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Gödel, Escher, BachErik Pragt0
4 to start a movementWillem Dekker3
Keynote Speaker: Mike Mullane • Presented by SpeakInc • Stopping Normalization of Deviance
Erik Pragt6
6 Traynor, Intercom at Business of Software Conference 2013 - Product Strategy is About Saying NoErik Pragt8
8 leiderschapWillem Dekker9
10 surprising truth about what motivates usWillem Dekker11
Jim Coplien and Bob Martin Debate TDDRemko de Jong15
Why it's time to forget the pecking order at workLieke Boon16
16 Fowler - Continuous DeliverySridhar G17
19 great leaders inspire actionWillem Dekker18
The new bionics that let us run, climb and danceErik Pragt19
Why do speeches have to be so boring? | Jeremy Nicholas | TEDxChelmsford
Erik Pragt20
22 to play for Scala DevelopersErik Pragt20
31 Culture with Chat RobotsWillem Dekker26
Erik Pragt30
33 Cucumber & Selenium30
34 Value of Values with Rich Hickey@pureAtoB30
36 Hassabis -"General learning algorithms”Erik Pragt30
38 Best of ngAnimate in AngularJS Erik Pragt32
Allison Kaptur - Bytes in the Machine: Inside the CPython interpreter - PyCon 2015
Erik Pragt35
42 Programmer Anarchy - Fred GeorgeErik Pragt39
43 AngularJS:Erik Pragt40
44 Composition - Chris FordLieke Boon40
46 Hacks and Fun ImagesErik Pragt40
48 Programming 20 years later by Kent BeckErik Pragt41Already watched it, nice presentation about TDD, XP, all the things
49 Should Be More than CodingErik Pragt42
50 Spark Is the Next Top (Compute) ModelErik Pragt42
Building and Running Distributed Systems using Apache Mesos - Benjamin Hindman
Erik Pragt43
The Worst Programming Language EverWillem Dekker43
56 your Code as a Crime Scene - Adam TornhillFriso Schutte44
57 I/O 2014 - Material design principlesMehrzad45
Robert C Martin(Uncle Bob) -Clean Architecture and DesignRemko de Jong45
Jessica Kerr "Functional Principles for Object Oriented Development"Remko de Jong45
60 Architecture vs. Code by Simon BrownErik Pragt45
61 all the functorsErik Pragt45
69 C. Martin - The Land that Scrum ForgotErik Pragt45
70 - TegenlichtTim48
The Quest for the One True ParserWillem Dekker48
Running Kubernetes at Scale with Mesos and the Mesosphere DCOS by Benjamin Hindman
Tim Nolet (Vamp)48
Samza in LinkedIn: How LinkedIn Processes Billions of Events Everyday in Real-time
Erik Pragt49
74 - De Robot als mensMehrzad Karami49
Distributed Consensus A.K.A. "What do we eat for lunch?" - Konrad `ktoso` Malawski
Pieter Joost van de Sande49
76 & Gonads (Crockford)Willem Dekker49
77 SprayErik Pragt50
79 Self Defending Applications to Repel AttackersRené Bouw51
80 Staying Ahead of the Curve by Trisha GeeMaciej Walkowiak (Twitter)52
83 a Reactive ApplicationErik Pragt53
84 way hacker (Keynote Edition) - Erik MeijerErik Pragt54
85 Neward - Modern Web Architecture, 2014 EditionMehrzad Karami54
Scalable Microservices at Netflix. Challenges and Tools of the TradeWillem Dekker54
88 with Dan North - Jackstones: the Journey to MasteryWillem Dekker54
89 to Angular.js in 50 Examples (part 2)Erik Pragt55
91 of the Genius ProgrammerErik Pragt55
Andre Tanenbaum - MINIX 3: a Modular, Self-Healing POSIX-compatible Operating System
Mehrzad Karami56
93 meijer - Denotation Semantics (Functional Programming)Tim Soethout58
94, The Way of the Unusual ArchitectWillem Dekker58
95 Traynor on managing growth & delivering magicErik Pragt59
96 Google: Don’t Follow the Followers, Follow the LeadersWillem Dekker59
97 Apache Kafka to Use for Event Streams, Jay Kreps 20150323Erik Pragt59
98 Go Programming LanguageGerard Klijs59
100 Go Programming LanguageGerard Klijs59
Real-World Strategies for Continuous Delivery with Maven and Jenkins
Remko de Jong60
Rethinking packaging, modularization, interfaces with plain Java EE 7 - Adam Bien
Remko de Jong60
103 ...and Java EERemko de Jong60
104 Every Hipster Should Know About Functional ProgrammingWillem Dekker60
105 Where Did It All Go Wrong?Kees Dijk60
106 Halloway: Introduction to ClojureErik Pragt61
Kevlin Henney - Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers
Vincent van Oostindie62
108 APIs in Spray, Akka and ScalaErik Pragt62
109 Hickey - Inside TransducersErik Pragt63
110 Goetz - Stewardship: the Sobering PartsRick Steenbergen63
111 Theory, The essence of interface-based design - Erik MeijerErik Pragt63
The Design of a Reliable and Secure Operating System - Andrew Tanenbaum
Chris Romkema63
113 Verheyden - Migrating to Spring 4 from Spring 3 - What you need to knowMehrzad Karami66
114 Gaming with LambdasWillem Dekker67
115 a Walking SkeletonErik Pragt75
116 taste of HaskellErik Pragt75
117 To Apache CassandraRené Bouw75
Scala the Good partsErik Pragt77
119 and Refactoring Legacy CodeErik Pragt77
120 to create clean and testable codeBoy de Wit78
121 Building WebSocket Browser Applications with SpringErik Pragt84
122 29, 2014: Understanding Garbage Collection by Matt SchuetzePieter Joost van de Sande86
"Uncle" Bob Martin Program on Entrepreneurship Program on Entrepreneurship
Erik Pragt86
Crockford on JavaScript - Volume 1 - The Early YearsRemko de Jong90
Creating Maintainable Automated Acceptance Test SuitesRemko de Jong90
The Power of an Agile Mindset - Linda RisingRemko de Jong90
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