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Writer Name (first and last):Last Name (to alphabetize this list)Latinx Ethnicity:Genre:Staffing Level:Recent/Relevant Credits:TV or Features?Half Hour or One Hour?Your EmailOther Contact Info such as phone - (Direct or Rep) Find A Writer Link and/or IMDB:Social Media:Key Words to describe you / your interests as a writer (baseball, music, crime, gambling).A one-liner pitch for yourself. Describe yourself in one sentence.BIO (limit 2-3 lines) -- WHO you are as a writer, what makes your voice unique.
Justin AbarcaAbarcaMexicanComedy, Drama, Dramedy, SketchStaff Writer for Buzzfeed and Hulu's first original show "Battleground" Semi-Finalist for the ABC-Disney Writing FellowshipTVHalf hourjustin.abarca13@gmail.com, children, being a dad, Star Wars, general nerd stuffTired father of two who needs some of that good writing money so his kids can eatNative Southern California kid who grew up skateboarding and eating menudo. As a creator of BuzzFeed's "Weird Couple" series, I would love to explore more aspects of inter-cultural family dynamics.
Jon AlbizoAlbizoMexican AmericanDrama, Dramedy, Sci-fiFreelance/Non-WGATVOne Hourdabizo@yahoo.comtwitter @JAlbizoFamily, crime, family crime, crime families, any sport but baseball, dramedy, fantasy, sci-fi, supernaturalIt's often quoted that there's "nothing new under the sun" but I am most drawn to write stories that appear to be.I started writing because I've watched, read and enjoyed thousands of hours of movies/TV leaving me with too many ideas to ignore. Now I'm in a well established, longtime writing group here in LA, honing my craft.
Gary AlvarezAlvarezChicano Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Social/PoliticalScreenwriter and independent filmmaker with over 10 years of experience; script consultant on bilingual (Spanish) features; have written fiction and non-fiction for print and online media; MFA writing/directing from Chapman ‘12.Writer/director of SCUMBAGS (pilot) on Amazon Prime; writer/producer of PERSISTENCE OF SOUND (online radio); freelancer with L.A. Taco; multiple spec screenplays and teleplays; various short films available to watch on YouTube.BothBothgaryalvarezcastaneda@gmail.comcell (562) 338-4815 IG: @garyalvarezcastaneda YT:, born and raised. Interested in stories inspired by social justice, space exploration, the open road, baseball and rocknroll.1st-generation Chicano writer/director working to smash stereotypes of Latinos in media and create opportunities for Latinos in Hollywood.Born in 1980 and raised in the barrios of Bell, the youngest of 3 sons of working-class Mexican immigrants. My experience growing up poor in Los Angeles heavily influences my writing, which focuses on characters chasing the American Dream. Having confronted discrimination as a teenager, I also deal with racism through the stories that I tell. My goal is to create content that inspires the Latinx community to stand up for itself.
Yeni AlvarezAlvarezCubancomedy, animation, sci-fiPreWGA, WGA Caucus MemberNikola Tesla Children's TV series in development. TVHalf-houryenithevoice@gmail.com2138403158, cuban, comedy, nikolatesla, science, sci fi, animationI'm a Cuban sci-fi geek with a taste for vampires and broadway showtunes.Yeni Alvarez was born in Cuba and escaped with her parents to Panama when she was 10. She was smuggled Rio Grande into the US and grew up in the most Cuban of Miami neighborhoods, Hialeah, where she survived as a children’s party princess, all while learning makeup techniques from a transgender best friend.This former sitcom and vo star is the Spanish Female voice of Disney Parks, speaks 3 languages fluently and writes in 2. (Spanish, English, Italian). Flawless in Geek and some Klingon.
Augusto AmadorAmadorLatino. Half Peruvian, first generation American.Drama.I have not been staffed.Original TV pilot, “86'd” is currently under option and in development with Wise Entertainment for a first look at Amazon Studios. Two time awardee of the Humanitas Prize, NHMC TV Writers Humanitas Prize, TOP 50 Nicholl
Fellowship Screenplays. Award winning and nationally produced playwright.
BothHourroughwriters@gmail.com3104031435 cooking, music.Mr. Amador's background in writing comes as a nationally produced playwright before
his transition into screenwriting with an emphasis on character driven, diverse
dramas with dark comedy.
Augusto was born and raised in Silicon Valley and is the son of a music composer,
Peruvian father and culinary chef, Austrian mother. His previous incarnations
include: numbers runner for a bookie, childhood trauma survivor, coffee house
proprietor, car salesman, marble setter, and of course, long suffering waiter.
Mark ArchuletaArchuleta5th Generation Latino/Hispanic.Dramedy, Features, TV, Stand Up, Late NightStaff Writer Disney's RecessBest Modern Western Screenplay at Wild Bunch Film Festival for "The Outlaw Henry Starr."BothHalf hour markarchuleta247@gmail.com; @henrystarrmoviecomedy, historyComedy Writer/PerformerOrignially from Colorado, University of Colorado, Boulder grad in English Literature. Moved to Los Angeles 25 years ago. Won AFI Ethnic Minority Screenwriting Competition, Selected for Disneys Writers Fellowship, Developed two screenplays with Disney's Hollywood Pictures, Selectted for Warner Bros. Writers Workshop. Staff Writer on Disney's "Recess". Won 3 Regional Emmys as Host/Writer for PBS educaitioal series "Math Park" and "Hollywood Homeroom." Attempting to produce dramedy feature "The Outlaw Henry Starr"
Sara AtaiiyanAtaiiyanMexican-American/IranianHorror, Sci-Fi, Children'sAssistant - Staff Writer, documentary researcherSci-Q with Jade Lovell (factual web series), Keah Goes to the Moon (sci-fi short), The Organic Life (feature doc), The Light Shines Inside (sci-fi /horror short), editorial for Rotten Tomatoes.BothBothsara.ataiiyan@gmail.com, Reel:, Linkedin: @f_is_for_phantom Horror, Comedy, Animation, drama, deep pop culture dives Texas-born, California-raised, trilingual-ish, funny, reliable, considerate, and small children and animals trust me.I see story-telling as an essential part of our lives. It doesn't matter if it's via a stage, TV, or TikTok video; stories are how we process the world around us whether they're the ones we tell ourselves, others, or are on the receiving end of. I'm devoted to telling stories that open the audience's mind to different possibilities and live in their heads long after the credits roll.
Jason Avalos AvalosEl Salvadorean/ColombianDramedy/Adult Animation /Horror Staff WriterTalnexus Writer Nom. Namcar Night Race pilot - Creative Consultant/Head Producer over 50 awards ,Final Draft Latin Film Network Pitch Winner "Netherworld"TV Half Hour - @jasonavalos, @jasonavalos_ - IGfirst gen. vibes, bougie and ratchet,mental health,lgbt,pop culturist,cutting,underground cultures and cults,Los AngelenoA awkard/charm ball who is fun in the room while challlenging the old ways of thinking. A 1st gen Latino who grew up in L.B.C. surfing,freestyling and playing in a punk band. A low key mamma's boy where i grew up not knowing alot of my family from either side. I've lived and studied in Paris,China,Morrocco,Italy, studied writing/directing with Quentin Tarantino and have been a script supervisor on over 50 movies so i'm a very visual storyteller who knows his way around the set and who likes to be fancy sometimes.
Allison AzuaraAzuaraMexican-American Comedy/dramedyPre-WGApilot script “Patience” placed in the second round at Austin Film Festival and made it to the semi-finals in the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, musicals, vampires, supernatural, education, New York, coming of age, stoner, historical fiction, LGBTQ+, San FranciscoQueer Mexican-American writer/actor from San Francisco writing to give a voice to all the other quiet weirdos.Having a Mexican mom and a white American dad I have always felt out of place; confused about where I fit in the world. As a sensitive child I learned how to hide my true self from my emotionally neglectful family. Now as a writer I use my voice to claim my space and challenge the status quo. I write queer women of color who own their power, characters who make mistakes, and comedy that observes the absurdity of existence.
Daniela BailesBailesMexican-AmericanDrama, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-FiProduced writer. One-hour drama and elevated genre pitches available for development. Also available for television and feature OWA's. One-hour fantasy series in development with Kronicle Media. BothOne @ Echo Lake Entertainment @danibailesVideo games, horror comics, food, fashion, travel, New York, SoCal, taco blogs, reddit, true crime, cats, weird news articlesMy dramatic/genre work explores flawed characters, high concepts, and inclusive worlds.My career started in the fashion industry, working in the photography department at ELLE magazine. I also worked in the New York office at CBS, and taught myself to write scripts by breaking down Rod Serling's old Playhouse 90 teleplays from the company archives. My first script, The Letters, was honored by advocacy group We For She’s WriteHer list as one of the best unproduced scripts featuring female-driven inclusive content. The script is in active development. Also, I'm a proud alumna of the Yale Writers’ Workshop.
Michael J. BeallBeallMexican-AmericanSci-fi, Fantasy, Adventure/Comedy, Animation. Animation Guild Freelance WriterNick Jr. Rainbow Rangers. Screen Craft Semifinalist. Two-time Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist. Family friendly at times. Coming of Age and Self-Discovery are themes worth exploring.Latinx writer with tales to tell.I am passionate about crafting stories that move people. Joseph Campbell said it best, "What people are seeking is the feeling of being alive. They want to feel the rapture of being alive." Everything I write is grounded in heart, leavened throughout with humor, steeped in heritage, filled with heroics, and beaming with hope.
Via BiaBiaPuerto RicanDramedy, Comedy, Magical Realism, Animation, Fantasy, Sketch, Socially Relevant/Politically Themed Worked various jobs on indie productions, looking to be a staff writer on episodicShort I wrote/dir/prod (These Colors Don't Run) distributed by HBO (2018-2020); Sundance's Latino Screenwriting Project lab alum; member of; #StartWith8Hollywood mentee; Stowe Story Labs alum; past winner of the Virginia Screenwriting Competition; short in postboth1/2 hrviawrites@gmail.comsusan@circleofconfusion.com @viadear IG: via_dearCursey/angry mujeres; memory; religion; gender roles; dysfunctional families; Latinx; school/education; social relevance/activism; decolonization; confronting the past/PTSD; absurdism; NY low-brow; DC area; magical realism; art/artists/musicFormer restorative justice worker and teacher, the one constant in my life is being mistaken as a Target employee. Via lives in Los Angeles and writes about cursey mujeres who are learning to be a little more vulnerable.Raised on Long Island and the DC region, I grew up in a Puerto Rican, Jewish, and Evangelical multi-generational home where God was in charge, and by that, I mean my abuela. I love digging into religion, colonization (this is sounding less and less funny as I write), and painful memories that have never been explored (wow, this is now very sad). But I also write rom-coms and comedies, cuz livin' la vida latinx means that we contain multitudes!
Cristina BoadaBoadaPuerto Rican / Argentine1-hour Drama / Genre Freelance episode / DevelopmentValley of the BoomBothHourCristinaProduction@gmail.comCircle of Confusion - 310-691-7020 Genre writerLatinx / Female driven / grounded genreCristina Boada was born and raised in South Florida in a blended Puerto Rican / Argentine, strict Catholic family. From a young age, Cristina was fascinated by Catholic lore which touched less on religion but more on themes of love, war, family, violence, mortality and power. While devils and angels filled her young mind, she also noticed something important missing from these stories... women. Strong women, like her mother and grandmother who raised her. Cristina’s stories are inspired by women like them whose lives were shaped by dominant forces like masculinity, religion, or societal norms. Women who found ways to break down these walls of oppression and resistance in order to thrive.
Justin BonillaBonilla Puerto Rican, SalvadoranDrama, Dark Comedy, Social/Political, Historical/Period (Queer/POC)
Freelance script writer on Apple TV+’s PHYSICAL. Writers’ assistant on FOX’s Almost Family and PHYSICAL. Former assistant for Universal TV overall. Former copywriter.Freelance script on Apple TV+’s PHYSICAL. 2019 Tisch Represents Alumni Showcase. 2017 Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival. 2014 Miami Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival.TVBothjkbonilla@gmail.com718.964.8070
Twitter: @yeahokgreat
IG: @goodtimesbonilla
Latinx, New Yorker, Queens kid, Gay, Queer, LGBTQ, Drama, Social Issues, Coming of Age, POC & Queer Period PiecesA gay Nuyorican and avid plant daddy bent on writing mash-ups of queer and Latinx period pieces.Proud Nuyorican Queens kid kicking it in L.A. with his live-in boyfriend. I drive him crazy with my growing list of hobbies, including but not limited to woodwork, gardening, cooking, making cocktails, reading and sewing. I graduated from NYU Film & TV and still haven’t decided if the debt was worth it. I’ve got a thing for TV, and love exploring the good, bad, dark, weird, funny sides of my identities through the characters and stories I write. I often wonder, why can’t the United States just be nice to Puerto Rico for at least like, 5 seconds? For real, though.
Donna Bonilla WheelerBonilla WheelerAfra-Indigenous Peruvian-American BIPOCDramedy, Drama, Magical Realism, & FamilyFreelance Writer/Director features, shorts, series. #StartWith8Hollywood, Nicholl Semi/Quarter-ists, Austin 2ndRndr, Sundance Labs Finalists, SlamdanceLab Fellow, IFPNoBorders writer/director, NantucketFinalists, MIPTVSeriesFinalist/Series Co-Creator, MIPTV2020 ProducertoWatch, IG | @FLMKRD TwitterJane Campion meets the Coen Brothers meets Disney+ Also: Diversity and Inclusion.See prior answer.Mixed race creator, always learning from extended family situated across the USA, Latin America and EU. Full of complexity, humanity and at times, soaring human spirit.
Brandon BurkhartBurkhartMexicanComedypre-WGA2020 NBC Late Night Writers WorkshopBothHalf-hourbrandon.burkhart@gmail.comManager: Mohammed Ali: ali@af-ent.com, sci-fi, horror, parody, satireOthers have described me as a "joke machine," and who am I to argue with them?I'm a mixed race writer who loves to mix genres. Because I never completely fit in anywhere, I'm drawn to outsider characters who use dark humor to mask their pain. My main motivation is to overcome the trauma of being called Brandon Burpfart in second grade.
Jessica Hill Cabrera-ContaoiCabrera-ContaoiColombian-American (born in Puerto Rico)Drama; Sci-fi, Supernatural, AdventureLooking to staff in TV.

Independent Feature Filmmaker

MFA in Writing for Film & Television, Emerson College
Before I'm Dead (2021) Winner of Final Draft Big Break 2019 (TV Diversity Category,) AFF & WOTV Second-rounder, Writer "Before I Die" (2019,) "Dominoes" (2003) TVOne Hourjessicaghill@gmail.comLit Manager: Brian Spink (REALM)
Facebook: jessicaghill
Female Leads, Geek, Tech, Mama, Business, STEM, Diversity & Inclusion, Feminism, Travel & Adventure, Supernatural, Sci-fi, Political, Thriller, Action, SuspenseI'm one of 44 cousins in a very LARGE Colombian family, but was raised an only child, the kid who you could leave alone with a book to entertain her for hours on end. Latinx Media Tech Exec and proud Mom by day, screenwriter by night.I love people, most of the time a blessing, sometimes a curse. I've been told I see the best qualities in everyone. But this trait fuels me as a writer, I'm so curoius as to what makes people tick and how they make the decisions they do, both the good ones and the really horrible ones. I am a Colombian, Italian, Scottish woman who was born in Puerto Rico. I married a Filipino and we have a son. I've experienced many different cultures and aspects of the world and am always up to learn more. I am a Colombian, Italian, Scottish woman who was born in Puerto Rico. I married a Filipino and we have a son. I've experienced many different cultures and aspects of the world and am always up to learn more.
Michael CanalesCanalesChicanoHistorical, Family, Horror, FantasyNoneNicholl Finalist, Disney Fellow, The Hit ListBothHourmichael@mjcimageworks.com818-307-7825@MJCimageworks (Twitter)Musician, Graphic Designer, Artist, FolkloristA storyteller with an industry background with a solitary goal of bridging the gap between the mainstream and Hispanic culture. Born and raised in magical South Texas, baptized in the Gulf of Mexico, tempered in the brush, scarred by the streets. My writing is flavored by history, by curanderos and brujas, bright days and hopeful stories, dark nights and scary stories, superstition and faith, reality and truth.
Chloe CaudilloCaudilloMexican Americancomedy, dramedy, horror, sci-fi, sketchPre-WGA - I have ADed for a non-union pilot & film, and written, directed, and produced several independent short filmsThe short film "Super Lupe" that I wrote, directed, produced, and edited placed into several national film festivalsBothBothchloe.caudillo@gmail.com815-793-5378 - Twitter @coco.loca - instagramgenre-bending, dramedy, comedy, Latinx protagonists, satirical, social commentary, surrealismA Latinx writer, director, producer, and editor who strives to "flip the script" by showing worlds through the lenses of diverse characters and perspectives.I'm a 1.5 generation Mexican American, so since I can remember I've had one pie in Mexican culture and the other foot in American culture. This has allowed me to see the world through two distinct perspectives, which heavily infuences my storytelling. In my work you'll find complex characters, unreliable narrators, visual gags, and plot twists.
Danny Cavada MontenegroCavada MontenegroMexican AmericanDrama, DramedyPre-WGA-- have been staffed (on production side) on many showsNHMC Latino Scene Showcase 2019 writer, Bitch List 2019TVOne Hourdcavada@me.com310.948.6847, urban history, sci-fi, horror, journalismChicago transplant in LA who has lived the "Shameless" life and looking to bring the grit to TV. With 12 aunts and uncles on just one side of the family and over 60 first cousins, my well of story ideas never seems to run dry. I'm a first generation Mexican American hailing from the working class westside of Chicago. I tend to write with leads in mind who hail from the least represented communities in the world.
Tyler ChathamChathamCuban AmericanComedyJournalist/Writer for Sun Sentinel, LA Times and Daily MailUCLA MFA screenwriting student, placed in multiple contest including Script Pipeline and Austin, 2002 Little League All StarBothHalf hour thetylerchatham@gmail.com Culture, Sports (Go Heat), and anime/mangaBorna and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Found my passion for writing while attending the University of Florida. Pretty good improviser. Moved to Los Angeles shortly after college. Been working as a journalist while striving for that big break. A lot of my stories involve underdogs and unlikely heroes. My younger brother is a professional baseball player, which is everything a Cuban mother could ask for, so I’ve always considered myself the underdog of the family. I was also always the poorest kid in the richest school.
Jose Vicente Chavez Chavez2nd Gen. MexicanHorror/MysteryFreelance/ Non-WGATV/FeaturesHalf Hourjosevchavez@gmail.comTwitter: @countvinmosh Instagram: @thetiltreviewsSurrealism, Supernatural, Horror, Family Drama, Catholicism, Chicano DynamicsI’m a friendly, energetic, and positive person who smiles way too much for a guy who writes dread filled horror stories.
Jose ChavezChavezChicanoHorror/ReligiousNever Been StaffedN/ABothHourjosevchavez@gmail.com5052319207@josevinnychavez (Twitter)Catholic, Identity, Darkness, Evil, SufferingI am a horror writer who sees the beauty in violence, just as Jesus Christ was when he died on the cross. I grew up praying the rosary in Spanish every night, to Our Lady of Guadalupe. I learned about the terrible ways the saints suffered. Later in high school, I would attend punk shows to release all this Catholic guilt.
Nina Cortez Cortez Mexican Dramedy, Drama, KidsStaff Writer for Magazine experience. College degree in screnwriting and media production. Spec Scripts. Looking for any televison opportunity.BothBoth - twitter @heyninagal - instagramLatinx culture, enviornmentalism, sustainability, the womens movement, animal rights, veganism, health, the arts.Latinx woman and activist looking to create inclusive conent in which brings people joy and happiness.I grew up in a Latin-American household in Houston, Texas. I graaduated from Texas Tech University in 2018 with my degree in Electronic Media and Communications. I want to be a screenwriter that want to creatively make television for those who like representation. If even a single scene in one episode gives one struggling person hope or happines, I would fufill my lifes purpose. I am a vegan and have a very creative persona. I enjoy trying new restaurants, going thrift shopping, gardening and enjoying the sun with my two weenie dogs.
Denise Cruz-CastinoCruz-CastinoMexican-American Comedy, drama Advertising writer, Feature and TV writer 5 Weddings premiered at Cannes, sold the short "The Fountain" to Disney, "Imaginary Friend" produced by Raving Eeijit, currently writing and producing WW2 feature with Kim Magnusson and Neil Machlis. Both Half hour dcruzcastino@gmail.com310-383-6689 twitter: @cruzwriter hockey, any sports underdog story, family comedies, uplifiting stories, outlandish comedies, underdog stories, Latinx stories, female empowered storiesAn ancestor from Magellan, traveled the world through Africa, Asia, and Europe and lived to tell the tales, so most of my stories have some international influence. I come from a Mexican father and Jewish mother and grew up in the valley, so grew up in what was a very odd and crazy family. In order to deal with it, I had a positive outlook on life and still do. That's why I like the underdog stories and bring positivity to any relationship or room, and my stories. I've got a hunger for adventure, as do my stories.
A.P. de La Caridadde la CaridadCuban-AmericanGenre: Dramedy, Comedy, DramaScript Coordinator for Dead to Me and Project Blue Book.Finalist (bridesmaid) for CBS Diversity, Sundance Episodic, ABC/Disney Fellowship, Blacklist Trending w/ 8 composite. TVBoth. I like half hour dramedies but they're a rare 818.397.3553 folklore & myth, outside-the-box stories, Odd-Jobber, Survivor, Father, Politics, Big Story, Environmentalism.Living the life as a Peter Pan knock-off until my dad was murdered, house burned, & I beat the ever-living-shit out of cancer. Straight on 'til morning.I have failed, and those failures have fed my writing and brought me to a place where I believe in the pursuit of an absolute perfect episode of televison: one where we build the audience to a final scene, and in that scene their sorrow leads to tears, followed very shortly by uncontrollable laughter — a catharsis that carries us as we SMASH to end credits. I feel as though every drama should have a touch of humor, and every comedy should have a touch of the dramatic. A reflection of our truths.
Alejandro de los Riosde los RiosCuban, VenezuelanDark Comedy, drama, historicalFormer freelance journalist, Video Producer for Saints and Pelicans, Several shorts2017 New Orleans Film Fest Merging Voices Fellow for short script "Contrabanda", Director "9 for No. 9: The Drew Brees Story"bothbothchamo.delosrios@gmail.com240.601.5929@chamodelosrios twitter/instagramLatinX culture, sports, historical, dual-identity, bilingual, I'm a Latino mutt based in New Orleans whose most comfortable at a keyboard or behind a camera or watching one of my two-dozen favorite movies for the 30th time.I'm a Cuban-Venezuelan writer and filmmaker raised outside Washington D.C. and studied writing at Ithaca College. I worked as a freelance journalists and was published in ESPN the Magazine, VICE, the Associated Press and Deadspin before transitioning to filmmaking.

Since 2009, I've created content for Warner Brothers, MGM, A&E Networks, ESPN, McCann Erickson and Toshiba International and was awarded "Best Editing" and "Best Sound Design" for my entry in the 2016 “48 Hour Film Fest.”

In 2017, I was named to the prestigious Emerging Voices Program hosted by the New Orleans Film Festival for my short film script ‘Contrabanda’ and then worked as a Video Producer for the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans where I wrote, directed and edited digital content including a 9-part documentary on Drew Brees and short features on New Orleans music and culture.
Ana Maria DefilloDefilloDominican, Venezuelan ComedyNot staffed as a writer, support staff and research experienceDesus and Mero on Showtime, The Read on Fuse, The Vote on PBS TVHalf-houradefillo@gmail.com class, culture, identity, religion, racial justice, social issuesAna Maria Defillo is a Caracas-born, Miami-raised, Dominican writer, researcher, and producer.Ana Maria Defillo is a Dominican comedy writer and producer. In previous lives she paved her road to hell as a nonprofit professional, global affairs graduate student, and an evangelical missionary. After seeing the light she switched lanes to comedy and improv. Now she mines her unique experiences to write dark comedic stories and repent.
Mike DiazDiazCubangrounded genre & dark comedy, both hour & half-hour.Current assistant on writer/producer overall. Former WPA on THE HOT ZONE @NYTVF finalist, AFF 2nd rounder, shopping agreement w/ producers on 1 of my pilots.TvBothmikediazfilm@gmail.com321-693-2366I'm Mike Diaz - Cuban writer w/ film bg. Been to 6 continents w/ Nat Geo; taught film in Nigeria, Qatar, Galapagos, Australia, etc. I write grounded genre & dark comedy, both hour & half-hour. @NYTVF finalist, AFF 2nd rounder, shopping agreement w/ producers on 1 of my pilots.
Christopher Dominguez AbeelDominguez AbeelColombian-AmericanDrama, Horror, Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Action, HistoricalResearch AssistantNicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist, Film Independent Episodic Fellow, Austin Screenwriting Competition Semfinalist. Research assistant on a premium cable series currently in development.BothOne 640-1155Christopher Dominguez Abeel IMDBTwitter: @Un_Poco_ChrisSpooky stuff. Internet Culture. The mixed race experience. Ancient and Medieval History. Magical Realism. Absurdism. True crime. YouTube drama. Pro Wrestling. MMA. NYC. eSports. Cryptozoology. Futurism. Myths and legends. Gaming. Science stuff I'll never fully understand but still find fascinating.Colombian-American writer reimagining drama, horror, sci-fi, and thrillers through a mixed-race point of view.I worked in construction and IT before discovering my creative voice in Columbia University's Film MFA program. When I'm not writing I'm hitting up bottle service at one of L.A.'s exclusive clubs. Just kidding, I've been social distancing since 2012 and spend my nights writing thrillers, horror, sci-fi, and drama.
Roxanne Esquibel HilburnEsquibel HilburnLatina-MestizoSci-fi, Horror, Comedy, Short StoryGender Role Reversal Play produced at Santa Monica Theatre, Journalist, Professional Ghostwriter, Development Intern, Production Assistant, Production CoordinatorSci-fi short story in development with UTABothBothlatinawriterrrr@gmail.comShort Story Rep: UTA Katrina Escudero TV/Film/IP Ent. Lawyer Rep: Heidy Vaquerano 310-478-4100

Twitter: @LatinawriterrrrSci-fi, Latino Culture, Horror, history, archaeology, true stories, female driven, science nerd, Mexican FolkloreTejana with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Archaeology that gives back to the science community by volunteering in a female run fossil lab at the La Brea Tar Pits.I write diverse characters in big worlds and often infuse my knowledge of science and history into writing projects. I write about social issues that I have personally experienced such as misogyny and racism, but wrap it up in a tight entertainment package to reach mainstream audiences. Current projects include Arcane Land a sci-fi horror pilot in the vein of a Latino Stranger Things, Feature: The Tale of Takeko – the true story of a female Samurai, and The Bakken – a short story based on the rising rates of disappearances of Native American women in the Bakken.
Edward G. ExcaliberExcaliberPuerto RicanComedy, DramedyN/ANHMC TV Writers Program 2017 Fellow; NBC's WOTV 2018-19 FellowBothHalf Houredwardexcaliber@yahoo.com305-781-5815N/A@edwardexcaliberComedy, Star Wars, video games, sports, nerd culture, cats, outcasts, underdogs, workplace, fantasy, fairy talesGeeky introvert who loves to play board games, video games, actual sportball games - a lover of all things geek and a frequent cheese pizza enthusiast.The youngest of three boys, I grew up with a cultural identity crisis when my repressive Latino father changed his name from Hernandez to Excaliber after seeing the trailer for the movie Excaliber. I've always loved writing, from growing up in my grandmother's comic book shop to writing my own lyrics for an ill-fated emo punk band to starting my career in the theatre; writing, directing plays. I write the outcast, misfit, underdog trying to find their place or reclaim their identity, usually, in a heightened, satiric world.
Elliott FelicianoFelicianoPuerto RicanComedy, Dramedy, DramaCryptTV, official film selection at 2019 Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festical and 2020 Bentonville Film Festival TVHalf Hourfeliciano.i.elliott@gmail.com213-921-0322 (Instagram), @elliofeliciano (Twitter)LGBTQ+, Latinx Culture, RomCom, Thriller, Coming of Age, MidWest, Chicago, Dramedy, Drama, Boricua Pride, TrangenderA trans Puerto Rican writer/director disrupting the industry with queer POC stories.I’m a trans Puerto Rican dramedy & rom-com writer from the Midwest. I write character driven stories with queer Latinx-centered leads. My first short film was an official selection at the 2019 OutFest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival and 2020 Bentonville Film Festival.
Albert FernandezFernandezMexicanDrama, ComedyStaff Writer, WA, SA, Sundance Latinz Screenwriters Fellowship nominee,PGA Power of Diversity Master Workshop Participant, CBS Diversity Sketch Showcase Writer, NYU Tisch Film Alumn.BothBothafernandezproductions@gmail.comIG: @albertbfernandezPolitical, Current Topics, Coming of AgeFirst Gen college student born to former migrant farm workers in Fresno, who ended up at the Obama White House and wrote a speech for VP Biden.As a writer I aim to shine a light on stories of the Latino experience that haven't been told before - beyond the stereotype. My style is more fitting of a Sorkin Universe, the characters drawn from my Washington/New York past. My start in entertainment was via the world of child acting and much of my dialogue is with the perfromace element in mind. Very keen on details, they are EVERYTHING in my scripts - in a Fincher way, I will pull up menus of restaurants to make sure what the characters are eating is something they would really serve there. Blessed with a broad range I have written everything from depositions, to eulogies, to speeches for poltical officals and of course both genres of comedy, drama including features.
Helen FernandezFernandezMexican AmericanComedy, Drama, TVStaff Writer (Pre-WGA)2019 WIF Emerging Talent Mentorship ProgramTVBothhelenfcaroline@gmail.com @HelencarolineF
Instagram: geeze_helen
Comedy, female protagonists, dark humor, dead pan comedy, Sci-fi, Thriller, stories about family, coming-of-age stories, YA storiesI'm an ex-journalist/full-time Gemini who craves character-driven dramedies and loves finding humor in life’s toughest moments.I am a recovering introvert with a fascination for shopping malls. I grew up in Arizona, which was very white and disgustingly hot. As a first-generation Mexican-American woman, I often feel trapped between two cultures. Today, I embrace my identity crisis and channel it into my writing.

P.S. don't follow me on Twitter I'm a mess
Praxis FernandezFernandezDominicanComedy / DramaNot staffed yet.NABothBothfernandezimagenes@gmail.com Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Vimeo: LinkedIn: Realism, Surrealism, Fairy Tales, Folklore, Romantic Comedies, Latino Stories, A post-production Artist turned screenwriter who draws inspiration from the folk and fairy tales told to her as a child growing up in Latin America.Praxis Fernandez is an award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Praxis got her start in the filmmaking industry as an on-set Wardrobe P.A. After earning her Masters in VFX Compositing from NYU, she transitioned to the post-production arena, where she's worked as an Editor and GFX/VFX Generalist for the past ten years. She is now pursuing her lifelong dream of writing for Films and T.V.
Robert FlowersFlowersMexicanI lean genre, but not always. Sci-fi/thriller/dramaNone2nd round sundance lab. ATX semi-finalist. Top 10 pilot on blacklist website 2017BothHourrobertleeflowers@gmail.com3236063369, music, sports, space ships, A different perspective, striving to find the universal in those differences.Born in Mexico, my mother married a combat veteran in a wheelchair. The only son of these two complex souls. Grew up in the desert of Phoenix. but have traveled well. I bring an outsider perspective. And my characters tend to reflect that.
Erick GalindoGalindoMexican AmericanDrama, ComedyMostly reality TV, I ran a non-ficiton series for two seasonsBubble Machine, LA Taco Tastes, Laker Life, FiltersBothBotherick.geee@gmail.com562-299-7667, crime, family, identity, politics, true story, street culture, hostorical, fantasy, sci-fi, nerd, los angeles, mexico, My parents are both workaholics whose idea of a lazy sunday is decorating, gardening, or building stuff and so am I except I can't actually do any of that stuff anywhere but on the page. I’m a freckle-faced, redheaded, first generation American whose parents hail from one of the most violent, drug-controlled regions of Mexico. I grew up in Los Angeles and lived in constant fear of authority because I was always afraid someone I loved was going to be deported. And I grew up getting my ass kicked by gangters who hated me because I was white, racist people who hated me for being Mexican, and my older brother who hated be for being born. It's through this lense that I tell stories.
Isabella GarciaGarciaMexican AmericanDramedy, Dark Comedy Romantic Comedy, DramaUCLA Screenwriting MFAUCLA Screenwriting MFA; Scriptapalooza FinalistPrimarily features, but bothBothisabellagarcia08@gmail.com, surrealism, magical realism, body horror, relationshipsA queer, Mexican-American writer who grew up reading a lot and, in turn, feeling a lot, now wants to make you feel something too.After a traumatic experience in preschool, I vowed to stop speaking Spanish, and speaking altogether... until the age of 13 when I told a joke to my crush. Realizing I could make people feel a certain way through my words, I kept talking, and started writing too. I've been speaking (in Spanish and English) and writing ever since.
Ivette García DavilaGarciaCuba RicanDrama - Action & Sci-Fi (TV), Comedy (Features)Staff Writer, currently about to start writing an app-based AR video gameShorts, game, driven, sisterhood, ensembleI put my foot in my mouth all the time and then obsess about it for days. I'm a Cuban-Puerto Rican author and award-winning filmmaker based out of Los Angeles. Primarily a screenwriter, my work has placed in the Nicholl Fellowship, Disney TV Writing Program, Final Draft Big Break Competition and in the Women in Film / Black List Feature Residency.
Pablo GoldsteinGoldsteinMexican-AmericanComedyN/ANHMC TV Writers Program. Researcher - I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman (seasons 1 & 2). Producer's Assistant - Spike Lee's Rodney King (Netflix). Contributing writer to Vulture, Splitsider, The Cut, McSweeney's.TVHalf-hourpablomgoldstein@gmail.comRepresentation - Sonia Gambaro (manager) - 323-363-5451, Satire, Redemption, Quixotic, Unusual Families, Gentrification, Politics, Decline of Modern American Cities, Sports, the Los Angeles you rarely see on TVI'm an East Hollywood native skilled at joke writing, dialogue, and character creation who writes Quixotic redemption comedies about Vons bag boys, SFV gym teachers, alien scientists disguised as KCAL 9 weathermen, and talentless street artists mistaken for Banksy.Pablo Goldstein is a comedy writer and native Angeleno who was born and raised in East Hollywood. He most recently worked as a researcher in the writers' room of Hulu's Emmy-nominated "I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman" where he was hired directly by Sarah after she discovered his writing on Twitter. Having grown up in a multicultural home where nobody was the same ethnicity, Pablo wants to create work that blends his love of oddball family dynamics and characters bursting with unearned confidence with his desire to see his hometown's diverse cultural landscape portrayed in all its absurd glory.
Randy Gordon-GaticaGordon-GaticaMexican AmericanThriller, Action, ComedyPA on a million different thingsWrote and Directed The Magic Bomb, a LatinX thrillerFeaturesR.G.Gatica@gmail.com7185703754, story, story, that's the key.I stay focused on character and story, fast, love to revise, funny.
Christopher GuerreroGuerreroMexican-AMericanComedy, Drama, Social/PoliticalStaff Writer/Director, Digital, TV, and FeaturesStaff Writer at BuzzFeed, a creator behind "Tasty", "The Try Guys", "Dad Bod Work-Out", "Early-Onset Dads". Writer and Head of Narrtive at Super Deluxe. Staff writer at Studio 71. Staff writer on "What Just Happened?". Staff writer for "The Rock"/Seven Bucks Productions.BOTHBOTHchris@wyomafilms.com559-779-3692, Social/Political Satire, Diverse Stories, Dark Comedy, Hard Hiting Drama, Punk, Coming Of Age, Music, Central Valley, California, Social Issues, Lantix, Female Lead Stories, Under Dog Stories,Chris, an award winning Latinx filmmaker from the central valley of California, loves making hard-hitting bold voiced comedy and drama with a socially-conscious edge.Christopher Guerrero graduated from UC Santa Cruz and USC MFA Production program. His work at BuzzFeed, Super Deluxe, Studio 71 and with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has garnered billions of views all across the Internet. A creative mind involved in some of BuzzFeed’s biggest properties, Chris’s award-winning work explores story-telling at breakneck speed in the dynamic world of 21st Century filmmaking. A Latino from the central valley of California, Chris loves making hard-hitting bold voiced comedy and drama with a socially-conscious edge. His two latest personal projects “White Guys Solve Sexism” and “Car Stealers” are currently having a festival run and have screened at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Cinequest, Dances With Films, Nantucket Film Festival, HollyShorts, FilmQuest, Defy Film Festival, Discover Film Festival and many many more.
Iz Gutierrez (aka Israel)GutierrezMexican-AmericanDrama, Comedy, Social/PoliticalWriter/Director for TV or Film projectsAward-winning Filmmaker "Sin Frontera" "They Call Us Sediciosos" "Comic Conventions"
@izgootLatino, LatinX, diverse, Mexican, character driven,
Social, Political, Drama, comedy, satire, dark comedy, sci fi, nerd, geek, comic books
Born in Mexico, raised in Southern California, looking to make a change and educate in narratives with untapped points-of-view especially as a Mexican raised in the United States.I have lived on both sides of the Mexican and American culture and have developed a unique point-of-view in my screenwriting showcased in my award-winning short film. I have screened my work at WME and have been invited to screen for the SAG Foundation. My screenplays/films range from LatinX social/political dramas, to LatinX satirical comedies and dramedies dealing with the nerd culture of comic book geeks.
Michael D. GutierrezGutierrezMexican-American & Puerto RicanDramaShowrunner’s AssistantShowrunner’s Assistant on WHISKEY CAVALIER (ABC), Writers’ PA on LETHAL WEAPON S2 (FOX)BothOne
IMDbTwitter: @michael_gutidysfunctional family dynamics, dual timelines, dual protagonists, female protagonists, racism, ageism, sexism, grounded sci-fi, gentrification, parenting, death, food, love, business, identity, mental health, underdogs, sports, bi-lingual, fish out of water, coming of ageMexi-Rican writer from Detroit who writes grounded character-driven drama with a narrative twist, centering around the American Latinx experience.A Native Detroiter from the city’s predominantly-Latino Southwest side. My work reflects my experiences of being raised ni de aquí, ni de ella, from growing up alongside Mexican immigrants in my family’s bustling mom-and-pop tortilla shop, to my time as a teen in the very White conservative bubble of a suburban private Catholic high school — located in the Arab capital of North America (Dearborn, Michigan). I’m in love with character-driven, cutthroat dramas about business as proxy for family, pinning members against each other a la SUCCESSION, BILLIONS, OZARK, NARCOS, SOPRANOS, and EMPIRE. I also have a soft spot for patient, self-explorative half-hours like RAMY, NORMAL PEOPLE, and BETTER THINGS.
MichaelGutierrezAfro-Latino Comedy Not been staffed N/ATVHalf-hourmikeygwrites@gmail.com, Comic-Books, Coming of AgeI'll make this short My mother is from England and my dad is from New York so I say I was raised to be a polite asshole. I love telling stories about characters pushing themselves to work past their limits and widen their respective world-views. And I love Tender Greens in a non-ironic way.
Adrian Gutierrez MartelGutierrez MartelMexican-AmericanHorrorN/AN/ABothHouradrian.g.martel@gmail.com619-721-7647@yoadrianmartelfolklore, legends, mythology, religion, crime, historicalA unique voice within the industry that breathes life into human stories based on tradition, religion, and folklore. Raised as a Jehovah's Witness, I grew to love horror within the sanctuary of my local library. Taboo as it was, my early teachers were King, Poe, Lovecraft, Stoker, and Gaiman. Now, having left the cult, I strive to use my unique life experiences to redefine horror as human stories, albeit, a bit bloodier.
Ellie GuzmanGuzmanSalvadoranComedy, Dramedy, Adventure, Animation (adult and children's)Pre-WGA; Freelance writer for "Archibald's Next Big Thing" and soon starting freelance episode on an unannouced Dreamworks show. Currently a writers assistant/script coordinator at Dreamworks Animation TV.Freelance scripts on "Archibald's Next Big Thing." Writers assistant/script coordinator at Dreamworks. Creator and Editor in Chief of "Lady Pieces", a satire blog with over 40,000 subscribers. Writer of the book of short essays "Rags to Rags."TVBoth (also experience in 11 minute) is . Since animation is written nearly two years before projects drop, writing credits are not there yet.
twitter: @ellie_guzmanDark comedy, satire, deep flaws, dysfunctional relationships, first generation, the "good kid" being the most messed up one, intersectional feminism, bisexuality, video games, body image stories, dogs!Ex-healthcare worker who saw firsthand that you only live once, and decided to drop everything and be a writer because as a first gen, not wealthy, Latina woman, it'll be easy right?I studied biology and worked in an ER, running a blog for fun because I loved writing but didn't think I could survive doing it as a first gen Salvadoran-American woman. But it's thanks to that blog that I was able to become a PA and work my way up to where I am now! My unique career background as well as my personal one have infused me with a one of kind perspective, a dark sense of humor, and the ability to create realistically flawed but lovable characters.
Rayna HelgensHelgensMexican-AmericanComedyStaff WriterScript Supe for Pixar's LUCA, Story Production for Star Wars: Resistance, Star Wars: Rebels. PM for Peaches Christ Productions.BothHalf Culture, Workplace, Ensemble, Alt-Comedy, Improv, Horror, Family, Absurd, Drag, Punk, MusicMexican-American woman with a brain full of folds and heart of gold and looking to make you laugh using both.I was raised in front of the TV and my writing looks to celebrate the medium that served as my third parent. My work seeks to combine heart and absurdity, and I will always look to champion an underdog. I want to be the Mexican-American Mel Brooks of the 30-min sitcom.
Starlett HillHillAfro-LatinaSitcoms/Rom-Com
Hector JimenezJimenezMexicanComedyFreelance writerAll Spec scripts, onced admonished on Craigslist for submitting scriptsTVHalf Hournot.hector.jimenez@gmail.com, Comedy, Crude, Food, Childhood, DelinquentsWill always go for the joke, much to his detriment.South LA native with eye for humor. Grew up in a family of brothers with a surprisingly stable and loving family. Army veteran and UC Berkeley graduate. Always trying to find the balance between fart jokes and existential what-have-you.
Diego LanaoLanaoPeruvian-AmericanMostly Half-hour comedy, but also working on hour dramasHave not been staffed- Teatro Chelsea: Staged Development Reading for full-length play: "Before We Focus on Others" [ ~]BothBothdiego.a.lanao5@gmail.com2035927918@lanao_diego - Twitter; @dlanao5 - IGMusic, Latinx, Family, Coming-of-age, Romance, Empathetic, Optimism, UnderdogProud Peruano-American who ran away from medical school to be an artist.Through the perspective of BIPOC characters, my writing aims to subvert typical stereotypes and instead highlight achievement and emotional growth. As a result, I tend to focus on writing scripts that establish a comedic environment, allowing readers to revel in optimism following the protagonist’s adventures.
Laura C. Lopez LopezEcuadorian/ChileanDrama, action adventure, thriller, horror, scifiHaven’t been staffed but sold a feature pitch to a streamer alongside my writing partner / husband Danny DaneauN/aBothHourlauraclopez@gmail.com323-404-5984 women, latinx heroes and big action set piecesI’m brown. I write. I don’t ask permission. My kids need badass heroes and I aim to create them. I love big movies with a heart. I want brown people leading them. My husband and I write post-immigrant, badass, flawed latino characters that can save the day and give spectacle the way screen heroes did when I was a kid growing up in Latin America.
Lorena LourençoLourencoBrazilianComedy, DramadiesPre-WGA, have worked on non-union small writing assignments, writer's assistant, and staffed in production for TV.Directing and/or writing work has screened at Outfest, Inside Out, LALIFF, and Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival. Series-Fest Women’s Writing Competition Semi-finalist. A production company has invested in the sizzle for my new pilot. Two original pilots, a feature and two specs. USC SCA Alum and has worked in production for Netflix and HBO. BothBothlorenamaffei.l@gmail.com818.693.4939

Reps - Sandra Avila - / + Twitter: @lorenammlFemale, Latinx, queer stories. Feminist. Uterus. Dark Comedy. Magical realism. Cultural identity. Self-expression. Internal monologues. Stories of those on the outskirt of society or trying to find themselves.
My voice has a unique tone, bringing the Brazilian joi-de-vivre and comedy into all the dark, oppressive, and morally ambiguous corners I explore. Meet a writer and director who has received the most impressive title of “alien of extraordinary ability” by U.S. Immigration, but she is still working on being recognized as a human. Lorena Lourenço is an award-winning writer, director, and producer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a USC School of Cinematic Arts alum. She is passionate about telling stories from marginalized perspectives that highlight cultural identity, the immigrant experience and female strength (though she barely works out). Her stories include people on the outskirts of society looking for a way in through a slightly magical lense, especially if it involves her talking uterus.
Eduardo LucateroLucateroMexicanDrama, Romatic ComedyResearcher, Director, Production ManagerFour feature films as writer/director MFA in Screenwriting BothBothlucateroeduardo@gmail.com @Lucateros IG: lucateroeduardoCrime, Cults, History, Fine Arts Eternally curious polyglot nerd, fan of all the arts and a great cook. Born in Mexico, educated in Canada and based in Los Angeles, Eduardo Lucatero has worked in film and television in all three countries in English, Spanish and French. He has participated in shows for Vice, Global Television and Discovery Channel. His feature films have been shown in festivals around the world and include the documentaries The Living and World Record as well as the comedy Corazón Marchito and the experimental film Preludio. He is currently in pre-production of his new feature.
Gerardo 'Gerry' MaravillaMaravillaMexican AmericanDrama, Horror, ThrillerWriter/director of award-winning shorts2018 Stowe Story Labs, Member of the 9th Annual Artist Academy at 2019 New York Film Festival, 2020 ScreenCraft Horror SemiFinalist, FinalistFeaturesgmaravilla21@gmail.com & IG @gerrymaravillathriller, psychological, horror, halloween, coming of age, chicano, latinx, second generation, genre, surrealA multi-hyphenate Mexican-American writer/director looking to grow empathy and inspire action through genre storyteling.An award-winning Mexican-American writer, director and impact producer from the San Fernando Valley. A lover of genre and former crowdfunding guru who believes if your art isn't serving a greater good, don't expect an audience to pay for it.
Jason MarcusMarcusCuban-AmericanComedy, Dramedy, SketchStaff Writer at mitu Contributor to Cosmo & Glamour magsTV WRITING FELLOWSHIPS & WORKSHOPS:
- Native American TV Writers Lab. 2018
- Kung Fu Monkey Productions’ TV Writers Bootcamp. 2018
- NBC Late Night Writers Workshop. 2014

- PAGE International Screenwriting Awards (Semi-Finalist). 2018
- WeScreenplay TV Pilot Screenwriting Contest (Quarterfinalist). 2018
- Austin Film Festival - Screenplay Competition (Second Rounder). 2018
- New York TV Festival (Notable Writer). 2018
- Fresh Voices Spotlight (Award for “Best Dialogue”). 2015
- Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest - TV Existing Series (Silver Prize Winner). 2014
TVHalf Hourjasonmarcuscomedy@gmail.comDirect: JASON MARCUS
(617) 922-1543

Rep: Abrams Artists Agency
(310) 859 - 0625


Dysfunctional Family Comedy, Dark Comedy, Dramedy, Jokes, Humor, Absurdist, Dad, Dad Jokes, Twin Dad, Diverse Writer, Standup, Basketball, Comics, Boston Sports, Nerd, Sci-fi, Character Driven, Music, Culture, Social Issues, Class Warrior, Class Warfare, Justice, Fart Jokes, History, Crime, Awkward Moments, Mixed-Race, Diverse Writer, Surrealist, Space, Animation, A Jason Marcus script places an absurdist premise amongst realistic characters to let the humor of their reactions remind audiences that humanity is hilariously weird.My mother is Cuban/Native American, while my father is Indonesian/Hawaiian - and a professional criminal, who worked as a leg-breaker for the mob. I grew up in the rough and racist, Irish-Catholic neighborhoods of South Boston, where I got beat up a lot for being racially ambiguous and chubby. In addition to a blue-collar work ethic, I developed a sense of humor as a defense mechanism, and to keep my lunch money – I mentioned I had a weight thing, right?
Luis MartinezMartinezColombian Uruguayan Comedy Horror Drama Not Staffed add comedy to any genre and just wanna tell interesting and unique stories from my teams pov.Adaptable Latino Writer/Director that can write and create for any genre and produce on ULB budgetA Latino writer who grew up in both South America and the US with a unique immigrant story who has proved himself on festival circuit is looking to pitch his original IPS and find representation.
Jose MataMataPuerto Rican / Costa RicanSci-Fi, Thriller, AnimationPre-WGA Freelance Writer /Writer's PA/Office PA/Set PaCurrently writing episodes for an audio drama that's yet to be announced. Wrote "Puerto Rican Comedians We Grew Up Wacthing" and created "Latino Dad Cook-Off" for Pero jdmstudio3@gmail.comTwitter: @josematawriter - Instagram: @josematawriterLatinx, sci-fi, video games, animation, monsters, mythology, theology, culture, comedy, crime, thrillers, mysteriesA Puerto Rican with a love for many cultures and a curiosity to explore the endless depth of them all.Puerto/Costa Rican writer from the East Coast but with a heart raised on the island. I love exploring the animation genre and the things that give you goosebumps in a sci-fi world, all while coming from the Latinx perspective. I've gone through many things and won't let the stories I've witnessed fade away.
Christine Mathewson CoronadoMathewson CoronadoPanamanian Horror, Sci-Fi, Psychological Thriller Pre-WGA, looking for writers assistant or staff writer positionsWorked/interned for Jordan Peele's Monkeypaw Productions (Get Out), Hivemind (The Witcher), Village Roadshow Pictures (Mad Max Fury Road) and Scott Free (Prometheus)

Screenwriting MFA

Published short story "Argonaut" in Strangers in a Strange Land: Immigrant Stories
TV/Features1 Horror, supernatural, sci fi, fantasy, BIPOC, intersectional feminism, social issues, psychology, identity, gender roles, thrillers, video games, mythology, culture, world buildingAspiring showrunner who takes influence and inspiration from Guillermo del Toro, Bryan Fuller and Rod Serling!I was named after a Stephen King novel about a car that kills people, but it could have been worse -- I could have been named Misery or It. I'm so lucky to have been raised with a multitude of cultures: my Panamian mother, immigrant Iranian stepfather and Mexican grandmother. Due to this diverse upbringing, I like to write within the genres of horror, sci-fi and fantasy as they allow me to explore identities and discuss societal issues in allegory.
Josie MeléndezMelendezPuerto RicanComedy, Drama, Historical, Period, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Coming-of-Age, HorrorPre-WGA recent SCAD graduate with an MFA in Dramatic Writing; Freelance (film criticism, journalism, script coverage...)N/ 467-2005Website under construction: IG & Twitter: @thejosiemarie Magical Realism, Caribbean, Colonialism, Feminist, Female, Political, Latinx, Family, Relationships or lack thereof, Identity, Adventure, Queer, Coming of Age, Justice, Social Issues...A Puerto Rican writer with a mission to create spaces for Latines in front of and behind the camera in order to get more genuine stories.As a Puerto Rican, I have grown up realizing that culture and identity are complex notions that outsiders try to define for you. With my projects, I strive to capture the truth of our reality through magical atmospheres, rich imagery, and writing that vividly expresses the love and passion I have for my island.
Omar Mendoza MendozaMexican AmericanSci-fi, fantasy, drama, family, animation and thriller. Staffing level: looking to be staffed, Got the KUDOS Award for Fantasy Screenplay at the iHOLLY International Film Festival.TV 323-599-8843. Born and raised in Nor Cal. Moved to LA to write. Worked with kids for over 10yrs so yeah I’m very patient. Traveled the country in order to get a better insight into myself and become a better writer. Raised by two powerful Mexican parents. Hoping that one day I can buy my mother a house.
Valeria MirandaMirandaMexican AmericanComedy, Drama, FantasyAssistant/Staff WriterAlt. Programming Research assistant at Love Productions USA. Original Pilot samples available TVBothmirandasvaleria@gmail.comTwitter: @valesmfRelationships, Coming of Age, Science Fiction, Adventure, Video Games, Multi GenerationalBorn and raised with one foot on each side of the Mexican-American border, Valeria learned to speak English and tell stories from video games and American TV. I am a Mexican-American storyteller who grew up in Tijuana, Mexico while also going to school in San Diego, CA. My multicultural background has influenced my writing and how I view the world around me. After experiencing a family tragedy in my teen years, I have devoted myself to tell stories that will inspire people and help others to not feel so alone.
Ana Lydia MonacoMonacoMexican-American (lived in both Mexico and SFV, currently in WLA)Dramedy / DramaWriters Assistant / Story Editor / Researcher for both TV and Feature Films. Most recently for Film Foundry, LLC. and Empyrean, LLC. Script Coordinator for Disney's Mulan. Writers Assistant for confidential project with Christopher Oscar Pena. PitchStory TOP Drama Screenplay for April 2019. WIF/Go 90 Top 25 Screenwriting Finalist. Audience Award-Winner, PIFF LA. WIF/Go 90 Top 25 Screenwriting Finalist. Short Film Writing Award Winner. Freelance Art, Culture, Travel and Entertainment writer, and blogger.BothHalf houranalydiamonaco@gmail.comManagement: jenny@jgcmanagement.com accross all social channels, including Twitter, Instagram, FacebookDramedy, Drama, Love and Relationships, Culture, Urban, Bicultural, YA, Young Adult, Childfree, Non TraditionalBilingual, Bicultural writer that creates content based on today's reality that highlights kick-ass women with content that makes audiences laugh, cry and think differently.Ana Lydia is a first-gen Mexican-American (or fourth-gen if you count the back-and-forth US/Mex/Spain travels of her ancestors). A native Angelino by way of the San Fernando Valley, most of her summers were spent traveling through Mexico until her family decided to stay in Guadalajara… for five years. Too American to be Mexican or too Mexican to be thoroughly American, Ana Lydia has straddled both cultures in her personal life and her former PR career… until she decided to follow her dreams and return to film school to focus on writing and directing stories that highlighted the complex diversity of today's multicultural urban communities. Ana Lydia is a confirmed, childfree dog-mom currently obsessing over the latest Mexican-American authored books, the LA-art scene, and everything food but tacos… because she happily admits to being a stereotype when it comes to her love of all things Mexican food.
Danny MoraMora1st gen Colombiancomedy, drama, sketchWriters Assistant looking to be a staff writerWriters assistant for two years on Loudermilk (Audience TV/DirecTV)TVHalfdanny.mora.dm1@gmail.com773-425-5144 (Twitter); @dmora813 (Instagram)Comedy, sci fi, fantasy, horror, UFC, interpersonal dynamics, office politics, politeness, loyalty, weight loss/diets, exercise, pride, Latinx prideI'm a funny, curious guy who gets along with peopleI was a writers assistant on Loudermilk (Audience Network/DirecTV) the last two years and learned a ton from the standups, comedians and writers who worked on that show. Also, I've been improvising and acting for audiences for over twenty years (first Chicago, then LA) and those back and forth reactions- especially the ones that move audiences -inform my writing.
Victor Morales RochaMorales RochaMexicanComedy, Dramedy, Romance, ThrillerIndependent freelance writerSpec Scripts (1 gay rom com, 2 sitcom pilots), UCLA film majorBothHalf Hour for TVVictormoralesrocha@live.com, LGBTQ+, LatinX, YoungGay Latino biding my time and writing comedies until the old white men in power die.Central Valley California Latinx kid living in Los Angeles trying to find a boyfriend and sell a gay rom com. All of my first memories are from the year I spent in Mexico when I was 2, Michoacano at heart. Currently finishing my education as a Film and Television major at UCLA's school of Theater, Film, and Television.
Monika Moreno-LappMoreno-LappMexican-AmericanDramadies, drama, comedy, dark comedy, familyTwo feature options, sold 2 radio dramas translated to Spanish (FAMILY THEATER PRODUCTIONS), UCLA Screenwriting for Film & TV cert, former film festival director. BlueCat Screenplay Competition 1st place, Big Bear Film Festival 2nd place, Telluride Indie screenplay award, etc. BothBothMonikawrites@gmail.com310 567 7334@monikawritesLatino families, comedy, redemptive stories, stories that explore pain, laughter, relationships. Different cultures, the human spirit, spirituality, weirdness, road trips, food & ghosts. Award winning character driven writer that merges the pain and humor in stories. Original voice with literary yet soulful edgy stories. Late start Latina! Admittedly took a while to build confidence to chase my dreams but once I did, no looking back! Overcame many obstacles. First script took second place in a UCLA screenwriting competition So I kept going. Continued to win awards then options. Eventually built one of the most prestigious student film festivals in the country and curated films that went on to be Oscar nominated. I'm currently writing like a fiend, mostly Latino American cultural drama comedies, as well as other ethnic-based stories.
Michelle MorganteMorganteChicana/MexicanDramedy, drama, family, multi-layered character dramaLongtime journalist/LatAm foreign correspondent for digital, print and broadcast media. Original dramedy pilots. UCLA screenwriting program.Lots of journalism stuff (former AP, NPR and McClatchy).; original dramedy pilot; spec scripts. Trying to break into TV.TVBothmichellemorgante@gmail.com559-931-3946, @lscreenwriters www.latinoscreenwriters.comFamily dynamics, fish-out-of-water, Latinos of all stripes who are swimming in the U.S. mainstream, politics, culture clashes, big questionsBicultural explorer and observer, able to codespeak and assimilate to diverse situations.I'm the daughter of Mexican immigrants and an Italian adventurer who had to hide his identity to escape his family's mafia bloodfeuds. First-gen college graduate, I studied political science/international relations and became an accomplished journalist and foreign correspondent before deciding that screenwriting is a better form of telling stories that matter. I create multi-layered characters who are unlike anything else I've seen on screen. I'm fearless because I respect challenges and know how to stick to a problem until I can sort it out. I love the depth of Wim Wenders as well as the farce of Will Ferrell. I love driving my VW Westy and aspire to one day have a cherried out Chevy Impala convertible that I can drive through the Nevada desert while belting out some Sinatra.
Camille MuthMuthChileanComedy, DramedyStaff Writer (Pre-WGA)2019 Bitch List, finalist in Roadmap's Diversity Initiative, featured in Kevin Hart's Emmy-nominated Don't F*ck This UpTVHalf Hourcamille.m.muth@gmail.com investigation, Hawaii, existential crises, queer, surrealism, magic, broad comedy, workplace comedy, relationship comedy, dramedyRedheaded Chilena from Hawaii and former private eye currently working in development at Berlanti Productions.Camille Muth is a redheaded Chilena from Hawaii (and very good paddleboarder) who somehow feels more comfortable talking about herself in the third person?! Camille’s deep desire to explore the world and people around her has led to multiple stints as a private investigator, although writing is her preferred medium of exploration. This desire is evident in her work, which bursts with colorful characters and settings traditionally unexplored.
Jose NaterasNaterasMexican AmericanHorror & DramedyFreelance/Pre-WGAFeature length horror screenplays: "Departing Seniors" is in pre-production, "Zero Feet Away" was just announced a semi-finalist in NOLA Horror Film Festival. Horror/Dramedy pilot: "Casi." Further credits as a produced playwright, a published novelist (Testament released by Ninestar Press), and a freelance journalist, available upon @JoseNateras / Instagram: @JLorca13Horror, Latinx, LGBT+, Comedy, Dramedy, Identity, Dark Comedy, Genre, Novelist, Queer, Feminist, ActorA Gay, Mexican American, Playwright/Novelist/Screenwriter with an MFA in Writing, training in improv and stand-up, who specializes in Horror/Comedy; great with Plot, Structure, and Character Development, he grew up part of a Military Family.Jose Nateras is an L.A. based Actor & Writer from Chicago. A screenwriter, playwright, journalist and more, Jose prides himself on his ability to adapt and meet any challenge. His work—as seen in his screenplays Departing Seniors, Zero Feet Away, and his novel Testament—applies his experience as a Gay, Mexican American, Person of Color to the horror genre, while bringing in the humor and wit of influences such as Jordan Peele, Diablo Cody, Wes Craven, and more.
Dominique NievesNievesPuerto Rican Dramedy, Comedy, Drama, MedicalAssistant/Staff WriterNBC WOTV Top 6%, CINEQUEST Top 10 FinalistBothBothDominiqueDanielleArtist@gmail.com929-333-4490, family, relationships, medicine, urban, NYC, Caribbean, sci-fi, dance, comedy, disabilityReformed med school student, illness (among other things) made life dark, so I like a good laugh.Nuyorican-full-time joker-occasional wheelchair user. My voice is like AOC if she were allowed to rep the block a little harder. I went to med school to help people & to cut them open, but ended up the patient myself. Now I tell stories for the same reasons.
Victor Bryan OlivasOlivasChicano ComedyN/AWriter fir the LatinX Pachanga, Hot City, The Happy Sappy Grown up hour, and the Anti-Influencer (323) 239-7526Instagram: Victor_crackcobain Twitter: VictorBryanoli1Absurd, dark, charming, and funUnrefined, and speaks his mindBorn to a single mother who taught him everything he knows. Compassionate but real. Unafraid to take chances but always worried he has hurt someone afterwards.
Edlin OrtizOrtizMexican-AmericanDramedy/ComedyStaff WriterTijuana (Netflix), Cults & Serial Killers (Parcast/Spotify Podcasts), Untitled Dramedy Feature (Boy in the Castle Prod.) NHMC Writing Program Fellow. BothBothedlinortiz6@gmail.com & insta @edlinortizmulti-generational families, working-class, immigrant and first generation experience, comedy, dramedy, coming of age, romcom featuresBilingual Chicana comedy/dramedy writer, SoCal native and recovering goth-- she writes about the first gen experience, working-class families and identity.I’m a first-gen Mexican-American raised in the working class center of the otherwise affluent Orange County, California— and because that wasn’t fun enough I was also part of a crew of brown teen goths with a fondness for The Cure and unpopularity. Naturally, I turned to comedy writing. I looked to my own background for stories about the struggles of poor, quirky child of immigrants and their families, through the lens of humor, because we’re the first to laugh at our misfortunes. First-gen folks, we're funny and bleak.
Celina Paiz & JB HerndonPaiz/HerndonGuatemala & American Crime, Thriller, HorrorWe wrote and directed shorts that have screened at SXSW, Clermont Ferrand, and Locarno.TVOne We live for bingeable narratives, unexpected twists, unheard voices, and character driven stories. / We are a husband and wife writing team. Celina is from Guatemala. JB grew up on a farm. We wrote and directed shorts that have screened at SXSW, Clermont Ferrand, and Locarno. Now we're devoted to writing for TV.
Joseph Paul PennerPennerGuatemalan, SpanishComedy, AnimationStaff Writer (Pre-WGA), Freelance, Writer's Assistant, PACurrently writing on multiple projects, 2019 - Had a solo art show featuring the characters from my comic booksTV/Features1/2, Zany, Animated, Skateboarding, Race relations, Mixed Race, Hip Hop, Grafitti, DJs/Rappers, ComicI'm the kind of guy that will invite you to a DJ boat party and try to make you laugh as long as you will let me; a fun loving, hard working, skateboarding artist who will continue galloping towards his goal.I am the product of four tough-as-nails individuals who traveled here for "The American Dream." I was raised in a small white Oregon town that deemed every Latinx a "Mexican". I didn't seem to fit in any of their boxes. My abuelo from Spain, my abuela from Guatemala and my grandparents who were ex-communicated Mennonites from a colony in Chihuahua, Mexico all have heroic tales. I traveled the world searching for my story and truth; for the essence of humanity. I've found that art, music, and comedy make up my holy trinity, and oh, how I worship thee!
Elena PerezPerezCuban / MixedDramaPublished novelist (w/ Alloy Entertainment), "8" on The Black List, 2020 Page Fellow for Stowe Story Labs, Finalist Screencraft TV Pilot Launch 2019TVOne Hourelena@thisiselena.com and/or emotionally-charged dramas exploring identity, family, tech. Contemporary, 20th century or speculative settings

Storyteller working in tech and novels, coming to TV with eerie and/or heart-wrenching stories that illuminate new perspectives
I am a published YA author, masters-degree poet, short story writer and emerging screenwriter. A New Yorker in Los Angeles and Cuban / Polish American, I am drawn to dark and emotionally-charged stories, not afraid to make you laugh along the way. I explore identity, class, tech, family/generational trauma, inspired in part by professional experience in tech startup marketing.
Oni PerezPerez Cuban American Comedy, Dramedy Jobs: Animated film: Homeless, pilot: The Motel, Rebel Latino/Los Angeles Breakthrough Reading Series Cuban American writer and comedian. Appearing on AXStv Gotham Comedy Live and I Am Road Comic. Writing credits include: co-writer (pilot episode) Daily Show-type, Latin driven, political show for Flama Tv called “Rebel Latino” produced by Al Madrigal. Spanish to English adaptation for the animated comedy from Chile called “Homeless”, produced by Fabula Productions and Pablo Larrain.
Jackie PerezPerezMexican-AmericanHorror/Sci-fi, Historical Dramas/True Story, IP AdaptationsIndependent writer and filmmaker (4 produced genre shorts); MFA - Stephens College and Writers Guild Foundation Veteran Writing Program participant. Previously worked as an executive assistant at CAA and Perfect Storm EntertainmentRecently sold a horror podcast episode to QCode's new Bad Vibes anthology; biographer of astronaut Sally Ride for ABC-Clio Publishing; Mineral School Screenwriting Residency Selectee 2019; Best Screenplay Screamfest 2017; NALIP Latino Lens Short Film Incubator Semifinalist; Hola Mexico Film Fest Tomorrow's Filmmakers Today alum; Finalist - Screencraft Public Domain Contest, Bylines: The Mary Sue, Cut-Throat Women; Published essays: "When Women Wrote Hollywood" and Journal of ScreenwritingBoth (lean towards Features)
Twitter/IG: @jackierageperezhorror, sci-fi, true story, STEM, military, adaptations, woman-centricNuclear Engineer turned screenwriting feminist who loves practical-fx driven horror and little-known history.Originally from San Antonio, I spent 5 years as a Nuclear Naval Officer before learning the ropes in LA for 6 years. My writing interests are split between practical fx-driven genre and emotional historical drama, and I love leaning into my STEM background when possible but my heart goes to whatever story speaks to me strongest. I've been around the world and recently lived in the Middle East, and I write to be a part of the universal language of film.
Tony PerezPerezCubanGenre Dramedy (Mostly Magical Realism/ Urban Fairytales with a lot of Folklore/Myth. Some Sci-Fi) Script Coordinator/Writers' Assistant w/ Manager and Development DealsNicholl QF, Finalist CBS, paid for some OWAs. BothBothcoloropolis@gmail.com8183973553 Fairytales, Outside the Box characters/plots, Plot Heavy, Big Worlds, Relatable AdversariesStage IV Cancer and small town surviving pocho most known for raising his daughter and avocado hoarding. I've never felt "at home" with any one culture or identity, and so as a writer I like to move around and work in the space in between the known. I like to write "Urban Fairytales" that incorporate Latin American folklore and myth into the "Real World."
Natalia ProvatasProvatasPuerto Rican, GreekComedy, Dark Comedy, Drama's that aren't afraid to be funnyFreelanceWriter's Assistant BOO U: Earth Division (Dreamworks TV)BothHalf @nataliaprovatas (Twitter)
@chola4hire (Instagram)
Los Angeles Native, Comedy, Dark Comedy, Cancer, Memoir, Funny, Queer, Identity, Sexuality, Mulit-cultural, magicComplex writer who can tell simpe, funny stories.I'm born and raised in Los Angeles to Greek father and Puerto Rican mother. I'm Queer and a a 4x cancer survivor in active treament. I'm a published personal essay writer and my writing finds what's funny about dark subjects like cancer, family, sexuality etc.
Janet QuinonezQuinonezMexicanComedy, Drama, Dramedy, SketchStaff writer, Writers Assistant, Showrunner Assistant (Current EA at NBC Universal, Ready to Staff)Comedy & Drama Specs, 2 pilots, Web series, Sketch packet, UCB and UCLA Screenwriting Alum, Former Writer/Performer on 2 sketch teams, Winner Scriptwriters Network 2017 Drama Spec Category (Halt and Catch Fire), Second Rounder 2019 Sundance Episodic LabBothBothquinonezjanet@gmail.com323-553-0577 - Agent: Tiuana Jackson of The Jackson Agency 818-538-5305
janetquinonez.comTwitter: @janetqprice
Twitter, Insta, FB: @drunkalogueshow
Sobriety, recovery, stand up, music as character, sexuality, second chances, starting over, mental illness, weight/body image, culinary stories. dual female protagonists, underdogs, lost causes, LGBTQ issues.An LGBTQ Latinx woman who hit rock bottom and lived to tell the tale. A misfit kid from Texas who made up her own episodes of The Jeffersons. Comedy was my way out of an often abusive and dysfunctional home life. My early influences were Richard Pryor, George Carlin, GIlda Radner, Carol Burnett and Mel Brooks.
I started out on a path to a career in entertainment, but got sidetracked by a 20+ year career in the oil industry. When I was laid off in 2015, I took my gold watch and severance check and moved to LA and haven't looked back.
10 years sober, I know the pain of losing it all and joy of being given a second chance to rebuild my life from the ground up. Because I came to writing as a career later in life, I bring a wealth of life experience and a professionalism of someone more seasoned. I can (and have) taken network notes with grace and know how to turnaround work on a tight deadline.
John RamosRamosMexican-AmericanComedy, Horror, DramaProducer, Writer, Web series creator, Casting agent, Location scout, former comic book bloggerIn pre-production for my web series, "It Only Gets Worse"TVBothnomar06mvp@gmail.com jd_ramos213Television comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, real life latino situationsI had an unusual life journey that has shaped my unique creative voiceI grew up poor, I was a gang member, I'm a young father, survived depression and now fighting cancer, never knew the "normal" family life, and I use comedy to express my pain and sadness
Elias RiosRiosPuerto Rican Comedy and drama I have not, but I have written and filmed my own web seriesSelf CTRL web series coming soon.
Various sketch shows throughout the city 773-398-7172@eliasriosAbsurd, playful, physical, queer, manic, magical, curious, mischief, camp, charisma An absurd visual artist who likes to play and has ridiculous things to say What makes my voice unique is my the analytical and nuanced way I view life and social interactions via my short, gay, latino, and once Christian lens. I spend a lot of time observing the behavior of others and the power dynamics of people in love, the workplace, and friendship, and I feel like I’m pretty good at reflecting that back in my work.
Laura RivasRIVASMexicanComedy / fantasy / sci-fiI co-wrote Tiny Laughs a digital series now streaming on RevryTV and before that I was copywriter for syndicated promo at Warner BrothersTiny LaughsTVHalf-hourrivas.e.laura@gmail.com /, compassionate, tenacious and resourceful.

I write my characters world around topics and things I am interested in and that affect my life a women of color. I enjoy swing dancing, cycling and playing basketball in L.A.Feminist Amateur Basketball League (L.A.F.A.B.L.). In addition to an active lifestyle, I likes to support different CO-OPS in her hometown community of South East Los Angeles.
A first generation quirky bisexual trilingual Mexican-American writer that you can “expect the unexpected" stories like having a Santaria worshipper landlord growing up.I focus on quirky female driven comedies that champion people of color. Who would’ve thought a 1980 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am Bandit would be the reason why my family lives in the U.S. today. On my tenth birthday my mother bought me a Sony Mini DVD camcorder to capture the two scarlet macaws, five Chihuahuas, four chickens and a cat that roamed freely in our front yard.
Austin Rivera-DavisonRivera-DavisonPuerto RicanComedyStaff Writer / Writer's Assistant Digital Writer for Comedy Central and wrote and directed a short film that was at SXSW 2020.BothHalf, odd ball, dark, comedyPuerto Rican writer/director from San Benito, Texas who writes comedy for film and stage.Austin's grandfather was a Puerto Rican missionary, and his entire family adopted the same mindset, moving around constantly and building a new life each time from the ground up.
He started working when he was 12 years old, as a dishwasher at a pizza shop, scrubbing dishes until 1 a.m. on weeknights. When his middle school principal found out why he was falling asleep in class, they called up the shop and got him fired. From then on, Austin worked constantly: for a landscaping company, washing golf carts at a golf course, as a busboy at a crab shack, sorting trash at a landfill.
Bernadette RiveroRiveroMexican-AmericanDrama, Dramedy, HistoricalFox Writers Intensive and PGA Power of Diversity Producers Workshop
Ghostwriter to dozens of producers and directors. Mexican-American trapped in a Cuban-American family.
Edith Rodriguez RodriguezPuerto RicanDrama, Sci-fi AFF & Sundance Labs Second Rounder, BlueCat & Screencraft FinalistBothBothedithdwrites@gmail.com , of age, YA, Sci-fi, A.I., Puerto Rico, Indie Drama, Latinx, WomenPuerto Rican Writer/Director who grew up in the Midwest. I love to explore underserved characters and worlds through drama and grounded Sci-fi. Recently directed a short with festival selections now playing on ShortsTV.
Amarilis RodriguezRodriguezPuerto Rican Drama, Fantasy Producers Assistant, Directors Assistant, Research Assistant Lena Waithe Hillman Grad Mentorship Program BothBothamarilisrdesigns@gmail.com773-816-9260Twitter: nenita1127 IG: nena_rodzculture, music, visual arts, puerto rico, true events, chicago, drama, islands, urban, fantasy, eccentric, aesthetic, dysfunctional family, social Issues, addictions,A Puerto Rican from Chicago living somewhere between euphoria and dysphoria As a writer my voice belongs to those that fought for my rights, Pedro Albizu Campos, Lolita Lebron, Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, Julia De Burgos etc. But I am an artist first and for most, I practice in many mediums.
Wesley RodriguezRodriguezCuban-Guatemalan AmericanSci-fi, Comedy, Drama, TV
Freelance/ Pre-WGA2019 NALIP Latino Media Market Fellow (TV/Streaming Series)
‘Palante’ (2017) short - co-written, directed and shot in Cuba with Werner Herzog (Best International Film - Official Latino Film Festival 2017)
DGA John Frankenheimer Fellow
USC MFA Production ’16
323-716-3575 @WesIeyRodriguez
Insta: @wesrodphoto
Television, Sci-fi, Comedy, Adventure, Video Games, Vaporwave, Reggaeton, Spirituality and Love.
A bilingual, Latino geek who perceives the world through a visually rich lens and has fun along the way. Cuban-Guatemalan photojournalist turned filmmaker. Professional over-thinker, perfectionist, geek and cat video connoisseur from Miami, Florida—currently residing in LA. Lover of Sci-fi, comedy, video games, action-adventure and reggaeton. On occasion I embody my reggaeton alter ego, Platano Papi, @platanopapiofficial , but usually spend my days as just Wes - the writer, director, and cinematographer.
Uriel RodriguezRodriguezPuerto RicanSci-Fi, Western, Drama, Historical/Period, ActionStaff Writer / Writer's Assistant Assistant for Branded Integration Vice President at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Second Rounder for the Austin Film Festival, Finalist at the Pollino International Film Festival, Women in Comedy Film Festival, and Georgia Shorts Film Festival.
413.335.0592 @LatinXScreenwriter Giant Robots, Space Opera, Supernatural, Fantasy, Coming of age, Dysfunctional Family, Romance, Gritty Realism, Dissecting Religion, Revolutionary, Social Justice, Historical Drama, Genre Bending.A Puerto Rican, former History-teacher-turned-screenwriter, making up for the many years of white, euro-centric storytelling on the big screen.Raised in a Christian household in the middle of Puerto Rico, Uriel's life was upended when his pious stepfather abandoned the family. Uriel developed a natural state of skepticism that naturally fit in with his passion for history, for representing minority voices, and for challenging storytelling conventions. As a broken person with a myriad of flaws, Uriel loves writing difficult people who have strong external presence yet harbor deep insecurities.
Linda M. RodriguezRodriguezPuerto Ricanhorror, fantasy, children's storiesnoProfessor of creative writing and film at the University of Puerto Rico.Featureslinda.rodriguez1@upr.edufacebook: Linda Maria Rodriguez Guglielmoni fairy tales, children's stories, fantasy, horror, horoscopeSince I was a little girl I’ve wanted to tell the stories of characters that surprise me.Linda María Rodríguez, writer, performance artist, and teacher, born in Puerto Rico's capital, San Juan, who spent part of her childhood between Ponce, a city on the island’s southern coast, and London, England where her Italian grandparents lived. In 2015 she graduated from the Professional Program in Screenwriting at UCLA's School of Theater, Film and Television and for the last two years she has been part of Sundance Collab taking various classes with that program in story development, screenwriting, and directing. Growing up between various countries and cultures has given me a unique voice as a writer.
Nick RodriguezRodriguezPuerto RicanSci-Fi, Fantasy, HorrorFreelance3 episodes of Disney Jr's TOTS / 2 Episodes Unannounced PBS cartoonTVBothnick@nickrodriguezwriter.com @nickrodriguez00LGBT, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Super HeroesNick writes stories about people who become their own heroes while making his larger-than-life worlds more colorful for LGBT+ and people of color.Nick grew up in a Puerto Rican family living in the middle of the most conservative part of New York City. He was the only gay nerd artist in his sports-loving family trying to find a world that felt right for him. Instead, he created the worlds and heroes he always needed growing up.
Gloria Rodriguez de los ReyesRodriguez de los ReyesCuban-American with Spanish, Mediterranean, and Jewish ancestryFamily, Drama, Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Holiday-Screenwriter: Telemundo/NBC Universal - Live Television Specials 
-Screenwriter: Univision - Entertainment and News ShowsLatin AMA’s, Telemundo, (2021) - Producer (some script input)
-Telemundo Digital (2019-2020) - Writer & Journalist
-Latin Billboard Awards, Telemundo - Assistant Screenwriter & Producer (2020, 2019, 2015, 2012, 2011, 2006, 2004)
Coverfly profile:

family, girls in stem, science and religion, magic realism sci-fi, cross-genre, cross-format, theater, Christmas reboots, holiday reboots, female-led stories, spy genres, empathetic intelligence, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, peace, intelligent rom-com, imagineering, creating something newI’m a half-deaf, Christian-Jewish, Cuban-American exiled writer and occasional method actress — usually the funny one at staff meetings.G.R. de los Reyes began her career as a journalist after a run-in with Cuban spies from the infamous Wasp Network earned her a coveted internship at the largest Hispanic TV network in the US, at the time. She has multiple television and stage credits, and her screenplay 'The Olive Tree' was a Beyond the Curve Film Festival selection in 2020.
Alexander RojasRojasMexicanDrama, Dark Comedy, CrimeIndependent Writer/Director, Production AssistantWriter/Director of 2 Slamdance short films, Northwestern University MFA in Writing for the Screen and (773) 972-4973 / Los Angeles based twitter, instead go to my website. It's way better. https://www.illvillskill.comstreet punk, skateboarding, southside Chicago survivor, fixated on narrative structure, enthusiasm for baseball anayltics, family dynamics, coming of age characters, criminal underbelly stories, music based subcultures and Buster KeatonGonna grind, bleed and pour my heart out for the work I do. When I was about 15, I saw the film Kids and was immediately transfixed. For the first time in my cinematic experience, I saw a world that felt real, immediate, absurd, but relateable. I was inspired to share my stories and reach others in the way Kids did for me.
Talia RothenbergRothenbergPuerto Ricandramedy, comedy, animationStaff Writer Nickelodeon's Santiago of the Seas, Netflix's RebeldeBothBothtalia.rothenberg@gmail.com adult, music, women, family, friendshipA Jewish, Puerto Rican princess with a knack for female-centric stories that lie at that perfect intersection between culturally-specific and hugely commercial.A white-passing boricua born and raised on the island, I've always been considered "too white to be Puerto Rican and too Puerto Rican to be white." I love characters who similarly exist somewhere "in between," who not only help to expand this existing, working definition of Latinidad, but who else help to normalize the Latinx experience overall. I'd describe my voice as authentic, unapologetic, and painfully self aware.
Dominique Saint MaloSaint MaloCuban-PanamanianComedy, drama, sci-fiI’ve not been staffed yet :/I’ve written and directed three shorts; also I’ve been in the art and clearance depts recently for: Marry Me, Beauty, Dr. Death, and Life & Beth (pre-pro)Featuresdsaintmalo@gmail.com3054099728 (my cell!)@domsaintmalo (IG and Twitter)Queer futurism, Latinx stories, love/relationships (platonic or not)Writer, director, and cafe con leche drinker exploring the funny, dark, and strange gray areas of personhood. Whether sci-fi, thriller, comedy, or drama, my stories and voice are rooted in love. What my characters love and how they show it drives every beat of my work. I prioritize honesty as well as compassion when serving my stories.
April M. SanchezSanchezHorror/Drama Alumna of the NALIP Screenwriting Lab, The Stowe Story Lab, Athena Film Festival LA Screenwriting Lab. Also a Sundance Screenwriting Lab finalist, Nicholls Fellowship Quarterfinalist, Austin Film Festival 2nd @A_M_SanchezWriter and director April M. Sanchez was born and raised in the bicultural border city of El Paso, TX. April holds a bachelors degree in Screenwriting and a Latino Media Studies certification from the University of Texas in Austin. April is an alumna of the NALIP Screenwriters Lab, the Stowe Story Lab and is most recently a fellow of the Athena Film Festival TV & Screenwriters Lab. Her scripts have also made their way to the finalist round in several screenplay competitions including the Screencraft Fellowship, and as an Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder. April has recently completed "Delia's Pozole," a short film about a young Latina who bonds with her estranged grandfather over new variations of her favorite Mexican food recipes.
Tom Richard SantosSantosMexican-American/ TejanoDrama, Action-ThrillersStory Consultant at The Truchard Foundation, Reader at Austin Film FestivalMFA Screenwriter & TA @ UT Austin, Freelance Writer, PA on CNN's American Dynasties: The BushesBothBothtomrichardsantos@gmail.com @tom_r_santos, IG: tomrichardsantos Sociopolitical drama, gritty action, westerns, detective stories, biraciality in America, trope inversions, female leads, superheroes, film noir, latinidad, period piecesBorn and bred Tejano screenwriter, former somm, and enthusiastic creative obsessed with themes of redemption, survival, and sociopolitics in America, past and presentMexican-American/Caucasian Tejano — so naturally, everything I write comes back to identity. Drama & action-thriller writer, who writes about bad people trying to be better, the high cost of doing good, searching for truth, socioeconomics and survival, serialized and closed-arc TV & inverting harmful story tropes. Former waiter/soomm for 10 years, so I can consult on anything food and bev related!