MomoCon 2019 Public Schedule - Panels
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2Main Stage Exhibit A3Main Events GWCC-SMAMain Panels 412Main Events Omni-EFMain Panels 404Main Panels 406Panels 410Panels 311Panels 312Panels 315Panels 316Physical Arts A-402Physical Arts Annex Omni CypressWorkshops A-305Workshops A-304Workshops O-ChestnutInternational Lounge O-ABC
Thu 2:30PMCLOSEDCLOSEDVocaloid Outside of MikuAnime JeopardyConsole WarsKpop? A Guide for Parents & NewbiesAmeriToku: Beyond Power RangersSelf Defense for the Con-goer
Thu 4:00PMROOM CLEARBrainScratchComms: Preview and Q(&A)!CLOSEDMaking Music Online in 2019Twisted Minds Behind Awesome Comics ♦Knowing Your NeedleBatman in JapanConventions and Disability 101: Prep and AttendanceOne Piece Feels!Dungeon Master Fight Club: Learn to DMK-pop / J-pop Dance GameLanyard Palooza §$
Thu 5:30PMSteven Universe Guests (5pm)Judge My Art : LiveKingdom Hearts: Full Story ModeCLOSEDYoung Game DesignersCosplay Made SimpleLarger than Life: Over-Sized PropsQueer Before It Was CoolMetal In AnimeDWMA Trivia And QNAIRL Smash Bros!Magical Girl Tunes & Doodle Party *How To PAINT Your DRAGON!! §$ VocaMocha and You!
Thu 7:00PMVoice Acting From the ProsROOM CLEARThe Runaway Guys Q&ADonald Duck and his TalesBNHA Murder in the CityInclusive StorytellingProject CosplayToonami Fan Faithful: 20 Years & CountingGemology: A Steven Universe GameshowThe Modern World of Japanese MusicDiverse Graphic Novels in EducationMyth Busting - Weapons and Armour Edition!Perler Bead Workshop Thursday *Sailor Moon Compact DIY Workshop $Karaoke Thursday ♦
Thu 8:30PMMotion Capture Acting with Reuben Langdon ♦YouTuber's LIVE ConcertOff the Page ♦PromStuck 2019!Crafting the Perfect PitchHow to Light Your Cosplay(On A Budget)Netflix & Marvel: The Dark EndNUGU? Underrated K-PopBridging Streaming and Game DevelopmentHakata Tonkotsu Ramens Lore DiscussionBallroom Dance Basics: Waltz § *Make Your Own Kandi Bracelets! *Dragon Tail Chainmail $Loom Knitting § *
Thu 10:00PMCLOSEDMorphing Grid: A Power Rangers PanelDungeons and Dragons 101: Learn to Play D&DComics TriviaFatal Frame and How They Are All ConnectedModeling 101: The Do’s & Don’ts of PosingRose Quartz Tinted GlassesPersona 5: Take Your Heart!Now that's a Katana: RWBY PanelWriting Mary Sue's vs ProtagonistsBachata Dancing for GeeksShrinky Dink Thursday Hijinks §*EVA Foam Techniques for Cosplay $
Thu 11:30PMCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSEDDubs vs SubsVoltron: An (Almost) Improvised Retelling ♦Improv For CosplayersCollecting 101Pikachu or Fake-a-chu? Avoid Knockoff MerchHaikyuu: Captains CornerSelf-Publishing Crash CourseK-pop Random Dance Challenge §Disney Princess Slumber Party!!!
Fri 1:00AMThe MCU: Aftermath of EndgameThe Real Sport Behind Yuri on IceLate Night Anime/Manga Trivia
Fri 2:30AM
Fri 8:30AMSonic Linked: A Classic Franchise Retold!BNHA: What's in a Quirk?Common Courtesy: Con and Hotel EtiquetteNo Capes! A Guide to Sewing Bodysuits
Fri 10:00AMBlerd Magic and the Inclusion MissionROOM CLEARDAGames Q&A - Behind the ScreensGetting Started in ComicsBreaking Down and Patterning CosplayAccessiblity in Gaming: Gearing UpMy Hero Academia Extra Credit!Studio Ghibli Jeopardy!Building Your Character's Psyche *Okinawan Karate WorkoutMario World Bento Workshop *To Die For: Die Cutting for Cosplay $Pokemon GOing, Going, Gone
Fri 11:30AMROOM CLEARBreaking Into AnimationAn Hour with Charles MartinetFunimation Industry PanelIndie Games in Japan & The WorldFGU: The Games, the Story, the HistoryWood Working 101Kdramas You Should Be WatchingTouken Ranbu: Behind the BladeTraditional Japanese ClothingMaking FunniesArmored Combat; Techniques of the Medieval JuggernautSalsa Dancing for Geeks § *Balloon Animal Art *Comic Artist: Frame by Frame § *Peach Party Idol Festival
Fri 1:00PMAn Hour with Patrick WarburtonROOM CLEARLife of an AniTuber (feat. Gigguk & Sydsnap)Devil May Cry with Reuben Langdon ♦Hazbin HotelImage Comics ♦FX Make-Up For CosplayThe Psychology Behind Why We Play Video GamesThe World of English VocaloidAvoiding Japan’s Tourist TrapsDisability: The Power of AfflictionIntroduction to HoopdanceVerbal Judo Workshop $Kitty Ears by Maid Crafté *Collector Pin Display $Beads, Rhinestones and Trim! Oh my! $K-Pop Music Challenge
Fri 2:30PMVoices of OverwatchAMVs On StageProZD Q&AWTF is NerdcoreMaking it as a Creator on YouTubeGunsmith Cats Pre-Release Screener3D Printing Tips,Tricks, and Q&ALGBTQ+ Representation in AnimeFate/ Grand Order Knowledge QuizCrime of Visual ShockWriting for ComicsDueling through the AgesIntro to Para Para DanceHow To Draw: Perspective *DIY Book Art $Whose Line is it Anyway? ♦
Fri 4:00PMA Time for Heroes: My Hero Academia VoicesROOM CLEARTransistor: Music, Audio, and Voice-Over2D Action Game Dev & US-JP IndiesDark Horse Manga!Painting Armor and Props 101It Just Works! A JoJo PanelCygames: Like It Or Not, They GotchaThe Heart Attack Dating Show!Character Design from the Inside OutBreaking ThingsBlerds in Martial ArtsBasic Mini-Figure Painting §$ Make Your Own Bowsette Crown $Karaoke Friday ♦
Fri 5:30PMROOM CLEARVoice Acting in Video GamesThrown ControllersKenji Kamiyama Focus PanelTiny Metal: Full Metal RumbleRunning & Directing an Anime StudioDiversity In CosplaySo, You Wanna Make a Webcomic?Puella Magi Madoka Magica TV Eps.1-3Tokusatsu For AllGet To Know Touhou!K-pop Dance Workshop § *Bachata Dancing EncoreDesign, Build, & Race! § $
Fri 7:00PMToonamiROOM CLEARPizza Party Podcast with Rebel Taxi ♦Transparency and the Dark Side of Content CreationROOM CLEARPlaying in the Marvel Universe ♦Building Costumes: WWE + Pro WrestlersType-Moon Universe Fan PanelFinal Fantasy XV Character RoastBuilding Diverse Comic WorldsPolyhedron Presents - Session ZeroBad Martial ArtsPerler Workshop Friday *Inking Workshop $
Fri 8:30PMROOM CLEARMaking Doki Doki Literature ClubROOM CLEARRating Your Anime Wives and HusbandsCharity Streaming with BSC ♦Are Bronies Still a Thing?Faster Sewing TechniquesTake a Look Into the Steven Universe!Team Rocket's Radio TowerGame Developer DiscussionArtist Alley: Behind The TableROOM CLEARGundam Kitbashing Techniques *Dragon Egg $Karaoke in Cosplay Contest
Fri 10:00PMBytes & Beats Concert ♦ (11pm)Closet Costume ContestMyuu: Dark PianoOh Japan, What Have You Done Now!?!?Fun with Power Tools!Ocarina of Time: 20 Years and CountingSchool Idols and YouA She-Ra PJ PanelMaking Money with ArtHow To Be A Salty Healer IRL ♦Black Light Paint Night Rave §$ Boffer Weapon Crafting $Friday Karaoke ♦
Fri 11:30PMCreepypasta Storytime ♦Geekapella LIVE!My Hero Academia Fan PanelIntro to Virtual RealityCountering Gaslighting 101 ♦OC ReMix: Game Music IS The GREATEST!Defaming the Sacred!: New & Classic AnimeJapanese Urban Legends ♦Panelology: A Weekly Comics PodcastCosplay Dance Battles II: Turbo Edition!!
Sat 1:00AMOm Nom Oishii: Food of JapanAlcohol & Animation - A Brief Intro ♦It’s Over 9000!Professional Wrestling In Anime & Video GamesCosplay for a Cause PanelSurvival Horror Games 101 ♦Live-Action Video Games: Why Are They Still Being Made?Games in ComicsUltimate Versus: Creating the Perfect PairSwing Dance Lesson: East Coast § *
Sat 8:30AMName That Tune: Video Games EditionThe Wonderful World of Anime FiguresVoltron Support GroupSo What's a BJD Anyway?A Brain on Comics: Psyche on Visual NovelsClosed
Sat 10:00AMColoring for ComicsJapan’s Amazing Manga MagazinesHow to YouTube with SabersparkScouts Social §Leatherworking with GSTQ FashionsDisney Live-Action AnimationThe Adventure Zone in the ATLVideo Game Industry: Diplomacy TutorialSo You Want To Run A Zine?Con Crash Yoga § *Pokemon Go! Bento Workshop *Cut It Out, Stencil Art $Color Pencil Techniques § *Sing-a-Long: One Saturday Morning
Sat 11:30AMYour Princess is in Another CastleROOM CLEARShinji Aramaki Focus PanelBreaking Into Video GamesInto the SpiderverseMusic in ComicsStreaming Creative on TwitchOverwatch & Esports in the SoutheastPokemon Gen JeopardyOuran Host Club Welcomes You!Marketing Your Comic and Its CharactersLearning to Longsword!Fitness, Nutrition, and Cross-TrainingBeginner Crochet § *Anime Theme Songs: Challenge Accepted!
Sat 1:00PMTony Anselmo Q&ADisney Singing Contest FinalsCyanide & Happiness: How To Make A Funny ♦Aniplex of America Industry PanelEsports RoundtableAn Adventure in Toy DesignAging and Distressing CostumesSailor Moon's Eternal ExtravaganzaCreating Content in the Gaming IndustryThe Real Practice of AlchemyFinishing 3D Printed Props & ArmorSelf DefenseSalsa Dancing Encore §Kawaii Journaling 101 § *Robots: Design & Build $ §Wire-Wrap a Kingdom Hearts Charm! $ §GEEK, NERD, or DRAW!
Sat 2:30PMThe Voices of Steven Universe!AMV Contest ♦Red Dead RedemptionMaki Terashima-Furuta Focus PanelIndie Game RoundtableFilling the Pages ♦Open Q&A with the Volpin Props TeamCollegiate Overwatch : Get Started as a PlayerBecoming an AnimatorShe-Ra: Force Captain OrientationCrisis on Infinite DC showsPutting the Dance in Hoopdance §What is Ninjutsu? An IntroductionPopin’ Cookin’ – Tanoshii Ramen $L-Nav's New World Concert
Sat 4:00PMThe Stars of OverwatchROOM CLEARAnimation ShowcaseCreepyPasta MadLibs ♦Content Creator 101 with NoisyButtersCosplay and Social Media MarketingKingdom Hearts Ask PanelNorth By North Quest Live ShowUsing Anime in K-12 TeachingCap or the Bat?Love Live Dance Class (Aqours)Self Defense Workshop $How To Draw: Anatomy *Cartoons: The Basics of Voice Acting SATURDAY (SOLD OUT) $Traditional Bento Box Workshop $Karaoke Saturday ♦
Sat 5:30PMPatrick Warburton Q&ABuilding Hype for an Online AudienceTravis Talks Again: with SUDA51 ♦Aksys Games: What Makes The Gears TurnAnimation, Broadway and Beyond: Susan EganMaking and Breaking Established IP ♦Costumes: From Concept to CreationVento Aure-Oh-No: A JoJo’s Trivia PanelCells at Work Team JeopardyBuilding a Tabletop CommunityComics as CurriculaPunchline: Martial Art Super Show!Rock Painting by Craft Corner * §
Sat 7:00PMUltraman and MoreROOM CLEARSteven Universe: Presented by FamethystROOM CLEARMaking Music on YouTubeLIVE: Draw for Charity ♦Cosplay For EveryoneBlack People in Anime and Video GamesThe Regression of GamingKnow Your NEET: Osomatsu-san Side Content!Inking with Onyx Comics * §Ninjutsu: The Art of the NinjaGunpla For Beginners $ §Sewing Workshop * §
Sat 8:30PMROOM CLEARCraftsmanship Costume ContestDragon Ball Z: World Martial Arts Fan DemoBit BrigadeA New World PanelBroadcasters of Atlanta Community Meet UpSlay Your Body Positive CosplayOverwatch Slumber PartyWhat the Heck Did I Just Read?Psychology of Hellblade ♦Video Games Changing for the Good?Hapkido: The Korean Art of Self DefenseTetris by Maid Crafté * §Peachy Parade Pajama Dreamland Live
Sat 10:00PMROOM CLEARIndie Games Award ShowcaseWriting for Internet Horror ♦Funimation Peep Show (10:30pm) ♦Game Night with DAGames ♦Retro Revival: A Discussion on Reboots!Going Pro With Your HobbyShe Saves The Day §Where are We? Identity and Representation in MediaSuper Smash Bros.: A Competitive LookForgotten Magic: Overlooked Mahou ShoujoIntro to House Dance $Get Baked: Clay Sculpting $ §Life Drawing 101 $Saturday Karaoke ♦
Sat 11:30PMCyberpunk Rave (11pm)Noise Complaint - Tap Dance TheatreName That Tune!!!MS Paint Pictionary ♦Japanese Holidays: A Year in JapanConnecting with Characters, Empathy and FictionBefore You Book: Your First PhotoshootYour Turn! Critical Role Fan PanelAnime One Hit WondersLore of Legends - Story Overview and TriviaReality Becomes FictionFlow JamShrinky Dink Saturday Hijinks * §
Sun 1:00AMHow to be a Bancho ♦Online Animation Panel of Ultimate DestinySelf-y PhotographyThe Joy of Game DevelopmentYYH: Forever ForneverYour Show Got Canceled Because of What!?CNA Talks - Marvel vs DC
Sun 2:30AM
Sun 4:00AM
Sun 8:30AMFind Your Story Writing Workshop *Anime After 30Final Fantasy XIV: A Panel RebornTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan PanelDC Comics TriviaCreate the Protagonist, Antagonist and their Foils
Sun 10:00AMAerial AnimeOm Nom Oishii: Sweets of JapanToon Clash!Independent Publishers ♦Planning Your Cosplay GetawayRWBY Fun FestivalThe Arcana: Mystery Date & more!Rhythm Gaming: Follow the MusicComics Teamwork!Medieval Mortal CombatDessert Bento Workshop: Candy Sushi *Create a DBZ Majin Vegeta Charm $ §Portal Conversion $ §
Sun 11:30AMSmash Ultimate FinalsProfessional Voice ActingWeird Flex, But Okay Podcast - LIVE EPISODE!Designing Tabletop GamesPlanning Your Group CosplayA Celebration of Black Girl MagicSo You Want to Start an Anime ClubHand Held FeverGetting into Toy DesignNoise Complaint - Post-ShowDiscourse: Intro to Street Dance StylesKawaii Journaling 102 * §Cartoons: The Basics of Voice Acting: SUNDAY SOLD OUT $$100,000 PYRAMID: Con Edition
Sun 1:00PMA New World: The Music of Final Fantasy $How to ""Otaku"" in Japan?Zach Callison: Acting and MusicBSCrew vs You!Video Game Music Theory 101: Select ModeWigging Out!Name That Game! - Retro Game TriviaHeroic Thieves and Where to Find ThemNerdy Culture Showcase: The History & The TattoosThe History of LGBT+ MangaBlades vs. FruitJpop Dance LessonAsa-No-Ha Toji: Japanese Stab Binding * §Perler Bead and Shrinky Dink Extravaganza $ §Don’t Forget the Lyrics: Disney Edition
Sun 2:30PMFINRed Dead Redemption VoicesSteven Universe Charity Sing-AlongMeet the Atlanta Reign!Spider-Folk ♦Cosplay 101: Makeup for Every SkintoneMCU Atlanta PresentsSports Anime 101Anime & Hip HopIntro to Online Voice ActingRandom Play Dance ChallengeFINBoard Game Design Basics * §Armor & Prop Painting/Finishing * §FIN
Sun 4:00PMFINOtome: Hot Men, Hot Abs, Hot MysteriesCaleb Hyles in Concert!Celebrating Adventure Time’s LegacyHow to Game for a CauseCosplay For BeginnersMonster Hunter Fan PanelSuper Danganronpa Trivia GameFandom Fashion: Itabag BasicsRPG Maker VX Ace Scripting Crash CourseDagorhir - HighSpiresFIN
♦ - Content Advisory, may not be appropriate for all ages
$ - Extra fee involved
* - Hands-on Worshop - make and take home an item!