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Presenter (s)LevelEstimated runtimeDescriptionNotes
Legend to class labels: DISCUSSION = talking about hypnosis, DEMO = hypnosis demonstration, HANDS-ON = active participation/practice
Most classes will have a combination of at least two of three elements.
Subjects 102 sleepingirl, MsMesmerBeginner +How to ask for trance, and get ideas from other sublects. Talk about your experiences in trance, and ask questions of experienced Subjects about things you might want to try. Just an all around great time to talk and learn from each other.
Memory PlayDrHeadcrashIntermediate to advancedOne hour minimum, 90 minutes is bestMemory play is hot. It's also a surprisingly broad topic, ranging from the creation of temporary amnesia states and false memory to changing the emotional resonance of existing memories, to creating altered experiences of identity and self. Come to this demonstration-oriented class led by Dr HeadCrash, who just may have gotten a Ph.D. in something highly relevant to this topic a decade ago - as far as anyone can remember. =) Memory play is an advanced topic, but we will have awesome demos and exercises suitable for beginners as well as more advanced students. You will definitely learn something and have a great time, whether or not you remember attending. ;)
Zero Induction HypnosisDrHeadcrashIntermediate to advancedone hourGood hypnotists know the importance of the pretalk to set up induction and trance. Great hypnotists know that Induction and trance are optional. learn how to get powerful suggestion effects without obvious induction and without deep trance states.
Putting the subject first: hypnosis from the subject's perspectiveDrHeadcrash & unindicted co-conspiratorbeginnerone hourLearn to be a better subjecct and hypnotist by exploring hypnosis from the subject's perspective. Too often hypnosis is described and taught as something that the hypnotist does, rather than something the subject experiences and actively participates in. In this class we turn this around and teach a model of hypnosis that centers on the subject, or hypnotee, Being a hypnotic subject is an active, not passive, role and a skill that can be learned and taught.
Hyperempiria and other altered statesFelix KrullIntermediate1 hourHyperempiria and other lesser-known trance states. In the West, the popular picture of the hypnotized subject is as someone deeply relaxed, probably slumped in a chair, in a state resembling sleep. Even the term for a deep hypnotic state -- somnambulism -- means, roughly, "sleepwalking." But trance does not require relaxation; in fact it can be a highly energetic, aware, and focused state as well. In this session, we discuss, teach, and demonstrate hyperempiria, and time permitting a few other lesser-known states as well.
Anchoring and conditioningFelix KrullIntermediate1 hourThe unconscious mind is associative. It learns and reasons by identifying things that happen together in time, without concern for notions of cause and effect.  It is also home to habitual and conditioned responses, automatic behaviors and feelings that arise without conscious awareness or intervention.  Positive conditioning is the process of associating of a positive experience with a desired behavior, in order to encourage more of that behavior.  Hypnosis is a powerful tool for conditioning, enabling the creation or modification of behaviors in a much shorter time than would otherwise be possible. Anchoring is the process of associating a particular stimulus with an experience or state. Often an anchor is used in conditioning.  For example, physical pleasure can be anchored to a particular word or gesture, and the anchor "fired" to reward the subject for a desired behavior. Anchors can also be used therapeutically or in coaching, to eliminate or reduce unwanted states. In this class, Felix will show how to set and fire anchors, and how to use them in the conditioning process. He will also provide an extended demonstration of pleasure conditioning with some lucky volunteer. There will be opportunities to practice and receive coaching on anchoring.

Conversational Hypnosis Felix KrullIntermediate1 hourUntil the second quarter of the twentieth century, hypnosis techniques were authoritarian and directive, emphasizing the power of the hypnotist and the relatively passive role of the subject. Then a number of hypnotists, the best known of whom was probably Milton Erickson, began to develop a different model, one that emphasized the active role of the subject in the process. They also developed techniques for inducing trance and making suggestions that were fluid, creative, and conversational, and included things like storytelling and metaphor. The conversational hypnotist utilizes what the subject brings to the session in a way that is unique for each subject, and each time and place, and the results can be extraordinary for both parties.cannot co-lead this class
Multiples Felix Krull/Miss Isis IntermediateHave you ever fantasized about having a threesome? Howabout a foursome, or a fivesome? We're talking about hypnosis, of course. Instead of just hypnotizing one person, how about two, or three, or more? Stage Hypnotists do it all the time, and so can you! In this class, Miss Isis and Felix will show how to work with multiple subjects.  We will explain why sometimes having two or more subjects is even easier than working with one alone, and show fun and interesting things you can do with couples and groups.

Remote Hypnosis PanelHypnoenthusiast/Felix KrullBeginner +online hypno-hookups happen all the time. Could be another panel on the wheres and how-to's of hypnosis online including everything from making initial contact to handling a dropped internet connection and everything in-between.
Letting Go of ExpectationsHypnoguruBeginner +Please submit your description ASAP!
AbreactionsHypnomaestroBeginner +45-60 minutesA must for any beginning hypnotist. Learn how to recognize and respond to abreactions (unexpected, often negative, responses during trance). LECTURE, DISCUSSION
Non-rapid inductionsHypnomaestroBeginner +60 minutes eachRapid inductions are fun, but non-rapid inductions like fixation, visualization and progressive relaxation have their place. Learn something about the classic, non-rapid inductions in this class. LECTURE, DEMO, HANDS ON
Better phrasing of suggestionsHypnomaestroBeginner +45-60 minutesHow to properly phrase suggestions to get the maximum effect. Great for beginner or intermediate hypnotists and a nice refresher for experiences hypnotists. Mostly LECTURE some HANDS ON
Ethics rountableHypnomaestro, et alBeginner +45-60 minutesA roundtable discussion of the current state of ethics in the recreational hypnosis community. DISCUSSION
Kinesthetic hypnosisHypnomaestro, HypnosisEnthusiast, MephkiBeginner +Nonverbal inductions. DISCUSSION, DEMO, hopefully HANDS-ON
Image manipulation ("shipping") for the prospective hypno-pics creator.HypnomediaBeginner +1 hourPractical instructions, lessons and demonstrations for beginners and intermediate users on how to effectively manipulate an image using photo manipulation software. (Adobe Photoshop will be used but the techniques involved will be generic and can be applied to use with other software.)Marc's mini projector - Note, hooks to iPhone/iPad (Marc can provide, needs media to upload)
Writing seminarHypnomedia (Marc Cabot Assist)Beginner +1 hourWriting fiction of any kind is an art, but as with every art form, there are mechanics involved underlying the art. This class is about getting inside the mechanics of creating a story. Note: at least one story to be determined will be used for discussion purposes.Can go over as Unconference time
ImprovHypnosisenthusiastIntermediatePlayed like the game "Props" on Whose Line Is It, Anyway? Random items are put in a box and the players have to use them in a hypnotic induction.
Hypnotic AttractionHypnosisenthusiastIntermediatea panel on using hypnotic triggers to not only create arousal, but to physically draw a subject to the hypnotist, emotionally or physically - and the ethics of its use.
Hypnotic Safety Hypnosisenthusiast Beginner +Safety in using trance in scenes. How to "play safe" while still having
fun - avoiding common pitfalls, dealing with abreactions and ethical
Instant and rapid InductionsHypnosisenthusiast, HypnoGuru, et al & panelIntermediateprobably a panel with multiple hypnotists demonstrating/teaching rapid and instant inductionsCan go over as unconference time - this replaces all intro panels on instant/rapid
Identity and hypnosisJaquesTreatmentIntermediateUnconferenceA theoretical exploration of identity and how it relates to hypnosis using the Gurdjieff/Ouspensky model.
Long term and distance hypno D/sLady RuethaBeginner +Please submit your description ASAP!Off the schedule.
After yes - Advanced Concepts in ConsentLead PrismBeginner +There's more to consent than just yes/no, as most kinksters will tell
you. Consensual non-consent, changing consent mid-scene, and seducing
consent are just a few examples. Go beyond the binary yes/no and learn
how to get into the more nuanced distinctions of consent, and learn how
to do it safely

"Groovy Evil: How to be an Evil Hypnotist without being an evil hypnotistLead PrismIntermediate +How to give the 'evil hypnotist' fantasy without losing your ethics.
Rapport Lee Allure Beginner +30 - 35 minThis quick hands-on, full participation required workshop gives you a
basic understanding of how to get into rapport with people you interact
with, whether they're subjects, hypnotists, or even co-workers.
I Know What Scares You: Hypnosis and Fear PlayMarc Cabot, Confessor_kExperienced50 minUsing fear as an enhancement to hypnotic play. How to get the most fear for the least work and in the safest way. THIS IS AN EDGY CLASS AND NOT FOR BEGINNERS. DEMO
HypnoDuel TournamentMarmalade Kitten (Marc Cabot assist)Beginner +Early Saturday Play PartyTwo possible tracks: dueling hypnotists entrancing each other, dueling hypnotists trying to do single/dual subjects - Not a class/panel, Friday or Saturday night event.
Rope & RapportmephkiBeginner +Kinaesthetic hypnosis using rope as an extension of your body. DISCUSSION, DEMO, HANDS-ON
Community Building Roundtable mephkiBeginner +Discuss future *EHU events, provide a space for people to get inspired about doing something in their area, taking advantage of all the community leaders we have around to help troubleshoot any issues people might be having with programming, expansion of group. Help build connections between groups to encourage presenters traveling. DISCUSSION
Enhancing Sexual Pleasure through Erotic HypnosisMiss IsisBeginner +"You know those mind blowing orgasms your hypnotist has given you? Join me and you might find that you are able to take those experiences and make them your own. I am not sure when, or with who, or where you will discover that you can call them up in a moment of your choosing, but when you do, you will realize all along that the power was inside of you all the time!" There is a high probability that at least some attendees will find themselves drifting happily into a most pleasureable trance.
Pre 101PhotoJosephBeginnerRemoves one speedbump before people hit the 101 track DISCUSSION, DEMO, HANDS-ON
Subjects 102: Improving Your Experience from the BottomsleepingirlBeginner +Rapport in negotiation, feedback, and beyond. Presentation / Q&A with sleepingirl on how to improve your skills as a subject through communication and reframing your own head.
Gender/Transgender Issues in HypnosissleepykittenBeginner +Please submit your description ASAP!
Consent and negitiationspiralturquioseBeginner +Friday and Saturday (2 discussions)Hypnosis fetish and mind control fetish fantasies are often, at heart, fantasies of control and coercion. Hypnosis, as a kink, is a wide-open field of endless possibilities and options. This class will cover techniques, ideas, and processes for discussing a hypnosis session beforehand - how to communicate desires from top and bottom, hypnotist and hypnotee and other positions. This includes: building a scene that all parties can enjoy; figuring out one's own desires; communicating through the negotiation process; navigating trauma and emotional landmines; and using negotiation to spot red flags and warning signsThanks in advance. I know we have a phenomenal erotic hypnosis community that is great at jumping in and helping when help is needed!
Transformationspiralturquoise, MsMesmerBeginner +Hypnosis is a great way to experience what it's like to be something - or someone - else. Whether it's being hypnotized to be a dog, or a Victorian noble, or a robot, or a jock, or an alien, or a bimbo, or a sex doll, or a caveman, or anything at all - hypnosis is an effective tool for erotic role play and the experience of transformation. This class will cover how to put together a transformation scene, including the potential safety issues caused by transformation play and some of the sexy options that the play style offers.
On a DimeSweet GaspBeginner +1 hourEver wondered what it would be like to be the one with the pocket watch for a change? Or experience the sweet kiss of trance you’ve given to others? This discussion is for those who switch habitually to offer their insight or those curious about switching sides.
Hypnosis & Energy PlaySweet GaspBeginner +1 hourChi, chakra, the laws of thermodynamics- all play with the concept of energy. As an unorthodox approach to hypnosis, energy play deals with many of the same principles that parallel with it- rapport, communication, trust. So why not put them together? Starting off with some group icebreaker exercises, this workshop will aim towards building the underlying connection that supports rapport and consent. demo bottom needed
All Walks of Life Sweet Gasp, Spiral Turquoise & Solarianne Beginner +1 hourThere are stories of abreactions during trance, unintentionally triggering trauma triggers in a subject. Depression. Anxiety. Asperger’s Syndrome. OCD, and you know what? It’s okay. This discussion is designed to try and break the stigma that is applied to those who are dealing with various mental obstacles and how there can be a more positive influence in the community.
Droppy & Pals! SweetGasp--10 minBrought to you and Viewers Like You, Droppy & Pals is going to make a debut at MEEHU! Slapstick, stand up, skits- it's all here in all its sock puppet glory!In private space
SweetGasp's Siren SongsSweetGasp--20-30 minYou asked for it, and now you've gotten it! Popular on the Hybook forums, SweetGasp shall serenade audiences with a medley of hypnotic tunes.In private space
Live Reading- "Go The F*CK To Sleep!"SweetGasp--10 minAh, the bane of all hypnotists- Why wont you sleep!? Reading live from Adam Mansbach's popular "children's book", SweetGasp is sure to tickle your hypnotic funny bone with this slumberous tale!In private space
Hypnosis, Empathy, & Vicarious Trauma: How they relate and how that relates to you! ( hypno 101 style class)TheSuppleSpiral
Beginner+1hr 15minsA 101 style class discussing the link between hypnosis, empathy and vicarious trauma. Also discussing simple empathy shields, and how to recognize vicarious trauma.Interactive lots of q&a
Erotic Hypnosis 101WiseguyBeginnerWiseguy's primer for anyone new to, or just curious about, erotic hypnosis.  Learn in a short overview session what erotic hypnosis is about and how it is often used in the context of scenes.  (For tops and bottoms.) DISCUSSION, DEMO, ? HANDS-ON
All The Way DownWiseguyBeginner +Sometimes all you want is to take someone, or to be taken, ridiculously, blissfully deep. In this session led by Wiseguy you will learn about really deep trance states, why you might want to go there, and how to get someone into and out of those states. (For tops and bottoms alike.)
Your Hypnotic Self WiseguyBeginner +A session full of hints, tips, and tricks for developing your unique hypnotic style. Wiseguy explains and demonstrates how to establish trust and confidence, how to use your voice to greater hypnotic affect, and how to choose words that will resonate in your partner's mind. (For tops.)
Kinky Human Tricks WiseguyBeginner +2 hours, can be split into 2 sessionA favorite at NEEHU and other events, Kinky Human Tricks is all about what can happen *after* the induction is complete. Wiseguy will explain, demonstrate, and offer tips and tricks for performing some of the most asked-about hypnotic phenomena such as hypno-bondage, sensation play, memory play, and of course the hypnotic orgasm. (For tops and bottoms; demo bottoms will be rewarded.)
Subtle SuggestionWiseguyIntermediateCombining Hypnosis and NLP:  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a method of getting messages into the subconscious for a person in the waking state.
 It also dovetails very nicely with hypnosis.  Wiseguy explains and demonstrates creative ways to use NLP in conjunction with erotic hypnosis.  (Primarily for tops, but bottoms are welcome.)
Confusion InductionsWiseguyIntermediateWhat do you do with those people who just won't stop thinking and go into trance? How about overloading their brains so they dive into trance for you? Learn several techniques in this talk/demo from Wiseguy.
The Art of Teaching HypnosisWiseguypresenters or those who would like to be90 minutesBeing willing to stand in front of a group and teach takes a lot of courage, and doing it well can feel awesome. In this class, Wiseguy will share some tips, tricks, and techniques to take what you already know about hypnosis and NLP and apply that knowledge to become a more effective, confident presenter. Anyone is welcome, whether you are presenting at MEEHU or not. (Discussion with hands-on)
Mentored Trance Practice Wiseguy et al (we need intermediate/advanced hypnotists/subjects to mentor!)Beginner +Whether you prefer to be a hypnotist or a hypnotee, practice is vital to getting more enjoyment out of trancing.  In this workshop, experienced hypnotists and subjects will offer direct coaching and advice to people on both sides of the watch gain confidence and work on their technique.
Dual InductionWiseguy/Lee AllureIntermediateLee Allure and Wiseguy will demonstrate and discuss the fine points of dual inductions, where two hypnotists work together to create an amazing trance experience for their hypnotee(s). At least some experience will help you to make the most of this session.
Creative Hypnotic SuggestionsAmHypnoticIntermediateHave some creative hypnosis ideas you'd like to share? Perhaps you have part of an idea that you'd love help hashing out into a truly interesting experience? Want to hear other peoples' new and fresh ideas? Or maybe you just love sitting back and listening to people tell of creative stories of creative hypnosis fun. One of the wonderful things about our community is that we'd rather share ideas of fun than to keep all the ideas to ourselves. Come on in, and enjoy listening to and sharing some wonderful times.Round table or panel, depending on attendees. Already explicitly planned panel presenters if panel works out better.
No Limit Pleasure: Erotic NLPDr. Cunning LinguistBeginner +1 hourIn this workshop, Dr. Cunning Linguist will explain and demonstrate how you can use waking suggestion, or neurolinguistic programming (NLP), in an erotic scene with your partner's informed consent. For tops and bottoms alike. (DISCUSSION + DEMO)
Hypnotic Yoga PracticeSetsudoBeginner +1 hourStart your day at NEEHU right with a relaxing time to center and stretch. This class is good for beginners and more experienced people alike.
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