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Robyn Adamsrobynadamsmail@gmail.comInstagram robyn.adams Twitter @robynadams VICE LIVE Staff Writer (Senior Field Producer), NIGHT OF TOO MANY STARS Consultant, WAREHOUSE 13 Freelance WriterI'm a comedy writer who started out in sitcom writers rooms, wandered into Sci-Fi, and jumped head long into late night manifestations of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog for Colbert, Hulu (Election Watch), and Conan. What I'm saying is, I can write for absolutely any voice. I'm sups flex.
Cynthia or Missy Malkin/Tess Jouany - Brillstein@cynteeeahhIn the Vault (Complex Networks: Staff Writer) Me and My Grandma (Youtube Premium: Staff Writer) Sweet/Vicious (MTV: Writer's Assistant)Cynthia Adarkwa is a Ghanaian American writer from Silver Spring, Maryland. After dropping out of Syracuse University and traveling the world, she went on to earn a BA in Dramatic Writing from the Savannah College of Art & Design. She's worked as a writer’s assistant on MTV's Sweet/Vicious and staffed as a writer on the YouTube Premium series, Me and My Grandma. Most recently she wrote on the Complex Network series, In The Vault. Toeing the line of drama and comedy, she tells stories about women of color finding their place in the world.
Sarah Afkami818-295-8028@safkami : instagramDICE (Executive Story Editor) WILFRED (staffwriter) LEGENDS OF CHAMBERLAIN HEIGHTS (Story editor) As a person raised in Texas by Iranian immigrants, I’ve always been aware of the elephant in the room. I love using comedy and story to examine/critique our culture and question the status quo.
My favorite themes to write about are identity, authenticity and family. My sense of humor can be dark and subversive but I also enjoy writing light, multi-cam tone jokes as well. I love studying story structure and appreciating the math component of proper plotting where the stakes elevate at an incrementally satisfying pace.
I love learning jargon from all walks of life and am perpetually intrigued by the people I meet. Food, friends and dogs warm my heart.
Valerie AlexanderValerie@SpeakHappiness.com OF CHRISTMAS (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, December 2018), plus multiple features and one TV show sold and never made. Sigh...Not another ex-lawyer turned writer! But I was a totally different kind of lawyer -- the kind you've never heard of. Started as an IPO lawyer in the Silicon Valley, then venture capital, investment banker, tech executive (...break to go back to Indiana to help my mom recover from a brain tumor, which she totally did and is still with us today!...), then screenwriter, director, author, keynote speaker, CEO of a tech startup, publisher and IP-owner, then back to screenwriting when asked by the producer who gave me my first writing job to write a Hallmark Christmas movie for him, which not only got made, but broke the color barrier on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. Huzzah! Random otherness: was a horse wrangler, semi-pro soccer player, runway model and cotton candy guru at Great America. Also created three highly successful Marriage Equality PSA campaigns, including "Say I Do" for Artists Against Hate (AAH8) and "The Wedding Matters" for The Courage Campaign. Genre-wise, I write everything, from female-lead dark political satire to female-lead family action comedies to female-lead coming-of-age dramas, both features and pilots. Personal: Married, one ill-mannered rescue dog, keto, trying to learn piano and Spanish, make the world's best shrimp caesar. Seriously. You'll cry.
Sabrina AlmeidaMichael Kolodny at The Kaplan Stahler Agency (323) 653-4483 Kendrick Tan and Carrie Isgett at Lit Entertainment Group (310) 988-7700n/anot-yet-made-public high profile show for Disney’s steaming service (Staff Writer)
Seal Team (Staff Writer)
As a little girl in Rio de Janeiro, Sabrina never imagined where her love of math and science would take her. She went to MIT, pursued aerospace engineering, and designed command sequences for NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Sabrina then switched focus, earning an MFA in Cinema-Television from USC while teaching for their Department of Physics & Astronomy. After graduating, she ran a small production company that catered to corporate clients. Sabrina now writes character-driven dramas. She got her first staffing opportunity on Seal Team and is currently enjoying the Big Apple as she works in her second writers’ room.
Liz AlperElizabeth.Alper@gmail.comTwitter: LizAlpsTHE ROOKIE (Co-Producer)
CHICAGO FIRE (Story Editor)
Liz Alper is a half-Asian Jew (more commonly known as “An Asian Invasion in the Israel Nation”) and an award-winning writer who enjoys the high concept, genre side of story telling. She has worked for such auspices as Dick Wolf (“Law & Order” and “Chicago” franchises), David Shore (“House,” “The Good Doctor,”) and David E. Kelley (“Big Little Lies” and every other show that came out in the 90s). Originally from Rhode Island, Liz grew up with dreams of performing on Broadway, except she couldn't act or sing and had such bad stage fright that she couldn't even write personal bios in the first person. She has a deep love for musicals, cartoons, baking shows and will pet every dog in the park.
Yeni, WILL SWIFT @ARSENAL MEDIA (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)TESLA AND THE TINKERERS (Animation Pilot/created by)
DIVERSITY HIRE (Half-Hour Comedy Pilot/writer)
BETTER THINGS (Single Cam Spec/writer)
Yeni Alvarez was born in Cuba and escaped with her parents to Panama when she was 10. She was smuggled Rio Grande into the US and grew up in the most Cuban of neighborhoods, Hialeah, where stores display signs that read “We speak English.” She studied theater in NY and Miami and paid for college by working weekends as a children’s party princess, all while learning makeup techniques from a transgender best friend. Yeni later moved to LA to be an actress, booking her first audition for the highest-rated sitcom in Spanish Television, and later her voiceover career bloomed when she booked the Spanish Female voice of Disney Theme Parks. She's the Spanish voice that tells you to "keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times." Now focused on developing multicultural comedy and animation, because she’s too intimidated to write sci-fi (her favorite), Yeni speaks 3 languages fluently and writes in 2. (Spanish, English, Italian). Flawless in Geek and some Klingon, Yeni Alvarez is currently learning to ride a bike in LA because her comedian husband refuses to get her a tricycle.
Jace AndersonPeter Katz at Story Driven Entertainment,; Jennifer Levy at Behr Abramson Levy 310-556-9220Facebook Jace Anderson; Twitter @Jace_GremlyMOTHER OF TEARS (Horror Feature directed by Dario Argento — screenplay by)
FURY (Young Adult horror feature/CBS Films - screenplay by)
THE UNIDENTIFIED (Young Adult Feature/Disney Channel - screenplay by)
Growing up in the small town of Parker, Colorado, I spent my time reading everything I could get my hands on, studying ballet and dreaming of living in a city. Dance and school got me out of my hometown: I attended a performing arts high school for ballet and then studied African-American history and literature at Havard University. Upon graduation, all I knew was that I was tired of snow, so I moved to L.A. and spent most of the 90s working as an HIV test counselor/educator in the juvenile justice system: I’ve done many a condom demonstration in the probation camps. My now-husband Adam Gierasch and I had been dating for two years when we decided to try writing together; we got our start in the indie horror scene. Over the course of our career we’ve been honored to work with horror luminaries such as Tobe Hooper (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE), Dario Argento (SUSPIRIA) and Clive Barker. Writing with my husband is as rewarding as it can be maddening: our skill sets balance each other out so well we like to say we make one writer. He’s plot, I’m character; he’s on to the next story while I’m happily up to my nose in a rewrite. I get giddy for genre and love sneaking the occasional literary reference in my horror and sci fi scripts.
Marilyn 310-502-4047 TO BEAT A BULLY (Indie Feature - Writer-Producer)
MAKING MR. RIGHT (Lifetime Movie - Co-writer)
CAROL & COMPANY (Story Editor - starring Carol Burnett, Jeremy Piven, Richard Kind)
I’m fun, funny and feisty. Got a couple of degrees in Biology and Physiology but left science to go into show biz. In addition to my TV and film work, I’m an award-winning author and playwright. My newest book is “How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short.” It was featured in Forbes and USA Weekly and won an award as the Best Book on Saving Money & Living Well of 2018. So, that makes me an expert in finance as well as, woo hoo – a relationship expert! I was the Dating, Flirting & Kissing Coach on “Extreme Makeover.” My book, “Never Kiss a Frog: A Girl’s Guide to Creatures from the Dating Swamp” is published in 10 languages. I love to write comedies, rom coms, and even thrillers (I can kill 6 people an hour – unfortunately, not the people of my choice!) I wrote three episodes of Friday the 13th – the Series. Now, to brag just a bit – I won a LUMINAS Award for the Positive Depiction of Women in Film & Television, and was honored by the WGA as a writer of one of the 101 Best TV Series of the Past Seven Decades. (Murphy Brown). I’m also excited about my newest play – a comedy about women and gender parity in Hollywood. Hope you’ll check me out 😊
Cindy Appel DONUTS (Executive Story Editor), HEARTBEAT (Story Editor), YOUNG & HUNGRY (Staff Writer)I grew up with diplomats, spies, and refugees in DC. When I was a kid, I rode my bike to the Iran Contra hearings and got to sit in the back with the mouth-breathing public. Someone asked Colonel North a question about the NSC that he refused to answer and they just moved on. That’s when I started writing. I wanted to lift the lid on all the mysterious sub-universes in our sad, boring lives. I love the flaws in people and what it makes them do. I have been lucky enough to travel the world on my own. I’ve worked as a security guard in Scotland and as an English teacher in a Chinese fishing village. I’ve discovered that people are mostly ridiculous, awkward liars who can barely hold their shit together. I am overjoyed by this. Some quick things about me -- I’ve spent years in writers rooms and I can read both the room and the showrunner’s mood pretty fast and crank out a draft accordingly. I’m a spy nerd. I read Congressional Research Reports for fun. And I fart like a lady. I write about underdogs with a dream, people who are lost, people who feel weak but could be strong, people who are searching for their mojo. I had cancer and it sucked, but I'm fine now.
Elysse WITCH (Story Editor), DOLLY PARTON'S HEARTSTRINGS (Writers' Asst/Script Coord), GOOD GIRLS (Script Coord)I grew up in Orange County, California, the oldest of three sisters in the only Jewish family in our small town... and with the only parents who aggressively sold Amway products and occasionally hunted aliens. I graduated from USC with a bachelor's in film production and creative writing and, after a brief stint as a nametag writer on The Price is Right, worked as support staff to writers on a number of pilots and television shows for over a decade -- all dramas, some with vampires. I got staffed on my most recent show, Good Witch, which is described as a comedy-drama with a touch of fantasy... that's pretty much my style, plus or minus fantasy. When I'm not in a writers' room, you can find me mentoring teen girls at WriteGirl workshops, fostering dogs with MaeDay Rescue, and… okay, one guilty pleasure: attending Dodgers baseball games. And when I'm not doing any of the above (and let’s be real – sometimes while I am), I daydream about food and travel. I live in Silver Lake with my husband and two adorable rescue poodles, Charlie and Sam Adams. And I'm a hard pass on any and all multi-level marketing schemes. 
Jordana ArkinJeff Holland: The Cartel & & Abrams Artists: Brad RosenfeldFacebook IM; Twitter #jojothetenthNetflix “Project Mc2” creator/writer/EP - Emmy Nom.
Netflix “Fuller House” Sup. Producer
NBC “Will & Grace” Writer
Emmy Nom. Episode
After a year at University of Iowa, I left the cold, and my Chicago roots, to study Fine Arts at Cal Arts in sunny CA. There, I quickly began channeling my creative energy into making humorous short films and videos. Enjoying making people laugh, I found my true calling as a Comedy Writer/Producer. I worked on a number of sitcom series, including "Fuller House," "Melissa & Joey," Mike Judge's "The Goode Family" and wrote an Emmy-nominated episode of "Will & Grace." In Daytime Animation, you’ll find my credits on "Hey Arnold," ‘‘What’s New Scooby Doo," and Disney's “Star vs The Forces of Evil,” a series I Co-Developed, Co-Executive Produced and was the Head Writer. Expanding on my Animation experience, I wrote for popular Activision Videogames, which include the Annie Award winning "Kung Fu Panda," "Shrek 4" and "Ghostbusters." All that experience lead me to be the Creator and Emmy nominated EP of a Netflix Original Series, "Project Mc2.” Currently, I have written a script for AMC’s new “Creepshow” series and have pilot in production at Nickelodeon. When I’m not staring at my computer trying to come up with a funny story or clever joke, I’m spending time with the five loves of my life -- my husband, my son and 3 rescue cats.
Elaine or Kaplan Stahler 323-653-4483Elaine Aronson - FacebookYOU ME HER (Consultant) ROSEANNE (Supervising Producer) IT'S GARRY SHANDLING'S SHOW (staff writer)Well, I listed Garry Shandling's Show above for two reasons - first to show I am old (but still kicking). Second, because It was the most difficult job I ever had. Me and ten really really funny men who mostly came from Harvard. You can fill in the blanks. But I learned a lot which I have tried to hold on to. Shows since then have been way more traditional -- please see my IMDB page for all those credits. I've done a bunch of shows I'm not so proud of but I needed to keep working and somehow have sort of managed it. I just finished a season on YOU ME HER which was some of the best work I've had a chance to do. I love being in a writer's room, collaborating, nurturing young writers. I've been told people don't want older writer's because they are no longer in pop culture which is the biggest bunch of shit I've ever her. Baby, I am woke.
Brooke on TwitterSIDESWIPED (YouTube Premium, SW); BATES MOTEL (A&E, Writer's Asst); developing a comedy with ShowtimeBrooke Baker grew up in a small town that she hated until she left. Her mother died at 39, which sounded old until it sounded super young. High school paid off with admission to Berkeley, which was the best. And then the Rhetoric program within Berkeley was truly the best. She wrote papers on contemporary movies and music and managed to spend a year in Europe while still graduating on time. However, the financial crisis happened, and there were no jobs for Rhetoric majors. But then, some dude in a bar told her to move to LA and write for TV, and she did just that. After a collection of odd freelance jobs and classes at Upright Citizen's Brigade, she got a job with Robert Newman at WME, then with Jonathan Frank at FX, and then with Carlton Cuse.Carlton promoted her to writer’s assistant on BATES MOTEL with Kerry Ehrin. As Bates was wrapping, Brooke wrote a pilot based on a drunken conversation from years prior that she then sold to Showtime. Brooke is drawn to work with sharp emotional honesty and writes with as much candor as she can. Her nuclear safety engineer father still doesn’t understand what she does.
Janae; CAA (if we make a deal), Wendy Kirk at Ziffren Brittenham, Jon Huddle at Fourth Wall ManagementNope. Sorry. I'm on Facebook and post self-depricating humor and/or political shit all the time, does that count?SCRUBS (Co-EP, 8 seasons on NBC & ABC)
BABY DADDY (Co-EP, 4 seasons on Freeform)
GREENHOUSE ACADEMY (EP, Netflix, airing this summer)
I grew up in Minnesota, where show choir was my creative jam, cross-country skiing was my Varsity sport, and 20 degrees was a super nice day in March. I had a thick MN accent until I saw "Fargo" in college and horrifyingly heard myself for the first time, and I deliberately lost it the next day. I studied TV/Film/Screenwriting at Northwestern University, with an intent to use the degree to go into something safe & normal, like advertising. Then, the summer before my senior year, I learned that most people did NOT get married at 22 and move to the suburbs like all my high school friends were doing, all from watching this cool new show called "Friends." I decided right then to dump the marry-able boyfriend, move to Hollywood after college, and do my damnedest to get a job writing for a show like "Friends" someday. Before I got to LA, I spent six months waiting tables in Oxford, England, because my mother would rather have me on a different continent than California. Finally, I made it here... worked as a writer's asst on 6 shows in 4 years, and got my first staff job on "Scrubs," which was a comedic dream come true. I spent 8 years on "Scrubs," then went off to several other shows while selling pilots in between to ABC, WB, Disney, etc. In the past 20 years, I got married, had one kid (I don't have the emotional capacity for more), and just recently, divorced! I started making jokes about my husband's affair about two days after it happened because, comedy writer; and thanks to online dating and single motherhood, I have stories that I NEVER had in my twenties. I'm looking forward to writing in this new, blank chapter of life!
Lori WORLDS (writer)
NGTV GIANT PANDA Network Special (writer)
PROPERTY VETS (writer/director/producer)
Lori Balaban is an award-winning screenwriter whose Family Guy spec script won Scriptapoolza, and whose Arrested Development spec was a semifinalist in the Austin Film Festival. Balaban advanced to the second round of Fox’s TV Writer’s Lab and WIF/Black List episodic lab. Balaban has recently crafted four new original television pilots—two dramas and two comedies—ready for staffing submission. She also has two finished screenplays to shop.
Balaban has written, directed and produced several films including the short film Dog Stalker, which featured The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Ellie Kemper, and aired on CBS as part of their CBS Comedy Night School showcase. Her short films Learning Curve and Nie zu Spat debuted at the American Film Institute’s Ripfest Collaborative Film Project. She has penned scripts for National Geographic International’s Hidden Worlds series and their Giant Panda special, in addition to serving as segment producer and writer for TLC’s Random Acts of Duff. Balaban has produced and directed large scale branded entertainment pieces for clients including NBC, Disney/ABC, Harley Davidson, A+E and Sundance. Her advertising work for went on to garner four Silver Promax Awards. She directed Ron Howard for AMC’s Toronto Film Festival integrated content. Balaban is also an accomplished novelist. Her novel Left of Bang, won the prestigious City College of New York’s The Jerome Lowell DeJur Prize in Creative Writing, and the screenplay adaptation won the graduate award in memory of screenwriter David Dortort—who produced the NBC TV show, Bonanza.
Madalyn STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT (Staff Writer)I am a New Jersey-native who currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. At the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre, where I currently teach, I wrote for several house teams and shows including running shows Bullshit Women, A Date With Every Boy, and currently, Sketch Cram. I am the co-writer of Above Average series Katie: A Lady and was a long-time contributor to Funny Or Die. I am a 2017 Made In New York Writers Room Fellow. I love scrappy sketch comedy but I’m ready for more. I also enjoy directing live theatre, as well as directing and producing videos through my production company, Fancy Family. This year I wanted to direct more video, but have little experience doing it and no time to go to film school, so I’m on a quest to direct and shoot 24 sketches this year. So far I’m on target! I graduated from Swarthmore College and have an affinity for contemporary fiction. I’ve been a member of a four-year-long running sci-fi book club. I am an avid follower of the US Women's National Soccer Team. I also volunteer with Court Watch, an organization that takes statistics in arraignments to hold DAs accountable.
Carmiel or Julian Rosenburg at @CarmielBanaskyUNDONE (Amazon half-hour - staff writer)
The ship was anchored to the pack ice, almost 80 degrees North, flat gray-white forever—this was the moment I finally perceived the absence of ice. I had the joy of spending my early thirties on the road finishing my first novel (The Suicide of Claire Bishop)—a luxurious vagrancy as a “residency rat,” hopping from writing fellowship to writing fellowship, all over the globe, with no home base. This was my last residency: a sailing vessel in the Arctic, where I began weaving climate change into my work with gusto. In my twenties, I was a political organizer, until I said goodbye to all that to “pursue writing.” I began editing and teaching creative writing (I’ve taught at Hunter College, UCLA Extension, and several other programs), with little time for activism. But at the North Pole, all compasses read differently, erratic. Time, too, becomes suspicious. That day, I saw there can be no differentiation: I am, was, will be a writer/activist. The calving glaciers around me will not grow back. But I don’t feel helpless. Instead, I urgently yearn to tell social justice stories of courage, love.
Krystal HandsOnBanzonI FEEL BAD - Staff WriterI am a queer, first-generation Filipina American, raised in the Breaking Bad deserts of California. I was born out of a marriage of convenience between a gambler-dreamer father who wanted a family and practical-nurse mother who wanted a green card. Their marriage had little love, so of course, that’s the human condition I am most curious about! I started as a theater director/creator and spent a year in the Philippines on a Fulbright directing plays, figuring out my hybrid cultural identity, and falling for a young, wild, and closeted movie actress. Afterwards, I moved to New York and inadvertently lived with queer Filipino ethnic separatists while working in the multicultural theater scene. You THINK you have a lot in common, until your white friends aren’t welcome across your doorstep! I went to grad school at NYU, enjoyed my city singledom, and thought that being a lesbian was the best form of birth control… until I fell for an older woman who was on her way to becoming a single mother. I rarely say no to an adventure – so, three kids later (yes, she talked me into carrying a baby, and yes, I was terrified, and then of course, I had twins), I am now a wife and mother who writes both half hour and hourlong dram/edies between the hours of 10pm and 2am when my beloveds are snoring.
Natalie OR Dalip Sethi at Rain Management - Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (Nickelodeon):
Executive Story Editor
Extended Stay Pilot (Nickelodeon):
Crash and Bernstein (Disney):
Staff Writer
I'm just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world...who took the midnight train goin' anywhere... Part of that is true. I did grow up in a tiny Massachusetts town, and spent most of my days pleasing people and trying to make my family laugh. This was especially ineffectual, seeing my father and sister are bipolar, and my mother was depressed much of my childhood. I grew up playing the trombone for every band imaginable, confident I was going to be the future trombonist for Prince. That didn't happen. But I like writing better, so suck-it, Prince. I met my husband in my 11th grade algebra class, when we bonded over wearing the same shoes. I knew then, he was a keeper. 19 years later, we're still together, even though he accidentally said "DO I?" instead of "I DO" at the altar. I moved out to Los Angeles, where I became a writer for Nickelodeon and Disney. I enjoy making anyone laugh -- kids, old people, myself. So, even though I've mainly written for children's shows, I have a propensity to write material for more adult audiences. I'm known for my dark humor, and dialect of a drunken sailor. Growing up as a dysfunctional people pleaser, I'm also super easy to work with.
Nina or Samantha Slan (manager) or Lee Keele @ Gersh @slackmistressLizzie McGuire (17 episodes) staff writer --> story editor (EP: Susan Jansen & Stan Rogow)
Mattel (various - Barbie, DC Superhero Girls, Monster High)
Unnamed Netflix Adult Animated TV Show co-producer (EP: Andrew Cosby)
If you have kids, were a kid, know a kid, or are just a delightful weirdo, chances are you’ve seen Nina Bargiel’s work. She began her career on the Disney Channel, where she wrote seventeen episodes of the hit series “Lizzie McGuire,” including the infamous bra and Aaron Carter episodes.
In addition to penning the oft-meme’d “I WANT A BRA!” and “Merry Christmas, Lizzie McGuire,” Nina has written for both live-action and animated programs, such as "How to Rock," "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy," "Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures," and "DC Superhero Girls," as well as on shows at Cartoon Network, MTV, Hasbro, Titmouse, Netflix, Sony Animation TV and some other places that she’s completely forgotten about in her nearly 20-year career. (But her IMDB is pretty accurate.) Currently, she’s developing shows for Activision/Blizzard, One Race (Vin Diesel’s company), and Gaumont Television.
Nina can be found screaming into the void on Twitter, Instagram, and in the front yard of her house where she lives with her 12-year-old American Bully, Olive A. Pitbull. Occasionally you can see her on television making jokes about the Mary Tyler Moore Show and Colombo, because she likes to keep up with what the kids are watching.
Romi or manager Maggie Haskins at Artists First (310)432-6725N/AALEXA & KATIE (staff writer), FOURSOME (exec story editor), SANTA CLARITA DIET (freelance writer)In 5th grade, I wrote a series of short stories that followed Detective Jenny Craig and her assistant Fred Segal whose mission was to solve most mysteries in the world but still be fashionable. Yes, I grew up in LA. Please don't hate me. I left the bubble and went to Northwestern for theater, then moved to New York, drank too much, got cold, and moved back here. I'm a staff writer on ALEXA & KATIE on Netflix, I previously wrote on FOURSOME for AwesomenessTV/YouTube, and my first credit was on SANTA CLARITA DIET on Netflix. I write comedy with a little bit of darkness, but also heart. I love coming of age stories for YA and adults, and stories about sisters (I have three) and family. And yes, Detective Jenny Craig is still avail to option.
Roxanne Beck @roxannebeck1MISS FAMOUS (Available on Netflix in the compilation feature THE HEYDAY OF THE INSENSITIVE BASTARDS) - Screenwriter
CATERPILLARLAND - Screenwriter and children's book author
THE QUEEN OF MAGIC - (TV series, in development - Creator and Writer of pilot and mini-bible)
Roxanne Beck grew up in a small college town in Arkansas, where her parents were teachers. Her mother, a frustrated tap dancer, entered her in a talent show at the age of three; by age seven, Roxanne was writing stories. After college she worked as a singer and voice actor in Nashville and New York (“Pokemon,” “Doug”), eventually relocating to Los Angeles to pursue her childhood dream of being a writer. She earned an MFA in Screenwriting at UCLA, where her honors included a Humanitas Drama Fellowship nomination. Her credits include the short film MISS FAMOUS (starring Kristen Wiig and executive produced by James Franco), now available on Netflix in the compilation feature THE HEYDAY OF THE INSENSITIVE BASTARDS. Roxanne’s animation screenplay CATERPILLARLAND was a semi-finalist in the 2018 ScreenCraft Family Competition; the children’s book version is available on Amazon. Currently she is developing THE QUEEN OF MAGIC, a prestige drama series based on the true story of Dell O'Dell, the most successful female magician of the 20th century. Specializing in female-driven dramas, dramedies, and adaptations, she has done rewrites for Warner Bros., MGM, and Chimere Productions. She lives in Sherman Oaks with her wonderful dog Truman.
Sarah or Geoff Cheddy at Brillstein Entertainment@sarahbellardiniUntitled Cartoon Network Project (staff writer)
Lazor Wulf (Adult Swim, staff writer)
The Pound Hole (TBS, staff writer)
I am a comedy writer, improviser and sketch performer with several years experience in animation television. I love writing cartoons, for both children and adults. But mostly, I just like to write funny stuff.
Sara BenincasaMaggie Haskins at Artists First or Tucker Voorhees! (adapted memoir as half-hour pilot for two networks)
DC TRIP - (adapted novel as screenplay w/three production companies)
GREAT - (YA novel optioned for TV this year)
I grew up in Jersey and dropped out of Emerson, eventually finishing at Warren Wilson in Asheville, NC. I taught high school in New Mexico and got my graduate degree in teaching at Columbia, doing my student teaching placement at the Bronx High School of Science. A friend who had just quit her job at Comedy Central to teach middle school told me I should try stand-up. Nobody was publishing anything I wrote at the time, so I looked at it as a way to get my writing onstage. Eventually, it helped me get my first book deal. As an author and comedian, I developed a voice characterized by humor, empathy, and an interest in shining a light on the darker side of how we get through the day. While I enjoyed my years as an author working alone in a home office and a stand-up comic staying in random motel rooms on the road, I feel happiest and most useful when I’m working with a team to achieve a goal. I love collaboration, something driven home to me when I had the opportunity to work with producers on two adaptation projects. I’ve published five books and gotten to develop with some gifted mentors. I'd really like to staff in order to learn more, grow more, and be a part of a team.
Dania (Twitter, Instagram)CRIMINAL MINDS "IN THE DARK" (freelance writer), ACQUAINTED (short film, writer/producer), LUNCH, INTERRUPTED (short film, writer/producer)I grew up in a small town surrounded by strawberry fields, horse pastures, and coastal oak trees. I was raised by busy parents. My dad built rocket computer systems for the government, including some work for the CIA. My mom designed houses. My two sisters went on to become a project manager for a pharmaceutical construction company and a nuclear engineer who is building the atomic battery for the 2020 Mars Rover. I, a self-declared writer since I was 7, dabbled in theatre and poetry in college and eventually received a Bachelors in Psychology/Neuroscience with a minor in Queer Studies. Before working in television, I worked in Nuclear Power, Behavioral Therapy, as a home renovator, and spent the last year as a caregiver for my grandfather struggling with heart failure. I crave live music and go to roughly 50+ concerts a year as well as write my own songs in my free time. I got my start working in television 10 years ago as a set PA after meeting an AD while working at Starbucks and being offered a job on the spot for “being helpful.” As one of many grand-nieces to Mary Queen of Scots, I am enthralled and passionate about history and writing historical dramas. I also love to use my psychology background to write characters with complex personalities.
Jeanie, Matthew Doyle and Melissa Darman, Verve; Management: Chelsea Connors, Mosaic@JeanieBergenZac & Mia (Story Editor) One Mississippi (Writers' Assistant)I like to make sad things funny. To me, comedy is survival. I write about taboo subjects (disability, caregiving, mental health, illness). I created a live storytelling show for writers and comedians who've lost a parent/s called "Happy Holidays! Our Parent/s are Dead." I'm currently in development on a pilot based on my experience of taking care of my sister, who is intellectually disabled. I believe in being kind, working hard and helping others.
Brooke or Sally Ware at Industry, sallyw@industryentertainment.com,,, POLLY FREED (indie feature, writer/director, in pre-production); UGGS FOR GAZA (narrative short, writer/director); HUNTING AND GATHERING (play, playwright)OriI was born in Detroit and raised in Chicago, moved to NYC at 18 and stayed. After dropping out of Barnard College, I studied with experimental theater director Anne Bogart and had a life as an actor on NYC's Lower East Side. I wrote and performed monologues in clubs and bars and later, after a cross-country road trip in my then-boyfriend's van, went to Juilliard to become a playwright. My plays have been workshopped and produced all over the US and abroad. I was part of the generation of female playwrights who were told that without male protagonists (and/or females who get punished), our plays would not be done. (Happily that time is over). I sold my play SMASHING to Natalie Portman in 2004 and adapted it for the screen, thus beginning a new life as a screenwriter. I sold another movie to the Mark Gordon company and then, after living in LA for five years -- and becoming a mother -- realized I needed to make my own work again and raised the money to make Uggs For Gaza (my directorial debut). I'm now raising money for my feature, Polly Freed, and writing TV. I have also written 3 nonfiction books including a memoir (No Place Like Home, Random House) about living in 39 apartments in 20 years, a writing guide and a book of parenting essays (He DIdn't Fucking Learn It From Me, DKP). I used to write primarily about a search for home -- and one's tribe -- but lately I write more about race, female friendship, the ethics of desire, and the moments people fall out of (both romantic and platonic) love. I'm married to a writer. Our son is eight now and delightful. He curses a lot. I swear he didn't learn the words from us.
Jessiline 424-371-6081@FemmeMakerProdsDeath of Socrates (Feature Film — Co-Writer/Co-Director) Character Studies (TV Series — Producer) A Million Little Things (TV Series — Consultant)I was called a “writer/director to watch,” by the National Black Programming Consortium, but I don’t think that’s why the old guy two houses down always peeks at me through his blinds as I eat dinner. As a former Texan, hedge-fund admin, New Yorker, assault survivor, accountant, eating disorder recoverer, dog mom, vegan caterer, sugarless baker, and single foster mom (in that order), I’ve seen much, and written a lot of it down. Sharp wit, sharp tongue, and a big, squishy heart. I write good girls who do bad, and bad guys who do good because humanity is rarely black or white, even if people are. I earned degrees in RTF and Acting from UT Austin, and my MFA from Columbia University. I learned structure, nuance, building character, and how to avoid paying off mounds of education debt for as long as possible. I teach TV/screenwriting, as well as consult with production companies and private clients. I’ve helped clients get into the CBS Mentoring Program, ABC TV Writing Program, and Tribeca All Access. I’m working on my next directing project, Esquinado (Eng. title “Cornered”), a feature screenplay set in the world of amateur boxing, that I began developing in the Film Independent Screenwriters Lab with facilitator, Karyn Kusama (Girlfight, Destroyer), who is also a producer on the film.
Sara THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS (TV - Associate Headwriter), FIFI CAT THERAPIST (Streaming -Story Editor), ALL MY CHILDREN (TV- Breakdown Writer)I grew up in Berkeley before gentrification drove out all the rebels and the weirdos. My parents divorced when I was 3 because my dad was an out trans woman decades before it was trendy. My mom raised me on her own, although my parents occasionally reunited for wholesome family outings like parties at the guy who invented Molly's house. Determined to get the hell out of Berkeley, I went to Harvard. Once I got there, I desperately missed California. After graduation, I headed for Hollywood. My first industry job was as a TV research analyst for Sony, so I’m an expert on Nielsen ratings. In between TV writing gigs, I built a career as an entertainment journalist and podcaster. I'm hopelessly single, but I still believe in love. I tend to write about women navigating both internal and external obstacles, but I like to tell stories about dudes too. I've got two (Daytime) Emmys and two WGA awards. Writing for a show that's been on for 46 years has taught me skills that could help your show hit 100 episodes. In short, I'm ready for primetime!
Ashley Nicole Frontal with Samantha Bee, TBS (Supervising Writer), A Black Lady Sketch Show, HBO (Staff Writer)According to the internet, the most interesting thing about me is that I dropped out of my PhD candidacy to do improv and sketch at The Second City. I wrote on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee for the first three seasons, and I'm currently writing on A Black Lady Sketch Show.
Heather Jeng or Manager: Josh Levy / Industry Entertainment: IS THE NEW BLACK (Staff Writer)
MAD MEN (Writer/Freelance Episode)
Heather’s a third-generation Chinese American who refused to eat rice growing up, despite it being one of the few Chinese things her Americanized parents tried to pass down to her. Instead, she wanted a side of mashed potatoes like the other kids in her super white Orange County, California suburb. But even though she highlighted her hair blonde, she wasn’t white. TV didn’t help the situation either. Her choices were “Full House” or “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. So, she gravitated towards Will Smith for guidance on how “others” operated in a white-washed world. Not until she was in undergrad at USC did she realize what made her different, made her special, and she’s been writing stories about the underrepresented, with a penchant for strong women and romance, ever since.
Heather’s writing credits include: Staff Writer on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK and a freelance episode for MAD MEN. In addition, she was in the writers’ room for ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK for two seasons as a Writers’ Assistant/Script Coordinator. She also served as Showrunner’s Assistant to Matthew Weiner for the last three seasons of MAD MEN, learning how to be a successful showrunner. She’s a team player, hearty laugher, carnival game expert, and mother of two half-Chinese kids who she hopes will be proud of their Chinese heritage – at least they love rice!
Tessa, 917-864-1256,, Carefree, Mellow (screenplay adaptation of short story collection by Katharine Heiny - a playful exploration of women and sexuality) Wife, Mother, Solider, Spy (pilot for Netflix, produced by Tribeca)An AFI Directing Workshop for Women alumna, Tessa Blake is an award-winning writer and director whose films have premiered at Cannes and SXSW, been honored by the Academy, been released theatrically, and have played on Showtime, Oxygen and PBS. Tessa is compelled by rich emotional themes supported by interesting genre structure. Tessa’s adaptation of Single, Carefree, Mellow – a book of short stories from New Yorker writer Katharine Heiny – will be shot this summer. Her forthcoming adaptation of her own documentary about women coming out of prison in South Central LA will star Octavia Spencer.
Additionally, she and her husband Ian Williams have worked as a writing team for film & television, setting up scripts with ABC, NBC, SyFy, FOX and Warner Brothers
Gesha Marie BlandHolly Frederick on Twitter & InstagramTHE RIPPER, SELZNICK'S FOLLY BLACKLIST PODCAST EARMOVIE SERIESGesha-Marie Bland, a Black List/Women in Film TV Lab Fellow, contributor to the Black List Blog, and writer of the forthcoming Alexander McQueen - Issie Blow biopic THE RIPPER with Maven Pictures, is a film/television writer from Reed College, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and NYU’s Masters Program in Cinema Studies. Represented by Curtis Brown Ltd, she began her film career in Public Relations for the Chicago International Film Festival, and continued at Magic Lantern PR for clients such as Sony Pictures Classics and October Films, as well as an editorial assistant at Scenario and The Independent. Ms. Bland, a multiple finalist in the BlueCat, American Zoetrope and Screencraft competitions, as well as featured in the Black List Industry Report, specializes in thriller, biopic, true-life and literary adaptations, including the feature scripts HEDGED OUT, SELZNICK'S FOLLY, THE WELCOME, THE RIPPER AND HIS MUSE, and pilot scripts including SCANDALGATE, and LEGEND OF A QUEEN. She’s currently adapting SELZNICK’S FOLLY, a favorite of the BLACK LIST TABLE READ PODCAST SERIES into a television miniseries, as well as other film and television projects.
Glenn Boozanemail:, Manager: Reg Tigerman, but I never use it!I LOVE YOU AMERICA WITH SARAH SILVERMAN (Staff writer)
ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING (Staff writer/Producer)
Hi, I'm Glenn! I'm a half-hour comedy writer currently at the staffing level. My comedy roots started out at UCB in New York City and I moved here three years ago for work.
My most recent job was writing on two seasons of Sarah Silverman's "I Love You, America" where I spearheaded sketches and monologue, so I have the most experience in sketch and hard joke writing. I have some half-hour narrative experience having written on Adam Ruins Everything, but I would love to make my next move into the full narrative space.
In terms of style, my comedy sweet spot is "Hearts and Farts." A meaningful story that speaks to the human condition but ALWAYS paired with hard jokes. My dream job is working on a show where every episode makes you laugh, and the season finale makes you cry.
I love video games, graphic design, and I recently started training for a half-marathon which I will promptly give up in a couple weeks
Rebecca Boss (Story Editor)
BEING MARY JANE (Staff Writer)
I grew up in a rural desert town in southeastern New Mexico, a state that is ranked dead last in educational quality. People only know my hometown of Roswell, New Mexico because we have a UFO museum (it consists only of paper mâché UFOs and newspaper clippings), the only green Walmart in the country, and a UFO shaped McDonald’s. After being held at gunpoint by a motorcycle gang member my first year of college, I knew I had to get out of there and decided to try my hand at film school in California. At age 21 I literally circumnavigated the globe on a ship while taking classes in post-colonial theory, global politics, and even Indian singing. The economy crashed right out of college, so I found myself becoming a teacher in the inner-city through a program called Teach For America. During that time I also helped coach a city-championship slam poetry team and volunteered teaching creative writing in Central Juvenile Hall. I am addicted to education, so in addition to getting my Master’s in Creative Writing, I also went back to school to work on a PhD in Cultural Studies. I spent my days studying gender theory, critical race theory, and philosophy, all while trying to infuse these heady ideas into my writing. All that paid off, when my writing partner and I got staffed on our first show and have since worked on two shows featuring women of color. It has been amazing process, getting to learn new perspectives and write about topical issues that matter. Since then, I’ve cross-country skied with penguins in Antarctica, successfully meeting my goal of traveling to all seven continents. I’ve also recently become a mother and have successfully kept a human alive for just under a year.
Lisa Boydlaschultzboyd@gmail.comshoopeedoo instagram Black Sails: Episode XV - Staff Writer
Black Sails: Episode XXII - Staff Writer
Hawaii Five-0: Episode Kupale - Staff Writer
I was a lonely kid, and odd. My companions were 80s TV characters. The Keatons were family; Bo, Luke and Daisy, my playmates. When Moonlighting broke the fourth wall, I went all in. No one asked me to prom, but David Addison wiggled his hips, stirred my budding passion and made me realize: I want to write for TV!
There were obstacles. After I co-wrote a Hawaii Five-O, I overheard an executive refer to my half as “weird like she’s weird”. He was right. My writing embraces female sexuality, which makes some people uncomfortable.
My first staff job, the showrunner wanted a barmaid to enter a rape tent willingly. I pitched self-immolation, more realistic. The showrunner told me to ‘calm down’. So I wrote my own pilot about warrior women who were also sexual beings.
Mo Ryan revealed in 2017 that only 12 of 97 dramas on the prestige networks were created by women. But lately, there are more streaming series with a woman’s POV on everything – including sex. I’m not saying soft porn is the antidote to gender politics in media. But it’s not a bad thing either.
One day I hope to create a show that’s a part of this movement, too. Maybe one day, the love story I write can speak to lonely hearts like mine.
Joanna or Brian Stern at AGI 646-780-5050@JoannaBlablySATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (Staff writer)
ALTERNATINO (PILOT) (Staff writer)
I’m a born and raised New Yorker now living in LA as what I call a middle-class bicoastal. I’ve worked mostly in sketch and late night but I’m currently developing a half hour and looking to staff in narrative comedy. I came up through UCB and then Lorne Michaels’ Above Average before I started staffing. I’d call my voice character-driven satire in adult scenarios (not adult like porn, adult like “oh shit my brother-in-law wants to come to Christmas but he’s a mentally ill neocon”). I have a wife who’s a journalist and a dog who’s gorgeous. We don’t have kids but we like to think of our white couch as a sort of quieter, more beautiful, less needs-food-and-college surrogate child. Working in the rooms I have, I’m almost totally inoculated against painful criticism or bits that offend, but I totally respect and support anyone who has a lower boiling point; this shit is really hard. My favorite moments in a room are when everyone is on the same page, beating a joke twenty times over, shouting alts that are ALL gold (the UCB yes-and in me) and we exhaust ourselves laughing and none of that is going in the script. That said, the stoic, wind-beaten Irish in me will work obediently for long stretches of time without peeing. This is my pledge to you.
Valerie BrandyRED Talent Management, www.valeriebrandy.comWALT DISNEY STUDIOS LIVE ACTION FEATURES (First Look Deal, Staff Writer, & Various Ongoing Assignments), DISNEY CHANNEL (Screenwriter -- Original Movie), LOLA'S LAST LETTER (Writer / Director / Actor)I'm a feature writer who loves working on family films, fantasy, and comedies with heart. I recently served as a staff writer in Walt Disney Studio's live action feature division, and continue to work on various assignments with them via a first look deal. My feature film, "Lola's Last Letter," which I also directed and starred in, was distributed by Random Media and Sony's the Orchard, and is currently available on Amazon, iTunes, and other platforms. Because I'm bad at talking to myself, I'm now going provide you with some super-cool press excerpts about the movie. "...the key word when describing Brandy is unflinching." -- The Huffington Post. "Breathtakingly REAL and provocatively HONEST... [Brandy is] an important voice for her generation." -- Starpulse
So, basically, if you want a family/fantasy/comedy writer who NEVER flinches, and will take your breath away, all while telling you the truth... look no further, I'm your girl!
Kelly Jo or Plumeria Entertainment (818) 825-0843@KellyJoBrickWreckage (Short Film - writer), The Jewel in the Woods (Documentary - writer), Pause (Indie Film - writer)TV drama and documentary writer, I’m originally from a small town in Wisconsin. To put in perspective just how small, my home county had only one stoplight. More dairy cows than people. It’s one of those places that people don’t get out of. You don’t even dream of it. You don’t go to a major university like the University of Wisconsin or get into one of the nation’s top college marching bands. You certainly don’t have a successful advertising career and then set that aside to move to Los Angeles and be a writer. You definitely don’t go on to become a Sundance/Women In Film Financing Intensive Fellow, get selected to the Women In Film Writer & Showrunner Mentoring Circle and graduate from the FBI Citizens Academy, but that’s what I did. That experience of having to work my tail off and drive against the odds has really drawn me to telling underdog stories; writing characters who face an array of obstacles and challenges, while doing so with heart, dedication and perseverance. Whether as a crime drama, an engaging family drama or a thriller, I’m fascinated with building the journeys and adventures of characters put into situations where they have to struggle, grit, grind and fight through huge hurdles in order to succeed.
Taylor or Bauman Management 323-857-7274@thbroganFRANKENSTEIN, M.D. (Staff Writer)
DIGITAL DETOX (Staff Writer)
REPRISAL (Writers' Assistant)
Grew up in a redneck suburb of Washington, DC. Lived in my grandparents' basement because we were too poor for rent, but spent my whole life in fancy private schools my dad worked his ass off to send me to. Was sexually assaulted as a child and turned that trauma into some really fun, long-lasting guilt & repression. Catholic school probably didn't help. I didn't realize I was queer until my early 20s. My mom technically kidnapped me when I was 11 and moved us to Florida for a while, but my dad made us move back. Started drinking coffee when I was 12 because of Gilmore Girls. Was a competitive cheerleader in high school and hated every minute of it. Went to the University of Chicago because they told me it was "where fun goes to die." (It was actually a lot of fun.) I've been a federal bureaucrat, a small-town waitress, and a bartender in Scotland. Now I write TV drama about young women in pressure-cooker environments. I'm obsessed with figure skating, and I write songs for fun.
Alisha or Ashley Berns at Circle of Confusion 310-691-7031brophyandmiles.comFeatures: United States of Fuckin' Awesome, White Girl Problems, License to Drive. TV: Lego (animated)Alisha is a small town girl who always ends up living in big cities. She lives in Los Angeles, but you wouldn’t know it from her cowboy boots and New York accent. Brophy received her BA in English Lit, and a minor in Creative Writing from UC Berkeley. She received her MFA in Screenwriting from UT-Austin, where she met her co-writer, Scott Miles. Their script, United States of Fuckin' Awesome, won the Academy's Nicholl Fellowship in 2014. She is a 2018 Moth GrandSLAM champion, and you can hear her storytelling broadcast nationally on “The Moth” radio hour. She most recently wrote for Lego and her cover story for Esquire Singapore comes out in May. Her projects are often inspired by her back-story that includes traveling carnival work and competitive dog training… Seriously.
Valerie A. or KILLER GENE (TV series in development with Rosey TV)
DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (freelance writer; 2 scripts)
OUTSIDE THE WIRE (feature - written by)
I love writing grounded protagonists, particularly women, who push against societal norms. My best comedy comes out of my drama, as I’m always looking for dark laughs and unexpected twists.
I grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia. My mother is French and my father is from Wisconsin. Even though we saw our Wisconsin relatives more than our French relatives, my two older brothers and I were raised with a very strong awareness of our French heritage.
My mother was very strict about dating. My brothers and I have always searched for the silver lining in any cloud, and true to our upbringing, my oldest brother reassured my mother, that at least I liked boys. In fact, we all do. Both of my brothers are gay.
I was in Army ROTC for part of my undergraduate years at the University of Virginia. I have many college friends and connections who are career-Army officers and who are in the Special Forces. I still have my combat boots.
I have written extensively about the Mercury 13 program. I know a lot about psychopathy and currently have a TV series about psychopathy in development with Michael Rosenberg/RoseyTV. I also know a lot about cannabis, as my husband is a cannabis attorney. One last fun party fact: I trained both of my cats to use les toilettes.
Brusta Brown (Part of a writing team w/John Mitchell Todd) 818-263-0133 or Cartel Management (Geoff Silverman & Stan Spry) 323-654-3333, stan@cartelent.comn/aTaken (NBC): Executive Story Editor, Superstition (Syfy) Executive Story Editor, Defiance (Syfy): Staff WriterMy writing partner, John Mitchell Todd, and I are a married writing team. We come from very different backgrounds. I'm a half black, half Chinese, Cali girl where as John is a South Carolinian. I've lived everywhere from Paris, France to Hanoi, Vietnam, where I fell in love with the stories and cultures of the places I visited. Wanting to share my experiences with the world, I decided to go to film school. John and I are both graduates of USC's School of Cinematic Arts. We enjoy over night stays at haunted mansions, roleplaying, video and card games (D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Warcraft, Magic the Gathering, etc.). We forged our wedding rings, yes ‘forged’, from the melted metal of our deceased parents’ wedding bands. Reading comic books used to be one of our favorite past times. One of us has almost died in a motorcycle crash; the other from tuberculosis. Survival and perseverance are in our DNA. Inclusion and diversity are huge for us as our children will be mixed and they deserve to have stories they can relate to and heroes who look like them. We are huge world builders and love deep character pieces. We've written TV pilots that span the subjects of AI to special needs and are constantly coming up with new story ideas. We recently finished a project with Lee Daniels about the Voudou Queen of New Orleans but want to get back into a writer's room where we can collaborate on a daily basis with other writers.
Virtic Emil , Kathleen Schultz & Assoc. 818.760.3100, Rick L. Albert, Esq. 818.752.2776Facebook Virtic Emil BrownHINDSIGHT (writer/director/Producer) WILL UNPLUGGED (Indie Feature- screenplay by/Producer) ON TOUR (writer/director/producer/editor) Venice International Film Festival LibraryI’m born and raised in Philadelphia. I studied violin beginning at age 6 until I reached high school. Both my parents are from a small town in South Carolina that just recently made it on the map. I majored in theatre and film at the HS for the Creative and Performing Arts. I sang in my church as well as the Philadelphia ALL Girls Choir. I’m a graduate of Tisch at New York University and the streets of New York City! I even worked as club promoter! Oh those party nights! My first writing job was a short called MINUTES ‘TIL TOMORROW featuring music by Madonna, about a single parent raising her daughter. As an actress I’ve been on THE SHIELD and WITHOUT A TRACE (playing a crack addict). I am a member of two theater companies: EST/LA and The Classical Theatre Lab. I was previously the Press Guide Manager for the Oscars. I have original specs for film & TV. I love writing genre – from drama to horror. It gives me chance to use my life experiences.
Kara Lee or 917.750.4738 or Stan Spry @ Cartel Entertainment 323.654.3333@burknoe (Instagram and Twitter)COSTUME QUEST, MR. PEABODY AND SHERMAN SHOW, MELISSA & JOEY (all staff writer as animation doesn't have levels) Originally from a midwestern, religious family, I never thought I’d have a career in television (seriously, I was told it was a sin). But after getting into improv in college / being hired as an understudy at The Second City-Detroit upon graduation...what can I say? I was fucking hooked.
Co-workers say they look to me for good structure and finding new angles for tired tropes. Executives say I’m great with notes, not precious about changing my words. Showrunners say I’m someone they trust with complex emotional stories and finding a satirical edge. And my reps say (every year) next year will be my year.
From writing for sketch shows in NYC to going through the Warner Bros Writers Workshop to writing for sitcoms and kids animation, teaching at AFI and Second City, producing many shows for the stage, and traveling for a couple gigs abroad -- I alway try to live the motto of my hometown: Detroit Hustles Harder.
I also hustle hard in my life outside of the room. On any given day I juggle: my dog, my boyfriend (and his 3 kids!), taking the weirdest workout classes I can find, shopping the clearance rack, cooking like Martha Stewart for parties but way less on the reg, doing all the home projects, and swearing enough to make my grandparents roll in their graves.
Terri Hughes Burtonterriburton81@yahoo.comn/aCo-exec producer. Warrior Nun (Netflix, in production), The 100, EurekaI love writing genre with complex female (and male) characters. World-building, apocalyptic, scifi, superpowers, supernatural phenomena, horror. Basically anything with a fantastical element; add a dash of humor and I'll be ecstatic.
Franki ButlerZadoc Angell and Chelsea Benson at Echo Lake Management@FrankitheB on TwitterUNTITLED L WORD SEQUEL (Executive Story Editor), SWEET MAGNOLIAS (Story Editor), THE NIGHT SHIFT (Staff Writer)I'm a black Southern writer who writes character-focused drama about found families and women who want to save the world. Sometimes period, other times family drama or genre, but always relationship-focused and emotionally complex. Originally from Mobile, Alabama, I was adopted and raised by a single mother (with help from a twice-widowed grandmother) and have long been fascinated with themes of family — biological, found, Addams and otherwise. I’m also fascinated with the South, its sordid history and many facets; though it took leaving there for me to realize it.
As an eighteen year-old desperate to get away from the South, I attended undergrad at Princeton University. That was, of course, followed by a couple of humbling, recession-predicated years back in Alabama before I finally moved to California to get my MFA in Screenwriting at Chapman University’s Dodge College. My first real TV gig was as a script coordinator on GENERAL HOSPITAL, and I’ve been off and running ever since.
Julia CamaraJulia Camara 310-428-7107@JuliamcaOccupants (Indie Feature writer) Open Road (Indie Feature writer) Area Q (Indie Feature writer)I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a filmmaker, I've been described as "scrappy," I word I wear as a badge of honor. A queen of DIY, I've made several short films with a skeleton crew and no budget. Wearing way too many hats and partnering with my long term significant other, we wrote, shot, edited and released our film babies into the world. Some of those films played in festivals and won awards. I’ve had many odd jobs while living in LA and pursuing writing and filmmaking. I’ve been an entertainer at children’s birthday parties, I was a massage therapist for a while, a Portuguese teacher, a production assistant, a translator for subtitling, and an actress (hope my old headshot and reel don’t pop up somewhere). As a writer I have focused on character pieces, sometimes with a sci-fi twist, always with a lot of myself in them. “Area Q”, a film about an American who travels to Brazil to investigate alien abductions led me to explore my childhood fascination with aliens, something I shared with my father. “Open Road” is about a Brazilian girl on a road trip in the US. But it’s also about my distant and now strained relationship with my father. “Occupants” is a true indie film, set in one location and with only three characters, it started as an in depth look at my own marriage.
Karolyn 424-527-4898 or Pebble ENT 323-988-0428Instagram @karolyn.m.carnieCONSULTING PRODUCER for SALEM HIGH Pilot KP Films, SCRIPT COORDINATOR for PEARSON USA, SHOWRUNNER ASSISTANT for SUITS USAKarolyn Carnie is originally from Canada. She fell in love with the power of television at a young age upon recognizing how it could alter one’s day from negative to positive, replacing sadness with joy and uniting families and strangers alike in its ability to showcase world’s not often visible to the masses. Karolyn worked at The Beer Store, as well as a baseball coach, and residential construction. She holds a black belt in Taekwon- DO and tried out for the Canadian softball team. Her immersion in these stereotypical male worlds gave her a wealth of knowledge that she continues to draw on. She often finds herself writing the female perspective through a lens of will and determination, breaking stereotypical glass ceilings of what female and male characters can do. Karolyn has excelled in combating the difficulties of everyday with comedy, finding the sarcastic quip and kicker one-liners as intelligent forms of illuminating contention in oneself while also remedying it. She loves network shows and grew up on procedurals like CASTLE, and YA genre like BUFFY, and CHARMED. Through UCLA, where she holds her MFA in Screenwriting, Karolyn had a one-on-one mentorship with Michael Wilson, writer and producer of the James Bond franchise, for her feature GOLD MEDAL DOMINATION. GOLD MEDAL DOMINATION which is currently submitted with a producer at Warner Bros.
Stephanie David Katsman at Link Entertainment: Olivia Blaustein at CAA: Syria Project (2018 Blacklist, set up at LuckChap Entertainment) How Not to Bomb (Feature script - road trip buddy comedy about two young veterans - Astronauts Wanted/Sony) Undocumented (Hourlong Drama - Weinstein Company (RIP))I grew up home-schooled by my mother in our new-agey hoarder house filled with floor-to-ceiling piles of pendulums, crystals and essential oils. A typical day consisted of my mother demanding I count myself into the meditative state of ‘alpha’ to divine the winning lottery numbers for her, then going on field trips to a mind-control course where we learned to read people’s auras. When I finally convinced her to let me go to real school, I was terrified. The only real socializing I’d done thus far was through musicals. But being an outsider allowed me to observe the intrigues and ironies of suburbia with fresh eyes. It also gave me the confidence to throw myself into the unknown. I was a Russian major at NYU and spent three months living on the outskirts of St. Petersburg with a former beauty queen who took me to visit the graves of her political rivals. After graduation, I taught commedia del’arte in prisons across California, and spent several years performing and developing plays through improv with Tim Robbins and his theater company, The Actors’ Gang. There, I began to learn how to embed a political message in a raucous and entertaining production. I also spent a year and a half working as Jill Soloway’s writing assistant, which was a master class in taking complex, entertaining characters and craft them for the small screen.
Susie Singer 310-472-8910 JANE (Feature - writer/producer) BRATZ (Family Feature- writer/producer) MY MOM AND THE GIRL (Oscar qualified: writer/director/producer)If you asked five-year-old Susie what she wanted to be when she grew up, she’d have placed her hands defiantly on either side of her pink tutu and said, “Everything. Duh!”, which would accurately describe the trajectory of my Jack… person-of-all-trades life. Besides ballet, I spent my childhood as a gymnast, an entrepreneur (selling my toys door-to-door), debate champion, party planner, flag twirler, and cheerleader, while surviving my parents’ divorce and my father’s untimely death in a plane crash. While studying journalism at UCLA, I hosted a radio show, modeled, married, and sang in a pop-group produced by Chuck Lorre. (That Chuck Lorre.) After college, I had a baby, back surgery, opened a handmade jewelry store, acted in TV and film, worked in development, launched my production company, divorced, remarried, had another baby, wrote and produced two CBS tween shows. Following that chapter, I became my mother’s caregiver, a spokesperson for Alzheimer’s, wrote a screenplay for Lionsgate, and co-produced a feature for Sony. Divorced again. Took up hip-hop, signed a deal with Fox, wrote, produced and directed a pilot with Bryan Cranston, two documentaries for Women’s History Month and an award-winning film that took me around the world. And still, there’s so much more to do. I’m thankful for the fearless five-year-old-me whose bold declaration continues to shape my voice and fuel my passion to write.
Chelsea STORY EDITOR - CW's iZOMBIE Season 4&5, 2019 WGA TV Writer Access Project HonoreeSketch comic from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. I have a half hour sample called COLONIZE THIS about an alcoholic janitor who’s accidentally sent on a Mars One mission because she’s trying to fuck an astronaut. My writing is raunchy and feminist and fun. I’m a lady in the room but a freak on the page.
Christina / 978-335-8514Twitter @CatucheeTOCA LIFE STORIES (TV - Staff writer)
TROLLS 2 : WORLD TOUR (Feature Film - Story Artist/wrote dialogue)
SUNSHINE (Feature - Writer)
I'm a queer female comedy writer in LA. I write progressive comedies & features that center on mental illness and it's normalization. I have had OCD since I was 11 and it's my biggest passion to de-stigmatize. My dramatic feature about OCD, "Sunshine," placed as a finalist in Sundance labs when I was 23. It was a first draft. It's now in the running for the Screencraft Fellowship. I also love to write about queer characters and the way they see the world. As a queer woman with OCD I am not unfamiliar to microaggressions and I allow that to be a major part of the stories I tell. Tiny things that snowball into big things. Those are my stories. As for the spitball resume, I worked at Cartoon Network as a development intern when I was 21, then at 22 became a story artist at DreamWorks Animation. I have never taken a formal art class. I was chosen because I am a good writer. At 23 I fully dedicated a year to writing and learning, picking up odd jobs to support my craft. Now at 24 I am a freelance staff writer on a children's TV show. But that can only last so long and I know I am ready for more.
Kashana; jjohnson@3arts.comTwitter: @kashanacauleyPOD SAVE AMERICA ON HBO (Staff Writer)
THE DAILY SHOW (Staff Writer)
I’m a black comedy writer who started out the way all comedy writers do: as an antitrust lawyer. I love telling jokes about anything, especially policy, pop culture and what makes people weird. My specs are full of jokes from outsiders and misfits. My narrative chops come from working on a scripted show, writing opinion for the NYT, and writing essays, fiction & humor for tons of places including The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Pitchfork & Rolling Stone.
Laura Maria or Elaine Devlin Literary 212-842-9030 (Screenwriter, wrote underlying play PARADISE) American Oasis Films
AS THE WORLD TURNS (Script Writer; Breakdown Writer)
I grew up in Brooklyn and Queens, a working class borough girl with a Yale degree in Philosophy. My father was known as “Hollywood Artie” for his lindy dancing, love of jazz, and friends Steve McQueen, Al Lattieri, Jilly Rizzo, Ralph Gigante, and Bruce Kirby, among others. He regaled me with stories of The Village from the 1930s (when there were shanty towns on Houston Street!) through the late 1950s--and I love to share them. My mother grew up near Turin, Italy during WWII, where my grandmother worked with the partisans against the Nazis—war stories with black humor are a specialty (Saroyan/Paul Award for my play CARLA COOKS THE WAR). Yale was a culture shock and I took refuge in diverse friendships and developed a love for Mexican-American, Arab, and African cultures—anything that wasn’t old Yale! My play PARADISE, sold-out run recently at The Odyssey and produced by Viola Davis and Julius Tennon, draws on my love of Arab-American culture and years of being a teaching artist in the NYC public schools. My spec pilot HOW TO GET OUT OF QUEENS merges my love of the beauty business (mom worked in the top hair salon in NYC in the 1970’s/80’s) with my passion for feminism. (I teach two university courses in Feminism and Theatre.) Based in NYC, willing to work in LA.
Yakira, (One Hour drama spec/writer) optioned
WHO'S THAT GIRL (Half Hour Single Cam Comedy spec/writer)
ZION (One Hour Drama/Sci-Fi spec/writer)
I come from a single parent home on the south side of Chicago recently called Chiraq for hitting the highest number of deaths in any urban community. I was fortunate. I had a kick ass mom. I went on to get my masters degree. I've worked in technology on and off for the past twelve years. I've built apps for T-mobile arena, and products for Salesforce and Kelley Blue Book. I studied theatre at Oxford University in England for a summer. I've studied meisner technique for acting. I've created literacy tutoring programs. I met my husband on Tinder! When my mom was diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live, I left my world for hers. I became her caretaker. Eight years later, she's doing great. We did it with humor and vigor. I see the world through a wider lens. I understand social anthropology and not just academically but personally. I have empathy and relate to the human experience on a deeper level.
May or Lindsay Howard at APA (310) 888-4284 Um, well, I'm on Facebook as May Chan Sterling. Just my married name, I'm all Chinese. An American Girl Story, Ivy & Julie, 1976 (Amazon Studios) - live action TV movie, Executive Producer
Carmen Sandieo (Netflix) - animated series, Head Writer
Table 58 (Amazon) - produced pilot, Co-EP
Born and raised in LA, I am the offspring of 2 Chinese immigrants who SWAM from Hong Kong to China to escape Communism. Yes, swam. As in shark-infested water. So that they can come live the American Dream. Which apparently includes having a daughter who writes for television. Though my parents were (very) apprehensive at my career choice, (VERY, VERY) they have now accepted it. Sort of. Or at least they stopped bugging me about going to get a realtor’s license.
My resume is... shall we say, eclectic. I’ve written on live-action shows, kids sitcoms, single-cam, multi-cam, a tv movie, animated series, network, cable, streaming and even a French cartoon. It’s never aired here, but I’m still getting royalties for it, so viva la France!
I’ve never worked on a show for more than a season. The show was either in its last season or I left for greener pastures or the show was abruptly canceled or the French producers ran out of Euros. But I gotta say, I like moving from show to show, showrunner to showrunner, network to network. Sure, there’s no job security and sometimes I think I should get that realtor’s license... or at the very least my notary certification. But through this spastic career, I’ve learned a little something from each and every job I’ve had. I feel I can write for anyone -- from Kelsey Grammar to My Little Ponies! It’s sort of like if you sleep around A LOT, you’re bound to pick up some new tricks here and there...
So that’s me in a nutshell. Oh, and my hobbies include watching Golden Girls and teaching my 2 little kids lyrics to ‘80s TV theme songs.
Aloura M. or Shelter Entertainment 310-724-8900@alouraCharlesReservations (Indie Feature writer/director) Dolphin Song (Family Feature- screenplay by) Un-Natural Selection (Web Series: writer/director/producer)I grew up in Florida making A’s, doing craft fairs, catching snakes in science club, playing soccer, milking cows, and going to church. My archaeologist dad loved movies, and my teacher mom loved books and writing. I absorbed their addictions. They fought often, but also fought for their marriage. I absorbed their tenacity and independence. My 20’s were spent collecting experiences. In San Francisco, I worked for Ron Howard, got lost every day and swing danced every night. In Rome I worked for Scorsese, rode Vespas, drank too much wine and fell in love. As a barista in Sydney, I finished my first feature as writer/director and I learned to surf. In New York, Berlin, Cannes, Paris and London I pitched projects, rode trains, ate too many crepes and had too many boyfriends. My 30’s I spent working at Sundance, tutoring kids, online dating, designing flowers for weddings, training deaf dogs, creating web series, carting reptiles to children’s parties in my old Volvo, and…always writing. I’ve swum with whales, been bucked off a horse, bungee jumped in South Africa, caught a gator with my hands. I’m now 40, married and a new mother. My feet have slowed but not my energy. I write constantly: features, TV and recently, books. I create characters and worlds that span platforms. Good stories live everywhere.
Joanna Cherensky @jojowritingVideogame Writer: Konami's Brooktown: Senior High. Coverage writer for CAA. Internships on MadMen and for Alexander Payne's company, Ad HomenimJOANNA CHERENSKY - I hail from a Woody Allen-Jewish (before all the mishegoss!), book-reading family. Basically, we’re a bunch of liars. Over-educated, from a posh Jersey suburb, we lived on a Ross budget with Nordstrom tastes. Our poshness stemmed from my English teacher mother, who hated the shore and instead took us each summer to western Massachusetts for classical music, dance and the theatre. As a kid, I saw Blythe Danner and Christopher Reeve perform live. I was a culture snob, with a high-priced education, a fancy home address and even more debt. And I loved it.
Jessica or Meridian Artists 310-479-2777 @jesschoutimeWU ASSASSINS, Netflix (staff writer)
NO TOMORROW, CW (staff writer)
I'm a first generation, Chinese-American nomad: born in Texas, moved to an expat compound in Saudi Arabia, then to an all-white suburb in Louisiana, then to a New England prep school, then to the capital of Kuwait, and so on...I have an M.F.A. in Fiction Writing, but my dreams of writing about aliens, dragons, and superheroes prompted me to get another M.F.A in screenwriting from U.T. Austin. Every place I've lived has its own voices, culture, and community, and that diversity of experiences is why I write sci-fi/fantasy/slipstream: genre is the perfect platform to dissect and explore social issues we deal with every day while also being exciting, entertaining, and unique. Everything I write is female-driven, and all of my characters live in the grey spaces of right and wrong.
Anna ChristopherAaron Kogan Management - Aaron Kogan - (424) 234-3125 n/aAWKWARD (Staff Writer), SCREAM (Staff Writer), HELPSTERS (Apple/Sesame Workshop, Writer)Anna Christopher grew up in Hinsdale, Illinois, writing stories and riding horses. She attended Northwestern University where she made her first films and later received an MFA in Directing from the American Film Institute. Anna’s shorts have screened at film festivals worldwide including the Cannes Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival and NBC Universal Comedy Short Cuts. Her films have won a student Emmy, numerous audience awards, the Angelus Festival’s Triumph Award, the Jimmy Stewart Crystal Heart Memorial Award, the DGA Director Award at the Moondance International Film Festival, and Best Family Pilot at The New York Television Festival. Her recent directorial narrative work includes the comedy short NEVER HAVE I SEEN YOU SHINE SO BRIGHT, co-starring Lance Barber (THE YOUNG SHELDON) and the female-driven web series LISA'S ADVICE, in which Anna co-stars.
In TV, Anna has written for MTV’s beloved teen comedy AWKWARD and SCREAM:The TV Series and Hasbro's EQUESTRIA GIRLS. She also created and wrote the webseries LAST ELGIBLE BOY for Awesomeness, which she now is adapting to a feature. Most recently, she wrote on Apple’s forthcoming HELPSTERS and developed an original comedic pilot about women in space. In the annual LA-based production of Unscreened, Anna directed her one-act play ADIOS ASSHOLES, which she's writing as her feature directing debut.
Valerie Chuvalerie.chu10b@gmail.comn/aQUEEN SUGAR (Freelance Writer), NASHVILLE (Freelance Writer), BETTER CALL SAUL (Showrunner's Assistant)VALERIE CHU was raised in Houston, Texas, as part of a primarily Caucasian, church-going community, where you’d find a perfectly good life if you could stand to be complacent. Born to Taiwanese immigrant parents and caught between her father’s midlife crisis and mother’s born-again experience, she was constantly in the middle of two worlds. Eventually, she forged her own path by moving to Los Angeles to attend USC’s School of Cinematic Arts and pursue television writing. Valerie has written and produced episodes of ABC’s Nashville and OWN’s Queen Sugar. She currently works for Peter Gould on Better Call Saul, and has assisted other prestige showrunners such as Michelle Ashford, Monica Macer, and Dee Johnson.
Andrea CiannaveiAdam Riback MC, The Path, BorgiaIn 2005, my first play bombed in front of John Ortiz, Philip Seymour Hoffman and an audience of 100 horrifically. No one spoke or looked at me afterwards. It was the most humiliating artistic experience of my life. Phil said I was not being emotional honest. I didn’t know what he meant and was totally distracted by the trauma of my failure. In real despair, I went home and wailed.
I had three choices. I could:
1. Say fuck all 100 of those people. They’re all wrong.
2. Quit.
3. Rewrite my play and investigate “emotional honesty.”
I went with #3. I realized:
1. Emotional honesty is writing unvarnished behavior. Not tears etc, i.e. emotional exhibitionism.
2. “Re” means “to do again.” Rewrite means to write the play again. Not cut a word here or there.
I rewrote the play as honestly as I could – it was about the overwhelming need earn love.
A year later, I brought the play back. Out of the gate, they were hating me for making them sit through it again.
When it ended, people’s reaction was the precise opposite of the year before.
They produced it at The Public and it was the sample that got me in to the Juilliard playwriting program.
Total failure changed me because I realized it is the best friend I will ever have.
Lauren CiaravalliLindsay Cohen, Rise Management 323-852-3120, direct contact: DAILY (Hulu) writer, director, WGA Award Nominee
TRANSPARENT (Amazon) script coordinator GOOD GIRLS REVOLT(Amazon) script coordinator
A Los Angeles based writer, Lauren Ciaravalli tells stories about unconventional heroines who know what they want, and find themselves on a comic path to get it. Most recently Lauren was nominated for a WGA AWARD for her work on the Hulu series, LOVE DAILY, which she also directed. She is currently developing a comedy pilot with actress and recording artist Kira Kosarin (The Thundermans) attached to star. Born in Manhattan and raised in New Jersey by Brooklynite parents, Lauren inherited her dad’s love of Martin Scorsese pictures, which led her to study Film & Television at NYU’s TISCH SCHOOL OF THE ARTS. Lauren has a twin brother which has given her a special insight into the male brain and gender double standards, all of which she loves exploring in her work, usually to comedic effect. In addition to writing, Lauren is a prolific director whose works have played at Oscar-qualifying festivals around the country. Lauren brings her deep knowledge of filmmaking to her script-writing, crafting emotional, funny, cinematic (and shootable!) pages with a keen understanding of how each moment will soar on screen (in a budget and crew-friendly way!). Upon moving from New York to LA, Lauren cut her teeth in television, working on TRANSPARENT, GOOD GIRLS REVOLT, and ANGIE TRIBECA. She is also a graduate of the NICKELODEON WRITING PROGAM. Her work can be found at
I'm a playwright for many years and a TV writer in recent years. Through my relationships in the theatre, I've met wonderful friends and colleagues who I've worked with on television and movie projects. For "The Goldbergs" I created the recurring character of myself, Susan Cinoman, not as easy a task as one might think! In my life, I'm the recurring character working on the play, "Guenevere" and "Hungarian Rhapsody" at the moment. My prose are also published by Harvardwood Publishing.
Catherine or 323.350.6111@catherineclinch(freelance :: 18 produced credits :: 9 first drafts green lit - without notes or revisions - by the network) Hunter (season 6 :: 2 episodes) True Confessions (4 episodes) The Love Boat (2 episodes)Catherine Clinch began her career writing 18 produced episodes of network television for hit series. But that was just her day-job. At night, she did standup comedy as a regular performer at The Improv, The Comedy Store and The Playboy Club (where she was conspicuously overdressed). While her three sons were young, her flextime “placeholder job” was Associate Publisher of Creative Screenwriting Magazine and the Co-Organizer of Screenwriting Expo 1-5. Catherine has been awarded three US Patents (full utility) for inventing a mobile entertainment platform that delivers professionally created content. She frequently speaks at professional conferences and has moderated more than 100 panels. She created and teaches a certificate program in Social Media Strategy & Content Marketing at California State University Dominguez Hills and often consults with companies on their social content strategy. Catherine loves every aspect of writing and storytelling. Pursuant to her desire to keep stretching her skills set by doing things she’s never done before, Catherine recently wrote a comic book/backdoor pilot [completely new Intellectual Property] for Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment. She plans to die with a pencil in her hand - but not anytime soon!
Leila Cohan-MiccioGreg Walter, 3 ArtsTwitter @leilacohanBRIDGERTON (Co-EP), FIRST WIVES CLUB (Supervising Producer), SANTA CLARITA DIET (Producer)I grew up in Boston and am a proud Masshole for life. I'm an alumna of a performing arts high school and a women's college, so TV writing is the first time I've been in a male-dominated space. I love to write messy female characters, mostly for cable half-hours or lighter hourlongs. I'm a big contributor in the room, but warning: I have a cute-ass toddler that I'll show you too many pictures of. I have a lot of opinions about lunch.
Jill, Jill Condon for Facebook and Instagram Friends, Raising Hope, Grounded For LifeUpper level lady with lots of experience. Two kids, two cats, one dog and one husband.
Sara B CooperPerry Zimel at Oscars Abrams Zimel + Associates P: + 416 860 1790 F: + 416 860 0236n/aContinuum (Co-Exec Producer); House (Consulting Producer); Combat Hospital (Co-Exec Producer)I specialize in character driven drama whether is be procedurals; medical; science fiction; action/adventure; or family. I like to show the complexity of a character and situation without it getting complicated. And there's always a thread of humor. I have run several successful writers' rooms; been second in command to new showrunners; took three years of team management building and training as well as many classes in conflict resolution and mediation. I've produced shows from soup to nuts and believe in empowering my writers, cast and crew so that they are working in a supportive environment.
Briana Danielle Cosgrave, 916-627-0395@thebestbrianaELLEN (Writer), THE REAL (Producer, Emmy nominated), Arsenio Hall (Writers Assistant) I grew up in Sacramento, CA as the youngest and second loudest of four siblings. I got a journalism degree right as newspapers got diagnosed with a terminal illness — ya know, Google News. I’m a mother to a 20 month old daughter who just figured out how to play me. I can handle anything and find the funny in it, too.
Eliza or Brillstein Entertainment 310-205-5189 @elizacossioWYATT CENAC'S PROBLEM AREAS (HBO: Staff Writer)
THE DAILY SHOW (Correspondent)
LA BRUJA (Short film: writer/director/actor)
Hi! I’m Eliza, a Southern California Mexican American writer and actress. I grew up in LA and went to school at UC Berkeley, where I studied history. I wrote my thesis on the history of water in California and yes, I would absolutely love to talk about it. I moved to New York where I learned rules at UCB and then learned how to break them at The Annoyance. I also learned how to dress better and how to “go out for a run.” I like comedy that has good drama in it. I like real moments and magical realism and absurdity. Estoy muy orgullosa de ser latina. I try to wear sunscreen every day, do you? It’s very hard.
Kelly Jane Costellokellyjanecostello@gmail.comn/aMADAM SECRETARY (freelance)Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Kelly Jane Costello has worked on several critically-acclaimed TV shows such as 24, Castle and Madam Secretary. On Castle, she was responsible for the show's Twitter account and garnered over 100,000 followers writing as the show's main character, Richard Castle. Her spec script for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia placed as a Semi-Finalist in Scriptapalooza's TV Writing competition. Her pilot On the Rocks made the "Runway List - The Best Original Unproduced Pilots." And her original drama, AMÉRICA, placed as a semi-finalist in the AMC One-House Pilot category at this years Austin Film Festival, as well as a Quarter-Finalist in Creative Screenwriting's Screenplay competition. Most recently, Kelly wrote a freelance episode for CBS's drama Madam Secretary entitled "Higher Learning."
Liz CotoneArtWork Entertainment 323-456-0333@LizCotoneUNTITLED LIZ COTONE PROJECT (in development for WBTV)
FRIENDSWOOD (indie feature for prod. Liz Fowler)
A bisexual, Brownie troop-leading, women's march-attending, VP of fundraising for the PTA, writer, mama, activist, who writes about, you guessed it, complicated women. I like male voices too, though. Really, all voices. I have a voice addiction problem, you could say, and I just can't stop writing. I'm looking to gain experience on a staff. I work my ass off, LOVE notes with a passion that makes my introverted writers group talk more than they'd like to, and I play well with others. Won two screenwriting awards (Best Dramatic Screenplay and Sloan Scriptwriting Prize for Science) at USC, was tapped to pen the film adaptation of a novel with Uma Thurman attached, and was offered a blind script deal by WBTV. Former actor and playwright with a passion for dialogue.
Taylor CoxKatie Newman @ 3Arts Entn/aABBY’S on NBC (producer) , JUST ADD MAGIC on AMAZON (co-producer), THE KICKS aim AMAZON (staff writer), also a bunch of animation for CARTOON NETWORK, DREAMWORKS, HULU, and moreWriter-comedian from Chicago. Character driven comedy/dramedy. Just happy to be here.
Kate Sargeant or Michael Wilson at Kaplan Perrone 310-275-0116 n/aBLINDSPOT (Producer)
NCIS: NOLA (Co-Producer)
CSI: CYBER (Story Editor and ESE)
CASTLE (Staff Writer)
I knew I wanted to work in television from the age of four. I would point at the screen while watching Sesame Street or Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and ask my parents how I could be one of the kids on the show. After we moved to LA when I was eight, I was relentless and determined. My parents finally gave in to my pleas and so began my first career in the entertainment industry as an actress. At the age of eleven I was cast as “Emily” in the cult classic film 3 Ninjas, directed by Jon Turteltaub. After appearing in numerous films, television shows, and commercials, I went on to attend U.C. Berkeley, where I graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in English and Dramatic Arts. At Cal I started to explore a different creative passion: storytelling. I knew I wanted to be a writer, but I had no idea how to make that career a reality. So I kept going to school! I was accepted into a master's program at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and received a graduate degree in Text and Performance Studies. While I was there I wrote, directed, and produced an original play titled Revolving Door. After its successful three week run in London, I took the production on tour to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where it received rave reviews. Ever since, I've been in LA fighting tooth and nail to make it as a writer in this crazy business. Due to my background as an actress, my writing is always grounded in character. I'm also an "actor whisperer" when I'm on set producing. Being a TV writer/producer satisfies the burning desire I've had my whole life to create and execute unique and daring stories.
Cari or David Jelenko at Lichter Grossman Nichols Adler & Feldman-- @sillygardener1A THOUSAND LIFETIMES--Ali Baba/Wavelets Entertainment(Staff Writer); INTERWOVEN (Option in Negotiation); UNBOUNDED (Development)Cari Daly is born of mobster immigrants, Southern orphans, and Canadian Mennonites. She grew up in the borderline South--the suburbs of our Nation's Capitol--so politics run in her blood like hepatitis.
As soon as she was old enough to escape, she ran like hell to New York University's Tisch School, where she became a director, performer and dramaturge in theater. Foolishly, she decided not to accept the Rhodes Scholarship she was nominated for, and chose instead to direct and dramturge obscure art plays that fourteen people saw. Those fourteen people gave them standing ovations.
Needing to earn an actual living, she switched to performing and has rapped in front of a million human beings, large and small. One icy winter after a gig, Cari took a road trip to Los Angeles, and accidentally stayed, stealing her parents Subaru. She survived by working in the hardscrabble world of crafts' services, but after cleaning up the puke of an extra, she transitioned to script supervising. The filthy script ink rubbed into her brain, forcing her back into grad school at AFI, where she became a Master of Screenwriting.
Her high-stakes dramas and awkward comedies have been recognized over twenty times by the likes of the Academy Nicholl, Austin Film Fest, and Page International. She is a winner-winner-chicken dinner, as her nephews would say.
Kelly Lynne D' or Abrams Artist Agency (Manal Hammad) (310) 859-0625@yerawizardkellyFINAL SPACE (Staff Writer - Season 2)
Jewish L.A. native with over a decade of Writers' Assistant and Script Coordinator experience and proud member of the WGA. I love all genres, but I thrive when it comes to creating complex characters in emotionally fraught, often overlooked situations. My writing has been known to make people cry.
Jeanine C Facebook/Twitter @MsAuntieNeenLOVE IS... (Staff Writer), BETHer's film "BACK TO THE GOODE LIFE" (Co-Writer), THAT GUY (Creator/Writer/Director)I was born & raised in South LA by a black activist mother and liberal father. My talents and hobbies are an eclectic sum of the people I grew up around; anime, aggressive Rap music, stocks, jewelry making, cosplay, and the occasional Crip walk. My entry to writing began when I self published my first book at 11 years old and sold it around the country at literacy festival with my mom. We made a killing. Thats when I first realized, people wanted to hear my voice. After joining, it was even more clear to me that writing could really be my future. I went to the Claremont colleges on a full-ride, then landed at a few studios where my passion grew even more. I left my kushy gig at Warner Bros Animation with the $5 copay, and took on the life on a struggling artist and began creating, writing, and directing my own shows which eventually landed me a development deal at HBO. My first feature was licensed to BET/Centric and another series was studied at Spellman. Most recently I was handpicked as a staff writer on OWN’s “Love Is” by Mara Brock Akil who was a fan of my web series and style. In short, I’m a strange bird who loves to write, enjoys a challenge and works hard.
Anastazja or Match&Spark: (Staff Writer)
FFC (indie feature, co-writer)
DISCONNECTED (indie feature, writer/director)
Immigrant, coder, tri-lingual, former teacher and journalist who writes action, thriller and historical pieces, preferably centered on violent women. Research junkie. I like my worlds big and my humor dark, non-traditional perspectives, and being an asset/force of positivity in the room.
Cheryl L. (Twitter and Instagram), THE WORLD TURNS (Writer), LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT (Freelance Writer)I’m an African-American woman, the granddaughter of a maid and a full-blooded Shinnecock Indian (two different women), holder of three Ivy-League degrees, former partner at a NY law firm, current General Counsel of a not-for-profit company, former writer for As the World Turns (co-winner of a WGA award), current freelance writer for Law & Order: SVU, and the survivor of a catastrophic illness and medically induced coma. Odds are, I should not exist, let alone be typing this essay.
Why am I typing this essay? Because I love telling stories, especially untold ones. I finished my first full-length play after I graduated from law school (which apparently taught me discipline, as well as a love of parentheticals). I’ve won awards for writing about the experiences of African-American women - a Kleban Award for my libretto for my musical Barnstormer about Bessie Coleman, the first Black woman flyer, and Audelco Awards for my play Maid’s Door, inspired by the untold story of my late grandmother, (the aforementioned maid) who suffered from dementia in later life.
I literally beamed while I was reviewing my breakdowns and arc-ing out my character storylines for As the World Turns, and I’ve had a blast in the L&O:SVU room as well. I play very well with others, and have tons of ideas, stories, and voices that I want to share.
Jenny Connell DavisDaniela Gonzalez at Circle of Confusion (, Jenny Connell Davis (, Matthew Doyle & Pamela Goldstein at Verve (assuming things resolve) (, LITTLEST BIGFOOT (writer, feature adaptation for 20th Century Fox Animation), DRAGON PLAY (writer, feature adaptation of play for Iconoclast/Anonymous Content), AMICUS (wrote pilot for Astronauts Wanted/Sony)I’m from a one-stoplight town in Maine, the daughter of a teacher and shoe salesman, the granddaughter of a Wall Street VP and a millworker. By sixteen, I’d run screaming from my hometown. After a year hanging out with Valencian separatists in Spain (no – really), I landed at The University of Chicago, where, as the t-shirt says, “fun goes to die.” I found my fun in theater, and dramatic writing, and haven’t looked back.
My motivation for writing was—and still is—about representation. I want to write about people I know who don’t often get to see themselves onstage. Sometimes, but not always, that means writing stories centered on people who look like me (for the record: white, cis-gendered, mom). But I’ve also written about blue-collar teenage boys, Filipino research scientists, gay lawyers, transgender librarians, sexy dragons and Bigfoot.
The through line: I dive deep into the lives of people and communities, and connect their everyday complexities to wider social and political currents over which I’m obsessed. I’m excited by the intimacy of the screen, hungry to craft quiet moments that can blow right by you on the page—or in life—but pack an emotional wallop in the bodies of talented actors. Above all, I want to challenge myself, and audiences, to see the world in new ways.
Chelsea or UTA 212-659-2600 @chelsea_davisonTHE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON (Staff Writer), THE OPPOSITION W/ JORDAN KLEPPER (Staff Writer), @MIDNIGHT WITH CHRIS HARDWICK (Staff Writer)I grew up in small-town Ohio, the youngest of five kids and the only one who was an accidental love child from my dad and his mistress. Whoops! As you might assume, it forced me to get a sense of humor from an early age. I moved to New York for college, and soon after, immersed myself in the comedy scene, writing shows at UCB, performing at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, and getting stage time wherever I could. To pay the bills, I became a copywriter, penning commercials for credit cards and lotion brands, every writer’s dream. Finally I landed my first staff writing gig and uprooted for Los Angeles, the first of three years my fiancé and I spent dating long distance. Now we’re reunited on the West Coast and in the middle of wedding planning. Professionally, I’ve spent the past five years working in late night, most recently as a staff writer on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. After writing 100 jokes a day, every day, I know how to crank out a punchline. However, I’m eager to tell deeper stories, and would love to do that by taking my unique perspective and experiences to a narrative show.
Meredith // CAA@meredawsonFOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL: HULU, 2018-2019 (Story Editor), CHAMPIONS: NBC, 2017-2018 (Staff Writer), SPARK - Amazon (Feature In Development)I grew up in north Chicago suburbs (Highland Park), majored in film at Northwestern, and moved out to LA to be a talent agent in 2012. After a full circle of assistant jobs (agency, prod company, network), finally gave into the idea of writing and worked for Charlie Grandy, who went on to create NBC's Champions with Mindy Kaling and gave me my first staffing job. During that season, I wrote and sold a feature to Amazon with Hello Sunshine producing that ended up on the 2018 Black List. In between shows, I like to learn a foreign language and then go to that country to see how well Duolingo taught me. Germany was 2018 and France (running the Paris Marathon) is 2019. I don't like wine but I love La Croix.
Michelle Deanerinmichelle.dean@gmail.comTwitter: @michelledeanTHE ACT (EP/Co-Creator/Co-Showrunner)As THE ACT might suggest, I gravitate towards stories about women -- dark ones, sure, I like those, but I tend to see a lot of life and color in them. (I can even be funny. In moderation.) I love complex psyches and dicey ethical situations. I also like research-intensive projects -- not just true stories. A former lawyer who fell into writing books and journalism and then fell again into writing for television and film, I have an eclectic mind and can be up for anything.
Jenny Deiker-RestivoTom Carter @ Artillery Creative 323-848-4355 Noah Jones @ Gersh 310-205-5836twitter @jdeiker insta: @jdeiker1THE RESIDENT(Staff Writer, Story Editor)Jenny Deiker Restivo was born in Louisiana to a psychologist father, so she grew up on the grounds of psychiatric hospitals in three different states before attending the United World College of the Atlantic in Wales, U.K. In 2016, she won the Launch Pad Pilot Competition and landed on the Young and Hungry List. She’s also a proud alumna of 2017’s Bitch List. In 2018, she was chosen for the Fox Writers Lab and now writes for the Fox show, The Resident.
Her first episode of The Resident, “Queens,” aired on February 18th.
Jenny loves genre television and dark dramas. She’s married to film editor Sam Restivo.
Nicole or (310) 880-7542. Also Tahira Martemucci at Kaplan Stahler ( or (323) 653-4483@writerNMDCONSULTING PRODUCER, Utopia Falls, Sonar Entertainment and Hulu
CONSULTING PRODUCER, Mohawk Girls, Rezolution Pictures and APTN
PRODUCER, Fugget About It, 9 Story Entertainment and Hulu
I come from a working class family in Canada, was the first in my family to go to University and drove a city transit bus to pay for College. I did a degree in pre-Med and was working on my Masters in Marine Biology when I realized my true passion was television. I was always the kid who always watched WAY too much TV! I managed to parlay my science background into an internship at the Discovery Channel but soon realized that I liked making stuff up. I wrote a spec that got me into the Canadian Film Centre for television and I’ve been writing and producing ever since. I started in live-action teen drama and animation, moved into primetime comedy and hit my sweet spot in hour drama. Realizing that I wanted to focus on complex, intriguing, U.S. character dramas I applied for my “Alien of Extraordinary Ability” Green Card (I kid you not) and got it in 2017. I now have a thousand ‘immigrant stories’ to tell. I have over 200+ hours of produced television and have written and produced for the new Hulu sci-fi drama Utopia Falls, Good Witch, Mohawk Girls, Degrassi: The Next Generation, She’s the Mayor, Fugget About It, and Producing Parker. I’m also an alumna of the National Screen Institute and the prestigious Shaw Media Showrunner Training Program.
Jen Derwingson-PeacockEcho Lake Entertainment, Dave Brown, Matt Horwitz or Chelsea Benson - 310 789 4790 @jenlder www.jenderwingson.comZ NATION (Supervising Producer)
AND SOON THE DARKNESS (Indie Feature - Screenplay by)
ADVENTURE QUEST (TV Movie - Written by)
I’m a Buddhist who likes to blow shit up.
My passion lies in the disruption of the status quo and the creation of new worlds. In Buddhism we say that all our problems come from seeing the world the wrong way, and the solution is to create a new world based on love and compassion. I believe television is the central, vital, world-creating story-telling media of our time – where we can most directly shake up the past and create something new.
I love storytelling that evokes compassion for a stranger, that makes someone feel less alone, less like a freak, that gives a respite from the craziness of the world (sometimes with different craziness). I love sci-fi and supernatural worlds that posit alternative realities. I also love setting stuff on fire, throwing people off of roofs, or cranking the adrenaline up with a “how the hell is she going to get out of this one?” action sequence.
Writing is how I learn how to think about myself, how to think about the world. It’s how I answer questions I don’t yet know the answer to.
I want to see a female perspective on genre, on supernatural, Sci-Fi, Horror Comedy. I want to give action, adventure, battles and duels new meaning. I want to tell stories that upend the definition of power.
Krystee Morgan De Souzakrysteemorgan@gmail.comInstagram: @krysteemorganTHE CONTINENTAL (John Wick spinoff series: Writers' Assistant)
ATIRADAS (Brazilian comedy series: Writer)
My passion for entertainment and wordplay began at a young age. I grew up in Chula Vista, near the Tijuana border, where I spent my weekends recording my radio sketch show 'Chulajuana' onto cassette tapes; or in my tree house writing poems and adapting musicals in a writers’ group innocently named: The Thorny Girls.
After years of LA experience, I wondered if I had enough life experience to pursue writing seriously. I’d never been in love or had my heart broken, experienced grief or gone to therapy…
Then life took a turn—I fell in love with my Brazilian best friend (whose visa was expiring) and lost my mom to brain cancer. Love: check. Grief and therapy: double check. Long-distance relationship: bonus check. I had my Jerry Maguire moment and followed my heart to Brazil. Let the fish out of water comedy begin. Nothing’s easy in a foreign country. A trip to the grocery store is torture, a trip to the doctor is confusing, and a trip to the beach is embarrassing after seeing those glorious Brazilian bums firsthand.
In the midst of my culture shock, I found comfort in writing. Language fails became funny stories rather than a source of embarrassment; strange cultural tendencies became an active character study; and I began to listen more than I spoke. I sambaed in the streets, taught English to children from the slums, got robbed, did stand-up with Brazilian comics, got hired to write a Brazilian comedy series... I lived life. Life experience: check!
Emmylou DiazManager: Ken Freimann - 310-691-7020, ken@circleofconfusion.comIG & Twitter: @emmyloudiaz Executive Story Editor - Charmed (CW), Staff Writer - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce (Bravo), Staff Writer - Jane the Virgin (CW)I grew up as an escape artist. I was a rambunctious child, they tell me. When I was three years old, my nursery school teacher told my parents I needed an outlet for my frenetic energy. Get Emmy in dance, she told my parents. Or drama. So they did. And I caught the bug. I loved performing, not because I enjoyed the spotlight, but because I loved immersing myself in different characters. Different worlds. Getting inside someone else and figuring out what made her tick. My escapism led me to Oxford, England, then New York City, then Moscow... And eventually it led me to the page where I began to write, with a decidedly comic edge, about relationships, about emotions, about the unseen. About broken families and secrets and lies. I’m drawn to stories and characters that teeter on the edge of comedy and drama, informed by my experiences as a first-gen Latina and as a woman in recovery.
Julie Sagalowsky Díaz & Alex DíazJordan Berg at CAA or Michael Klein at (323) 510-0818TRIBES (Executive Story Editor) SHANNARA CHRONICLES (Staff Writer) In Development with Skybound, IDW, ASAP and Warner MediaJulie & Alex are a diverse married writing team (Alex is Mexican-American) who love to write thrillers and science-fiction with complex characters, lots of feels, and cool world building. Their latest spec GENERATION is a finalist for the Rideback TV Incubator (Dan Lin/MRC) and a semi-finalist for the WGA TV Writer Access Project. Julie has a background in theater and trained at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center and the Moscow Art Theater. She’s the daughter of a socialist Danish immigrant and spent 14-years trying to fit in with the budding socialites at her all-girls school in Dallas. Alex grew up in the border cities of El Paso, Texas and Juárez, Mexico. He went to college to study neuroscience and later worked at a futurist think tank.
Erinne, Stan Spry at The Cartel stan@cartelent.comcoming soonGOOD WITCH (Exec Story Editor), BABY DADDY (Staff Writer), Currently adapting a major mystery book series for TV, former ABC/Disney Fellowship winnerI’m drawn to dark stories seen through the female lens, especially genre and mystery. As a former sit-com writer who has endured more dates than anyone I know, I’m good at banter and slow-burning romance. My inspiration comes from my daughters, my former life as a medical writer, and my husband’s cases at the DA’s office.
Sara EXACTLY NICOLE, Episode #208 “Single Black Idol" (freelance writer)
LOOSELY EXACTLY NICOLE, Professional Workshop 3-episode web series (freelance writer)
HISTORICAL ROASTS (script coordinator)
New York transplant to LA by way of Boston University. Like most Jews from suburban New York, my formative years were spent at sleepaway camp in Maine – an experience I’m always looking to recreate in my writing. Ridiculous situational humor and strong female characters/friendships drive my stories. As a teen, I was a rock journalist for an online webzine called Sound-Riot. I wrote reviews of concerts and albums and interviewed indie rock bands. My love for writing led me to pursue a career in TV writing so naturally I got my start working in reality TV. I finally got my big break on LOOSELY EXACTLY NICOLE where I wrote a companion web series for in season one and my first produced episode in season two. From growing up idolizing Wonder Woman, Liz Lemon, Buffy and Carrie Bradshaw's closet to my recent work with female comedians, I’ve found myself consistently drawn to telling stories that highlight the full female perspective, flaws included.
Loretta Tonight (Staff Writer), Reductress, Bustle.comI like to write for and about women who don’t necessarily qualify as “badass female characters” - indulgent mothers, unhappy wives, ditsy girls, shy women who only say about 10% of what they’re thinking, etc. I love writing jokes about pop culture - specifically influencers, the Kardashians, and the beauty industry. I'm one of's most published writers, and I most recently wrote on the late night show Busy Tonight.
Jennifer  Mobile: 310.824.3490Facebook: Forensic Speak Twitter: @JGDornbushThe Coroner (novel/teleplay written by) God Bless The Broken Road (screenplay by/novel) Home Bodies (created by/written by)
The television or movie screen is the closest most people ever come to witnessing the forensic world. But I lived it. As a daughter of a medical examiner, whose office was in our home, I investigated my first fatality, an airplane crash, when I was 8. I have decades of on-sight experience in death investigation and forensic training.  I thrive on partnering with content creators to give their stories that extra forensic authenticity and unusual story twists. I'm often invited to speak on forensics and crime writing. And I've worked as a forensic consultant writers on shows such as: Bull, Leverage, Rectify, Suits.  I love telling stories that have teeth and I'm not afraid to go dark. But I won't leave you wallowing in hopelessness and despair. I believe in shedding light into dark corners of humanity. Everyone and everything is redeemable. I work on at least 4 projects at once. And I'll always have time and energy for yours! I believe we grow by reaching beyond what we think we can do. I believe variety is the spice of life. And I believe we never lose out when we live to give. If you are looking for someone who can generate copious ideas and follow through on a project with excellence, creativity, and authenticity, I am here for you.   
Leilani or AND THE PHANTOMS (Netflix Series: Writer)
THE ARRANGEMENT (Short Film: Writer/Director/Producer)
If you are looking for diversity, I’m the one. I’m the fifth child of six kids, an Army brat who was born in Hawaii. I never quite left the place because my parents decided to give me a name that was not Mary or Sue. What I once saw as a nuisance making me stand out, I now embrace as part of my uniqueness. From Hawaii to Germany, my Atlanta born parents raised me on Army bases. I call Northern California home. My father was stationed at Fort Ord during my high school years. All that moving taught me how to relate to people from all lifestyles. From my experiences, I created art and journaled. I attended UCLA because as an artist and storyteller the heartbeat of LA attracted me. My first industry job was as an assistant to the Executive Producer of “A Different World,” where I pitched and sold an episode for the Colonel Taylor character –whose dedication and strength reminded me of my Dad. Today, I still write stories that relate to my life for both television and film. My journaling was the precursor to the two books I wrote; I express my art in ballroom dancing competitions. I teach comedy writing at Asbury University. I faithfully attend church. I love my family. I love writing. Because I’ve got stories to tell.
Nicole or Chris Burns at HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: TEN YEARS LATER (writer)
THE CHRIS GETHARD SHOW (late night/variety, co-producer/writer)
...WITH FRANCHESCA (unproduced Comedy Central sketch show, writer)
I’m a New York based writer very willing and able to head to LA for work. I’ve been obsessed with TV since I cut my teeth writing Ally McBeal fan fiction in high school. (Mostly Mary Sue. We about that.) I’m pretty deeply entrenched in the UCB scene where I’ve been a writer, performer, teacher and the tyrant who runs a small book club made up mostly of comedians. My dream is to be a feelings-driver in a comedy room or a funny person in a drama room. I love solving sticky problems in elegant ways and writing dialogue that sounds like real human word speech. I like stories about the stuff that keeps us up at night but with a happy ending. Years doing narrative improv have taught me that a well-placed callback can bring down the house or rip out your heart. Sometimes both. I’m an INFJ, enneagram 6, Ravenclaw with sun in Virgo, moon in Cancer, Libra rising. Left-handed.
Margaret DunlapJoe Riley at Zero Gravity 310-694-3800 or jriley@zerogravitymanagement.comTwitter: @spyscribe website: www.margaretdunlap.comDARK CRYSTAL: AGE OF RESISTANCE (writer), BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS (writer), MIDDLEMAN (writer)Born in Virginia, teenager in Texas, I dropped out of high school after my sophomore year to attend college halfway across the country. Took my first playwriting class when I had to fill a hole in my first-semester schedule after testing into calculus, and discovered I was more interested in puzzling out stories than related-rate problems. SF/F has been my home since my mother read me The Hobbit and The Wizard of OZ and my dad started me on the Heinlein juveniles and Andre Norton, but my most well-known credit is as a writer/director/Co-EP of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a modern-day adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Like a lot of writers on this list, I've had an unconventional career path, but I've worked on great projects for television, new media, and fiction and learned a ton on every job. I believe in the serial comma, but it's not a hill I feel the need to die on.