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Share your favorite/memorable moment
Beating Ganon (WW) after leaving the game for about a year (because I couldn't beat Ganon) and starting over with a new game.
The most recent memory I have is playing Skyward Sword. After getting through the intro sequence, I remember watching Zelda falling through the clouds, and thinking even though the characters didn't have voices, it was easy to see how much Link cared about Zelda, and how he would do anything to save her.
I can't name it because every second is just as epic as the last.
Getting the Master Sword in Ocarina of Time
First time I started Ocarina of Time was with my brother and two friends...will always stick with me.
Removing the Master Sword from the pedestal for the first time in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
My most memorable moment would have to be finishing the Anju and Kafei quest in MM.
Freeing the Postman in Majora's Mask and getting his hat.
Stabbing Ganondorf in the head with the master sword in WW, it was so sudden and awesome that I felt a huge burst of adrenaline.
I haven't played many Zelda games, but I my favourite moment was in Twilight Princess when you defeat King Bulbin
First video game I ever played was ALttP, still my favorite game. For me as someone who had never played any real video games before it when I finished the battle in the castle in light world I thought the game was over and was so excited when I found out I wasn't even close.
3 years old, my grandma told me "here, play this and see if you like it" it was "The Legend of Zelda" for the NES...I haven't stopped playing since
Pulling out the Master Sword in the Temple of Time
Majora's Mask, when skullkid realizes you're the fairy boy from OoT and that the giants did not hate him.
The endings
Sailing in Wind Waker
Opening the Temple of Time
"I'll always be your Zelda."
Temple of Time in Ocarina of Time.
That feeling you get when you first start one of the games after it's been a while. The strum of the harpsichord in Wind Waker as the story is told, the trill of violin in Majora's Mask as Link rides through the woods, Link's soft shudders as Ganondorf haunts his dreams in Ocarina of Time, the soft babbling of the Light Spirit's Spring as the sun sets over Ordon in Twilight Princess. It's all just so beautiful, and it gets me so excited to start my new adventure, because that's what every Zelda game has been to me: Nothing short of a true adventure...
Killing gannondorf in wind waker
I was 4 and my brother was 14 and he woke me up early on saturday because he had bought A Link To The Past and wanted to share the first play with me. I will always thank him for this.
Happy Mask Salesman: You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
Beating Ocarina of Time for the first time: that was the first I'd ever played through an entire video game on my own. :)
when i was a kid and found the worm in the fishing hole of ocarina of time. no one else believed me but i knew what it was. they my boyfriend found it a few months ago very satisfying because he didnt believe me :)
Finding all the golden skulltulas in orcorina of time was a great adventure itself
Wind Waker - had played OoT and MM with my older brother, and Wind Waker was a huge bonding experience for us.
Figuring out the lost woods in Zelda I.
in skyward sword when Zelda seals herself away in the past, that moment was very emotional.
finishing MM and seeing the Deku butler crying over his son
The Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time. Specifically when you first show up (outside the temple door, not garden gate) and battle the Stalfos.... That whole dungeon made me feel powerful, scared and overall amazed.
Being able to play as Groose in Skyward Sword
once when i was 5, i was playing ocarina of time and when link pulled out the master sword, i got so exited and completely pissed myself
The very first game I ever played was A Link to the Past. Since I was young (7), it was fairly difficult for me. It took me many tries to beat Helmasaur. The first time I beat it, I immediately ran down the street (before even reading the dialog after beating it) to where my brother was playing with a friend. Of course I didn't save it, and of course my dad shut the SNES off. I cried, and didn't play it again for a long time.
Pulling the Master Sword from the Temple of Time in OoT.
Loved messing with the ocarina
That moment right before the moon is going to hit Clock Town, everything stops as I play the Song of Time.
First reaching the Moon in MM
The first real video game I played was Majora's Mask. When the moon first fell down, I cried, because I didn't know how to do it.

Its funny now. :]
In Majora's Mask, defeating all four temple boss, reuniting Anju and Kafei, and defeating Majora in a single 3-day cycle.
The final battle in Wind Waker.
Well just beating them and never getting a good ending. As a kid this always sucked but as an adult the story and game play is enough for me.
Pulling the Master Sword out of the Pedestal of Time
Every single second of sailing in Wind Waker. The exploration felt so free and mysterious. I somehow didn't realize the triumph forks were the triforce, I didn't pick up on what the "power to burn/freeze anything" was, I loved the sea platforms and all the hidden secrets so I was constantly going through the game with a sense of wonder. Second most memorable was when Zelda yelled "Impa!" in the cutscene in Skyward Sword.
Dunno if it counts but I love the train music from Spirit Tracks. I used to just ride around on the train to listen to it.
Long story short, me and my buddies were having a Zelda marathon, I was in charge of beating OoT, completely failed because I just had my heart broken, I couldn't focus and was having a horrible time. A week later I pulled myself out of my hole of pain and misery and completed a OoT 3 heart challenge. It's kinda cheesy but it means a lot to me and after that no hardships even phase me.
Finishing the games!
Sheiks monologues.
My most memorable moment is playing through Ocarina of Time for 12 hours strait, while very deprived of sleep.Ended up forgetting a key in the water temple, and long story short, ended up accidentally warping back to the forest temple... and my best friend's commentary throughout the whole ordeal had me laughing deleriously. Best day of my life.
The first time I fought Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time was intense. I was probably 8 or 9 years old at the time, and I had a sudden feeling like everything was riding on beating him. I used all 4 bottles, filled with fairies of course, and struggled through figuring out how exactly to beat him. Finally I won out and destroyed him. I was so excited a threw my controller in the air and wound up breaking my mothers favorite lamp in the living room. I make it a point to play and beat it every few years.
When I was little my parents didn't get me a console until I was about8-9, so I only got to play Wind Waker (the newest game at the time) whenever my cousins came over. Still my favorite game of any game. Ever.
link is the best eh kills tekteis and doesnt afraid of anything

But actually, when you start the ST train going, and there's a pause in the melody of the song, play the whistle: two bursts, a short and a long, starting just before the "fourth" bar of the song. It's magical.

Da| DAAA, da DAAA, dudu|DAA DAA da da da |duh... (2 3 4) W|OO WOOOOOO
The first day of Skyward Sword was flippin' amazing!
Watching my brother play Majora in Majora's Mask as a small child.
When you get to the Dark World and see the Pyramid of Power and hear the Dark World theme for the very first time.
Beat LttP multiple times in 6 hours :D
Playing Link's Awakening on my old Game Boy. It's the first Zelda game I ever played and I still replay it from time to time.
Reuniting Kafi and Anju. The ending of Ocarina of Time. Seeing Hyrule for the first time in Wind Waker.
I did not enjoy the game as a whole as much, but in my opinion Twilight Princess had some of the most overall epic moments. My favorite of all time has to be fighting the dragon in the wind temple, after you get the double clawshot. The wind and the rain and the dragon's roar made the fight seem impossible, but every time Link managed to get on his back for another round.
The first time I beat Majora's Mask
The feeling you get when you beat ganondorf, no matter what the game is.
Too many, but current two favorites:

The first time time restarts on your first ever play through of Majora's Mask.

King of Red Lions's good-bye speech (chills every time I watch when the music stops and he says "It will be YOUR land!", haha)
Getting the Master Sword in Wind Waker and killing all the monsters in the castle with it.
Visiting Old Hyrule under the ocean in Wind Waker.
finaly beating my first zelda game Ocarina of time 3ds name link
Stabbing Ganondorf in the head in Wind Waker.
first time I ever played Ocarina of Time, feeling like I'd beaten the whole thing when I snuck through to meet Zelda, and then discovering that I'd only juuuust tapped into the beginning of the adventure. I was 9 and had never before played a game with that level of storytelling. Changed my life.
The transformations in Majora's mask, especially when you put on the masks and link makes that creepy scream.
Too many to say just one.
Windwaker, when Link and his sister finally got to see their grandma again.
In Skyward Sword, when Zelda/Hylia seals herself away/ her talk with link beforehand, tears came to my eyes
Can't choose between Midna shattering the mirror in TP or Zelda sealing herself in crystal in SS
As a growing young man, I've changed a lot every year. I've gone through those awkward stages we all go to and my life has changed a lot. All I can say is The Legend of Zelda has been the only constant in my life.
Fucking titty fuck and the fuckity fucks.
The first time I headed out into the woods in '...Awakening', my first Zelda game, and realised the scale and detail of the game world.
The stalchildren in OoT, the race against Captain Keeta in MM, and the Music Box House in MM
Link and Zelda meeting again at the end of OoT
Three hour bus ride with my older brother to pick up Wind Waker when it was sold out everywhere.
forest temple from OoT(Adult),Ganon OoT,Ancient Cistern SS,Mastersword ALttP
Killing Ganondorf in The Legend of Zelda for the first time. It was rather graphic.
Death Mountain Trail in OOT for some reason this part of the game sticks out to me, I was about 8 when I was playing the game with my dad and this part just sticks in my head as a good memory
Getting the master sword in A link to the past and windwaker!
I just love the way the story and everything works in Majora's Mask especially getting the mask from Anju and Kafei.
When I was really young me and my dad would play Link's Awakening together. He would read and figure out some of the puzzles while I would play through the combat.
Can't decide :(
My most memorable moment would have to be either the entirety of Link's Awakening or seeing the OoT title screen for the first time.
I really liked the music, it's what started me playing the piano, to learn it, and now I'm doing music at Uni!
The whole of Majora's Mask. Playing through it once then playing through again and noticing really disturbing details that I missed, discovering numerous theories about the game and just generally how Nintendo did such a good job of making the game really dark.
Started playing ocarina of time at age of 7 and finished it before i even could read english (i'm from finland so not my native languake). :)
Oh god. I couldn't isolate just one. But the sheet epicosity of rallying the giants at MM endgame was one of the coolest feelings ever.
The first time you enter old Hyrule in Wind Waker. The tone was very well done, both musically and graphically.
The ending of Twilight Princess. When Midna breaks the mirror and goes through the portal.
For OOT: discovering that the game had just begun once i'd lifted the master-sword from the temple of time and how much the world had changed in 7 years

For MM: when i worked out that i had to flip the stone tower temple upside down it just blew my mind the intricacy of the level design

For wind waker: just the feeling of freedom and serenity sailing across the sea in the king of red lions triumphant music playing in the back ground.

For Twilight princess: I loved Midna's character and the dungeon and boss design.

For Skyward sword: the amazing depth of the motion controls and the real challenge of the boss fights against ghirahim were thoroughly entertaining i loved the game mechanics as a whole.
Getting the master sword for the first time in Oot was a momentous occasion for me.
In Kokiri Village, you can hear something a bit dirty if you walk up to the girl on the raised bridge path. "Oh, Link, you came all the way up here? You're a real man!" I didn't understand it when I was 5, but I chuckle at the thought now.
When I beat Wind Waker I was really sad, but then I realized I was sad because it was the end of such a great game.
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