TimestampSchool name in EnglishSchool name in JapanesePrefecture, CityName of Language Learning SpaceDate opened (YYYY/MM)Web site addressContact person, title, and email addressFeatures (facilities, resources, services offered, etc.)
8/6/2016 11:32:52Akita International University国際教養大学Akita city, Akita PrefectureLanguage Development and Intercultural Studies Center (LDIC)2008/04

Carlos Budding, Coordinator LDIC,
Language learning materials in 41 languages, speaking rooms, private computer booths, multi-purpose (group study) rooms, public computer booths, open study areas, reading lounge, Academic Achievement Center (tutoring center)
3/1/2018 12:21:38Akita University秋田大学AkitaThe ALL ROOMs2010/10yhamada(at) lounge with student workers; 3 individual small rooms
12/28/2015 21:52:41Chiba University千葉大学千葉English House2013/04smorikawa at chiba hyphen u dot jp

Sarah Morikawa

Facilities: English Lounge; English Support Centre;
Resources: books and other media and hardware for borrowing
Services: one-to-one conversation sessions; lunchtime conversation; one-to-one academic support sessions; workshops; cultural events; presentations and discussions; cooking classes etc.
5/15/2014 12:02:40Dokkyo Medical University獨協医科大学Tochigi, MibuEnglish Community Lounge2014/04http://eclatdmu.edublogs.orgWilliam Hassett whassett'at'dokkyomed'dot' ac 'dot' jp
7/3/2020 6:27:37Faculty of Human Sciences Autonomous University of the State of Mexico UAEMex メキシコ国立人間科学大学UAEMexToluca, MexicoSelf-Access Center Faculty of Human Sciences. Autonomous University of the State of Mexico2007/04Facebook page: Centro de Autoacceso Facultad de Humanidades UAEMexClaudia Garciamoreno Avila, SAC Coordinator, cgarciamorenoa@uaemex.mxWe are located within the Faculty of Human Sciences premises of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico UAEMex in Toluca, Mexico. We work with college students, university staff and professors. We offer to our community of users multimedia equipment, conversation workshops, tutoring, karaoke, open access library, online tutoring (due to the Covid pandemic) and autonomous learning resources (books, software, in-house materials, etc). We offer our language learning services to approximately 300 students per school term and the target language is mainly English, even though we also have some language learning resources for French, Italian, German and for a couple of regional languages such as Nahuatl and Otomi.
10/27/2012 10:12:22Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University岐阜聖徳学園大学GifuLounge MELT (Maximum English Learning Together)2012/10 Taylor
Social Language Learning Space; "English or other foreign language only" policy (almost all speak English). Open daily 8-8. Open to all students, including extension center students. Team of part-time paid Advisers/Facilitators and Volunteer Student Staff. Hot drinks, Plants, Games (Jenga, board games etc.), AV system with projector and screen. iPad, Mac. Small library of readers. Whiteboard and Blackboard. Student-organized lounge events and activities. Facebook group, Instagram account, Twitter account. Also has an Annex with a quiet study area (study-related talk in any language permitted, including Japanese) and individual study booths. Annex has IELTS, TOEIC and other exam-related resources. There is a room for advising with an iMac and chairs. Advisers also offer online advising. Organizes teletandems with partner universities.
5/22/2021 14:54:50Hakuoh University白鷗学生Tochigi-ken, Oyama-shiThe Language Commons (The LC)2007www.hakuohlc.comTodd Leroux (tleroux"at"; Lorraine Reinbold (lreinbold"at"; Daniel Hooper (hooper-d"at" chat sessions; weekly workshops on various learning tools and skill development; graded reader library, computers with pronunciation software; guest speakers; student-run interest-based communities (teaching materials preparation; international exchange, etc.); online learning materials linked on our website
7/4/2012 14:51:35Hiroshima Bunkyo University広島文教大学HiroshimaSALC2008/09Yukari Rutson-Griffiths yrutson(at) learning advisors; 2 full time admin staff; 15 paid student staff; SALC lounge; 3 multi purpose rooms; 3 speaking booths; 2 advising rooms; 4 TV booths; WiFi & all Hiroshima Bunkyo students are equipped with iPads; Extensive collection of commercial and in-house materials; Orientations; Seasonal campaigns and events; Point cards; promotions
9/11/2020 17:23:27Kagawa University香川大学Kagawa, TakamatsuGlobal Cafē2014/06 Uemura, Adjunct Lecturer,<Personnel>
●1 full-time teacher, 5 part-time teachers, several assistant teachers
(international students)
1 administrative staff

●Two self-access spaces (1 student lounge, 1 intensive classroom)
 Students may eat, drink, and converse freely in the lounge
 Conversation is not limited to learning foreign languages
 Sofa, chairs, and tables provided

●Three large monitors for broadcasting news and video
●English books and board games available to lend
●English newspaper and study abroad information (posters and brochures) provided

●Foreign language classes conducted by native speakers
●Cross-cultural events
●Contests conducted in English
●Activities promoting study abroad

8/3/2021 20:21:35Kanagawa University神奈川大学Kanagawa, YokohamaLanguage Learning Commons & Global Lounge2020/[at] lounge, extensive reading library, AV facilities, groupwork space, free conversation space, quiet language study space, advising counter, other language study rooms (Spanish, Chinese, French)
6/15/2012 10:46:04Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages神田外語学院TokyoVISTA(Village of Innovative Study and Training Access)2009/04 Bartelen, VISTA Director
5 Edutaiment booths; 3 Multipurpose rooms; 3 Testing Center rooms; 1 Salon; 2 Advising rooms; Advising service (5 advisors); Writing Doctor service (3 Writing Doctors); English Conversation Lounge; Foreign Language Lounge (Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese); VISTA Workshops&Presentations; English cooking event; borrowing services; 1300+Tasksheets (reading, grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, music); PCs & laptops; English Wii; English Karaoke; games collection; music collection; DVDs; Child English education materials; on-line reservation system; paid student staff; full-time staff
7/9/2018 10:30:53Kanda University of International Studies神田外語大学ChibaSelf-Access Learning Center (SALC)2001/05 and Mynard, Professor / SALC Director, study rooms, 2 presentation spaces, a large workshop area, a large area for both individual and group work, a cafe, a gallery, advising service (11 full-time learning advisors), range of learning materials, daily events and learning communities, English Lounge and Academic Support Area on the 2nd floor,
5/16/2016 9:33:16Kobe Shoin Women's University神戸松蔭女子学院大Kobe, HyogoEnglish Island and Peer support Salon2000/04Frances Shiobara
Assistant Professor
English Island- English Conversation with native English speakers Monday - Friday 10:40-2:40; Seasonal Parties; English Magazines
Peer Support Salon- Conversation in French, Chinese, Korean and Japanese for foreign students; TOEIC, TOEFL and Eiken preparation help from Japanese English teachers; Graded Readers; Poster preparation materials
7/30/2012 10:38:38Kochi University高知大学Kochi自律学習支援センターOASIS2010/04 Yananose,
1 multi-purpose room; 2 speaking rooms; 8 multi-purpose booths; 4 speaking booths; 12 edutainment booths; 2 learning advisors; advising service; borrowing service; books, graded readers, in-house materials, magazines, etc.; DVDs, CDs; PCs, laptops
11/25/2014 13:38:41Kokugakuin University 國學院大學Tokyo, YokohamaLLC Language Learning Center2014/11/6 Matsuoka, Associate Professor, matsuoka_y“at” Lounge; 8 Computer booths; English trial room with a projector and a large
display; English resources (books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, newspapers); Learning advising system; e-learning
software; TOEIC preparatory program (planned)
9/26/2016 15:51:38Konan University甲南大学Kobe, HyogoLanguage LOFT2015/09 Mach
Professor & Faculty Advisor
tmach [at]
3 admin staff and roughly 40 part-time Konan student and exchange student staff; daily workshops and presentations; conversation circles with peers; consultation services with teachers; hard copy and online learning learning tasks; various table/chair/sofa arrangements; reading and game library; housed in our "Global Zone Porte" facility which includes a lounge for our exchange students as well as a multi-purpose learning commons area, terrace, and mini-cafe.
6/12/2012 10:00:41Konan Women's University甲南女子大学Hyogo, Kobee-space2011/05 Mayeda, area; video viewing area and DVD collection; games collection; in-house materials selection; reading library (inc. 5000+ graded readers); meeting room; computer area (Mac/PC); advising service (4 advisors); online reservation system; English conversation lounge; borrowing services
6/29/2012 16:21:49Kwassui Women's University活水女子大学NagasakiSelf-Access Center2008/08None. Catalog available to students via Moodle.Sergio Mazzarelli, Adviser: smazzareATkwassuiDOTacDOTjp1 multi-purpose room; TVs; DVD/BD/VHS players; CD players; portable mp3 players/recorders; headphones; 1 Windows tower PC; 1 iMac with in-built video camera; printers; pen tablets; whiteboard; conversation area; films on DVD and VHS; graded readers with companion DVDs; TOEIC textbooks with CDs; news-based textbooks with CDs or DVDs; 1 manager; 1 project coordinator; 1 adviser.
12/7/2019 11:08:20Kyoto Sangyo University京都産業大学Kyoto, KyotoGlobal Commons2016/4 admin staff (with several more for materials management - lending, purchasing), student staff and student volunteers: Regular workshops and daily English (and other language) chat sessions. More than 3,000 extensive reading books (mainly English, but also other languages), 1,000 language learning and test support books, 500 newspapers/magazines and around 4,000 DVDs in a range of languages. Spaces include 1 open classroom, 5 smaller seminar rooms, several open seminar/study spaces, advising area, open central office space and reception counter, resource space, 16 DVD booths and a private study area.
7/21/2014 10:45:31Kyoto University of Foreign Studies京都外国語大学Kyoto外国語自律学習支援室NINJA (Navigating an Independent Non-stop Journey to Autonomy)2014/04 Matsui,ninjaATkufsDOTacDOTjpAdvising Area; Collaboration Area; Learning Area
4/27/2021 16:34:36Kyushu University九州大学Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka CityKyushu University SALC (Self-Access Learning Center)2014/04 WOLANSKI, Assistant Professor, salc[at] room; study materials; free conversation; preparation for English language tests (TOEFL, IELTS); English language learning consultations; some support for other languages; various events.
4/21/2016 10:26:45Meijo University名城大学Aichi, NagoyaGlobal Plaza2016/04 Sockol
Program Director
Global Plaza
Meijo University

audio/video booths; multi-purpose rooms; speaking booths; internet access at all technology stations (AV booths, Multi-Purpose Rooms, and speaking booths); reading area; social area; in-house classroom for workshops; one-on-one advising; live BBC news, Discovery Channel, and MTV
10/26/2012 16:12:46Meisei University明星大学TokyoMeisei International Studies SAC/Language Lounge2008 Brennan fintan.brennan"at" Lounge (speaking center manned by language teachers)
Computer room equipped with language learning software.
Graded reader library.
4/26/2016 12:02:15Morioka Junior College, Iwate Prefectural University岩手県立大学 盛岡短期大学Takizawa City, Iwate PrefectureThe Reading Marathon Room2006/04 Hui Ling
Reading Marathon Room Learning Advisor
library of graded readers, magazines and CDs, English conversation partnering and practice, writing assignment advice, international cultural information, English proficiency exams and entrance exams advice, etc.
9/18/2021 20:42:02Musashi University武蔵大学Tokyo, NerimaMusashi Communication Village (MCV)2012/09 Nakamura, British and American Studies Professor, Facilities: Half of the entire floor of one university building is dedicated for the MCV, Chairs, tables, sofas, two sets of TVs, DVD players, and iPads to be used to carry out conversations Resources: Two to three full-time native English speakers, Up to 10 part-time student staff , English test taking materials, Graded Readers for rent, DVDs to watch in the MCV, English newspapers, and Time magazine subscription. Services: Free conversation sessions, Activities (cooking, crafts, quiz, music, photography, etc.), cultural and seasonal events, one-on-one English study advising, all free of charge.
10/11/2019 10:02:01Nagoya Gakuin University名古屋学院大学Aichi, Nagoyai-Lounge2018/09 Bowyer, Lecturer, scottybowyer1@gmail.comEnglish lounge, multilingual lounge, multilingual library, study booths, CALL rooms, meeting spaces, testing support, study abroad support, student advisors
4/25/2013 13:56:49Nagoya University of Commerce and Business名古屋商科大学Aichi, NagoyaSelf-Access Center(SAC) 1999/ Uemura, CALL booths, 1500 Graded Readers with audio files (some), 650 textbooks, TV booths with video/dvd players, Videos/DVDs, 4 speaking practice rooms, 1 seminar rooms, 2 multipurpose rooms, advising service, language activities with English teachers.
11/26/2014 13:27:43Nihon Fukushi University日本福祉大学Aichi, MihamaEnglish Lounge2009/04 Kirkpatrick, Assistant Professor (Previously - Learning Adviser),
1 room Conversation Lounge; 2 televisions for playing videos or DVDs both Japanese and/or others purchased abroad; a variety of videos and DVDs; tables and chairs; benches; 2 computers with internet link; small fridge; microwave oven; toaster oven; dish dryer; coffee pot; hot water pot; two trees; 2 whiteboards; around 500 books - English proficiency test books, Japanese cultural books, travel books, dictionaries, atlas, Japanese and American graphic novels in English; board games - Life, Junior Scrabble, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, a variety of card games and conversation card games; Facebook group; 1 staff - native speaker; 2 weekly activities - English Conversation activities; 1 cooking activity a month; seasonal pot-luck parties - usually Halloween, Thanksgiving and Xmas - student volunteers organize the activities and use the lounge room after hours; 7 Office Hour periods - Monday to Friday - usually 90 minutes and students are free to consult or interact with the Learning Adviser / Staff on a drop in basis
1/27/2014 15:01:57Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine帯広畜産大学Hokkaido, ObihiroERC (English Resource Center)2009/04 plus Moodle metacourse.Glen Hill
Assistant Professor
As of January/2014: over 2,800 books, mostly English graded readers and about 10% TOEIC/TOEFL/English study books in Japanese. Some audio and video materials. Four Internet-capable computers with headphones, and color laser printer. Wide-screen TV and DVD player. Large meeting table and sofa. Open Monday-Friday at noon and 2:30-5:30 when classes are in session. Barcode checkout system run by paid student staff. Room is also used for weekly English lunch chats and monthly English travelogue presentations, as well as various seminars and meetings. Full-time foreign staff also perform paid proofreading for staff, graduate students, and science teachers, the proceeds of which are used to supplement the university budget for ERC materials and student salaries.
2/28/2018 14:35:00Osaka Gakuin University 大阪学院大学Suita, OsakaI-Chat Lounge2002 De'Aeth, Director, j.deaeth"at" English Space for conversational practice with Native Speakers; Table Talking area for beginner level learners with Native Speaker support ; TOEIC center for practice and tutoring; Media Center with a TV, selection of DVDs and Karaoke machine; Multilingual library featuring graded readers, resource books, and magazines; Game Center with a variety of board games for students ; Homework area where students can request help from the staff; and a drink bar.
6/28/2012 18:18:11Osaka Institute of Technology大阪工業大学OsakaLanguage Learning Center SALC 2012/04 Worth, LLC Director
Sections: Magazines, Newspapers, Films, Games, Manga, Graded Readers, Basic Skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary), Presentations, English for Specific Purposes, Student Groups Materials, In-house Materials (worksheets)
Facilities: 2 x Multi-Purpose Room with TVs, DVD players, computer, Consultation Room (conversation practice, writing feedback, learning advice), free wi-fi, lounge area with TV
Staff: full-time SALC Manager, paid part-time student workers
3/28/2013 21:29:42Otemon Gakuin University追手門学院大学ibaraki-shi, Osaka-fuE-CO (English Cafe at Otemon)2013/04 Thornton
E-CO Programme Director
2 Multipurpose rooms; 2 Speaking booths; 2 Edutainment booths; Lounge area with drink machine; Group space; Individual study space; 1 Classroom; DVDs; Books; Magazines;
3 Advisors/teachers; Advising Service, 20-minute English Practice Sessions (1-on-1 with teacher), Easy Chat & Coffee talk group conversation sessions run by teachers, exchange students & Japanese students. 1 Full-time administrative manager
12/10/2016 10:21:50Reitaku University麗澤大学南柏iLoungeRichard Walker
11/12/2019 17:17:26Reitaku University麗澤大学Chiba, Minami-KashiwaiFloor2019/11 Mitchell, terrace - A space which can be reserved for presentations and can fit 80 people.
Comorebi Café - A place for students to relax and get some cakes and drinks.
Collaborative Commons - An open area for students to sit down and chat.
Project Studios x3 - A private room for students to reserve to work on their projects
iLounge - A comfortable area to relax and use their target language or engage in language games. This area is operated by our Student Support Staff.
Media Zone - Students can work on a PC
Writing Center - Students can work on their writing independently or with a tutor
7/4/2012 13:13:23Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University立命館アジア太平洋大学Oita, BeppuSALC- Self Access Learning Center2007/04 Mack
English SALC Coordinator
1 exam prep room; 1 graded reader room; 1 computer room; 2 multipurpose rooms; exam prep books, graded readers, magazines; DVDs, CDS; portable CD players; 10 computers; a service for writing help PAs (Peer Advisors); a service for speaking help with PAs (Peer Advisors)
9/30/2018 17:46:01Ritsumeikan University立命館大学Kyoto, Kusatsu (Shiga), Ibaraki (Osaka)Beyond Borders Plaza2018/04 SHAWBACK (webmaster at Facilities across 3 campuses: Kinugasa Campus: studying and reading area; event area; counter-talk area; communication rooms; support desks; book exchangeBiwako-Kusatsu Campus: reading area; event area; cafe area; communication rooms; support desks; book exchange
Osaka Ibaraki Campus: exchange area; communication rooms; support desks; book corner
7/31/2016 21:06:26Ryutsu Keizai University流通経済大学Chiba,
Shin Matsudo
International Community Plaza (ICP)2014/09 Okano Administrative StaffLarge open-plan room with whiteboard, tables and chairs in a study space.
Coffee tables and sofas in a social space.
Large video screen streaming online news content/ TED talks etc.
Computer booths for self study.

Open-access, free English conversation classes 3 evenings a week.
Events organized by student committee such as English lunch, seasonal parties, volunteer activities.
11/27/2017 10:13:37Ryutsu Keizai University流通経済大学Ibaraki, RyugasakiCommunity Learning International Plaza (CLIP)2017/04 Suga Administrative Staff ssuga(at) administrative staff members; help desk; listening corner; online reservation system for advising or speaking practice; lunchtime speaking club; test prep resources; graded readers, manga, Japanese language learning resources, magazines, study abroad and travel resources; games with English tasks; study abroad info sessions; TV monitor for events; seasonal parties
Sections in adjacent library learning commons: Graded readers and manga (read in library or borrow); DVDs and magazines (for use in library only)
10/1/2012 17:49:17Saitama University埼玉大学Saitama Prefecture, Saitama CityEnglish Resource Center (ERC)2004/04 Vye
Center for English Education and Development (CEED)
5 volunteer TAs (in-person only); 3 learning advisors; 1 multi-purpose room; 3 computer/Llstening stations; 4 multi-purpose areas; The Drama Workshop (Adriana Edwards Wurzinger); workshops run by the students and advisors; a computerized borrowing system (Movie and Book Collector); an online sign-up system (Leander Hughes); an ERC website; a presentation area; a video viewing area; resources to borrow: graded readers, DVDs, novels, English study guides and texts; a kitchenette area with free coffee and tea; plants (hopefully returning to campus someday); a white board; games and puzzles. Note: Due to COVID-19 we've been online meeting on ZOOM with access from the website address portal, also designed by Leander Hughes.
3/2/2018 14:19:33Seitoku University聖徳大学Chiba, MatsudoLanguage Education Center2012/
6/15/2017 9:12:53Shumei University秀明大学Chiba-ken, Yachiyo-shiEnglish Salon2006/04 conversation lounge; 8 computer booths; open study area; open daily from 9-5; 4 full-time native English speaking staff; TOEIC, TOEFL, Eiken and IELTS preparation support; one-to-one conversation sessions; presentation facilities; free evening class once a month for non-students; seasonal presentations and workshops; English resources (DVDs, magazines, newspapers, books, dictionaries, graded readers, CDs); board games.
7/3/2012 16:35:28Sojo University崇城大学KumamotoSALC2010/06 Horai
Assistant Director - SALC
three full-time staff members, five part-time student staff members, a conversation lounge staffed daily with a teacher from 12:00 to 18:00, three edutainment booths for secluded DVD viewing, a cafe with daily food and drink service, nine multi-purpose rooms with computers including a sound-proof karaoke room, one blended learning space (classroom), learning advisory service with three learning advisors, various workshops and social events, materials for borrowing including readers, skill books, exam prep materials, CDs, DVDs, games, and tablet PCs
3/24/2014 15:53:17Soka University創価大学TokyoWorld Language Center (WLC) Self-Access Center1996/04 Tweed, Coordinator
Mari Kuromatsu, Coordinator
5 rooms; 8 Program Areas; 2 coordinators; 3 managers; approximately 80 paid Japanese and foreign student staff; staff traning; WiFi; 4 sofa and 2 large table/chair English discussion stations; 5 foreign-language-use mid-size table/chair stations; 8 basic conversation stations and 1 TV sofa area; 4 writing center stations; 3 iBT speaking stations; 2 advisor stations; ipads/PC laptops for staff use; online reservation and waiting list system; AV materials (books, graded readers, SRA kits, DVDs, language and testing materials); language learning software;

Chit Chat Club (English conversation sessions with 4 students/staff); English Forum (English Discussion sessions with 10 students/staff); Writing Center; iBT Speaking Center; Global Village (10 foreign languages); English Consultation Room; Reading Area; CALL Room (listening and viewing stations); Program events throughout the year (Cinema Day, Cultural Events); Monday-Friday from 10:30-18:30.

8/31/2021 19:01:39SOLE ONLINESOLEオンラインOnlineSOLE Online2020/01www.soleonline.orgMike LyonsSelf Organized Learning Environments; online sessions; multinational sessions; sessions for all age ranges
3/6/2018 10:24:46Sugiyama Jogakuen University椙山女学園大学Aichi, NagoyaSelf-Access CenterMike Stockwell CEP Program Director presentation area with seating for 30, dvd viewing area, digital projector and screen, audio system, 9 iMac computers for DVD and audio support for self-study materials, 4 iPads, Grammar tutors for language learning support from upper level students, and Peer Advisors
11/27/2020 12:30:59The University of Electro-Communications電気通信大学TokyoUEC Self-Access Center 実践的コミュニケーション教育推進室2013/04 Uehara, Associate Professor, uehara.suwako[AT] admin staff (3 hours a week); 3-6 paid student staff; 1 multi-purpose room (presentation area, TV and sofa area, table + cooking area, books, DVD’s, board games); consultation (conference presentation, in-house English presentation, writing, and any other requested related to English); online booking for writing support desk (nominally 1-1 or 1-many in the library) during a limited; student run seminars twice weekly (Test taking skill and TED Talks) during the semester; organize motivation talks by students.
4/2/2021 16:41:47The University of Nagano長野県立大学Nagano-ken, Nagano-shi / 長野県長野市Global Language Table (GLT)2018/06Dawn Lucovich, Assistant Professor, Dawn.Lucovich[at] Daily lunch time language table open to students, faculty, staff, and community members, with invited special guests;
2020-2021: Weekly Zoom language table with invited presenter;
2021-2022: Daily Discord text/audio/video language table with weekly invited presenter
11/29/2015 18:10:41Tokoha University常葉大学ShizuokaForeign Language Study Support Center2008/06 "at" sz "dot"tokoha-u "dot"ac "dot"jp
Satomi Shibata, Associate Professor
A relatively small SAC with 35 seats or so, and 9 PCs.
We offer: Advising for language learning; Extensive Reading (One-million-words-a-year program) ; student teaching assistants and staff availability; English conversation practice sessions (with researvations); supporting study abroad program and advising; tests administration and advising, English plus other lanaguges.
3/3/2017 13:21:17Tokyo International University東京国際大学Saitama, KawagoeEnglish PLAZA2013/04www.tiugti.comGeorge Hays, associate director, Global Teaching Institute, ghays "at" tiu "dot" ac "dot" jpEnglish Lounge; Oregon Cafe; Academic Advising/Writing Help; Peer Tutors; Workshops; Graded Reader Library; Testing Materials
11/30/2018 11:11:08Tokyo International University東京国際大学Saitama, KawagoeEnglish Plazawww.tiugti.comkmueller (at) tiu (dot) ac (dot) jpconversation space; Advising space; cafe; peer writing assistance; peer conversation space; library; study space
10/11/2012 15:46:41Toyo Gakuen University東洋学園大学Chiba and TokyoThe English Lounge2006/04 Sakamoto, EEDC Director, hitomi.sakamotoATtyg.jp2 full-time staff; 2 English-speaking interns; English
conversation sessions during lunchtime; special events; 4 iPads; Wifi;
books, graded readers, newspapers, magazines; board games; sofa
6/29/2012 17:27:22University of Niigata Prefecture新潟県立大学NiigataSALC2009/04 Adamson, Dr.
2/24/2022 19:54:37Wayo Women's University和洋女子大学ChibaGlobal Lounge2020/04 Yamamoto/
7/27/2015 15:20:14Yamanashi Gakuin University山梨学院大学Kofu, YamanashiLanguage Acquisition Center (LAC) in International College of Liberal Arts(iCLA)2015/04(in English)

(in Japanese)
Mikiko Fukutome, Language Learning Advisor, lac"at" Language Learning Advisor and 1 full-time admin staff; 20 Mac computers; 4 individual practice booths; over 1200 books/magazines including graded readers(in English or in Japanese); over 900 DVDs for English and Japanese language learning;

All first-year students in the College of International Liberal Arts are scheduled to come to the Center five hours a week for supported self-directed learning. They all create their own learning plans, reflect what they have done and attend both individual and group advising sessions.