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IDNavigationPage TitleURLCommentsImprovements
0.0HomeGeneral does not scale as window scales, style is outdated and does not match UCD Website colors. can't distinguish between different boxes. need to box in clickable links. need to organize according to topic concisely.fix issues from comment section.
0.1HomeQuick Links in a random location, titles of quick links are not obvious, repeated links from parts of navigation bar while other links are only shown under quick linksGet rid of quick links and put those links under its appropriate tab. the main page should be centered arround attracting interest.
0.2HomeTitle / Logo up too much of the upper half of website. Chunky and not seamless. image logo is weird font and doesn't match UCD logo font or style. needs to be smaller and scale when window screen scales. The coloring and font should match UCDavis's main website.
0.3HomeNavigation Bar UI map/login links seem out of place. if its important it should have its own tabthis does not seem necessary. Have the map, UCD website links under 'other resources' instead of on the home page. or have it at the bottom rivet.
0.4HomeSearch bar slow search. filters do not make sense. if there will be filters should have advanced option. fix the issues from comments section. get rid of filter or have an advanced options filter. engine needs to be faster
0.5HomeSocial Media media logo looks discolored, takes up too much space. actual content is out of date. have the logo encircled. have at bottom of website or top of website. upate content. get more followers. get a blog. IDK how necessary a twitter or instagram is for the UWP department right now. The blog can feature up and coming writers at UCD or articles from professors.
0.6HomeContacts be at bottom of page instead of at top. need to add hours of operation of officechange to be at the bottom of website, add hours of operation to contact
0.7HomeImages images, some seem random like the australia trip picIf scroll rivet is there, distinguish those arrows so that all images for events/topics can be shown there and people know that you can scroll. place an outer border box so as to distinguish b/w white background of website and the scrolling box
1.0AboutAbout content and there are links to important subjects.the formatting of the page could be better. the main points could be in bold or bigger font to emphasize them
1.1AboutContact Information/Directions basic informationcould give an email as well as phone number. define whose phone number is listed. also the directions could be written better
1.2AboutPosition Announcements link that is expiredthe link is clickable but its expired and should be taken off the page, this also shows that the website should be updated more often
1.3AboutProgram History long, too much unnecessary stuff nobody cares about, spacing isnt right, also content grammar could be improved
1.4AboutProgram History Document Archive for dayscould give a description of whats listed, or a brief comment on the top, also give more information as to what the audience is looking at
2.0AcademicsCourse Schedules of undergrad and grad courses with links to different courses and course requirements, and pdfs of 2017-2018 quarter schedulesDon't need multiple links to the same pages in one short paragraph, could have one of each instead
2.0.1Course SchedulesUpper Division (link: "undergraduate") page 2.1.4, but tabs to "Writing in the Disciplines" sectionSee 2.1.4. shouldn't tab down to "writing in the disciplines." Comes from a hyperlink on "undergraduate," when upper div courses aren't only UWP courses for undergrads - misleading
2.0.2Course SchedulesGraduate Courses (link: "graduate") as 2.1.6See 2.1.6
2.0.3Course Schedules(link: "lower division courses") not foundPage not found, need to have a page if there's a link
2.0.4Course SchedulesUpper Division (link: "pre-professional") page 2.1.4, but tabs to "Writing in the Professions" sectionSee 2.1.4
2.0.5Course SchedulesUpper Division (link: "writing in the disciplines courses") page 2.1.4See 2.1.4. if the link for 2.0.3 tabs down, this should too, not 2.0.1
2.0.6Course SchedulesGraduate Courses (link: "graduate writing courses") as 2.1.6See 2.1.6
2.0.7Course SchedulesCourse Requirements (link: "Designated Emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies") as 2.5See 2.5
2.1AcademicsCourse Descriptions to pages of courses in different categoriesThis page is fine
2.1.1Course DescriptionsEnglish as a Second Language of ESL courses with course number and title broken down into "English as a Second Language" and subheader for "ESL Graduate Courses." Each course number is link to page of course descriptionCould have a subheader for undergraduate ESL courses. pages of of full course descriptions need consistent formatting - spacing and font size for course titles not consistent across all pages
2.1.2Course DescriptionsLower Division Requirements of lower division courses with course number and title. Each course number is link to pages of course descriptions Pages of full course descriptions need consistent formatting - spacing and bullet point formats are not consistent in a given page and across all pages
2.1.3Course DescriptionsRhetoric, Grammar, and Style of courses emphasizing in rhetoric, grammar, or style. Each course number is link to pages of course descriptions See above
2.1.4Course DescriptionsUpper Division Requirements of upper division courses with course number and title organized by UWP 101, then breakdown for "Writing in the Disciplines" and "Writing in the Professions." Each course number is link to page of full "course description," "course goals," "entry level," "topical outline," and "grading criteria"Spacing not consistent. Pages of full course descriptions need consistent formatting - spacing and bullet point formats are not consistent in a given page. Also, "Entry Level" not a clear heading for indicating preqreuistes
2.1.5Course DescriptionsProfessional Writing and Internships of professional writing courses and internships, broken up by courses and internships. Each course number is link to pages of course descriptions Pages of full course descriptions need consistent formatting - spacing and bullet point formats are not consistent in a given page and across all pages
2.1.6Course DescriptionsGraduate Courses of graduate courses with course number and title broken down into "Graduate Courses" and subheader for "ESL Graduate Courses." Each course number is link to page of course descriptionSee above
2.2AcademicsInternships of different types of internship opportunities available throught the UWP department and through outside employers. Contact information for internship coordinatorsUnder "Professional Writing Interns," process for requesting credit could be clearer with additional indenting for sub-bullets. Section 4 has sub-bullets 5.1 and 5.2 instead of 4.1 and 4.2 - need to be consistent
2.3AcademicsStudent Learning Objectives of student learning objectives of courses in UWP, also breakdown of objectives in lower div, upper div, and professional writing minorNo objectives listed for graduate courses, so could include a section for this or specify that this section is for undergrads
2.4AcademicsProfessional Writing Minor (link: "Writing Minor") of purpose of writing minor, what students can gain from it. Link to study abroad opportunity, link to facebook, and current contact info for advisors and internship coordinatorStudy abroad info is out of date - contains a link to a form for UWP International Education Award Application 2016. Should keep documents and study abroad information up to date
2.4.1Writing MinorRequirements requirements for writing minor, including links to most courses offered through the minorSome links go to course descriptions within UWP website or course catalog. However, some go to other departments' websites and several of these links go to pages that don't exist. Some links within to course descriptions on UWP website say "page not found." Need to have consistent course descriptions within department website with working links and accurate links to external departments' course descriptions
2.4.2Writing MinorInternship in Writing of information about internships in writing. Breakdown for "Process for Locating and Applying for an Internship," "Internship Forms" with links to documents, "Information for Employers and Site Supervisors," and "Site Supervisor Forms" Under "Process for Locating and Applying for an Internship," process for requesting credit could be clearer with additional indenting for sub-bullets. Section 4 has sub-bullets 5.1 and 5.2 instead of 4.1 and 4.2 - need to be consistent. Link for "site supervisor form" in Secton 5 takes you to top of current page - unclear of where to go next unless you scroll down to "Site Supervisor Forms" link - could make link go to bottom of the page where the form link is
2.4.3Writing MinorRequest for Approval of Internship for Academic Credit for Request for Approval of Internship for Academic Credit to be filled out and submitted onlineShould make name of form in larger font than rest of text and maybe boldface
2.4.4Writing MinorFrequently Asked Questions to questions that tab down to answers on same page. Questions broken down in "About the Professional Writing Minor" and "About Writing Internships." Answers have links to forms and websites as neededThis page is fine
2.4.5Writing MinorOffice Hours and Contact Information infoTabs down to bottom of "Writing Minor" page to list current contact info and office hoursThis page is fine
2.5AcademicsCourse Requirements (link: "Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies (WRaCS DE) Graduate Courses") you to WRaCS website. List of course requirements for WRaCS DE. Has course numbers and titles, which are links to full course descriptionsSome pages for course descriptions take you to UCD course catalog site's description, some are within UWP dept website. could make this consistent
3.0PeoplePeople text, just an empty page with links on the side barEither make the head link unclickable or add content related to people
40 of everyone in the department with links to each person's own internal pageSome text is hard to read. Would be better to add navigation to jump to specific groups of people since the list is long
3.2PeopleFaculty pictures and office hours of all facultySeems very similar to Directory and faculty administrators. Is there a way to condense all of these categories into one complete one? Also not all faculty has a picture which would be nice to have
3.3PeopleFaculty Administrators list of faculty administratorssee below
3.4PeopleGraduate Student Instructors list of current grad studentsAgain seems like this should be a sub-directory of Directory
3.5PeoplePhD Students to a page containing studentsThis links to an another department's page which can be confusing for the user. Also each page that contains people seems to have a different layout each time
3.6PeopleStaff list of staff Again this is similar to directory and is like a sub-directory page. Would be better if moved to directory page
3.7PeopleCommittee List document of the comittee listThis would be better served as a webpage that has the info and a downloadable link to the pdf along with it. Also this information should be kept up to date
3.8PeopleOffice Hours hours of all the teachers that offer themSince this can already be found through the directory, is this necessary?
4.0PublicationsPublications introduction about two publications of UCDFirst page is fine
4.1PublicationsPrized Writinghttp://prizedwriting.ucdavis.eduThe picture shown on first page is too distracted but not looks like significance enough. The most recent archive is 2016, might need to upated it, and consider either zoom in the picture on first page or change it.
4.2PublicationsWrting on the edgehttp://woejournal.ucdavis.eduThe sidebar under WOE page is functional but confused at the first timeUnder sidebar better with a more words to show the purpose of each section.
4.3PublicationsRecent Publications by Faculty
Nothing is here Need to upated
4.4PublicationsReading about writinghttp://fycjournal.ucdavis.eduThe title is clickable but did not jump to anywhereThe page is too plain, add some feature might encourage reading
5.0ProgramsPrograms & Services of these programs and services help make UC Davis an environment where writing is valued across students' learning experiences.All programs should follow the same style guideline
5.1ProgramsArea 3 Writing Project
Information about area 3 writing projectRedesign navigation
5.2ProgramsEntry Level Writinghttp://elw.ucdavis.eduInformation about entry level writingShould not link to a different website
5.3ProgramsQuarter/Summer Abroad
Information about study aboard programRedesign navigation
5.4ProgramsGraduate Writing Consultations
Information about graduate writing consultationsRedesign content structure
5.5ProgramsUpper Division Composition Exam (UDCE) Information about upper division composition examsPut important information on top
Writing Across the Curriculum (Workshops and Instructor Training)
Information about Writing Across the CurriculumRedesign content structure
5.7ProgramsWriting Ambassadors Programhttp://writingambassadors.ucdavis.eduInformation about writing ambassadors programShould not link to a different website