Innovate to Ventilate
Name of CompanyEmail AddressProduct or service company can produce/offerNeedsone pagerWesite of companyContact Name at CompanyContact person's email at companyCompany phone numberOne paragraph elevator pitch on your solution.Recommended by (incubator or innovation professional)Recommending person's contact emailRecommending person's phonePlease indicate if you have a solution or a problem related to COVID19
Optimation Technology, Inc.can help brian at iwage or glen with ventilatorssteve.beyer@optimation.usOptimation has 75,000 sq.ft. of space that can rapidly be purposed to manufacture, assemble, and test components and/or systems. We can design and fabricate these same assembly and test systems if needed. We have done so for Medtronic Diabetes, other companies. I can offer technical assistance to companies solving COVID19 issues, including design and manufacturing support. We are nearly 200 strong, designated an essential business for our work in food and healthcare businesses. 100% availability.www.optimation.usSteven Beyer, General Managersteve.beyer@optimation.us585-746-7333Custom engineered and manufactured solutions for medical, bio-pharma, food, chemical and other industry needs. Production expansions, upgrades, process changes, testing, and manufacturing scale-up, facility construction and maintenance, and more. Rochester, NYWin Thurlow, MedTechwthurlow@medtech.org1-315-727-1497I am a manufacturer offering space and production for COVID19 solutions
Bonded Energy Solutions Corpcan help Glenjerrittg@bondedenergysolutions.comelectronics, and controls for ventilator systems. The electronic hardware and logic is our area of expertise.www.bondedenergysolutions.comJerritt Gluckjerrittg@bondedenergysolutions.comcell:(516)987-8241 or Office: (646)502-5110Using existing, pre-COVID-19...readily available microprocessors, Bonded Energy Solutions can build and code for operation the control strategy and the underlying logic related to the peculiarities and limitations of using an Ambu bag for ventilation.CEBIP - David Hamiltondavid.hamilton@stonybrook.eduCell: (631) 487-2414‬
PEKO Precision Products, Incconnect with iwavesbaxter@pekoprecision.comContract Manufacturing medical equipment with high mechanical and electro-mechanical content. Ventilators and Diagnsotics equipment could be very good examplesPekoprecision.comScott Baxtersbaxter@pekoprecision.com5856473010PEKO is a contract manufacturer of Medical Equipment, Machinery, Devices and Major Assemblies. We have full service manufacturing and design engineering services to provide manufacturing services for OEMs of medical productsdKathi Durdondurdonk@upstate.edu3154649290I am a manufacturer offering space and production for COVID19 solutions
Rogers High Fidelityhe can help brian at firstwaveroger@rogershighfidelity.comElectronics, electro-mechanical assembliesrogershighfidelity.comroger gibboniroger@rogershighfidelity.com845-987-7744Aerospace grade electronics engineering, manufacturing and test
Digitronik Labshe can help brian at firstwavestephen@digitroniklabs.comElectrical/controls support for manufacturers who are retoolingwww.digitroniklabs.comStephen Mokeystephen@digitroniklabs.com8443444669Digitronik Labs is an industrial controls integrator. We support manufacturers with design and programming services to upgrade an maintain their production equipment.FuzehubI can offer technical assistance to companies solving COVID19 issues
Air Techniques Inc.help ventilatorsesteban.reinhardt@airtechniques.com We manufacture medical dental equipment, such as vaccuum pumps, compressors, digital scanners for X-rays. OUr production capabilities are mostly assembly based. We have assembly lines for mechanical and electronic equipment, for medical industryhttps://www.airtechniques.com/en/Esteban Reinhatdtesteban.reinhardt@airtechniques.com5162145510Air Techniques is the US manufacturer of choice of products for the dental professional. We offer core practice equipment (compressed air, vacuum technologies) and digital diagnostic systems, hygiene solutions, and other relevant product categories related to dental medical practices (and also apply our technologies to create innovative solutions for select non-dental markets, such as veterinary, security, etc.).Your own communication online via an employeeesteban.reinhardt@airtechniques.com5162145510
Modern Precision Technology/ Broadway.xrpiccoli@mptplastics.comInjection molding for all plastics associated with face shields and respirators.www.mptplastics.comRobert Piccolirpiccoli@mptplastics.com856 905 6424 cellI am a manufacturer offering space and production for COVID19 solutions
Starry, Inc.xabaisch@starry.comQuick turn mass manufacturing: Overseas urethane casting (plastic parts) and CNC machining in <2 weeks delivered.
Technical assistance (design, CAD, fluid / thermal analysis, consulting).
Prototype manufacturing (3D printing, vinyl cutting) in New York and Boston.
Andy Baischabaisch@starry.com6318712855We have a network of suppliers, domestic and overseas, that can do quick turn low / med volume production. Urethane casting (100-1000s of plastic components) in <2 weeks. CNC machining, laser cutting.
We can provide engineering design and analysis, CAD, and quick turn prototype (3D printing, vinyl cutting, assembly).
Marc AlessiI can offer technical assistance to companies solving COVID19 issues
LunewavexJohn@lunewave.com3D printing design and fabricationwww.lunewave.comJohn Xin (CEO)John@lunewave.com6179918492Lunewave has industry leading 3D printing experts and top of the line 3D printers. We are looking to see if there's anyway for us to contribute from a component/device fabrication standpoint using our 3D printing capabilities.Micah Kotch (URBAN-X)micah.kotch@urban-x.comI am a manufacturer offering space and production for COVID19 solutions
Tresca Designxdan@trescadesign.com3D Printing (FDM and Resin)trescadesign.comDan Buckmasterdan@trescadesign.com2019257254Tresca Design offers product design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, and 3D printing solutions.WIN - Tom Murdochmurdock2@buffalo.eduI am a manufacturer offering space and production for COVID19 solutions
EWI/Buffalo Manufacturing Worksxlindsay.macaluso@gmail.comReusable N95 masks, ready to produce prototype and supply chain to produce 50k+ maskshttp://buffalomanufacturingworks.com/Nadine HartrichNPowell@ewi.org716.710.5500EWI and Building Momentum mobilized on Friday, 3/20, to rapidly close the N95 mask gap, and worked hand in hand to develop a prototype rapidly manufactured N95 equivalent replacement face mask that can be produced in both industrial and hobbyist/local manufacturing spaces/makerspaces. As of 3/25, EWI has completed and performed fit testing on an alpha prototype, built a system for quality control, coordinated with the local supply chain for an initial manufacturing run of 1,000 units, and contacted the supply chain necessary to produce 50,000 units per day. Mass scalability and hospital acceptance have been the priority. Local hospitals have reviewed each prototype and given
suggestions for revisions. Finally, to deliver on mass scale, EWI is writing a manufacturing plan to allow deployment across the country.

As of 3/25, Building Momentum, in a complementary technical effort, has confirmed fit test and delivered options to a local hospital for evaluation and response. Thickness of various materials was tested to ensure the range of materials that could be leveraged for production. Building Momentum has the capacity to make 1,000 masks over 3 days at their facility. At least one other manufacturing house with the same capacity has been identified in the area and is on board to begin production. Once approved design is confirmed, Building Momentum is ready to distribute manufacturing plan and execution instructions to the United States Marine Corps through the Marine Maker program (lead by Capt. Matthew Audette) for production on site at every
marine base with a manufacturing facility. In parallel with EWI, the Building Momentum team has similarly used the in-house expertise in rapid prototyping to ensure that the work being created is fast and reproducible. Building Momentum is also working on ways to sanitize masks quickly using UVC light

Along with EWI’s supply chain and the USMC and maker network, scalability is in the hundreds of thousands very rapidly. There is also an opportunity to leverage workers that are currently unemployed due to COVID-19 to
help with production across the country if facilities can spin up to build masks. To achieve these initial results, the Building Momentum and EWI teams leveraged its deep subject matter expertise across nearly all manufacturing specialties, its additive manufacturing equipment for rapid prototyping, its relationships with over 200 manufacturing member companies, and its ability to work nimbly in small focused team. Further, EWI’s three locations in Buffalo, NY, Loveland, CO, and Columbus, OH and Building Momentum’s location in Alexandria, VA and tie-in to the United States Marine Corps give it the ability to make local impact in multiple regions. EWI built its coronavirus surge production team so that it is ready to respond to other medical equipment shortages. The team is made up of multiple sub-teams including design, prototyping, testing, and supply chain. However, due to the financial realities during the pandemic, to continue these efforts EWI and Building Momentum will require funding. Deployment (locally in Northern Virginia and New York State) can begin as early as 3/30/2020
Danielle Blount - Launch New Yorkdblount@launchny.org716.881.8006Producing reusable N95 masks and need funding for initial prototype run and ramp up to 50k/day production
Voodoo Manufacturingxmax@voodoomfg.comFace Shields, any other 3D printed partswww.voodoomfg.comMax Friefeldmax@voodoomfg.com(646) 854-4173We are a medical products manufacturer (registered with the FDA) and have a factory of 200 FDM 3D printers, and 21 SLA 3d printers available to help make life saving products. We are currently focusing on Face Shields and offering them here: www.comabtingcovid.comAnn-Marie Scheidt - Stony Brook UniversityNA@na.comNAI am a manufacturer offering space and production for COVID19 solutions
Unlimited Tomorrow, Inc.xsean.jones@unlimitedtomorrow.comFace Shields, Prototyping Masks this week, pumping out 1000 per day. Has an order for 10K. Cost $15 per maskSupport around founding local help to employ there. A good prototype around masks.www.unlimitedtomorrow.comSean Jonessean.j@unlimitedtomorrow.com9144892187Ron Hicks - Assistant County Executive rhicks@dutchessny.gov845.486.2565
Innosekxbrian.bischoff@innosek.comWe can make face shields and help with other 3D printing and assembly needs. We have over 30 3D printers with more on the wayInnosek.comBrianbrian.bischoff@innosek.com7187026225Large volume 3D printing for cost efficient consistent printing over a large number of printersTom Murdockmurdock@buffalo.eduI have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Rapid Medical Partsxjim@veritx.co3D print and Reverse Engineer high precision medical equipment parts,www.rapidmedicalparts.comCol James Allen Regenor, USAF (ret)jim@veritx.co716.239.6109Our team is rapidly producing needed medical parts to sustain equipment and improve patient care, during this epidemic and beyond.

Missing parts, long lead times, obsolete parts can create dangerous inefficiencies in this time of crisis. Our design team can reverse engineer the part and manufacturing team can build that part quickly. We’ve assembled a team with over 100 years of design experience, and over 40 years of manufacturing expertise to create efficient workflows to combat this pandemic.
Techstars Air Force Accelerator 2020 Cohortwarren.katz@techstars.com
Evolution Prototype & Productionxevolutionproto@gmail.comPlastic castings, 3D printed parts.https://evolutionprototype.weebly.com/Myles Gustafsonevolutionproto@gmail.com8123226883My company can quickly make molds, and plastic parts such as electronic housings, gaskets, buttons, knobs, etc that could be used to supplement existing production for medical devices such as ventilators. We have prior experience producing medical devices that were classified as FDA class 2 devices. We can also supply 3D printed parts.
Ashley Sweeneyasweeney@clarkson.edu13157788252I am a manufacturer offering space and production for COVID19 solutions
Innosek Additive Manufacturing
xBrian.bischoff@innosek.comAdditive manufacturing and assemblyinnosek.comBrian Bischoff
High quality and consistent additive manufacturing at production volumes
I am a manufacturer offering space and production for COVID19 solutions
First Wave Technologies, Inc.brian@firstwavetechnologies.comVentilator - most of production tooling already exists- proof of concept done- control valve needs to go to proof of concept - addtional now is EMI testing and biocompatibilityproduct was already submitted for 510K, can act as ventilator from off the wall source. Need emergency use authorization, needs access to silicon parts and injection tooling for the silicon part. 2.) Testing capability - a. electromagnetic intererence, b. white box testing, c.)biocompatability (air samples from system analyzed for VOC's etc)Www.firstwavetechnologies.comBrian Bellbrian@firstwavetechnologies.com7165602203Insyte ConsultingJMCGOWAN@insyte-consulting.com(716) 636-3626presentedWint Thurlow from Medtech is connecting them to two large manufacturers to helpAlessi is talking to investors for them
Halomine, Inc.ted.eveleth@halomine.comDisinfectants/antimicrobialswww.halomine.comTed Evelethted.eveleth@halomine.com5183311133We are not supposed to talk about our solution on this call, so you don't have to worry, this will not be a sales call! Let me know if there is a time that could work for you this week. And if not this week, what time could work next week. Tom who is copied on this email can work with your staff to work out a time if that is easier, Thanks!!!!Praxis Center, Cornell Universityrms248@cornell.edu6072556032presented
ZEPHYRxmike@zephyrx.comFDA Cleared Remote Pulmonary Function Testing Device and Mobile Application. introductions to State levels to see if valuable, and introduction to channels of distribution- and potential grant to accelerate deploymenthttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1-vV7k7v9BWbuR0bXYpKCKrJ4c7-BJm9e/view?usp=sharingwww.zephyrx.comMike DiCesaremike@zephyrx.com518-588-7815FDA Cleared Remote Pulmonary Function Testing Device and Mobile App. Pulmonary Function Testing for Isolation- Supporting self quarantine initiatives to reduce exposure. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Reduces office visits, Automatic alerts for key changes. Can perform following tests: FVC, FEV1, PEF, FEV1/FVC, FEV6, FEF25-75. These tests are Self administered with remote coaching, Results sent to EMR. App runs on any Apple or Android cellphone or tablet. Available on App Store and Google Play. The device is Handheld, single patient use device, FDA cleared, K072979 and has a removable mouthpiece that is easily cleaned. Highly accurate and tested against International standards ISO 26782, ISO 23747, ATS/ERS 2005
Kevin Leyden, Albany Medical Center LeydenK@amc.edu(518) 262-1678presentedWint Thurlow from Medtech is connecting them to manufacturers to scale
Sen-Jam Pharmaceuticaljackie@sen-jam.comSJP-002 is a combination of 2 readily available OTC drugs that has been shown to reduce coughing, sneezing, and runny nose in volunteers. We believe our drug can be put to use immediately for all healthcare workers and healthy family members caring for immunocompromised individuals. lmhttp://www.sen-jam.comJackie Iversenjackie@sen-jam.com201-417-7765Our combination drug (SJP-002) can be administered around the clock, before or at the first signs of a respiratory infection. This preventative approach has been found in our volunteers to dramatically reduce the constellation of symptoms including coughing and sneezing, which is the leading cause of spreading COVID-19. By reducing coughing and sneezing, an individual would reduce their spread of respiratory infections.

We believe this approach, although not curative, can be used as an additional tool within our communities, along with washing hands and social distancing, to reduce the spread of respiratory infections.

We are currently developing an app that can be distributed through the Apple store allowing users to self report Safety and Efficacy. We expect to be ready in 3 weeks with the app to start testing our drug. If our drug works we will need a lot of naproxen and fexofenadine which we need to start sourcing now to avoid hysteria and shortage. Our next challenge is to get Regulatory approval to test the 2 individual components of our drug SJP-002. Both of these drugs are available OTC. Although we have an open IND ready to begin a Phase 1 Clinical Trial utilizing the 505(b)2 pathway that is going to take too long and we may not be able to conduct a trial due to the need for social distancing.
Long Island Racing LLCmmendez@liracing.orgReusable emergency respirators www.liracing.orgMatthew Mendezmmendez@liracing.org6313550545We are producing an N95 equivalent respirator system for use by health care workers. This design allows for rapid production of a large number of re-usable masks that provide these vital workers with much better protection than the current make-shift devices available.
Product details Can be assembled with non-proprietary materials Can be re-used Can be sterilized using common solutions (e.g. ethanol, isopropanol, or bleach) Can be exposed to UV light for sterilization Make-up The device is a mask that is made of a photopolymer resin It is composed one single piece Has no moving parts Completely 3D printed Geometry and fit The mask is made in two sizes
It fits securely to the face using straps Maintains necessary seal while the wearer speaks It efficiently exhausts exhaled air
CMTx Biotech Inc.joseph@cmtxbiotech.comClinical-Stage Drug for the Treatment of COVID-19 PatientsJoseph Scadutojoseph@cmtxbiotech.com631-258-5680Why evaluate CMT-3 for COVID-19?
1) CMT-3 has successfully completed IND-enabling studies
2) CMT-3 has already been tested in humans (Phase I/II), and can be quickly done so again in COVID-19 patients
4) CMT-3 has already demonstrated efficacy in multiple animal models of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), a major cause of intensive care, intubation and death of COVID-19 patients
5) CMT-3 is orally administered, not by injection
6) CMT-3 is a multi-target drug (e.g. MMP, elastase, serene proteinase, cytokines, etc.), not a single target approach
7) CMT-3 is a modified (non-antibiotic) tetracycline, a class of drugs with a known safety history
8) CMT-3 is relatively inexpensive small molecule to manufacture, compared to antibodies and other biologics
9) CMT-3 is the 2nd generation of two FDA approved drugs, Periostat® and Oracea®
Marc Alessimarc.alessi@bianys.com516-238-1019I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end userspresented
CoreVENTgmeyerowitz@g.ucla.edu paired down ventilator specifically for COVID 19take prototype to beta for testing at NY FacilitiesGlen Meyerowitzgmeyerowitz@g.ucla.edu 6312912753presented
KSL Biomedical, Inc.klawson@kslbiomedical.comCOVID-19 Diagnostics and Prognosticshave grant for UB, that has paid for the capital to perform test. Four systems on loading doc, but because of transportation issues, not coming to us. Private estimate $300k or Cuomo plane. Broker to bring in the shipment. Go through validation- FDA COVID expedited filing within a week. Needs to get his engineer into the US for the install of his equipment- (chen gen cai) (immediate working capital- $200k-$300K second is facilities capital- $500k for additional equipment in about a month) $1-$2M in capital to manufacture the tests here internally two months from nowhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1IuHev9Yea9kz3q5A_Kf4Uc-qv0a4fc_OZ0YmaA0yIPk/edit?usp=sharingwww.kslbiomedical.comKevin Lawsonklawson@kslbiomedical.com7164915245PCR, immunoassays and point of care options for diagnosis and triage of COVID-19 patients and clinical laboratories to implement them supported by internal R&D and industry partnerships. Our team has direct experience on the ground implementing solutions in China.Alan Belichaabelicha@buffalo.edu(716) 881-7571presented
Avery Biomedical Devices, Inc.linda.towler@averybiomedical.comAvery Diaphragm Pacing System can be an alternative to mechanical Ventilation. In addition, the pacemaker can also stimuate the diaphragm to prevent atrophy, thereby decreasing the weaning time.www.averybiomedical.comLinda Towlerlinda.towler@averybiomedical.com631 864 1600The Avery Diaphragm Pacemaker system is an implanted Phrenic Nerve or diaphragm stimulator. It consists of surgically implanted electrodes and receivers with an external transmitter and antennas. The transmitter and antennas send radio frequency energy to the implanted receiver. The receivers then convert the radio waves into stimulating pulses. These pulses are then sent through the electrodes to the phrenic nerves causing the diaphragm (s) to contract, and inhalation occurs. When the pulses stop, the diaphragm relaxes, and exhalation occurs. Repetition of these pulse trains produces a normal breathing pattern.

1. Diaphragm Pacing is an alternative to the mechanical ventilator for those with chronic respiratory insufficiency:

• Spinal Cord injury or disease (trauma, Arnold-Chiari malformation, Spina Bifida)
• Brain or brain stem injury or disease (cerebral palsy, tumors, strokes, meningitis, etc.)
• Diaphragm paralysis due to viral infection (Acute Flaccid Myelitis, Lyme Disease, etc.)
• Central Sleep Apnea (both congenital and acquired)

• After implantation surgery, patients can be weaned off the mechanical ventilator (MV) in 1 to 6 months of diaphragm reconditioning.
• Better quality of life for patient
• Lower risk of upper airway infections including ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).
• Reduced hospital readmissions
• Decrease in ICU and Acute Care costs to the hospital

2. Diaphragm Pacing for Patients who require temporary support of mechanical ventilator

Avery Biomedical Devices’ Temporary Pacing Device as the therapy to Ventilator
Induced Diaphragm Dysfunction (VIDD). Diaphragm atrophy can begin as early as six (6) hours of MV, which is why 40% of time spent on MV is due to the weaning process. This extra time spent on MV can significantly increase the probability for patients to develop complications including pneumothorax, barotrauma, ventilator associated pneumonia, ventilator-induced lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome. Our device is a countermeasure to VIDD for patients in the ICU on MV because it will prevent diaphragm muscle atrophy.

• Patients can be weaned off MV faster, thus minimizing complications associated with MV (pneumonia, sepsis)
• Hospitals will be able to “turn-over” bed and MV faster thus increasing the number of patients treated.

In summary, MV have been in clinical use for 70 years and phrenic nerve stimulators for almost 50 years. The temporary pacemaker will mend both technologies together to minimize or eliminate VIDD. Less time spent on MV will result in fewer cases of VIDD and lessen complications associated with MV use that can result in prolonged hospital stays and even death. For patients predicted to be on MV for more than 24 hours, or for those on MV who fail Spontaneous Breathing Trials (SBT) after 24 hours, temporary pacing should be the standard of care in order to mitigate the complications associated with long term MV use and improve the quality of life for patients in the ICU.
The target customer is the ICU wards in hospitals. There are approximately 4 million people admitted to the ICU a year and 20% require MV for an average of 5.6 days at approximately $4,700/day. If that weaning time can be reduced
and/or eliminated, there is a tremendously saving in health costs to the consumer and the hospital.

Diane Fabeldiane.fabel@stonybrook.edu631 632 1582I have a need for a product or service related to COVID19 (I am a hospital or government)PresentWint Thurlow from Medtech is connecting them to two large manufacturers to helpAlessi is talking to investors for them
Potsdam Sensorssuresh@potsdamsensors.comSensors for air quality monitoring in hospitalswww.potsdamsensors.comSuresh Dhaniyalasuresh@potsdamsensors.com315-212-0893Our sensors can detect particles in air - all particles including COVID-19 particles. If HVAC can pull out particles from the air and keep the hospital air clean, we can minimize disease spread right at the source. HVAC is the first line of defense and right now the hospitals don't know how well their HVAC is working. We can map air quality in real-time and with our data analytics, we can figure out how much cross-contamination there is between different spaces. Our units are designed to be integrated with the HVAC units for direct control of air handling systems. We are already working with a hospital for testing our units.Jamey Hoose, Shipley Center, Clarkson Univ. jhoose@clarkson.edu(315) 268-6690Presented
American Security Technologies, Inc. DBA MonitoredTechzs@monitoredtech.comwireless long range sensors including nurse call button, temp monitoring for pharma, Staff ID Badges with built in panic button for safety and much more. We also have access to disposable masks, surgical masks, N95 masks and KN95 masks www.monitoredtech.comZsolt Sapy (Z)zs@monitoredtech.com516-247-6810 ext 106Marc AllesiMAlessi@srstrat.com516-238-1019
Tresca Designdan@trescadesign.com3D printed parts (masks, shields, etc)looking to help produce with their 3d printerswww.trescadesign.comDan Buckmasterdan@trescadesign.com2019257254We have 13 3D printers (5 FDM, 8 Resin) that we are willing to use to help produce goodsJack McGeowan
Givemesite INCkrisgcell@gmail.comelectronicssplash.givemesite.comkriskrisgcell@gmail.com63176693253d print make pcb's, engineering and programminghttps://www.hackster.io/
Betatronix rdonnelly@betatronix.comComponets for ventilators including potentionmeters & swicheswww.betatronix.com Ray Donnelly rdonnelly@betatronix.com6317477573Betatronix is a leader in the Precision Control Solutions market for over 50 years, providing linear and rotary position sensors and input control devicesIncubator marc.alessi@bianys.com6317477573
Origen Medicalpmikus@origenmedical.comSourcing PPE, N95 Masks, Safetly Goggles, Face Shields, Isolation Gowns, Sanitizerwww.origenmedical.comPaul Mikuspmikus@origenmedical.com949-370-4665Marc Alessimarc.alessi@bianys.com‭(516) 238-1019‬
Tecspecrsenia@srs-enterprises.comPart ManufacturingRobert Seniarsenia@srs-enterprises.com718-714-4242 ext 201We are an HVAC Manufacturer and have some tooling available to make machined metal partsJBB Consulting Engineerspeschierag@jbb.com305-815-4254I am a manufacturer offering space and production for COVID19 solutions
SUSElisa.sherwell@suse.comSUSE Open source software solutions - operating systems www.suse.comlisa sherwelllisa.sherwell@suse.comI can offer technical assistance to companies solving COVID19 issues
NYUyananmei@buffalo.eduopen source face shields (anyone can print)https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h6WlkQmBpClYxl8ALhX6QgyC4MXv_gm_8CsJsMSeZTI/editcovid19.taskforce@nyu.eduI am a clinical data analyst who has plenty of free time and try to help
Givemesite INCkrisgcell@gmail.comhardware and software development for ventilators http://splash.givemesite.comKris Galantekrisgcell@gmail.com16317669325rapid development of ventilator equipment lee zeldin (631) 289-1097I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Film & Entertainment Emergency Logistics - F.E.E.L.feelusa.org@gmail.comLogistics, Field Response, Emergency Relief, Office and Field Coordinatorswww.feelusa.orgNicco Quintome@niccoquinto.com516-993-6351Tri-State Entertainment Leaders Retool Production Industry to Combat COVID-19

In response to emergency demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), entertainment industry leaders are collectively organizing to retool their infrastructure and labor force to meet the demand. IATSE Local 600 cinematographer and commercials producer Nicco Quinto is taking charge to facilitate communications with established local leaders as well as emerging leadership from all verticals of the tri-state entertainment industry.

At the heart of the response is a newly formed organization: Film & Entertainment Emergency Logistics or FEEL (www.feelusa.org, site may not be up yet). FEEL’s mission is to establish and coordinate a supply chain of materials, labor, and logistics using existing relationships and retooling infrastructure of the film and entertainment industries for emergency relief and fabrication.

Entertainment workers are highly skilled laborers, fabricators, and creative professionals used to working 12-14 hour days, under stress and in all conditions. Their greatest asset is our supply of entertainment leaders such as producers and production managers, the women and men who regularly coordinate productions of 50-500 people with only a handful of personnel. They routinely respond to last-minute changes, as well as sourcing/fabrication with amazing speed and efficiency.

Nicco’s epiphony to start the organization happened late one evening, when he saw his wife Christa Brunks, a freelance production designer, in their Astoria apartment fabricating “surgical shields”, a needed expendable PPE.
“I had a flashback of my mother sitting at our kitchen table coordinating dump trucks for the 9/11 emergency cleanup. It suddenly clicked what was happening and what I needed to do.”
Nicco quickly penned an open letter pleading for other film industry leaders and workers to unify their efforts. Late into the night, he recorded his message and broadcast it on social media (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCSxsinJsPM). Within hours, leaders and newly forming organizations reached out. He was right; independent leaders were emerging, but needed a central command for logistics and communications.

While many operations have great ideas and even capital resources, they often lack logistics support and the vast network our industry supports. We are our own military system called "set-protocol" and have a creative ThinkTank running operations. We can adapt and pivot quickly to respond to new problems and offer immediate solutions backed with logistics and manpower.
Tom Killen Lawtkilleen@killeenlaw.netTom KillenLogistics Team, Drivers, Dispatch, Fabricators, and ThinkTank
Grit Seed, Inc.xraj@gritseed.comAllow Healthcare workers to TEXT the state about supplies they need and provide any feedback. We have TEXT bots that can allow you to get REAL TIME info from the field on ANY TOPIC. Seamless. Takes 30 mins to setup. Very effective because no portals, no usernames, mobile friendly and it just works!http://www.gritseed.comRaj Suchakraj@gritseed.com4154042618Grit Seed is an engagement platform that uses the power of texting, videos and mobile to connect and solicit feedback from your constituents.Thomas Murdockmurdock2@buffalo.edu(716) 645-7367I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
QTH 54/Machine Documenttim@qth54.comCloud based documentation system connected directly to mobile devices for no touch instant access to manuals/schematics/FAQ/how to video for technicians and nurses.

Two issues with current circumstances and medical equipment.

1. Touching. Every time a nurse or technician needs information about how to interact with a medical piece of equipment, currently the options are: A paper manual that has been touched by many, same with a CDrom or worse yet using a communal keyboard to look up information.

2. Time. Time wasted looking for information is time not used performing the task for which people were trained.

Our system due to its reliance on scan codes removes a large amount of human contact from shared items as well as speeds up the information location process. System is up and running and can be implemented immediately.
https://machinedocument.com/Tim Williamsontim@qth54.com716-997-6588https://docs.google.com/document/d/177OYznCZcRPMSNyvLzApgrYPoy83XZqPJ63g5hezlY0/editLaunchNYdeboshea@gmail.com716-939-0078I can offer technical assistance to companies solving COVID19 issues
Sydor Instrumentselsa.bretherton@sydortechnologies.comWe have the ability to build electronic subassembliies and have space for production. Depending on need we also have a clean room that can be commissioned if needed Sydortechnologies.comElsa Brethertonelsa.bretherton@sydortechnologies.com585-721-5054Our technical experts are continuously developing solutions for implementation at leading laboratories, research facilities, and universities across the globe. Sydor Technologies designs, commercializes and develops comprehensive solutions. We routinely work with leading research organizations to commercialize the latest in next-generation measurement technology. Our technical experts are continuously developing solutions for implementation at leading laboratories, research facilities, and universities across the globe. Sydor's collaborative approach enables us to bring those products to market that are most relevant to our customers.Cindy WestfallCynthia_Westfall@URMC.rochester.edu585-750-6462
ANAGHE ATELIERanagheinc@netzero.netStantizer Mask with respirator 2 styles $.85 each per 1000 a case , Surgical Mask $.55 each per 1000 a case , KN90 Particulate Respirator & KN90 Particulate Respirator for Children $4.00 each per 1000 a case , KN95 Particulate Respirator $6.50 each per 1000 a case , Disposable Medical Protective Suits $18.50 each per 1000 a case . We are also in development of a mask that tackles providing a flush sealing with facial hair , covid 19 patient use and recovery issues ,our mask will provide a double seal ..covers the mouth and jaw areas .. and uses a UV light respirator to kill germs both ways .The frame is reusable after stantizing it under a UV light and replacing the cover fabrics. We would also like to present it for a N95 certification www.ANAGHEATELIER.comAnthony Boydanagheinc@netzero.net7164369841The 2 styles of Stantizer Mask with a respirator were designed by me and my clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh , they are set and ready to handle the initial production with a guarantee of 10000 units in week if need ..shipping is included in the price. but we would like to set up a production facility to keep up with the demand for mask in the country and eventually take over the production completely . As well as produce our Double Seal mask and summit them for N95 certification. We will have a few working prototype of our new mask by April 6th .The mask tackles providing a flush sealing with facial hair , covid 19 patient use and recovery issues ,our mask will provide a double seal ..covers the nose ,mouth and jaw areas .. and uses a UV light respirator to kill germs both ways .The frame is reusable after stantizing it under a UV light and replacing the cover fabrics. Launch NY/ Deborah B O'Sheadebo.shea@gmail.com17169390078I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Hop Skip Connectgreg@hopskipconnect.comA website that connects healthcare and essential employees to daycare facilities with self and full service optionshttps://hopskipconnect.comGregory Everhartgreg@hopskipconnect.com716-259-1802Hop Skip Connect is a service that connects parents with daycare options. This modern, online self-service and full-service tool is working to simplify the process of finding quality child care solutions. It is also designed to help daycare facilities improve the recruiting process, thereby more efficiently serving clients to improve their bottom line.Jack Greco (Techstars)jack.greco@techstars.comI have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Free MATLAB software and technical support for any Startup working with a BiANYS Incubator or Accelerator
Andrew Willard
MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software.
MATLAB, the language of engineers and scientists, is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numeric computation.
Simulink is a block diagram environment for simulation and Model-Based Design of multidomain and embedded engineering systems. They can explore and implement designs without having to write C, C++, or HDL code.
I can offer technical assistance to companies solving COVID19 issues
Herbal Intervention LLCnmulvanerty@bmcc.cuny.eduomyst- organic, herbal healing first aid sprayomyst.comNoreen Mulvanerty CEOnoreen@omyst.com718-474-1212
omyst is a fully patented herbal first aid spray. It kills MRSA on contact and we hope to demonstrate that it also kill COVID 19 on contact as well.
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Prime Discoveries eugene@primediscoveries.com
A 'big data'/machine learning approach to COVID-19 risk assessment and monitoring.
Eugene Joseph
Prime has developed the first COVID-19 RISK test that can be used to triage patients using biological risk scores rather than basic viral ID and has built multi-omics infrastructure to process hundreds of millions of samples. Founding team has worked closely together for 5 years - Chief Science Officer is from Genentech R&D where he led the analysis for the Immunochip Consortium, Founders built the core infrastructure for several genetic testing companies, one of which was acquired for $100 Million, are advised by Dr. George Church who invented sequencing and is a leading expert in multi-omics, and are funded by leading New York and Silicon Valley VC firms and angels including BoxGroup, Liquid 2 Ventures, New York University Venture Fund, Esther Dyson, Unshackled Ventures etc.

Prime will save millions of lives and mitigate the strain on the global healthcare systems by triaging patients by severity of COVID-19 infection.

Prime’s infrastructure and data can be used for shortening the path for vaccine development.

Eugene Joseph, Founder & CEO, and Arun Manoharan, Founder & CSO, have built the genomics infrastructure for several computational genomics companies which were scaled to support hundreds of thousands of samples and patients.
Broad Experience:
CEO & CSO have worked together for 5 years building genomics products and infrastructure & CSO has previous experience as a member of Genentech’s R&D team. Founders have 20 years of combined experience in -omics.
CSO has experience developing high throughput assays including custom genotyping arrays, targeted and untargeted Next Generation Sequencing, RT-PCR and ddPCR assays, 16S and Shotgun microbiome sequencing and single-cell sequencing assays.
CSO has filed multiple patents on non-invasive PGS for embryo DNA testing, identifying copy number variants in human DNA using NGS and machine learning-based disease classification using microbiome sequencing.
Genentech R&D:
CSO was also part of the human genetics team at Genentech where he analyzed whole genomes, 247,000 rare variants using Illumina ExomeArray and 196,000 common variants in the HLA region using the Infinium Immunochip for >30,000 human subjects and initial analysis on 23&Me collaboration data, to identify causal variants in multiple autoimmune diseases including lupus, IBD, Alzheimer’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, and AMD.

Developing Risk Scores for COVID-19 using Biological and Demographic Data
Biological Data
Molecular epidemiology, intervention/symptoms data, genomics, viral, etc.
Demographic data
Age, pre-existing conditions, longitudinal data, etc.
Reduce Case Curve & Build Dataset
Develop a large longitudinal dataset with millions of individuals that can be used to reduce the case curve and work with partner companies i.e. Genentech/Roche to use the dataset for the purposes of drug and vaccine development
Save Millions of Lives Globally
Triaging patients by severity of COVID-19 infection using multi-omics
Partner with Drug Developers, Synthetic Biology, and Sequencing Companies
Work with partners for access to sequencing/patient meta-data

Prime’s Infrastructure:
Coronavirus Genome Database
Built reference database and processed ~1,700 novel coronavirus full genomes from GISAID
Identification Capabilities
Custom coronavirus databases for quick alignment and identification
Cloud Processing in AWS
Fully automated cloud infrastructure which can process millions of samples
Identifying Key Regions
Working on the identification of key regions of the novel coronavirus genome which can be used to design fast PCR tests for identifying viral strains and source
Vaccine Development
Analyzing regions which can help narrow down targets for vaccines and setup automated leads for repurposing existing drugs (eg Actemra from Genentech)
Proprietary Dataset / Establishing Benchmarks
In discussions with sourcing samples which can be used for benchmarking our scoring methods and validation

Pipeline of Expertise:
We have spent the last two years indexing individuals sorted by expertise in the following key domain areas and know who needs to be involved across Hospitals, Scientific Research (Microbiome, Genomics, Synthetic Biology, Virology, etc.), AI, Government Agencies, NGOs, etc. This requires rapid hiring, implementation, and buildout.

Source of Funding:
Capital from Governments, Venture Firms, NGOs, High-Net-Worth Individuals

Prime’s Infrastructure:
Coronavirus Genome Database
Built reference database and processed ~1,700 novel coronavirus full genomes from GISAID
Cloud Processing in AWS
Fully automated cloud infrastructure which can process millions of samples
Identifying Key Regions
Working on the identification of key regions of the novel coronavirus genome which can be used to design fast PCR tests for identifying viral strains and source
Vaccine Development
Analyzing regions which can help narrow down targets for vaccines and setup automated leads for repurposing existing drugs (eg Actemra from Genentech)
Kristin Gunsaluskcg1@nyu.edu
I have a product for COVID19 and need technical assistance with production
ceo connectionKbeck@ceoconnection.com
we have the technology can convert CPAPs into invasive and non evasive ventilators.
ceo connectionkenneth beck
CPAP/BiPAP to PCV Ventilator

The CPAP/BiPAP-to-PCV Ventilator conversion kitwas designed specifically to help address the dire ventilator shortage due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As of this writing, New York City is the current epicenter of this virus, and over 900 deaths were reported in the US within a 24 hour period. This indicates that the death rate in the US is currently doubling every three days - on par to quickly outpace even Italy, who was hit extremely hard a couple of weeks prior to the US.

It appears that the aside from the obvious calamity and complete lack of preparedness for such a widespread catastrophe, the primary mechanisms of death in the COVID-19 Pandemic will likely be due to:
• Lack of respiratory support (ventilators, respiratory therapists) to combat the influx of ARDS patients to the ICU
o Lack of PPE contributing to dwindling personnel

The lack of ventilators is a massive dilemma that boils down to a lack of parts/components, and a lack of supply chain to address the shortage quickly enough - especially for New York.

Our CPAP/BiPAP-to-PCV Ventilator conversion kit was designed to address these shortages. There is a massive supply and supply chain for CPAP/BiPAP machines prescribed for Sleep Apnea. These machines in their stock form do not have the capability of functioning as PCV Ventilators (aside from hospital-grade units), but they do have the necessary electromechanical components to function as such - and are already FDA approved medical devices. Our conversion kit utilizes the electromechanical components of the existing CPAP/BiPAP machines, and adds in a closed-loop pressure regulating control system, combined with a therapist-programmable interface to control ventilator mode (control or support mode), peak pressure, PEEP, Breathing rate (b/min), and Inspiratory/Expiratory ratio (I:E). This converts the device into a basic PCV Ventilator capable of supporting 30+ cmH2O of pressure, and a programmable PEEP with a high settable limit - with the understanding that ARDS patients need substantial PEEP to maintain alveoli recruitment and to prevent pneumothorax.

Another chief concern with such a conversion - especially in the case of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) - is the spread of aerosol or droplets from the open-loop circuits present in these CPAP/BiPAP machines. We have designed an anti-aerosolization system that utilizes existing standard parts, including exhaust ports and ViroBac II N95-grade inline filters. This ensures that absolutely minimal droplets escape the closed-loop system, even in NIV cases (of course, we recommend the added precaution of a surgical mask over the NIV mask in any case).

Lastly, this design was established to address this need in HIGH VOLUME. Using a small BOM of very easily obtainable parts (and parts that do not overlap with the existing invasive ventilator (IV) supply chain), virtually any existing supply of CPAP/BiPAP machines can be converted for immediate use as a basic PCV Ventilator.

I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Applied DNA Sciences, Inc.
COVID-19 Diagnostic Kits and Vaccines from a linear DNA platform
James Hayward
Applied DNA Sciences is in late pre-clinical trials of an RT-qPCR diagnostic assay that detects very low copy number of the COVID-19 infectious RNA, and is completing the manufacture of 5 candidate COVID-19 vaccines that will enter EU-approved animal studies this month. We are the leader in linear DNA-based therapeutics and diagnostics manufactured by large scale polymerase chain reaction. Linear DNA avoids the risk of traditional nucleic acid manufacture by bacterially-based plasmids. Our production methods are cleaner, faster, safer, and most rapidly modified in the event of a changing global healthcare condition. The Company provides linear DNA to approximately 20 large pharmaceutic and biotech companies already, and has a series of proprietary therapeutics and diagnostics. Our platform could be especially useful in the response to COVID-19.
Center for Biotechnology at Stony Brook University
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Altima Care INC.fmukhi@altimacareinc.comIncubator Boxwww.altimacareinc.comFatima Mukhi
We have created an incubator box that is reusable and able to get sterilized with a dish washer.
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Altima Care INC.fmukhi@altimacareinc.comReusable face shield dish washer safewww.altimacareinc.comFatima Mukhi
We have manufactured a reusable dishes washer safe face shield.
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
SoPark Corporation wpaulot@sopark.comPrinted circuit boards, cable and electronic assembly.www.sopark.comWilliam Paulotwpaulot@sopark.com7169823774
Contract printed circuit boards, cables and electronic assembly. We can help companies from prototypes through to high volume production
Kathi Durdondurdonk@upstate.edu3154649280
I am a manufacturer offering space and production for COVID19 solutions
Green Framework LLCbarbara@green-framework.comDry Fog Misting Sterilizer which is used to aerosol H2O2
Barbara Dutton-Weingarten
Avast is a dry fog Misting Sterilizer which is used to aerosol Hydrogen peroxide solution of 7% in micron scale droplets in order to destroy viruses and other pathogens in domestic, medical and commercial environments.
The effectiveness of H2O2 on viruses has been recognized for over 100 years with large amounts data available to support this.
The dry mist fogger utilizes ultrasonic diaphragm ceramic discs to create a micro fine fog from the hydrogen peroxide solution. The liquid is aerosolized at a rate of 250 to 400 ml per hour.
Taking an average room size as 3 mtrs X 4 mtrs X 3 mtrs the volume of this room is 36 Cubic mtrs.
The recommended time for exposure of the AVAST operation in a room of this volume is 6 minutes which would deliver 25 – 40 ml of H2O2 solution into the 36 Cubic mtrs for a volume .69 mils to 1.11 mils per Cubic mtr of air space.
Given the volume of a micron diameter droplet size the number of droplets per cubic mtr in average the room will be 0.89 and 1.43 billion in the recommended time period. Random air movement will ensure contact with almost every area during the closed-up period following the use of the Avast system.
As has been proven in may papers, a H2O2 solution droplet that contacts a virus breaks down the Fatty protein external shell and destroys it.
A closed-up period of 30 minutes is recommended following the Dry fog application. This is followed by a complete airing of the room the remove any remaining airborne H2O2.
All people should be excluded for the sealed space during the sterilization process to avoid triggering any unintended respiratory or dermatological reactions.
The surface areas of the room is 66 square meters. This means that an even coating of the H2O2 solution would be .37 and .6 ml per square mtr of surface area and as such the surface will feel dry to the touch even directly after a complete application at room temperature.
The Avast unit is NOT FDA approved.
However going on data already generated by products developed in Italy and certified by ITEL (university of Barcelona) using the same method of dispersion for a 7% H2O2 solution it is expected that the same degree of success will be found by using the AVAST device.
In the case of the Infinity device (Italy) the Kill rate was found to be 99.99999% or Log 7.
Assessment is required to validate the expected efficacy of the Avast device.
1. Place a Petri dish or slide with a known count of the target Virus in an enclosed area of known volume.
2. Run the Avast device for the advised time per cubic meter of the known volume.
3. Allow the fog to remain in the sealed space for the 30-minute period.
4. Open the space and count the number of virus on the Petri dish or slide.
5. Compare the starting Virus count with the finished count.

If satisfactory kill rate is achieved Certify the Avast device for General use.

We are clients at CEBIP in SUNY Stony Brook but this is not related to clean energy
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Quadrant Biosciences Inc
Rapid and more accurate COVID-19 molecular diagnostic (developed in partnership with SUNY Upstate Medical University)
Richard Uhlig
"Clarifi COVID-19" is a rapid, more efficient and more accurate molecular assay than those currently available for the clinical detection of a COVID-19 viral infection. This multiplexed test uses qPCR equipment that is already resident in nearly all clinical laboratories. Quadrant intends to commercialize 96- and 384-well PCR reaction plates pre-filled with mastermix, primers and probes; these can be rapidly manufactured and distributed. Substantial research and development has been underway for weeks in the SUNY Molecular Analysis CORE facility; we intend to submit an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) application to the FDA within the next 5 business days.
Kathi Durdondurdonk@upstate.edu315-464-9290
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
REVITALE Pharma Limited
Repruposed product for treatment and prevention of COVID-19
John Seman
The new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) has mutation in the spike glycoprotein that introduced a new Furin cleavage site (http://www.virology.ws/2020/02/13/furin-cleavage-site-in-the-sars-cov-2-coronavirus-glycoprotein/). Human Furin in the respiratory tract plays a role in cutting proteins to make them active. A virus takes advantage of Furin and other human proteases to cut the viral proteins into a form recognized by human cells, so the virus is internalized. This new mutation allows SARS-CoV-2 to infect humans.

We have a product that has demonstrated the ability to inhibit furin based on in-vitro and in-vivo studies. The product is FDA approved and we are seeking to repurpose the drug for treating and preventing COVID-19.
Phuong Nguyen
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Sanatela Life Sciences, Inc.
We are ready, willing and able to produce trillions of pluripoten stem cells for treatment that should gain FDA fast track approval very soon. These are rare cells from healthy live births needed in the billions of cells per patient treatment. The FDA applicant is aware of our capability to pivot to producing these cells by openning our new 20k sq ft lab in Rochester, NY. We obtain these cells as a part of our decellurization of wharton's jelly tissue to create our 3D bio-engineered matrix being commercialized with worldwide exclusive license from U of R IP (patent pending). We have everything ready to begin process except the funding to acquire some needed equipment and working capital. Once approved this treatment will save lives and the lungs by the millions as the virus continues to attack the US and global citizens. We have a ready supply of umbilical cords ready to go each day we need them from the hospital maternity wards. We have 12 wet labs ready to go and have the staff ready to go to get the cells and culture them as required. We are prepared fully to be FDA GMP compliant on day one. We need about $50-70k per lab for off-the-shelf equipment needed to start withing about 30 days.
Michael Crowley
Please first see our Wefunder Fight the Virus site for more information


Our product is pluripotent stem cells, also sometimes referred to as Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are are multipotent stromal cells that can differentiate into a variety of cell types, including osteoblasts (bone cells), chondrocytes (cartilage cells), myocytes (muscle cells) and adipocytes (fat cells which give rise to marrow adipose tissue). These stem cells, injected by the billions into severe pneumonia patients from Covid-19 can treat and potentially cure this pneumonia.

Clinical trials are progressing well. Now at Phase 2 with 250 patients on fast track FDA plan of attack. Already approved for compassionate care and emergency care by FDA as result of trials completed to date. We have been asked to gear-up our labs to decellurize Wharton's jelly, the source of the cells, and culture the cells we harvest over a period of several days into many many billions of cells per cord.

Each treatment will required billions of cells. We have the personnel and capacity required to product trillions of cells needed for treatments for US and worldwide.

We are in the process of raising $10 million in capital to begin full production of the Sanatela Matrix that will be used for cancer screening and allow oncologist to undertake in vitro in the lab individualized cancer stem cell treatments targeted to kill Cancer Stem Cells. see www.sanatelamedical.com for explainer video on home page.

We are willing to pivot to focus more upon culturing the MSCs for treatment purposes. We need only get capital, we are ready to go in all other respects.

Many very prominent physicians and researchers are working with us on this project - and they believe that this is the treatment that will save lungs and lives until a vaccine is produced many months into the future.
Nextcorp in Rochester, University of Rochester, RIT
Erin Daly Hunt <admin@bianys.com>
I have been asked to ramp-up production at our new labs to accommodate Covid-19 treatment & cure for severe pneumonia using billions of pluripotent stem cells harvested and cultured from Wharton's jelly within umbilical cord tissue. Treatment is at Phase 2 trial - approved already for emergency use and compassionate care.
OpticSurg IncTu@OpticSurgInc.com
Hands-free smart-glasses Telehealth platform optimizes provider to provider communication, integrate into bedside workflow and utilization to provide expertise/help when needed while minimizing exposure and save on PPE.
Dr. Tran Tu HuynhTu@OpticSurgInc.com9164020306
Our hands-free smart-glasses Telehealth platform optimizes provider to provider communication, integrate into bedside workflow and utilization to provide expertise/help when needed while minimizing exposure and save on PPE. The technology empowers people to be where they need to be (virtually) and see what they need to see and resultedly provide short term and long term value improving patient care.
Marc Alessimarc.alessi@bianys.com
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
FluroTest, LLCbill.phelan@flurotest.com
Direct testing for the detection of the SAR-COVD2 (COVID 19) virus as well as antibodies
www.flurotest.comBill Phelan
FluroTest believes it can develop direct tests for SARS-CoV-2 and IgG/IgM antibodies. We are employing two well accepted technologies, fluorescence detection and biochemistry (dye labelling and antibody/virus binding). Developed correctly, these tests could provide quantitative values with excellent specificity and sensitivity in under 5 minutes. FluroTest considers that quantitative results will provide better understanding of the disease and potentially aid in prescribed treatments.
Amy JohnsonJohnsona@amc.edu518.669.8866
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Bambu Globaldan@seatswaptickets.comNowAwarehttps://nowaware.com/Daniel Marcus
NowAware is a rapid covid test that instantly changes colors in the presence of an enzyme specifically secreted by the Coronavirus without the need for lab, specialized equipment or scarce reagents. Because it's a simple chemistry-based test, it can scale up to millions of tests produced per day in a short period of time.
Marc Alessimarc.alessi@bianys.com
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
WebHouse, Inc.dan@webhse.comVisualC3visualc3.comDan Kerningdan@webhse.com5167646300 x501
VISUALC3 provides a wealth of notification, verification, dispatch, and response tools that improve security, enhance communications, and provide a unique level of situational awareness.
Hofstra Ideahub
(516) 463-7496
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Aeragenryan@aeragen.comLocalized negative pressure unitRyan Gonzalezryan@aeragen.com2018745800
The containment of infectious diseases has become the focus of worldwide efforts during and post COVID-19. Aeragen, an NYU spin-out with an exclusive license on the patent, is developing a first of its kind personal containment chamber. AirVENT, the company’s first product, takes the concept of expensive negative pressure rooms and scaling down to individual users with a simple, portable, pre-clinically validated solution that can re-enable medical procedures, save critical healthcare dollars and improve workplace safety for EMTs, doctors, nurses, and staff.
Steven Kuyankuyan@nyu.edu7188390415
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Buffalo Automationmelanie@buffautomation.com
Software coupled with heat-sensitive cameras which provide a solution for mass screening on those entering buildings.
Thiru Vikram
Buffalo Automation is leveraging its expertise gained over several years developing AI to
interpret thermal images captured by vehicles. Bifrost, our advanced and highly-trained neural
network, can extract human features from a given image and measure skin temperatures only
from areas that are most likely to indicate fever, while simultaneously adjusting for changing
patterns in ambient thermal conditions.
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Black Rhino LLCscott@scottmcohn.com
Novel best in class air filtration for personal and industrial applications.
PrivateScott cohnScott@scottmcohn.com6466420351
A sleek, crystal clear swivel-down full-face visor and halo unit connected via discreet silicon tubes to a small, patented, air compressor housed in a rechargeable hip unit that filters 99.95% of all particulates through an H13 class HEPA filter and yet is sleek and unobtrusive allowing for a range of normal motion and activity (as well as facial hair). The airflow comes through tunes within the visor and out through a circle of perforations into the inside of the shield )not the outside). The airflow is strong enough to push out any ambient air present so you are left with an invisible bubble of safe air to breathe. We think this unit ups the ante for what PPE can be and how it can start to cross over into wearable technology. We also think it has the potential to reopen global economies and that many private industries As well as individuals will be grateful to invest in large contracts and have solutions planned for children, athletes, baby carriages as well as a line of similarly themed products and accessories to follow.
Phil Rugile of Launchpad Huntington
‭+1 (855) 852-8624‬
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Iocure, Inc.dfarb@iocure.comMedical cure for corona using vaporized iodine
just incorporated, no website yet
Dr. Daniel Farbdfarb@iocure.com6315520284
Iodine has been shown to kill many pathogens in vitro and on skin surfaces. Even most doctors do not know that it is safe on mucosal surfaces. (Ophthalmologists like me have used it for years on conjunctiva.) I cured my own corona with vaporized iodine and have since filed 3 patents on use, methods, formulation, dosage, use with complementary drugs, use with respirators, etc., and incorporated a company to bring it to market. I have started assembling a team. The current challenge is finding a partnership with a medical center to do an initial clinical trial to corroborate my findings independently.
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Air Innovationslwetzel@airinnovations.comIsolation Airwww.AirInnovations.comLarry Wetzel, Chairman
IsolationAir is a portable HVAC unit that can convert an ordinary hospital room into a negative or positive pressure isolation room. Isolation Rooms in hospitals are normally built specifically for positive or negative pressure uses and therefore are restricted in their use. When patients with COVID-19 hit the emergency rooms, there were not enough negative pressure rooms available to contain the virus being transmitted by the occupant and potentially spreading thru-out the hospital. With an IsolationAir unit, the hospital could safely isolate the infected patient in an ordinary room.
Ed Bogucz, former ExDir Syracuse Center of Excellence
I have a product for COVID19 related issues and need help connecting to government or end users
Viral Forecast, Incmatthew.jacobs@viralforecast.io
Smartphone-integrated virus sensing elements paired with contactless access control to ensure a virus-free common space
Matthew Jacobs, D.O. - Founder & CEO, Chief Resident - Psychiatry, Stony Brook Medicine
Viral Forecast is dedicated to the highest quality of virus detection and safety delivered with originality, creativity and imagination. We have emerged from the Front Lines to take on the COVID-19 Pandemic by way of global force & interdisciplinary collaboration. Our mindful approach integrates viral sensing elements with smartphones and contactless access control to ensure a virus-free common space, to help facilitate a swift recovery and prevent future like Pandemics.
Center for Biotechnology - Stony Brook University
I have a product for COVID19 and need technical assistance with production