ecoevojobs 2016-17
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DateType of InstitutionPublic or PrivateRegionFieldSexPrior position (Post-doc, Assistant, Associate, etc)Salary initially offered (k$)Salary requestedSalary granted (k$)salary as a number (k$)Cost of livingStart-up initially offeredStart-up requestedStart-up grantedComments/Suggestions/QuestionsRandom Things to consider asking for
4/3/2015R1NortheastEcological genomicsmalepostdoc85908888$5001Mil630 + use of new shared molecular lab
4/10/2015R1Northeastecologymaleresearch scientist80K83K83K83requested a list first563K407K + commitment for dept to apply for internal funding for 40K equipment; some additional items available as shared equipment
6/11/2015R1SouthEcology/MolecularFemalePostdoc80requested list750600K +TT Partner Hire (450K)really tough choice; loved this place and the offer was very good but decided another position was a better fit for me and my husband
2/1/2016R1PublicSoutheastEvolutionFemalePostdoc70not negotiable70 (9 mo)70lowrequested list690K690K spent mostly in first two years + moving (10% of salary), only verbal commitment to modified lab spaceDeclined. No negotiations were possible, unwilling to do second visit for spouse to see area, and would not consider a deferral. Low cost of living.
$67k (9 mo.)
67lowrequested list$212K$212kHire for an earth sciences department in a not especially wealthy state - cost of living is however low, and they pushed my start date back a semester so that I could get more work done on my current postdoc. Also get lab space and a green card out of the deal.Q: given you pushed the start date back, was the green card deal immediate or for after you start? A: Green cards take forever so you start on the H1B and then the greencard process starts immedetiately once you have that.
4/30/2016R1PublicWestEcologyfemalepostdoc9090/9 month90requested list1019904k (equipment & personnel) + 2 mo summer salary + moving + lab/office renovationsAccepted
6/10/2016Master's LevelPublicMidwestEcohydrologyFemalePostdoc$70K$73K
$70K (9 mo.)
70requested list$200K$175K + Moving + Construction of a new labI was a spousal hire on this one, so didn't feel like I had a ton of room to negotiate. University was willing to move back my start date by 1 semester to account for the fact that I'm expecting a baby this fall. All-in-all, they were very willing to accomodate my husband and myself and we're happy to have landed to TT positions in a place we're excited to be living! Should also note that my department is earth sciences as opposed to ecology/biology-the starting salaries in that department seem to run $5K-$10K lower based on the info that I could find online. 1) That's fantastic! Very happy for you both! Yes, I've noticed that startups are also different (ecology/biology can go to ~$1 million, and geosciences more typically $300-400k).
8/1/16R2PublicSouthGenomicsFemalePostdoc90k--$90/9mo90requested list$825$750The department head basically asked how he could work with me to get me there, within the budget contraints from upper admins. A much nicer negotiation process than my other interview experiences. 1) Thats a big salary and a huge package for an R2. Congratulations!
10/24/16Teaching SLACPrivateMidwestEcologyMalePhD53.5k56k
54.5k (9 mo.)
54.5none5k3k + NTT partner hire + 1.5k moving
research faculty
777979 (9mo)79highrequested list500360 (including equip/supplies/personnel + summer salary) + moving expensesAccepted. High cost of living area.
1/4/2017SLACPrivateMidwestPlant biologyFemalepostdoc58.5k61.5k
60k (9.5 mo)
60requested list41.5k50k+4k in moving
1/4/2017Teaching SLACPrivateMidwest
Ecology/Data Science
FemalePostdoc82k89k85k (9 mo)85midnone10k10k startup, 2k curricula development, 5k professional development (renewed annually), 5k moving, new lab/office renovations, undergrad TAs, commitment for 2-2 or 2-1 teaching load, NTT partner hire (help, but no guarantee)Accepted. Mid cost of living area. Lots of admin support for the new hire from other faculty and admin, so I got most of what I wanted in the negotiation. Really impressed with relatively low teaching load, support for research/scholarship, annual funding for professional development, and competitive salary at SLAC! Summer reserved only for research, curricula development (opportunities for funding for both), or to take a breather. Start-up costs are relatively low (most of my work is computational), but it's a wealthy SLAC, so they assured me that there are plenty of internal funds for projects, just need to ask. 1) Congrats OP! Nice salary!
mid-sized liberal arts
publicmidwestorganismal biologyfemalePostdoc50.5Knot negotiable50.5K50.5low35K45K40K + 1.75K moving + inherited equipment
1/24/2017R2PublicNortheastEvolution/GenomicsMalePostdoc82k87.5k84k (9 mo)84640k750k690k (includes RA and 3 months Summer salary) plus fringe benefits for shared technician, plus $5k moving expensesAccepted.
2/8/2017R1PublicMidwestEcologyFemalePostdoc88k--88k (9 mo)88midrequested list635k600k + Moving + summer salary + experimental facilities and existing equipmentAccepted. Position was secured for my spouse in another department.
2/10/17R1PrivateNortheastEcologyMalePostdoc83k--95k (9 mo)95midrequested list~1000k$850k + Moving + Summer salaryAccepted. Very supportive chair made a strong offer. Both salary and startup discussed with chair before getting to "offer" stage. 2) Very nice - congratulations!
2/28/17SLACPrivateMidwestEcology & evolutionFemalePostdoc6568
67 (9 month)
67lowrequested list190K150K, 2.5K moving, complete lab remodel, 2K professional development annually, funding for 2 research students my first summerAccepted. Low cost of living area. I was hoping to negotiate for a partner hire, but this small SLAC could not create a new TT line. They offered a part-time teaching position. The school has plans to expand in his areas of expertise in the next couple years, so he has a chance to be the inside candidate on TT searches in the future.
3/1/2017R1PublicSoutheastSymbiosisMalePostdoc87k--87k (12 mo)87low475k475475K + lab remodel + grad studentAccepted. Had other offers for both partner and I but partner had a TT position here. Happy with location, department, teaching load, and funding. Low cost of living area. Still very tough decision to turn down other offers. 1) Thanks for sharing. Congrats to you and your partner. That's awesome.
3/1/17R2PublicSoutheastEvolutionFemalePostdoc63K63K (9 mo)63lowrequested listdeclined
3/1/17R2PrivateWestEvolutionFemalePostdoc75k75K (9 mo)75mid to highrequested list680K400K + 7,500 moving + minor lab remodel + animal facilityAccepted!
3/4/2017R1PublicNortheastEcologyFemalePostdoc85k88k85k (9mo)85high400k
550k - submitted list
450k start-up (they proposed 3 years to spend it but negotiated to 5 years), salary non-negotiable, 2k moving, lab updates, computers, 1 semester teach release in first 2 yearsAccepted my dream job. 1) Congratulations!!! 2) Thanks :-)
3/4/2017R2 (Masters Level)PublicMidwestPlant biologyMale
Visiting asst prof
66k--70k (9m)70low15k35k31k + endowment $5k/yAccepted. Low cost of living area.
3/13/2017Master's LevelPrivateNortheastPhysiologyFemalePostdoc72K74K74high60K$65K + 1.6K moving costsHigh cost of living. Accepted.
3/13/2017SLACPrivateSouthBiologyFemalePostdoc62.2K25KDid not accept. 1) Why did you not accept? Did you have a better offer or was it bad location? 2) Better offer somewhere else.
3/14/2017SLACPrivateNortheastEvolution FemalePostdoc80k85k81k (9m)81highrequested list130k130k + 3 months summer salary + 10k moving expensesHigh cost of living area
3/15/17R2PublicSoutheastEvolutionFemalePostdoc75K75K (9 mo)75midrequested list450k300kDeclined
3/29/17R2PublicMidwestEvolutionFemalePostdoc66k66k (9 mo)66lowrequested list600k300 K
3/31/17R1PublicSoutheastEvolutionFemalePostdoc82k82k (9 mo)82low300kNA300kA very nice offer, but declined. Startup was non-negotiable.
3/31/17R2PublicNortheastBiologyMalePostdoc67k67highrequested list210kNo possibility of partner accommodation (even in a temporary non-tt position). Declined without negotiating on the other details since this was a sticking point.
92.5k (9 mo)
92.5mid to lowrequested list644k680k + 2 months summer each of 2 years + 7.5k movingThats a fanatastic salary and offer! Congrats! 2) OP: thanks! forgot to add, I accepted 3) Congrats!!!
4/4/17R2PublicNorthwestEcologyMalePostdoc72k (9 mo)77k (9 mo)74k (9mo)74mid to high50k75k75k + 3 months summer salary
Environmental Science
MalePostdoc90k (9 mo)93k (9 mo)90k (9 mo)90highrequested list459k400k + 2k moving + lab renovations + graduate support + summer salaryaccepted
4/18/17R1PublicSouthEvolutionMalePostdoc76.576.5(9 mo)76.5lowrequested list775k750k (includes summer salary for two years)accepted
4/18/17SLACPublicNortheastBiologyFemaleVAP65k (9 mo)67k (9 mo)70highrequested listList granted Accepted
Master's Level/ Undergrad
PublicSoutheastEcologyFemalePostdoc62k (9 mo)67k63K(9mo)63low to midrequested list91Kroughly equal to $80K (broken up into computers, software, personnel, funds for exp1, funds for exp2, etcaccepted, no other offer but 2 more years of PD left. comparable/higher salary to other recent hires and others in my fieldpushed start date back
4/28/17R1PublicSouthwestEvolutionMalePostdoc7878 (9 mo)78lowrequested list560KIncludes lab modifications, 2 yrs PD, some summer salary, grad student support, and relocationAccepted 2) Congrats!
4/29/2017R2PublicNortheastEvolution/EcoMalePostdoc93k--93k (9 mo)93highrequested list~500k400k+moving+summer salary+grad student fundingGreat salary and startup for an R2!
FemalePostdoc91.7K105K101.7K101.7mid to highrequested list650K600K + moving + lab renovationsAccepted! Very collegial and supportive interactions with the Chair and department.
5/2/2017R1/R2PrivateNortheastEcologyFemalePostdoc85k93k88k (9 mo)80mid to highrequested list780k715k+11k moving+summer salary (1/9 for two years)
50K (9 month)
50mediumrequested list50K25K, 2K movingAccepted another position
5/8/2017R2PublicMidwestEcologyFemalePostdoc63k67k65K (9 mo)65very lowrequested list485K400K, 6 months (2 full years) summer salary, 5K movingSalary is lowish, not too much wiggle room because of pre-defined salary bands but they were liberal with summer salary to make up for it. Grad students VERY well subsidized by TAships so research costs are lower as well. Also got a spousal hire (non-tt) out of the deal, so I think we'll be very happy here.
5/8/2017R2PublicSouthEcophysiologyFemaleInstructor56K--57K57very lowrequested list50K50K, + 3 months summer over 2 years, movingAccepted. Salary commesurate with other faculty at institution. Cost of living is very low. Most equipment needed is already present and purchasing is not required. Most of start-up will go towards disposables
5/10/2017R1PublicMid-AtlanticEcologyMalePostdoc78K81.5K80K80mediumrequested list980K650K total (eqpt, supplies, summer salary, students, moving, etc.)Accepted
5/23/2017R3 (dept. has MS, other dept. on campus have PhD)PublicSoutheastEcologyFemalePostdoc$60k$62k62k62very low$20k31k$20k + computer, no moving, indicated that this was an increase from previous facultyVerbally accepted. Major perk is low teaching load for this type of institution, 3 classes per year, at least one with no lab. Release of 1 course in the first year.
5/27/2017R2PublicSouthMicrobiologyFemalePostdoc$65Klowrequested list855K290K and 2yr TA support for 2 grad studentsdeclined offer because of the low startup and unsolved two-body problem
6/8/2017R2PublicMid-AtlanticEvolutionFPostdoc75K86K86K86medium450K500K475K for equipment, supplies, postdoc, moving + 1 year teaching releaseVerbally accepted! I initially interviewed as a postdoc and managed to get to a tenure-track faculty position because I had a competing offer. This also helped hike up the salary. Interactions with admin (including university president!) very positive.
Given the number of "bridging positions" cropping up these days, if you get a faculty offer and a bridging postdoc offer and you want to go to the postdoc institution, let them know you are looking for a position that meets your experience/skill level! They might be willing to go to the provost for you.
6/14/2017R1PublicSoutheastEcology/EntomologyFPostdoc85K (12 mo)88K85K (12 mo)85low-medium
150K plus RA for grad student for entire pre-tenure period (7 years)
150K plus grad student plus 5K moving expenses plus lab renovations and inherited equipment
150K plus RA for grad student for entire pre-tenure periodAsked for a spousal hire, but nothing came through. I was able to negotiate a mid-semester start date to finish post-doc research. My negotiations on salary and start-up were cut short. I had a written offer in hand, and had sent my negiotiations requests right before the college at this university sent out a memo freezing all open faculty and staff positions due to the governor's budget vetoes over the weekend. I was basically told that I could sign my contract immediately as it was written, or continue to negotiate but risk that this position and offer would be taken away. I signed. I recieved the memo from the chair, so I know that what he told me was in fact true (hiring freeze was announced). I hope that my situation is unique, but I think its a cautionary tale about extending the negotiations process - until all parties have signed, its not a done deal! I was also super fortunate to have received the written offer just hours before the hiring freeze went into effect. The written offer came weeks after the verbal offer due to my request for a spousal hire - so again, a word of caution about proceeding without a written offer! 2) Really low start up for an R1-do you really require that little money or were they skimpy there, too? 3) Not OP here, but 150K plus RA for entire pre-tenure period for entomology dept is not bad. Offer is above another good RI Entomology Dept that I know. Pity is the spousal hire though. 4) If it's an R1, startup should be around $500k, especially landgrant institutions. Anything closer to $200k is R2 material, which is what an RA would be ($100k for 5 years, estimating $20k per year for an RA). Unless the market is really that bad, but that's my experience interviewing at R1s and R2's. That's why I'm asking. 5) OP here - I don't know exactly how much a RA costs now, but I wrote a grant to fund myself as a grad student 5 years ago, and with stipend, benefits, and tuition remission, it was $35K per year. And pre-tenure period there is 7 years. So that puts the total package at at least 400K. But it could also vary between biology and entomology departments - the biologists I talked to agreed that it seemed on the low side, while the few entomologists I talked with thought it seemed standard, even high given the RAship. I was told verbally that I would get some inherited equipment and moving expenses, but this was not put into writing due to the above described situation. 5) #3 Here. Startup varies depending on departments. 500K would be high for entomology but would be very low for for molecular biology or cancer research. It also depends on what kind of equipment one would need. One probably would not need a confocal microscope in an ENT dept, but would need one if the focus is on cell biology, hence the difference in startup. Having a student funded for the entire tenure period is very good. It takes the stress out of finding money for the student, especially when salaries are often the highest portion in a startup package.
Master's Level (Midwest)MidwestMolcular EcologyFemalePosted 66offered 66K (12 month), negotiated to 69K69195K195K + 2,000 moving + funding for a graduate student 1) where in the country is the university? 2) Northern Midwest 3) Wow an M.S.-level school gave you $200K in start-up? That seems high to me, which is awesome! 4) I am going to call bullshit on this one! This is R1 type startup and salary. Shame on you for misleading others just to make yourself feel better about a lower offer. 5) Person with offer here: Not BS at all. The position is 75% research & running part of a core lab (Genetics/Genomics), so start-up is high. Also, salary is a bit higher bc it is 12 month instead of 9. 6) @ #4, I think you mean "thank you for taking the time to give us more information about negotiating." 7) I second what #6 says. Thanks OP. 8) I will add that I have two colleagues who negotiated at very wealthy SLACs last year and got >250K each in startup. It's a good idea to check some of your assumptions if and when you actually get to the negotiation stage. It can really suck to assume that you can't get another 50K in startup and then fail to ask for it. You never know what pots of money they dean/provost have at their dispsal. 9) I don't think that salary is high at all. I'm at a Master's level school and we hired three folks last year and all started between $65 and $69K. The start-up money is what is out of the ordinary here. I wish I had that when I started where I am. My start-up was only $25K in 2007 and our recent hires got about $50K in the last few years and as high as $75K this past year. 10) To 9, The Master's schools I've interviewed at in the midwest paid mid-50s, but the midwest is a pretty big place afterall so I'm sure there's lots of variation. 11) #9 here. I'm in a pretty low cost-of-living area, so this amount still seems pretty normal to me. I guess it varies a lot from school to school and region to region.
R1PublicMidwestEcologyFemalePostdoc839285 (12 mo)85requested list
350K + salary for tech/students
415K start-up + 3 yrs grad student support + 6K moving expensesAccepted
R1/R2PublicNortheastEvolutionMalePostdoc67706868lowrequested list100100 + lab modifications + relocation + graduate supportDeclined. No possible way to bring partner to the university.
R2 (Masters Level)PublicWestEcologyAssistant70--70K (9 mo)70requested list30K30K + 2.5K Moving + lab + lab modificationsBased on publicly available salary information and discussions with folks currently at the University, I thought it wise not to ask for more salary. Negotiation process went very smoothly!
Environmental Science
FemalePostdoc72.5--72.5 (9 mo)72.5requested list
100-140K (multiple options presented)
70K start-up + ~55K to be covered by campus internal funds + moving + lab modificationsAccepted. Very impressed with the amount of ongoing internal support at this college for conference travel, summer student researchers, small grants for faculty research, curriculum development, etc.
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