TimestampWhat is your name?What is your e-mail address?What is your thesis statement?What is your backup thesis statement in case your previous submission is unacceptable?What period are you in?Polazzo's Take
12/14/2018 18:12:18Chaewon Parkcpark2@stuy.eduDACA is constitutional. Naturalized citizens should be able to run for presidency.Period 7The DACA topic is good--make sure to focus on the degree to which the executive can choose not to enforce an existing law.
12/17/2018 16:04:08Beaux Watwoodswatwood@stuy.eduThe justices of the Supreme Court should rule by constitutional originalism because the use of expansion interpretivism weakens the democratic process.Affirmative action violates the fourteenth amendment, which intends to protect against racial discrimination, but to overrule Bakke in the Harvard case would be a regressive step for integration. Period 8The originalism topic is good--approved!
12/17/2018 21:01:36James Huangjhuang20@stuy.eduthe us government is perpetuating america's divides through purposely underfunding and destroying important local government projects through the nature of bureaucracy and public policy that relies on compromisethe federal government's fear of enacting meaningful climate and environmental legislation results from it trying to pander to a populace that does not know betterPeriod 7These are very specific theses that you are advocating for. To prove them, you are going to have to get quite granular. See me.
12/17/2018 23:28:09Chloe Hanson chanson@stuy.eduFree speech should be limited for individuals with extreme views that are harmful to the existence of others. (Basically, punching Nazis should be an Okay thing to do, legally). There should be federal protections for whistleblowers. (People like Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, etc)Period 7The free speech (or lack thereof) argument will be interesting! Approved.
12/18/2018 11:43:33William review is democratic.Justices should not be able to serve lifelong terms. Period 7The judicial review topic is interesting since arguably one of the main features of judicial review is its lack of democracy. And if it is democratic, why filter it through the courts? Probably approved, but see me.
12/18/2018 21:51:51Wei Zouwzou1@stuy.eduThe federal government should prioritize the development of our nation's nuclear energy infrastructure as a matter of national security, therefore reducing our dependence on imported oil and undue foreign influences on our government policies.The election of public officials has become increasingly dependent on public image, at the detriment of their actual policies and ideas. Much of this is a result of the influence of the news media. The federal government should be able to regulate the rights and privileges of the news media in covering elections in order to ensure a a fair and democratic election where actual topics of merit are discussed.Period 7The nuclear power topic is approved. Note however that thanks to fracking and shale gas the USA has recently become an exporter of energy.
12/19/2018 0:12:31Anand Idrisaidris@stuy.eduThe United States cannot create a large social safety net without disappointing the intentions of the Founding Fathers.The wishes of the Founding Fathers should not hold back popular American government proposals.Period 7Haven't we already created a large social safety net? To what degree are you arguing agains the status quo here? Probably approved, but see me.
12/19/2018 17:03:19Hristo Karastoyanovhkarastoyanov@stuy.eduThe only way to sustain liberal democracy (save for some major, palpable external threat) in the United States is to divide the country into two or more smaller, ideologically homogeneous ones.All schools should be nationalised.Period 8Both topics are good--though perhaps hard to squeeze into the space constraints. Approved.
12/19/2018 18:25:15Robert De Blasio's attempt to reduce the number of Asian-American students in the Discovery Program is unconstitutionalAnimals shouldn't be used in scientific testing Period 8Though the De Blasio article is a local governance issue, I'll approve it since it gets iinto federal equal protection law.
12/19/2018 20:17:22Aiswariya Sureshasuresh@stuy.eduThe legislative branch should create another immigration law that considers the increasing number of illegal immigrants, reinstatement of DACA, and return of the quota system (with improvements). The process of plea bargaining should be made more strict to avoid convicts taking advantage of the more lenient sentences.Period 8The immigration bill topic is interesting--worth noting that with the passage of a law, DACA would no longer be necessary. Approved.
12/19/2018 20:59:23Samantha Adrianzensadrianzen@stuy.eduConsidering that residential aliens live and work in the United States, they should be allowed to vote.The government should not be influenced by food/nutrition monopsonies (specifically, Monsanto) and even ban them.Period 8The alien topic is good. Regarding Monsanto, I'm not sure it makes sense to regard it as a monoposony?
12/19/2018 22:02:32Nishmi Abeyweeranishmiabeyweera22@gmail.comA direct popular vote should replace the electoral college in presidential elections.The Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) should be repealed as it disturbs the balance of power in the government. Period 7Both topics are good. Approved!
12/19/2018 22:06:22Leo Fleissigleofleissig@gmail.comThe nondelegation doctrine should be enforced in US law.The filibuster should be abolished.Period 7The nondelegation topic is a interesting one and, if enforced, would definitely shatter the status quo. Approved.
12/20/2018 2:02:51Michelle Yangmyang5@stuy.eduThe diversity visa lottery is flawed because it poorly allocates 50,000 immigrant visas; it falls short in attracting immigrants based on merit--education, job skills, and the ability to integrate into U.S. society--by allocating a great proportion of visas to applicants on the basis of their nationality.Birthright citizenship was originally intended to grant citizenship to African-American. Since then, however, the purpose of birthright citizenship has changed, and consequently, it is important to restrict birthright citizenship in order to alleviate the illegal immigration problem.Period 8Both topics are fine, though I assume your point about the diversity lottery will include a call for a new type of system? Or at tleast the advocacy for the abolition of the old system?
12/20/2018 18:11:30Geena Kimgkim90@stuy.eduReporters should have the right to protect the identity of confidential sources.The illegal use of drugs should to be treated as a matter of public health, not of criminal justice.Period 8The shield law topic is good. Approved!
12/20/2018 18:25:50Boxuan Wubwu3@stuy.eduTo fix our current illegal immigration problem, the government must first maximize security in our boarders. Deportation is not the solution. The U.S government must address America’s growing income inequality crisis. Period 7The immigration thesis is good. Note that it is "borders," not "boarders"
12/20/2018 19:07:06William Chenwchen15@stuy.eduNet neutrality regulations are necessary to preserve our First Amendment rights and to prevent ISP from speeding, slowing, or charging higher fees in order to censor online content. Universal healthcare should not be a necessity. Period 7The net neutrality topic is approved.
12/20/2018 19:17:46Woosuk Leewlee10@stuy.eduReligion should be completely separate from the government.Free healthcare should be provided for American citizens and residents.Period 7The religion topic is approved.
12/20/2018 20:04:10Jeremy Rubinjrubin@stuy.eduThe number of cabinet positions should be reduced to create a core group of advisors for the president. The remaining departments instead should be solely headed by bureaucrats who last longer than a single presidency.Earmarks are a necessary part of the House of Representatives and should be brought back into practice.Period 7The cabinet topic is approved.
12/20/2018 20:32:08Kathryn Janokjano@stuy.eduIn Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Supreme Court should have sided with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission to bolster the Obergefell v. Hodges decision and set the precedent of protecting others from clear discrimination. Executive privilege should be restricted to ensure that Presidents do not abuse their power. Period 8The cakeshop thesis is good.
12/20/2018 20:35:14Ivan Galakhovigalakhov00@stuy.eduEstablishing free healthcare within the United States would be detrimental to the well being of the country.Plea bargains should not be allowed in cases that potentially end in punishment longer than some set amount of time.

(I don't really have a good backup)
Period 8The healthcare topic is approved.
12/20/2018 20:44:35Vivian Luvlu@stuy.eduFelons should not be denied SNAP benefits. Private prisons need more oversight. Period 8The SNAP topic sounds interesting. Approved!
12/20/2018 21:58:03Ally Archeraarcher@stuy.eduTo deter Supreme Court justice nominations from being based on the amount of time someone will spend on the court rather than their qualifications, there should be an age minimum requirement. Courts should not be able to request that cell phone manufacturers unlock cell phones to assist in criminal investigations and prosecutions.Period 8The age requirment topic is good. Aproved!
12/20/2018 22:08:11Chloe Doumarcdoumar@stuy.eduThe US Federal Government should not be allowed to interfere with state's rights to legalize marijuana by trying to use federal laws to interfere with legal marijuana businesses.The electoral college is antiquated and should be replaced by direct election by popular vote.Period 8The marijuana topic is approved.
12/20/2018 22:09:36Ruby Garyrfbgary@gmail.comThe simultaneous constitutionality and criminality of jury nullification undermines the will of the jury. Jurors should be provided the protection to legally wield it, as it provides the average citizen the power to combat unjust laws. Private funding should be eradicated from all political campaigns. Instead, each candidate should run on a standardized, publicly funded budget. Period 8The nullification topic sounds good. Approved.
12/20/2018 22:56:49Allison Engallisoneng8@gmail.comArrests made from misdemeanors are discriminatory, violating the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th amendment by hindering a suspect class of minorities. Lethal injection violates the Eighth Amendment for being cruel and unusual punishment. Period 7For you to prove your thesis on arrests, you have to prove that tace is the determining factor If you can't do this, you might be better off with the lethal injection paper.
12/20/2018 22:58:48Alec Bulkinabulkin@stuy.eduThe most effective way to address most current and future problems facing the nation would be for the US Government to increase spending on public education.Providing funding for a wall on the Mexico-United States border would not effectively address immigration issues in the region.Period 7The education topic sounds good, but note that there seems to be little correlation between money spent on education and actual outcomes.
12/20/2018 23:21:52Kevin Zhangkzhang9@stuy.eduThe federal government should increase its investments in public transportation projects, as a means of promoting social welfare and economic growth. The federal government should expand its subsidies toward affordable housing. Period 8The transit topic sounds good--though how do you ensure that the money isn't all gobbled up by corrupt insiders?
12/20/2018 23:25:24Colin Hoskingchosking@stuy.eduThe motives behind President Trump’s attempt to repeal jus soli should taken seriously.
The speaker of the house should include members of both parties in their election.Period 7The jus soli argument sounds intruiging. Thesis approved!
12/21/2018 0:57:13Gaby Umanovagumanova2001@gmail.comVoting should be mandatory in the United StatesHigher education institutions should become funded by the government and tuition fees should be waived.Period 7The mandatory voting thesis is approved!
12/21/2018 1:10:44Aidan Griffinagriffin@stuy.eduProgressivism has historically not only been about a dogmatic, collectivist belief in the supremacy of the state above the individual, but also has strong roots to beliefs in eugenics and racism, consistent with its demonization of individual rights, while proponents of conservatism have consistently stressed the importance of the individual above that of the state and consequently have regarded every race as equally as worthy as any other. (Sorry if this is too long.)In most circumstances, income inequality is a natural, beneficial outcome of a free market-based society. Period 7I think you're better off going for the second thesis topic.
12/21/2018 10:53:39Jorge Sebastian Vergarajvergara@stuy.eduTaxation, in both the federal and state level, particularly regressive and flat taxes (such as state property taxes or sales taxes where the costs, instead of falling on retailers and landlords, fall unduly hard on the poor who pay the extra tax on behalf of retailers and landlords, similarly in the case of federal payroll taxes which is capped), is a violation of free association, since one may not opt out nor decide where their taxes go. As such, all these taxes ought to abolished, at least in the case of the bottom 50% of Americans.Copyright law and intellectual property violates free enterprise, hinders innovation, and contributes to the growth of monopolies being upheld by the state. It should be eliminated.

Alternative: Borders are already generally open, but in the wrong sense. It is relatively easy for corporate entities to legally cross borders, and exploit human and natural resources (leading to the deprivation that causes people to want to move) but not actual people. Border policy should be changed to actual open borders in order to protect the right to free migration.
Period 7The tax topic sounds fruitful. Approved!
12/21/2018 12:12:49Sophia Atlas satlasruggirello@stuy.eduThe food stamp program (SNAP) needs to be reformed/minimized for several reasons (fraud, obesity, government expenditures, work requirements). The minimum wage should be lowered (youth minimum wage should be expanded). Period 8I'm interested to see what you recommend for the SNAP program. Approved.
12/21/2018 12:39:45Angela Pengapeng2@stuy.eduThe US should establish a universal basic income in the form of a national social wealth fund that every citizen receives a share of. The US should lower the federal voting age to 16. Period 8The UBI topic sounds good. Approved.
12/21/2018 12:55:31Britni Canalebcanale@stuy.eduPolarizing political parties have made it too difficult to make decisions and pass legislation in our government.Immigration and foreign policy issues should be deemphasized in the public sphere and the borders should remain closed until the US government can resolve domestic issues like unemployment and poverty.Period 7The party topic is approved--though to what extent does existing party polarization simply reflect an increasingly divided USA?
12/21/2018 13:45:16Dushan Arsovdarsov@stuy.eduThe power to appoint justices to the Supreme Court should be moved from the president to an unelected commission of judges and other legal experts. Mandatory military or civil service should be instated in the United States.Period 7The SC topic is approved.
12/21/2018 13:51:51Ethan Parkepark@stuy.eduElection Day should be made a national holiday. Voting should be mandatory. Period 8The election day topic sounds good--do you want to combine it with the mandatory voting idea? Approved.
12/21/2018 15:04:51Olivia HeOhe@stuy.eduThe U.S. government should regulate prisons and buy out privatized systems. The U.S. government should increase its quota of H-1B visas. Period 7The private prison topic is approved.
12/21/2018 18:04:51Nisan Yevdaevnyevdaev@stuy.eduThe current system of nominating and selecting presidential candidates should be replaced by one where moral character and experience play a larger role than the campaigns (stricter qualifications for who can run and less of an emphasis on the campaign/decreasing time to campaign).Plea bargains should be standardized into a form of code law where each crime corresponds to a specific reduction in punishment in order to prevent people from abusing or being abused by the system.Period 8The nomination topic sounds good--though who gets to determine what is and isn't immoral? Approved.
12/21/2018 18:19:52En Yu Zhangezhang3@stuy.eduPlea bargains should be eliminated. Bureaucrats shouldn't be elected; the current system is as maintained. Period 7The plea bargain paper sounds interesting--though how could this be done without crashing the existing legal system?
12/21/2018 18:59:20Maggie Zhaomzhao3@stuy.eduThe clause in the Constitution regarding eminent domain should be reinterpreted and the terms made stricter by clarifying "just compensation" and mandating independent review boards for eminent domain claims. The NSA should only be allowed to collect data on targeted individuals if they have a warrant; the bulk collection of metadata is unconstitutional.
There should be stricter oversight over the NSA and its interactions with large companies that have the ability to collect vast amounts of private data of Americans (i.e Telecom, Google, etc.)
Period 8The eminient domain topic is good. Approved.
12/21/2018 19:20:49Kathleen Wongkwong17@stuy.eduCorporate personhood should be overturned.Net neutrality should remain repealed. Period 8Corporate personhood is a good topic, but note that this is a right that goes beyond campaign spending--so long as you do your research your thesis is approved.
12/21/2018 20:10:40Nicholas Channchan1@stuy.eduAmerica should have a flat federal income tax instead of the progressive tax system in place today.In Baker Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Supreme Court should have sided with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

ALSO: Children of undocumented citizens born in the US should not be beneficiaries of birthright citizenship.
Period 8The flat tax topic is approved.
12/21/2018 20:13:16Hanna Gebremichaelhgebre-michael@stuy.eduThe President of the United States holds way too much power over the legislative and judicial branches in our government, and the power of the office is still continuing to grow.Gun control laws in America have not been effective in keeping the people of this country safe, and the Second Amendment must be reinterpreted. Period 7The POTUS topic is approved, so long as you give specific suggestions on how his poiwer should be limited.
12/21/2018 20:17:00Katie Wukwu11@stuy.eduThe Selective Service System should mandate registration from people of all sexes.The U.S. government should implement carbon taxes.Period 8The selective service topic sounds interesting. Approved.
12/21/2018 20:33:42Gordon The Justices of the Supreme Court should apply an "evolving standard of decency" to their interpretation of the Constitution. The manner in which Voter ID laws, and similar voter suppression laws, are applied violates the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution.Period 7The SC already uses the evolving standard ot decency for the 8th amendment's prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment. I assume that you'd like to extend it to the entire constitution? If so, it's approved.
12/21/2018 20:44:23Joshua Weinerjweiner@stuy.eduFelon disenfranchisement as it is practiced today - selectively by states - violates the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and disproportionately harms many communities in these states. Therefore, Section Two of the Fourteenth Amendment should be amended to outlaw the practice of felon disenfranchisement.
Beyond posing a detriment to US foreign interests, the increasing use of Private Military Contractors abroad allows for gaps in the ability of Congress to curtail the actions of the Executive Branch when it comes to the use of military force.Period 7The felon argument is a good one, but to prove an equal protection case, you have to assert that felons are suspect class--a pretty high bar to clear. Or you could argue that the racial imbalance in the nation's prison system is racist, but I'm not sure how that would impact felon voting? Approved--I'm interrested to see where you end up going.
12/21/2018 20:49:47Ting Ting Chentingting1671@gmail.comPresidential campaigns should not rely upon donors; the same budget should be given to all candidates for presidency.Our government should enforce a nationwide pollution tax.Period 8The campaign topic is approved.
12/21/2018 21:17:25Lucy Zhangl.zhang2001@gmail.comAffirmative action should be eliminated - It is unconstitutional and has adversely affected the minorities that it intended to help.Supreme court justices should not be appointed for life. Period 8The AA topic is approved.
12/21/2018 22:24:00Puneet Johalpjohal@stuy.eduThe United States should implement a universal basic income program.Sanctuary cities do not violate the law and should receive federal funding. Or, the US government should subsidize renewable energy.Period 8The UBI topic is approved.
12/21/2018 22:29:34Crystal Wangcwang4@stuy.eduUnder the standard of originalism, the modern Congress oversteps its legislative authority.The two-party political system is inherently limiting in a way that is impeding our democracy and should be replaced by a multi-party system.Period 7The originalism topic is approved.
12/21/2018 23:05:51Alexa Kongakong3@stuy.eduThe American voting system, as it currently stands, does not promote the democratic society we stand for and is severely flawed. It should be easier to fire government workers. Period 8The voting topic is approved so long as you suggest what sort of system should be put in its place.
12/21/2018 23:09:40Mandymchan11@stuy.eduThe subjectivity of cash bail violates equality before the law and therefore it should be eliminated. All religious memorabilia should be banned on all public and government property. Period 8By subjectivity, you mean that some can afford it and some cannot? Or do you mean that different judges ask for different amounts of bail? The topic is approved, but you have to clear up what you mean.
12/21/2018 23:16:34Jennifer Liujliu18@stuy.eduThe First Step Act in criminal justice reform should be trickled down to state prisons as well.Non-partisan groups should oversee congressional redistricting to combat gerrymandering efforts.Period 7The First Step topic is approved.
12/21/2018 23:24:04Malcolm Hubbellmhubbell@stuy.eduThe prison bail system is broken; it can lead to endless cycles of debt and incarceration for the financially disadvantagedMandatory minimums constitute cruel and unusual punishmentPeriod 8The bail topic is approved, but you should suggest how it should be improved.
12/21/2018 23:39:43Axel Tolpinaatolpina@stuy.eduPatriot Act should be repealed and privacy rights should be strengthened. Instead of the forced insurance company intermediaries brought by Obamacare and other actions by the government and private companies, we should switch to a free market system of healthcare.Period 8Both topics are fine--note that there' a lot in the Patriot Act. Would you repeal roving wiretaps in this era of burner phones? Approved.
12/21/2018 23:52:29Justin Wangjwang19@stuy.eduThere should be a ban on the use of solitary confinement on juvenile delinquents.Guantanamo Bay prison should remain open as it is a necessary safeguard to protect American citizens against foreign threats.Period 7As far as I know, there is already a federal ban on solitary confinement for juveniles. I think the Gitmo topc would be more interesting.
12/21/2018 23:59:22Kevin Chankchan9@stuy.eduVoting should be made a mandatory requirement of American citizenship.As it currently stands, the process of amending our Constitution has been made overly difficult and should be reformed.Period 8The mandatory voting thesis is approved!
12/22/2018 0:02:31Hanah Junhjun@stuy.eduThe right to a clean and safe environment should be a fundamental human right that is added as an Amendment to the Constitution.The government should be required to provide food, water, and shelter to the homeless as these are basic human rights. Period 8LATE: The environment topic sounds fine. Approved.
12/22/2018 0:27:39Lennielma00@stuy.eduVaccinations should be required for all people living in the the United States, citizens, resident aliens, etc.Felons should have the right to vote.Period 7LATE: The vaccination topic is approved.
12/22/2018 1:28:33Jared Aschjasch@stuy.eduIn order to maintain the power of the judicial branch and maintain stability in government, parties should not pack the courts.An instant runoff voting system is more democratic than the electoral college or popular vote directly, and should replace the existing system.Period 8LATE: The court packing topic is approved.
12/22/2018 9:02:58Michael Yemye1@stuy.eduThe government needs to cut its outsourcing of insurance administrative needs to private firms.Civil forfeiture needs to be abolished.Period 7LATE: The administrative topic is approved.
12/22/2018 10:21:13Danny Jiangdjiang1@stuy.eduThe Bakke holding barring universities from using racial quotas in their admissions process has inadvertently created quotas based on percentage of makeup rather than raw numbers; affirmative action violates equal protection more than it does to preserve it. Supreme Court Justices should be appointed democratically in order to better reflect the nation’s views. Period 8LATE: The AA topic is approved.
12/22/2018 10:30:15Eli Economoueeconomou@stuy.eduIdentity politics can be a powerful source of voters for candidates, but may deter people from voting by their own beliefs.Government shutdowns should include blocking salaries toward congress and the senate.Period 7LATE: The identity politics topic is approved.
12/22/2018 14:25:38Dylan Kimdkim8@stuy.eduThe 22nd Amendment should be revoked.Birthright citizenship should not apply to illegal entries into the U.S. Period 7LATE: The 22nd amendment topic is approved.
12/22/2018 14:56:01Peter Jinpjin1@stuy.eduWhile generally seen as a failure of government, government shutdowns can and are sometimes used as leverage in political disputes.Presidents should be able to serve more than two terms. Period 7LATE: Your government shutdown topic is approved if you are arguing that shutdowns are an approprate negotiating topic.
1/6/2019 23:49:51Melissa Hinckley
Tax exemptions for religious organizations and places of worship should be legal in order to maintain a founding principle of America: the separation between church and state.
Assisted suicide should be legalized. Period 8