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ContribAuthorTitle / AuthorEditionPlace : Publisher, Year.Pages/Vols. : illustrations ; size.Auction historyLibrary, Call No.Proof of ownership in volumeAnnotations in volume by RLSOther evidence of ownershipAdditional commentsCross reference to Reading DbLanguage other than EnglishClassification
nmbAbbot, George.A Breife Description of the Whole World: Wherein is particularly described all the Monarchies, Empires and Kingdomes of the same, with their Academies ... / George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury.London : Printed for William Sheares, at the signe of the Harrow in Britaines Bursse, 1635.350pp. : 16mo.Anderson Part 2, Lot 80.signature of Thomas Stevenson.George Abbot (1562-1633), successively Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, of London, and Archbishop of Canterbury. Title continues: 'as also their several titles, and situations thereunto adjoyning / written by the Right Reverend Father in God, George, late Archbishop of Canterburie.' Details from Harvard. First edition London 1599. Binding: calf.History - World
nmbAbbotsford Club.Jacobite Correspondence of the Atholl Family during the Rebellion M.DCC.XLV.-M.DCC.XLVI. from the Originals in the Possession of James Erskine of Aberdona, Esq. / Abbotsford Club.Edinburgh : 1840.258pp. : facsims.; 4to.The Genesis of "The Master of Ballantrae": "[...] a story conceived long before on the moors between Pitlochry and Strathardle, conceived in the Highland rain, in the blend of the smell of haether and bog-plants, and with a mind full of the Athole correspondence and the memories of the Chevalier de Johnstone.' (Tus.10, pp.xxiv-xxv)Edited by David Laing and John Hill Burton.History - Scotland - Jacobitism
nmbActon, Eliza.Modern Cookery, for Private Families, Reduced to a System of Easy Practice, in a Series of Carefully Tested Receipts ... / Eliza Acton.New, revised and much enlarged ...London : Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer, 1868.Monterey.note by Isobel Strong (Field): 'This book belonged to / Mrs Thomas Stevenson and / the notes in it were written / by her husband - Thomas / Stevenson - / Isobel Field / 'Serena / California / Feb 28 / 1935'name of author altered to HELIZARHACTON on title; comments in volume by Thomas Stevenson?: at Ill. of MIDDLE OF SALMON - 'There should be no such dish - but all cut in thin slices.'; THE BEST MODE OF BOILING FISH has ''is not to boil it all' added below; [p.60] CRIMPED SALMON has 'The idea of lobsters with crimped salmon is monstrous.'; [p.61] says after 'bake it for one hour in a moderate oven' - 'This is an insult to the salmon.'; and on [p.511] FINE BLACK CURRANT JELLY has 'some' underlined with the marginal 'how many 2 or 3, or 18,000?Eliza Acton (1799-1859), cook and poet, producing one of first cookbooks aimed at domestic market in 1845. Title continues: 'in which the principles of Baron Liebig and other eminent writers have been as much as possible applied and explained.'
nmbAdam, Alexander.Classical Biography: Exhibiting Alphabetically the Proper Names, with a Short Account of the Several Deities, Heroes, and Other Persons mentioned in the Ancient Classical Authors; ... / Alexander Adam.Edinburgh : Printed by Murray & Cochrane for W. Creech; - and T. Cadell & W. Davies, London, 1800.414pp. : 8vo.Anderson Part 2, Lot 1.signature of Thomas Stevenson; signature of E. Lothian; his bookplate.Dr. Alexander Adam (1741-1809), Rector, High School of Edinburgh 1768. Title continues: 'Designed chiefly to contribute to the Illustration of the Latin Classics.' Details from NLS. Binding: old calf; cracked. E. Lothian?History - Classical - Greece and Rome
nmbAdam, Alexander.Roman Antiquities: or, An Account of the Manners and Customs of the Romans ... / Alexander Adam.2nd.Edinburgh : Printed for A Strahan and T, Cadell, London; and W. Creech, Edinburgh.1792.616pp. : 8vo.Anderson Part 2, Lot 2.signature of Thomas Stevenson.Dr. Alexander Adam (1741-1809), Rector, High School of Edinburgh 1768. The second edition, considerably enlarged. Title continues: 'Designed chiefly to Illustrate the Latin Classics.' Details from NLS. First published 1791. Binding: calf; cracked.History - Classical - Rome
nmbAdams, Henry.History of the United States during the Administrations of Jefferson and Madison / Henry Adams.New York : Charles Scribner's Sons, 1889-1909.9 v. : maps; 19cm.Letters from Vailima to Edward L. Burlingame: 1. 26 Nov 1890: P.S. ... I have seen a good deal of La Farge and Adams, both delightful people: will you please send me the historical works of the latter by earliest occasion: he tells me they are dull, that's what I like.; 2. 1 Aug 1892: By the by, vols. VII, VIII and IX of Adams's History have never come to hand; ...; 3. Will you please send me something as definite as you can as to the American privateers of 1812-14? Of course I have Adams; but what I want is some log of a voyage, or some popular work containing actual facts and faces, or any historic and detailed publications. I am willing to go (if necessary) fifty dollars on this. (Letters 7, 2278 & 2442; pp. 46 & 340 and 8, 2368; p.176).Henry Adams (1838-1918), historian; great-grandson of John Adams, and grandson of John Quincy Adams, American presidents; travelled to Samoa with the artist John La Farge (1830-1910), staying late Oct 1890 to end Jan 1891, and encountering RLS. Jefferson 1801-9; Madison 1809-17. See Longer comments.History - America
nmbAddison, Joseph.Unspecified - Works / Joseph Addison.? : ?? : ?copy given to RLS by Francis Doud, rancher, Monterey, early Oct 1879. [In return, RLS gave copy of Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes, q.v.]Letter, accompanying copy of Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes from Monterey, to Frances Doud, 2 Oct 1879: Francis Doud Esquire / My Dear Sir, The more I see of America, the more I find of the old country from which you and I both come. One of the pleasant incidents that I have yet met with, as an Englishman and a man of letters, was the kind present you made me today. Addison on the Pacific coast, and in an old edition - there could scarce be anything more homely. / Please accept in return for the pleasure you have done me, this copy of a little book of mine. The pictures at least, I am sure you will admire; and you must forgive a little delapidation, for the book has travelled far. Believe me Your very much obliged [space] Robert Louis Stevenson. (Letters 3, 653; p.14).Joseph Addison (1672-1713), essayist and poet; founder of The Spectator with Richard Steele. Mehew notes: Francis Doud (1820-1910), an Irishman who emigrated to the USA in 1838, served in the army during the Mexican War and settled in Monterey in 1850, where he became a prosperous cattle farmer and owned the meat market. RLS took his Sunday lunch with the Douds. From Mehew note to Letters 8, 2579; p.96-7: In an interview at Auckland, in Mar 1893, with William Henry Triggs of the Christchurch Press (printed 24 Apr 1894) - when RLS was asked what books students should read in order to write English - he advised that they should 'browse about in the 17th and 18th centuries, mentioning Shakespeare, Browne, Taylor, Dryden, Johnson, 'and I suppose Addison - though I never read him myself.' See Longer comments.Literature - English - Essay
nmbAesop.Fabulae Aesopicae, plures quingentu, & aliae quaedam narrationes, cum historia vitae fortunaeq[ue] Aesopi compositae studio & diligentia Ioachimi Camerarii Pab. quibus additae sunt & Liuianae & Gellianae ac aliorum quaedam cum, interpretatione Graecorum, & explicatione quorundam aliorum / Aesop.Lugduni [Lyon] : Apud Ioan. Tornaesium, 1571.637pp. : ill. (c100 woodcuts), port. (roundel on title); 16mo./12cm.Anderson Part 1, Lot 5.signature of Thomas Stevenson. Aesopus (620-580 B.C.), Greek slave and moral fabulist, possibly born in Africa. Index. Edited by Joachim Camerarius (1500-74), Bavarian classical scholar and Lutheran theologian who mediated between Protestants and Catholics at the Reformation. Jean de Tournes / Johannes Tornaesius (1539-1615), Royal Typographer, Lyon (Geneva c1585). Details from Harvard, where copy includes De Vita et moribus fortuna[e]que et interitu Aesopi. pp.23-82. Binding: old calf; rubbed.

Another TS edition of Aesop: 'By 1841 [Thomas] Stevenson's book collection is known to have embraced Aesop's Fables with Bewick woodcuts, Boece's Croniclis of Scotland (1527), and engineering-related works, including Sinclair's Hydrostaticks (1672) with skilful pen and ink restoration of missing plates, presumably carried out by its young owner.' (Roland Paxton: Dynasty of Engineers, 2011, p.21).
L - mLiterature - Classical - Greek -Fable
nmb, rgsAgricola, Georg.De Re Metallica Libri XII: Quibus officia, Instrumenta, machinae, ac omnia denique ad metallicam spectantia non modo lucientissime describuntur, sed & per effigies, suis locis insertas, adiunctis Latinis, Germanis-[que] appellationibus ita ob oculos ponuntur, ut clarius tradi non possint. ... / Georg Agricola.Basilae : Froben, 1561. 502pp. : ills., fold. pls.; folio/33cm.Beinecke, 1995+5.RLS's visiting card pasted on verso of front cover; note on title: 'fz'.Letter from Stobo to W.E. Henley, [?4 Jul 1882]: ... Agricola being in town, I cannot speak so fixedly as to him; ... (Letters 3, 969; p.338). - Mehew note: [In his letter of 3 Jul] Henley commissioned [for the Magazine of Art] an article for the 'Byways' series on Agricola. ... This was never written. Letters from WEH to RLS: 1. 30 May 1882: 'Of course I accept the 'Agricola' d'avance; ...'; 2. 1 Mar 1883: [Lists] (3) Let me hear from you on the subject of Johannes Agrippa, or whatever is his name. I want a By-Way badly. Dost hear? Badly [emphasis].' (Atkinson, pp.109 & 115).Pseud. of Georg Bauer (1494-1555), German (Saxon) 'father of mineralogy'. Title continues: 'Eiusdem De animantibus subterraneis liber, ab autore recognitus: cum indicibus diversis, quicquid in opera tractatum est, pulchre demonstrantibus, atq[ue] omnibus nunc iterum ad archetypum diligenter restitutis & castigatis.' A complete and systematic treatise on mining and metallurgy - with special emphasis on the illustration of the work of watermills [great RLS interest] in mining; first published 1556. Hieronymus Froben (1501-63), printer; Nicolaus Episcopius (1501-64), his brother-in-law and colleague; both friends of Erasmus. With fine woodcuts.L - mScience - Mineralogy
nmbAikman, James.Annals of the Persecution in Scotland from the Restoration to the Revolution / James Aikman.Edinburgh : Hugh Paton, 1842.556pp. : 8vo.? RLS's name written by his father (see Additional comments).Letter from [Wick] to his mother, [7 Sept 1868]: This morning I got a delightful haul: ... very thankfully received; and Aikman's Annals, a precious and most acceptable donation, for which I tender my most ebullient thanksgivings. I almost forgot to drink my tea and eat mine egg. It contains more detailed accounts than anything I ever saw, except Wodrow [q.v.], without being so portentously tiresome and so desperately overborne with foot-notes, proclamations, Acts of Parliament and citations as that last history. (Letters 1, 57; p.144). Letter from San Francisco to Charles Baxter, [9 Jan 1880]: Among my books there is one: Aikman's History of the Persecution or History of the Covenanters in the shelves immediately behind one as one sits at the business table, on which I think you will find my name written by my father; if this is so, please keep it; if not, ... look out some book that is, and keep that. I wish I could keep them all, but just now a pound or two is very near. (Letters 2. 676; p.43).James Aikman (?1779-1860), historian. Details from BL. Norquay.History - Scotland - Covenanting
nmbAinsworth, William Harrison.The Tower of London. A Historical Romance ... Illustrated by George Cruikshank / William Harrison Ainsworth.London : ? ? : ?Essay: Random Memories : Rosa Quo Locorum, where unspecified edition is mentioned as being among the 'anything really legible' on his father's shelves, 'a spot of some austerity.'William Harrison Ainsworth (1805-82), popular novelist. First published London : Richard Bentley, 1840 (439pp. ; 8vo.) George Cruikshank (1792-1878). Details from BL. Letter from [Braemar] to W. E. Henley, [Sept 1881]: [Re Sea Cook or Treasure Island] I love writing boy's books. This first is only an experiment: wait till you see what I can make 'em with my hand in. / I'll / be / the / Harrison / Ainsworth / of / the / Future. / and a chalk better by St Christopher, or at least as good. You'll see that even by the Sea Cook. D_d sight gayer than Mudie-ing, you bet. (Letters 3, 849; p.230).- Mehew note: Writing novels suitable for respectable middle-class subscribers to Mudie's Circulating Library, founded in 1842. (Could account for up to 75% of sales of a popular novel.) Letter from Davos to Edmund Gosse, [9 Nov 1881]: Go and see Harrison Ainsworth, and if you do, give him my homage: say I dote on his works; name your maker, like a man, and swear that I'm his fond admirer. (Letters 3, 866; p.248).Literature - English - Novel and Short Story
nmbAlexander, Jonathan.The Recollections of Jonathan Alexander: formerly of the 52d and 66th Regiments (now in his 88th year). Compiled by George Seton / Jonathan Alexander.Edinburgh : William Blackwood, 1886.16pp. : port.; 18cm.RLS's copy - sent to Anne Jenkin.Letter from [Bournemouth] to Anne Jenkin, [mid-Aug 1887]: [Preparing his Memoir of Fleeming Jenkin, q.v.] Please pardon me if I throw some more trouble on you: I have not the time to go over both sets [of proofs]; you will make them agree, and copy my little paper apart for the second. I send you Mr Seton's Recollections &c., so that you may go exact. / I have left the Alexander tale in Seton's language, though I think I could bring it out; but then it was so kind of him to send me this, and the story tells itself. (Letters 5, 1867; p.441).Jonathan Alexander (1799-1888), soldier. George Seton (1822-1908), advocate; secy. to Registrar General of Scotland 1854-89. Mehew note: A description of a lecture, given by Alexander, a former private, of his recollections of Napoleon at St. Helena. Captain Jenkin, 'a tall handsome old gentleman', had exchanged reminiscences with the lecturer and told the audience how he himself had served in the guardship off St. Helena in 1816. (Omitted from publication). History - Britain - Military - Napoleonic Wars
nmbAllingham, William.Blackberries Picked off Many Bushes. By D. Pollex and Others. Put in a Basket by / William Allingham.1st.London : G. Philip & Son, 1884. 171pp. : 8vo.Roberts. Sotheran 2.RLS's bookplate on front pastedown.numerous pencil markings and critical annotations throughout; e.g 'He dashed it off!' alongside poem beginning "Clergy", p.33; 'who is elu?' at begin. "O Were", p.75; 'The antlion?" pointing to name "Cadling:, p.88; '+ rhymes too' at begin. "Writing", p.99; 'Is this it?' at begin. "The Bard", p.105; 'Hear hear!' at final poem, p.153; 'Whitman' on p.170; there are pencilled 'X's and vertical lines alongside many poems and a few underscored words. Letter from [Hyeres] to his parents, [25 May 1884]: 'I wish you would send me three books ... Allingham's Day and Night Songs.' (Letters 4, 1275; pp.297-8)- Mehew note: A new edition of Allingham's Day and Night Songs (originally published in 1854) had just appeared.William Allingham (1824-89), poet and editor 'Fraser's Magazine' 1874-79; friend of D. G. Rosetti. Verses written by Allingham. Details from BL. Not in NLS. Binding: original green cloth, gilt. Printed Liverpool on watermarked handmade paper. Reissued as Blackberries, Longmans, London, 1893. Literature - English - Poetry and Verse
nmb, rgsAndersen, Hans Christian.Only a Fiddler: a Danish Romance / H. C. Andersen.Author's.New York : Hurd & Houghton; Cambridge : Riverside Press, 1876.309pp. : 20cm.Beinecke, 1994 716.RLS's Skerryvore bookplate affixed inside front cover.Hans Christian Andersen (1805-75), story-teller and collector of fairy tales. Danish title: Kun en Spillemand. First published 1837; sentimental novel attacked by Kierkegaard as joyless in Af En endnu Levendes Papirer (1838). Book-ticket: John Howell, importer, San Francisco. Cover note: Andersen's Works.Literature - Danish - Novel and Short Story
nmbAnderson, James.Account of the Present State of the Hebrides and Western Coasts of Scotland: Being the Substance of a Report to the Lords of Treasury, of Facts collected in a Tour to the Hebrides, ... / James Anderson.Edinburgh : Printed for G. G. J. & J. Robinson, London; C. Eliot, Edinburgh, 1785.452pp : pls., map; 8vo.AG - Safford lot 9.Buffalo, PR5499 no.1 (OCLC No. 08381159).RLS's Skerryvore bookplate.James Anderson (1739-1808), editor of 'The Bee, or Literary Intelligencer'. Title continues: 'with large additions, together with the evidence given before the Committee of Fisheries: ...' Binding: leather, varnished; in a slip-case. Thomas B. Lockwood Collection - his bookplate affixed inside portfolio. nmb5.History - Scotland - Highlands and Islands
nmbAnderson, John.Prize Essay of the State of Society and Knowledge in the Highlands of Scotland ... / John Anderson.Edinburgh : William Tait, 1827.176pp. (lacking back) : 8vo.Anderson Part 1, Lot 6.signature of Thomas Stevenson; his marginal pencilings and note at end re text.John Anderson W.S. (1748?-1830). Title continues: 'at the Period of the Rebellion and of their Progress up to ... 1825.' Details from BL. nmb5.History - Scotland - Highlands and Islands
nmb, rgsAnonymous.[The Beauties of Caledonia; or,] Gems of Scottish Song; being a Collection of more than fifty of the most beautiful Scottish Ballads, set to music, many of which have hitherto been unpublished in this country; ... / Anonymous.Boston : Published by Oliver Ditson, [1866>].200pp. (lacking a few): port.; 28x23cm.Anderson Part 1, Lot 237. AG - Hellman Pt. 2, 28.note on title by RLS re March of the Men of Arloch [Harlech/Wales?] (Hellman).Song. Title continues: 'the whole arr., collected, and compiled from the very best sources, and latest revisals of the author's works ...' Full title and details from Yale and Lib. Cong. RGS note: According to the Journal of the Robert Louis Stevenson Club (London), no.15, (Feb 1954), pp.9-10, this has the stamp of Gray's Music Store, 623 & 625 Clay Street, San Francisco, and is one of the nine books previously in RLS's library at Vailima that were returned to Samoa in celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. See Goodman : Penitent Pardon'd. Binding: in slip/solander case with blue levant back and Roger Payne tooling (Hellman).Literature - Scots - Ballad and Song
nmbAnonymous.A Cloud of Witnesses, For the Royal Prerogatives of Jesus Christ: or, the Last Speeches and Testimonies of those who have Suffered for the Truth in Scotland, Since the Year 1680. Together with an Appendix, containing the Queensferry Paper; Torwood Excommunication; a Relation concerning Mr. Richard Cameron, Mr. Donald Cargil, and Henry Hall; and an Account of those who were killed without process of law, and banished to foreign lands: with a Short View of some oppressive actions / Anonymous.8th.Edinburgh : Printed by David Paterson; for William Duncan bookseller, and sold by him at his shop opposite the Fountain Well, within the Head of Gray's Close., 1765.392pp. : 8vo./18cm.Anderson Part 2, Lot 86.signature of Thomas Stevenson.The Pentland Rising: A Page of History 1666', (1866): ''A cloud of witnesses ly her, / Who for Christ's interest did appear." / Inscription on Battle-field at Rullion Green. (Tus.29). Letter from Vailima to W. H. Triggs, 6 Dec 1893: About reading. I can tell you what I have been reading in the last month: Wodrow's Analecta [q.v.], The Cloud of Witnesses, The Life of James Renwick [Alex. Shields, q.v.], [3 other unrelated titles] ... (Letters 8, 2665; p.203). Balfour: 'A special [Covenanting] favourite ... was an old copy of A Cloud of Witnesses, which had belonged to his [RLS] nurse's grandmother.' Alison ('Cummy') Cunningham, nurse. Novel: Weir of Hermiston: 'For he [Archie] had struck him - defied him [Weir] twice over and before a cloud of witnesses - struck him in a public buffet before crowds.' (Tus.16, p.29)
Refers to 'Isobel Alison’s examination (C[l]oud of Witnesses p. 115 at top)' in his notes for his 'Covenanters' project, probably made in Sept-Oct 1873 (see Letters 1, 311).
Edition: The Eighth edition, corrected, and enlarged with the testimonies of John Nisbet younger, John Nisbet of Hardhill, Robert Miller, Thomas Harkness, &c. A letter of John Semple's, and of Archibald Stewart's. The paper found upon Mr. Cameron at Airsmoss, and an acrostick upon his name. The testimony of John Finlay in Kilmarnock. The epitaphs upon the grave stones of Mr. Samuel Rutherford, Mr. John Welwood, and the noble patriots who fell at Pentland-hills, &c. Subjects: Covenant and Covenanters. Richard Cameron (1648-80), the 'Lion of the Covenant', killed at Aird's Moss. Donald Cargill (1619-81), associate of Cameron, executed. Details from NLS, where earliest edition is dated 1714. Binding: sheep; cracked.History - Scotland - Covenanting
nmbAnonymous.A Copy of a Letter From a Gentleman in Fife to His Friend at Edinburgh, Upon the Subject of the Malt-Tax / Anonymous.?: n.p., 1725.16pp. : 8vo.Anderson Part 1, Lot 211.From the no. of pages, possibly a copy of title in NLS, published [Edinburgh] : Printed [by Mr. James MacEuen] in the Year, 1725. [2], 18pp. ; 8vo. NLS notes: signed at end: Philo Scotus, i.e. Duncan Forbes? Place of publication and printer from the colophon. Copy also in BL. Duncan Forbes of Culloden (1685-1747), Lord Advocate and Lord President of Court of Session. Other editions: signed and dated 'L. D. L. Coupar 31st Dec. 1724.'- World Cat.History - Scotland - Union of Parliaments
nmbAnonymous.A Letter from A Fyfe Gentleman, at present in Edinburgh, to Chief Magistrate of a Burgh in Fyfe, Upon our present Situation, with regard to the Malt-Tax ... / Anonymous.Edinburgh : Printed in the Year, 1725.16pp. : 8vo.Anderson Part 2, Lot 285.Title continues: 'by the author of a former letter from Fyfe upon the same subject, dated 31 December, 1724. Details from NLS.History - Scotland - Union of Parliaments
nmb, rgsAnonymous.A View of the Management of the Late Scotch Ministry; With Respect to the Protestant Succession, Union, etc. / Anonymous.London : 1709.31pp. : sewed; small 4to.Anderson Part 2, Lot 594.Monterey.no inscriptions, etc.no markings.History - Scotland - Jacobitism and Union of Parliaments
nmbAnonymous.An Account of the Scotch Plot, in a Letter, from a Gentleman in the City, to his Friend in the Country / Anonymous.[London : Printed in the Year, 1704].Anderson Part 1, Lot 497.Subject: Jacobitism: invasion of Scotland by France. Details from NLS - note: Alternative issue has full stop after 'Plot'. Not to be confused with the earlier Calumny Condemned, or, A True, Exact, and Sober Account of the Scotch Plot (1659), which may have suggested title.History - Scotland - Jacobitism
nmbAnonymous.An Answer to the Brief Account of the Elections in the North of Britain, with some account of the new division there / Anonymous.London : Printed for A. Baldwin, 1708.20pp. : sewed; small 4to.Anderson Part 1, Lot 7.The Brief Account' (1708) is by [George Moncrieff]. Details from NLS.History - Scotland - Union of Parliaments
rgs, nmbAnonymous.An Appeal to the Common Sense of Scotsmen: especially those of the Landed Interest, and more especially Freeholders if their own conduct be not the source of their misery? ... / Anonymous.Edinburgh : [Printed by W. Sands, A. Murray, and J. Cochran. Sold by J. Traill ...], 1747.66pp. : 8vo/21cm.Beinecke, NZ 747ap.Title continues: 'And, if their own vigorous efforts be not the only mean of their relief? Together with a proposal of the last importance for saving the country from ruin ... in answer to the groans of it's wretched inhabitants.' Add. details from BL- note: pp. 62-66 contain 'Proposals for establishing the Scots woollen manufacture'. Subject: Scotland, economic development?

RGS: The copy listed is probably not RLS's. All we know is that in a typescript list of an Edwin J. Beinecke gift in 1950 this work is listed by title and labeled: (fragment) n.d.
History - Scotland - Jacobitism
nmbAnonymous.Arabian Nights Entertainments' / Anonymous.? : ?? : ?[Vailima evening classes for 'household boys'] 'Lou had chosen the Arabian Nights Entertainments for his lesson-book, and got so deeply interested in the Forty Thieves, that I do not know which of them enjoyed it the most.'(M. I. Stevenson: Letters from Samoa, 1906, pp.121-2)
nmbAnonymous.Candid and Impartial Discussion of the False Reasonings, Gross Misrepresentations, and Studied Fallacies of Two Late Pieces; The Former written to vilify the Inhabitants of One End of This Island: And the Latter of the Other ... / Anonymous.London : Printed for M. Cooper, 1747.55pp. : sewed; 8vo.Anderson Part 2, Lots 79 & 438.Pamphlet. 2 copies; 2nd copy part of lot of 11 pieces. Title continues: 'Together with a Fair and Clear Account of the Advantages derived to both parts of the Nation, by the Union ... By "a Friend of Great Britain".' NLS note: In reply to the issue of 27 Dec. 1746 of 'Old England' and to Lord Mansfield's 'The Thistle'. NLS has 3 copies, 2 with 55pp. and 1 with 84pp. See entry for William Murray, Lord Mansfield, below.History - Scotland - Union of Parliaments
nmbAnonymous.Final Act of the Berlin Conference on Samoan Affairs / Anonymous.Printed Samoa Times Office, 1889.8pp. : 33cm.Held Apr - Jun 1889 by Germany, Britain and USA - brought Samoan independence and neutrality; Malietoa Laupepa, rather than Mataafa, recognised as king - q.v. Booth & Mehew : Letters, 6; pp.342-4. Copy in Alexander Turnbull Library, Nat. Lib. NZ.History - Polynesia - Samoa
nmbAnonymous.Gaudeamus! Carmina Vagorum selecta in usum Laetitiae / Anonymous.Lipsiae : [in aedibus B. G. Teubneri?],1879.?pp. : 16mo.Anderson Part 1, Lot 236.NYU, Fales, Brit Stevenson ...presentation copy with inscription in front: 'R. L. Stevenson, from his affect. friend, H. F. B[rown], Venice, March 3rd, 1881.'; RLS's bookplate: 'From the Library of Robert Louis Stevenson at Vailima.'; bookplate: 'Edward Percy Rich'.Preface, by way of Criticism' to Familiar Studies of Men and Books: I shall quote here a verse of an old student's song, worth laying side by side with Villon's startling ballade ['La Grosse Margot]. ... / [Begins] Nunc plango florem / ... (Tus.27, pp. xx-xxi)Student Song Book. Horatio Robert Forbes Brown (1854-1926) of Newhall, historian; intimate friend and biographer of J. A. Symonds, visiting him at Davos where met RLS. See William Penn : Fruits of Solitude. Lipsiae = Leipsic/Leipzig. Yale has 1877 copy, 221pp.Literature - English - Ballad and Song
nmbAnonymous.Gaudeamus! Carmina Vagorvm Selecta in Vsvm Laetitiae / Anonymous.Lipsiae : [in aedibus B. G. Teubneri?], 1879.?pp. : 16mo.Anderson Part 2, Lot 239.RLS's bookplate.Student Song Book. Preface, Familiar Studies (1882): RLS quotes from this work 'a verse of an old student's song, worth laying side by side with Villon's startling ballade', La grosse Margot.Literature - English - Ballad and Song
rgs, rdAnonymous.Histoire des Camisards, où l'on voit par quelles fausses maximes de politique, et de religion, la France a risqué sa ruine, sous le règne de Louis XIV / Anonymous.Londres : Ches Moise Chastel, 1744.2 v. (V 1 only) : 8vo.Silverado.RLS's Savile Club-Skerryvore card inside front cover.List of page numbers and a phrase identifying each inside back cover; these correspond with most of the pencil lines opposite passages in the book itself. 155 - Laporte - Portrait, Caracterie & Conduite de Rolland (No mention of lady) [see Travels with a Donkey, 269-70: physical description fits as nephew of LaPorte] / 167 - points out resemblance of the Petits-Prophetes des Camisards to a set of Petites-Prophetes studied [?] in modern Catholic communion / 181 - More tales of Rolland / 186 - Rolland 243 [note] / 204 - Spy report to Rolland / 204 / Cavalier 208 / 223 / 260 / 271 not[ e] s / of same 273 No other notes.Tome premier. Q.v. below, two editions of Eugene Bonnemere : Histoire des Camisards, 1859 and 1877. Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes.
Both Vol 1 and 2 are cited on pp. 18-19 (as 'Anon.' but the refs are to this publication) in Stevenson's notebook notes now disbound and rebound as ‘ “Covenanters” notes’ (Yale, B 6128), possibly dating from later 1878-early 1879 but probably from after Sept 1880 and June 1881 when S decided to write a study of Cavalier (Letters 3, 98, 186).
FHistory - France - 18th Century - Protestantism
nmbAnonymous.Jacobite Songs of Scotland chronologically arranged, with Notes / Anonymous.Glasgow : Maurice Ogle & Co., 1871.93pp. : 19cm.Beinecke, 1994 443.Jacobite Songs. NLS note: includes songs by later writers: Burns, Scott, Hogg, etc.Literature - Scots - Ballad and Song
nmb, rgsAnonymous.Le Livre Bleu de l'Internationale / Anonymous.Paris : E. Lachaud, 1871.324pp. : orig. back wrappers only (mutilated); 18cm.Beinecke, 1994 540.At head of title: Oscar Testut [b.1840]. 'C'est une collection inedite des rapports officiels lus aux congres de Lausanne, Bruxelles et Bale.' Subject: International Workingmen's Association Congresses. Binding: original back wrappers (mutilated).FHistory - France - 19th century - Politics
nmbAnonymous.Lives of the Most Remarkable Criminals who have been Condemned and Executed from Murder, Highway Robberies, Housebreaking, Street Robberies, Coining, or Other Offences; ... / Anonymous.London : Reeves & Turner, 1874.2 v. : 20cm.Beinecke, 1994 445.unidentified signatures on front fly-leaves; unidentified ms. note laid in on first leaf.Mahaffy: 'In a small bookcase over the head of the bed were some of his own books, a Shakespeare, and what was more curious, "A Record of Remarkable Crimes and Criminals' ...; he was an avid reader of murders and crimes of all sorts.'Title continues: 'from the Year 1720 to the Year 1735. Collected from Original Papers and Authentic Memoirs.Law - English - Criminal - Biography
nmb, rgsAnonymous.Mémoires particuliers pour servir à l'histoire de France sous les regnes de Henri III, de Henri IV, sous la régence de Marie de Médicis, & sous Louis XIII ... / Anonymous.Paris : Chez Didot, Niyon [et] Damonneville, 1756.4 v. (V 1 - 3 only); 17cm.Beinecke, 1994 495.Contents: 1. Memoires du duc d'Angouleme. 2. Memoires de duc d'Etrees. 3. Memoires de M. Deageant. 4. Memoires du duc d'Orleans. Also listed under: Estrees, Francois Annibal, duc d', (1573-1670). Memoires; Deageant, Guichard, (d.1645). Memoires; Angouleme, Charles de Valois, duc d', (1573-1650). Memoires; Orleans, Gaston, duc d', (1608-60). Subject: France 1574-1643.FHistory - France - 16th and 17th Century
nmbAnonymous.Minute Book kept by the War Committee of the Covenanters in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, in the Years 1640 and 1641 / Anonymous.Kirkcudbright : Printed and Published by J. Nicholson, 1855.250pp. : 23cm.Beinecke, 1994 712.Mostly unopened.History - Scotland - Covenanting
nmbAnonymous.Miscellanea Antiqua: containing, First, The Life and Death of King James the Vth of Scotland, from the French printed at Paris in 1612. In which is the Beginning of the Reformation in that Kingdom: an Account of the Sufferings of the renowned Lady Jean Douglas, &c. / Anonymous.London : Printed for W. Taylor, [at the Ship in Pater-noster-Row, and Sold by M. Ogston bookseller, in Edinburgh], 1710.119pp. : small 8vo./17cm.Anderson Part 1, Lot 267.signature of Thomas Stevenson; note on fly-leaf in his hand.Possibly the copy presented to Robert Stevenson (q.v.) by Sir Walter Scott (q.v.) on the voyage in the yacht of the Northern Lighthouse Board in 1814: 'I can only boast of the possession of a very small volume which Sir Walter presented me on the voyage containing "Some account of the voyage of James V. round Scotland under the conduct of that excellent Pilot James Lindsay". I at one time had many notes and letters of Sir Walter's, but they somehow or other got out of my hands.' ('Reminiscences of Sir Walter Scott, Baronet. By Robert Stevenson' - in 'Scott's Voyage in the Lighthouse Yacht. By Robert Louis Stevenson' - in Scribner's Magazine V.14, 4; oct 1893) Title continues: 'II. The Navigation of that King around Scotland, the Orkney and Western Isles, in which is the distances of the havens; the dangers, and how to avoid them; the soundings, courses, the times of full sea, and the courses of the tides, &c. From the mouth of the Humber to Carlisle. III. The Chamaeleon, or Crafty Statesman; in a Character of Mr. Maitland of Lethington, Secretary of Scotland: / By Mr. George Buchanan. Never before publish'd.' Details from NLS - notes: The second and third parts each have their own title page. Pagination and register are continuous. Also issued as Miscellanea Scotica. Anderson Cat. note: Cushing attributes authorship to C. (?) Oliphant. George Buchanan (1506-82). Nicolas de Nicolay (1517-83) : Navigation du roy d'Ecosse Jacques cinquiesme. English. 1710. Binding: half calf; broken.History - Scotland - Stuarts
nmb, rgsAnonymous.Na mele aimoku, na mele kupuna, a me na mele ponoi o ka Moi Kalakaua I. A ua pai ia no ka la hanau o ka moi, ke kanalima ponoi o kona mau makahiki / Anonymous.? : [n.p, 1886?].311pp. : 21cm.Beinecke, Ip St48 Zz886N.notes.Hawaiian poems. Imprint taken from first poem [dated] Novemaba 16, M.H. 1886. Songs of the chief, ancestral songs, songs for oneself (personal songs) and songs of the sovereign Kalakaua I ... RGS notes: Forbes, Hawaiian National Biography, 1780-1900, 3844. Translation of title: Chants for rulers, ancestral chants, and personal chants for King Kalakaua I. Printed for the birthday of the king, when he was exactly fifty years of age. [Honolulu 1886]. P / HLiterature - Polynesian - Poetry and Verse
nmbAnonymous.Papers relating to the South Sea Islands, their Natural Products, Trade Resources, etc., etc. / Anonymous.Wellington, N.Z. : Government Printer, 1874.21, 25, 55pp. : fold. map; folio./32cm.Anderson Part 1, Lot 467.1 piece. Details from Nat. Lib. Aus.Science - Agriculture - Polynesia
nmbAnonymous.Sidney Castle, or the Sorrows of De Courcy. A Novel by The Author of Edmund, or The Child of the Castle / Anonymous.London : 1792.2 v. : 16mo.Anderson Part 2, Lot 486.RLS's visiting cards; bookplates of Elizabeth Unsworth.Letter from [Bournemouth] to Walter Scott [London publisher & bookseller], [Sept/Oct 1884]: Pray send me / ... / 2. Sidney Castle 5 vols. / [3 others listed]. (Letters 5, 1302; p.9).Single vol. edition Dublin : Wogan, 1793; 268pp. (UCLA) Edmund; or the Child of the Castle, a Novel: 1790; Gothic tale inspired by Horace Walpole : The Castle of Otranto (1765). Binding: calf; broken at hinges. Mehew note: One of the popular romances published by William Lane at the Minerva Press. Mehew has 'De Courci'. Elizabeth Unsworth?Literature - English - Novel and Short Story
nm,b rgsAnonymous.Some Thoughts Concerning The Malt Tax, Humbly Offered to the Consideration of the Landed Interest of Scotland / Anonymous.n.p., n.d. [Edinburgh? : 1725?].27pp. : 16mo.Anderson Part 2, Lot 490.Monterey.no inscriptions, etc.no markings.History - Scotland - Union of Parliaments
rd, nmbAnonymous.The Ballad Minstrelsy of Scotland. Romantic and Historical. Collated and Annotated / Anonymous.Glasgow : Maurice Ogle, 1871.656pp. : varnished; 12mo./20cm.Anderson Part 1, Lot 166.Princeton, II-2.presentation copy with inscription from Thomas Stevenson: 'Robert Louis Stevenson from his Father, 1872.'; inscription in pencil by RLS: 'Thence handed on to a _Person from California_ with all best wishes'. Vailima Library book label, signed by Isobel Strong.some marginal markings in pencil and brief annotations by RLS on pp.58. 171, 345. Anderson: slips of paper inserted to mark pages - some written in RLS's hand.Song. Robert Louis Stevenson. A Catalogue. Princeton University press, 1971. Part XI, No. 2. Morris L. Parrish Collection. Anderson note: No doubt the 'Person from California' was his [RLS] wife [Fanny Osbourne/Stevenson].Literature - Scots - Ballad and Song
nmbAnonymous.The Contrast: or, Scotland as it was in the Year 1745, and Scotland in the Year 1819 / Anonymous.London : P. Wright & Son ... J. Pointer ... and J. Dick & Co. ... Edinburgh ...,1825.312pp. : 12mo./19cmAnderson Part 2, Lot 90.Oregon, SCA Burgess, DA809 .C65.From the Library of Robert Louis Stevenson (Oregon); signature of Robert Thomson on title page (Anderson).some passages marked; single pencil note (Anderson).Consists, first ... of the Journal of an English Medical Officer who attended the Duke of Cumberland's Army ... during the time of the Rebellion: published in 1746 [and also in 1747 in 'A Journey through part of England and Scotland ... By a Volunteer', pp. 53-190] ... And, second, of Letters from Professor Garscombe of New York, descriptive of Society, Manners, Arts, Sciences, and Manufactures ... in Scotland in 1819 ... Lately published in New York, etc. (Details from BL). Binding: boards; broken. Robert Thomson?History - Scotland - Jacobitism
nmbAnonymous.The Necessity of a Plot, or, Reasons for a Standing Army. [Bound with] 1. The Case of the Forfeited Estates in Scotland ... Patrick Haldane; 2. The Laws and Judicatures of Scotland ... [Reply by] Sir David Dalrymple; 3. The Honour and Justice of the present Parliament ... [Reply by] Patrick Haldane; 4. Observations on the Bill for Sale of the Forfeited Estates ... [Reply by] Sir David Dalrymple. By A Friend to K[ing] G[eorge] / Anonymous.[London? : 1720?]16pp. : varnished; 8vo/19cm.Anderson Part 1, Lot 216.Princeton, XI-8.RLS's Skerryvore bookplate.Robert Louis Stevenson. A Catalogue. Princeton University Press, 1971. Part XI, 8. Morris Parrish Collection. Patrick Haldane and David Dalrymple - q.v. below.History - Scotland - Jacobitism
nmbAnonymous.the new German Samoa White Book' / Anonymous.? : Berlin : 1893?44 docs. (8 Dec 1886 - 5 Feb 1899.Letters from [Vailima] to Sidney Colvin: 1. 30 Jan [1893]: For God's sake let me have a copy of the new German Samoa White Book; 2. 4 Jun [1893]: Down to the post office, where I find ... and (Heaven reward you!) the White Book, just arrived per Upolu [ship], have gone the wrong way round, by Australia; ... (Letters 7, 2514; p.465 and 8, 2577; p.89). Letter from Isobel Strong to Jane Whyte Balfour, [early 1893]: - mentions dancing with Cusack-smith, British consul at Samoa, who remarked: 'I am glad the blue-book[sic] is out, as it will prove[emphasis] that I have consistently followed[emphasis] Mr. Stevenson's policy throughout.' (Beinecke, 5808; McKay, 4, p.1649) A Footnote to History, 1892: He [the reader] will find more of the history of Samoa spread before his eyes in that excursion [from Mulinuu through Apia to Matautu], than has been collected in the blue-books or the white-books of the world.' ((Tus.21, p.82)Original White book introduced to Reichstag 15 Feb 1889. Includes Report of the German Consul at Apia of 24 Feb 1888. (From NY Times archive article online). Balfour mentions that he failed to procure a copy of the 'German White-book' for use in writing (pp.417-23) 'Appendix D. Samoan Affairs.': 'I read it when it came out, and would refer to the leading article in the Times for January 17th, 1893, to show that it directly supported Stevenson's contentions.' He also notes the 'American White-book' likewise not easily obtained, and refers readers to the 'British Blue-book, C 6973', purchasable from Eyre & Spottiswoode, as the principal source of his quotations. 'As to the impartiality of the Blue-book', he says 'the British Consul during this period was never at any time suspected, justly or unjustly, of being friendly to Stevenson.'GHistory - Polynesia - Samoa
nmbAnonymous.The Sad and Lamentable Case of Protestants Under the Government of a Popish Prince. Which must be expected when they are Subjects to such a one / Anonymous.London : Printed for Jonas Hyther, 1692.34pp.? : small folio.Anderson Part 1, Lot 266.Anderson has '1682'. Details from BL. 1 of 7 'Jacobite' pamphlets - bound with: 1. The Tryal and Condemnation of David Lindsay ... 1704 [q.v.]; 2. The Famous Case of Robert Calvin ... / Sir Edward Coke, 1705 [q.v.]; The Paralel; or, Persecution of Protestants ... [Daniel Defoe], 1705 [q.v.]; and 3 Unspecified others, 1679-1705. Binding: half roan.History - Scotland - Jacobitism
nmbAnonymous.The Scotch Echo to the English Legion: or, The Union in Danger, From the Principles of some Old and Modern Whigs in both Nations, about the Power of Parliaments. ... / Anonymous.Edinburgh : Printed, 1707.22pp,. : wrappers; small 4to./20cm.Anderson Part 2, Lot 477.Title continues: 'Being every word collected from their own writings ... .' Details from NLS - Reference: McLeod & McLeod. Anglo-Scottish tracts 347.History - Scotland - Jacobitism and Union of Parliaments
nmbAnonymous.The Scotch Portmanteau opened at York / Anonymous.London : Printed for M. Thrush, [1761].160pp. : 16mo.Anderson Part 2, Lot 478.Details from NLS - note: Satire relating to the influence of John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute (1713-92), prime minister 1761-3; the 'Northern Machiavel' and 'le parvenu Montagnard', acc. to English xenophobes. Binding: half sheep; broken.History - Britain - Parliament
nmbAnonymous.Unknown pamphlets.Various p. & d.Various.Anderson Part 2, Lots 438 (7 items) & 439 (4 items).Strictly for the record!Miscellaneous - Unknown
nmb, rdAnonymous.Vie et avantures de Lazarille de Tormes. écrites par lui-même ; traduction nouvelle, sur le véritable original espagnol / Anonymous.Bruxelles : Chez George de Backer, 1744.2 v. in 1 v. : copperpl. port. & engrs.; 12mo./15cm.Anderson Part 1, Lot 285.Princeton, XI-12.signature: 'Thomas Stevenson London 1837'.La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes y suas fortunas y adversidades. Anonymous picaresque novella first published in 1544 at Alcala de Henares; included in Index of Forbidden Books of the Spanish Inquisition. 'Nouvelle edition, revue, corrigee, & enrichie d'un plus grand nombre de figures'. There are several attributions as to authorship - see Longer comments. Robert Louis Stevenson. A Catalogue. Princeton University Press, 1971. Part XI, No. 12. Port, and engrs. by Harrewijn. Anderson has 18mo. Binding: half sheep; back missing.FLiterature - Spanish - Novel and Short Story
nmb, rgsAnonymous.Vulpone; or, Remarks on some Proceedings in Scotland, Relating both to the Union and Protestant Succession since the Revolution. In a Letter to a Member of Parliament / Anonymous.[London?] : n.p., 1707.29pp. : sewed; 4to./25cm.Anderson Part 1, Lot 694.Monterey.no inscriptions, etc.no markings.Anonymous. Trimmed at bottom, but date still identifiable as 1707.NLS has copy printed 1707. Reference: McLeod & McLeod. Anglo-Scottish tracts 529.History - Scotland - Jacobitism and Union of Parliaments
nmbAnstey, F.The Pariah / F. Anstey.London : Smith Elder & Co., 1889.3 v. : 8vo.Letter from Vailima to J. M. Barrie, 20 Jun 1892: Your Little Minister and Anstey's Pariah are books we have had the luck to receive lately and which have made the subjects of many conversations. It was a pleasant thought to me, the pleasure of which you are too young to understand, that both of these were by my juniors in the art, ... (Letters 7, 2418; p.314). Letter from [Vailima] to Henry James, 5 Dec [1892]: I should also say I read Anstey when he is serious, ... (Letters 7, 2502; p.451).Pseud. of Thomas Anstey Guthrie (1856-1934), novelist and journalist; Punch Magazine. Details from BL. RLS poss. had single vol. edition London : Smith, Elder, 1890. Mehew note: Written in more serious vein than his humorous works like Vice Versa, The Pariah was ill-received by the critics.Literature - English - Novel and Short Story
nmbAntoninus, Marcus Aurelius.His Conversation with Himself. Translated by Jeremy Collier ... / Marcus Aurelius Antoninus.2nd.London : Richard Sare, 1708.420pp. : port.; 12mo.Anderson Part 1, Lot 8. Christie's 4.inscription on inside of front cover: 'R. L. Stevenson, Sept. 1869.'; bookplate of William Harris Arnold.many passages marked in pencil; a few notes.Essay: Books which have Influenced Me (Tus. 28, p.65-6). William Harris Arnold: 'My Stevensons' (Scribner's Magazine V. 71, 1922, pp.53-65).Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180), Emperor of Rome. Meditations. Title continues: 'Together with the Preliminary Discourse of the Learned Gataker. As also, the Emperor's Life, written by Monsieur D'Acier, and supported by the Authorities collected by Dr. Stanhope.' Portrait by Van der Gucht. Corrected Edition. Binding: contemporary calf, covers detached with browning and staining; in green morocco pull-off case (Christie's). Details from BL. William Harris Arnold (1854-1923), U.S. collector; author 'Ventures in Book Collecting'. L - trPhilosophy
nmbAntoninus, Marcus Aurelius.The Thoughts of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. Translated by George Long / Marcus Aurelius Antoninus.2nd.London : Bell & Daldy, 1869.210pp. : port.; 8vo.Anderson Part 2, Lot 4.NYU, Fales Library, Brit Stevenson ...label pasted inside front cover reading 'Robert Louis Stevenson'; inscription by Lieut. Safford re purchase from E. W. Gurr, solr. for Mrs. Stevenson; certificate by E. W. Gurr (Anderson).10 lines of poetry: [beginning?] 'A spirit from the Spring is stiv'd. / Across the fading year. / Dear Cupid hits on / By riverside & wine. / Let entry guide you my sl[?] / And ...'; marginal notes.Essay:
1. 'Lay Morals' 3: "Perceive at last that thou hast in thee something better and more divine than the things which cause the various effects, and, as it were, pull thee by the strings. What is that now in thy mind? is is fear, or suspicion, or desire, or anything of that kind?" Thus far Marcus Aurelius, in one of the most notable passages in any book. [Book 12] (Tus.26, p.25. ;
2. 'Books Which Have Influenced Me', 1887: ... a very noble book - the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. The dispassionate gravity, the noble forgetfulness of self, the tenderness of others, that ere there expressed and were practised on so great a scale in the life of its writer, make this book a book quite by itself. No one can read it and not be moved. [Continues] (Tus.28; pp.65-6).
3. 'Thoreau' - unlike Thoreau M.A: found time to write and run the Roman Empire at the same time.
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180), Emperor of Rome. Meditations. 'Bohn's Classical Library'. Revised and Corrected Edition. George Long M.A. (1800-79), fellow Trinity College, Cambridge and professor University of London. Details from BL. Edwin William Gurr (1863-1933), lawyer; later judge and newspaper editor.L - trPhilosophy
nmbApuleius.The Golden Ass ... Translated by William Adlington. With an Introduction by Charles Whibley / Apuleius.London : David Nutt, 1893.249pp. : 8vo.Anderson Part 1, Lot 688.Lucius Apuleius Platonicus (123/5-180), Romanised Berber; his 'Metamorphoses' or 'Aureus Asinus', the adventures of one Lucius, is the only Roman novel to survive in its entireity. 'The Tudor Translations' No. 4, ed. W. E. Henley. Details from BL.L - trLiterature - Classical - Latin - Novel and Short Story
rd, nmbArbuthnot, John.A Sermon Preached to the People, at the Mercat Cross of Edinburgh; On the Subject of the Union / [John Arbuthnot].[Edinburgh] : Reprinted for Andrew Bell, 1707.16pp. : sewed; 8vo.Anderson Part 1, Lot 9.Princeton, XI-1.label pasted to title page: 'This book is from the library of Robert Louis Stevenson and was purchased by me at the sale of January 1915', signed 'W R Benjamin N Y Sept 1915'.John Arbuthnot (1667-1735), M.D.; writer and wit; friend of Pope, Swift and Gay; his History of John Bull (1712) ridiculed the Duke of Marlborough to stir national discontent with the French War. Robert Louis Stevenson. A Catalogue. Princeton University press, 1971. Part XI, No. 1. NLS note: sometimes attributed to Sir David Dalrymple.History - Scotland - Union of Parliaments
nmb, rgsArcher, William.About the Theatre. Essays and Studies / William Archer.London : T. Fisher Unwin, 1886.350pp. : 8vo. (varnished)Beinecke 7896.presentation copy with inscription on half-title: 'Robert Louis Stevenson / from / W. A. / 5 June: 86.'; RLS 's visiting card mounted as bookplate inside front cover.marked passages.William Archer (1856-1924), Scottish drama critic; London Figaro 1879; World 1884-1905; friend of George Bernard Shaw; introduced Ibsen's work to British stage; Daily Chronicle 1899 article re RLS on publication of Letters to his Family and Friends. References to RLS on pp. 31, 339. See also 'Robert Louis Stevenson: His Style and Thought' in Time, Nov 1885 (repr. Maixner, Critical Heritage) - Letters 5, 1480; pp.141-3).Literature - English - Comedy and Drama - Criticism
nmbArcher, William.English Dramatists of To-day / William Archer.London : Sampson Low & Co., 1882.387pp. : 8vo.Letter from Bournemouth to William Archer, [?Feb 1886]: Since we met I have read your Dramatists with singular relish; it is a good, bright, witty, pungent book by a man who knows what he is saying. [Mentions opinions on Beau Austin] Besides yourself, there are only two critics living: Watts and Purcell; and you are - well! (Letters 5, 1563; p.214). William Archer (1856-1924), Scottish drama critic; London Figaro 1879; World 1884-1905; friend of George Bernard Shaw; introduced Ibsen's work to British stage; Daily Chronicle 1899 article re RLS on publication of Letters to his Family and Friends. References to RLS on pp. 31, 339. See also 'Robert Louis Stevenson: His Style and Thought' in Time, Nov 1885 (repr. Maixner, Critical Heritage) - Letters 5, 1480; pp.141-3).Literature - English - Comedy and Drama - Criticism
rgsArcher, William.The Theatrical 'World' for 1893 (-1897) / William Archer.London : Walter Scott, [1894-98].5 v. (V 1 only) : 8vo.Silverado, 1894.0009.presentation copy with inscription to 'RLS, London, 5 February 1894' from William Archer. Letter from Vailima to William Archer, 27 Mar 1894: Many thanks for your Theatrical World. ... it strikes me as being really very good. I have not read much of it but so far as I have looked, there is not a dull and not an empty page in it. Hazlitt, whom you must often have thought of, would have been pleased. ... I shall put this book on the Hazlitt shelf. You have acquired a manner that I can only call august: otherwise I should have to call it amazing impudence. The Bauble Shop and Becket are examples of what I mean. But it 'sets you weel. (Letters 8, 2716; pp.259).William Archer (1856-1924), Scottish drama critic; London Figaro 1879; World 1884-1905; friend of George Bernard Shaw; intoduced Ibsen's work to British stage. Daily Chronicle 1899 article re RLS on publication of Letters to his Family and Friends. See also 'Robert Louis Stevenson: His Style and Thought' in Time, Nov 1885 (repr. Maixner, Critical Heritage) - Letters 5, 1480; pp.141-3). Mehew note: A collection of Archer's dramatic criticisms in the 'World' and elsewhere.Literature - English - Comedy and Drama - Criticism
nmbAristotle.Secret of Secrets Contracted ... Advice to Alexander the Great ... / Aristotle.London : Printed in the Year, 1719.?pp. : 18mo.Anderson Part 2, Lot 5.signature of John Blackadder on several pages.Aristotle (384-332 B.C.), Greek philosopher; student of Plato, teacher of Alexander. BL: Doubtful or Suppositious Work / Pseudo Aristotle (London : H. Walwyn, 1702 ; 87pp.). Binding: old sheep. ?John Blackadder (1664-1729), commander Cameronian regiment; son Rev. John B. (1615-81), minister and Covenanting preacher, who died a prisoner on Bass Rock.Gr - trPhilosophy
nmbArnold, Matthew.Poems / Matthew Arnold.London : Macmillan & Co., 1869.2 v. : 12mo.Anderson Part 2, Lot 6.RLS's bookplates.marginal penciling.Matthew Arnold (1822-88), poet, school inspector; member of Athenaeum Club. Details from BL.Literature - English - Poetry and Verse
nmbArnot, Hugo.A Collection and Abridgement of Celebrated Criminal Trials in Scotland, from A.D. 1536, to 1784. With Historical and Critical Remarks ... / Hugo Arnot.Edinburgh : Printed for the Author, by William Smellie, 1785.400pp. : 4to./27x22cm. Beinecke, 1971 568.bookplate of John Burnet of Barns, Esq.; ms. note on A2 & A3 in an unidentified hand.Letter from Davos to his father, [early Nov 1881]: You might also look in Arnot's Criminal Trials up in my room, and see what observations he has on the case (Trial of James Stewart in Appin for the murder of Campbell of Glenure: 1752); if he has none, perhaps you could see - Oh yes, see if Burton [q.v.] has it in his two vols of trial stories. I hope he hasn't; but care not; do it over again anyway. / The two named authorities I must [emphasis] see. (Letters, 3, 865; p.246). Letter from [Vailima] to Charles Baxter, [?18 Jul 1893]: I return herewith Arnot (which unfortunately I already possessed) and Balfour's Letters to see what you can get for them. [Asks for others in exchange] (Letters 8, 2610; p.138).Hugo Arnot (1749-86), Edinburgh advocate and eccentric genius; best loved for his 'History of Edinburgh', 1779 and 'Essay on Nothing', 1776. John Burnet of Barns (?-?), Manor, Peeblesshire laird. Menikoff 3. nmb6.Law - Scots - Criminal
nmbAsbjornsen, Peter Christen.Round the Yule Log. Norwegian Folk and Fairy Tales ... / Peter Christen Asbjornsen.London : Sampson Low & Co., 1881.316pp. : ill., ports.; 8vo/21cm.Letter from Davos to Edmund Gosse, [?13 Dec 1881]: Thank you for the beautiful book, which I admired with my eyes and then read with amusement. It is now making glad the hearts of children. (Letters 3, 881; p.261).Peter Christen Asbjornsen (1812-85), scholar and collector of Norwegian folklore with Jorgen Engebretsen Moe (1813-82); collections of Norske folke-eventyr, first translated by Sir George Dasent in 1859. Translated by H. L. Braekstad, with an Introduction by Edmund W. Gosse [q.v.]. Details from BL.Literature - Norwegian - Myth and Legend
nmb, rdAsselineau, Charles; Audebrand, Philibert; de Banville, Theodore; Baudelaire, Charles, et al.Homage à C. F. Denecourt: Fontainebleau paysages-légendes-souvenirs-fantaisies / Charles Asselineau, Philibert Audebrand, Théodore de Banville, Charles Baudelaire et al.Paris : L. Hachette et Cie, 1855.368pp.: orig. wrappers; 19cm.Beinecke, 1994 626.Essay: Forest Notes (1875-76): 'Half the famous writers of modern France have had their word to say about Fontainebleau. Chateaubriand, Michelet, Béranger, George Sand, de Senancour, Flaubert, Murger, the brothers Goncourt, Theodore de Banville, each of these has done something to the eternal praise and memory of these woods.' (Also mentions the Abbe Guilbert's 'Historical Description of the Palace, Town, and Forest of Fontainebleu', 1730).Charles Asselineau (1820-74), librarian and biographer of Baudelaire. Anthology: 'Homage à C. F. Denecourt'. C, M, B, S, S, F & B, q.v.. The volume is a collection of 40 poems, essays, letters etc. to honour the man who had virtually created the Forest of Fontainebleau as a key place for French Romanticism.FLiterature - French - Travel and Description
nmbAtwood, William.The Superiority and Direct Dominion of the Imperial Crown of England over the Crown and Kingdom of Scotland, The True Foundation of a Compleat Union Reasserted ... / William Atwood.London : John Nutt, 1705.106pp. : sewed; small 4to.Anderson Part 1, Lot 13.NYU, Bobst/Fales, inscription: 'Robert Louis Stevenson'.pencil note at foot of title-page: 'Ordered to be burned by the common hangman.' William Atwood (d.1705?), Chief Justice of New York. Title continues: 'In Animadversions upon a Scurrilous Pretended Answer to him (An Historical Essay, shewing that the Crown of Scotland is [Imperial and] Independent ... By James Anderson.) ... With Incidental Remarks on Sir James Dalrymple's Collections [1705] concerning the Scotish History: and on a Late Pamphlet, entitled, The Memorial of the State of England.' James Anderson W.S. Sir James Dalrymple (1650-1719). Details from NLS.History - Scotland - Union of Parliaments
nmbAubigne, Théodore Agrippa d'.Œuvres complètes ... pub. pour la premiere fois d'après les manuscrits originaux ... / Theodore Agrippa d'Aubigne.Paris : Michel Levy Freres, 1873.6 v. (V 1 only) : frontis.(port.); ill. (plan); facsims.; 21cm.Beinecke, 2495 / Ip St48 Zz873A.marked passages; notes.Letter from [Mentone] to Sidney Colvin, [14 Jan 1874]: I have ordered D'Aubigne's Memoirs and bought a book by Philarete Chasles [q.v.] on the XVIth century in France and Augustin Thierry's Histoire du Tiers Etat [q.v.] to see what he makes of the Ligue. (Letters 1, 209; p.437). Essay: 'John Knox and his Relations to Women': [re female authors] 'Thus, too, we have Theodore Agrippa d'Aubigne writing to his daughters about the learned women of his century, and cautioning them, in conclusion, that the study of letters was unsuited to ladies of a middling station, and should be reserved for princesses.' [Oeuvres, 1, 449] (Tus.27, p.205) cf. Aubigne.Théodore Agrippa d'Aubigne (1552-1630), Huguenot poet, historian and soldier. Title continues: 'accompagnées de notices biographique, littéraire & bibliographique, de variantes, d'un commentaire, d'un table des noms props & d'un glossaire; par Eug. Reaume & F. de Caussade Tome Premier...' Vols. pub. 1873-92. See Longer comments.FLiterature - French -Biography and Memoir
nmbAugier, Émile.Les méprises de l'amour : comédie; comedie en cinq actes en vers / Émile Augier.New.Paris : Michel Lévy Frères, 1869.248pp. : 19cm. orig. wrappers. Beinecke, 1994 617.Emile Augier (1820-89), dramatist; Academy of France. Book-ticket: Chez Tresse, editeur, Palais-Royal ...FLiterature - French - Comedy and Drama
nmb, rgsAugier, Émile.Œuvres diverses ... Les pariétaires ; Les méprises de l'amour ; La question électorale / Émil Augier.Paris : Calmann Lévy, 1878.304pp. : 19cm. orig. wrappers (frayed).Beinecke, 1994 609.Emile Augier (1820-89), dramatist. Discours de réception à l'Académie française. Réponse de M. Lebrun. Discours de réception de M. Emile Ollivier. Réponse à M. Emile Ollivier.FLiterature - French - Comedy and Drama
nmbAugier, Émile.Philiberte; comédie en trois actes en vers / Émile Augier.Paris : Michel Lévy Frères, 1875.104pp. : 19cm. orig. front wrapper.Beinecke, 1994 610.Emile Augier (1820-89), dramatist. From Oeuvres completes? Book-ticket: Chez Tresse, editeur, Palais-Royal, Galerie de Chartres, 10 et 11.FLiterature - French - Comedy and Drama
nmb, rgsAugier, Émile.Théâtre complet / Émile Augier.Paris : Calmann Lévy, 1877.6 v. : 19cm. orig. wrappers (frayed).Beinecke, 1994 608.Letter from Mentone to his mother, 11 Jan 1874: Tell Mrs. J. that I am engaged in perfecting myself in the 'Gallic idiom', in order to be a worthier Vatel for the future. M. Follete, our host, is a Vatel by the way. He cooks himself, and is not insensible to flattery on the score of his table. (Letters 1, 205; p.432). Letters to Frances Sitwell: 1. from [Edinburgh, Oct 1876}: ... please send me that piece of Augier's by post: [W. E.] Henley [q.v.] wishes to see it. (Letters 2, 451; p.192). - 2. from Edinburgh, [Nov 1876]: ... I want to know what you thought of L'Aventuriere and Figaro. (Letters 2, 453; p.193). Emile Augier (1820-89), dramatist. Comprises: 1. La ciguee. Un homme de bien. L'aventuriere. L'habit vert. Gabrielle. Le jouer de flute.; 2. Diane. Philiberte. Le gendre de M. Poirier. Ceinture doree; 3. La Pierre de Touche. Le mariage d'Olympe. La jeunesse. Sapho; 4. Les lionnes pauvres. Un beau mariage. Les effrontes. 5. Le fils de Giboyer. Maitre Guerin. La contagion; 6. Paul Forestier. Le post. Scriptum. Lions et renards. Jean de Thommeray. Madame Caverlet. Series: Bibliotheque contemporaine. Mehew note: In the [Fleeming]Jenkin [q.v.] theatricals of May 1873, RLS had played 'Vatel, a cook' in My Son-in-Law, translated from Emile Augier's comedy Le Gendre de Monsieur Poirier. The historical Francois Vatel, Steward to the Prince de Conde, committed suicide in 1671 because he thought the fish would not arrive in time for a banquet for Louis XIV.FLiterature - French - Comedy and Drama
nmb, rgsAugustine, Saint.Les confessions... Traduction francaise d'Arnauld Andilly ... adaptée pour la premiere fois au texte Latin, avec une introduction par M. Charpentier / Saint Augustine.Paris : Garnier Freres, [1861].602pp. : wrappers (broken, missing); 12mo./19cm.AG - Safford lot 28.Beinecke, 2496 / Ip St48 Zz86aA.many passages marked and underlined; marginal notes comprising about 40 words, e.g.: 'Arnauld is a common ass; he misses every merit of his author; I speak as a writer by trade.' Letter from [Nice] to his parents, [c6 Feb 1884]: I am reading St. Augustine's Confessions; it is magnificent but I find the Latin very hard. I have a bad French crib to help me, but no dictionary. I believe Uncle Alan swore by the work; it is certainly one of the most remarkable books I ever read. (Letters 4, 1218; p.239). Letter from Hyeres to Sidney Colvin, 9 Mar 1884: Did you ever read St Augustine? The first chapters of the Confessions are marked by a commanding genius. I was struck dumb, but, alas [exclmark] when you begin to wander into controversy, the poet drops out. His description of infancy is most seizing. And how is this: Sed majorum nugae negotia vocantur; puerorum autem alia cum sint puniuntur a majoribus. Which is quite after the heart of RLS. See also his splendid passage about the 'luminosus limes amicitiae' and the 'nebulae de limonosa concupiscentia carnis'; going on 'Utrumque in confuso aestubat et rapiebat in becillam aetem per abrupta cupiditatum.' That is dam knowing for a Father of the Kirk. Altogether an interesting card. That 'Utrumque' is a real contribution to life's science. Lust alone [emphasis] is but a pigmy; but it never or rarely attacks us single handed. (Letters,4, 1227; p.246).St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (354-430). Robert d'Arnaud Arndilly (1589-1674). Series: Bibliotheque latine-francais; 22. See Longer comments. Passage marked on p22.FReligion - Christianity - Early Church
nmb, rgsAytoun, William Edmonstoune.Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and other Poems / William Edmonstoune Aytoun.2nd.Edinburgh : William Blackwood & Sons, MDCCCXLIX [1849].351pp. : 8vo.Beinecke, 7897.inscription by Austin Strong on half-title: 'Austin Strong / New York / 1942 / The Heart of [the] Bruce / was the poem / Aunt Maggie. / (R. L. S's mother) / taught [me] to recite / a[t] Vailima.'William Edmonstoune Aytoun (1813-65), Prof. rhetoric and English Literature at Edinburgh; poet and humorist. Exclusive of a prose introduction, The Heart of the Bruce is printed on pp. [67]-82.Literature - Scots - Poetry
nmb, rgsBabcock, William H.Lays from Over Sea / William H. Babcock.London : W. Stewart & Co.; Edinburgh: J. Menzies & Co., [1882].53pp.: 19cm.Beinecke, 1994 701.presentation copy with inscription: 'With the regards and wishes of W. H. Babcock.'; bookplate of Edmund Clarence Stedman; presentation inscription: 'To Mr. E. C. Stedman with the best wishes of Wm. H. Babcock.'; tipped in on front free endpaper a letter from Babcock to Stedman re copy. William Henry Babcock (1849-1922), poet and novelist. Edmund Clarence Stedman (1833-98).Literature - English - Poetry and Verse
nmbBabington, Churchill.An Introductory Lecture on Archaeology ... / Churchill Babington.Cambridge : Deighton, Bell & Co., 1865.80pp. : 8vo./23cm.Beinecke, 1994 694.presentation copy with inscription on verso of half-title to Thomas Stevenson from the author.Rev. Churchill Babington F.L.S. (1821-89), Disney Professor of Archaeology at Cambridge 1865-80, and Rector of Cockfield, Suffolk, 1865-89; husband of RLS's cousin, Matilda ('Maud') Wilson, whom he visited in July 1873. 'Delivered before the University of Cambridge.'History - Archaeology - England
nmbBabington, Churchill.Materials for a History of Cockfield, Suffolk / Churchill Babington.[Lavenham?] : 1880.58pp. : 3 leaves plates; 23cm.Beinecke, 1994 693.presentation copy with inscription to Thomas Stevenson from the author.Rev. Churchill Babington F.L.S. (1821-89), Disney Professor of Archaeology at Cambridge 1865-80, and Rector of Cockfield, Suffollk, 1866-89; husband of RLS's cousin, Matilda ('Maud') Wilson, whom he visited in July 1873. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and Natural History.History - Archaeology - England - Suffolk
nmbBabington, Churchill.The Influence of Christianity in promoting the Abolition of Slavery in Europe ... / Churchill Babington.Cambridge : J. & J. J. Deighton, 1846.119pp. : 8vo.Anderson Part 1, Lot 160.presentation copy with inscription: 'T. Stevenson, Esq., with the author's kind regards.'; pencil notes at back.Rev. Churchill Babington F.L.S. (1821-89), Disney Professor of Archaeology at Cambridge 1865-80, and Rector of Cockfield, Suffolk, 1866-89; husband of RLS's cousin, Matilda ('Maud') Wilson, whom he visited in July 1873. Title continues: 'A Dissertation which obtained the Hulsean Prize for the year 1845.' Details from BL.History - Europe - Abolition
nmbBacon, Francis.A Breif [sic] Discourse on the Happy Union of the Kingdoms of England & Scotland ... / Francis Bacon.London : for B. Griffin; to be sold by H. Newman, 1700.23pp. : 4to.Anderson Part 1, Lot 161.Sir Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St. Alban (1561-1626), philosopher. Title continues: 'with Certain Articles concerning the Same ....' Details from BL. Anderson note: Partly unopened.Philosophy
nmbBacon, Francis.The Advancement of Learning. Ed. by W. A. Wright / Francis Bacon.Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1869.363pp. : 12mo.Anderson Part 1, Lot 162. PBG - West, 322.USC, PR2206.A4W8 1869.signature of RLS 1869 (Anderson); same on fly leaf and RLS's Vailima bookplate (West).marked passages throughout (Anderson).Sir Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St.Alban (1561-1626). William Aldis Wright (1834-1919). Series: Clarendon Press Series. Details from BL.Philosophy
nmbBacon, Francis.The Essays, or Councils, Civil and Moral ... With a Table of the Colours of Good and Evil ... / Francis Bacon.London : R. Chiswell, etc., 1706.289pp. : 8vo.Anderson Part 2, Lot 39.presentation copy to Thomas Stevenson? from ? with inscription: 'To Dear Tom in remembrance of my dear Husband, May 25, 1850; front fly-leaf covered in notes.Sir Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St. Alban (1561-1626), philosopher. Title continues: 'And a Discourse of the Wisdom of the Ancients (done into English by Sir Arthur Gorges). To this edition is added the Character of Queen Elizabeth ...'. Binding: old calf; broken. In case.Philosophy
nmbBaildon, Henry B.Morning Clouds: being Divers Poems / Henry B. Baildon.1st.Edinburgh : David Douglas, 1877.135pp: 16mo./18cm. (varnished)Anderson Part 1, Lot 163.Beinecke, 2497 / Ip St48 Zz877B.presentation copy with inscription on title page: 'To R. L. Stevenson from the Author.'; RLS's visiting card mounted inside upper cover.some pencil marked passages (noted on inside of cover).Henry Bellyse Baildon, friend of RLS at Thomson's School, Edinburgh, who wrote Robert Louis Stevenson: A Life Study in Criticism (1901); Francophile.Literature - English - Poetry and Verse
rd, rgs, nmb.Baildon, Henry Bellyse.The Rescue & Other Poems / Henry Bellyse Baildon.London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1893.186pp. : 8vo.Beinecke 1853 [not in Yale ORBIS catalog - rgs May 2008]dedication copy. Strong List 1942.McKay (Source Books, p.659): 'This copy is from Stevenson's library.'Henry Bellyse Baildon, friend of RLS at Thomson's School, Edinburgh, who wrote Robert Louis Stevenson: A Life Study in Criticism (1901); Francophile. Dedication: 'To Robert Louis Stevenson', typesigned p.6: 'H. B. B. The House at Murrayfield. October 1893. Details from BL.Literature - English - Poetry and Verse
rgs, nmbBaillie, George.Correspondence of George Baillie of Jerviswood 1702-1708. [Edited, with a Preface, by G. E. M. Kynynmond, Earl of Minto] / George Baillie.Edinburgh : [A Laurie & Co., Printers], 1842.211pp. : 4to./26cm.Beinecke, In M119 Zz842B.presentation copy to Thomas Babington Macaulay from the Earl of Minto.Letter from [Vailima] to Charles Baxter, [late Nov or early Dec 1893]: ... the Second Volume [of Heathercat] is to be called (I believe) Darien, and for that I want, I fear, a good deal of truck:- / Darien Papers / Carstares Papers / Marchmont Papers / Jerviswood Correspondence [all q.v.] (Letters 8, 2652; p.188).Rt. Hon. George Baillie of Jerviswood (d.1738), Presbyterian and Covenanter; son of Robert Baillie (c1634-84), executed by Charles II for his part in Rye House Plot. Gilbert Elliot Murray Kynynmond, 2nd Earl of Minto. Series: Bannatyne Club; [no.72]. RGS note: Connection with RLS is not clear, but is included in the Austin Strong 1942 list. See also: Memoirs of the Lives and Characters of the Right Hon. George Baillie of Jerviswood, and of Lady Grisell Baillie, written by their daughter, Lady [Grisell] Murray of Stanhope. Edinburgh : [Privately printed] 1821. 8vo. : 144pp. nmb6.History - Scotland - Covenanting
nmbBalcarres, Colin Lindsay, Earl of.An Account of the Affairs of Scotland, Relating to the Revolution in 1688. As sent to the Late King James II, when in France / Colin Lindsay, Earl of Balcarres.London : Printed for J. Baker at the Black Boy in Pater-Noster Row, 1714.150pp. : 8vo./21cm.Anderson Part 1, Lot 164.Syracuse, DA804.6 .B17 1714.name? on title (Anderson).Robert Louis Stevenson former owner (Syracuse).Colin Lindsay, Earl of Balcarres (1652-1722), plotted on behalf of James VII and fled to Holland 1690; returned to support Union, but joined Jacbites 1715. 'Never before printed'. Bird Special Collection. History - Scotland - Jacobitism
nmbBalfour, Andrew, Sir.Letters write [sic] to a Friend, by the Learned and Judicious Sir Andrew Balfour, M.D. containing Excellent Directions and Advices for Travelling through France and Italy with many Curious and Judicious Remarks and Observations made by himself, in his Voyages thro' these Countreys / Sir Andrew Balfour.Edinburgh : Printed in the Year 1700.274pp. : 8vo./16cm.Johnston.Letters to Charles Baxter from Vailima: 1. [16 Apr 1893]: ... a book I'm ashamed to say I've never read; 2. [?c.18 Jul 1893]: I return herewith ... Balfour's Letters, to see what you can get for them. (Letters 8, 2555 & 2610; pp.53 & 138). Letter from George P. Johnston to Charles Baxter, 6 Jun 1893: '' "Balfour's Letters" is no doubt "Letters containing excellent directions and advices for travelling through France and Italy ...' by Sir Andrew Balfour. Edin. 1700. Unless I hear to the contrary i shall try to procure a copy of this and send it out to Mr. Stevenson.' (Beinecke, 5009; McKay, 4, p.1452)Sir Andrew Balfour (1630-94), physician and botanist. 'Published from the author's original M.S.' Details from NLS - notes: 1. Part title: Letters written to a Friend; 2. Letters addressed to Patrick Murray of Livingstone; 3. Edited by M. Balfour, the author's son, who signs the dedication: M. Balfoure. nmb6.Travel, Exploration and Description - Europe - France and Italy
rgsBalfour, George.On the Method of Zadig in the Advancement of Medicine / George Balfour.Edinburgh[?]: 18??? : ? (pamphlet)Silverado (2 copies from library of Austin Strong).Dr. George Balfour, uncle of RLS. 'Reprinted from the Edinburgh Mrdical Journal'.Science - Medicine
nmbBalfour, James.Delineation of the Nature and Obligation of Morality. With Reflexions upon Mr. Hume's Book, intitled, An Inquiry concerning the Principles of Morals / [James Balfour].1st.Edinburgh : Hamilton, Balfour, and Neill, 1753.175pp. : small 8vo.Anderson Part 1, Lot 165.unidentified name on title.James Balfour (1705-95), Professor of Moral Philosophy at Edinburgh and 2nd Laird of Pilrig; maternal great-great grandfather of RLS. Details from NLS. NLS note: First edition according to T. E. Jessop: Bibl. of Hume, p.94, 1753.Philosophy
nmbBallingall, William.Edinburgh Past and Present: its Associations and Surroundings / William Ballingall.Edinburgh : William Ballingal, 1877.154pp. : ill. (engrs.); 4to.Loe.inscription on front free endpaper: 'With R. L. [written over 'S'] Stevensons [sic] / Compliments / Samoa [flourish initial and underlined]' - PROBABLY SPURIOUS.armorial bookplate of Jane Jardine on front paste-down; bookplate of Sir George Taylor.William Ballingall, writer, publisher and here, editor and engraver. Other contributions by Rev. George Gilfillan, H. G. Reid, Rev. James S. Mill, Flora Masson and Prof. Geikie; drawings by Waller Paton, Sam Bough, James Drummond, etc. ?Jane Jardine (1796-1878), daughter of Sir Henry Jardine of Harwood WS, FRSE, (1766-1851), Solicitor for Taxes in Scotland; antiquary and scholar. Sir George Taylor FRS (1903-93), Keeper Botany, British Museum and Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Binding: orig. green cloth, gilt; bev. boards; good condition.
rdBalzac, Honoré deEdition / Honore de Balzac.unspecifiedWhen Oscar Wilde's friend, Robbie Ross "came into the possession of the edition of Balzac which Stevenson had owned and annotated he gave the whole set to Sidney Colvin" (E.V. Lucas, _Reading, Writing and Remembering_ (3rd ed, London: Methuen, 1933), pp. 84-85.Honore de Balzac (1799-1850).FLiterature - French - Novel and Short Story
nmb, rgsBalzac, Honoré deŒuvres complètes / Honore de Balzac.Paris : Michel Levy Freres, 1869.Vols. 6-10 of 10-volume set. Front covers missing from volumes 6, 8, and 9. From vol. 8, pp. 1-92 are lacking. From vol. 9, pp. 1-8 are lacking. 24cm.Beinecke, 2498 / Ip St48 Zz869Ba.Pencil lines in the margins appear more or less throughout these volumes.Mahaffy: 'I came next upon a fine collection of French works, beginning with a complete edition of Balzac, which had evidently been read with care.' Kennedy Williamson : W. E. Henley (1930): 'One Sunday afternoon [when Henley was confined at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary], just as the bells were summoning the faithful to kirk, R.L.S. arrived with his friend Charles Baxter, laden with Balzacs, big yellow books, impudently French! ... ... Henley went neck and shoulders deep into the novels ...' Letter from W. E. Henley to RLS, 29 May 1875: Will you let me have that volume of the [Scenes de la] Vie Privee that contains [Le pere] Goriot?' (Beinecke, 4699; McKay, 4, p.1386). The Wrecker, 1892: 1. [Loudon Dodd] 'Every man has his own romance; mine clustered exclusively about the practice of the arts, the life of the Latin Quarter students, and the world of Paris as depicted by that grimy wizard, the author of the Comedie Humaine.'; 2. 'When had a young man been more derided (or more justly so) than the god of my admiration, Balzac?; 3. 'I had never before set eyes on his [Captain Trent / Wicks] parallel, and I thought instinctively of the lower regions of the Comedie Humaine.' (Tus.12, pp. 30, 70 & 134 resp.).Honore de Balzac (1799-1850). Theatre complet V 10. La maratre - Mercadet - ... Flora Masson in Rosalind Masson : 'I can remember Robert Louis Stevenson' (1922): 'He was fascinated by Balzac; steeped in Balzac. It was if he had left Balzac and all his books locked up in some room upstairs - had turned the key on him, with a "Stay here my dear fellow and I'll come back as soon as I can get away from this dinner.' Letter from [Vailima] to Sidney Colvin, 31 Jan 1892: The problem [how to start the unfinished Sophia Scarlett without 'tedium'] is exactly a Balzac one, and I wish I had his fist - for I have already a better method - the kinetic; whereas he continually allowed himself to be led into the static. But then he had the fist, and the most I can hope for is to get out of it with a modicum of grace and energy, but for sure without the strong impression, the full, dark brush. Three people have had it, the real creative brush; Scott, see much of The Antiquary and The Heart of Midlothian (especially all around the trial, before, during and after) - Balzac - and Thackeray in Vanity Fair. Everybody else either paints thin [emphasis], or has to stop to paint, or paints excitedly, so that you see the author skipping before his canvas. (Letters 7, 2384; pp.231-2).FLiterature - French - Comedy and Drama / Novel and Short Story
nmb, rgsBalzac, Honoré deŒuvres complètes / Honore de Balzac.New.Paris : Calmann Levy, 1868-84. [Vs. 33 & 34 have publisher: Michel Levy Freres].55 v. (V 1, 2, 7, 13-14, 19, 22-23, 26, 28, 31-36, 38, & 40; i.e. 18 v. only); orig. wrappers (frayed and brittle - front wrapper V 2 and back wrappers of V 22-23 wanting); V 2 imperfect: pp.327-28 mutilated. 18cm.Beinecke, 1994 S5.Mahaffy: 'I came next upon a fine collection of French works, beginning with a complete edition of Balzac, which had evidently been read with care.' Kennedy Williamson : W. E. Henley (1930): 'One Sunday afternoon [when Henley was confined at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary], just as the bells were summoning the faithful to kirk, R.L.S. arrived with his friend Charles Baxter, laden with Balzacs, big yellow books, impudently French! ... ... Henley went neck and shoulders deep into the novels ...' Letter from W. E. Henley to RLS, 29 May 1875: Will you let me have that volume of the [Scenes de la] Vie Privee that contains [Le pere] Goriot?' (Beinecke, 4699; McKay, 4, p.1386). The Wrecker, 1892: 1. [Loudon Dodd] 'Every man has his own romance; mine clustered exclusively about the practice of the arts, the life of the Latin Quarter students, and the world of Paris as depicted by that grimy wizard, the author of the Comedie Humaine.'; 2. When had a young man been more derided (or more justly so) than the god of my admiration, Balzac?; 3. 'I had never before set eyes on his [Captain Trent / Wicks] parallel, and I thought instinctively of Balzac and the lower regions of the Comedie Humaine. (Tus.12, pp.30, 70 & 134 resp.).Honore de Balzac (1799-1850). Contains: V 1 La maison du chat-qui-pelote. Le bal de Sceaux. La bourse. La vendetta. Mme. Firmiani. Une double famille. (1882, cover 1880); V 2 La paix du menage. La fausse maitresse. Etude de femme. Autre etude de femme. La grande Breteche. Albert Savarus. (1879); V 7 Beatrix. (1884, cover 1880) [see Longer comments]; V13 Les Parisiens en province. L'illustre gaudissart. La muse du department. (1882, cover 1884) ; V 14 Les rivalites. La vielle fille. Le cabinet des antiques. (1882); V 19 La derniere incarceration de Vautrin. Un prince de la Boheme. Un homme d'affaires. Gaudissart II. Les comediens sans le savoir. (1884); V 22. Grandeur et decadence de Cesar Birotteau. (1882); V 23 La maison Nucigen. Les secrets de la princesse de Cadignan. Le employes. Sarassine. Faccino cane. (1883); V 26 Une tenebreuse affaire. Un episode sus la terreur. (1882, cover 1875); V 28 Le depute d'Arcis. (1879) [see Longer comments]; V 31 Le cure de village. (1884); V 32 Les paysans. (1883); V 33 La peau de chagrin. (1868, cover 1876); V 34 La recherche de labsolu. Jesus-Christ en Flandre. Melmoth reconcilie. Le chef d'oeuvre inconnu. (1871, cover 1872); V 35 L'enfant maudit. Gambara. Massimilla doni. (1878, cover 1876); V 36 Les Marana. Adieu. Le requisitionnaire. El verdugo. Un drame au bord de la mer. L'auberge rouge. L'elixir de longue vie. Maitre Cornelius. (1881, cover 1876); V 38 Louis Lambert. Les proscrits. Seraphita. (1878, cover 1875); V 40 Petites miseres de la vie conjugale. (1881). nmb2&8.FLiterature - French - Novel and Short Story / Comedy and Drama
nmbBalzac, Honoré deScenes de la vie privee / Honore de Balzac.Paris : Michel Levy Freres, 1868.343pp. : wrappers (back only);17cm.Beinecke, 1994 685.Honore de Balzac (1799-1850). Contains: La maison du chat-qui-pelote; Le bal de Sceaux; La bourse; La vendetta; Madame Firmiani; Une double famille. (V 1 of 45 v. Oeuvres Completes). Orig. back wrapper and spines dated 1870.FLiterature - French - Novel and Short Story
nmbBancroft, George.History of the United States of America [to 1789] / George Bancroft.Thoroughly rev. ed.Boston : Little, Brown & Co., 1878-79.6 v.; 12mo.Anderson Part 1, Lot 167. notes and figures on 3 fly-leaves.Across the Plains (1892): 'I had taken along with me a small valise, a knapsack, which I carried on my shoulders, and in the bag of my railway rug the whole of Bancroft's History of the United States, in six fat volumes. it was a much as I could carry with convenience even for short distances...' / 'My valise, my knapsack, my rug, with those six ponderous volumes of Bancroft, weighed me double ...' (Tus.18; pp.81-2 & 90). Letter from Monterey to Edmund Gosse, [8 Dec 1879]: Bancroft's History of the United States, even in a centenary edition, is essentially heavy fare; a little goes a long way; I respect Bancroft, but I do not love him; he has moments when he feels himself inspired to open up his improvisations upon universal history and the designs of God; but I flatter myself I am more nearly acquainted with the Latter than Mr Bancroft A man, in the words of my Plymouth Brother [Mehew: 'In the Valley of the Tarn' in Travels with a Donkey'], 'who knows the Lord', must needs from time to time, write less emphatically. It is a fetter dance to the music of minute guns - not at sea, but in a region not a thousand miles from the Sahara. Still I am half way through volume three, and shall count myself unworthy of the name of an Englishman if I do not see the back of volume six. The countryman of Livingstone, Burton, Speke, Burnaby, Drake, Cook, etc.! (Letters 3, 668; p.32).George Bancroft (1800-91). Details from Harvard. First published in 10 v., 1834-74. Taken by RLS on his journey Across the Plains; presumably bought in New York, Aug 1879 - incident in bookseller's there recounted in 'The Amateur Emigrant'. nmb4.History - America
nmbBannatyne, Richard.Journal of the Transactions in Scotland, during the Contest between the Adherents of Queen Mary, and those of her Son 1570, 1571. 1572, 1573 / Richard Bannatyne.Edinburgh : Archibald Constable & Co. and J. Murray, 1806.540pp. : facsims.: 8vo.AG - Safford lot 9. Buffalo, PR5499 no.2 (OCLC: 04477634).RLS's Skerryvore bookplate inside front cover.Richard Bannatyne (d.1605). Edited by Sir John Graham Dalyell (1775-1851). Half-title: 'Illustrations of Scotish [sic] History'. 'Dalyell's Illustrations of Scots History'. including: letters from Secy. Maitland to Earl of Morton 1572; the death of Earl of Huntly 1576; confession of Earl of Morton 1581; and the mutual aggressions by the contending factions 1570. Binding: 3/4 calf; in slip-case. Thomas B. Lockwood Collection - his bookplate inside portfolio.History - Scotland - Stuarts
nmbBannister, S.William Paterson, The Merchant Statesman and Founder of the Bank of England: His Life and Trials / S. Bannister.Edinburgh : W. P. Nimmo, 1858.2 v. 435pp : 2 facsims. 16mo.Anderson Part 2, Lot 41. Johnston.Letter from George P. Johnston to Charles Baxter, 9 Jan 1894: ''Mr. R. L. Stevenson's order. I have been able to procure all the books as per note overleaf. For the Darien incident I think the "Life of W. Paterson" and the "History of Scotland from 1687 to 1748"[q.v.] by Dr. [John] Hill Burton would be very serviceable.' (Beinecke, 5010; McKay, 4, p.1452)Saxe Bannister 1790-1877), lawyer; first attorney-general of New South Wales 1823. Details from BL. William Paterson (1658-1719), banker.History - England - Financial
nmbBanville, Theodore de.Diane au bois: comedie heroique; en deux actes, en vers / Theodore de Banville.Paris : Michel Levy Freres, 1864.65pp. 12mo./19cm.Beinecke, 1994 578.Theodore Faullain de Banville (1823-91), poet; author 'Trente-six ballades joyeuses a la maniere Francois Villon, 1873, and 'Rondels a la maniere Charles d'Orleans, 1875. Title continues: 'Representee pour la premiere fois , a Paris, sur le Theatre Imperial de l'Odeon, le 16 Octobre 1863.' Described by RLS in Essay: 'Charles of Orleans', 1876, in Familiar Studies of Men and Books, 1882 (Tus. 27), as 'a sure and finished artist ... had the honour of reviving the ballade ... poems are full of form and colour, they smack racily of modern life. ...' nmb8.FLiterature - French - Comedy and Drama - Play
nmbBanville, Theodore de.Mes souvenirs: Victor Hugo, Henri Heine, Theophile Gautier, etc. / Theodore de Banville.Paris : G. Charpentier, 1882.466pp. : ill. pls; orig. back wrapper; 8vo.Beinecke, 1994 574.Theodore Faullain de Banville (1823-91); author 'Trente-six ballades joyeuses a la maniere de Francois Villon', 1873 and Rondels a la maniere de Charles d'Orleans', 1875. Series: 'Petites etudes'. Described by RLS in 'Charles of Orleans', 1876, in Familiar Studies of Men and Books, 1882 (Tius. 27), as 'a sure and finished artist ... had the honour of reviving the ballade ... poems are full of form and colour; they smack racily of modern life ...' Letter from Edinburgh to Sidney Colvin, [14 Jan 1875]: I offered Appleton a series of papers on the modern French school - the Parnassiens, I think they call them - de Banville, Coppee, Grammont (I think that's his name), Scoulary and Sully Prudhomme [q.v.]. (Letters 2, 353; p.106). Letter from [Barbizon] to Frances Sitwell, [Aug 1875]: [Begins] Nous n'irons plus au bois, les lauriers sont coupes, that thing has rung in my ears ever since I saw you madonna. (Letters 2, 410; p.155) - Mehew note: The first line of a poem by Theodore de Banville, itself based on an earlier nursery rhyme, in Les Stalactites. See also Letter 415. nmb8.FLiterature - French - Ballad and Song
nmbBarbey d'Aurevilly, J. A.L'ensorcelee / J. A. Barbey d'Aurevilly.Paris : Alphonse Lemerre, 1873.292pp. : 12mo.AG - Safford lot 2.Buffalo, PR5499 no.13 (OCLC: 17257133).signature of Lieut. W. E. Safford, U.S.N. on fly-leaf, dated "Apia, Samoa, May 13, 1899.'; with inscription on half-title: 'This is to certify that this volume is from the library of the late R. L. Stevenson Esqr. at Vailima in Samoa. E.W.Gurr Solr. for Mrs. R.L. Stevenson, May 1899.'Letter from [Vailima] to Sidney Colvin, 6 [Jun 1893]: I don't know if you are a Barbey d'Aurevilly-an. I am. I have a great delight in his Norman stories. Do you know the Chevalier de Touches and L'Ensorcelee? They are admirable, they reek of the soil and the past. [See Longer comments for continuation] (Letters 8, 2577; p.91).Jules Amedee Barbey d'Aurevilly (1808-93), mystery - not supernatural - writer. Part Oeuvres de ... Binding: full purple morocco, gold ornaments on spine and covers, gilt edges; in slip-case.Thomas B. Lockwood Collection. Edwin William Gurr (1863-1913), lawyer; later judge and newspaper editor. nmb3.FLiterature - French - Novel and Short Story
nmbBarbey d'Aurevilly, J. A.Les Chevalier des Touches / J. A. Barbey d'Aurevilly.Paris : A Lemerre, 1888.245pp. : 16mo.Letters from [Vailima] to Edward L. Burlingame [Scribner's]: 1. [30 Mar 1892]: Please add to my former orders. / Les Chevalier des Touches / Les Diaboliques / ... 2. [25 May 1892]: You mention the belated Barbeys; what about the equally belated Pineros? (Letters 7, 2396 & 2413; pp.257 & 296). Letter from Vailima to Charles Scribner, 14 Jul 1892: ... I have to acknowledge receipt of two volumes of Barbey D'Aurevilly, and wish to extend my order to some more volumes in the same series (Lemerre's) /Un Pretre Marie / L'Amour Impossible / Ce qui ne meurt pas / (Letters 7, 2436; p.334). Letter from [Vailima] to Sidney Colvin, 6 Jul 1893: I don't know if you are a Barbey d'Aurevilly-an. I am I have a great delight in his Norman stories. Do you know the Chevalier des Touches and L'Ensorcellee? They are admirable, they reek of the soil and the past. [See Longer comments for continuation] (Letters 8, 2577; p.91). nmb3.Jules Amedee Barbey d'Aurevilly (1808-93), mystery - not supernatural - writer. From Oeuvres de Barbey d'Aurevilly (16 v. 1878-89). ?Illustrated by Felix Buhot. Details from Bib. Nat. First published Paris : M. Levy, 1864. nmb3.FLiterature - French - Novel and Short Story
nmbBarbey d'Aurevilly, J. A.Les diaboliques / J. A. Barbey d'Aurevilly.Paris : A. Lemerre, 1883471pp. : 16mo.Letters from [Vailima] to Edward L. Burlingame [Scribner's]: 1. [30 Mar 1892]: Please add to my former orders. / Les Chevalier des Touches / Les Diaboliques / ... 2. [25 May 1892]: You mention the belated Barbeys; what about the equally belated Pineros? (Letters 7, 2396 & 2413; pp.257 & 296). Letter from Vailima to Charles Scribner, 14 Jul 1892: ... I have to acknowledge receipt of two volumes of Barbey D'Aurevilly, and wish to extend my order to some more volumes in the same series (Lemerre's) / Un Pretre Marie / L'Amour Impossible / Ce qui ne meurt pas / (Letters 7, 2436; p.334).Jules Amedee Barbey d'Aurevilly (1808-93), mystery - not supernatural - writer. From Oeuvres de Barbey d'Aurevilly (1878-89): Les Diaboliques, les six premieres [Le Rideau cramoisi. Le Plus bel amour de Don Juan. Le Bonheur dans le crime. Le Dessous le cartes d'une partie de whist. A un diner d'athees. Le Vengeance d-un femme.] Illustrated by Felicien Rops. Details from Bib. Nat. First published Paris : E. Dentu, 1874. Letter from [Vailima] to Sidney Colvin, 6 Jun 1893: But I was rather thinking just now of 'Le Rideau Cramoisi', and its adorable setting of the stopped coach, the dark street, the besom going in the inn yard, and the red blind illuminated. Without doubt there [emphasis] was an identity of sensation; one of those conjunctions in life that filled Barbey full to the brim, and permanently bent his memory. (Letters 8, 2577; pp.91-2). nmb3.FLiterature - French - Novel and Short Story
nmbBarbey d'Aurevilly, J. A.Memoranda / J. A. Barbey d'Aurevilly.Paris : E. Rouveyre et G. Blond, 1883.153pp. : ill. pls; orig. buff paper wrappers; 12mo.AG - Safford lot 2.Buffalo, PR5499 no.12 (OCLC: 04341420).signature of Lieut. W. E. Safford, U.S.N. on title, dated "Apia, Samoa, May 13 , 1899.'; with inscription on half-title 'This is to certify that this volume is from the library of the late R. L. Stevenson Esqre at Vailima in Samoa. E.W.Gurr Solr. for Mrs. R.L. Stevenson, May 1899.'passages marked in pencil: one referring to Byron on p3.Julles Amedee Barbey d'Aurevilly (1808-93), mystery - not supernatural - writer. Preface by Paul Bourget (q.v.). In a slip-case. Letter from Hyeres to Sidney Colvin, 9 Mar 1884: Do you ever read ... the incredible Barbey d'Aurevilly? A psychological Poe ... I own I prefer him with all his folly, rot, sentiment, and mixed metaphors, to the whole modern school in France. (Letters 4, 1227; p.246). Edwin William Gurr (1863-1913), lawyer; later judge and newspaper editor. nmb3.FLiterature - French - Journal and Letters
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