point has been judged to be
correct via the second HIT. It will then provide workers with the information provided from
the third HIT. Workers will be expected to check the correctness of the websites/email
provided from the crowd's answers to the third HIT, conditional on the information provided
about the person. Again, workers will need to answer a simple Y/N question about whether
the information provided from the third HIT is correct.
Crowdsourcing for Personalized Photo Preferences
EASY AND FUN TASK: Asking the crowd to rate photos, then matching their photo preferences with the Penn social media manager’s photo preferences, to determine photos for the Penn,

On each page, you’ll see photos that were submitted to the Penn Office of University Communications, for consideration to be posted onto the Penn Instagram account.

For each photo, check the "Yes" radio button if you believe the photo should be posted onto the Penn Instagram. Or, check "No" if the photo should not be posted onto the Penn Instagram (e.g. violates rules for Penn social media, bad image quality, boring photo, etc.)
CCBCCB is a tool for designers to receive feedback on their designs, and see which ones people prefer.Yesgagang@seas.upenn.edudonets213step by step(Videos Included)
1: Go to this link
2: Decide if the image has text or not and respond appropriately
3: If no then done, else translate the text from the image into the given textbox
QC Hits:
1: Go to this link:
2: Decide if the image has text or not and respond appropriately
3: If no then done, else decide how well the text was translated, based on how much you can understand it.

Contact any or all of these emails if any issues occur:
BookSmartCrowdsourcing children's book translations! Translate stuff or check if translations are good!Yes
step by step(Videos Included)
1: Go to this link
2: Decide if the image has text or not and respond appropriately
3: If no then done, else translate the text from the image into the given textbox
QC Hits:
1: Go to this link:
2: Decide if the image has text or not and respond appropriately
3: If no then done, else decide how well the text was translated, based on how much you can understand it.

Contact any or all of these emails if any issues occur:
Best of PennCrowdGuru is a web application that allows the crowd to provide recommendations for any question a user might
bestofpenn1. To access the website, please visit:
2. First, a user must create an account to be able to contribute. The user must use an email with the domain of ‘’ otherwise they cannot access the site. Once they have made an account, they can log in.
3. Next, a user is brought to the main page of Best of Penn which contains several categories of the ‘Best ___ at Penn’. For example, the user may find ‘Best Brunch Spot’ or ‘Best Coffee Shop’. On this page the user has the option to either navigate to a specific list to view the entries/venues pertaining to that list or they can also choose to create a new list by clicking on ‘Add Topic’. Here, the user can also flag certain lists. A list should only be flagged if it is viewed as inappropriate or completely irrelevant to Penn. This platform is created specifically for venues, so any content that is not pertinent to venues should be flagged.
4. If a user decides to navigate to a specific topic/list, he/she will see a list of entries that fall under that specific category. This will show a list of venues that users feel is part of the ‘best of’ that specific category. We hope to aggregate popular places Penn kids like to frequent for different things. Each entry shows the name of the venue (restaurant, coffee shop name etc) along with a short description and followed by the average rating given by users. They can choose to rate any entry with a score from 1-5 (1 being the worst, 5 being the best) by clicking the button of the rating they want to give. Note: a user can only rate one place once, if not, the old rating will be overridden.
5. The user can choose to add any entity/place to any list by clicking ‘Add Entity’ or the user has the option to flag any entry. Again, the user should only flag an entry if it is inappropriate, completely irrelevant or not a real venue. When adding a new venue/place, correct spelling and a short description is appreciated!
6. A user can always return to the main page and navigate to other categories to find the ‘best of’ something else and can continuously provide their input by rating different spots they are familiar with.
7. Thanks for contributing to Best of Penn! We hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions accessing the site please email
TiebreakerINTERESTING, ENOUGH WORK TO KILL AN HOUR: Tiebreaker, is an A/B testing platform that allows users to test alternative titles for books and articles, user interfaces for mobile applications, and business names and logos by crowdsourcing the consumer preferences of crowd-workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk platform.YESDavid Cahn:
No password1. Go to the link:
2. Fill out the HITS listed on the Sandbox.
3. Take the survey @:
4. Email with any questions
CrowdGuruCrowdGuru is a web application that allows the crowd to provide recommendations for any question a user might,,
nets213The following is a step-by-step guide to walk you through what we would like you to do.
2. On the Login page, sign up with a username and password. You will be taken to your Profile page.
3. On the Profile page, click the "Ask A Question" button. You will be taken to the Question page.
4. You are now going to submit a question! On the Question page, provide a question category, your question, and at least one of your relevant interests. Feel free to add as many interests as you'd like. Click "Ask!" You will now find yourself on the Recommendation page for your question.
5. Navigate back to your Profile page by clicking on the “Profile” button on the header menu.
6. On the Profile page, look through the list of questions on the right. Find a question that is not yours and that you would like to provide a recommendation for and click on that question. You will be taken to the Recommendation page for that question.
7. On the Recommendation page, type your recommendation into the text box that says “Recommend something!” and click “Make recommendation!”. You should see your recommendation appear in the Recommendations section of the page.
8. Logout of the webapp. You should be taken back to the Login page.
9. On the Login page, login with your username and password. You will be taken to your Profile page.
10. On the Profile page, find another question (that is not yours and is not the same as the first one from previous steps) that you would like to provide a recommendation for and write a recommendation for that question.
11. Navigate back to your Profile page.
12. On the Profile page, browse through the list of questions and click on any that you find interesting.
13. Vote on at least two posts (they can be questions or recommendations) by using the appropriate “Upvote” or “Downvote” buttons.
14. At any point, if you find any questions or recommendations that seem like spam, please mark them as spam by clicking the “Mark as spam” button.
15. Feel free to continue to dabble on our webapp if you like it. Create more questions and provide more recommendations!

Thank you for your contributions!
CrowdrCrowdr crowdsources information on how crowded on campus spots are.YesAlex Whitaker (
1. To contribute information, text either "Blarneys" or "Huntsman" and "yes" if that place is currently crowded or "no" if that place is not crowded to +1(855)-265-1514.

So, for example, if you were in Blarneys and it was currently crowded, text "Blarneys yes" to our number.

2. To get information about how crowded Blarneys or Huntsman is, text either "Blarneys?" or "Huntsman?" to +1(855)-265-1514.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email
Stratifying Twitter Social SpheresOur project, stratifying Twitter social spheres, will explore how we can identify different social spheres on Twitter according to the language people
PopOp[pop-ahp] noun. A crowdsourced service dedicated to making better imaging
1. Access the website through
2. Enter the requester’s section through the button on the main page
3. Upload images by either dropping them into the space provided, or simply click the space provided to enter your system’s file browser.
4. Enter the criteria you would like your images to be judged upon.
5. Click submit.


1. Access the website through
2. Enter the worker’s section through the page
3. Sort the images based the criteria given by clicking the images in the order
4. that you believe they should be sorted, from best to worst. You can also rearrange your order by dragging the pictures within the upper box provided.
5. Click submit, and proceed with the next rating task if you wish.
Doctor TurkDr. Turk is a crowd sourced advice column - people can post questions to the web platform and the question is outsourced to mechanical turk, where the crowd produces and votes on advice. The best answer produced by the crowd is then sent back to the person who asked the
nets213Dr. Turk is a crowdsourced advice column. People can post to the website about advice that they need, and a crowd-generated response will be emailed to you!
We bought a domain name for our website. Legit, we know.
Please first post your question to

Now that you've asked your question, it's time to be a part of the crowd that produces the response! On MTurk, search "advice", "nets213", "doctorturk" or "jawn". If there are any hits available, ours will be one of the only ones there, and the requester is "Leeland Criso". If there are no hits available at the moment, please come back again later! Once you're at the hit, a question will be asked, and we would like you to give the most detailed and genuine response you are capable of. A monetary bonus will be given to the answer that the crowd votes as the best answer. Also you can go to

Lastly, we need to do some quality control to make sure that these responses are legit. Please complete some hits in ranking collected responses. On MTurk, search "quality", "ranking", "response", "nets213" or "doctorturk". If there are any hits available, ours will be one of the only ones there, and the requester is "Leeland Criso". If there are no hits available at the moment, please come back again later! Once you're at the hit, please rank the responses. also you can go to
Decoded: Privacy Policies Made SimpleDecoded uses crowdsourcing to analyze and outline the contents of the Privacy Polices of several popular companies, shedding light on what consumers are actually agreeing
netsThanks for helping us with Decoded: Privacy Policies Made Simple. The crowdsourcing component of our project should be very straightforward- simply follow the directions on our HIT!

Essentially, we're trying to identify whether given paragraphs of privacy policies address a core list of statements. Please read the paragraph of text, and check the box next to any statement that's true based on the text. Be sure to finish reading every checkbox before submitting.

Please email us at if there is a concept you read about that seems particularly important but isn't addressed by any of our checkboxes, or if the HIT appears to be malfunctioning. We'd love your help in ensuring our checkboxes cover all relevant topics, and want our HIT to be as clear as possible for workers.

Thanks in advance for your help! Follow this link to access our Crowdflower HIT:
Remote WingmanCrowdsource data ideas for a person given some info about themYesSaghm Rossi (

Contact Saghm Rossi ( if anything isn't working
BooksyBooksy makes learning social!Yes
nets213Instruction Manual for How to Use Booksy:

Booksy can be accessed at:

1) First, the user must create an account on The account will store all information of the user, from comments to groups involved to even reputations. To do so, please sign up for an account, fill in all necessary information, and verify the account's email. The user will then have an account for Booksy.

2) The user must sign into his account in order to use Booksy. Afterwards, the user will be able to annotate and comment on any book available on the website' essentially, these comments, annotations, and highlights will act as the user's contributions to the information stored for a particular book. Books are represented currently as PDF's, where certain operations by users can be made.

3) The user can comment, annotate, highlight, and even upvote/downvote other comments in any particular book on the website. To highlight a sequences of words in the book, the user must select a sequence of words and press the highlight button to highlight the words selected.

4) The user then has a choice to annotate what he has highlighted. To do so, the user must press the annotate button, which will pop up a text field in which the user can write his annotations. These annotations can be edited by basic features such as font changes and bold/italicize. These annotations will then be sent to the global comment section for the book, which is stored in the sidebar of the PDF. Of course, the highlighted text that corresponds to the annotations is referenced here, as well.

5) The user can also write comments in the sidebar without the need to annotate or highlight any text. These comments are for comments about the whole book in general and not just a particular seqeunce of sentences or paragraphs. In this scenario, the sidebar comment section acts like a chat room. Note that these annotations and comments help contribute to the aggregation of the crowdsourcing.

6) Users can also downvote and upvote other users in order to maintain quality control of the crowdsourcing. To do so, users are sent to a separate website that is linked to the all the user's comments. Here, users can upvote and downvote other users.

7) Once you've finished reading the book, making annotations and comments, and viewing other users comments, go back to the home page. Once there, click on the "Submit Ratings" button to submit ratings for other users. Based on the comments you have read, upvote or downvote users. When finished, hit submit. Then, head back to the homepage.

8) Now, to view the ratings for the users, click the View Ratings button. Here, you can see the users rated from highest to lowest.
RecommendrPlatform for recommending movies and TV shows based on personality,,
1. Please go to the following website:
2. One you are on the website please sign up for an account.
3. Fill out the form providing us with your username, password, first name, last name, email gender age, and location. Please follow the link provided in the sign up page to complete a personality test (
4. Once you have completed the survey please fill out the required information on our website regarding your personality profile. Please tell us your percentages (just the number) for extraverted, agreeable, conscientious, emotionally stable and open to new experiences. As well as your percentages (just the number) for psychological uses for watching films: pleasure-seeking, nostalgia, catharsis, aggression, escapism, sensation-seeking, artistic, information-seeking, socialisation, boredom-avoidance.
5. Then, please rate the provided fifteen movies.
6. Finally sign up!
Contact us at:,,, or find us on Facebook (Deeptanshu Kapur, Selma Belghiti, or Tahmid Shahriar) if you have any issues!
ShiKiShiKi uses recommendations from the crowd, allows the crowd to vote on the recommendations, and then recommends outfits for you based on current weather or weather
Visit to access the homepage. Select the "recommend" option to submit a url of an outfit. Copy the url of an outfit image and paste it into the "Insert image URL here..." box. Select the correct tags for the outfit - summer, winter, fall, or spring, the temperature, and the style of dress (casual, business, formal), as many that apply to the outfit. From the home page, you can also go to the "rate" page. Based on the individual tag provided, rate from 1-10 how much the clothes on this page relate to the tag provided. To see results, go to the "results" page from the homepage and click on the tags you want to see, followed by "search". From there, you can see the highest rated results of that page. This page requires no contributions, but is good for viewing the aggregated results.
FeedMeFeedMe is a web app meant for Penn students to find out about where they can go to get leftover free food.(via mobile device highly recommended),
nets2131. Go to mobile device highly recommended)
2. Sign up for a FeedMe account. You must use your email address.
3. You will get an email verification. Click on the link “Confirm my account”.
4. Once your account is verified, you can login.
5. Once you have created an account, you can take two actions:
a. If you are at an event or have found a free food opportunity, create an event with free food to advertise to users.
i. Click on the “New” button
ii. Fill in the details asked: free food offered, time, and place
b. Find an event with free food to attend.
i. Rate the event by pressing upvote or downvote.
6. If you have any questions or the web app isn’t working, you should contact Minsu Kim at or 267-772-1426
Food Truck Tracker/Where the Food Trucks AtAn interactive map of the food trucks around the University City/Drexel/surrounding areas, along with digitized menus that can be updated in real time by the crowd.Yes
The HIT is titled ”Transcribe Menu Info From Philadelphia Food Trucks“, simply click on the url provided ( or enter it into your browser and you can begin to help us create a better food truck culture. and you can begin to help us create a better food truck culture.
Crowdsource playing 2048!
Step-by-Step Guide
Make an account at You can connect with Facebook or create an account separately. An account only requires a username and password. If you didn’t connect with Facebook, you will need to verify your account through your email. Please email your usename to Jie at with your username so that we can enable you to play.
Go to This is the livestream from which we will stream the game. Note that the stream may not be live at the time you visit, in which case, please email Yuqi at with the subject line “NETS 213: Multiplay Issue”.
In the chat bar on the right, input either messages or commands that you want to perform in the game. Commands need to be typed in after each move in the game for the game to register a command. Note that only valid commands, which are "up", "down", "left," and "right" will be input into the game. That way, you can both talk to users and play the game. Valid command inputs will be fed into the game which will show the result back.
You may continue to type in commands after the game is finished but this will not do anything.
Happy gaming!
CrowdIllustrateCrowdIllustrate asks the crowd to illustrate pictures for children's books to see if it's viable to crowdsource creative work.Yes
1.) Access our HITs on the MTurk sandbox. You can find our HITs by searching "children's book" or "Tony M" and looking for the top hits under the requester "Tony M." There should be appoximately 2-3 hits available at any given time for various aggregation and QC parts of project.

2.) Complete the HIT type 1 for data aggregation. All of the instructions are contained in the HIT. Please read them carefully and only submit the direct links to image. Have fun and be creative!

3.) Work on HIT type 2 for quality control—you basically get to read children's books and decide which illustrations are the prettiest. Again, all of the instructions are located in HIT document.

4.) Questions? Let us know at
Truck 'N GoTruck ‘N Go allows users to report waiting times for food trucks in the area, and furthermore see the latest waiting times reported.Yes
Make-A-RapThe focus of our project, Make-A-Rap, is to determine whether a crowd can create an original, eloquent rap by having the crowd write lines of a rap and vote on submitted lines from other users.YES
The focus of our project, Make-A-Rap, is to determine whether a crowd can create an original, eloquent rap. To this extent, our project will have workers perform two functions: writing lines of raps and voting on the lines contributed by others. Please go on this link [insert link], and log into your crowdflower account. If you do not have a crowdflower account, please sign up for one. When you select a job, it will either one of two possible hits: one hit will ask you to write lyrics for a rap and the other hit will ask you to vote on lyrics of several raps. Please follow the instructions below in accordance to whichever hit you select.

Instructions for Writing Lyrics
On this page, you will find the rules and tips, and the examples. Please read through these sections thoroughly.
On the bottom of the page,you will see the title for the rap that you will be writing for. It will say Rap Title: [Topic]. Please read through the description and the current lines, and write the next line of the rap. Be as original and creative as you would like, but please try to be concise and keep your line relevant to the topic, description and the current lines written.

Instructions for Voting on Lyrics
At the top of this page, you will find the guidelines and tips. Please read through this section thoroughly.
Next, you will see several sections, each containing a rap title, description, any current lines already included in the rap, and a possible line. You will be judging the possible line. In determining the viability of a potential lyric, consider the line’s originality and eloquence along with how it meshes with previous lines.
You must then decide if the possible line should be included in the given rap (by answering yes) or not (by answering no).

If you have any problems, please contact Write a short description of what your issue is and include a screenshot of the page. You will receive a response within 1-3 business days of your inquiry.
Penn Prof ReviewOnline rating system for Penn
Visit to create an account and write a review for a professor. Contact if there are any questions.
Crowd LibraryCrowd Library will use crowdsourcing to translate children’s books from the International Children’s Digital Library.
Yes: English and Spanish transcriptions
1. Transcribe text from images:
a. English
b. Spanish

2. (English/Spanish bilingual speakers only) Translate text snippets from:
a. English to Spanish [Not yet launched]
b. Spanish to English [Not yet launched]

3. (English/Spanish bilingual speakers only) Rank 3 translations for one text snippet [Not yet launched]

Clean up translations for grammar, spelling, etc.:
a. (English speakers only) English translations [Not yet launched]
b. (Spanish speakers only) Spanish translations [Not yet launched]

For HITs that are not yet launched, check for updates. For any questions or issues, please contact
Does The World Feel The Bern“Does the world feel the Bern?” is about understanding the perceptions of the current presidential candidates across the
nets213Hi fellow NETS 213’ers,

Thank you so much for helping us with our project, Does the World Feel the Bern.

We are going to be using CrowdFlower to gather information from across the world about the perception of the 2016 US Presidential Election Candidates.

Thus, we will be using you as our simulated crowd, to gather some sample input data on which to test our Quality Control and Aggregation Module.

You can access our current version of the HIT at :

The questionnaire should be hopefully designed well enough that you can easily understand it. We are using candidate pictures as test questions (and accepting both the right answer and I don’t know) to weight our results, so please answer them correctly.
We will be using a constrained HIT design, thus all you need to do is read the question and choose a number that that best reflects your feeling on that issue towards the politician.
We first ask you to rate how relevant the given issue is to you.
We then ask you to rate each candidate’s position on an important issue, with 0 being that you absolutely dislike this candidate’s position and 10 being that you completely love this candidate’s position.
Using this system, we hope to get responses from across the world. We will be launching separate versions for the HITs in different geographic areas and trying to see if we get any surprising results. Does India feel the bern? What does Brazil feel about Trump’s Wall? Does anyone know who John Kasich? And many more questions we hope to answer.

Thank you for helping us test our system, we look forward to showing you our results and seeing all of your awesome projects.

If you have any questions or concerns on accessing and answering our HIT, you can reach us at and
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