ecoevojobs 2016-17
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Closing Date
Latest Update
# Applied
6/3/2016University of MichiganMichiganEcosystem Ecologist9/1/2016
Asst Prof5/5/2017Any updates on this one? It's been a long time since it closed. (1) Yes, campus interviews have already been conducted (as of 11/11). (2) Offer made and accepted. ** Jake Allgeier hired (
6/3/2016University of MichiganMichiganPopulation/Community Ecologist9/15/2016
Asst Prof5/5/2017long list of 12 determined (from 171 applicants) (2) were those selected notified? no (3) It seems like they are taking longer than expected - the first job talk appears to have been scheduled for this Thursday (10-27), and now is canceled (4) invites sent (5) Looks like only 3 were invited? (6) It looks like only 3 have been scheduled so far but perhaps they do not have all the titles/abstracts yet. (6) 5 candidates have been invited for interviews (7) hmm, looks like some assistant professors might be in the running? (8) yes, there are 2 assistant profs on the short list, but one withdrew (9) Notes recovered from November 22nd backup (10) received notification that they are making an offer to an alternative candidate (12/14) (11) rejection received x6 (12) does "alternative" mean someone from outside the search, or just another candidate besides yourself? 13) It probably just means it was offered to someone that wasn't you. 14) Rejection received 12/20 15) Has anyone else that applied for this (but not interviewed) NOT received a rejection letter? I haven't and it's making me wonder if I never actually got my application properly submitted 16) Did you receive an e-mail confirming that they received your application? - Just looked back in the archives and I did - perhaps it's just taking a few days for HR to get rejection letters out.16) I received a rejection email today (January 9.2017). I wonder why the rejection notices were staggered by weeks. 17) Sometimes there's a first screening (by HR or one of the SC), early rejections are sent out, then other applicants don't hear back until a final decision is made. 18) Offer formally accepted. ** M. Natalia Umaña hired (
6/3/2016University of MichiganMichiganTheoretical Ecologist10/1/2016
Asst Prof5/5/2017long list determined from ~75 applications, but candidates not notified; 4 candidates have been invited for interviews 2) offer made. 3) received rejection 12/26 4) anyone know if the offer was accepted? 5) heard offer was accepted 6) offer formally accepted. ** Fernanda Valdovinos hired (
6/3/2016West Chester UniversityPennsylvaniaEcology9/9/2016
Asst Prof2/23/2017Any updates on this one? It's been a long time since it closed. (1) Yes, campus interviews have already been conducted (as of 11/11). (2) Offer made and accepted 10
6/7/2016University of TorontoCanadaEcology & Evolution of Disease9/28/2016
Asst Prof1/23/2017Invited for campus interview. 2) 6 people interviewed. SC could not decide on who to offer it to (of the top two candidates) so the search failed. 3) oh good, so everybody is frustrated.4
6/8/2016Queens University Belfast
United Kingdom
Global Change Biology6/13/2016
Reader/Senior Lecturer/Lecturer1/13/2017offer has been made
6/8/2016Queens University Belfast
United Kingdom
Reader/Senior Lecturer/Lecturer
6/8/2016Queens University Belfast
United Kingdom
Genetics and Molecular Biology6/13/2016
Reader/Senior Lecturer/Lecturer5/14/2017Including but not limited to spatial and temporal patterns of molecular biodiversity and biodiversity-ecosystem service relationships
6/15/2016University of California IrvineCaliforniaWater and ecosystems10/31/2016
Assoc Prof4/19/2017Any updates for this one? 2) I haven't heard any word yet (x3), 3) Is there an update here? The date for latest update reads 4/6 but no new information has been entered in the comment box. 4) I applied for both the Water and Ecosystems position in the Engineering school and the onoe in the Eco school. Just heard back from the Engineering school, "We had an exceptionally large number of applicants, which the committee reviewed and discussed thoroughly. However, the decision was made not to extend an offer this year. We hope that a new announcement for this position will be made in the coming months for a position to be filled for next academic year."2
6/15/2016Johns Hopkins UniversityMarylandEnvironmental Sciences6/30/2016
Rank Open1/9/2017any updates? 1) Skpye interviews happened this week (9/12/16) 2) Good to know. Thanks! 3) Campus interviews are being scheduled. 4) Received rejection letter (x4) 5) Offer made4
6/16/2016University of OttawaCanadaPlant Science1/1/2017
Asst Prof4/8/2017Dead link, job seach canceled? 2) Still posted on Uottawa job page 3) go to and click on "faculty of science," then click on "Science-Tenure track position." 3) Apparently they had some server issues and emails were bouncing, but they should be resolved. 4) Apparently the server issues were not resolved and some applications were never received. But, short list made already. 5) Does the 'short list' info come from someone whose referees were contacted for a letter? 6) I checked in with them regarding the status of this search and found out they had not received my application (due to server issues). They said they were already shortlisting people. 7) That sucks #6. Did they say they would review your app anyway? Wonder if they ever got mine... 8) #6 here - sometimes pays to check (but sooner!). I am surprised they are moving as fast as they are given how slow other searches are going but there you are! I am not sure if they will review it or not. 9) Just got an email telling me that they'd lost some applications due to server issues, I guess including mine, and that these applications would be forwarded onto the committee. Probably worth checking in if you applied and never got a confirmation 10) I'm confused. When you say they're shortlisting people, does that mean they've already been contacted? 11) Hmm, I received a confirmation but am now concerned they didn't get my app based on above comments. ;P The confirmation stated "Selected candidates will be contacted around mid-January" - has anyone been contacted? I haven't heard anything here yet. Idem here: I haven't heard anything here yet (Feb 21, 2017). I just heard that they are currently interviewing candidates.2
6/16/2016Dalhousie UniversityCanadaMarine Quantitative Ecology7/15/2016
Asst/Assoc Prof2/21/2017
6/16/2016University of GuelphCanadaBiodiversity Genomics9/5/2016
Full Prof3/28/20171) Received a letter today saying: "The University has made a strategic decision to suspend the current search, with a view to re-advertising in the near future with a significantly modified mandate". So failed search I guess? 2) Does anyone have more information on this, and whether they will be re-advertising -- maybe opening up to junior faculty????
6/17/2016University of TexasTexasIntegrative Biology8/31/2016
Asst Prof2/14/2017Wonder if applicant pool is smaller this year due to concealed firearms in classes. 1) I doubt so. This is a very attractive position. 2) Gunz is helthy fer lernin #icanhazfirearm 3) Interview dates are reserved on department seminar schedule for November 14-December 7th...should be a pretty fast turn around from submissions! 4) Nope - they had >200 applicants. Any updates? Anyone heard anything about this search? 5) Not me... 6) Their nwaterext faculty meeting is 10/11. They'll likely have a vote there on the short list since they are scheduled for a month from then. 7) Any word? 8) I have no info, but we never have a departmental vote on shortlists at our place, so I'm not sure I agree with #6. 9) Spoke with a faculty memeber who is not on the search committee- she has no idea if interview requests were sent out. Definitely not discussed at faculty meeting. 10) I've never heard of anyplace having the dept. discuss who gets an interview, much less vote on it. Not saying it never happens. But ordinarily it's entirely up to the search committee to decide who gets an interview. 11) I don't know, places that I am familiar with usually circulate dossiers of the short list to the department for comment (though the final decision is still made by the committee). 12) makes sense. any word on this one? 13) invited for campus interview 10/26 14) Six names are on the seminar schedule now, there are 7 candidates total. 15) 3 candidates had interviews, and there are 3 more. They try to make decisions before Christmas 16) offer has been made (apparently they might be hiring 2 people from this search) 17) Hey folks - I didn't apply for this job, but I work at a public texas school - apparently a hiring freeze was announced yesterday. Haven't had time to investigate it, but you should check it out 18) Yikes! I hope these people who got offers can squeak without this impacting them: 19) Possible, but this article suggests that universities are exempt because they receive very little state funding anyway (<30%) 20) I work at a University of Texas branch campus and unless the money for the position is coming from soft money, it will not be filled until at least September 2017. ...unless they filled it prior to the freeze.36
6/18/2016College of the AtlanticMainePlant Biology
Unranked1/9/2017On campus interviews scheduled for the next 3 weeks, 3 candidates. 2) Position Filled1
6/20/2016Reed CollegeOregonEnvironmental Biology10/14/2016
Asst Prof3/13/2017So where'd all the info that was here go? If someone is going to delete all the prior info, I expect some sort of heartcrushing update. XX)--> I downloaded the xlsx so here is what was deleted: Is this different from the job posted last year? 2) Yes, last year was an ecology position and they filled it. 3) Last year's search netted nearly 500 applications 4) holy moly! 5) Wow!!! 6) Odd that a small school isn't asking for a teaching statement! Just noticed that as I was prepping my app 7) I was surprised by that too -but it does state it's a research-focused position 8) should probably incorporate undergraduate teaching and mentorship philosophy into research statement 9) I asked the search chair, and she said to put it into research statement & cover letter - hard to do given the page limit! 10) If you had to read 500 applications you'd be strict about a page limit too. 11) Prob the most difficult application I've completed yet! 12) Heard this search got ~400 applicants 13) 11/3 letters requested (x9) 14) Were letters requested from applicants or did you hear from your letter writers? Email sent from chair to applicants. 15) Anyone know how many people were long-listed? 16) 400*8/31~=100. 17) Lol, that'd be quite the long list! 18) Just got an email requesting letters today on 11/10 x4 19) <--seems odd that some candidates were contacted later. any ideas why? 20) Skype interview on 11/22/2016 (x4) 21) Skype interview request on 12/1/2016 22) there must be two different groups working on this? Werid. 23) Any news? 24) campus interview scheduled 25) I had a Skype interview but no campus interview (or rejection for that matter) (x3). (26) News? 27) The last time I checked on the website, I saw that the campus interviews were scheduled. 28) Has this been offered?34
6/21/2016University of San DiegoCaliforniaField Ecology9/15/2016
Asst Prof1/9/2017As of Oct 1 they had at least done the first pruning of the applicant pool and sent emails. 1) sent emails about what? phone interviews?
I heard they sent emails if you were not being considered at this point. Basically, if you did not have a postdoc, they cut you. 2) Does anyone have an update on this position? 3) Skype interview scheduled 4) received rejection 11/1 x2 5) received neither rejection nor interview request... backup? X3 6) < one of those; received rejection 11/2 7) Had Skype interview and was told I would not be interviewing 11/14 x3
6/21/2016West Virginia UniversityWest VirginiaFisheries Ecologist8/1/2016
Asst ProfProjected start date Jan 20172
6/22/2016University of MichiganMichiganBiological Oceanography9/8/2016
Asst Prof12/8/2016Received rejection 12/8
6/22/2016University of MichiganMichiganGeobiology9/8/2016
Asst Prof1
6/23/2016Humboldt State UniversityCaliforniaRestoration Ecology and Natural History10/14/2016
Asst Prof5/6/20171)I received an email (10/28) from the chair saying that they were still reviewing applications and didn't expect to have phone interviews until Nov or Dec. __Presumably you contacted the Chair first? 2) 11/10 request for phone interview received (x2) 3) I had my phone interview today (12/9) and it sounded like they were wrapping up the others this afternoon. 4) On campus interviews scheduled for end of Jan/beginning of Feb (x2) 5) Were you invited to a campus interview or is that just what they said in the phone interview?_yes. invited. 6) Invitation for a campus interview went out 12/15. 6) I heard that they've made an offer. 7) offer accepted8
6/23/2016West Liberty UniversityWest VirginiaGenomics/Evolution
Asst ProfOpen until filled. Anticipated start date is January 4, 2017
6/23/2016Georgia CollegeGeorgiaOrnithology9/15/2016
Asst Prof1/9/2017Dec 9 2016: offer is being made2
6/23/2016Brigham Young UniversityUtahEnvironmental Science8/1/2016
Asst ProfStart date Jan. 2017, doesn't actually say which rank.
6/24/2016Kew Garden
United Kingdom
Rank Open
6/24/2016Tel Aviv UniversityIsraelZoology9/1/2016
Asst Prof1
6/24/2016University of ManitobaCanadaDepartment Head, Biology10/15/2016
Full Prof
6/27/2016Freiburg UniversityGermanyEcological, evolutionary and environmental topics7/31/2016
Asst ProfThis is a three year position.2
6/30/2016University of FloridaFloridaBiodiversity (2 positions)8/22/2016
Assoc/Full Prof10/12/20171 mathematical/computational/statistical, 1 empirical. 8/24/2016: first cut made (have candidates been notified of status after this cut?, have letters been asked for?). 9/12/2016: first cut made 2 days after deadline? 9/19/2016: Yes, letters have been requested. Yes, they were requested very soon after the deadline. 10/8/2016: Looking at their seminar series, looks to me like interviews have been scheduled. 10/12/2017 rejection received
7/1/2016Trinity College DublinIrelandAquatic Biology8/1/2016
Asst Prof3/29/20171) talk/interview scheduled 26th Sept. 2) offer made 3) Was this ever accepted?2
7/1/2016UC DavisCaliforniaChair, Plant Sciences8/31/2016
Full Prof
7/1/2016CSU East BayCaliforniaMicrobiology8/31/2016
Asst Prof5/12/20171
7/1/2016Dine CollegeArizonaBiology
Instructoropen until filled, unclear how permanent the position is
7/3/2016University of ManitobaCanadaEntomology6/15/2016
Asst Prof1/9/20171) Invited for campus interview in late July
7/5/2016Northwestern State University of LouisianaLouisianaBotany / dendrochronology / wildlife / aquatic
Rank OpenOpen until filled. Position to begin Jan. 2017
7/6/2016Penn StatePennsylvaniaEvolutionary Genomics7/6/2016
Rank Open1/9/2017Open until filled. Letters requested 10/4/2016 2) Interviews on seminar schedule? 3) Heard onsites are scheduled (11/4)5
7/7/2016Colorado CollegeColoradoBotany & Plant Systematics9/16/2016
Asst Prof1/13/20171) Any news on this search? 2) Haven't heard anything 3) Postiion has been filled4
7/8/2016Lincoln Memorial UniversityTennesseeConservation Biology/Ornithology
Asst ProfFilled
7/11/2016Cornell UniversityNew YorkFisheries and Aquatic Sciences8/31/2016
Asst/Assoc Prof5/18/2017"Ecological and evolutionary approaches to fish conservation & management" 2) reference letters requested from referees (x6) 7) Received rejection letter 11/04 (x2). 9) At least some on-site interviews have been scheduled (11/7). 10) hmm. What does "at least some" mean? 11) I'm not sure whether all have been scheduled.12) Anyone else not heard anything either way yet? 13) No news here. 14) I too had letters requested and then nil. 15) There are four candidates, interviews start Nov 21. 16) Any updates on this? Assuming this was offered? 17) Offer made, still in negotiations 18) What is the deal with this???6
7/13/2016University of MünsterGermanyPlant Evolutionary Ecology8/15/2016
Full Prof
7/13/2016Norwegian University of Life SciencesNorwayPlant Ecology8/31/2016
Assoc/Full Prof
7/13/2016North Carolina State UniversityNorth CarolinaPlant Evolutionary Ecology9/1/2016
Asst Prof3/8/20171) missing letters requested by Oct 3 (9/21) 2) invited for Skype interview (11/8) (X3) 3) Any updates? Haven't heard anything since mid-December (2/22). 3 again) Contacted and heard back from SC. They have already interviewed several candidates but have not made an offer. (3/8)8
7/13/2016University of Rhode IslandRhode IslandCoral Reef Ecology8/31/2016
Asst Prof1/19/20171) Letters requested (10/14) 2) skype interviews invited (10/20), skype interviews completed (10/27), invited for on campus interview (10/31), on campus interviews finish on Dec 6. any news? x2, an offer must've been made to someone because they said we'd hear by early January and I haven't heard anything yet... (1/19)3
7/13/2016National Taiwan UniversityTaiwanBehavioral Ecology, Population Dynamics, Ecosystem Simulation9/2/2016
Rank Open1/9/20171) Link listed as "This job is no longer available" (8/31/16). 2) Admin here. Should we remove this listing?
7/14/2016University of Washington / USGSWashingtonCoop Unit Leader8/12/2016
GS 13/14/152/6/2017offer made 2) Was it a federal employee? Just curious as there was some debate about this. 3) yes. all candidates for on-site interviews were
7/17/2016NIOZNetherlandsMarine Phytoplankton Microbiologists (2 positions)9/15/2016
Rank Open12/7/2016Any news on this one? It's been months since the deadline. 1
7/17/2016NIOZNetherlandsMarine Prokaryotic Microbiologist9/15/2016
Rank Open
7/17/2016NIOZNetherlandsMarine Bioinformatician9/15/2016
Rank Open
7/17/2016NIOZNetherlandsMarine Environmental Microbiologist9/15/2016
Rank Open
7/17/2016NIOZNetherlandsCoral Reef Microbial Ecologist9/15/2016
Rank Open
7/17/2016UC DavisCaliforniaPlant Stress Ecophysiology8/1/2016
Asst Prof1/9/2017letters requested; 2) phone interviews scheduled 3) Any updates post-phone interviews? 2
7/17/2016University of Rhode IslandRhode IslandEvolution of Marine Organisms9/19/2016
Asst Prof2/25/2017Any word on this one? 2) Letters requested on 10/7 3) Skype interview 10/28 x2; have on-site interviews been scheduled? 4) haven't heard back after Skype call (11/10)x2; any updates (11/29)? On-campus interviews are ongoing this week (11/29). Finished Today. Offer made. Who accepted the offer?8
7/17/2016University of Florida Institute of Food & Agricultural SciencesFloridaAgroecology8/1/2016
Asst Prof12/30/2016Any word on this one? 2) Letters requested on 10/7 3) Skype interview 10/28 x2; have on-site interviews been scheduled? 4) haven't heard back after Skype call (11/10)x2; any updates (11/29)? On-campus interviews are ongoing this week (11/29). Finished Today. Offer made.
7/18/2016Lousiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON)LouisianaCoastal Science (3 positions)9/15/2016
Asst Prof5/24/2017"Fisheries ecology, coastal hydrology/physical oceanography, plant ecology, biological oceanography, microbial ecology, and marine chemistry. 9-month salary, but LUMCON is not a tenure-granting institution."; 9/23 letters requested 2) anyone know why they extended the deadline for applications (Nov.1) after the letters were requested 3) Anyone know if these positions were ever hired?2
7/18/2016University of British ColumbiaCanadaEcology (2 Positions)10/21/2016
Asst Prof5/16/20172 positions. "Expected to be appointed at the rank of Assistant Professor, although a higher rank might be considered for an applicant of exceptional qualifications" 2) Have applicants received a confirmation of receipt if they emailed their application in? 3) I have not. x13 (10/27). 4) Letters of rec requested. (when did this happen?) 5) was the request sent to the applicant or the letter writers? 6) Request was sent to the letter writers on 11/7 7) Letter of rec requested today 11/8 (x4) 8) Requested to participate in Employment Equity Survey 11/9 (x10) 9) Didn't get request for Employment Equity Survey (x9). What is it? 10) A survey that asks about race, disability, etc. 11) I only got it today (11-10), so maybe they're sending it in batches.(x3) 12) Did you have letters requested today as well? Are they requesting letters from everyone? 13) I don't know if letters were requested (my letter writers didn't mention it; 11/13) x3, 14) got my diversity survey 11/14 (x8) 15)wow there must be a lot of apps if it is taking them this long to send out diversity surveys 16) Is getting the diversity survey mean that I'm still being considered for the job? 17) I hope so, but I doubt it since I got a diversity survey request without my letter writers receiving a letter request. x3. 18) I still have not received a diversity survey, nor did they request letters from my references. x2 19) Just heard from committee member if you had letters requested then you are on the long list. 20) Skype interview requested today 12/1. x3. 21) Does anyone know how many people were on the long list and how many people got Skype interviews? 22) Have campus interviews been scheduled? x2 23) Interview! x3 24) Interviews are being scheduled between 9 Jan and 17 Feb. 25) rejection received 12/21 x2 27) 8 candidates invited. 28) Anyone know how many applied? 29) over 400 30) Final interview occured this week, committee will meet next week 2/10. 31) One position filled and one offer made. 32) Second position filled.33
7/20/2016Lake Forest CollegeIllinoisEcology, Behavior, & Evolution9/12/2016
Asst Prof1/18/20179/27 phone interview request x2 2) Damn - dd they send the phone interview requests all out at the same time? 3) Don't know but I got my request by email on the same day as the OP here. 4) Invited for campus interview 10/13 5) Rejection email recieved today. I already knew it was coming from the wiki, but the subject line was 'Visit to Lake Forest College'. Talk about a misleading subject!! 6) Rejection email 12/9 7) Def didn't make any interviews/invites, but still no rejecction letter? x4 8) @5 - ouch (x2).9) Rejection email 12/14. 10) Still have not received a rejection even though I never made it to the first round--does this mean they never actually received my application materials? (1/18)10
7/21/2016North Carolina State UniversityNorth CarolinaUrban Ecology9/9/2016
Asst Prof11/28/2016Note error in job posting. Anticipated start date is 8/16/2017 (the job posting lists the wrong year). For questions, contact Rebecca Irwin <>. 1) Reference contact recieved message to submit reference letter (Oct 7) 2) Any updates?6
7/22/2016Boston CollegeMassachusettsEnvironmental Systems Modeler11/1/2016
Asst Prof3/25/2017position filled1
7/22/2016University of FloridaFloridaBlueberry horticulture
Asst/Assoc Prof1/7/2017Blueberries are the new potatoes 2) Finally, the blueberry job of my dreams. 3) OMG, this immediately made me think of that potato job in 2014-2015, too! 4) Blueberry horticulture is a hoax perpetuated by those in the booberry cereal industry.
7/26/2016California State University Los AngelesCaliforniaPlant Biology/Ecology (2 Positions)9/1/2016
Asst Prof2/21/2017Possibility of two assistant professor positions. A Plant Biologist and a Plant Field Ecologist (Restoration Ecology or Plant-insect Interactions). 2) 9/26/16 invited for phone interview. 3) 10/24/2016 invited for campus interview; chair indicated search will be complete by end of fall semester (week of Nov 28). 4) Any word on this? 5) Haven't heard anything. I'm thinking this means they're in negotiations with other candidates. Other candidates not being me :( 6) Offer accepted2
7/27/2016University of HawaiiHawaiiMarine Mammal Biology9/7/2016
Asst/Assoc Prof3/10/2017areas of interest include, but are not limited to, life history, behavior, sensory biology, physiology, ecology, evolution, and conservation; letters requested 10/5 x2 HR email from University EEO 11/2 Rejection letter 11/14 Skype interview scheduled 11/25; rejection letter 1/30; Was rejection letter on 1/30 email or snail mail? It was email. Ok thanks. 3/10 On-campus interviews scheduled. Summer 2017 hired3
7/27/2016University of HawaiiHawaiiMarine Ecology (2 Positions)9/7/2016
Asst/Assoc Prof5/5/2017any area of marine ecology, from organismal to ecosystem scales, with a vision for integrative and collaborative research; letter requested 9/23 x3 2) 11/7 skype interviews scheduled 12/6 invited for campus interview 12/12 rejection email 3) Any updates? Assuming offer made? 4) First offer has been made 5) Rumor mill says two offers out. Any accepted? 6) Negotiations completed and position offers accepted8
7/27/2016Evergreen State CollegeWashingtonPlant Biology9/12/2016
1/9/2017Review of applications will continue until filled. Must have deep knowledge of the natural history of plants with an emphasis on non-vascular plants and lichens.2) on-campus interview schedule mid-Oct.3) There is a visiting scholar with these exact credentials - internal candidate? 4) Anything new on this front? 5) Emailed HR to follow up on this today (11/21), and they said candidates were selected for interviews, but no one would be notified of rejection until whole search is over. 6) Thanks for looking into this. Appreciate the update (even though not the best news to hear). 7) Position filled
7/27/2016Kenyon CollegeOhioVertebrate Biology10/1/2016
Asst Prof5/4/2017asking for additional info X5/ long-list of 30 applicants; 2) 10/27/16 Email to schedule Skype interview X4 3) campus interview scheduled 11/14/16 X2 4) Rejection emails sent out 11/15/16 5) offer accepted7
7/27/2016University of MichiganMichiganApplied Aquatic Ecology9/30/2016
Asst Prof4/14/2017Is this the same position advertised last year? Does anyone know if/why that search failed? 2) heard through the grapevine that they made two offers last year and got rejected by both candidates, but that's pretty unfounded gossip 3) deadline extended to the end of September 4) Yup, two offers made last year and both declined. 5) Notice the change in committee chair with the extended deadline to Dr. Cardinale. 6) Applicants for other ecology positions at the university are being asked if they want their applications forwarded to this seach. 7) Phone interviews scheduled for Oct 11th (x3) 8) received invite for on campus interview - this one is moving quick! 9) received rejection 11/22 9) Me too, along with a list of others that were rejected. I'm guessing they forgot to BCC! x2 10) Offer accepted 11) Who accepted the offer? 12? I heard interview questions were weird12
7/29/2016Washington State UniversityWashingtonPlant Community Ecology10/24/2016
Asst Prof5/6/2017Any updates? 2) I was contacted a couple of times regarding a late reference letter, but have otherwise heard nothing. 3) phone interviews scheduled (x3) 4) Campus interviews are being scheduled
8/2/2016Stanford UniversityCaliforniaOrganismal Biology9/30/2016
Asst Prof1/27/2017Anyone notice the "This job is no longer available" on the job ad? Is the search off, or do they just close the ad early? <- I don't see this statement on the ad 3) , I also saw this when I applied, but it still went through, so not sure what's up 4) any word on this? 5) I don't know if it applies to general biology, but Stanford apparently will pull jobs if they don't like the list of applicants (i.e., the quality of the applicants - because this determines whether the school deems it a tenure-track or research appt. At least it is what they do in the medical biology end of things). 6) re "This job is no longer available": I've seen this on a bunch of ScienceCareers ads at various places. Probably just means the ad expired. 7) 3 here - I saw it like that before it expired though... at least before the deadline 8) Why don't one of you jsut email the admin person and check? Seems like a lot of discussion could be easily cleared up. 9) I emailed the admin person and she said that the search committee is still working on finalizing the short list (12/19) 10) Rejection email (1/12) x4 11) Invited for an on-campus interview (1/12) 12) Haven't heard anything, I see from the other position (below) some rejections take months to be sent out, any idea why? 13) occasionally searches dip back into their long short list if after the first interviews they don't converge on a preferred candidate. Some places (like mine) won't issue any rejections until candidate has accepted offer. Also-- are those the job candidates seminars listed on their website?17
8/2/2016SUNY College at Old WestburyNew YorkPlant Biology/Plant Ecology8/31/2016
Asst Prof1
8/3/2016University of NebraskaNebraskaWildlife - Landscape and Habitat Management8/29/2016
Asst Prof
8/3/2016Stanford UniversityCaliforniaEvolution10/15/2016
Asst Prof3/26/2017Missing letters requested 10/17 2) Looks like 1 intervew scheduled based on website 3) Not sure why you think that. I see one person at the right career stage on the seminar list, but no one else listed in the month following. Would be strange to schedule just one interview and it isn't uncommon to have postdocs in a seminar series normally. 4) Invitation for campus interview received (12/3). <~~ congrats!! 5) rejection email x 9 (12/5) 6) Rejection email. Took them four months (01/12/17)! 7) This position has been filled (3/18/17)15
8/4/2016University of AlbertaCanadaFish Conservation Biology11/10/2016
Asst/Assoc Prof12/30/2016received rejection email 12/22x21
8/4/2016Yale University School of Forestry & Environmental StudiesConnecticutEnvironment, Field Ecology10/1/2016
Lecturer (full time)1/9/20171) received rejection email 10/14 2) 5 candidates are scheduled for on campus interviews in October and November 3) Offer accepted 12/20/161
8/4/2016University of OtagoNew ZealandMarine Science (2 Positions)8/25/2016
Asst ProfPhysical oceanography
8/6/2016Washington State UniversityWashingtonBehavioral Ecology9/30/2016
Asst Prof2/17/20171) Any reason the notes on this were deleted? 2) I think the last update that i saw was that campus interviews are currently being scheduled and that 3 people from wiki were given phone interviews. 3) phone interviews were being conducted 3rd week of October 4) According to the departmental seminar series schedule, campus interviews should be done. 5) 5 candidates had campus interviews. Decision should be made by Christmas. 6) Verbal offer made. 7) Offer declined (no partner accommodation) 8) same or different field? 9) Has another offer been made or did the search fail?16
8/6/2016Texas State UniversityTexasWildlife Management9/15/2016
Asst/Assoc Prof1/27/20171) notified by reference that letters were requested, due 10/11, 2) invited for on campus interview 10/18, 3) interviews complete as of 11/18, faculty planning to meet to vote 12/02, 4) offer made 12/5, 5) restored notes 1/27, above cell accidently copied over this one 1
8/6/2016Universidad del RosarioSouth Americaanimal eco-physiology/functional-ecology10/15/2016
not stated"Non-native Spanish speakers are encouraged to apply and will be given two years to strengthen their Spanish communication skills" Bogota, Colombia3
8/6/2016Universidad del RosarioSouth Americaanimal ecology and conservation10/15/2016
not stated3/14/2017"Non-native Spanish speakers are encouraged to apply and will be given two years to strengthen their Spanish communication skills". Bogota, Colombia. 2) Interview invitations have been made (3/9).2
8/6/2016Appalachian State UniversityNorth CarolinaDept. Chair, Biology9/25/2016
Assoc/Full Prof
8/6/2016North Carolina State UniversityNorth CarolinaPublic Science10/1/2016
Rank Open4/11/2017"we seek a scientist in a research area represented by the College of Sciences (biology, chemistry, marine sciences, earth sciences, atmospheric sciences, mathematics, astronomy, physics, and statistics) who has an internationally recognized research program and connects with non-technical audiences by working with citizen scientists, engaging in community-based research, and/or by involving new, diverse audiences in the process and outcomes of science." 1) The ad reads "A comprehensive review of applications is expected to begin November 1, 2016"... maybe deadline was extended? 2) Any update on this? 3) skype interviews on at least 12/12 and 12/13 4) Haven't heard anything, assumed I didn't make cut. Wondering when they'll send out rejection notices 5) Any updates? 6) Position was filled 4/6/173
8/8/2016East Stroudsburg UniversityPennsylvaniaPlant biology/plant ecology12/5/2016
Asst Prof4/5/20171) job ad states having to teach 12 credits per semester, plus maintain a research program and provide department service. Is this a big work load or is this normal? 2) sounds about right for a PUI 3) any updates? 4) I haven't heard anything x3 5) just got a call to schedule a phone interview (2/8) x2 5) Anything new updates? It's been quite a while. 6) Still no updates? I guess they've invited candidates not on the wiki. 7) Campus interviews were scheduled the week of 3/6 8) Offer made and accepted3
8/8/2016Occidental CollegeCaliforniaMarine Environmental Science10/2/2016
Asst Prof1/19/2017Contacted to set up campus interview (10/20) Rejection letter (1/19)7
8/8/2016Wheaton CollegeMassachusettsEcology9/10/2016
Asst Prof1/9/2017Contacted to set up campus interview (10/7) (OP) notified that offer made and accepted by another candidate 2) rejection email received (x3)9
8/8/2016Oxford University
United Kingdom
Developmental Biology10/20/2016
Assoc/Full Prof"Applications are particularly encouraged from candidates with a strong background in evolutionary or comparative developmental biology" 1) Received a notice that I did not make the short list3
8/8/2016Oxford University
United Kingdom
Assoc/Full Prof12/19/2016"Applications are particularly encouraged from candidates with a strong background in marine ecology, evolutionary ecology or molecular ecology" 1) Received rejection email. (x3) 2) When did you get this email?4
8/9/2016Texas A&MTexasForest Biologist10/1/2016
Asst/Assoc Prof1/6/2017updates?
8/9/2016Milwaukee Public MuseumWisconsinResearch Curator
Mid-career"The person in this leadership role will plan, direct, implement and coordinate activities of the Zoology Department (Invertebrates & Vertebrates) & will maintain an active invertebrate zoology research program"
8/10/2016Dartmouth College
New Hampshire
Ecosystem Ecology9/15/2016
Asst Prof5/4/2017any updates? 1) Received e-mail on 9/30 from search chair wanting letters e-mailed (x8) 2) Contacted to arrange in person interview on 10/20 3) any idea how many folks have campus interview at this time? 4) at least me, dying to know how many others, please respond to 2) with a times X! 5) Check their seminar schedule for invited candidates. 6) Received rejection letter (11/11) (x5) 7) Hmmm. No invitation and no rejection, either. What does that mean? (2); 8) in the same boat as #7 - I think it's just a tiered rejection? 9) Received verbal offer 10) received official rejection 1/5 (11) offer accepted18
8/10/2016Dartmouth College
New Hampshire
Microbial Ecology9/15/2016
Asst Prof2/5/20171) Recieved email from search chair saying that they had reviewed my application and wanted letters emailed directly to him. (x11) 2) Contacted on 10/21 to arrange campus interview (x2) 3) any idea how many folks have campus interview at this time? 4) Check their seminar schedule for invited candidates. 5) rejection email received (x3) 6) Written offer made. 7) Offer accepted and signed.12
8/10/2016University of NebraskaNebraskaDirector, School of Biological Sciences11/14/2016
Full Prof
8/10/2016University of NebraskaNebraskaLimnology / Aquatic Ecology8/29/2016
Asst/Assoc Prof2/28/20171) Told by search chair they planned to request letters around Sept 19 and were hoping to decide on-campus interviews after letters were evaluated 2) received email from search chair on 10/2 that made short list and letters would be requested 10/3 (x2) 3) Contacted to set up campus interviews. 4) offered.2
8/10/2016Flathead Lake Bio Station, University of MontanaMontanaStream / River Ecology9/7/2016
Assoc/Full Prof
8/10/2016SUNY at CobleskillNew YorkWildlife Management8/15/2016;jsessionid=A39147543A5334B47F299EA82DE404C1?JOBID=74110
Asst Prof
8/11/2016Rice UniversityTexasEcology & Evolutionary Biology9/30/2016
Asst Prof3/23/20171) Any reason the notes on this were deleted? 2) I think the last update that i saw was that campus interviews are currently being scheduled and that 3 people from wiki were given phone interviews. 3) phone interviews were being conducted 3rd week of October 4) According to the departmental seminar series schedule, campus interviews should be done. 5) 5 candidates had campus interviews. Decision should be made by Christmas. 6) Verbal offer made. 7) Offer declined (no partner accommodation) 8) same or different field? 9) Has another offer been made or did the search fail? 9) Offer accepted, >1 offer has been made25
8/11/2016University of MissouriMissouriWildlife Ecology10/1/2016
Asst Prof2/7/2017Start date 1/1/17 2) submission is a little confusing: cv and cover letter should be combined as one file and the rest of the documents should be uploaded as attachments at the web page. 3) notified that they're contacting my references 10/11 4) Updates? 5) notified that I'm not being invited for campus interview 11/4 6) Updates? 7) offer made and accepted4
8/11/2016University of PittsburghPennsylvaniaEcology, Evolution, Sustainability (3 positions)9/15/2016
Asst/Assoc Prof5/4/2017See "General Discussion" tab for discussion on this position. (i.e., too controversial for this "Notes" section since they withdrew an offer for the same search last year...). 2) Interestingly, reference letters are due on Nov 1st. 3) where does it say letters due Nov 1? I only saw Sept 15 in the advertisement. 3) one of my references sent me the email that she got as a proof. It defenetly says Nov 1st. 4) Applications are due the 15th but they'll accept letters of rec until Nov 1st. 5) I saw the Nov. 1 date on the letter sent to reference writers as well, as find it confusing because the ad explicitly states letters should arrive by Sept. 15. N) I'm tired of continually moving stuff from this posting -> put this type of stuff (e.g. 5 and 7) in the UPitt discussion in the General Discussion tab. 6) ex-5&7 moved Just received an affirmative action form? So I guess something is happeneing? 8) I received one as well x5 9) Actually, I didn't get a form attached in my email x5 10) It was a mass email - my initial email was blank but a follow-up email arrived, with form attached 11) I fail to see a 'submit' button, any one else got one on their form? 12) email in upper right corner of window in adobe acrobat 12) Nope, don't have a submit button nor any email link 13) Fill out form and digitally sign then e-mail to: 14) At least this year they sent out the form earlier. Last year they sent it prettynear when they invited the first candidates. 15) At least some interview invites sent x3 16) Wow, short-list is already determined? 17) 11 people being interviewed for the 3 positions. Interviews happening mid Nov- early Jan, decisions to be made end of Jan-ish. 18) Strange that letters were due after interviews scheduled.19) Have interviews started yet? 20) yes 21) Are interview seminars listed in their website? 22) no. 23) Rejection letter received 12/16 (x7), 300 applications 24) Offers have been made (for the 2 E&E, not sure for S) 25) Offer was made for S in Dec 25) 2 E&E offers accepted34
8/11/2016Williams CollegeMassachusettsEvolutionary Ecologist10/24/2016
Asst Prof4/6/2017rejection received 3/3115
8/12/2016Western Washington UniversityWashingtonMolecular Evolutionary Biology or Molecular Ecology10/21/2016
Asst Prof1/9/20171) Any updates? 2) I was told on Nov 4 that they were reviewing apps; anyone heard on phone interviews? 3) Have not heard anything 4) contacted for phone interview 11/21 5) nothing x3 6) campus interviews scheduled for late Jan-early Feb6
8/12/2016Virginia TechVirginiaEvolutionary Biology10/1/2016
Asst Prof3/3/2017Interviews in November 1) Contacted for Skype interview (10/14 x 3), 2) received email saying I did not make the list for an onsite 10/27 (x 4), 3) was not contacted either way. Weird? (10/31) (x4) 5) I think that just means you didnt make the long list. Long list members who had a skype interview were contacted if they didnt make short list. 6)Offer made an accepted ( 01/12/17) 7) concur, rejection received 1/30 8) Two offers were made and accepted in February12
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