Fennec Native 1.0 Testplan
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Feature AreaTab linkDescriptionDev StatusQA OwnerTest Case Status# Test Case Estimated# Testcase CompletedIn Litmus % completeTest runNotesQADEV Input
0Weekly Ratinghttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AocUyLHteCtSdHQ5Q2tIZVhMT3NNY0lPYzhHT2MyZXc&hl=en_US#gid=36
0Stability https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AocUyLHteCtSdHQ5Q2tIZVhMT3NNY0lPYzhHT2MyZXc&hl=en_US#gid=37nhirata
0Critical Issueshttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AocUyLHteCtSdHQ5Q2tIZVhMT3NNY0lPYzhHT2MyZXc&hl=en_US#gid=25
0Startup Performance711201
0Panning Perf/ ZoomingPanning and Zooming of Content, rendering iframes, layoutdone
1/13: iframe patch landed, so redo'ing some of the testing (bug 710704)
Naoki, Nicolaedone60100%100%12/6: Panning and zooming code should be feature completed. please test thoroughly and draft testcasesUpdated testcases in BFT - Panning & Zooming
0Session Historyusing android native datastore, this is not affecting the locatl history datastore work that lucasr is working on for 1.0. includes visited links and UI changes12/30: dev reopened bug 697858 and awaiting patch
1/11: Bug 707150 inbound. localDB storage is P1
Tony ; Andreeain progress812/9: check for localDB work that landed. no browser toggle added yet. we'll want to check other browsers adding history, but eventually it'll be local only to firefox.
12/9: also check against existing XUL tests if they still apply
12/9: need to consider performance regressions and testing on large profiles
12/16: we may be moving away from local datastore
12/21: bug 697858 is landing in tomorrow's nightly. please test session history and tabs
12/30: bug 697858 was reopened, and patch is still in works. QA is blocked
Updated testcases in BFT - History and created one new testcase
12/16: relevant bugs:
Bug 695176 - Session history
Bug 697858 - Restore tabs from previous session, including history
Bug 696203 - [birch] Remove unused/broken mobile XPCOM components
Bug 711572 - Restore favicons/thumbnails with session
Bug 711578 - Session restore doesn't work for initial Fennec session crash

Undoing closed tabs are also related, since the closed tab data is stored as part of the session:
Bug 701725 - Enable the ability to undo a closed tab
Bug 711574 - Undo Close Tabs UI
Bug 695170 - History, visited link styles
1/11: Bug 707150 - Add mechanism to enable/disable Fennec's local bookmarks/history DB (affects Sync)
0Reloadreload button. reload content on different types of webpagesdonekbrosnan; CarlaCompleted2100%12/6: should be feature completed.
12/30: kbrosnan to give feedback to Camelia on testcases
Updated testcases in BFT - General
0Tabbed BrowsingTab Management, adding thumbnail view to the tabsIn progress
1/13: a few minor visual tweaks left to land. Undo close tab is punted to FF12
kbrosnan, CameliaIn Progess10 - 1280%12/6: Should be nearly feature complete; Sriram investigating adding thumbnails to tabs
1/20: reviewing testcases from camelia, seems to have some issues with the flow.
Updated testcases in BFT - Tabbed browsing and created 2 new testcases
17/01 Testcase added for thumbnail view.

kbrosnan, to give feedback and review work
1/20: there are suggestion changes being worked on, some other changes landing
nhiratadone40100%100%1/20: review XTI's testcases
1Profile MigrationLanded, lots of follow-up bugs
1/13: need UI for import, not beta quality
1Password ManagementManaging Passwords in Local Storage, door hanger notifications, not master passworddone
1/20: wesj landing a exposing password bug for Sync. If that lands, we need to do regression testing on password manager
Tony, Cameliain progress7100%12/9: mfinkle mentioned passwords dependency on localDB patch. master password is NOT a 1.0 feature goal.
12/29: mfinkle confirms feature complete
Updated testcases in BFT - Password Manager
12/28: main bug 695446
12/29: related bugs: 712632, 706876
- 704682 is related to sync
1Viewport WorkDisplay, Layouts of Content in Pages, overlaps a little with panning perfdoneMartijn, Andreeain progress650%12/6: the bulk of viewport fixes have landed. please test around layout and zooming.
12/30: resizing viewport work still needs to land?
Updated testcases in BFT - Layout and created testcase for Bug 694901 - font inflation bug is bug 627842
- 12/30: (mw) take a look at browser chrome tests and created testcases from that
1Prompt Dialogs/Door Hanger Notificationsgeolocation notifications, indexedb notifications, page accessing popup ad, etc..doneAaron, CameliaDone9100%
1System Notificationsrelated to android pull down notification, save as pdf, download, updates, addons?doneAaron, CameliaDone5100%Updated TCs in litmus for: updates, downloading, save as PDF.
1PreferencesDefault browser preferencesDone -- might be additions with Font/ReadabilityAaron ; IoanaDone10100%
1Visual AwesomebarAwesome bar new UIdonekbrosnan, NicolaeDouble check testcases from XUL, Very similar

10 - 15100%Test cases from XUL should be similar. Big differences are bookmarks no stars and bookmarks no tags.
1/20: a little more feedback for XTI, but pretty much done
kbrosnan, to give feedback
1Layout Transform API One should be able to pan outside the viewport and see content instead of whitespace.
Donejhammink; CarlaDone12100%Implementation is outlined in #699351. Litmus test includes large manual test page with CSS which we pan around. Also, we can probably use enhancements to current mochitest/XUL to include horizontal and vertical scrolling, different kinds of content inside the subdocument (e.g. background-attachment:fixed, more position:fixed variations)."update snippets", "layout transform api" - those are probably too internal
"make sure updates work", "does content layout correclty" are better imo
1Addon testingabout:addons, addons manager UIUI in progress, basic functionality enabled
- 1/13: Beta blocker; At risk
1/20: addons manager has landed. need to test
Nicolae; Martijn; CataSuciuIn Progress2080%http://people.mozilla.com/~mfinkle/addons/
1Flash Supporthttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AocUyLHteCtSdHQ5Q2tIZVhMT3NNY0lPYzhHT2MyZXc&hl=en_US#gid=22flash support: youtube, flash sites, games, video, local news site, touch. still awaiting click-to-play functionality; full screen mode for flashClick to play landed; UI needs tweak in prefs. Click to play is not working as expected.Naoki, IoanaDone40100%100%12/16: Click-to-play feature landed, but its still buggy
1/20: need to move the testcases over to litmus. Ioana?
1Security Lock on Awesomebar / Site Optionsrehash of security (larry: site identity; is a lot of work); need to test valid/invalid ssl and non ssl sitesdoneCarlaCompleted4 - 5100%need to cover invalid SSL domainBFT - Security
1Form handlingforms: select text dropdowns , autocomplete?, copy/paste? selection handling, deletion, cut, caret insertion, suggestions? form history? persistant text? form submit? html5 form validation? password manager?DoneMartijn ; AndreeaIn Progress50text inputs tested, see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=695444 Need to test event handlers on input yet Also need to test other form elements1/20: need to add testcases to litmus
1Readability (font inflation included)https://wiki.mozilla.org/Fennec/NativeUI/UserExperience/Readability
Text Size; Default zoom (on page load); Open Pages in overview; Text encoding; Block popups; landscape-only; home page; privacy settings; enable geolocation; remember passwords
in Progress, targeting landing a week before beta
- 1/13: beta blocker, what's the decision on this?
Martijn; CarlaIn Progress1080%12/16: still tweaking the font-inflation number to final design
12/20: still a lot of same issues, bug fixes
BFT - Readability (created 7 test cases, also added test cases for Font Size feature)
1about:homeHome page, UI. DonekbrosnanNew
2Download Manager (Android)Ability to save downloads to the Android Download Manager (Android 3.0+)in progress, Patchs under reviewAaron, ioana Completed3~5100%Added to OS Integration for 11 and 12 on LitmusCompleted
2SharingThe action of sharing a link, image, or page, native sharing behaviorDoneAaron,CarlaCompleted1100%Existing tests from XUL FennecUpdated testcases in BFT - Sharing
2Search EnginesTesting of default search engine list. list may change per locales. What about adding search engines to the list feature? DoneTony; AndreeaCompleted4100%Same list from XUL.Is adding/removing a 1.0 feature?
1/2: bug 710845 blocks this feature with dependencies
** Since this bug is P3, should this feature be P3?
2 Touch eventsw3c touch events api. panning around a maps.google site; bug 695207In Progress
1/13: seems deprioritized for FF11. might be punted
MartijnIn progress12/22: try server build is out, still under review
12/30: no update since last week
2Syncnative sync for android, will be a seperate application
Development will be targeting 3 Milstones per the testplan.
M1: In Progress (Target 01/16)
- setup/ bookmarks/ history
M2: not started (Target 01/31)
- tabs/ passwords/ error and backoff handling
M3: not started (Target 03/30)
- polish work
Tracy/Tony, NicolaeM1: Done
M2: Not started
M3: Not started
M1: 10 to 12
M2: 10 to 15
M3: 5 to 10
M1: 100%)- week of 01/09/12: Builds available. Bugs being filed and fixed as we go. Very close to Milestone 1 goal of Setup (classic and JPAKE), bookmarks and history roughly working.
- Code drop to M-C
Lightweight test plane: https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Sync/Native_Android_Test_Plan
2Back/Forward Navigationsingle button moving back/forward pagesDoneAaron, IoanaCompleted1100%Existing tests from XUL Fennec
2IndexDBHTML5 feature of indexedDB, which is a persistence mechanism in lieu of direct file access. All browsers should support indexeddb. Indexeddb is called differently in native fennec vs. desktop firefox.DonejhamminkDone27100%Indexeddb is called differently in native fennec vs. desktop firefox. This requires rewriting some testpages. Follow up with Matt Brubeck.
3Find in Pagedropped for 11/12 ; native 1.0nhirata, NicolaeblockedBug 695172 - Find on page0%window.find is deprecated
3HTML5 Video Controlsin content control for webm videos. Full screen mode support. should be lower prioritydone
1/13: need to test
Tony, NicolaeDone10100%
3Text SelectionNot making Fennec 11, no work on 12
3Save As PDFIn Nightly/AuroraCan probably move over tests from XUL
3User Agent Switcherswitching from desktop to mobile site checkingDisabled (01/13)redirect pages bug is blocking this feature from fully working
3L10NSingle locale Build; multilocale builds?there are single locale builds on central now ; Localization bugs: {{bug|701816}}, {{bug|717522}}, {{Bug|713464}}, {{bug|710593}}, {{bug|701068}}, {{bug|697384}}, {{bug|718385}}Naoki, NicolaeSemi20* language set0%This feature has not landed yet.
3 Master Passwordimplement master password workDoneNicolaeDone16100%Not a 1.0 feature
12/28: MP has landed in nightly
12/28: bug 713600 is resolved. check aurora
bug 700527 is resolved. please test fix on nightly and also migrating from XUL fennec to aurora
3WebGLWorks on high end phonesWebGL crashes have been fixed by having ANGLE shadow not being usednhirata, Nicolae10100%100%
3Character EncodingJapanese/Chinese page encodings1/20: Done
1/13: sounds like its going to land for FF11
nhirata, NicolaeDone10100%100%
4Addons for testing (Add-On Manager/Functionality)is this about actual jetpack addons that need to be created to test addons manager? if so, this is not a P1 (eg. Crowdbot)
- aakash also working on porting feedback extension
MartijnSaw ad-block plus builds from wladimir for testing in bug 717904
4Context Menusopen new link; need more menu itemsMajority landed. Some regressions (12/30) causing loss of functionalityAaron, Nicolae
4Full Screen Modewebm onlylanded
4Application Updatesupdating fennec via market places. updating via aurora, and nightly -- but that doesnt seem to be a high priority; part of update testing is snippentslandednhirata;CataSuciuIn Queue200%BFT's/Installation - enabled "automatic update service testing nightly testing with timer adjustments" and "automatic update service testing nightly testing with timer adjustments "
4Ts Expanded RSSPending investigation; need agreementnhirata; AndreeaDropped?
4Redesign of the crash reporternot landednhirata; CataSuciuBlocked150%This feature has not landed yet
5JS ARM v6P5 until it is implemented and works. P1 when it works.not implemented; puntednhirata; CataSuciuBlocked100%Test build available
Screenshot Bundle?
Homescreen Shortcuts?
Site Settings?
Checkerboarding?Chris says he's planning to remove all checkerboarding (01/13)
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BFT - Sync M1
BFT - Add-ons testing
BFT - Master Password
BFT - Visual Awesomebar
BFT - HTML5 Video Controls
BFT- Pan/Zoom Performance
BFT-Character Encoding
Indexed DB
BFT - Context Menus
Layout Transform API
BFT - Bookmarking
BFT - Preferences
BFT - Download Notifications
BFT - Sharing
BFT- Tabbed browsing
System Notifications
BFT - Readability
Sync Android
BFT - Security
BFT - Forward Navigation
BFT - Download Manager (3.0+)
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