CI149 Quest List
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Quest NumberTitleTypeDescriptionCriteriaXPHelpful linksDigital Sticker LinkDigital Sticker Image
1Digital PortfolioTStudent creates a digital portfolio using a Google Site.Google Site, Has a Blog Page, Has About Me Page, Has additional pages with intuitive site navigation10
2Look at meTEmbed a Google Document (Text) into Digital PortfolioIn your Google Site go to the Insert Menu and choose Drive and choose documents. Once you push SAVE on the digital portfolio page the document will be embedded. 10
3Teach Like A PirateBRead the book "Teach Like a Pirate" By Dave Burgess. It is available on Amazon. You will really enjoy this book to teach you about being a really dynamic teacher. It is a super easy read. Create a lesson plan based on the Teach Like a Pirate book and create a page on your digital portfolio with the lesson plan embedded.20
4Submit a URLTCopy the URL of a specific page on your website and paste it into the digital submission turn in. Link must go to the specific page.No digital portfolio evidence needed. Describe what you did in the digital submission form.10
5The SyllabusMProve you read the syllabus. Must include your comments about it!Make a video of your reading key highlights or choose another option. You can use any method that demonstrates you actually read the syllabus. 10
6Thou Shalt Not Copy and PasteMComplete the online plagiarism quiz listed in the syllabus and have results sent to instructor (
7Tweet TweetBConsistently tweets out tips and ism's from class using the #ci149 hashtag. I will know you did this, I monitor the twitter feed :) Every week you are taking what you are learning and sharing it out in tweets on the #ci149 hashtag20
8Town CrierBMake a habit of being helpful on Google Plus Community. What was unclear that you can help clear up, even by asking questions. What quests did you submit that you think sharing on Gplus would remind others that we did specific quests during classtime and they should submit them? What tips can you share that you think would be helpful? Noticeably active each week on Google Plus20
9The Prime AttendantBMissed zero class sessions. Never tardy. Never left earlySigned in on time every week. Kept up with blog posts each week. Reliable with CLG group. Every week was involved in Google Plus. 50
10Computer NinjaTLearn at least 8 new skills about your computer to increase your digital literacy. For example if you're a Mac user: Demonstrate proficiency with the Mac including: screenshots, keyboard shortcuts, opening programs, using the dock, command spacebar, 4 finger swipe, 2 finger scrolling, press spacebar on a doc to open a preview. If you are a Chromebook user how do you find the downloads folder, take screenshots, what keyboard shortcuts can you learn (Control Alt Question Mark), install apps, dock windows, etc... Look up tricks for your device and learn some new stuff! Create a slideshow or screencast or write up embedded in a blog post demonstrating your proficiency. Check out for some mactips10
11Nice to Meet YouMThis is an INTRO class. The objective of the class is to be INTRODUCED to the vocabulary of teaching. It is NOT to become a master of anything. Create a page on your digital portfolio where you write out a list of the new vocabulary you learned in this class along with a short description. Please include a reflection on some of the teaching ideas you did not realize you needed to know and how that will influence your teaching. MY CLASS MY STUDENTS10
12Where Are You From?MDemonstrate that you know what SDAIE is and how it impacts your teaching. Research and demonstrate applications of the SDAIE differentiated instruction strategy.10
13Keyboard ShortcutsTStudent has learned and regularly uses at least 3 new keyboard shortcuts. Examples: command spacebar to search the mac. Command L to highlight the address bar. Command C to copy. Command V to paste. Command Z to undo. Command A to select all. Command T for a new tab. Command Shift T to resurect a tab. Command W to close a tab. In a Google Doc: Command Option M will insert a comment and Command Enter will close the comment. What are keyboard shortcuts that you did NOT know prior to the class, took some time to pracice and are now using regularly? Not limited to the list in the description. No digital portfolio evidence needed, simply describe the shortcuts in the submission form. 10
14Master TeacherBCreate a tutorial for the benefit of the classCreated a video or text tutorial that benefitted the class. Posted both on digital portfolio and on the Google Community. Must meet satisfactory quality standards.20
15Cloudy with a Chance of StudentsTAfter you have a significant number of reflections completed in the course copy and paste all of the reflection text into a word cloud generator such as Analyze the patterns that emerge. What does the word cloud say about your teaching, your students and your learning in the class?Make sure you put the word cloud on your Digital Portfolio and reflect on what you learned from the experience.10
16Professional PresenterTCreate a slide in a Google Presentation with a creative commons image as the background. Create shapes behind text boxes with reduced opacity to make the text stand out. Be sure to include the attribution (credit) for the image in the presenter notes. Be sure to link to your exact slide in your digital portfolio. Also include a screenshot. 10
17Instructing with TechnologyMHow can you use technology in your classroom? How will your instruction change and what will student learning look like when technology is used. How will instruction and learning be transformational with the use of technologyThis is part of one of your reflections somewhere on your digital portfolio/blog. You also have it on your lesson plans if you justified your rationale for using technology in your lesson. 10
18Head in the Word CloudTCreate a Word Cloud such as Wordle, Tagul, Tagxedo for a document you have created.For a document that is at least 1.5 pages in length create a Word Cloud and analyze the patterns that emerge and why you would use word clouds with students. May want to use a screenshot of word cloud rather than trying to embed it. 10
19I'm a VolunteerBVolunteer to help out at an educational event. (Note this can double up for you in conjunction with the attend an educational event). OBJECTIVE: Network with verteran teachers! You need to spend at least 2 hours volunteering your time doing grunt work at an educational event. This is a great way to get connected with educators and to NETWORK! (Networking is a big deal.) As always, provide evidence on your digital portfolio. Pictures are nice :)20
20EduReformerBDo you have an idea for how you would change school? What problem do you think the education system has and what is your vision for solving it? Check out Rick Wormeli and Alfie KohnWork should be thoughtful and complete. 20
21Digital ClassroomMDescribe issues pertaining to a digital classroom. As students have BYOD, laptops, tablets, what classroom management issues may arise and how can you handle them. How does your instruction change when you have students with technology.You may have addressed this in the classroom management section of your lesson plan or you may have reflected about this in one of your blog posts or digital portfolio pages. 10
22Shorty URLTUse a URL shortener on Digital PortfolioGo to or other URL shortener and create an alias for your digital portfolio to make it easier to get to your digital portfolio. Turn in the short URL into the evidence box on the form.10
23King of the ClassBHelped instructor make the class better. Found something that was an error or could be better in the class. Did more than just point it out or suggest improvements. Participate with the instructor to build the better elements. 20
24Safety FirstMDemonstrate an understanding of Digital Citizenship and how to apply it students. Suggestion to utilize commonsensemedia.org10
25WebbyTCreate an instructional video and upload it to YouTube. Video should be engaging! No boring talking for 10+ minutes!!! Reflect on what makes an engaging and good instructional video? When should you make videos for your students?10
26Shoot MeTInclude screenshots Create at least 20 screenshots (on different pages) using command shift 4 on the Mac. Embed them into your blog posts and explain what the picture is of and for. You only need to submit a link to one example where there are screenshots. I can find the others. 10
27coffeeEDUBHosted or Attended a coffeeEDU. http://coffeeEDU.orgHost or attend a coffeeEDU. Include a page of evidence on digital portfolio.20
28YouTube StarTCreates a Google Hangout On Air DiscussionCollaboratively with classmates, creates and/or participates in a Google Hangout on air to discuss teaching methods/philosophies as it pertains to CI149. YouTube video created is embedded in a blog post and a reflection is included. 10
29Movie StarTCreates a ScreencastCreate a screencast and upload it to YouTube to provide evidence of objective criteria. Embed screencast into digital portfolio.10
30TwitterifficTCreate a PLN on TwitterCreate a twitter account and follow educators. Create a blog post detailing things you have learned from your PLN on Twitter and your educational applications of Twitter.10
31Super StarBCompleted at least 5 tasks significantly above the assignment requirements. Went above and beyond.Submit evidence for at least 5 tasks. List the 5 assignment numbers in the evidence box. Assignments should demonstrate effort well above the minimum requirements and is considered one of the best in the class. 40
32Not a Death KnightMDemonstrate an understanding of Depths of Knowledge (DOK's) as they connect to the common coreExplain (probably on your lesson plan) how your objectives meet Webbs Depth of Knowledge. Give an extended description. 10
33Thumbs UpMGive meaningful comments on classmates lesson plans. Must comment on at least 3 classmates lesson plans. Comments must be significant and helpful. Should demonstrate you looked over the lesson plan and not just a superficial few comments. Demonstrates understanding of teaching concepts.10
34TweepsTParticipate in or Host a twitter chat (not a #ci149 chat). Find an established educational twitter chat. Message the organizers and ask if you can co-moderate. Here are some possible chats: provide evidence, use or other method to show your hosting or ACTIVE participation. As with everything, create a page on your digital portfolio to show your completion.10
35Present ThisTEmbed a Google Presentation into Digital Portfolio10
36What to Learn?MCreate a set of learning objectivesIn collaboration with classmates in a purposefully selected group, creates a set of learning objectives with supporting rationale for a lesson on a specific method of instruction10
37Getting to the CoreMDemonstrate an understanding of the Common Core Standards If you applied Common Core to your lesson plan then you have this10
38Getting ChummyBIt is really important as educators that we develop ourselves as professionals and to interact with other educators. Making a point of talking face to face with other teachers as often as you can is immensely valuable in helping you become a better teacher but also in energizing you to want to continue in the profession. Attend an educator event. Write at least 1 page summarizing about the event. Make sure to include who you talked to and what you talked about. You should not just attend the event but also interact with other educators. Event must be pre-approved. Events on the front page of the course website are automatically approved.50
39Lend a Helping Hand BConsistently helping classmates, being a leaderWithout doing for others, is consistently willing to assist classmates with tasks and in class activities.20
4021st Century TeacherMDemonstrates an understanding of the 4 C's and how they will be applied to their students.Your lesson plans should address the 4C's, you probably also took notes on this somewhere and reflected on it somewhere. 10
41Pin Me UpTCreate a Pintrist board or use of educational resources. Should have at least 3 boards with focused educational topics. Suggestions: EdTech, Lesson Plans, Teaching Practices, Differentiation/Accomodations for students, Educational Blogs, etc.. Each board should have at least 10 pins.Create a page on your digital portfolio with a link to your pintrist board or educlipper board (or other similar social media site). Have a reflection on how something like this can help you to be a better teacher or ways students can use pintrist. 10
42Poster SessionTCreate an online "poster" using Glogster, voicethread, animoto or photopeach. (Other options are okay too, ask!)10
43I Want a JobMCreate a plan for when you interview on how you are going to incorporate the common core, do cross collaboration, create a student-centered classroom and curriculum, and integrate technology.10
44Give Me ShelterMDemonstrate that you know what SIOP is and how it impacts your teaching. Research and demonstrate applications of the SIOP differentiated instruction strategy.Researches and understands accomodations10
45This is How I TeachMCreates a product demonstrating the use of a particular method of instructionInstructional Methods Project Video10
46Know Your LearnersMCreate or adapt an activity that is designed to allow you to get to know your learners in a meaningful way. Identify how you might use the information gained in designing learning experiences.10
47Infographic ObsessionMThe website is by Mia who creates infographics for teachers. She has a lot of really great tips for teaching in a fun visually pleasing presentation. DIG DEEP on her website. Look at at least 10 different posts. Choose at least 5 infographics you think are most helpful to you as a teacher. Create a page on your digital portfolio called "teaching infographics." At the top give CREDIT to Mia MacMeekin. State that the images are under a creative commons license. Put a LIVE HYPERLINK that open in a new window to her blog. Go to the site and right click on the images and choose "save image as." Insert the images onto your digital portfolio page. Her website is a blog so if you click on the TITLE of the article it will show just the one article and not the list of articles. You want to copy the SPECIFIC URL that will get a viewer of your digital portfolio BACK to that exact infographic. Please list that URL next to each infographic as a live hyperlink that opens in another window. For each of the 5 include a short reflection on how the techniques apply to you as a teacher. The total word count of all 5 reflections should be at least 300 words. 10
48I am a LeaderBServe as the team leader for the CLG groupYou have served as the team leader for your CLG group and successfullly lead your group in completing the necessary tasks. 100
49Ditch the DesksMRethink the physical layout of your classroom. How will the physical environment of your classroom contribute to a student centered learning environment and support your teaching of the Common Core standards? Check out Barton Keeler's classroom: If you want to go out and observe his class that can be set up. Must have a visual along with a rationale behind all of your decisions. Exactly what are you trying to get out of the space and why will it be good for student learning. 10
50Call Me ScriptyTUsed a spreadsheet script on a Google SpreadsheetInstalls and provides evidence of use of a spreadsheet script such as "flubaroo", "yet another mail merger" "valmerge", "doctopus", "Gclass Forms", "script spider", "form mule", "form emailer" or others. 10
51Linked LearningMCreate a collaborative lesson plan that integrates at least 3 different subjects.Working with at least 2 other classmates, collaboratively create a lesson plan that can be used across disciplines. 10
52Search is the New LiteracyBBeing able to teach your students how to be literate at being able to do advanced searching is a key skill. Complete an advanced power searching course by Google. It gives you a certificate when you're done. This will be HUGELY valuable for you. Create a page on your digital portfolio where you share some of your favorite techniques and have a reflection on how you will incorporate search techniques with your students. 40
53Game my ClassTPokemon Go or World of Warcraft or Farmville or other popular gamePlays World of Warcraft to a minimum of level 10 or Farmville to a minimum of level 20. Creates a blog post describing the gamification techniques that could be applied to the classroom. Includes screenshots10
54Anticipate ThisMCreates an anticipatory set that asks for active participation for students. Must be student focused. This can be covered in the lesson plan10
55Shut the DoorMCreate a lesson plan closure activity that asks STUDENTS to actively review THEIR learning. This can be covered in the lesson plan10
56Learning Management SystemTExplore an LMS such as Edmodo, Moodle, Schoology, etc... Create a blog post of at least 500 words and screenshots Define an LMS, why do teachers use an LMS, how would you use an LMS, reflection on your interaction with LMS and a reflection on using an LMS.10
57I Have No ShameBA good teacher is not afraid to make a fool of themselves. Create something for your future classroom and students that makes you look ridiculous but will make the kids talk! For example you create a short instructional video with you dressed up in a clown suit. You take a picture of yourself having "tatooed" all of the elements of the periodic table on your arms. How are you going to be the goofy teacher that gets kids talking and excited about the lesson. Pictures preferred or Videos but a description in a lesson plan is acceptable also. 20
58Class ArtistBUse Google Draw to design a graphic for a badge or for a level in the class.Create a Google Drawing, share the drawing with the professor. Embed the drawing in a page on the Digital Portfolio. Make sure the drawing is not private. The drawing must be acceptable by the professor to be used as either a badge for the class or for levels. Must create the picture with a creative commons license (put this in a text box off canvas). 20
59BlendedMCreate a blog post based on Catlin Tucker's "Blended Learning" book that reflects on applications for your classroom.Demonstrates specific reference to the text to demonstrate at least 3 chapters were read and analyzed and applied. 1 page minimum - at least 400 words10
60Spreadsheet NinjaTAdvanced Spreadsheet TechniquesFind some spreadsheet techniques on or other websites. Check out
61You Will COLLABORATEMWhat did you learn from collaborating with your classmates on the group projects that you will apply to your students collaborating and doing group work? Carefully consider how you will do group work and collaboration in your class with your students. Include some documentation you create to help structure the collaboration or group work. This could be a set of directions, a guide to group work or a rubric, etc...This can be included as part of your reflection on the book group project.10
62I'm a Super StarTEmbed the badges you earn in class onto a page in your Digital PortfolioCreate a page on your digital portfolio for badges. Embed the images of any badges you have earned. Note that in order to do this quest you have to draw your own badges and get them on your site. 10
63List to LearnMCI149 is an introductory course, you are exposed to many things you will study more in your other credential classes. As professionals we do not wait for someone to give us professional development, we should always be learning and looking for information about our craft. We expect our medical doctors to always be up to date on current medical ideas... Many things in this course will come across your attention that you will need to investigate further through research or discussion with your master teachers or through interactions with other educators. Keep a list of all the things you feel you want to learn more about. Create a Google Spreadsheet and embed the spreadsheet into your Digital Portfolio.10
64SAMRMThe SAMR model is a way of evaluating technology usage in the classroom. Research shows that technology does NOT improve student learning, it is how the teacher uses the technology to CHANGE the DESIGN of the learning environment that has the impact. Choose TWO technologies you could use in the classroom. Create a graphical chart that describes how that technology can be used at each level of the SAMR model. Be creative, you can use any graphical program you wish. Try You will create a page on your digital portfolio to show your graphic along with a reflection on how you will let SAMR influence your instruction.10
65Picture ThisTCreate an Infographic either on Google Draw,,,, or other online tool Create a blog post defining an infographic, embedding and citing at least 5 examples of an infographic for education and embed your own infographic for education that you created. Can be for your students, for explaining teaching concepts or methods or pedagogy or for EdTech.10
66YouTube PlaylistTCreate a YouTube playlist in the style of for a standard that you will teach. Create a playlist of educationally appropriate videos that addresss a standard. Minimum of 8 videos. Must be a variety of video types. At least 4 different video types: Direct lecture, music video, advertisement, documentary, tv show, machinima, student project, animation, cartoon, screencast, etc..... 10
67Community CitizenBExplain how you go above and beyond to make the class better. 20
68Connect with MeTTry out videoscribe, socrative, audacity, Murally or twiddla10
69Peer EvaluationMPeer EvaluationPeer evaluated student projects. Demonstrated ability to give meaningful constructive criticism and feedback. Feedback demonstrated understanding of lesson objectives, teaching and application to students.10
70I did this on purpose!MConstruct a rationale for why you are teaching what you are teaching. This can be part of your lesson plan reflection.10
71What is Curriculum?MUnderstands the meaning and purposes of curriculumIf you've talked about curriculum in your notes/reflections and you've done the lesson plans then this should be covered no problem. 10
72Frame Me InTEmbedding a Web 2.0 Tool into Digital Portfolio10
73Snap ThisTCreate a QR code on Digital Portfolio10
74Let's get SocialTCreate at least 3 resources that other teachers may benefit from and share it publicly on social media such as Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook,, etc....Create a page on digital portfolio that embeds the resources and include screenshots or other evidence of how you contributed resources for other teachers. 10
75May I Interview YouMTalk with an innovative educator. Ask about innovative ways to include technology in your content area and also how they feel the teaching profession is changing and what it means to be an innovative educator. You must choose an educator who is positive about using technology in your content area (not grumpy curmudgeons). Suggestion to do this in a Google Hangout on Air to record it. Create a page on the digital portfolio, embed the Google Hangout on Air video into the page and do a reflection about what you learned and how it will influence you as an educator. Make sure you include how you were challenged in your thinking, this is crucial for this quest10
76Pedagogy is...MDefine your teaching philosophy/PedagogyWrite a blog post, outline what your educational pedagogy is. Be specific and defend why these are your pedagological ideas. Know that as you teach your pedagogy will (should) evolve. 10
77Can I get your autograph?TUse Preview on the MAC to sign the Model Release form. Note: If you are not willing to sign the model release form please contact the instructor specifically so they can make sure that you are not in any pictures or video.Do not post the signature on your website. You will email the release to your professor. If you do NOT want to sign the release, please make a specific point of telling the professor. We want to be careful to honor your wishes.10
78Don't Box Me InTBasic Spreadsheet Techniques
79DoodlerTCreate a Graphic Organizer using a Web 2.0 drawing tool. Check out Lucidchart or Google Draw.10
80Putting it TogetherMConstruct a lesson plan using a TEMPLATE you find online or is shared with you. Include in your reflection where you got the template from and what you liked/didn't like about it. 10
81The Grumpy CurmudgeonBIdentifies one learning experience in the course that initially you thought did not work or was irrelevant and describes an alternative learning experience to take it's place. Make sure you address what was the rationale as to why the learning experience was included in the first place, why it missed the mark and why your idea would be a better way to address that learning objective for the class. Needs to be a critical analysis, have specifics and ideas are supported in an intelligent way. Ideas are clearly communicated. 20
82TabsTSpreadsheets have multiple sheets. Notice the TABS at the bottom of the spreadheet. The bottom of THIS spreadsheet shows a count of your methods quests, tech quests and badges. Other tabs lists out the quests and badges you checked off. Remember this list is for YOU to keep track. It does NOT count until you click on the blue submission link to turn in your evidence. Demonstrate that you are aware of the tabs on this spreadsheet.Take screenshots and explain what information is on the different tabs. 10
83Cloud PresoTConvert a PowerPoint to Google PresentationAttach the PowerPoint to the bottom of the page on your digital portfolio, have the Google Presentation embedded in the digital portfolio page. Edit the Presentation for any potential importing errors.10
84Death By PowerPointTCommon Mistakes when making a presentation: Too many words, reading from the slides, too small of font, unrelated graphics. Check out Presentation Zen and look up other tips for making presentation slides. Write out tips for making good presentation slides. Create both a list of tips for what makes a good "PowerPoint" presentation and create a presentation that you can use with your own students that demonstrates good design!10
85Creative CommonsTDemonstrate understanding of a creative commons license and copyright in general. 10
86Animation MasterTCreate a Keynote Animation to instruct something. Directions on direct link: Keynote, Used Magic Move technique, Instructs something, Recorded Slideshow, Exported Video, Uploaded to YouTube, Created a Blog Post 10
87Classroom ManagerMDescribe classroom management strategies. Demonstrate understanding of different strategies. Personlize how you would use those strategies, when they are appropriate and other general feelings about those strategies.Can make a presentation, video, animation, or do a write up (or other ideas!)10
88I am a FailureBTried something beyond your ability level, failed, learned from your mistakes... or happily discovered something you did not know from your mistake. Reflect on your mistake, what were you trying to do, why did it not work, what did you learn from your failure?20
89Pin Me UpTCreate an online Bulletin Board such as Padlet,, or corkboard.me10
90Aren't You SpecialMDemonstrate an awareness for the need for instruction that is accessible by students. This includes blind, hard of hearing, color blind, special needs, english language learners and many more. Can include this in your lesson plan or from the accessiblity activites you do the week we learn about UDL. 10
91Check ThatTCreate a Google Form or other digital quizzing tool for an assessmentYou will do this in the multi media project. 10
92High RaterMCreate a Rubric using for teaching or learning. Can be for CI149 project evaluation or for a student project you plan to assign10
93On the HorizonMReview the CURRENT K12 Horizon Report and write a reflection.
94Super Over AchieverBCompleted A BUNCH MORE methods and technology quests (35 Tech + 35 Methods)100
95I am in MinecraftTCreate a minecraft account and design an activity for students to use Minecraft as an assessment. Check out minecraftedu.comTake screenshots and show your exploration of Minecraft and describe an activity that you could use Minecraft as the assessment. 10
96Throw Me a RopeBAt the end of the semester, make an appointment with a student who is struggling and help them to feel more confident about their digital portfolio and their portfolio presentation. You are NOT to do work for them, but help them identify quests they can turn in and provide some tips and suggestions for their digital portfolio. 50#N/A
97I Look PrettyBCustomize your digital portfolio with the background, colors, create your own logo on the page, etc... (Advanced editing of your Google Site). Has a custom favicon, visually pleasing with additional visual elements than theme.Should be more than one customization. Impress the instructor (we impress easily) :)20
98PseudoteachingMASSESSMENT... how do you know your students really learned it and are not just nodding their head? Do you teach or do you pseudoteach? How do you know your learners are learning and why do you assess? Demonstrate an understanding of formative and summative assessment and explain methods for each. Explain the importance of assessment. 10
300MAKE YOUR OWN BADGEBDid you do something you think is worthy of a badge? What did you do that was above and beyond and not part of things we did for the class? Did you explore something that will help you as a teacher or is particularly clever?Explain why you think this is above and beyond and worth a badge. Note: You should discuss this with the instructor just to make sure it meets badge level requirements. 20
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