MS&E 297 H4D Interest / Team Formation 2017 (Responses)
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Email AddressStatusFirst & Last NameStanford SchoolMajor(s)Your interest levelYour backgroundLinkedIn URLDescription of your idea / areas of interestWho are you looking for on your team?
ahsparks@stanford.eduAndrew SparksGSBAeronautical EngineeringLooking for a team to joinActive duty Navy SEAL with 13 years experience, 7 deployments, and leadership at the Executive Officer level problems for the special operations communitydiverse backgrounds, like to work with someone with lot of computer science/programming experience
aganesh2@stanford.eduAparna GaneshGSBGeneral ManagementLooking for a team to joinGeneral management professional with around 10 years of work experience in India in both for-profit and not-for-ptofit sectors. idea- willing to solve any problem postedLooking for engineers
roicohen@stanford.eduRoi CohenGSBMBALooking for a team to joinWorked as an engineering lead in Self-driving car company. Served in an IDF field unit. machines. Augmented Intelligence. Data mining and visualization. Combat field soldier equipment/accessories.Good teamwork dynamics, mission oriented.
kelsey17@stanford.eduKelsey SchroederEngineeringMS&ELooking for a team to joinSummers at McKinsey and 2 startups (data science) matter expert, designer
kbunner@stanford.eduKaylee BunnerEngineeringComputer ScienceLooking for a team to joinWorked in cyber policy and interested in the security sector. Also experience with coding interested in "Quantifying Cyber Risk" and "Information Operations Through Social Media"Subject matter expert, designers, coders
midas@stanford.eduMidas kwantHumanities & SciencesSymbolic SystemsLooking for a team to joindeveloped software/worked in fintech/development, UI/UX design and
sonakhan@stanford.eduSona AllahverdiyevaEngineeringComputer ScienceLooking for a team to joinJava, C, C++, JavaScript, CSS, Nodejs, Unity (virtual reality). Currently working on a virtual reality project and a cyber security project with CS + Social Good (different projects) reality, chat bots as a means of diversifying impact of product (to target less tech-savvy audiences or audiences who may need a human element to tech interaction), tech-facilitated surgery... I am passionate about everything that lies in the intersection of tech and tangential fieldsIndividuals with a similar passion and absolute dedication to bringing the product to life
huanyuc@stanford.eduDennis ChangEngineeringMaterials Science & Engineering, Management Science & EngineeringLooking for a team to joinBiotechnology, Cleantech, consulting
ablum20@stanford.eduAndrew BlumHumanities & SciencesPublic Policy/HumBioLooking for a team to joinTwo things which I find very interesting are creating things, whether that be a startup, a nonprofit, or a product, and government. As a prospective Public Policy major and CS and Chinese double minor, I think the intersection of government, international relations, and entrepreneurship is fascinating; in short, working to create solutions for governmental problems. I have previously worked on a few startups, one in Shanghai, China and several in New York City, interned on a state assembly campaign, and started a nonprofit. I would like to participate in Hacking4Defense not only because I am fascinated by the intersection of these fields but also because I would be able to meaningfully contribute to my team's product/service.
salomone@stanford.eduAnthony SalomoneGSBMBALooking for a team to join4 years in management consulting; strong analytical and strategic lens and life-saving technologies, ideally with a focus on hardware solutionsEngineering, CS, and military backgrounds to create a well-rounded, high-functioning team
nsoroka@stanford.eduNicholas SorokaGSBEntrepreneurshipLooking for a team to join10 Years in Army Engineering (Major), Professor at Army Engineering master's program, PE & PMP. Former early member for a Fintech startup. abilities and an idea.
mash18@stanford.eduMarissa AshGSBGSBLooking for a team to joinI worked at Bridgewater associates prior to attend the GSB. I have a lot of experience project managing complex initiatives with multiple stakeholders.
weihan@stanford.eduwants to join a teamWeihan ZhangGSBMSx program (Sloan Fellow)Looking for a team to joinEngineer by training, police officer by profession, policy maker with the Singapore Government ledger of Suspicious Transaction Reports to combat money laundering and terrorist financing; cybersecurity solutions for mobile phones; how to quell rumour mongering in the aftermath of a terror attack in an Internet ageEngineers, business students and others who are keen to make ideas become reality
jgeary@stanford.eduJames GearyEngineeringComputer ScienceLooking for a team to joinProduct management (Google) / Software engineering (fintech startup) who are very different than me, and maybe a fellow software engineer.
mfw16@stanford.eduMargaret WilliamsHumanities & SciencesInternational Policy Studies, MALooking for a team to joinPrior to Stanford, I worked on Capitol Hill as a legislative aide covering defense and foreign policy issues. I have a strong command of how to navigate federal bureaucracies as well as exposure to the defense acquisition process. In addition to my institutional knowledge of USG, I have excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills which are invaluable to creative problem solving and project management. Cyber Risk, Smart Home Solutions for Post Traumatic Brain Injured Veterans, Industry Autonomous Unwanted Attached Device Detect, and Robotic Telesurgery in Combat and Austere EnvironmentsI am looking for teammates who have technical expertise in computer science, engineering, machine learning, etc...
psekhar@stanford.eduPriyanka SekharEngineeringComputer ScienceLooking for a team to joinStarted cybersecurity group on campus, started company over the summer. Super interested in cyber.
jbull76@stanford.eduwants to join a teamJake BullockGSBPolitical Science, Economics, BusinessLooking for a team to joinStudied political science / international relations in undergrad, most recently PE investor at Bain Capital and prior to that worked in management consulting (Bain & Co) and investment banking (Allen & Co) in cyber-security, interrogation, and defensive tech especially optoelectronics / photonics
malo@stanford.eduMalo MarrecEngineeringMS&ELooking for a team to joinApplied Math / worked in VC and at Amazon / studying data analytics now
sabj@stanford.eduSamuel JacksonGSBMBALooking for a team to joinManagement consultant, 5 yrs experience serving tech and telco clients. Prior to that had internships in legislative / lobbying disciplines in D.C. Studied political science and philosophy of technology., very interested in sensor fusion applications, materials sciences, autonomy and machine intelligence. Will try not to build SkyNet without a backdoor.Mixture of diverse backgrounds
srim13@stanford.eduSri MuppidiHumanities & SciencesEconomicsLooking for a team to joinSenior with policy experience on the Middle East at the State Department and World Bank. Studied abroad in Oman and Turkey, basic Arabic language experience. Other work experiences at Reserve Bank of India and U.S. Fed. to ideasengineers, more technical experience
borochok@stanford.eduwants to join a teamRobert BorochokEngineeringManagement Science and EngineeringLooking for a team to joinI am Master's student in the MS&E department concentrating on Operations and Analytics. I also have a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering along with a minor in Lean Six Sigma. I have a lot of experience with systems research (applying Six Sigma to the healthcare industry, modeling arrivals/departures at airports, etc.) as well as with design projects (monetization and revenue model generation of a new media content platform, redesign project of the console/instrument panel area of Ford vehicles via data analysis). I've also had the chance to work in manufacturing environments through internships at GE. think that either of the maritime projects or any of the healthcare projects could be of particular interest. However, I am certainly not limited to these and think that all of the projects present exciting challenges.
lmkostas@stanford.eduLindsey KostasEngineeringComputer Science Masters (current), Economics BachelorsLooking for a team to joinI have worked at a large technical company, Qualcomm, where I headed two engineering/development projects within my small team and at the Stanford Management Fund where I worked as an investment analyst identifying, meeting with, and evaluating a range of fund managers across all asset class. From my undergraduate coursework and time at the Management Fund I have a good understanding of different business models, people's and businesses interactions in the market, and what helps them succeed and fail. My master's degree is in Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction - I a solid foundation with respect to design thinking and the creative process as well as technical concepts within AI that can be applied in the context of this project. Finally, as a former four year varsity tennis player at Stanford I know how to effectively participate on and lead teams with a wide range of personalities and interests and I have excellent time management and logistical planning skills. idea yet, but excited to tackle any challenge in this space!diverse skillset, detail oriented, timely, creative, people who want to really make this a meaningful project
yaanurag@stanford.eduAnurag YadavGSBBusinessLooking for a team to join14 years of Product Management, Marketing, Strategy, Sales & Business Development experience, and that of leading global teams. Learning applied to solving complex profit & revenue growth challenges of business.Computer Science Engineers
remove - wants to be advisor - daniel.bardenstein@gmail.comDaniel BardensteinHumanities & SciencesSymbolic SystemsLooking for a team to joinI'm a recent Stanford alum and techie/fuzzy hybrid who has spent 4 years with Palantir designing, implementing, and managing products for government projects (local, state, Federal Law Enforcement, Military). Currently a Product Manager at a top-tier cyber-security company. I bring product knowledge, domain knowledge, and familiarity with making products for the public sector (where there's often a big gap and difficulty for private sector companies to develop against). security, IoT, Social Media, military applicatoinsAt least one person who can code (not my strongest skill)
wdaviau@stanford.eduWyatt DaviauEngineeringComputer ScienceLooking for a team to joinI have experience in engineering. I'm currently focused on software but I've worked with hardware before. Last summer I worked at a startup building distributed systems for a product used for secure messaging in the healthcare industry. Before that I worked on OIS for smart phone cameras interning at a big company. I came to Stanford to learn more about CS and got into security along the way. I'm TAing the cryptography class and have been slowly building expertise in security systems through classes + clubs. I have some embedded systems development experience, decent OS, web (MEAN stack) and low-level networking experience, a little vulnerability building/defending experience, a solid foundation in crypto and crypto-currencies, and though not an AI-expert I have a good enough understanding of how ML works, and some of the tools in the area for a class project last quarter. I am quite interested in the legal and managerial work of running a business but have no experience to speak of in those areas. I will be working for a small research-oriented computer security company after graduating.
I don't have a solid idea yet. I'd like to work on something practical involving computer security.
Other people interested in the same area. Those with complementary skills which should be apparent upon either me or them having a solid idea.
kiank@stanford.eduKian KatanforooshEngineeringMS&ELooking for a team to joinMS&E Grad Student with Maths/CS Undergrad. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cryptography, Blockchain.
Launched a start-up in ed-tech in France.
I took Hacking 4 Diplomacy in Fall 2016 and loved it.
I am open to any projects involving ML and/or Cybersecurity and I am particularly interested in:
- Strong Bluetooth Encryption
- Automatic Identification of Malicious Network Activity
I don't have a team yet and would be happy to talk to you if you are interested in Cybersecurity and Machine Learning.
fvillema@stanford.eduFabienGSBBusinessLooking for a team to join
Finance & Economics expertise covering sectors including Telecom, Oil & Gas, Mining and Agriculture. Heavy international experience including Asia, Europe and the Americas. I also hold a degree in Computer Science.
AI, Computer Science, Robotics, Extreme engineering
I am looking for Computer Scientists, Roboticists, Engineers
yicheng@stanford.eduwants to join a team and trying to form a teamYicheng AnEngineeringElectrical engineeringLooking for a team to join
international student from China/served several startups before/programming and something related to computer vision and AI
computer science for AI and computer vision / intellegence analysis
Maybe some GSB guys, who can bring me more fresh ideas from GSB department.
ccdai@stanford.eduColleen DaiEngineeringComputer ScienceLooking for a team to join
Coder experienced in C, C++, java, Python, HTML, CSS, networking -- first attended a cybersecurity camp in the summer of 11th grade and retained an interest in cybersecurity since. Finished a class in networking basics and is part of the applied cybersecurity ccdc (collegiate cyber defense competition) team.
Cybersecurity, interested in investigating cybersecurity hashing, especially the recent SHA-ttered break of the SHA-1 hash
Sarah Van SickleEngineeringElectrical EngineeringLooking for a team to join
I am currently an EE major focusing in software engineering. I have a broad background and experience in the follow from industry and class:
- circuit design (worked for TI as a test/product engineering intern and designed circuits for ATE test equipment and universal HTOL testing circuit boards)
- web programming (developed a website as part of a team for CS194 with MySQL database and was the sole developer working on a website for Intel)
- Android mobile app development (for a class - cs108)
- game development (for a class - cs248)
- cybersecurity knowledge (class - cs155 and cs255)
I have a diverse set of interests
and am open to ideas.
I am looking for a team with a
diverse skill set, so people with
political science/policy knowledge,
GSB, mathematicians, scientists, and/or
other engineering backgrounds (including CS)
jacobmh@stanford.eduJacob HoffmanEngineering
Computer Science / Pre-med
Looking for a team to join
Senior/Coterm student in Computer Science, most recently worked at Microsoft as a Software Engineering Intern
chloegr@stanford.eduChloe RickardsEngineeringBioengineeringLooking for a team to join
I am a Bioengineering undergraduate with experience in the wet lab (i.e. biology) and the dry lab (i.e. electronics). I am one of the founders of a Do-It-Yourself Biology group on campus, which works to make bioengineering accessible to Stanford's undergraduates. My past work experiences include research in a disease ecology lab at Stanford, and protein engineering work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
I'm generally interested in the applications of synthetic biology and other cutting-edge areas of biotechnology as it applies to national defense. This could mean developing a biosensor for toxins, novel methods for delivering anthrax treatment, or engineering yeast to respond to high levels of chemicals.
I'm looking for people with diverse backgrounds that I can learn from as we apply a biological solution to a defense problem.
bbalci@stanford.eduBatuhan BalciEngineeringCSLooking for a team to join-
jaymoon@stanford.eduJay MoonEngineeringComputer ScienceLooking for a team to join
CS major with a focus on digital product design. Led the design of iOS productivity app Workflow, which won an Apple Design Award in 2015.
vishakh@stanford.eduVishakh HegdeEngineering
ICME (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence)
Looking for a team to join
I graduated with a bachelors and masters in physics, from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. I will be graduating next year from ICME with a masters degree. While at Stanford, I took a lot of courses on machine learning, was a TA for basic math and stats courses, carried out research and published a paper in computer vision. I am also a part time machine learning engineer at a computer vision start-up ( and have worked on their core product. I am interested in identifying commercially valuable ideas and building compelling products around them. I want to gain skills and experiences that can help me build start-ups in the near future. I believe I am not too hard to work with ;)
Open to all ideas
People with different perspectives. Degree and expertise don't matter ;)
oliviaeb@stanford.eduwants to join a teamOlivia BarbulescuEngineeringElectrical EngineeringHave picked a problem, but open to either forming a team or joining another teamI am majoring in Electrical Engineering. I have experience in CS, signals, and circuitry. I am an excellent team member and communicator, as seen in my 10 years of experience on a synchronized skating team and 2 years as captain of Team USA. threat framework (projects involved IEDs), remote battery drainage and other signals projects. Open to anything, excited about rapid prototyping and devices. EE, CS. Need technical people.
mchan15@stanford.eduMonica ChanEngineeringMechanical Engineering (BS); Education (MA)Have picked a problem, but open to either forming a team or joining another teamRapid prototyping (UI/UX + tangible/hardware)
Considerable qualitative research experience
Currently in a course on the Civil/Military divide in military aid in humanitarian situations; improving veteran health and community reintegration
Projects I'm interested in:
1. Robotic Telesurgery in Combat and Austere Environments
2. Smart Home Solutions for Post Traumatic Brain Injured Veterans
People who are equally passionate about improving military personnel and veteran well-being :)
belce@stanford.eduBelce DogruEngineeringComputer Science(major), Chinese(minor)Have picked a problem, but open to either forming a team or joining another teamJava, C++, C, Web Development, data science/statistics/machine learning, prototyping, design thinking, user testing/UI/UX, non-profit creation and management, political science research technology for social goodPassionate people who are go-getters!
darangno@stanford.eduwants to join a teamDeborah Arangno, PhDEngineeringCSHave picked a problem, but open to either forming a team or joining another teamMissile Defense; Mathematics security challenges; issues concerning veterans and active duty personnelsomeone strong in CS, and someone with operational background
kchoi92@stanford.eduFrancis K. ChoiEngineeringManagement Science & EngineeringHave picked a problem, but open to either forming a team or joining another teamFormer active duty South Korean Marine, MS&E undergrad senior with finance/capital markets background. in Maritime Monitoring, Anybody with passion and commitment to solving the problem and the team.
marko.jakovljevic@stanford.eduhas a teamMarko JakovljevicSchool of MediceneUltrasound ImagingHave picked a problem, but open to either forming a team or joining another team7 years of research in ultrasound image and signal processing. Experienced at algorithm development and prototyping in real-time image processing and remote sensing, maritime monitoring.Mixture of different backgrounds such as coding and real-time algorithm implementation, military background, experience in project management.
xong@stanford.eduXuanhao OngEngineeringMS&E
Have picked a problem, but open to either forming a team or joining another team
B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, pursuing the Decision/Risk Analysis track for MS&E Masters.
Experience in CAD, flight controllers, and simple manufacturing from working on UAVs during Aerospace undergrad. Basic programming.
Don't have a wealth of working experience, but some relevant experiences from interning in a defense acquisition organization in Singapore (also where I will be returning to work at after my studies), and serving as an armor officer for my conscript national service.
Interested in autonomous vehicles, improving procurement processes and dabbling into data science.
Projects interested in:
1. Semi-Autonomous Standoff Detection
2. Industry Autonomous Unwanted Attached Device Detect
3. Government PM R&D Database for Situational Awareness
Anyone with a ton of working experience and knowledge/expertise. Just keen to work with and learn from you guys!
bentwk@stanford.eduBenjamin TanEngineeringMS&E
Have picked a problem, but open to either forming a team or joining another team
Pursuing the Decision and Risk Analysis concentration for MS in MS&E.
BSc in Actuarial Science.
UAV Pilot with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Some experience in project management as an intern with the SAF over summer holidays. Will be returning for service after studies.
Projects interested in:
1. Semi-Autonomous Standoff Detection
2. Industry Autonomous Unwanted Attached Device Detect
3. Government PM R&D Database for Situational Awareness
Anyone with the interest and commitment to make full of this experience!
james hennessySchool of MediceneMAth/compsci
Have picked a problem, but open to either forming a team or joining another team
I am a Software engineer at the Stanford Genome Technology Center with a full stack background and machine learning knowledge. I also love to study international conflict. The Professor of this program told me I would be added as a fifth member of a team.
Quantifying qualitve data .
Somebody good with hardware and somebody good at IR
has own idea wants other to join his team, maybe would join other teamSimon KaloucheEngineeringRobotics
Have choosen a problem, trying to form a team
PhD student in robotics/AI, have worked on several DoD projects for DARPA, AFRL, and NASA JPL.
Exoskeletons for the military using AR/VR
Full stack software engineer, VR developer/engineer
Michael SzewczykEngineering
MS Management Science & Engineering, BS Mechanical Engr
Have choosen a problem, trying to form a team
Worked on a project to develop 3D printing microfactories that could be forward deployed for military application (my friend led this and is now building them for the Norwegian military, similar to the Rapid Equipping Force). 3D printed a reverse-engineered, flight-worthy 9ft fixed-wing military drone (Aerovironment's PUMA). Worked in Product Dev as a Mechanical Engineer for 4+ years, building Medical & Analytical products.
Top Choice: #80 Robotic Telesurgery in Combat and Austere Environments

Interested in:
#10 Semi-Autonomous Standoff Detection
#14 Industry Autonomous Unwanted Attached Device Detect
#27 Detection and Monitoring of Illicit Maritime Activities
#51 Information Operations Through Social Media
For #80 Robotic Telesurgery, anyone with communications systems and connectivity knowledge. Anyone passionate about designing for medical environments.
erichong@stanford.eduEric HongEngineeringComputer ScienceKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
sbeleuz@stanford.eduSabina Beleuz NeaguHumanities & SciencesSymbolic Systems (Minor in Ethics in Society)Keep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
sarakali@stanford.eduSandeep ArakaliEngineeringAero/Astro EngineeringKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.Currently working on a coterm after finishing Naval ROTC at Stanford. Have worked in both policy and engineering acquisitions/procurement to put technology into warfighter's hands quicker; manpower and policy issues; applications of aerospace engineering
gingd@stanford.eduDana GingrichGSBMBAKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
ramarea@stanford.eduTumisang RamareaHumanities & SciencesMathematical and Computational ScienceKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
rsmith17@stanford.eduBec SmithEngineeringUndeclaredKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
reynis@stanford.eduReynis VazquezEngineeringComputer ScienceKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
mjyip@stanford.eduMadeleine YipHumanities & SciencesUndeclaredKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
jpham1@stanford.eduJessica PhamHumanities & SciencesInternational RelationsKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
dingv@stanford.eduValerie DingEngineeringComputer ScienceKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
asjchen@stanford.eduAndy ChenEngineeringMathematics, Computer ScienceKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
sternh@stanford.eduHenri SternEngineeringComputer ScienceKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
josamuel@stanford.eduSamuel JosephEngineeringElectrical EngineeringKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
dhougo@stanford.eduDrake HougoHumanities & SciencesMS&E or EconomicsKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
shreya1@stanford.eduShreya ShankarEngineeringComputer ScienceKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
xnancy@stanford.eduNancy XuEngineeringComputer Science, History Keep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
egan1@stanford.eduEdward GanEngineeringComputer ScienceKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
bellagc@stanford.eduIsabella Garcia-CamargoEngineeringComputer Science Keep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
bgloger@stanford.eduBen GlogerLawLawKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
thomas1@stanford.eduThomas CallaghanGSBMBAKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
handrew@stanford.eduAndrew HanEngineeringComputer Science, PhilosophyKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
cmay3249@stanford.eduChristopher MayEngineeringAeronautics and AstronauticsKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
sbenavid@stanford.eduSusana BenavidezEngineeringComputer ScienceKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
juliefa@stanford.eduJulie FukunagaEngineeringUndeclared EngineeringKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
ryan.hollander@stanford.eduRyan HollanderGSBJD/MBA (Law / Business)Keep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
mspeaker@stanford.eduMichael SpeakerGSBMBAKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
tgosakti@stanford.eduTristan GosaktiEngineeringCS, ME, EEKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
lblake@stanford.eduLauren BlakeEngineeringMS CS / MBAKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
kpage2@stanford.eduKelsey PageHumanities & SciencesPolitical ScienceKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
samkrieg@stanford.eduSam KriegGSBBusinessKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
alsalehs@stanford.eduSarah AlSalehHumanities & SciencesIPSKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
adenisin@stanford.eduSasha DenisinEngineeringBioengineeringKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
binhong@stanford.eduBinhong LinHumanities & SciencesChemistryKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
smaples@stanford.eduSydney MaplesHumanities & SciencesSymbolic SystemsKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
hokuto@stanford.eduHOKUTO ASANOHumanities & SciencesInternational Policy StudiesKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
benjilz@stanford.eduBenji LoneyGSBMBAKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
srishti@stanford.eduSrishti SundramGSBMechanical Engineering (2011) and MBA(2018)Keep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
makenal@stanford.eduMakena LowHumanities & SciencesUndeclared (Intended CS or HumBio)Keep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
starkman@stanford.eduRuth StarkmanHumanities & SciencesMS in CS educationKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
advisor - mbchase@stanford.eduMatt ChaseEngineeringCivil Engineering - Sustainable Design & ConstructionKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
habrown@stanford.eduHoward BrownEngineeringSustainable Design & Construction ManagementKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
jde@cs.stanford.eduJonathan EllithorpeEngineeringElectrical Engineering & Computer ScienceKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
Rnoland@stanford.eduRiley NolandEngineeringManagement Science and Engineering Keep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
akong2@stanford.eduAngela KongEngineeringSymbolic SystemsKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
msurani@stanford.eduMisbah SuraniEngineeringComputer ScienceKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
michael.ertmer@bunkerlabs.orgMichael ErtmerEngineeringMS&EKeep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
rdhirsh@stanford.eduRachel HirshmanHumanities & Sciences
Political Science (major), MS&E Coterm
Keep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
Muhammad WijayaEngineeringInformation Technology
Keep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
aszeng@stanford.eduAnna ZengEngineering
Prospective Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
Keep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
afichter@stanford.eduwants to join a teamAlina FichterGSBJSK fellow
Keep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
syjiang@stanford.eduSteven JiangHumanities & SciencesMath
Keep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
Michael ChenEngineeringCS
Keep me informed / add me to the mailing list.
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