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The ART library books that were in little demand were distributed to members at the end of 2018. The library currently consists of popular titles by Richard Raffan.
B06Turned-Bowl DesignRichard RaffanThis text illustrates how to turn decorative and functional bowls with the minimum of tools. The text explains each process, and discusses advanced cuts, natural and bark edged bowls, dry and wet turning, power sanding and finishing.
B10Turning Wood with Richard RaffanRichard RaffanTurning is a special brand of woodworking. Only a lathe and a few cutting tools are needed to shape pieces of wood into delicate pieces of sculpture or practical household objects. Considered the turning primer, Raffan's book covers all the basics, from tools to techniques. This edition incorporates new technologies.
B13Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to TurningRichard RaffanTaunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning features step-by-step descriptions for an abundance of wood turning techniques, including both spindle and faceplate methods. Over 900 color photos accompany detailed, hands-on instructions for turning wood, including how to use lathes, turning tools and materials, chucks, as well as sharpening tools.
B19OUT - Cindy GlickmanThe Art of Turned Bowls: Designing Spectacular Bowls with a World- Class TurnerRichard RaffanBowlWhen first published in 1987, The Art of Turned Bowls was a work ahead of its time. Now, considering the resurgence in popularity of this woodworking genre, the book is perfectly poised for rediscovery. Retooled with fresh full-color photographs of contemporary bowls featuring the work of award-winning turners from around the world, Richard Raffan's classic has been totally updated to meet the demands of today's turner. With a unique talent for making even the most abstract ideas accessible, the world's most admired turning teacher offers an invaluable wealth of design advice. Practical, informative, and undeniably inspiring, this new edition also expands its exploration of form and developing profiles. Along with a good lathe and a reliable set of tools, The Art of Turned Bowls belongs in the shop of every serious bowl turner.
Turning Wood with Richard Raffan
Richard RaffanTurning is a special brand of woodworking. Only a lathe and a few cutting tools are needed to shape pieces of wood into delicate pieces of sculpture or practical household objects. Considered the turning primer, Raffan's book covers all the basics, from tools to techniques. This edition incorporates new technologies.
D01Allan Batty hand thread chaisingAllan Batty
D02Elegant finial design Condy DrozdaCindy DrozdaFinial
D03Turning boxes with Richard RaffanRichard RaffanBox
D04Turning Projects with Richard RaffanRichard Raffan
D05Bowl Turning with Dell StubbsDell StubbsBowl
D06AAW Presents Skill Building projectsMark St. Leger
D07Woodturning WizardryDavid SpringettI found this tape very interesting to watch. (Although the tape quality of this copy is only fair, though still perfectly watchable) If you have seen David Springett's book "Woodturning Wizardry" then you have seen the items he covers in this video. In this video he shows how to make the Lattice Pomander, the Spiked star in a sphere, and the Chinese Ball which is a ball within a ball within a ball. All of these projects are very involved and time consuming but very interesting as well. Even if you don't feel up to tackling one of these very involved projects, watching this video might just inspire you to use some of the techniques demonstrated to come up with your own ideas. David shows how he uses a special jig to turn the spheres first then how he uses hemispherical chucks to hold the spheres while turning these very nifty items. He also describes how to make the custom tools needed for these projects. If you have the time to put into it, I think these turning projects would be very fun and rewarding.
D08AAW Presents Turn projects from scrap Robert RosandRobert RosandBowl
D09Natural Lipped Bowl with Ken BullockKen BullockBowl
D10Ken Bullock wood bowls on a budgetKen BullockBowl
D11AAW Presents Rude OsolnikRude Osolnik
D12Ellsworth Tips tapes 1Ellsworthsharpening gouges, faceplates, chucks, turning an open bowl, jam chucks, sanding
D13Ellsworth Tips 3Ellsworthselecting mats, orienting grain, hollowing bowl, finishing bottom, sanding, finishing, polishing
D14Wood turning, a Foundation CourseKeith Rowley
D15Turning wood with Alan Holtham salt and Pepper MillAlan HolthamIf you've been considering buying one of those pepper mill kits but weren't sure exactly how to go about turning it then this is a good tape for you. Alan first explains the components of a pepper mill and some woods to avoid for use in this project. He explains how he uses an extra long blank so he can use the waste wood for friction chucks to complete the mill. Alan takes you through the project step by step and after watching this video you should be able to turn a pepper mill of your own. This is a good video for anyone thinking about turning their first pepper mill.
D161996 AAW Symposium
D171997 AAW Symposium
D181998 AAW Symposium 1 - Techniques Vol 1This tape has a taste of some of the techniques from several well-known turners that were demonstrated at the 1998 AAW National Symposium. There is about 20 minutes each from Trent Bosch, Ron Fleming, and Richard Raffin. And 10 minutes each from Sigi Angerer, and J. Paul Fennel.
Trent Bosch starts with a demo on turning his "vessel within a vessel". He shows how to turn the vessel, and how to turn the insert that is inserted into the vessel. Also he shows his boiling and bending technique as well.
Next is Sigi Anderer. He demonstrates a technique called angular spinning (turning on a drum). This is a process of turning several spindles all at once, and all the same.
Third up is Ron Fleming. He shows how he creates intricate carvings on his turnings. He shows and demos the tools he uses.
After Ron is J. Paul Fennel. He shows some good ideas for making your own tools for turning. He also shows how he uses fiber optics for hollowing.
Finally Richard Raffin demonstrates turning lidded boxes. He shows his technique for getting the perfect fitting lid.
There are also little peeks at the symposium through-out this tape as well. I like this tape because it has several well known turners all on one tape.
D19Brent Bosch vessels of IllusionBrent BoschVesselsThe tape has good info from start to finish. Trent goes from cutting the wood at the woodpile with his chainsaw to preparing the blank in the shop with the bandsaw. If you've seen his vessels of illusion it is very interesting to see how they are produced. He shows how to create the outside shape using a deep fluted bowl gouge, and also the techniques he uses to hollow the inside with different hollowing tools. After finishing all the hollowing Trent shows how he finishes shaping the outside using various power carving and grinding tools. After that he shows how he makes the insert that goes inside the hollow to create his "Vessel of Illusion", and how he gets it inside.
I like this tape a lot. It inspires you to try different things to create new shapes with your turnings. A good watch!
D20Mike Mahoney from the tree to the tableMike Mahoney
D21Basic Box Ray KeysRay KeysBox
D22Ellsworth Tools for hollow turningEllsworthThis Tape is called "Tools for Hollowing". I think a more fitting name would be "Hollow Turning with David Ellsworth". David does show how he makes the tools he uses for hollowing including turning and mounting the handle, and making a ferrule of nylon cord. But after creating the tools he goes on to showing in great detail his methods of hollowing. He even goes as far as cutting a section out of the turning so you could see into the form as he hollows. For anyone who wants to see how one of the true masters creates his hollow forms, this is a great tape.
D23Capsule box Ray KeysRay KeysBox
D241999 AAW Symposium techniques V 1
D251998 AAW Symposium 2J Richer
J Mascall
R Munro
M Curtis
E Conover
D26Fundamentals of sharpeningBonnie Klein
John Jordon
Bill Johnston
Alan Lacer
SharpeningThis tape covers the ins and outs of keeping your tools sharp as told by four very well known professional turners. Bonnie Klein, John Jordon, Bill Johnston, and Alan Lacer tell and demo their methods of keeping their tools at their sharpest.
Bonnie Klein starts by taking you from dressing the grinding wheel to taking a new spindle gouge and putting a good grind on it using a grinding jig, and also free hand. She also covers scrapers and the chatter tool.
John Jordan shows how to put a good side grind on a bowl gouge, shaping free hand and also using a jig.
Bill Johnston shows his method of balancing his grinding wheels to get a smooth grind, and also shows the home made jigs he uses to grind scraper bits like those typically used in hollowing tools.
Finally Alan Lacer shows his methods of grinding and honing to get a very sharp tool. He covers dressing the wheel, sharpening the skew, roughing gouge and detail gouge.
This tape is full of great info for grinding and sharpening. A lot of great tips from some of the best turners out there.
D27Son of skew Alan LacerAlan Lacer
D28PSI Hand-Crafted Pens - The BasicsPensA beginner's guide to Pen turning on the lathe
D29Segmented vessels cassinger templateSegment
D30Practice of Wood Turning with Mike Darlow Disk1Mike DarlowThis tape is very extensive and very long as well. Close to 3 hours. It starts with a section on the design of a bowl. Mike talks about 5 guidelines he uses to design a bowl. He also talks about different base or foot designs. There is a lot of verbal instruction through-out the tape. He talks about the different types of wood and different kinds of figure in wood. He talks about seasoning and the problems of cracking and warping during seasoning. Then he goes on to talk about chucking equipment, and different chucking procedures. During all this there is lots of instruction while demonstrating the things he talks about. Mike turns a bowl start to finish and is very detailed on different cuts and how to make them, showing you how as he goes. He includes finishing, and reversing the bowl to finish the bottom.
The is a lengthy tape but well worth a look. Set aside a few hours and a big bag of popcorn for this one. There is a lot of good info to take in.
In this video Mike shows some faceplate turning. He first talks about preparing the blanks for the lathe. He also describes chucking methods, such as screw chucks and faceplates. Mike turns a small base of sorts using a ½ inch spindle gouge and shows how to use a pencil gauge to create a pre-determined shape. He shows how to use the gouge to create coves, radiuses, and ogee shapes.
D31Practice of Wood Turning with Mike Darlow Disk2Mike Darlow
D32Snap lid Box Jeff LevineJeff LevineBox
D33Binh Pho thin wall turningBinh Pho
D34Binh Pho Surface DesignBinh Pho
D35Projects 4 Everyone 1Nick CookIn this video Nick goes through the steps to produce seven different turning projects. He first talks about how to prepare the blanks for turning spindles. He goes on to show how to cut beads, coves, and "V" cuts using both the ½ inch spindle gouge and also using the skew.
The projects he describes are how to make a honey dipper, baby rattle, rolling pin, spinning top, tagua nut vessel, and lastly a wine stopper.
I thought this was a pretty good video. Nick showed all the steps to produce all these projects, but I feel he could have gone into a little more detail on how he made some of the cuts to produce all the different items.
D36Projects 4 Everyone 2 Nick CookNick CookIn this video Nick goes through the steps to produce three different faceplate turning projects. He first talks about preparing the blanks for the lathe, and mounting the blanks. The projects that he describes are how to make a plate, a simple bowl, and a natural edge bowl.
I thought this was a good video. Nick showed all the steps to produce all these projects, but I feel, as I did of his other projects video, that he could have gone into a little more detail on how he made some of the cuts to produce all the different items.
D37Luke Man ARTLuke ManThis is the video of Luke Mann doing a demo for A.R.T. of his square edge bowls. He creates one of these unique bowls for us start to finish, fielding questions from our members all along the way. Luke made this an interesting demo.
D38Turning pens and other small Projects - Marshfield 2004Pen
D39AAW presents a turning tradition Myron CurtisMyron Curtis
D402002 AAW Symposium 1
D412002 AAW Symposium 2
D422002 AAW Symposium gallery and critique
D43AAW magazine vol 1 to vol 8 (1993)
D44AAW magazine vol 9 to vo116 (2001)
D45Chris Scott basic off center turningChris Scott
Off center
D46Turning outside the box with Beth IrelandBeth Ireland
D47Wood turning, Getting Started Right with Alan LacerAlan Lacer
D48Frank Klausz Dovetail a drawerFrank KlauszDovetail
D49Making Rustic Furniture/ reclaiming Planes/ Picture frames
D50Hosaluk Program ART June 2006Michael HosalukPhotos only, no movies
D51John Jordan aesthetics and properties of wood disk 1John Jordan
D52John Jordan aesthetics and properties of wood disk 2John Jordan
D53Skew Chisel, Sweet Side/ Dark Side
D54One Tool Wonder Pinkerton AcademyGraham OakesBowl gouge
D55Slim Line Pen Russ FairfiledRuss FairfieldPen
D56Ray Husky a turning traditionRay HuskyInlay
Metal Inlay Techniques Ted Sokolowski
Ted SokolowskiInlay
The Art of Hosaluk in Wood Turning Two Disk Set - disk 1
Michael Hosaluk
The Art of Hosaluk in Wood Turning Two Disk Set - disk 2
Michael Hosaluk
Turning around the World Jimmy Clewes V1
Jimmy Clewesspoon, beer bowl
Turning around the World Jimmy Clewes V2
Jimmy Clewesceltic sheild (featuring pole lathe), spurtle
Turning around the World Jimmy Clewes V3
Jimmy Clewesbangle, closed bowl
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